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Are you looking for funding for a project, company or idea in Africa?

Next Steps?

We have built one of the largest networks of investors focused on Africa globally. We are always on the lookout for exciting investment opportunities that we can bring to their attention. There are two ways in which we can assist you. If you have a track record in business, your company is established, you have a strong management team or you have experience in raising capital from professional investors please click the Apply For Funding button above now. If you are new to business, your company has not yet been established or you have an exciting project but no business experience then please go to our Business Opportunities page (look for the tab above) and add a business opportunity.

Then What?

If you add a funding proposal on our AFSIC African Investment Dashboard using the Apply For Funding button above we will review your proposal and give you open and frank feedback on whether your investment proposition is ready to be distributed to major investors across Africa. We’ll feedback quickly. If you proposal is accepted then it will be available for viewing by major investors on our closed Dashboard.  If we think it is too early stage we may approve it for publication on our Africa Business Opportunities Dashboard which is open for general viewing where you may get interest from the very wide range of viewers.

We are really looking forward to working together to promote business, trade and investment into Africa. To meet a wide range of African Business leaders with investment opportunities, we also suggest that you join our annual AFSIC – Investing in Africa event either virtually or in person. Before using please refer to our Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and User Agreement.

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