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Do you want to Raise Capital for an African company or project?

To apply for funding for your project you’ll need to first become a member of our Africa Business Community and then post a Business Opportunity where you’ll advise that you’re looking for funding. We will then distribute this information widely across our extensive network for FREE

Adding projects seeking capital to the Business Opportunities Dashboard is quick, easy and FREE, and will be viewable online once your submission is approved by our team.

If  you need help from an advisor, Contact Us and we’ll put you in touch with a recommended provider in your region.

If you wish to promote your project at our annual AFSIC – Investing in Africa event either virtually or in person, please Contact Us for more information.

Instructions for Accessing Dashboard for the First Time

Click on the Africa Business Opportunities button below. Select the “Click Here to Register” link, and complete your details. You can then login to the Africa Business Opportunities Dashboard using your email address and a one-time passcode that will be emailed to you. Please check your junk/spam box if this is not received within a minute or so.

Click on the red “Add NEW Opportunity” button and complete your submission.

Please read our Africa Business Opportunities Guidelines for tips on how to make your Business Opportunity as attractive as possible.

Before using please refer to our Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and User Agreement.

Are you seeking post Seed-Round financing with full investor documents prepared?

Then you can also access our extensive network of global institutional investors focused on investment in Africa via our closed AFSIC African Investments Dashboard. This dashboard is accessible by our registered network of investors who cover all spectra of the investment universe including venture capital, private equity and listed equity, debt instruments and African funds and is subject to our Privacy Policy and User Agreement.

NOTE: Only opportunities supported by registered financial intermediaries or with comprehensive financial plans, investor decks/IM’s will be considered for inclusion on this platform

Invest in Africa – AFSIC African Investments Dashboard