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Our group has developed perhaps the largest network globally of investors focused on Africa. Join Us FREE! Keep Updated on Investment Opportunities in all 54 countries in Africa, Add your Own Business Opportunities so they can be reviewed for FREE across the entire African continent. Join us to learn more about Investing in Africa, the best Africa Investments, where to do business in Africa and so much more.

Our objectives are to match companies looking for investment with investors looking to invest into Africa, and to assist companies promote business opportunities across Africa, or their countries of choice. Companies can upload business opportunities in Africa or investment opportunities in Africa to our Dashboard for FREE ! They can then be accessed by or matched to investors and businesses based globally. 

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Africa is perhaps the most exciting investment destination globally. Rapid demographic growth, the communication revolution, a huge increase in access to power, urbanisation and the increasing sophistication of the African consumer and business executive is leading to rapid economic growth in many parts of the continent akin to that experienced in Asia in past decades.

Our substantial digital reach, combined with our immense network of investors, dealmakers and business leaders in Africa is attracting a very large number of viable investment propositions. Whether you are an institutional investor looking for private investments, or are looking for share investments or real estate investment opportunities in Africa this is the Portal for you.

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We have built a trusted network of African business executives and service providers, connected across simple, reliable platforms with the power to catalyse change and development across Africa. Want to Join Them and Promote your Company's Services FREE! Simply click Promote my Company's Services above and add your details.

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We understand that there is nothing like personal interaction to cement business deals and to build deep, longstanding business relationships.

Contact us to discuss your business development aspirations or to arrange bespoke, deep-dive investor missions across Africa. Or join our AFSIC - Investing in Africa event, believed to be the largest annual Africa investment event taking place outside Africa.

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