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1060 Verdant Frontiers is a US based venture capital firm specializing in start-up and early stage investments. They are passionate about creating sustainable, profitable business in places where they can be a force for good. Their significant portfolio includes Verdant Ventures, which is a Pan-African real estate development and management company whose mission is to provide high quality real estate projects across the continent. Having already established a track record of delivery in East Africa, and with African property investor stalwart Tim Redman at the helm as CEO, they are setting up a $280m development company which will roll into a fund with the aim of meeting diplomatic and international development & investment standards, creating satisfied customers, empowered workers, and attractive returns. Already enjoying established interest from 3 separate investors, they are looking to appoint a full time CIO. This is a key board-level role, responsible for developing the investment strategy for the company and managing the corporate and project-level capital raising per project. This position will oversee and have responsibility for managing and monitoring investment activity, performance, working with in-house analysts, and maintaining good investor relations. In the short term, sourcing and arranging project-level equity and debt as well as establishing and maintaining strategic offshore banking relationships will also be key responsibilities. The incumbent will also manage the current committed capital raise through the exiting investor pool as well as sourcing additional investors. The CIO will also assist in the development of short and long term investment policies. Key Responsibilities Design and implement investment strategies that are best for company goals Establish and maintain strategic investor and offshore banking relations Source equity and senior debt from non-US investors and strategic US-based investors Manage all relations with Brokers and other financial advisors engaged to raise capital for VV Contribute to the JV and strategic alliance agreements with business partners to facilitate growth Uphold the fiscal security of the investments Manage Verdant Ventures’ exit from individual project investments ie: asset sales Maximize shareholder profits and investment returns Evaluate potential new investment opportunities Requirements and Qualifications In-depth understanding of financial markets, the investor landscape and African property markets An established network of developers, investors, JV partners and banking contacts on the continent Strong knowledge of return generation strategies & investment products Experience in Real Estate financing and investments within various African states 10 years’ experience in similar role Preferred operating base is the Verdant Ventures head office in Mauritius but candidates operating from major financial centres in Africa. Middle East and the UK will be accepted Package Market related cost to company gross base salary Commission structure on capital deployment Profit share vesting over time with conversion option to share in Y5 Offering Employment AIDB-009401 Chief Investment Officer sought by Pan-African Real Estate fund with a successful track record Kenya;Mauritius;South Africa;United Arab Emirates;United Kin...
1056 Builder of the first utility-scale solar field in Sub-Sahara Africa (in Rwanda, 2014) and now just completed our latest field (in Burundi, June 2021), Gigawatt Global is a Jerusalem-based, Dutch-registered company backed by American investors creating a platform to provide renewable electricity to some of the most challenging countries in Africa, and then beyond. Originally a developer, Gigawatt is now becoming an independent power producer, holding equity stakes in our projects long-term so we and our investors can enjoy the recurring revenue streams of these cash-producing assets carrying World Bank and other international guarantees (political risk insurance and more). With an impressive pipeline of over a dozen projects in advanced stages of development across Africa, Gigawatt offers robust potential returns on investment at the parent level with further opportunity to invest directly in the fields, while supporting humanitarian and social causes including clean energy, women's empowerment, health, education, access to clean water and food security. Our field in Burundi just won the award for "Project of the Year" from EEP: Our team includes Israelis and Palestinians and people in the UK and each African country we are active in. As Israelis, the members of our core leadership are committed to working with all those - in the region and across the globe - who share our vision of a world where all people have access to live-giving energy. We are not affiliated with any government but act in partnership with all governments looking to promote the interests of the people of the countries in Africa (and the Middle East) where our projects are located. We're at an important juncture now at Gigawatt, on the path to profitability. Our field in Rwanda was our 'proof of concept'; construction of the Burundi field was completed last month and we'll be officially launching the field in June. Our Burundi project, and the fields we're now moving ahead with in Kenya, Liberia, S. Sudan, Ethiopia, Nigeria and other countries in Africa, and in the Palestinian Authority, are the proof of our capability to deliver on our promise - and we're well on our way in other countries too. We are exploring strategic partnerships at the platform level; we have signed a term sheet with an investor consortium for our Series A first institutional round of investment, and welcome others to explore possibilities. In addition, we'll be looking for significant additional funds invested in the parent company in the coming years, to deploy as project capital in our fields. In the short term, we're looking to close a gap with our last 'friends and family' round of impact investment at an advantageous valuation, to enable us to continue developing the projects in our pipeline, covering our working capital needs until receipt of the first tranche of investment from our Series A institutional round and further revenues from the Burundi project. Investing in the parent company enables investors also to be considered for direct investments in selected projects in the pipeline. Seeking Investment AIDB-008492 Now's the time to invest in our renewable energy platform for Africa! Austria;Belgium;British Virgin Islands;Canada;Cayman Islands...
625 Opportunity to invest in a renewable energy sector with a leading player. Project already de-risked. Operational for motre than 3yrs Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009623 Green Bond with a 7yr tenor. Listed after closing in BRVM stock-exchange Ivory Coast;Senegal
613 We are into Healthcare; manufacturing. We have advanced plans for the establishment of an Infusion Manufacturing Plant, and currently, seeking Investment into an IV Infusion Manufacturing Project. This can be in form of Share. Equity, Bridge-Loan, Term Loan or outright Grant There Is a wide gap between the demand and the supply of these basic health tool. Consequently, we have an irrevocable purchase MOU with a renowned Pharmaceuticals Supply company, as the major Offtaker of our products. Future expansion of production capacity, already provided for in the planning. will enable us supply the neighboring West African States, that essentially get most of their supply from Nigeria. The sponsors are Medical professional with decades of experience in Clinical & Healthcare Management services. The Project will be executed under a Turnkey Agreement contract with a world renowned, European, Pharmaceutical Technology company; A Team of highly skilled Technical staff will manage the factory daily production These are supported by Finance, Risk Management & Accounting personnel, The Admin & Human Resources Staff, will provide the needed smooth day to day operations of the factory. Our Legal, Sales & Marketing Team, and other ancillary staff. will complete the manpower needed for efficient running of the Plant This is a Start up Project, by experienced serial entrepreneurs. There is an irrevocable purchase MOU. The minimal ROI of up to 30% per annum. Business Executive Summary and Cash flow Projection are available, for interested Investors. We are seeking investment of betweeen US$1m to US$10m. This can be in form of Debt, Equity, Investment or an outright Grant. The investment can be with or without an "Exit" period. However, there is the guarantee of high annual ROI yield. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009667 We are seeking funding of a self-sustainable, high yield, Intravenou Infusion Manufacturing Plant. Nigeria
608 Hoola is an Open Finance platform using AI and smartphones to increase financial inclusion. Our mission is to improve consumer financial literacy and credit worthiness, thereby allowing them direct access to a range of products & services from financial partners in our marketplace. Our solution is a smartphone app that will allow our users to securely connect their financial accounts (banks, wallets, MoMo) from which they can make transfers and payments. We then help our users improve their financial literacy and credit worthiness by providing them with AI-driven insights and predictions based on their data. Users will then be able to share those insights with financial institutions to access financial products and services ranging from loans, savings, investments and insurance. Our target market is Ghana, with 7.8 million unbanked people (42% of adults) and a $5 billion annual SME financing gap. This has a significant impact on financing MSMEs, which often state “lack of credit” or “lack of access to finance” as the main challenge for their business. Banks cite the main challenges to on-boarding unbanked customers as logistical access to rural customers, lack of suitable IT infrastructure, low financial literacy and preference for cash, high set-up costs not justified by potential returns and high credit risk. We see an opportunity to leverage a market with: 1) Relatively high smartphone adoption that grew +32% in 2020; 2) A financial regulator that supports innovation; and 3) A government targeting financial inclusion growth from 58% to 85% by the end of2023. After a successful launch in Ghana, we look toward the broader market opportunity for Sub-Saharan Africa with 350 million people underbanked or unbanked and a $331 billion annual SME financing gap. Seeking Investment AIDB-009652 Early-stage fintech launching Financial Services marketplace in Ghana Ghana
607 There are many benefits of setting up Trusts in Mauritius. Contact us for details Selling Professional Service AIDB-009106 Setting up a Trust in Mauritius will have several advantages Ghana;Hong Kong;India;Kenya;Nigeria;Seychelles;South Africa
601 Research Beeline runs digital platforms that update researchers and the academia in Africa with funding information from grant makers across the globe, or our platforms are designed with Africa in mind and foe Africa. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008946 Connecting researchers in Africa with global funding Algeria;Angola;Benin;Botswana;Burkina Faso;Burundi;Cameroon;...
600 K.A Store is a company registered within the United republic of Tanzania. it is under the management of Mr. Kasmery Yonathan Mgwabati ( (Tanzanian Male) K.A store aims to start growing the African Bird Eye Chillies after a comprehensive study and trend of the market. It has two different farms located in Dar es salaam and Coastal are summing up 25 acres of very fertile soil with plent of water supply for irrigation. At the moment, the company is looking for interested investors who will provide the fund and operate in joint venture and seek to produce more marketable products based on investor recommendation. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009073 Comprehensive Production of African Bird Eye Chillies (ABE) and other garden products Tanzania
600 We seek US$30m to build storage infrastructure to be able to support this great export. Airstream Aviation Services Limited (AASL) has plans to partner with SAHCO Aviation Handling Company Plc. Sahco is a big player in the Cargo Handling Business. They have storage facilities in the major airports in the country. They are present in 20 airports in Nigeria. 11 are among those designated for cargo perishable. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009391 The market for air freight exceeds N250 Billion annually. Main market for the export is EU Switzerland
600 The company has up to date an asset of USD 1.1 Million following the investment of 40% shareholding in REGEN Terem SHHP. The GPSL investment in Terem shall eventually be USD 5.6 Million when the bank debt is paid . This initial investment of USD 1.1 Million is now capitalized to 7.128M into a share capital of 10,000 shares to be allocated . At this point each share shall be valued USD 712. In order to undertake further projects, it is proposed to sell some of this investment capital as shares. To this end we would ask a prospective share holders to provide the Company the amount of share holding one wishes to hold in the Company but limited to tranches of 100 shares and a maximum of 1,000 per individual shareholder. This shall be reflected in the share holding agreement (SHA) , hence CR12 Certificate issued by the Registrar of Companies. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009426 To invest in 30% shareholding of a Leading Hydro power Plant in Western Kenya Kenya
600 Kindia Mining Company (KMC) is developing the Bauxite mining Project (the Project) in the Republic of Guinea (Guinea), West Africa. The mining project site is covering 498.48 Km² in Kindia with extension in Mamou, which is the 4th largest city of Guinea, lying about 85 miles northeast of the nation’s capital, Conakry. It will be an integrated DSO bauxite mine and logistics export operation, consisting of a surface mine/ mining equipment, haul road, a river export terminal, and a barging and trans-shipment operation. The load vessels from 7,500 – 13,000-ton barges depends on the location of the port in the Forecariah area(near to Konta basin) which will get transhipped in mid sea to Cape size Vessel of 180000-200000 DWT Vessels. The project is planned into phase wise development starting from Phase I: 5 MMTPA, followed with Phase II: 10 MMTPA in span of 5 years. The Process is planned to receive Bauxite from DSO bauxite Mines and transport same by Truck Trailer Dumper unit of 40-65 MT capacity and stacked at KMC Marine terminal located 160 Km away from DSO Mines. The Project Envisages under KMC mining project Construction of Berth/Jetty, approach Trestle & Bund, Backyard facilities like Stockyard, Mechanized handling including Conveyor system with Shiploader arrangement. Utilities including Power Generation by using DG Sets, water Supply, Fuel Facilities to Trucks, Heavy Earth Moving Equipment, Bunker supplies to fuel Barges including Mid Sea supply to Floating Crane barges, Tugs & Yacht etc. The Company has undertaken significant preliminary exploration survey and environment impact studies as been completed with deliverance of conformity certificate by the GoG. The attractiveness of the product quality has underpinned the Company’s assessment of the economic and commercial viability of the Project. Feasibility Studies and engineering to justify the technical and commercial merit of the project To date, KMC has completed c.~600m of drilling across the Kindia tenement, providing a compliant Mineral Resource Estimate for the quality and quantity of product. GEOPROSPECT have prepared a Mineral Resource Estimate for the Project, which was prepared using conventional 3D modeling and distance weighting interpolation approaches. Grade estimation was performed using ordinary kriging. The MRE was classified in accordance with the England Code for Reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves and, consistent with the code guidelines, consideration was given to the confidence in the geological interpretation, the quantity and quality of the input data, the confidence in the estimation technique and the likely economic viability of the material. The proposed development is supported by a high-grade Mineral Resource Estimate of 370 Mt of low temperature (THA) product that has been converted through mining studies to an Ore Reserve Statement supporting a product grade of 44.1% Al2¬O3 (THA), with a corresponding Total Al2¬O3 grade of 49%. This high-grade product is drawn from a Mineral Resource of 1.53Bt @ 41.2% Al2¬O3 (THA) with a corresponding Total Al2¬O3 grade of 46.5%. With a large endowment of Mineral Resources to draw from, the reserve is expected to increase significantly upon completion of additional in-fill drilling. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009429 Kindia Mining Company high-grade Bauxite Project In Guinea Guinea
600 The company has up to date an asset of USD 7.128 Million following the investment of 40% shareholding in REGEN Terem SHHP. The GPSL investment in Terem shall eventually be USD 20.6 Million when the bank debt is paid . This initial investment of USD 1.1 Million is now capitalized to 7.128M into a share capital of 10,000 shares to be allocated . At this point each share shall be valued USD 712. In order to undertake further projects, it is proposed to sell some of this investment capital as shares. To this end we would ask a prospective share holders to provide the Company the amount of share holding one wishes to hold in the Company but limited to tranches of 100 shares and a maximum of 1,000 per individual shareholder. This shall be reflected in the share holding agreement (SHA) , hence CR12 Certificate issued by the Registrar of Companies. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009430 To invest 30% shareholding in a hydroelectric power plant in Western Kenya valued at USD 5.5M Kenya
600 The import and distribution of hydrocarbons is a strategic activity for Reunion. It is provided by the A COMPANY in a quasi-monopoly situation. 4 distribution companies are present and there are more than 120 service stations all over the island. A COMPANY distributed 210,000 m3 of automotive fuels and 11,000 tonnes of LPG. Through its presence in Réunion, Rubis has significantly increased its presence in the distribution of automotive fuels and fuel oil in the Indian Ocean. The pooling of volumes carried out in this growing area should allow for the eventual generation of economies of scale (trading and shipping). Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009435 Profitable Oil and Gas investment opportunity Reunion Island Reunion
600 The business utilize an application, and made available on both iOS and Android. Consumers and registered drivers (facilitators) are able to download the application and summon a ride within minutes. and the revenue model is commission based, residing at an 80% GM typically, less cost of sales. The business will sell B2C, via the application, and time to the consumer will be billed as a time – per mile equation, less the driver’s costs, at circa 20% of the cost of the entire journey, the company is therefore unique in nature that any competitor will view the business as compelling bolt-on Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009145 BMP Car is a technology ride hailing platform using 2 in 1 model , the Car Sharing and the Taxi Nigeria
600 The Investment Opportunity An existing fish farm in Nigeria with 6 operational aquaculture cages wishes to expand to 200 cages - phase 1. The timing is excellent now the profitability is shown including the recently obtained approval from the Government to use 54 hectares of land and 50 hectares of water surface for expansion purposes. All licenses and approvals are in place. Phase 2 will consist of the deployment of additional 24 circular cages with a total production capacity to 4,000 tonnes of fish per annum. The cages will be deployed with a feed production mill, modern hatchery, fish processing plant and a hydroponic greenhouse over the period of 24 months. Goal of the expansion phase The population of Nigeria is growing fast and consumes over 3 mln tonnes of fish while Nigeria is only producing 1.2 mln tonnes. Due to overexploitation the local demand cannot be fulfilled even now proteins play are larger role in daily life. Next to the fact that we have to fulfill local demand our goal will also be to impact the current fish import market as well. We will substitute the imported iced fish with locally produced and fresh processed fish. This is benefitting the local community including the smaller fish farmers and catalysing the local economy with impact on several SDG’s like: good health, no hunger, responsible consumption, employment, education, life below water. Target Market The fish farm is in the centre of Nigeria (Kaduna) and within driving distance and good rail system to Abuja. The immediate market is the Abuja, Kaduna and Middle belt axis. The target market is Nigeria as a whole, and with replicable successes across several regions. Marketing Marketing, advertisements, and digitalisation will form part of the company’s future distribution strategy. The local demand is so high that the company doesn’t need any efforts to sell or require long term contracts in place due to the volumes they are producing. Once their fish is ready for harvest they are sold within hours. In a later phase during scaling up, the current good relations with current partners, wholesalers and distributors will require long term off take contracts for servicing the markets around the Abuja metropolis. The company will leverage several marketing vehicles to position the company as a premium brand to reflect our world class quality. Note: At the moment the company is working on a school feeding program to offtake smoked fish for kids, one meal a day. Digitalisation The company will also utilize centralized scheduling, online registration, on-demand and multi-media access systems. The boom in cell-phone usage in Nigeria will improve access, convenience and reduction of costs for the customers using the companies smart phone application. Local employment & education The company aims to become the employer of choice through rewards, education and recognition programmes that is based on employee work excellence. The system will be run by world-class operators to ensure the attainment and maintenance of world-class standards including streamline data collection to reduce errors, improve outcomes and enhance confidentiality. License All required licenses are in place including the lease of land and water in close cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Water resources in the Nigerian, Kaduna State area. In addition, quality improvement and Quality Assurance programming will be built into the very fabric of our operations complying with Global Agriculture Best Practices (GAP) as well as the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) protocols. Fish species The current production is catfish but due to change in demand and change in fish feed prices the company want to focus their expansion on especially Tilapia and some other species. To be flexible and independent on feed price fluctuations for different fish the company’s preference is to have their own feed production mill. The company has expertise in breathing Tilapia already and the local demand for this healthy and scalable product is high and most important affordable for the people. The remainder of the fish species, driven by local demand, will be/stay heterotis, brama, catfish and other locally found fish. Required Capex The total amount for the project, to be delivered in five (5) different phases will be N2.9 billion. Details highlighted below and for ease of analyses converted into Euro All above mentioned phases will have milestones and total investment amounts indicative Eur 6,5 mln. Most of the capex will be operational assets with around 10% working capital. The management is flexible, depending on your preferred investment strategy, to accept equity, convertible or senior debt structures. Financing is required in several tranches over time and detailed capex specification per phase is available. 5 phases - extensive analyses pro phase is available Phase 1: expansion to 200 cages For the total 200 cages the amount includes the purchase of other ancillary equipment like boats, pumps, security cctv lighting and inverter systems, commercial water testing apparatus, extra tanks onshore, grading machines, office and storage containers for running of the business Phase 2 – Build out of Hatchery and Feed Mill At forecasted capacity the company needs to develop a feed mill and a hatchery providing sufficient fingerling as input for the production. The hatchery will be deployed in close cooperation with an experienced third party. Phase 3 – Deployment of Circular Cages The deployment of circular cages has the potential to increase fish production from 400 tonnes after the implementation of phase 1 to over 4,000 tonnes on deployment of the circular cages. Capex specification is available. Phase 4 – Build the Processing Plant The objective is to get the harvested fish soon into a stable form to prevent spoilage and ensure durability while marketing. Fish processing is a value adding operation and the benefits lie in the reduction of waste / spoilage next to the hygienic service it will provide. The processing plant has, due to the increased profit margin, a payback time of 2 year already, if debt financing should be required. Phase 5 – Hydroponic Green Houses Hydroponics run by Irrigation systems by which the root crops are fed by a balanced nutrient solution dissolved in water with all the mineral requirements for the growth of plants. Effectively, crops are grown without having to be planted in the soil. The company has already entered strategic alliances. The proceeds from all the other sectors of the park will stimulate the early take off of phase 5. Forecasted financials As can be seen the operational EBIT(DA) levels in Euro are solid already in the first year for sufficient debt service based on the assumption of 90% debt financing. If we change the model to 100% equity, the 10 yrs DCF method on profit after tax with ROE of 25% for the investors the model indicates a value o Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009611 Expansion capital for Nigerian Fish Farm from 6 to 24 cages, all licenses in place Nigeria
600 The key commercial activity for GCI is to Produce, Treat and Sell Fish (Tilapia). GCI is a commercial shareholder company in DR Congo with 53 shareholders including 1 200 000 shares to the cost of 3,64 US$ per share. The capital for the company has been asquired from its owns shareholders since May 2013. The key resources is a trained none-corrupt administration and team that has worked together for many years. Another key resource is the team of local experts that has trained for many years in direct fishfarming of Tilapia in Lake KIVU. Two times this team have performed a test production using more or less homemade equipment. Both times the Tilapia were sold to local customers. The value of GCI is related to the license provided by the highest government in DR Congo to establish fishfarms at any elected site in East DR Congo. GCI has already selected a number of sites in Lake KIVU that is planned to be used for large scale production with at least 12 cages per site. GCI has already made an agreement with Skretting Tilapia feed in Rwanda for continuous supply of feed to Tilapia fingerlings and more mature fish. GCI is also directly connected to the Hauge Aqua group in Norway. GCI has already established agreements with different distributors and local sellers in order to secure further distribution in East DR Congo, in Rwanda and Burundi and into other neighbor countries. GCI has established agreements with a number of restaurants, large size kitchen facilities and food factories in order to further refine the produced fish. However, the main marked is in the east DR Congo covering more than 40 million people. The production sites is first of all Lake Kivu, but the company has the plan to rapidly increase the production also to other validated rivers and lakes in eastern DRC. A combined team of dedicated Tilapia Fishfarmers in East DR Congo supervised by an expert team from Norway. The key commercial activity for GCI is to Produce, Treat and Sell Fish (Tilapia). GCI is a commercial shareholder company in DR Congo with 53 shareholders including 1 200 000 shares to the cost of 3,64 US$ per share. The capital for the company has been asquired from its owns shareholders since May 2013. The key resources is a trained none-corrupt administration and team that has worked together for many years. Another key resource is the team of local experts that has trained for many years in direct fishfarming of Tilapia in Lake KIVU. Looking for the $ 1,813,445 equity to the company for establish large Tilapia production facilities in the lakes and rivers of DR Congo You can in the beginning contact me: Professor Frank Karlsen from the University of South-Eastern Norway: E-mail: Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009628 Aquaculture business opportunity including a license for the whole DR Congo Democratic Republic of the Congo
600 The construction project we are seeking a loan to complete will be a 3 level building containing 3 separate condominium-style accommodation suites we are calling the Main Building, as well as a Caretaker’s bedsitter we are calling The Maid’s Quarters that is a separate building installed on top of a level of storage and laundry. We intend to rent these condos as mid-term residential units to, for examples, foreign consultants on business contracts in the Seychelles such as professors, or as short- to mid-term tourist units to travellers seeking a specific experience we believe is not currently available on Mahé. To explain, currently, a visitor to Seychelles, no matter their purpose, must either stay in a Self-Catered guest house built and furnished to local standards, a small hotel with few amenities, or a large hotel of varying Star ratings. We believe there is a niche market opportunity to cater to the luxury tourist who wants the 5-Star experience but in a residential location. Tourisms comprises 80%+ of the Seychelles' economy. Currently, the only options on the main island, Mahé, for tourist accommodation are locally owned-operated self-catering guest houses and flats, which at best, would rank 1-2 stars, or hotel rooms in foreign-owned properties, such as Hilton, Four Seasons, etc. which rate between 3-5 stars. We want to fill the gap: high-end home-style stays, as if you're flying in to vacation in your own property, but without the hassle of ownership! Currently, pandemic aside, there are often not enough hotel rooms in the Seychelles to accommodate demand, with many hotels overbooking to ensure capacity resulting in guests getting bumped to local guest houses. Our flats would offer these guests at least an on PAR experience to their hotel expectations. Additionally, the Seychelles is a hub for international business, with many high-profile delegates requiring the privacy and security that their station and mission deserves. We intend to be their go-to. The Principal is a contractor in both Canada and the Seychelles. He is the owner/operator of Hemlock Stucco in Greater Vancouver, Canada, and Dan's Services in the Seychelles, the latter of which owns multiple pieces of heavy construction equipment poised to build this accommodation project we are currently seeking funding for. The second principal has worked in the tourism and hospitality industries since 2002 in various roles. After her first trip to the Seychelles in 2008, she saw the vast potential left by a huge gap in the tourism industry in the island nation - namely, high-end short-term condo rentals. After several years of sending tourists to the Seychelles to stay at other's 1-2 star self-catering units, she decided they should build their own to ensure the quality of product delivery and guests' experience. We are seeking approximately $2M USD to fund the build of this 3-unit + Maid's Quarters project. The structure could be as a loan to be paid off, or could be profit sharing until original loan+interest is paid off. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009691 Entrepreneur seeks seed money for 3-unit build project, first of several planned projects Seychelles
600 The bank provides retail and corporate banking with focus on SMEs in manufacturing, renewable energy, private healthcare, wholesale business services and agriculture. Kenya's banking sector is served by 39 banks of which the top tier 5 banks control approx. 51.3% of the market share. The banking sector reported USD USD 1.13Bn in profitablity in FY20 despite a tough operating environment due to impact of COVID-19. The bank has well exprecienced management team that have met Central Bank of Kenya's good and proper appraisal. USD 14Mn Equity. No expected cashout. Existing shareholders to be diluted Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009716 Opportunity to acquire up to 24.9% in a regulated Kenyan Mid-tier Bank for USD 14Mn Kenya
600 The target is a licensed microfinance bank launched in 2004 currently serving over 10000 active clients. The bank is engaged in provision of credit to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises USD 14Mn Equity. No expected cashout. Existing shareholders to be diluted The company is managed by a well experienced team USD 3Mn Equity Financing Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009719 Opportunity to provide USD 3Mn equity in a fast-growing depost taking licensed MFB Kenya
600 we are in the process of constructing a camping and resort facility along side the C4 road, near the town of Okongo. We have so far invested about N$500,000 for set up and we are at advanced stage to obtain all approvals and license. We require additional funding to do staff housing, swimming pool, manager house, water borehole and grid electricity, kitchen stock and working capital. Our estimated funding need is USD$66,000 Namibia serves as one of the top tourist destination in the world The team is made up of a development finance specialist, a tour guide and operator Seeking $60-70k as equity Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009738 Camping and resorts Namibia
600 We are currently in the business of recycling used engine oil into base oils. We want to add more value to our base oils and grow our business. Find Business Partner AIDB-009784 We want a technical and financial partner to set up and market lubricants and grease across Africa. Nigeria
600 The target is a mid-tier private hospital in Kenya, mainly catering for corporate clients. The hospital recorded a Y/Y growth in sales of 26% in FY20 to Kes 260Mn and an EBITDA of Kes 73Mn. Between FY17 and FY20, the business recorded 571% CAGR in retained earnings with a dividend pay-out averaging Kes 23Mn annually. It is a cash rich business with no loans The hospital is strategically located in a fast growing town, 3km from the CBD. It is served by a network of good roads to and from major estates in town. The location is secure and serene which assists in recuperation of patients. The hospital employs 88 highly qualified and experienced staff in different fields. It has 72 beds in twin bed sharing rooms comprising of general, surgical, maternity, paediatric and special care wards which ensure patients receive better and personalized care. There are 7 private wards The Hospital is owned by four shareholders who have equal shareholding and serve on the Board of Directors of the company. The shareholders are open to consider a selling a majority stake and controll. This is due to their advanced age. USD 6Mn Equity Financing Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009712 Opportunity to acquire majority stake in a well-established 72 bed profitable private hospital Kenya
600 The company intend to develop a hotel in Morocco and run it. The project has a total cost of Euro 21.6m and out of which Euro 9.5 has already been invested. There is a need of another Euro 12m to completed the project. With the world opening up again for tourism, this project will be really beneficial for the country and for the investors as well and refund the loan by 2026. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009259 Construction of a hotel in Morocco which will consist of 125 rooms, 3 restaurants, disco, spa, etc Morocco
600 NMFP has been requested do deliver a starting produce selection of 10,000 lettuce heads and 4 tons of strawberries per week on an open-ended and no-seasonal basis, not limited to these produce types. NMFP has built relationships with state entities in the Agri field, and relationships with the two largest produce aggregators in-country. A market is assured due to current legislation forcing souurcing 46% of all produce from local growers before imports can be considered. The grow environment is based in a warehouse for environmental controls. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009050 Capital needed for high-density hydroponics to fulfil a request for produce in Namibia Namibia
600 We undertake land rehabilitation and waste management, Mining and construction equipment hire, Earthmoving or load and haul, drilling operations such as reverse circulation, grade control, blast hole and core drilling. Additionally, we help clients interested in mining lease or concession and those who wants to buy raw natural resources such as copper to feed their plant Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009034 Mining and construction service provider. Ghana
600 Singapore based business house with footprint in Uganda, India & Singapore is looking to purchase controlling stake in a profitable running mining company in Africa. Finding Investment Opportunities AIDB-009015 Singapore based business looking for equity stake in running Mining Company Central African Republic
600 Mwamba is a Tanzanian Mining company specialized in the acquisition, development, and operation of late-stage gold resource properties in Tanzania. Mwamba partners with local license holders to develop proven reserves, supplying the financial support and expertise needed to bring their projects into production. Mwamba has access to 35 Primary Mining Licenses representing 2 mines, Kadidi and Masabi, with an aggregate 655,264oz Au in fully drilled JORC compliant resources. Mwamba has secured a 75% and 80% interest in both projects respectively with the JV and both mines are ready for immediate development. We are currently raising funds to develop these two projects and bring them into production. All funds will be used solely to establish operations, source equipment and construct needed infrastructure. With further exploration near our mines and additional JV’s within 50Km of our projects will bring the development a longer more profitable mine life. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009008 Unprecedented Opportunity to INVEST in 650,000 oz Production-Ready GOLD mine Projects in Tanzania. Tanzania
600 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY WESTGATE Microfinance Limited, currently a Microfinance Institution, is transforming to a fully licensed AGRICULTURAL FINANCE BANK, a Commercial Bank in Uganda. The Bank will be a leading financial services company focused primarily in agricultural banking and will be the leading agricultural lender in Uganda, which hitherto received less than 12% of net bank lending, to drive financial inclusion in the country’s agricultural sector. The bank will offer a wide range of finance, investment and risk management solutions across the entire agricultural value chain, ranging from primary production, agro processing, distribution and marketing. The total capital outlay of US$20,000,000 is needed to finance the cost of the investment. From the projections: The Bank’s total income is comprised of interest income, noninterest income and trading income. Total income goes up by USD 2.3 million in year 2 (Year 1: 1.9 million), representing a growth of 19.0%. In the subsequent year. Westgate Microfinance Ltd started with small capital $5000 but it has been building fast and that is why we are looking to raise finance to fullfill the business targets. The financial forecast is very good with good return in investment. We can provide you with details Business plan and financial models. STATEMENT OF COMPREHENSIVE INCOME The Bank’s total income is comprised of interest income, noninterest income and trading income. Total income goes up by USD 2.3 million in year 2 (Year 1: 1.9 million), representing a growth of 19.0%. In the subsequent years, the total income grows by USD 2.7 million (year 3), USD 3.4 million (year 4) and USD 4.5 million (year 5), representing an average growth of 26%. The projected year-on-year growth is mainly attributed to the growth in business that results in a higher growth in interest income.  Net interest income, which is the margin between interest income and interest expense, remains the main source of income for the Bank. PROBLEM/OPPORTUNITY STATEMENT Uganda is a fast-growing economy in East Africa, with a population reaching nearly 47 million. Agriculture is Uganda’s most important sector and the largest source of export earnings, averaging 53% per annum and employing 72% of Uganda’s population. The sector contributes more than 32% of the country’s GDP and remains largely dependent on approximately 500,000 smallholder farmers of which 90% of the farmers hold farms between 0.5-2.5 hectares. Central to poverty reduction in Uganda is increasing productivity in the agricultural sector to increase the revenues of smallholder farmers. Approximately two thirds (72%) of Uganda’s population is engaged, directly or indirectly, in agriculture. Yet, less than 12% of net bank lending goes to agriculture. Smallholder farmers, the majority of farmers in the country (89%) – delivering up to 80% of the annual total agricultural output, are particularly underserved. MANAGEMENT TEAM Our team is made up of experts having more than 30 year of experience combined in the Banking and Finance Industry. 5.2.1 CHARLES OLANYA Charles Olanya is a qualified Cyber Security Analyst with a Master Degree in Business Information Systems (MSc-BIS), Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE), CCNA, Certified Scrum Master (CSM), Cyber security Lead Auditor and Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT), with over 5 years’ management experience at Senior Management in both public and private sector. 5.2.2 RICHARD NYEKO Richard Nyeko is a Professional Certified Accountant with extensive experience in Accounting and Finance. He holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Monitoring & Evaluation (Uganda Technology and Management University (UTAMU)), CPA (Member)–Uganda (ICPAU), Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management (Uganda Management Institute (UMI)) and a Bachelor of Business Administration (Gulu University). The total capital outlay of US$20,000,000 is needed to finance the cost of the investment. Tis can be through Equity or Debt finance. We are open to discussion. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009507 FINANCING FOR AGRICULTURAL SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISES (ASMES) WESTGATE MICROFINANCE LTD Uganda
600 Kapiri Corporation Limited (KCL) is a glass manufacturing company producing hollow glass products. Kapiri Corporation Ltd is acquiring the assets of Kapiri Glass Products Ltd (KGPL). This is an investment proposal to investors to finance the acquisition. Kapiri Glass Products Limited (KGPL) is Zambia’s only containerized glass manufacturer but it has been moribund since 1998. Kapiri Glass Products was established by the government in the 1960s and was a government parastatal until it was privatized in October 1995, at which point it employed 219 people. The company has been moribund since then. KCL further proposes that investors invest the amount of US$12,890,543.33 as debt or equity. The financing will be for the purchase of the assets (including manufacturing plant and machinery) of KGPL and to operationalize the manufacturing plant. The company will market its products to the following companies that are currently importing glass bottles: • Coca-cola Beverages Zambia Limited • Zambia Breweries Plc • Varun Beverages Limited • Duncan Gilbey and Matheson (Zambia) • Bruhati Industries Ltd • Champion Industries Limited • Dermasil Logistics Limited • Ecobee African Natural Products Limited • Falls Beverages Company Limited • First Choice Logistics Limited • Forest Fruits Limited • Greenway Investments Limited • Intercraft Tradelink Limited • Jash Packaging Limited • Lamens Investments Limited • Monan Investment Limited • Muri Flakes Investments Limited • Reddy Investments Limited • Reddy Global Industries Limited • Sai Beverages Zambia Limited • Siri Investments Limited • Southern Beverages Zambia Limited • Ssiima Zambia Limited • Sundowner Investments Limited • Synaty Logistics Limited • Vital Beverages Limited • V-plus Developers and Traders Limited • Zambian Frames Investment Limited Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009514 Kapiri Corporation Limited (KCL) seeks financing for the acquisition of Kapiri Glass Factory. Zambia
578 Attractive Investment Opportunity for Pension Funds, CRE Funds, REITs, other Investment Funds, Family Offices, and also Private Equity investors. Commercial Real Estate, existing retail complex, available for acquisition. Asset includes a small retail complex (±4,650 sqm), and the land (±7,500 sqm). ±24 Shops available in the complex, and parking spaces for ±100 cars. Strategically located in sought-after retail street, on the corner of the local high street, and main access roads to the largest populated urban areas. Anchor tenants include the following: [a] International financial services branches, [b] International insurance services branch, [c] Regional wholesale grocery business brand (international group with ±2,400 stores in Southern Africa), and other brands. This grocery store is focusing on the following: [a] Value & affordability, [b] Neighbourhood, and rural, [c] Essential groceries, and general merchandise, [d] Fresh produce, baked goods, meat, and ready-to-eat products. The retail complex is also ideally configured to facilitate the retail space needs of local Micro-, Small-, Medium-sized Enterprises. Variable size retail spaces available for MSMEs from the local community, who are providing services to the local community. Consumers are choosing local, convenient and community-based stores. NDA will be needed for further details. Available at the AFSIC conference in London on 11 Oct & 12 Oct for discussions. Selling Real Estate AIDB-009662 Investors for existing Commercial Real Estate Asset Austria;Botswana;Canada;Denmark;Germany;Italy;Mauritius;Nami...
577 Launch of an Africa focussed debt fund principally to derive attractive yields on African bonds. We are teamed up with a Singapore based fund manager who already has proven credentials as managers of emerging market credit funds and their systems and processes are approved and tested. They are also MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore) approved managers. There will be leverage at a fund level with no recourse to investors for any additional collateral. Target return is above 7% (post fees) principally built around a core hold to maturity strategy and duration under 5 years. The managers are investing 10% of the corpus with initial target raise of USD 10 million. Rahil Taneja Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008630 Africa focussed debt fund investing in select Sovereign and Quasi- Sovereign debt instruments Abu Dhabi;Angola;Botswana;Cameroon;Ivory Coast;Democratic Re...
575 Purple Real Estate Income Limited (PREIL) is a member of the Purple Group (Purple), a specialist investment group with businesses in financial services and real estate. The Company is looking to amass blocks of investment grade real estate assets in a small format across densely populated areas, starting in Lagos, Nigeria. Issue Size- Up to $3.3 million (N1.353 billion) Share price- $0.010 per share (N4.30) Offer- 314,816,520 ordinary shares Use of Proceeds- To optimize its capital structure by deleveraging its balance sheet and strengthening its capacity to pursue its planned expansion program in line with its long-term strategy Method of Issue- Private Placement to New Shareholders Minimum Subscription- $12,500 (N5.16m) for 1,200,000 ordinary shares in PREIL (Exchange rate - N413/$1) Closing Date- Nov 5, 2021 Status- The shares being offered rank pari-passu in all respects with the other existing issued ordinary shares in the Company Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009842 Purple Real Estate Income Limited Private Placement Offer (of up to $3.3m) Nigeria
575 A local holding company specializing in the development of commercial properties in Kigali is building a facility to host a state-of-the-art medical plaza. The company has a growing portfolio of commercial properties, commercial land and residential land all located in prime areas of the city of Kigali. The company’s vision is to position itself as the leading developer of healthcare/medical real estate in Rwanda; a vision which is fully aligned with Rwanda’s vision of becoming the beacon of medical tourism on the African continent. - Construction of the 7-floor medical plaza began in June 2019 with plans to complete the same in August, 2021 - We are seeking for a health management company that will provide turn-key project to operate the facility – from equipment purchase Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009045 Established Deveoper in Rwanda seeking funding to attract Health-Care Operators Kenya;Rwanda
575 Alpha Agir Investment is an agricultural management and investment company. The company was created to tac kle the challenge of food security by bridging the agricultural finance gap. Our investment strategy is to acquire quality farmland in favourable agricultural markets and develop the property to achieve optimal productivity and resource efficiency. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009059 Alpha Agri Investment is an agricultural assart management company South Africa
575 Extreme New Urban Developers Ltd is a Kenyan Company leading in Real Estate industry. We offer a wide range of real estate services in the residential, commercial and new development projects which covers sales, letting and property management. Our solutions extend to offer advocate property transactions from letter of offer to the final transfer at the lands and deeds registry. We also partner with a team of experts and consultants to offer survey and valuation services. I am seeking funds to scale up the business in offering affordable world class housing for the rising middle class in Africa. I will use funds to construct affordable housing units of 2 bedroom and three bedroom apartments opposite Tatu City. The future business growth plan is to elevate my community around us to good living standards and enable families live together in friendly environment. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009126 Extreme Affordable Housing in Kenya Kenya
575 Sustainable Planet ( is a new European Agri-Food Tech company with the goal of fighting climate change, with sustainable agriculture, technologies, and plant protein such as water lentils. The company aims to start and achieve their goals with a pilot project in a fast developing country such as Cambodia (annual growth rate of 7%/yr since 2010), and where water lentils have been growing for centuries. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009308 Producing the most sustainable plant protein in the world Angola;Ethiopia;Kenya;Mozambique;Tanzania;Uganda
575 Since commencing business in 2002, OMSA has been on the forefront of providing fast and reliable bunker services across the West African region. We at OMSA know about the challenges operating in West Africa can bring, but thanks to our in-depth local knowledge combined with our international reach, we are able to provide our customers with high-quality products and fast, safe and reliable services. With our fleet of vessels and our own modular refinery being built, OMSA is one of the leading physical suppliers of bunker fuels and lubricants in West Africa, and with offices located in London and Lagos, we are always one call away, available to our clients around the clock. With complete control of the supply chain from order to delivery, we ensure quality, quantity, flexibility and compliance whilst minimising operational costs for our customers. Our services range from trading to physical supply of bunker fuels, marine services and terminal operations. Seeking oil purchase trade finance facilities for upto USD 20 m to buy BLCO allocations from NNPC - Debt finance facilities, revolving and self-liquidating - Naira Denominated -60 day credit period to NNPC Kindly visit for further information. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009595 Seeking oil purchase trade finance facilities for upto USD 20 m to buy BLCO allocations from NNPC Nigeria
575 A & L Quarry and Concrete Products Limited is a Private Limited company set up to provide the following major service: quarry mining and concrete products. The company owns an 25.277 acres (10.230 Ha) quarry concession at in the Awutu Senya West of the Central Region, Ghana. A & L is a company standard Stone Quarry company’s office is located at Millennium City, Kasoa with Digital Address No. CG-1836-9241. The company is a profit-oriented company that compete favorably with the leaders in the industry by way of putting in place a competent team that ensures that our products are of highest standard. The marketing strategy of the business is a combination of advertisement in print and electronic media. The rock bed on all the concessions consists of massive medium grained porphyritic biotite micoline-orthodase granite. The production practice and process are in complains with the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulation as well as that of the Mineral Commission. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009210 The mine will have an important and positive impact on the community as well as on the government. Ghana
575 Using existing infrastructure and technology, we are able to build in the South African Townships, and manage the entire process from building to rental listings to payment collections to contracts being managed. This is the biggest and fastest growing segment in the market with very few market players. Demand is far outweighing supply and we have positioned ourselves as the market leaders in this field. We are looking for funds to build at scale and keep the units to rent out. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009253 Tech-Enabled Property Developer seeking investment to build at scale in SA Townships. South Africa
575 If you’ve been thinking about starting your own business, why not test your suitability for launching a career with LMI? Please carefully consider the following questions: • Do you have a desire to own your own profitable business that builds equity for your future? • Are you prepared and able to financially invest in your own business? • Do you have a strong and successful business career that can be used to coach business leaders to help them succeed and achieve measurable results? • Do you have a track record of success in whatever you do? • Do you have marketing skills and welcome new challenges? • Do you desire to set up meetings and interview executives and business leaders to help them achieve their goals? • Would you prefer to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we think you might be the perfect fit for the LMI Kenya team! We offer the following LMI business opportunities: • Licensee/Franchisee The start-up process includes advanced training and enrollment in LMI Sales and Facilitation Certification. As part of your development, you are also enrolled in an LMI program. You are supported with marketing materials, which includes our professional presence on the LMI Kenya website and all our social media channels. We offer you head office support that remains ongoing in the form of mentoring (at no additional cost). We also assist you in building your personal business plan. Our options are realistic, accommodating, and tied directly to your personal goals, thereby ensuring a flexible and convenient start-up. Opportunities are available across Kenya, so wherever you are, call us now to book your private, no obligation consultation and start the process of launching your career or business at LMI. Selling a Business AIDB-008981 Own a Business in the Leadership and Organizational Development Industry Kenya
573 A unique opportunity for an exceptional mixed-used city development zone that will include small scale retail such as; bars, restaurants, coffee shops, bakery, confectionary, various other shops, office buildings, and residential apartment buildings, all linked with pedestrian friendly ground floor areas. A commercial anchor tenant will purchase approximately 18% (1.15 hectares) which has already been allocated via a M.O.U. for new office building developments. 6 Hectares vacant land with mixed-use development master plan to include numerous offices, retail, dining and residential apartment spaces. The land is currently zoned as business with a bulk of 1.0, application to rezone to the land to business with a bulk of 2.0 is ongoing. Subsequently, the allowable development bulk would increase to approximately 128,000 sqm. The city council is amenable to the densification requests due to a severe lack of development land in the capital city area. Strategically located in CBD area of the capital city, Highly sought-after area due to the various adjacent arterial roads - easily accessible, Adjacent to domestic airport, Adjacent to existing large conference hotel complex (operated by Accor, a large international hotel chain), Lack of vacant development land for commercial real estate in this particular area – last remaining portion of land available in this location. Option 1 = Acquire 100% of the assets (60,500 sqm vacant land) - will consider serious offers Option 2 = Make Equity Investment, and then share profits from the sale of 13 mixed-use land portions ±64,500 sqm Vacant land available for development. Currently 13 individual land portions, size starting from ±3,000 sqm, up to ±8,200 sqm. Zoning for office buildings, residential apartment buildings, and for retail purposes (e.g.; restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and small shops). Selling Real Estate AIDB-009677 Investors or Capital Investments invited for a 6 hectares Strategically Located Prime Real Estate Namibia;Nigeria;South Africa;United Kingdom;Zambia
567 we are a tire retreading company in Ethiopia for more than 10 years, leader in our sector, we are currently looking for investors to diversify in the rubber or plastic sector. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009070 Leading company in the tire retreading market in Ethiopia seeks investors Ethiopia
567 Blue Emerald Holding (BEH) is seeking US$ 2 million in seed capital to establish and set up a 200 MT (200,000Kg) per annum Bio-Intensive Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) plant / factory for the production and processing of table size (1Kg – 1.2 Kg) African catfish (Clarias garieppinus) for the local Kenyan market as well as for export to the East African Community (EAC) and the asian & European Markets, in Kenya. The project involves the construction and operation of a nursery / hatchery system, a mini laboratory, a grow-out system, a processing and packaging plant, a refrigerating system as well as the required office blocks on the 20,232.5 sq. meter (5 Acre) property, and the purchase of new industrial machinery for the proposed factory to be used in the plant / factory, geared towards creating an operational capacity / market for the final / finished products and enhancing the service delivery of the company to its clients within Kenya, East African and international markets. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009129 Catfish processing using the RAS of production for the local & international markets Kenya
567 The abundant dumps around Rustenburg, South Africa have FeCr2 concentrations of 6-9% still available via gravitational and magnetic separation. These dumps are large and mostly not being processed further by the FeCr2 mines. These dumps are declassified, non hazardous and our "waste" used for road building and aggregators. We have expertise in this specific extraction process, finance, project management and commodities. We have supply of feedstock. We have buyers of our product. We have a plan to execute by early 2022. We have a realistic payback on debt within 24 months. We offer 40% equity for a R10 million loan, payback conservatively at 24 months, profits conservatively at R10 mio per year for the 40% equity. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009781 Ferro Chrome Ultra Fines Recovery Plant. South Africa
567 Mo Trading & Consulting is a US incorporated company specialized in finding investors, acquirers and/or partners for development, and operation of late-stage gold resource properties in Mali and Guinea. we parter with with local license holders to develop proven reserves, supplying the financial support and expertise needed to bring their projects into production. We have access to multiple Primary Mining Licenses representing 2 mines, Madina and Ngabakoro, with an aggregate 850,564 oz Au in fully drilled JORC compliant resources. We have secured 90% nterest in both projects respectively with the JV and both mines are ready for immediate development. We are currently seeking technical partners to develop these two projects and bring them into production. All funds will be used solely to establish operations, source equipment and construct needed infrastructure. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009048 Unprecedented Opportunity to INVEST in 650,000 oz Production-Ready GOLD mine Projects in Mali Guinea;Mali;United States
567 Health care e-procurement company with solid client base is seeking growth capital to expand its sales and operation. It offers an innovative holistic approach to B2B e-procurement of primarily pharmaceuticals. It's client base include many global brands. To expand its footprint it is seeking investment. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009217 Established client in health care e-procurement is seeking growth capital to expand its operation. Nigeria
567 ABOUT US:Esaiga Africa is a real estate company with over a decade of real estate experience in Nairobi Kenya. Our services include; Construction of fast moving, high demand affordable houses, House sales and marketing, Property Consultation. Proposed use of funds: We identify prime area and land for real estate investment, we then use the funds to purchase the identified land, we undertake the design, approval and construction of the house and lastly we do aggressive marketing and selling of the units and handove to clients. We finally repay the investor with the agreed profit margin. Future business growth plans: to diversify our housing portfolio and start building agrihood estates, one of its kind in kenya where we intergrate self sustainable housing and farming gated communities. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009256 PREMIER PROPERTY SOLUTIONS: INVESTMENT IN KENYAN REAL ESTATE BY CONSTRUCTING AFFORDABLE HOUSING UNIT Kenya
567 Vion is a building material retailer in Livingstone Zambia , the tourism hub , home to the Victoria Waterfalls Vion is a franchise of the Handymans Paradise group , with the store in Livingstone operating since 2006 and taken over as a franchise in April 2019. Vion supplies building materials to home owners , lodges and hotels , farmers , contractors , local governments and other government departments. The funds sought is to be invested into the existing store to increase the current range as well as to open another branch in Kazangula town. With the opening of the new Kazangula bridge and border post , this area is already showing a major development , and more to come. With no formal building material store in the region this is a great opportunity to get started before any other company. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009338 Zambia Vision 2030 is to be a middle income country by 2030. Housing development being a major part Zambia
567 A retail store that offers a one-stop destination for high-quality consumer electronics brands with video game hardware and accessories being the core brand specialty footprint. Products we retail, in-store and digital experiences, and customer service are all designed with the goal of providing a consistently great experience and adding value to customers, in-order to build trust and loyalty of our customers, but also a solid reputation. We seek investment to increase inventory levels and inventory variation. This will ensure ready stock availability of goods for the customers in sufficient quantities and availability of a wide variety of choices of products for the customers by keeping different varieties at various prices and also different brands as well. Future business growth increase digital product lines, develop digital loyalty rewards programme, curate uncontested marketing content, adapt a franchise model, acquire channel partner status with brands. Video game retail (software, hardware and accessories) is significantly larger than that of music and movies combined. With a growth rate of over 12.4% 2007-2020, the industry is constantly innovating and reinventing itself and poised to continue growing. The launch of next generation PlayStation 5, XBOX Series and Switch OLED give the market an additional 7 year cycle. Our customers are the millennial with the desire for interactive on-screen entertainment. Our direct competitors is a similar retail store, GameTroniq, situated in malls, where as we are situated in the hub of retail trade within the CBD of Nairobi. Competitive advantages: extensive product catalogue, vast payment modes, in-house delivery system, customer service, warranty and instore/online shopping. Business segment is Retail Special Lines with a Business Valuation as follows: * DCF Model - USD 3,300,000 * Comparable Multiples Model - USD 320,000 * Economic Profits Model - USD 4,400,000 EBITDA Margin is currently at 18% EV/EBITDA Special Lines we are currently rated at 9.72. An EV/EBITDA value below 10 is commonly interpreted as healthy and above average. Business has a revenue productivity rate of USD 2 (Average) for every USD 1 of retained earnings invested into the business. Productivity Rate = Incremental Sales / Retained Earnings + New Debt Documents Available: Capital Raising Financial Model analyzed by a Financial Analyst. Contains: * Debt Borrowing Scenario Analysis * Financial Statement Model * Loan Amortization * Cash Flow Projections * Valuation Models * Management Projection * Return on Investment Capital * Weighted Average Cost of Capital * Damodaran EBITA Multiples * Equity Risk Premia * Unlevered Beta Investment Capital: USD 450,000 Equity: 36% shareholding Tenure Maturity: 60 Months (5 Years) - Monthly Invested Capital To Be Re-Paid by Investee: USD 7,500 monthly until maturity - Monthly Return on Invested Capital earned by Investor: 0.25% per month (On Reducing Balance after deducting USD 7,500 Re-Paid) monthly until maturity - Monthly Dividend Return To Be Earned By Investor: Either 36% of Net Profits Above USD 9,000 Per Month or Flat Fee of USD 2,250 Per Month, until maturity. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009771 High demand meets Low Supply. Kenya
565 There is a PPP opportunity with a State government to take over a strategic asset opposite the EKO Atlantic City located in Victoria Island, Lagos State. The project will house super market, coffee shop and other retail outlets, commercial offices , and a hotel/residential apartments. All this in one building and in a city everyone wants to be in, projected to be one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Further details will be discussed made available to any serious investor. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009359 PPP opportunity to finance, develop and operate a multi purpose building in Victoria Island Lagos Abu Dhabi;Australia;China;Dubai;Hong Kong;Netherlands;Nigeri...
564 Great Impact Investment Opportunity to install Renewable Energy systems at Tourist Accommodation Facilities on numerous Communal Conservancies (approx. 15 lodges). This project is endorsed by the WWF (World Wildlife Fund). In 2013 Namibia received the WWF Gift to the Earth Award. WWF: “Namibia’s achievements are impressive and inspiring & Namibia’s empowerment of rural communities to manage their wildlife resources – while providing incentives for them to do so – is visionary “ WWF: “The strong commitment to nature conservation by the Namibian government and people is truly unique” The fragile arid eco-systems in Namibia are unique, and beautiful but vulnerable to the environmental impacts caused by climate change. Namibia was the first country to write environmental protection into its constitution, and also has a lengthy history in responsible nature conservation. Legislation has led to the sustainable use of wildlife in Communal Conservancies, which have brought positive socio-economic benefits to rural communities. Conservancies are recognised by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET). These Conservancies are great Sustainable Tourism success stories. Tourism Accommodation facilities are generating treasured revenue streams that supports these local communities. Benefits Achievable from the installation of Renewable Energy Systems includes the following: [a] Reduces the operating cost, which will help to improve the profitability. [b] Reduces the diesel & fossil fuel consumption, which will help to reduce the noise pollution and the carbon pollution (CO2 emissions). [c] Reduces the deforestation in local areas. [d] Energy efficient equipment and systems will reduce the electricity demand, ideal for renewable energy systems. [e] New renewable energy system can be automated, which will reduce the need for ongoing staff interventions to manually manage various equipment, e.g.; start diesel engines, wood-burning boilers etc. [f] Improve the reliability of the electricity supply, and the new energy system can have redundancy (back-up capability). [g] Offering a much better service and experience for paying guests (satisfied customers are essential for the financial viability). [h] Improve the sustainability credentials of these tourism lodging facilities, and conservancies. [i] Improve the marketing messages to attract discerning guests, which will improve sales and the profitability. All the above-mentioned will have significant positive socio-economic benefits. The basic premise of Impact Investment is to have a positive impact on society and the environment. This particular impact investment will achieve economic development, social development and environmental protection benefits, and can directly support further conservation efforts. A programme of approximately fifteen (±15) different lodges can be compiled. Program-related Investment (PRIs) in the form of debt capital, equity, and guarantees can then be considered. PRIs can be used as a catalyst for scaling private sector investment (e.g.; reducing real / perceived risks in key impact sectors). The tourism sector is the economic catalyst for these communal conservancies, and the tourism sector is now in the recovery phase (post-pandemic). Therefore, the ideal solution would be to obtain PRIs that are lower than competitive market rates, and not at competitive financial return thresholds. Initial feasibility studies (for 20 lodges) were completed previously, including the technical systems analysis & design. Investors please contact us directly, or else meet us at the AFSIC conference in London on 11 Oct. Monday & 12 Oct. Tuesday. Seeking Investment AIDB-009663 Renewable Energy for Sustainable Tourism, WWF endorsed projects Austria;Belgium;Botswana;Canada;Denmark;France;Germany;Italy...
563 Panacea Soy is a market and infrastructure development project of Panacea Agribusiness Ltd proposed to (a) establish a modern soybean commodities handling facility; and (b) an agro-processing factory for high-protein soy meals, concentrates, refined oils, and lecithin, among others – targeting the domestic and foreign consumer markets. The proposed project location is Gulu City, Northern Uganda, and will be seated on 10 acres of land situated in the Gulu Industrial Park along the Gulu – Kitgum highway. The project objectives are:- (a) to promote the development of viable smallholder soybean farming industry in Northern Uganda, in order to generate employment, diversify agriculture, and increase the soybean production and export in primary and processed forms; and (b) to catalyze agro-industrial growth based on data, technology, market guarantee, economic efficiency, ecological sustainability, and equity and inclusion of smallholder farmers. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009354 Connecting rural farmers to global consumers Uganda
563 We wish to set up an ultra modern Ad Star cement bag manufacturing plant in a strategic location in Ogun State, South Southern part of Nigeria. The plant is projected to be producing about 50million bags per annum. Out of the 50 million bags to be produced we have already gotten an off take intent of about 48million bags per annum from just one firm. This alone post that there is guarantees demand and thus opportunity to increase our compacting to about 100million bags per annum . The project site has been secured. We need a serious investors so as to discuss the figures and other details about the project. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009357 Looking for investors for our Ad star cement bag manufacturing plant in Ogun State Abu Dhabi;Canada;China;Hong Kong;India;Nigeria;Philippines;Q...
563 OLEIA Group SARL is a leading private Congolese mineral procurement company that focuses on promoting sustainable mining to help reduce carbon emissions globally, while also creating jobs and having a positive social impact that stops child labour and focuses on human development and education. We believe putting the interest of the populous at the heart of the mining operations. OLEIA’s acquisition of a multifarious range of strategic earth minerals, metals and materials inclusive of, but not limited to, gold, colombite tantalite (coltan), cobalt, rough diamonds, tin, other precious and semi precious stones and materials from the different a stable of sustainably controlled mining operations. The company efficient coordination of a range of mines operating under a measurably sustainable mining practices. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009066 A private Congolese critical minerals procurement company. Democratic Republic of the Congo
563 We are seeking investors to scale-up our installation works and distribution of off-grid solar solutions and DRE technologies as well as improve our fish farm infrastructure (RAS) and crop production to support the agricultural ecosystem and its value chains. This opportunity will increase gross revenues to about 51% and generate profits of about 21-28% for a sustained period. We are wiling to share information of other potential equity investors in the venture. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009326 Kawaida is a provider of climate-smart solutions to the agriculture sector seeking equity investors Zambia
563 1.0: The investment opportunity The opportunity is to invest in an organic waste recycling plant located in the biggest agricultural cooperative area of South Africa and one of the densest growing regions. With the help of insect larvae and proven biotechnology the company will manufacture valuable and sustainable end-products by collecting, treating and recycling biomass, organic waste, and (human) wastewater. The input is free of charge and received from the local wastewater treatment plant ( The output is already sold to the farmer cooperatives and exists of the following sustainable end-products: 1: Organic soil fertilizer for agriculture purposes. 2: Clean potable water with access for the poor and the farmer cooperatives. 3: Protein riche insect meal for animal feed. 4: Insect oil as CO2 neutral basis for biofuels a.o. farm tractors. 5: CO2 neutral biogas for the plants' own electricity production (later stage). The business case is highly profitable, both from a financial- and SDG return perspective. The most important goal will be to get affordable food & water on the table while increasing the provision of sanitation services for the poor for healthcare reasons. In addition, creating local employment next to several other SDG’s described in this investment proposal. 2.0: Sustainable (already sold) end-products 2.1: organic soil / bio-fertilizer: This end-product reduces CO2 & other polluting greenhouse gasses while speeding up food-crop growth up to 100% per harvest compared to the existing situation. It also deters the process of deforestation when living trees are used for charcoal production as fertilizer and for cooking purposes. (supporting SDG: 13,2,15) 2.2: distilled & potable water: Freshwater is reclaimed from the wastewater to establish water storage facilities around farm cooperatives for food-crop growth and animals drinking places. Finally, water storage for the metropolitan municipalities themselves, serving the needy people to avoid extreme water shortages due to climate changes. (Supporting SDG: 3,2,6) 2.3 biofuel/gas: In smaller quantities reducing CO2 pollution by having EU-standard biofuel produced for the agri-tractors (transportation) and in later stage CO2 neutral electricity production for the recycling plant. (Supporting SDG: 13,7,9) 3.0: Risks & mitigants 3.1 Guaranteed profitability: both financial- & social return The core business is highly profitable as the feedstock/input is free of charge and the off take/output products are already 100% sold based on LOI's with the local farmer cooperatives. 3.1.1. Feedstock/free of charge The company cooperates with local municipalities by recycling their organic waste materials. The feedstock is contractual secured for the next 30 years due to the cooperation with the regional sanitation management company, Erwat ( The Metropolitan cities are 1: Ekuhuleni, 2: Tshwane, and 3: Johannesburg. These cities have the most dense and growing population (3,4 mln residents in Ekurhuleni and 7 million in Johannesburg in 2030), which are poor and unemployed with limited access to food and water and under-capacitated sanitation in an arid & hot environment. Note 1: Due to these unfortunate circumstances it locks the municipalities into utilizing our services long term. In addition, our model avoids dumping excess waste in landfills, sealed by plastic and creating pollution and intoxication of the groundwater due to the decaying process inside the landfill with escape of methane and other greenhouse gasses out of the ground. 3.1.2.Guaranteed revenue – already sold off-take/output. The off-take products are already sold based on LOI's as a package to several farming cooperatives serving the local communities. The economic advantage for the farmers is that the water, fertilizer, and tractor biodiesel prices are highly reduced. However, they are obliged to make part of their harvest available at highly reduced prices to the local consumers directly and to the consumer Cooperatives. This results in affordable food for the poor, avoiding several intermediary commissioning parties (price increases) throughout the vertical retail food chain. 3.2 Guaranteed EPC process: The company sourced the services of Resonant Engineering (, the EPC provider with an extensive track record and the leading provider of state-of-the-art technology in South Africa. The company will use the following proven technology: 3.2.1: Proven BSFL technology (bio-conversion) The biotechnology is based on breeding larvae of the black soldier fly as they play a similar role as redworms as decomposers in breaking down (solid) organic waste substrates and returning nutrients to the soil. The output products are bio-fertilizer and bio-oil as the devitalized larvae finally will be processed into bio-oil while their exoskeleton gives rise to an insect meal fertilizer. The latter is comparable to fishmeal. All support the goal of increased crop yields for the poor in cooperation with the farmer cooperatives. The overcapacity of living larvae (before fly stage) is used as life animal feed for poultry or in aquaponics. Note 1: The company uses the same technology on an industrial scale as existing biotechnology companies such as Agri Protein and Protix from the Netherlands. The equipment providers will be the German CHRISTOF INDUSTRIES. 4. The management team and shareholders The 2 female founders are Dr. Amanda Hart (CEO) and Ms. Linet Bester (CFO) supported by a management team with Dutch- and South African executives. Ms Hart has a background being a trained physician (surgery) and experienced in several different community development projects. Ms. Bester is certified in accountancy. The corporate management from the Netherlands consist of Mr. Jimmy Cox (CIO and investment relations) and Mr. Hendrik-Jan van Duijn (CLO-corporate legal officer). The local management team consists of Mr. Themba Hlongwane (process engineering and design) and Mr. Eugene Dagume (project management and qualified process engineer). The Management team is working with a board of directors (POLC Council) consisting of 11 professionals, all required for the operations with expertise in technology, law, accounting, finance, human resources, health, and safety. In addition, the management team works with seven external consultants in the relevant fields. The company also has good working relations with the University NWU, specialist in biofuels, clean alternative fuels, hydrogen energy, thermal fluid-systems and energy management. Note: own personal investment by the founders up to July 2021 amounts around Eur 1 mln existing of project designs, trials, feasibility studies, test facilities, license applications, financial verifications. 5.0 The Organisation structure The complete operation is divided amongst 4 Business Entities (BE), each specialized in its own area. BE 1 Ukuqala Okush Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009610 Recycling of public organic waste (water) into fertilizer, biofuel South Africa
563 The funds will go towards putting up farming and irrigation infrastructure with annual yields of over 20,000 metric tonnes of Maize, soya beans and wheat. These raw materials will be harvested and stored partly for direct sale and the other part to support a 520 metric ton capacity Milling plant. Maize meal and cooking oil are daily household requirements with a huge deficit at the current capacity that the country has. We have projected annual sales revenues of over $2.3 million and net profits of about 30% of the sales revenue. Agriculture and FMCG are an ever growing industry that is untapped by the local population with the government moving in that direction away from mining as a means of diversifying the economy. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009247 270 Hector farm which will house grain farming, processing, storage and production of finished good. Zambia
563 The Franzys is a B2B/B2C marketplace platform where clients can sit at the comfort of their homes and make online purchases through our website, Mobile App as well as on Offline-operating text and call specifically for premium customers and the goods bought are delivered to them at their door steps. The Platform is meant to sell 'Made in Africa goods", specifically groceries and other non-consumable items. Payments are done in cash, Mobile Money, POS Debit cards and checks etc. We seek investment for expanding activities throughout Central African Sub-region with countries including Nigeria with startup phase in Cameroon. The Investment is needed for logistic purposes, warehousing, delivery vans, external shipping, and pre purchase of some goods, salaries, publicity and working capital. Future business growths are increase sales revenue from $7M to $66M in 5 years, increase net profit projections from $2.5M to $17M in 5 years. Value added is quality, reliability and delivery. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009067 An online marketplace for selling and buying of African made FMCGs when one needs quality. Cameroon
562 A unique opportunity for an exceptional mixed-used city development zone that will include small scale retail such as; bars, restaurants, coffee shops, bakery, confectionary, various other shops, office buildings, and residential apartment buildings, all linked with pedestrian friendly ground floor areas. A commercial anchor tenant will purchase approximately 18% (1.15 hectares) which has already been allocated via a M.O.U. for new office building developments. 6 Hectares vacant land with mixed-use development master plan to include numerous offices, retail, dining and residential apartment spaces. The land is currently zoned as business with a bulk of 1.0. The process to submit an application to rezone to the land to business with a bulk of 2.0 is ongoing. Subsequently, the allowable development bulk would increase to approximately 128,000 sqm. The city council is amenable to the densification requests due to a severe lack of serviceable development land in the capital city area. A commercial hub of the development is also planned for the first phase, specifically located for maximum visibility, and prominent from various adjacent arterial roads. This will facilitate the visual exposure, and will be utilised for marketing & sales purposes. Installation of internal municipal services is required for the development land portion (±6.5 hectares), and some alterations to the adjacent access road infrastructure is also required to realise the full potential of the envisioned development project. Capital investment will initially be required to install the infrastructure needed for the vacant land. Sales activities can then proceed for all the remainder land portions (currently 13 individual land portions, starting from ±3,000 sqm, up to ±8,200 sqm in size). The preferred source for the initial project funding is equity investments. Alternatively, offers will be considered for the 100% acquisition of the undeveloped land (±64,500 sqm), including the full project documentation, local authority approvals, and all other relevant data & disclosures. Available at the AFSIC conference in London on 11 Oct & 12 Oct for discussions. NDA will be needed for further details. Seeking Investment AIDB-009656 Investors or Capital Investments invited for a 6 hectares Strategically Located Prime Real Estate Angola;Austria;Belgium;Botswana;Canada;Denmark;France;German...
562 Statistics indicate that agriculture’s share of total credit in Africa rarely exceeds five to ten percent. This for a sector that typically contributes around 25% of national GDP and can account for as much as 70% of employment. This shows clearly that Banks are hesitant to offer their services to agriculture/SME sector due to concerns of risk, financial literacy and SME financial management capacity. Most African banks encounter challenges in: How to increase Agriculture sector lending without too much risk and cost involved, how to build products that fit the seasonality of agriculture as well as how to get access to SME business performance and cashflow management. It is because of this that MPEX international with its technology partner SoftwareGroup are proposing the Digital MPEX platform solution coupled with an opportunity to access credit from the African Agriculture Trade and Investment Fund (AATIF). AATIF is an innovative public private partnership dedicated to uplift Africa's agricultural potential. The fund aims to achieve this by supporting the growth of Africa's agricultural production, manufacturing, service provision and trade for the benefit of the poor. AATIF provides patient debt financing to agribusinesses along the entire agricultural value chain. Software Group (SG) is a global technology company specialized in digitalization and integration solutions for institutions that provide financial services. The company helps Financial Service Providers (FSPs) to go through digital transformation, extend customer outreach and improve operational efficiency. MPEX International is a Swiss digital finance application services company that enables African banks grow their agriculture loan portfolio at less cost and risk in a post-COVID world. MPEX believes in creating a real time communications bridge between banks and their customers enabling access to and expansion of financial services in Africa’s agricultural sector. The challenge that the MPEX platform aims to answer is on how to increase Agriculture sector lending without too much risk and cost. Below are the benefits provided by the MPEX platform: • Real time information and communications bridge between banks and their customers de-risking loans and building loyalty • Decentralized loan origination and approval processes shortening turnaround times and cutting costs • Access to Financial data that will help banks to gain comfort in understanding better the business with which SME’s are doing and have better visibility of their operations in order to provide appropriate financial assistance in form of loans. • Rapidly increase the Bank’s customer base by reaching the unbanked and underbanked agri SMEs • Smartly grow the Bank’s loan portfolio with tailored seasonal loans, reducing operational costs • Decrease agri-lending risk by real-time monitoring of business performance • Increase trust and customer loyalty through cash flow-based repayment plans and in-app peer mentoring • Adopt robust, secure, cloud-based technology, creating remarkable customer experience • Scale up fast with credit facility support from MPEX growing list of finance partners as referenced in section 2.2. The MPEX app offers the below benefits: • All players in the agricultural sector operating far from bank branches can easily access financial services from their mobile phones. • Open a bank account, analyse cash flow and borrowing needs, and apply for seasonal operational loans. • Chat, track and share key business data with the bank to guide borrowing and loan repayment. • Seamless and secure integration between mobile and robust back-end systems for instant data transfer and collaboration. Selling Professional Service AIDB-009512 Grow your SME portfolio with less risk and cost using our mobile and credit solutions Botswana;Democratic Republic of the Congo;Eritrea;Ethiopia;G...
562 A unique opportunity for an exceptional mixed-used city development zone that will include small scale retail such as; bars, restaurants, coffee shops, bakery, confectionary, various other shops, office buildings, and residential apartment buildings, all linked with pedestrian friendly ground floor areas. A commercial anchor tenant will purchase approximately 18% (1.15 hectares) which has already been allocated via a M.O.U. for new office building developments. The land is currently zoned as business with a bulk of 1.0. The process to submit an application to rezone to the land to business with a bulk of 2.0 is ongoing. Subsequently, the allowable development bulk would increase to approximately 128,000 sqm. The city council is amenable to the densification requests due to a severe lack of serviceable development land in the city area. A commercial hub of the development is also planned for the first phase, specifically located for maximum visibility, and prominent from various adjacent arterial roads. This will facilitate the visual exposure, and will be utilised for marketing & sales purposes. Installation of internal municipal utility services will be required for the development land portion (±6.5 hectares), and some alterations to the adjacent access road infrastructure is also required to realise the full potential of the envisioned development project. Capital investment will initially be required to install the infrastructure needed for the vacant land. Sales activities can then proceed for all the remainder land portions (currently 13 individual land portions, starting from ±3,000 sqm, up to ±8,200 sqm in size). Inviting serious offers for the 100% acquisition of the undeveloped land (±64,500 sqm), including the full project documentation, including; local authority approvals, permits, title deeds, technical design and all other relevant data & disclosures. Selling Real Estate AIDB-009666 Exceptional Investment Opportunity; 6 Hectares Strategically Located Prime Real Estate, Mixed-use Angola;Australia;Austria;Brazil;Canada;Czech Republic;Denmar...
561 ELITIS CAMEROON is an Insurance Brokerage Firm with headquarters located in Douala - Cameroon. Our services include advices and commercialization of general and life insurance products. Ethics and Excellence are our core values. Among our customes, we have national and international customers. Looking to partnering with insurance companies , insurance brokerage firms, investors, international companies, etc... in order to ensure that: - we can expand our business network and grow internationally; - we can provide useful contact details to our customers when they are looking for coverage out of Cameroon; - we can handle insurance needs of international companies creating offices in Cameroon and new companies in which investors have provided financial assistance. We are also seeking consultancy opportunities. Find Business Partner AIDB-008638 Looking for partners in Insurance Abu Dhabi;Algeria;Angola;Belgium;Benin;Botswana;Brazil;Bulga...
560 MOEBA is a company dedicated to developing value adding partnerships between strong international investors and operators and local corporates and state companies in the energy, mining, real estate, and construction sectors with a proven track record of attracting capital and developing successful projects between international and local actors in Mozambique over 18 years. BRIEF INTRODUCTION This proposal outlines the scope and set up of a Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant (NGCCPP) having an installed power of 276 MW by MOEBA in island mode exclusively serving Electricity of Mozambique (EDM) within the Beluluane Industrial Park (BIP), Beluluane, Boane District, Maputo Province, Mozambique. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009081 Unique opportunity to join us on our 276MW gas fired power plant in Mozambique. China;Germany;Singapore;United Kingdom;United States
560 Curean Foods is courier and Delivery Company licensed and registered under the Registrar General's Department of Ghana. Our primary activity is to provide food delivery services to clients from their favorite restaurants through the use of our online portals such as our website and mobile application. Curean foods is an online platform that host and works with a number of restaurants and food joints operating in Ghana, making food access and delivery faster, easier and convenient to the satisfaction of your customers. Why Curean Foods? -To make food ordering easier and very convenient for everyone. - To solve issues with wrong orders and missed orders. - To ensure food gets delivered to you at all times during day and night. - Using Curean foods, you get your order delivered to you in less than 30mins. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009280 Online Portal that hosts local restaurants Ghana
560 DDUUKA is the operator of Africa’s largest credit-based marketplace. DDUUKA’s e-commerce platform helps and empowers local producers and traders to sell their products globally. DDUUKA allows consumers to own and have unrestricted use of what they want while they pay for it in affordable and flexible monthly instalments. It therefore will be the most vibrant, digital marketplace for trade, creating increased demand and easy access to products. DDUUKA’s platform will empower, inspire and educate Uganda and African businesses, farmers and entrepreneurs to access and utilize the potential opportunities in Africa’s e-commerce platform. The market size in Uganda is over USD 500 million and over USD 20 billion in Africa. Of this market, dduuka plans to obtain 5%, which is within the initial target market segment We are currently pre-revenue and have set up the MVP and prototype of the platform with a validated payments system and transactions as proof of operation. Seeking USD 150,000 Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009695 Dduuka lets customers get what they need and want, online and in-stores. And pay over 6 weeks. Uganda
558 Sustainable Planet is a high-impact agri-food tech company that grows premium plant-based proteins in large scale while contributing to the regeneration of earth’s resources. Non-arable land is used with almost no fertliser, 95% of the limited water used is recycled and the protein produced is 20 x higher per hectare than soybeans. Also, acting as a carbon sink, water lentils mitigate carbon emissions. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009565 Agri Tech Plant Protein Business: A Climate-Positive Carbon Sink Using Non Arable Land Abu Dhabi;Bahrain;Cambodia;Canada;China;Denmark;Dubai;France...
558 Transaction Highlights ▪ This opportunity is structured in partnership with CTA Finance Ltd (“CTA”), a highly experienced team with an extensive banking background (ING, BCP, BCV..) and over a billion worth of transactional facilities under their belts. ▪ Export Finance consists in the financing of pre-sold goods while they’re in transit to creditinsured (Altradius, Euler Hermes and/or Coface) or Letter of Credit backed customers. ▪ The underlying facilities are transactional (max 90 days), uncommitted, self-liquidating and offer a full-recourse both to the underlying transaction (LTV<80%) as well as to the borrowers’ balance sheet. ▪ Borrowers are well-capitalised (Equity USD 10-80m) and the financings granted are always complementary to larger banking facilities with longer maturities. ▪ According to the 2019 ICC trade register report, trade finance remains a low risk asset class with 3-25 bps av. default rates with transactional finance being the safest approach. ▪ A fully secured note available in EUR (4.5% p.a.) or USD (6% p.a.) and offering a quarterly liquidity Trade Finance AIDB-008729 Uncommitted short term facilities (20-90 days) Algeria;Democratic Republic of the Congo;Morocco;Nigeria;Sen...
558 BIPS Reliable Energy presents the market with reliable, cheap and convenient solar solutions for the consumers suffering from load shedding problems. Our company deals with all parts of solar components and we basically serve solar facilities from survey to installation. BREL focuses on present load shedding crisis and promotion of green energy in our country. The electricity produced will be made available to local businesses, under our utility’s Solar Power Purchase Agreement Model. With the interests of the local community at our core, BREL innovative power purchase model allows it to partner with states, local government areas, educational institutions, local businesses, real estate’s developers, oil and gas companies and energy consumers looking to overcome incessant erratic power supply. Our company will limit the uses of non-renewable energy by promoting renewable energy which will be environmental friendly and in compliance with global climate change protocol. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009138 Commercial Utility Photovoltaic Solar Park Development Nigeria
558 We are looking for the investors to the project of setting up last-mile delivery network with fully automated parcel terminals, starting from Nigeria, Lagos. Currently all ecommerce companies are literally struggling with extremely poor last mile delivery services in Nigeria. Bad package handling is causing a lot of claims and returns that is literally affecting every merchant’s business success in the negative way. While Instagram and WhatsApp sellings are booming these days there is actually no standardized delivery service available that every initiative entrepreneur could use on the way as you go without hassle and stressful prearrangement. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, people are more cautious than ever about meeting with the strangers like the most of the delivery men for example. So, there is ultimate need for contactless delivery service. To reduce this pain and to take last mile delivery service and also ecommerce to the next level in Nigeria we are setting up a well working standardized logistics network that is open for all sellers and even individuals. We know that seamless delivery service takes online marketing fully to the next level: • First, consumers can start focusing on real values of shopping, like products themselves, prices, quality, after-service etc. • Secondly, every initiative individual can start her own business without thinking of stressful delivery operations. Our service's main focus is on the end user which means we prioritize security and service flexibility from the end user perspective. Once we become the first choice for the customer then we are definitely the first joice for traders as well. To ensure sustainability we are collaborating with the biggest e-commerce players in Nigeria. We start from Lagos and expand to other cities immediately once operational. Product line • Main product is a parcel delivery service using specially designed fully automated security pickup stations. • Value adding products (Upsells) as payment handling, customer pickup, express delivery etc. Go To Market Strategy We are selecting our self-service parcel terminals locations on the basis of actual online orders. This way we are ensuring a certain volume for the start and are collecting early adopters. Why now? Big e-commerce companies have paved the way to online business in Nigeria during the last 9 years. Their work has been fruitful and online shopping turnovers have been increasing rapidly. The market is ready for different approaches. Covid-19 has increased the demand for contactless delivery service. We are not inventing the bicycle here. Parcel terminal delivery solution has proven it's effectiveness and it's popularity is growing all over the world . The fact that the solution has not reached to Africa rather shows that sooner or later the challenge will be taken anyway. So, why not be the ones setting it all up and take the first player’s benefits. We have know how, we have the tools and we have experience - why not use it. Project Status Currently we are test-running the hardware in Lagos. So, we are still in pre-revenue phase and looking for an investor/partner who could help us to kick off the project; we have partners both for hardware and for first setup of software solution; we have prepared terminal locations according to the real demand and have a fully ready kick off plan for setting up and running the operations with minimum extent of services in Lagos. As soon as we are up and running we are going to the next round of fund raising to set up all operations in the full extent. Seeking Investment AIDB-009537 Contactless automated parcel delivery network in Nigeria. The service is open for everybody. Nigeria
558 Somango Company Limited (SCL) is arguably the biggest Mango farmer in Tanzania with 400 acres of environmental friendly farm located in Ruvuma region. The farm has access to critical inputs such as land, water and good climatic conditions which favors offseason production and good quality. SCL started its operations in 2015 and has consistently produced audited financial statements each year. All mangoes harvested, so far, (April 2020 & 2021) from 130 acres currently in use (10,000 mango trees) were sold to the local wholesalers & food processors at premium prices and orders for all 2022 expected outputs have already been received. The project has multitude of social & environmental benefits including: Improving community health (Mangos have 8+ nutritional benefits), Increase social investment, Employment creation (+260 staff by 2030), Increase tax contribution, 33% water saving through drip method, Carbon reduction, Improvement of soil health & Promoting gender equality. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008990 Accelerating a sustainable agri-business with significant financial, environmental & social benefits Tanzania
558 We have a 10+ year track in Sub-Saharan Africa, developing workshops & seminars for commercial financial institutions and development finance institutions. We also offer individual coaching and strategic consulting. Examples of services include a 3-day seminar in agricultural finance sponsored by a professional association in a West African country, 9 2-day workshops on financial leasing for a State-owned development bank, advisory services on leasing for an East African country, capacity building and improving access to capital for a state-owned agricultural finance company, advising commercial banks on loan product development, drafting regulatory policies and legislation covering commercial finance for a national bank, Team Leader and Co-authorship (along with the Co-Founder of Aperio Associates) of the IFC Global Leasing Toolkit, covering all the important considerations for extending leasing credit and running a leasing company, plus specialty toolkits covering leasing of agricultural equipment, leasing of energy saving equipment, regulatory & supervisory matters and Islamic Leasing ("Ijarah"). Selling Professional Service AIDB-009725 Aperio Associates develops and delivers workshops and seminars for commercial finance intitutions. Angola;Benin;Botswana;Burkina Faso;Burundi;Cameroon;Central ...
558 We set up tax efficient companies for you based on your requirements and assist with bank accounts offering secure and user friendly internet banking platforms. We assist in work and residence permits for European and South African citizens. We also assist in seeking finance for M&A deals and in trade finance for products like sugar, rice, oil, cotton and other agricultural products. Selling Professional Service AIDB-009202 Setting up and administration of offshore structures in Mauritius, Seychelles and Singapore Ivory Coast;Democratic Republic of the Congo;Dubai;France;Gh...
558 Highly experienced Africa focused investment management firm wants to assist your ESG / Impact development efforts. Please contact us for further information. Can also assist with capital raise and marketing efforts. Selling Professional Service AIDB-008922 Experienced Africa Investor offers Assistance to Companies in building an ESG Impact Strategy. Australia;France;Germany;Netherlands;South Africa;United Kin...
558 Dharmattan Gas & Power Products Limited (DGPP), an emerging lead player in the marketing and distribution of LPG in Nigeria with a successful track record, seeks to expand its business from a regional footprint of retail plants to a national spread and develop a coastal depot that will ensure product availability and international participation in LPG supply, distribution and marketing. The project will include: Construction of 10 additional LPG inland distribution plants in different parts of Nigeria, to increase the total operated by DGPP to 15 Construction of 6,000 MT coastal LPG storage depot and jetty Purchase of shallow draft LPG vessel for bulk transportation Purchase additional gas transportation trucks for gas distribution Project Economics: Discount Rate: 15% Total Investment: $42M NPV:$44 P. I.: 2.04 IRR: 34% Discounted Payback Period: 4.5 yrs Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009659 LPG Storage, Distribution and Transport Infrastructure in Nigeria Canada;Cape Verde;France;Germany;Ghana;Netherlands;Nigeria;N...
556 VADER Industries (Pty) Ltd was established in 2011 as a Software & ITC Solutions Company. We are a South African based Business Software, Systems & ITC Solutions provider specializing in the management and supply of end-to-end technology-based services and the management of associated software solutions. By combining a wealth of skills ranging from Business Process Mapping, Microsoft SQL Implementations and the development of specialized software to network infrastructure support and a wide range of ICT Services, VADER Industries (Pty) Ltd provide fully integrated ICT and business solutions to its clients. With more than 40 year’s combined experience in the industry, VADER Industries (Pty) Ltd recognize that many clients prefer not to have the responsibility of managing different service providers in regards to their business systems and ICT support. VADER Industries (Pty) Ltd have developed a complete range of in-house business systems and ICT solutions for our clients. VADER Industries (Pty) Ltd.’s goal is to provide its clients with an ICT & Software solutions specifically developed for the individual needs for each client. To allow the clients to focus on what they do best while VADER Industries do what we do best, managing & maintaining our solutions provided. Selling Professional Service AIDB-009441 Bespoke Cloud solutions backed by state of the art EDR , Network Security and Disaster recovery South Africa
556 Established in 2012, Kush Bank PLC is a national financial institution in South Sudan serving a diverse base of 7,500 clients in 6 of 10 states across the country. The bank is seeking to structure a long-term debt financing package of up to $25M USD to expand its strategic investment portfolio including real estate, trade finance, agriculture and digital service offerings. With an annualized 12.5% rate of return, a deposit base of $11.7M USD and a balance sheet of $16M USD, Kush Bank is a stable and well-known institution, offering astute investors a risk mitigated entry point into a high-return investment sector. A full prospectus is available to qualified prospective investors. Seeking Investment AIDB-009643 Opportunity for debt finance participation in a leading national bank Abu Dhabi;Australia;Canada;Ethiopia;Finland;France;Germany;G...
556 LKK Organic Farmers Uganda Ltd is an Indigenous Ugandan company founded in September 2020. The head quarter is at Kawanda, 8 miles from the capital, Kampala. The mission is to take leadership in sound organic farming and create a viable value chain for the many farmers across the country who were not reaping from their hard labour by interesting them to join organic farming. However, the company agreed to consider rosemary as the flagship commodity for value addition. Nonetheless, other products such as fish from aquaculture, rabbits, as well as other spices, fruits and shea nut tree plantations are considered for investment. The company targets to work with a minimum of 12000 farmers across the country, creating jobs for the youths, and women along the value chain of organic farming. We intend provide consultancy services, train farmers in organic farming, audit farms for organic certification, supply to our farmers organic seeds/seedlings, and promote climate smart agriculture. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009153 Organic farms for socio-economic transformation of communities and environmental sustainability. Uganda
555 As a certified French-to-English translator specializing in finance and corporate communications, I help English-speaking investors understand, evaluate, and monitor their investments in French-speaking African countries (e.g. translation of due diligence materials, annual reports, financial statements, corporate communications, etc.). Selling Professional Service AIDB-008538 French-to-English translator specialized in African investments and project finance Algeria;Benin;Burkina Faso;Burundi;Cameroon;Central African ...
555 Established in 2012, Kush Bank PLC is a national financial institution in South Sudan serving a diverse base of 7,500 clients in 6 of 10 states across the country. The institution serves both domestic and international clients from personal, SME, corporate and humanitarian sectors, offering a range of services including mobile money, cash management, trade finance and standard banking services. After 10-years of stable investment and shareholding, several founding shareholders are seeking to facilitate the next stage of growth of the institution through divestment of their shareholding, with up to 70% of equity available for acquisition. With an annualized 12.5% rate of return, a deposit base of $11.7M USD and a balance sheet of $16M USD, Kush Bank is a stable and well-known institution, offering astute investors a risk mitigated entry point into a high-return investment sector. This opportunity for equity participation enables market entry to a diversity of economic sectors within a high-growth national platform. Selling a Business AIDB-009644 Opportunity to acquire significant shareholding in a well-established East African bank Abu Dhabi;Canada;Caribbean;Cayman Islands;Croatia;Cyprus;Cze...
554 We are a Canadian firm that finances the tertiary education of bright and needy students in Africa. These students would otherwise not be able to pursue their education beyond secondary school to earn a living because of poverty. As a social investor committed to the United Nations SDG, our investment achieves the following SDG: Access to education, Gender Inequality, Alleviate poverty. We are currently operational in Ghana since 2015 and quite recently in Uganda. We also run a quota system where we allot a percentage of our applications to women and encourage them to pursue courses in male dominated fields as our way to achieve gender parity. Currently we support 436 students in Ghana and we would like to double that number for the next academic year which begins in November 2021. Our facility is not a loan so our students repay with a percentage of their salary when they start working. Currently have a 0% default rate which proves that our model is sustainable and robust. As you might be aware, Africa is the continent with the largest youthful population and this presents a huge market to invest especially in relation to education. As an impact and social investor, we would be delighted to discuss investing in our company to scale up our operations in Africa. In return we assure you of a good ROI on your investment and the certainty that your investment will make a difference in the lives of many. I would also be glad to send you a brochure of our work in Ghana and arrange a call with you at your convenience. Thank you and I look forward to speaking with you soon. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009340 Invest in the education of bright and needy students in Africa Canada;Denmark;Finland;France;Germany;Ghana;Netherlands;Norw...
553 Intrasia Group's management, corporate services and associated banking and wealth management facilities operate from Mauritius and facilitate the raising and management of capital utilising the low tax, free monetary exchange, business friendly and extensive double tax and investment protection network of Mauritius. Intrasia's Corporate Services also operates from Singapore and provides an extensive range of services from bank accounts to visas to clients meeting appropriate criteria. Intrasia services Funds from Mauritius and as a licensed management organisation can assist listings on the Stock Exchange as well as applying for investment licenses. We act as a faciliation centre for capital raising or as a depository for Africa by utilising the low risk environment of Mauritius. Intrasia is your "one stop shop". Selling Professional Service AIDB-009544 One Stop Shop for Efficient Corporate and Financial Structuring Abu Dhabi;Angola;Australia;Bahrain;Botswana;Burkina Faso;Bur...
553 The Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE) was created to carry out Economic Reforms, Privatization, Commercialization, Concession and Public Private Partnership of Government owned Public Enterprises in Nigeria. From 1999 till date, BPE has successfully reformed (by way of privatization, commercialization and in some cases concession) a total of 237 public enterprises. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008609 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES IN NIGERIA PRIVATISATION,COMMERCIALISATION, AND ECONOMIC REFORMS PROGRAMMES Nigeria
553 Utilizing a networking/referral strategy which has been validated, Guyman is able to collect structured data on individual and corporate value providers at a very fast rate. These include service providers and sellers. As long as you have a value to offer in exchange for money, you are eligible to sign up on Guyman. Furthermore, we utilize the data collected to connect value seekers to ready willing and able value providers in a very easy and efficient manner using SMS messaging, number masking and call forwarding technologies to provide a smooth experience. Our model enables traceability and remote and decentralized management. Revenue model is subscription based as well as site sms credit sales. Looking for an investment to cater to cost of user acquisition of N200 per free user registered paid to the working network, web app upgrade and some marketing. This business is easily scale-able to other countries Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009224 Invest in a data based company focused on data collection, utilization and publishing. Australia;Belgium;Canada;China;Finland;France;Germany;Greece...
553 The building for sale is currently being operated by a private sector Zambian bank. The building is 2500 Sq Meters. Selling Real Estate AIDB-009582 Commercial building for sale in the the heart of Zambia's capital city, Lusaka. Angola;Botswana;China;Democratic Republic of the Congo;Dubai...
552 My client is the owner of prime commercial property along Kafue Road, Makeni, Lusaka. The property is in proximity to 3 large shopping malls and is ripe for re-development. Selling Real Estate AIDB-009227 Commercial property for sale in prime area along a major highway in Lusaka, Zambia Botswana;China;Ivory Coast;Dubai;Egypt;India;Japan;Korea, De...
552 We are looking for investors to help our African OTA to grow. At the moment we have already build the platform and it is working properly. Our concept is different as we really build this OTA to push Africa and to help African tourism. We want to offer an African rate to everyone from African traveling inside the continent. This will help to push african tourist. Also, we have the project to build a Safari metasearch inside of the platform to give the opportunity to our customers to choose the right one among thousands of Safaris. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009111 New African OTA looking for investors Botswana;Cameroon;Comoros;Ivory Coast;Democratic Republic of...
551 Gold mine with 25-30 year life cycle and existing geotechnical information demonstrating very profitable net annual returns. Investor is preferably a highly experienced gold exploration and operation company. Funding instrument is in place, the investor has the option to have funds returned in 12 months with healthy return or take an equity share. Services to and from concession are good. Proof of funds and competency required to release detailed information. Find Business Partner AIDB-009315 JV partner required to operate our large gold mine concession in Ghana, Africa. Abu Dhabi;Angola;Argentina;Australia;Austria;Bahamas;Banglad...
551 We are manufacturers and Exporters of Alcoholic Drinks namely, Whiskey,Cane,Vodka,Gin and Brandy for export to the AFrican market. We welcome all enquiries for bulk sales Selling Physical Goods or Products AIDB-009988 We manufacture and product high quality Alcoholic Drinks for export into Africa. Algeria;Angola;Benin;Botswana;British Indian Ocean Territory...
551 NYALA-30 is a ready to build solar power project located in Nyala, South Darfur, Sudan. The electricity purchase is secured by a state guarantee. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009282 INVESTMENT OPPORTUNIY SECURED BY STATE GUARANTEE - 30MWP RTB SOLAR POWER PROJECT IN NYALA / SUDAN Abu Dhabi;Australia;Austria;Belgium;Canada;China;Czech Repub...
551 Seeking distributors/ end user organisation interested in purchasing reusable PPE facemasks manufactured with anti-microbial material. Certified for medical use. Kills covid and other pathogens within minutes. Washable and reuseable multiple times. Min order quantity 100,000. UK, EU and US certification and approval. Samples available in advance. Selling Physical Goods or Products AIDB-009269 Antimocrobial, reuseable PPE face masks for medical use Belize;Benin;Botswana;Burkina Faso;Burundi;Cameroon;Central ...
551 I have various clients in Nigeria and Ghana (currently, other countries may be added to this list!) seeking equity partners for new hotel projects in key cities such as Lagos, Abuja and Accra. Project details are available to serious enquirers. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009229 Hotel developments in West Africa seeking equity investment partners Abu Dhabi;Australia;Austria;Bahrain;Belgium;Brazil;Brunei Da...
550 Transaction Highlights ▪ This opportunity is structured in partnership with TLG Capital (“TLG”), a private investment firm with over 10 years of investment experience in small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) across sub Saharan Africa. ▪ Thanks to high-quality proprietary relationships with banks across the continent, this first note will provide liquidity to two high-quality financial institutions while providing investors with a strong risk-adjusted return. ▪ Term deposits rank very high up in a bank capital structure giving them a high level of seniority in the unlikely event of a bankruptcy and also benefit from Deposit Protection Schemes. ▪ Funds will be used to encourage high-impact on-lending to SMEs with a focus on education and healthcare. ▪ A note backed by 180-day term deposits at two listed banks in Nigeria and Ghana offering a net yield of 3.75% p.a with monthly coupons Selling Physical Goods or Products AIDB-008728 Provide liquidity to quality financial institutions in U$ for on-lending to high-impact entrepreneur Ghana;Nigeria
550 OPERATION SUMMARY The Gold export project intends to supply immediately 400-500kg on monthly basis in cooperation with 980 small-scale and medium miners in Uganda and DR Congo. The project funds will be invested in government’s tax (revenue), assay report, chartered cargo airline, collection logistics and implement traceability measures. The miners are located in the Mubende,Karamoja, and Kasese districts in Uganda. Bunia,Bukavu,Kalubamba,Kivu,Ituri in DR.Congo. The main constraints are the working capital which will bring high yields results from registered household groups, individuals and cooperative. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009254 The Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC) & Uganda mining sector presents a low-risk high return Democratic Republic of the Congo;Uganda
550 Invest in the Euphrates Fund, managed by Eos Capital to stimulate Namibia's agriculture sector through climate-adapted, expertise- and technology-driven investments across the agriculture value chain: primary agriculture, processing, retail/distribution and logistics, inputs/equipment and services. Seeking Investment AIDB-008799 Invest in Namibia's first agriculture PE fund - Euphrates Namibia;South Africa
542 We own a Plot of land big enough to build a shopping centre for Rental Income! In one of Malawis Biggest Tourist Attraction sites, we are looking at building a shopping centre. The shopping centre will consist of 40+ large shops and buildings for Interested Organisations to use for their Business. The nearest shopping centre to the local community is over 50 miles away. With the lack of a Commercial building or suitable buildings, organisations such as Banks and other major organisations, may be having difficulty to open up branches in the area. We are hoping to give these organisations the opportunity to branch out to one of the Biggest Tourist attractions Malawi has to offer. Finding Investment Opportunities AIDB-009174 Opportunity to own 40% of Shopping Centre Egypt;United Kingdom;United States
535 Several plots of land have come up for sale in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria and Gumanyes Limited's Real Estate Division has the opportunity to present these to potential buyers. Our team is on ground for inspection. Our list has more than 27 plots for sale for commercial use. Prices vary depenadnt on size from ₦5m to ₦500m. Detailed information can be obtained from our Facebook page or visit our website Selling Real Estate AIDB-009965 Land/Plots For Sale - Port Harcourt, Nigeria Benin;Ghana;Israel;Niger;Nigeria
535 Harvest-artists is launching a practice-orientated educational farm, providing micro-finance and market facilities in the Sool region of Somaliland. Easing the acute scarcity of skilled personnel for agricultural development. Ultimately to increase production and productivity of smallholder farmers to give the local private sector a boost and make domestic products, including fresh fruit and vegetables, more accessible in rural areas. As we already have the location and building available through grant in Ade Adeye, we seek investments in high quality farm essentials such as greenhouses (3000m2), water tanks, drip- and micro irrigation for 10 acres of field plots as well as modern input (modified seeds) and machinery. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009215 Ready to create 800 Harvest Artists in the Horn of Africa? Somalia;Somaliland
535 Executive Summary: Cygnet Mixed Development Hibberdene South Coast ,Kwa Zulu Natal What city, South Africa Cygnet International Holdings Pty Ltd is a project management company that specializes with infrastructure projects in Africa. We have a large network in Africa to source such projects, as we carry a large portfolio of EPC companies under our umbrella. Mission At present we are undertaking with our portfolio companies a large Waterfront Development Project in South Africa. The project consists of the following developments in a 5 to 6 year development program.  A Marina Harbour that will have a capacity of 500 moorings for small to large boats and Yachts.  A 250 To 300 keys Flagged Hotel.  A Residential Estate of 350 Prime units overlooking the Marina.  A Commercial Development consisting of a Convention Centre, Retail Shopping Mall, Mini Factories and a Fuel Depot.  A Game Farm/Conservancy.  2000 low cost housing units to raise community living standards The key objectives of the Small Harbours and State Coastal Property Development unit are to: • attract investment in state coastal maritime • infrastructure and properties • grow businesses • create jobs • stimulate economic growth • redistribute wealth. The new unit has four main tasks: it lets out state coastal property for economic development; it manages state coastal properties (including all occupied and vacant Admiralty Reserve, land parcels, buildings, estuaries and unproclaimed harbours); it oversees the maintenance of small harbours and coastal properties and it is responsible for a special intervention program to repair and maintain 12 proclaimed fishing harbours in the Western Cape. South Africa is bordered by the ocean on three sides. In 2010 the ocean contributed approximately R54-billion to South Africa's GDP and accounted for approximately 316 000 jobs. Studies suggest that the ocean has the potential to contribute up to R177-billion to GDP 2. Sagren Pillay. Sagren is the managing director and founder of the company. Sagren has over 30 years of experience in funding ventures and is a past member of the national debt council. He was responsible for debt collections in the Ethekwini Region. Sagren has been involved in procurement of funds and development capital. He is a member of the SA Business Network and holds accreditation from the World Bank for completion of the MOCC Program for Public Private Partnerships (PPP).. David Larkan. David has 34 years’ experience as a registered accountant and financial director. He is the public officer of the company. David graduated from UNISA and completed his articles with KPMG. He also holds certification as a certified estate agent. He conducted audits at both the Durban and Msunduzi Municipalities. Phumelele Mbonwa. Phumi is the operations director of the company. Phumi has in excess of 11 years experience in management and director positions in the construction, electrical. We are seeking an investment of $1 Million To $683 Million US Dollars in equity shares or Joint venture partnership .Debt will be the last option . Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009740 Looking for an equity or a Joint Venture Partner South Africa;Uganda
533 NIDIF invests into Namibian infrastructure assets in logistics, energy, water and sanitation, ICT, social and commercial. NIDIF aims to provides robust financial returns (low volatility and stable income yield) and ESG impact in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals over a 15-year horizon. Seeking Investment AIDB-008800 Invest in infrastructure through the Namibian Infrastructure Development and Investment Fund (NIDIF) Namibia;South Africa
533 Tripple Effort International Investments (Pvt) Ltd is a Company registered in Zimbabwe and Angola with its core operations in Angola. The Company entered into a Joint Venture Partnership with AEMA and Akulukuusa Cooperatives for the purpose of developing and mining diamonds on issued out concessions in Lunda Sol and Bie provinces. Parties have also agreed on a 40 / 60% share of net profit arrangement. Intended core operations of the Company in Angola are in diamond mining and it also has interests in the development and management of projects covering Water Resources, AgroPercuria, Pisciculture, Construction, Health, Energy and Education. Full mining license have been granted. The diamond mining operations are being done in phases. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009216 Diamond mining & Integrated developmental projects in Bie, Moxico and Lunda Sul Province Angola;Zimbabwe
533 We own and operate resort Projects in Red Sea Egypt. We are looking for potential investors who might be interested in acquiring/ going through equity partnership for the following projects: - Two 4* Beach front resorts with total capacity of 420 rooms in the Red Sea City of Sharm El Sheikh. - Beach front resort with total capacity of 320 rooms, plus extension for mixed use development at the Red Sea city of Marsa Alam. Selling Real Estate AIDB-009193 Resort Projects in Red Sea Egypt Cayman Islands;Dubai;Qatar;Saudi Arabia;South Africa;United ...
531 Aerobotics provides intelligent tools for investors in perennial crops. Our tools use aerial imagery and AI to provide information over the season regarding tree growth, performance, irrigation and yield. Investors use Aerobotics for due diligence of agricultural acquisitions, portfolio monitoring, benchmarking performance and enhancing agricultural returns. Selling Professional Service AIDB-009415 Due Diligence tool for Agricultural Investments Egypt;Kenya;Morocco;Mozambique;Namibia;Portugal;South Africa...
531 As part of a larger portfolio, We are currently busy with a business venture that combines Hospitality and Tourism with the Wellness and medical travel sector, for predominantly International guests. We need either investors or assistance in linking up with potential investors. Our long term plan is to establish a brand through various centers across the SADC countries starting in the Western Cape. We have more than 25 years of experience in the Hospitality market, and have done thorough research on the feasibility of our venture. We seek a R45 million initial investment of which: R40 million would be allocated to purchase the property with the investor paying the transfer duty, and the property would be transferred to an instrument of the investor’s choosing R2 million would be budgeted for overheads until paying clients fund this The balance of funds would be used to renovate or change the property to suit its application Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009020 Start up in Hospitality sector combined with wellness and care Botswana;Kenya;Mozambique;Namibia;South Africa;Tanzania;Ugan...
531 Soluvet International Limited are importers and appointed main distributors of quality and affordable veterinary pharmaceutical products. Soluvet has since signed distributor agreements with 2 veterinary pharmaceutical manufacturers from China and India . Soluvet now seeks venture capital investors who will fund the registration, importation and subsequently distribution and sales of Soluvet branded products in the East, Central and Southern Africa region. Our target market are farmers, veterinary surgeons, distributors, wholesalers and retailers in East, Central and Southern Africa. The veterinary pharmaceutical market in East, Central and Southern Africa is upwards of $ 250 Million. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009124 Invest in a vet pharma importer distributor business with excellent opportunity for profitability Burundi;Democratic Republic of the Congo;Djibouti;Eritrea;Ke...
530 This is an integrated paper business founded in 2009 enjoying 30% market share after the market leader who stands at 35%. From 2017 to 2020, the business has experienced an annual growth rate of 15%. The senior management team has over 15 years of experience in the paper industry and has created the fair market share enjoyed by the business. It started off with a single ruler sheeter and now has over 15 lines of machinery. These lines produce among others; scholastic books, manuscript books, copier and ruled paper, box and spring files. Due to the business’ focus on providing scholastic materials to its key market constituency, the education sector, the business also trades in related products like calculators and markers just to mention a few. It retains the distributorship for Casio calculators in Uganda. The business enjoys 30% market share following closely after the market leader at 35% with the balance filled by smaller firms specialising in other segments of the market. 60% of the business market focuses on the education sector. The business intends to establish a packaging line to fill a gap in the market due to ever growing demand from manufacturing and agriculture as the two sectors continue their recovery from Covid-19. The manufacture of corrugated cardboard boxes will benefit from the business’ procurement expertise, technical capacity and distribution network given the similarity of the raw material and production processes. The suppliers of paper based packaging materials in the country are unable to meet the demand from these fast growing sectors estimated at 13,485 tonnes valued at US$ 15.4 million imported from outside East Africa and another 4,495 tonnes valued at US$ 11.2 million imported from within East Africa. The Government of Uganda is bent on encouraging local production of this packaging material thus levied a 35% import duty to protect local players. The proposed new initiative is aimed at capturing this demand. Setting up the initiative will require a total of US$ 2 million. In addition, the business wishes to refinance its current commercial debt standing at US$ 9.7 million. The refinancing of the business is premised on the current high interest rates coupled with the effects of Covid-19, where the education sector has been hugely affected with the closing of schools. A total of US$ 12 million is required; under equity funding or both equity and debt funding. The turnover for the period 2017 to 2020 has been growing. 2020 turnover reduced due to obvious reasons. EBITDA was positive for the period 2017-2019 save for 2020 where it was negative. Revenue and EBITDA (2017-2020) Units: Millions of US$ Year 2017 2018 2019 2020 Turnover 12,407 12,669 10,982 9,298 EBITDA 1,913 1,327 1,094 (682) With the foregoing, this is a strong business that guarantees a good return. Seeking Investment AIDB-009017 This is an integrated paper business founded in 2009 enjoying 30% market share. Dubai;Egypt;France;Kenya;Mauritius;Morocco;Netherlands;Qatar...
529 Executive Summary The Affiliate Elite Real Estate (TAE) is a Sierra Leonean-based real estate company that will offer benchmarked rental units for the Sierra Leoneans, Investors, and people seeking accommodation. These Real Estate units will balance safety, cutting-edge features, and a positive atmosphere for all tenants. These rentals will be provided with unmatched levels of customer service and attention. Sales are projected to be substantial in year one growing moderately by year three. The Market TAE will target three distinct customer segments. The largest segment that they will service is University of Sierra Leone students. This segment is growing at 7% a year with 18,000 prospective customers. This segment is especially attractive since most of the local rental properties that are geared toward students are run-down, poor-quality units. The second market segment is local professionals who are increasing at 4% and have 12,000 potential members. The Affiliate Elites will be led by Julia Ansumana and Ahmed Jabbie. Julia was a Real Estate Agent who has always got a passion for starting a Real Estate Business. Following school, Julia went to work for one of the largest property management companies in the country. After seven years with Bintumani Hotel, Julia had risen up to Vice President of Operations. It was his time at Bintumani Hotel that provided Julia with valuable industry insight and experience. Festus brings different skills sets to the company, coming from a customer service background. At the young age of 21, Festus had already completed his undergraduate degree and went to work for Kimbima Hotel. After six years at Kimbima, Nathan had been promoted to the Director of Customer Service for the SierraLeone business company. In this position, Festus managed a 200 person customer service department. This experience provided Festus with incredible customer attention skills that he will leverage for TAE. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009506 $5m Funding Needed For Real Estate Development Algeria;Ghana;Nigeria;Sierra Leone
528 Our company holds 2,263 km2 of infant brown-fields and green-fields exploration tenure on unexplored part of a highly prospective greenstone belt in a producing jurisdiction. The area has several previously producing copper mines as well as mineral occurrences and historical workings and retains a strong prospectivity for Cu, Au, Ag, Ni, Co, Pt, Pd and Fe. One of the company's tenements is located in the Limpopo Mobile Belt with initial exploration supporting the prospectivity for immiscible magmatic sulphides. Initial exploration has been conducted resulting in clear targets for the next stage works. The project is in a stable country with investment and mining friendly legislature. Seeking Investment AIDB-009231 Seeking JV partner to help progress mining exploration project to next level. Abu Dhabi;Australia;Bulgaria;Canada;China;Denmark;Dubai;Finl...
528 Daze House is a new boutique hotel chain born in South Africa and looking to expand throughout the continent with a goal to be the largest privately held boutique hotel chain on the continent of Africa. We are raising funds for an amazing opporutnity for a purchase of a boutique hotel just outside of Marrakech. This is a under-valued high performing asset with lots of upside potential. Daze House will merge our lifestyle branding, products and services to bolster offerings. Investors will be included in profits driven from all aspects of branding and not just the underling asset. Buying Real Estate AIDB-009567 Boutique hotel purchase opportunity with equity in existing South African hotel. Australia;Belgium;British Virgin Islands;Dubai;Finland;Franc...
527 Ukuvuna minerals offers a complete solution to the buyers of mineral resources in South Africa and Internationallly by sourcing, warehousing, transportation, packaging, rail and shipping to port of choice for export. The core minerals are manganese, chrome concentrate, ROM, coal, iron ore but are not limited to these. Ukuvuna is looking at closing the barrier between local communities with licensed mines on their land and the international market by bringing the international market to their doorstep. Ukuvuna has setup hubs with storage, weighbridges and loading docks in order to help communities get their product to the international markets. The main targeted provinces would be the North West, Northern Cape, Limpopo and Mpumalanga. Including African countries Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique and Botswana. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009051 Our business is built on values that best serve the communities we operate in. Botswana;Mozambique;South Africa;Zambia;Zimbabwe
527 OPPORTUNITY TO INVEST IN A PROMISING GOLD PROJECT IN ONE THE MOST MINERAL PROLIFIC COUNTRY IN THE WORLD: • +75 km2 Exploration Licenses near the +5 Moz Anglo Ashanti Gold deposit; • Extensive Drilling, sampling, mapping etc., multiple High Value Targets discovered; • A multi-millions ounces gold potential in the DIDI Exploration License; • Unusual High-Grade Gold mineralization; • One more step Drilling to convert this Potential into Reserves that can be mined with Profit. • Gold-rich Placer up to 5 km long inside a Exploitation License; • Feasibility Study and Environmental Impact Study completed and approved by the Ministry of Mines; • Reserves up to 4 t containing free gold mineralization in shallow gravel layer that can be extracted easily; • Over 56 kg of monthly gold production for a daily capacity of 2.885t; • Mine life revenue - US$207 millions; • Net cash flow of US$103m for 6 year mine life; • NPV(8) - US$70.5m. IRR - 196%; • Low investment and high profit; • Payback period: 6 months; • Excellent relations with the community and public authority / the deposit is free from any local exploitation; • Politically and socially stable and secure country - highly experienced technicians and engineers; Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008704 ONE MORE STEP DRILLING TO CONVERT THIS POTENTIAL INTO RESERVES THAT CAN BE MINED WITH HIGH PROFIT. Australia;Canada;Guinea;United Kingdom;United States
527 We have all systems in place with regard to manufacturing ,design and installation of water tanks in the most remote and under developed areas in Angola, Sudan ,South-Sudan, Tanzania and South-Africa . Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009109 Securing Water supply for all with systems without electricity dependence. Angola;South Africa;South Sudan;Sudan;Tanzania
527 The 2 former presiding Ministers of Botswana Trade and industry issued a public statements in line with our corporate believes, and issued us with letters of Botswana Government support upon our funding. We setup to close the gaps between a) Botswana's import bill, b) demand and c) reliance on imports. Our company intends to reduce the Botswana import bill by moving toward business strategies that will ultimately lead to seamless increased local production levels, that will meet and sustain the local market demand for everyday food commodities and lead to export of the same commodities. We set up to: Grow sunflower, Produce Sunflower oil, Grow Maize and Make animal feed, all for Botswana consumption and export. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009250 EIA Excemption has been awarded by my Government to my company. Land worth 17 000 hactares. Algeria;Angola;Australia;Belgium;Botswana;Canada;China;Democ...
527 Sanergy manufactures high-quality agriculture and energy inputs from urban organic waste. In Nairobi, we can safely collect and remove 70,000 tons per year of sanitation, commercial, industrial, and agricultural wastes, which otherwise pollute the city, and transform them at our factory into insect-protein for animal feeds, organic fertilizers for farmers, and biomass fuel for industries. Having proven its business model in Nairobi, Sanergy is looking for $100m in equity and debt financing to replicate its success across further cities in Kenya and Africa. In Kenya, as in many other countries in the developing world, food security is at risk as intensity of agriculture increases and yields and soil fertility decline. Demand for livestock is also increasing, but availability of quality protein for animal feed is decreasing. At the same time fast growing cities globally are producing more than 2Bn tons/year of organic and sanitation waste that is decomposing in open dumps and landfills, causing damage to the environment, people’s health and economies. Sanergy, a 250-person company founded in 2011 by a team from MIT, has developed an innovative, impactful and profitable circular economy manufacturing approach to create value out of the waste generated by growing cities like Nairobi, Kenya, whereby otherwise polluting organic and sanitation waste streams are collected and converted into valuable agricultural and industrial inputs that increase economic growth and promote sustainable agriculture. Sanergy safely collects and treats organic waste (sanitation, municipal, industrial and agricultural) to convert it into high-value products: (i) insect-based proteins, derived from black soldier flies, which replace fishmeal in animal feed, (ii) organic fertilizer, which restores soil quality and structure, and (iii) biomass fuel briquettes, which is a green substitute for fuel at factories. As a result Sanergy creates impact across a wide range of Sustainable Development Goals, including increasing agricultural productivity (SDG 2) and improving livelihoods and creating jobs (SDG 8). At the same time, the technology developed in-house uses robust proven equipment to extract multiple products from each ton of waste, generating up to $40 of gross profit per ton of waste treated and net margins of 23-35%. For its work, Sanergy has recently been recognized as one the first ever Earthshot Prize finalists, and last year won the Food Planet Prize. Sanergy is currently operating the largest organics recycling factory in East Africa, treating 72,000 tonnes of waste per year. Sanergy’s goal for the next five years is to reach 1m tonnes of waste processed per year, generating revenues of around $64m and EBITDA of $25m by 2025. To achieve this Sanergy is looking to replicate its successful model throughout Kenya and into cities experiencing similar waste management issues across Africa and Asia. The goal now is to replicate this success by building similar waste-treatment facilities in around 10 further cities in Kenya and elsewhere in Africa. The expansion of capacity to 1,000,000 tonnes of waste per year by 2026 will produce 33,000 tonnes of insect-based protein, 35,000 tonnes of organic fertiliser and 75,000 tonnes of biomass briquettes annually, generating revenues of $60m and EBITDA of $22m by 2025. This expansion will require funding of nearly $100m over 5 years, of which 90% will go to the building of the new factories. Sanergy plans to raise 20% as equity and the remaining 80% as debt, and is looking for investors who share their goals and passion. If this could be you, please contact Seeking Investment AIDB-009671 Circular economy investment opportunity: Sanergy is expanding across Africa Kenya;Nigeria;Rwanda;South Africa;Uganda
527 We are a major business in the agricultural sector of Guinean processing and cashew nut production, as well as a daily product. In view of the scenario, the project objective aims to explore the country's unique advantages and respond to market trends, making the cashew value chain more productive, efficient, ethical and transparent. Reformulating the country's cashew industry by introducing new technologies, increasing farmers' incomes through increased in comes and premium marketing, and creating more jobs in rural communities. The present project consists in implemention a new processing unit of 50 tons of cashew / day. Selling Physical Goods or Products AIDB-009222 Selling Cashew - Top Quality - Guinea-Bissau Agriculture Abu Dhabi;Guinea-Bissau;Hong Kong;Nigeria;Saudi Arabia
527 Looking for Insurance company in African countries for fronting to distribute our insurance product. As being Tech company also looking for Insurance companies who has requirement of platform software to sell their products, manage sales , manage claims etc.. Find Business Partner AIDB-009228 Looking for Insurance company in African countries for fronting to distribute our insurance product Angola;Benin;Burundi;Cameroon;Central African Republic;Comor...
526 The tomato farming project will be the first project carried out by AGRITECH FARMS (Pty) Ltd, and will involve the establishment of twenty-two, 13m x 69m greenhouse tunnels on a leased piece of land in the Broederstroom area in the North West province. Greenhouse farming is a modern way of growing crops that involve the growing of crops in an artificially controlled environment that ensures reduced susceptibility to diseases and increased yield of crop. Plants are fed nutrients through a drip irrigation system and they are grown in the most suitable conditions, which allow each plant to produce the maximum fruit possible. The greenhouse method of farming will have the following advantages: • Higher yield • Reduced disease attack • Reduced Labour costs • Consistent production of the crop regardless of the prevailing season • Uniformity of crops in terms of size and quality The demand for tomatoes has been and still remains high in the country. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009203 Tomato Farming Venture Using Greenhouse and Precision Farming Technology Abu Dhabi;Australia;Bahamas;Belgium;Botswana;Brazil;British ...
523 Naran PGM Global is engaged in the field of modern aquaculture by applying the principles of environmentally friendly and sustainable aqua farming.Rising demand and depletion of wild capture fisheries have resulted in a rapid increase in shrimp farming, which now provides over half of all shrimp consumed. However, uncontrolled traditional farm raised shrimp have major disadvantage such as poor-quality product, use of antibiotics and damaging the environment. Moreover, farm productivity is reduced by disease (e.g., white spot) and the scalability of production is limited due to environmental contamination and habitat destruction problems. Implement aquaculture projects that focus on achieving production efficiency and sustainability through synergies of genetics, health, nutrition, environment and management. Respect to the environment and application of the right technology is the key for sustainability in shrimp/fish farming, yielding year-round production. Aquaculture has grown about 10% per year since 2000. Shrimp farming is the largest segment of this industry, providing a little over half of the $20 billion world shrimp market. The US shrimp market itself is $4.5 B ($400 M annual growth) of which over 90% is imported.We will leverage our competitive strengths of premium quality, low production cost and year-round production. We can take advantage of our well-developed infrastructure and support from the local authorities for new investors to provide export and local market. Current domestic and export market is still able to absorb our production level due to increase market demand year by year projection. Naran PGM Global will extend its new facility out of Freetown, Sierra Leone. This region has an optimal climate for marine aquaculture, pristine ocean water and affordable land. We will build 12 concrete ponds complete with production facilities and start with intensive Black tiger shrimp technology with up to 400 pcs/m2 Naran PGM Global is a leading corporation that specializes in the West African marketplace. Our objective and mission is to be your gateway to business communities in West Africa and beyond. Adding value to our local communities and supporting local infrastructure development is part of our corporate fibre. In our efforts to ensure sustainable growth and success in emerging West African markets, Naran PGM Global has spent the past 25 years forging lucrative partnerships with investors and top executives representing various private sector industries as well as national and regional political and government leadership. Our business divisions represent our vision and our investment focus. We are currently seeking $500,000 to 1,000,000 millions dollars in debt and equity in the NPGMG Shrimp, Fish and Aquaponic Farms. We plan to raise a total of about $500,000. We will start the new construction of 12 concrete ponds and production facilities and hire new team members. Our pond will be located on the outskirts of Freetown, Sierra Leone. Total expenditure for pond construction and production facilities will be about $500,000 while production costs for the 1st crop will be about $ Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009731 Seeking Funding to Start 50-Acre Eco-Friendly Shrimp, Fish and Aquaponic Farm in Sierra Leone Guinea;Liberia;Sierra Leone;United Kingdom;United States
523 We are developing a 10 year investment Opportunity on the agrculture and agri-processing sector, for: - 400ha of Cashew tree orchad (20ha already planted) + Processing Unit (1000 ton/year - shelf ready product) - 200ha of Avocado tree orchad + Packing House The project is being developed in Ribáue district, in the northern province of Nampula, along the Nacala Corridor, with access to the Nacala Port, on the East Coast to África. The implementation phase is to run during a 4 year period, with a total investment of USD 8.000.000. The cashew processing unit shall start operation on the 1st year, and generating cashflow for the project. The intended exit year is Year 10. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009332 600ha Cashew and Avocado Orchad + Processing Unit Abu Dhabi;Dubai;Mozambique;Netherlands;Portugal;South Africa...
523 Ezytrade Africa Limited is a B2B and B2C assisted e-commerce company operating in Tanzania. We combine both traditional shop experience and e-commerce to address major economic challenges facing Africa: trust, counterfeit, and reach. We currently have two outlet and we are looking to open more outlets in various parts of the country. Our target is to have 600 outlets by end of 2022. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009198 Invest a in rapid growing industry Abu Dhabi;Australia;Denmark;Kenya;Nigeria;United Arab Emirat...
521 Funding opportunity – Unsecured debt in the South African market Our financial services company offers a financial wellness program to South African corporations and government entities. Through this program we currently have access to approximately 1 million individuals employed in well-established organisation across various South African industries. Virtually all these employees are exposed to unsecured debt, with the majority being overindebted. The wellness program assists to improve the employee’s financial health, uplift their credit scores, and increase their disposable income. In addition, the employer benefits as its employees are being freed from over indebtedness and the accompanying negative impact. In most instances the process involves the consolidation and restructure of the individual’s debt without placing the person under a formal debt counselling process. Our agreement with the employers allows the collection of monthly instalments directly from the employer’s payroll for those employees who take part in the wellness program. Our product offering rules require the employers support, and as a result we only provide funding to individuals where we can establish a payroll deduction repayment mechanism. The significant number of employees within the employer base provides us with a unique opportunity to establish a substantial loan book within a very short timeframe. As a result, the business requires significant funding to take advantage of the opportunity. Other funding products We have structured further credit products to cater for specific needs where existing market’s credit offerings fall short: - Home loans for selected qualifying individuals within the unsecured debt client base. The product allows the conversion of the unsecured debt to asset-backed debt. Thereby further enhancing the individual’s financial wellbeing aa well as reducing our loan book risk profile. - A procurement funding product for SME’s. The product is specifically designed to assist SME’s that cannot access traditional banking products to fund orders while avoiding the significant risk within the SME market. - Financial assistance for beef farmers without exposure to specific farmland and operational risks. The product has assisted our partner farmers to recover from severe financial distress. Market Currently we are only involved in the South African market. We do however intend to expand the product offering to other Southern African markets such as Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, Lesotho and Zambia. Our vision The combination of several factors within the South African / Southern Africa unsecured debt market has resulted in the average consumer being overindebted. The market is trapped in a debt spiral with deteriorating credit quality thereby raising the overall markets credit risk profile. We believe our current and future products provide sustainable credit solutions which will undo the market’s past lending practices to the benefit of our clients. Providing them access to responsible and affordable credit ultimately improving their lives. Detail information We would certainly be interested in progressing any funding opportunity and look forward to sharing additional information to interested parties. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008836 Funding required - innovative unsecured lending model that is making a difference in people's lives Botswana;Lesotho;Namibia;South Africa;Swaziland;Zambia
521 We are a registered land developer in Zimbabwe which focuses on land development for residential and commercial purposes, road construction and supply of earth moving equipment for hire Currently two opportunities exist for funding : A 2 ha warehouse under construction, Development of 5000 residential stands pegged at 30sqm Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008998 To create value through positively transforming urban real estate in Zimbabwe Abu Dhabi;British Virgin Islands;Canada;China;Dubai;France;G...
520 As Africa is projected growth to a whopping 5 Billion by 2050, INNAGRIS is poised to: - Re-organize a response to a changing market environment, eco-system, and an unsatisfactory performance of business and pasts drought. - INNAGRIS is thus laying the foundation there-by successfully implementing its growth ambition and targets - The focus is on strengthening position in Africa/Europe as a leading staple food supplier in staple foods (Rice, Beans, etc.) to the consumable food industries, on selectively expanding its Eco-system offering and further expand INNAGRIS business to the Caribbean globally by 2025. Bringing its-class expertise to the next level by going staple-food commercial farming, milling, packaging and delivery. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008894 Innovative Agriculture and breaking boundaries and meet the mass need - Food for all and touch lives Cameroon;Ghana;Niger;Nigeria;Switzerland
518 We are looking for partners in the automotive oil and lubricant business to distribute in the following countries, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, Angola and South Africa. Selling Physical Goods or Products AIDB-008997 Distributors Wanted for Automotive Engine Oils and Lubricants Angola;Botswana;Lesotho;Malawi;Mozambique;Namibia;South Afri...
518 In 2018, we started RAD5 Tech Hub, a firmwide innovation lab (Venture Builder) with a unique and sustainable business model focused on accelerating innovation and collaboration through intrapreneurship located in the South-eastern region of Nigeria. It has been an interesting journey for us bootstrapping from scratch to reach the traction and success stories we have today, having four ventures in the market. Right now, we are set for growth and open to more experienced individuals and groups that will help us grow faster and stronger. We would appreciate a discussion to share RAD5 Tech Hub with you. Happy to email our deck ahead of the discussion. Finding Investment Opportunities AIDB-009085 Join us in growing and investing in the next 10,000 entrepreneurs to build tech ventures by 2030 Abu Dhabi;Canada;Nigeria;South Africa;United Kingdom;United ...
517 The Company seeks to sell all of its business and related assets, including the transfer of all of its white collar and blue collar workers ( technicians, designers and operators). The key personnel from executive management and the owners will stay on for an agreed period to ensure a smooth handover. Selling a Business AIDB-009768 The Company seeks to sell all of its business and related assets Abu Dhabi;Åland Islands;Angola
516 Background The UK government Foreign Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO) manages the United Kingdom’s support for efforts to end extreme poverty. The Manufacturing Africa programme will initially focus on Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Nigeria and Senegal. However, there is the potential for a phased scale-up to include Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Senegal. Manufacturing Africa is a seven year support programme 100% funded and led by FCDO. The programme will be delivered through two components, Transaction Facilitation and Technical Assistance, with a strong focus on identifying a large volume of suitable developmental deals to execute. Manufacturing Africa is not a funding programme. DFID has contracted a consortium of global management consulting, business advisory and monitoring experts to implement the Manufacturing Africa programme. Objective The programme will support increased foreign direct investment (“FDI”) into manufacturing which in turn will boost productivity by introducing new technology and management capabilities, increase the capabilities of the workforce and diffuse these improvements into the wider economy. Manufacturing Africa aims unlock FDI and to contribute towards economic transformation needed in Africa to create more jobs and set countries on a trajectory out of poverty. Manufacturing Africa aims to unlock $1.5 billion of additional FDI by [2026], create 90,000 decent jobs (13,750 directly). Finding Investment Opportunities AIDB-009770 The programme is delivered by: McKinsey, BDO, Technoserve, Steward Redqueen and Reformatics Ethiopia;Kenya;Nigeria;Rwanda;Senegal
515 Kambewu Organic Fertilizer is a company in Malawi that makes organic fertilizer and sell at an affordable price.kambewu organic fertilizer was established in 2008 after the death of a Japanese known as James Hee who was the director of an organic fertilizer producing company known as B and H. kambewu organic fertilizer was then taken over by Winfrey Kambewu who first worked at Mbwire Organic Fertilizer production at Lundazi in Zambia from 2003 to 2004 . Winfrey Kambewu Kanyinji also worked as an operating manager at B and H organic fertilizer company from 2005 to 2007.kambewu is one of the major company that makes organic fertilizer in Malawi. It mostly targets small holder farmers and other cooperatives. kambewuo fertilizer company aims at eradicating hunger, creating job opportunities for both skilled and unskilled persons as well as restoration of soil fertility. With the high price of chemical fertilizer at market kambewu organic fertilizer is a good choice because is really affordable by all farmers. We want to create a big market for farmers in Malawi and beyond.kambewu organic fertilizer company is looking for financial support to achieve its vision and aims. Seeking Investment AIDB-009747 Selling organic fertilizer-Top Quality - Malawi Agriculture Malawi;Mozambique;Tanzania;Zimbabwe
515 EP-Solutions is a Lagos based Strategy company providing services in business development and support and I.T Solutions. It is our watchword that there is no idea that cannot work; strategy is what really counts. We work with our clients through the processes of strategy planning, strategy implementation and strategy management. Strategy planning involves intelligent reasoning, logic sketch and business projection analysis. This exercise will guarantee a viable success plan with implementation guidelines. Strategy implementation is where the strategy plans are implemented. Activities here include strategic partnerships, content development and project/product implementation management. Strategy management involves business management, research & development and marketing. This is necessary to ensure the business continues to thrive. Therefore whether you are in Nigeria or abroad with the intention of starting a business in Nigeria, we will work with you with utmost professionalism and drive with you to results. Selling Professional Service AIDB-009237 Looking to start a business in Nigeria, hire a reputable business development professional company Canada;Nigeria;United Arab Emirates;United Kingdom;United St...
515 We are looking for professional service for investment readiness. Seeking Investment AIDB-009969 Giraffe Bioenergy is a developer of rural bioeconomies in Kenya producing food and renewable fuel Finland;France;Greenland;Japan;Kenya;Norway;South Africa;Swe...
515 Our firm will assisting you to set up your own structure in Dubai, in order to establish your own credit line facility to be used for your trading finance (SBLC's or DLC's). Trade Finance AIDB-009782 UAE credit line facility structure Angola;Austria;Bahrain;Bangladesh;Belgium;Bhutan;Brazil;Brun...
514 Ebikes4Africa is a social enterprise, based in Windhoek, that provides access to electric mobility and solar recharge solutions to communities (rural and urban) across Africa. We are looking for funds in order to establish the E-Mobility Competence Center for local manufacturing and production of E-Bikes(Africanized model) and E-Hubs. This will generate an opportunity for African entrepreneurs to be on the forefront of future-driven transport initiatives, and move towards a more sustainable future. Having gained extensive experience and know-how over the last 5 years, we believe that every person should have access to affordable, future-friendly transport and energy alternatives. Compare to the current cost of the unit - minimum USD1200, this project will reduce it up to USD900 or less. Moreover, our vision is to create a future worth living - with less CO2 emissions; less dependence on fossil fuels; fewer social disparity; better access to clean transport & energy. Our mission is To Mobilize African Communities by offering a sustainable local transport alternative to reduce carbon emissions. Therefore, this project will involve students, promote job creation, knowledge, environment friendly practices and more. Seeking Investment AIDB-008972 Electric mobility and Solar recharge system solutions provider in Africa Abu Dhabi;Afghanistan;Belgium;China;Christmas Island;Dubai;F...
514 SOiBSO is Developing An ecosystem around our platform and businesses that consists of consumers, merchants, brands, retailers, other businesses, third-party service providers and strategic alliance partners. Seeking Investment AIDB-008859 SOiBSO is the only Business to Business platform in Somaliland and Somalia to empowers traders. Abu Dhabi;Canada;China;Djibouti;Dubai;Ethiopia;France;German...
513 The concept of Ubuntu Delivery Services began in January 2015 with the first pilot version launched for beta testing in November 2015. This service was developed to significantly improve the accessibility to affordable food from restaurants and supermarkets. It has evolved to provide solar powered cold storage and cold storage transportation to small holder farmers in Zambia. With the rapid influx of food waste in Zambia annually compounded with the lack of access to market and affordable transport, the service offers tremendous advantages for small holder farmers within a 20km radius of the main highways and roads in Zambia facing the challenge of lack of storage options, lack of market options and lack of affordable transport in their peripheral. This service is being packaged and distributed through a USSD application and Whats-App while advertised through traditional platforms which include farming network events, scheduled radio advertisements and more recently collaborative farmer training events. Ubuntu Delivery Services (Cold Storage) has positioned itself as an affordable, efficient, health and nutrition centric e-commerce food storage and transportation service offering Pay-As-You-Go cold storage and cold storage transportation of fresh produce, livestock and fisheries. Our value addition is in providing small holder farmers with access to ready market which includes city residents, supermarkets, restaurants and the cross boarder market. There is currently no other company that offers this type of complete value chain service with the personalized features such as farming as a business training, capacity building training and access to affordable input which we’ve developed through partnerships to guarantee continuity, food security, affordability and access to nutritious food. The potential market for the service is very promising with 1.5 million small holder farmers across Zambia. Silos of cold storage services and trucking businesses are currently vying for market share of the small holder farmers but lack the linkage to offer a service similar to Ubuntu Delivery Services Ltd (Cold Storage). Intense market research and target market evaluation suggest that Ubuntu Delivery Services Ltd (Cold Storage) is ideally situated to cater to an unfulfilled market segment of small holder farmers with 2 hectors of farm land living within a 20 km radius of the main high ways and roads. Moreover, years of operational and marketing experience have been added to the management team to create a comprehensive blueprint for success. With two (2) cofounders offering 15 years of collective industry experience in e-commerce, marketing, economics and finance, Ubuntu Delivery Services Ltd (Cold Storage) houses an additional three (3) advisory board members with over 25 years of experience collectively in management, accounting and human resource and two (3) mentors in Logistics and Marketing with a collective experience of 30 years. Together with proven marketing techniques and operational systems, this will allow management to be proactive rather than reactive to the conditions and obstacles associated with running cold storage and cold storage transportation services. Total capitalization amounted to 62,600 USD of which the total amount was contributed by FCDO through Frontline Technologies Hub, which we were able to secure through a partnership between Ubuntu Delivery Services and Kukula Seed. We are currently seeking seed funding for the purpose of building larger and additional cold storage facilities around Zambia in key logistical areas as well as for the acquisition of additional cold storage trucks. Storage projections for Ubuntu Delivery Services Ltd (Cold Storage) assume 900 crates in storage sales per week resulting in weekly sales of just over $205 or $9,818 per year for one 20 foot storage unit. Transport projections for Ubuntu Delivery Services Ltd (Cold Storage) assume 15 trips every 2 days at $0.32 USD per kilometer and an average of 20km for every farmer there by generating 1,152 USD per month or $13,824 USD per year from one cold storage truck The annual storage and transportation sales positions Ubuntu Delivery Services Ltd (Cold Storage) as a highly desirable concept for ownership in food storage and transportation market where $0.23 per 20 Kg create stored per day and $96 USD per day is considered moderately profitable and therefore a good investment. Expectations are that Ubuntu Delivery Services Ltd (Cold Storage) will yield a net cash flow of between 44% - 54% of storage sales and transportation sales from 15,000 small holder farmers, during the first three years of operation. Find Business Partner AIDB-008983 Cold Storage and Cold Storage Transportation of post harvest fresh produce, livestock and fisheries Botswana;Democratic Republic of the Congo;Malawi;Mozambique;...
513 We Are Looking For An Investment Partner, For The 30 % (6M Euros) Of The Company. Our Land Is In The Louga Region Of Senegal, Africa. We Are In The Process Of Constructing A Water Bottling Factory, An Ice Factory And A Non-Alcoholic Beverage Factory. The Water Bottling Factory Has A Capacity Of 200M Of Liters Per Year. We accept investors who want to use their own brand. We've Invested A Total Of 15M Euros In The Equipment, The Drilling Of The Wells, The Permits, Etc. We're searching for Someone Who Use His Own Brand and Who Can Join Us in This Project. We Already Have Local Buyers, But We Also Accept Yours. The Water Bottling Factory Is In Process Of Construction, the Equipment Is From India. At This Moment, The Business Of Selling Water In Senegal Is Very Profitable (0.80 Cts Per Liter). We Also Have The Exclusivity For 3 Wells and local buyers. Hoping The Best For Your Business And That Our Project Is Interesting For You, Our contact number via Whatsapp is +346 32 33 04 53, our email is Our websites are and Regards, Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009241 Looking For An Investment Partner, For The 30 % for Water Factory in Senegal, Africa. Argentina;Australia;Austria;Belgium;Brazil;British Indian Oc...
513 A client is seeking funding for field development for four marginal fields arising from the successful 2020 marginal field bidding in Nigeria. Gabriel Domale Consulting is the Commercial Advisor mandated to raise the funds and I am supporting this process as an Ex-Shell Manager with deep knowledge of the oil and gas industry from 26 years working with Shell Nigeria. PLEASE SEE BELOW THE DETAILS: The funding required is in the range of $110m to $260m. Funding options: Debt capital and/or Structuring Finance will be preferred. SUMMARY OF FUNDING PER FIELD: FIELD-K • 100% Finance Required - $38m • Client's Share: 45% FIELD-O • 100% Finance Required - $60M • Client's Share: 45% FIELD-B • 100% Finance Required - $70M • Client's Share: 45% FIELD-E • 100% Finance Required - $90M • Client's Share: 36% FIELD-K: FIELD DEVELOPMENT SUMMARY • The field is located in the coastal swamp depo-belt of the south-eastern Niger Delta. • 2C Contingent resource estimated at 246.37 BSCF of gas and unrisked STOIIP of 17.71 MMBO. • The notional development plan involves the re-entry of the well and the drilling of one new deviated well. • The evacuation strategy involves the construction of flowlines from wellheads to a gas plant where it can be processed and be easily exported. FIELD-O: FIELD DEVELOPMENT SUMMARY • The field is located in the coastal Swamp depo-belt of the Niger Delta. • The file has two wells that are hydrocarbon-bearing, with a combination of non-associated gas and oil. • Basecase Reserves: Oil is 2.75 MMBO, Gas is 207.06 BCF and Condensate is 3.23 MMBO. • The notional development plan involves the wells being either re-entered or re-drilled. FIELD-B: FIELD DEVELOPMENT SUMMARY • The field is located within shallow offshore in water depths of approximately 70 to 80 feet. • The field has two wells. • The 2P+2C resource is estimated as 42.05 MMBO of oil and 193.75 BSCF of Gas. • The notional development plan includes the re-entry and recompletion of the wells and laying of a 2.5km flowline. FIELD-E: FIELD DEVELOPMENT SUMMARY • The field is located in the Niger Delta at a water depth of <15 m. • The notional development plan includes drilling 3 deviated and 4 vertical wells; 5 producers and 2 water injectors as the field is currently underdeveloped. • Most likely reserves: Oil is 32 MBO and Natural Gas Liquids extracted from AG & NAG is 26 MBL (Assumes 1mmscfd gas = 75 bbl Natural Gas Liquids) • Economics assumes Natural Gas Liquids is monetized GENERAL PROTECTIVE BENEFITS TO INVESTORS: • Marginal fields in Nigeria are located onshore and in the shallow waters. • The major reasons for awarding marginal fields are to create new and diverse investment and boost reserves. • To deepen the participation of indigenous companies in the upstream segment of the industry and provide opportunities for technical and financial partnerships for investors. • The “post-general award conditions” deals with the transfer of interest post-award. It means awardees cannot transfer more than 49 per cent interest to another party post-award. • The conditions protect the interest of all investors as any disagreement arising among awardees and their partners post-award will first be referred to the Nigeria Oil and Gas Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre. • This reduces the years spent in courts over disputes which usually lead to non-performance of the marginal fields. CONTACT DETAILS • Interested financiers and investors can contact on +2347034604152 (WhatsApp) and/or via AUTHOR Dr Leesi Gborogbosi CEO | Gabriel Domale Consulting | Nigeria PROFILE OF DR LEESI GBOROGBOSI Dr Leesi Gborogbosi is the CEO of Gabriel Domale Consulting, a management consulting firm based in Nigeria, that helps companies in Africa to grow, provides insights to leaders and transforms institutions. He has about three decades of leadership experience in the oil and gas industry (Shell Nigeria). He is an expert in finance, strategy, corporate governance, transformation, cost management, leadership development and due diligence. Dr Leesi Gborogbosi was Project Finance Manager of Upstream Oil & Gas Projects (7 projects - Headline size: $8 bln). He has doctoral degrees in strategy and business studies and MSc (Research Methodology in Management) from IE Business School, Madrid and an MBA (Finance and Banking) from the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria; and BSc (Accountancy) from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Dr Leesi Gborogbosi leverages his professional experience as a Certified Management Consultant (CMC); Fellow, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria; and The Institute of Management Consultants. He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply, London; Nigerian Institute of Management (Chartered); and Strategic Management Society, Chicago, United States. He was nominated by the Strategic Management Society, Chicago for "Best International Conference Paper Prize Awards" in 2017 and 2015. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009208 Financiers and investors are invited to fund marginal oil and gas fields in Nigeria Abu Dhabi;Algeria;Angola;Argentina;Australia;Bahrain;Belgium...
512 The business is all about providing a turnkey package of accommodation for foreign contractors . These contractors bring knowledge and work to a local populous in difficult areas of reach or far from any major centers of trade. We give peace of mind to contractors staying in-country for more than 3 months and up to 12 months. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009368 Deployable Habitat system for Contractors and Humanitarian Agencies. Angola;Malawi;Mozambique;Swaziland;Tanzania;Zambia;Zimbabwe
511 Our client owns a significant land parcel of 100,000 hectares plus with geotechnical soil reports identifying high quality land perfect for agriculture. JV partner required to invest and develop land and create new agrig business including plantion development, livestock development, food manufacturing, processing and aquaculture development, manufacture and processing. The investor is an experienced agriculture investor/operator who can clearly demonstrate competency. Concessions available and ready to develop. The investors funds will support an existing funding mechanism and can be returned in with a healthy return in 12/24 month time frame or have the option of an equity share. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009316 Liberia-JV partner required to invest funds for developing new agriculture/aquaculture industry Abu Dhabi;Australia;Austria;Bahrain;Bangladesh;Barbados;Belg...
511 Breathtaking views from this property stretched on 20 Acres of land in Uganda's top tourism city, Fort Portal. Ideal for Hospitality development, with infinite activities to boost the place including zip lining, cycling, camping, bird watching, mountain climbing, to mention but a few Selling Real Estate AIDB-008850 Beautifully landscaped property with a crater lake in Uganda's tourism city Abu Dhabi;American Samoa;Armenia;Chile;Kenya;Tanzania;Uganda
511 MCO Real Estate is a real estate investment and advisory firm founded in 2010. We evaluate large scale real estate and infrastructure projects on behalf of our clients to help them make commercially driven real estate investment decisions. Our services include investment advice, highest and best use studies, feasibility studies, financial modelling, cashflow forecasts and sales and acquisitions of property including land, commercial property, oil and gas infrastructure assets and joint venture opportunities. We are well established in the market place and have provided advice to numerous local and international clients towards the development of commercial, residential, industrial and mixed use schemes. Our roster of clients have included JLL London, Cushman & Wakefield Russia, Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company, China Railway Construction Corporation, Dar Al-Handasah Middle East & Africa and numerous local development and investment companies. Investment structures we have been involved in include acquisitions, equity part-ownership share structures, joint venture partnerships and concessions. Our international networks, in-depth expertise, market driven research and rigorous due diligence enables us deliver outstanding outcomes for our clients in the volatile markets within which they operate. Contact us now to find out more Selling Professional Service AIDB-008583 We undertake real estate feasibility studies across Africa Abu Dhabi;Caribbean;Ivory Coast;Democratic Republic of the C...
511 Having one of the oldest and largest stock markets in Africa, Egypt offers compelling equity investment opportunities. We are a well-experienced securities brokerage company offering trading, sales, research, and custody services with a strong focus on serving institutional clients. We also cater to the needs of retail and online clients. HC Brokerage falls under HC Securities and Investment that offers investment banking and asset management services. Selling Professional Service AIDB-008747 We offer research, securities brokerage and custody services to invest in the Egyptian Exchange Abu Dhabi;Algeria;Angola;Anguilla;Argentina;Armenia;Aruba;Au...
511 DFA has a pipeline of investment ready projects based in Zambia covering organic agriculture, warehouse and logistics, mining services and wholesale and retail and financial services Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009362 Pipeline of impact investment ready projects based in Zambia Abu Dhabi;Belgium;Canada;Finland;France;Germany;Hong Kong;In...
509 Note: this is a project looking for seed level funding. The key objectives for the GREEN TRANSPORT / ENERGY MOBILITY Project is to provide the FLEET OPERATOR a VALUE PROPOSITION which will ensure a substantial cost to operate savings on the fuel and operational maintenance costs of their fleet. The Project also creates at scale, a demonstration platform and technical facility for related research, human capacity development, market transformation and enterprise development initiatives, to address SA’s current & future energy challenges in the green transport sector. Seeking Investment AIDB-008691 BRINGING CLEAN ENERGY AND STIMULATING INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTIONS IN THE TRANSPORT SECTOR IN SOUTH AFRICA Abu Dhabi;Algeria;Andorra;Angola;Australia;Austria;Bahrain;B...
509 We provide client-driven corporate finance advisory services and tailor-made solutions. We work across all sectors with strong regional experience and cross-border execution capabilities. Our transactions are diverse, cross-border and include privatizations, public bond offers, initial public offers, public offers without listing, private placements, trade sales, balance sheet restructuring and employee share ownership plans. Selling Professional Service AIDB-008716 We foster regional market development through cross-border partnerships and transactions. Burundi;Ethiopia;Kenya;Rwanda;Tanzania;Uganda
509 We are looking for bankable shovel ready projects in Africa and we can also partner with local partners to build. AIB Corp LTD can bring up to 100% equity on PPP or BOT and top rated strategic partners with traceable records to ensure that the projects successful . We also consider longterm concessions. Our investment is only limited to Power, Water and Transportation and we don't do nuclear energy or coal. Finding Investment Opportunities AIDB-008537 Infrastructure investment opportunities and we pledge to bring Equity Finance and strategic partners Algeria;Angola;Botswana;Burundi;Cameroon;Djibouti;Ethiopia;G...
509 The concept of Ubuntu Delivery Services began in January 2015 with the first pilot version launched for beta testing in November 2015. This service was developed to significantly improve the accessibility to affordable food from restaurants and supermarkets. It has evolved to provide solar powered cold storage and cold storage transportation to small holder farmers in Zambia. With the rapid influx of food waste in Zambia annually compounded with the lack of access to market and affordable transport, the service offers tremendous advantages for small holder farmers within a 20km radius of the main highways and roads in Zambia facing the challenge of lack of storage options, lack of market options and lack of affordable transport in their peripheral. This service is being packaged and distributed through a USSD application and Whats-App while advertised through traditional platforms which include farming network events, scheduled radio advertisements and more recently collaborative farmer training events. Ubuntu Delivery Services (Cold Storage) has positioned itself as an affordable, efficient, health and nutrition centric e-commerce food storage and transportation service offering Pay-As-You-Go cold storage and cold storage transportation of fresh produce, livestock and fisheries. Our value addition is in providing small holder farmers with access to ready market which includes city residents, supermarkets, restaurants and the cross boarder market. There is currently no other company that offers this type of complete value chain service with the personalized features such as farming as a business training, capacity building training and access to affordable input which we’ve developed through partnerships to guarantee continuity, food security, affordability and access to nutritious food. The potential market for the service is very promising with 1.5 million small holder farmers across Zambia. Silos of cold storage services and trucking businesses are currently vying for market share of the small holder farmers but lack the linkage to offer a service similar to Ubuntu Delivery Services Ltd (Cold Storage). Intense market research and target market evaluation suggest that Ubuntu Delivery Services Ltd (Cold Storage) is ideally situated to cater to an unfulfilled market segment of small holder farmers with 2 hectors of farm land living within a 20 km radius of the main high ways and roads. Moreover, years of operational and marketing experience have been added to the management team to create a comprehensive blueprint for success. With two (2) cofounders offering 15 years of collective industry experience in e-commerce, marketing, economics and finance, Ubuntu Delivery Services Ltd (Cold Storage) houses an additional three (3) advisory board members with over 25 years of experience collectively in management, accounting and human resource and two (3) mentors in Logistics and Marketing with a collective experience of 30 years. Together with proven marketing techniques and operational systems, this will allow management to be proactive rather than reactive to the conditions and obstacles associated with running cold storage and cold storage transportation services. Total capitalization amounted to 62,600 USD of which the total amount was contributed by FCDO through Frontline Technologies Hub, which we were able to secure through a partnership between Ubuntu Delivery Services and Kukula Seed. We are currently seeking seed funding for the purpose of building larger and additional cold storage facilities around Zambia in key logistical areas as well as for the acquisition of additional cold storage trucks. Storage projections for Ubuntu Delivery Services Ltd (Cold Storage) assume 900 crates in storage sales per week resulting in weekly sales of just over $205 or $9,818 per year for one 20 foot storage unit. Transport projections for Ubuntu Delivery Services Ltd (Cold Storage) assume 15 trips every 2 days at $0.32 USD per kilometer and an average of 20km for every farmer there by generating 1,152 USD per month or $13,824 USD per year from one cold storage truck The annual storage and transportation sales positions Ubuntu Delivery Services Ltd (Cold Storage) as a highly desirable concept for ownership in food storage and transportation market where $0.23 per 20 Kg create stored per day and $96 USD per day is considered moderately profitable and therefore a good investment. Expectations are that Ubuntu Delivery Services Ltd (Cold Storage) will yield a net cash flow of between 44% - 54% of storage sales and transportation sales from 15,000 small holder farmers, during the first three years of operation. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008984 Invest in Pay As You Go Cold Storage Australia;Belgium;Canada;China;Democratic Republic of the Co...
509 GOGLA is the global association for the off-grid solar energy industry. We are proud to champion one of the world’s most innovative and impactful sectors. Hundreds of millions of people already benefit from affordable, high-quality, clean off-grid solar products and services. With the right support, our pioneering industry will be able to scale up rapidly to improve the lives of 1 billion people by 2030. To help make this happen, we promote, safeguard, and convene the industry, advocating for enabling policies and increased investment as well as supporting our 200+ members with effective services. Information Request AIDB-009219 Become part of a network of about 200 off-grid solar businesses and investors. Benin;Burkina Faso;Burundi;Central African Republic;Ivory Co...
509 The Consulting Firm for Operations and Mining, and Economic Management (BEGIMINE) proposes to provide assistance to mining companies for the exploration of gold, gold ore processing, mining, and management of mining and economic investments. BEGIMINE is consulting firm created in September 2014. It's a private company incorporated under the laws of Burkina Faso who specializes in the fields of geological research, technical and economic mining studies, the environment, and investment business in the mining sector. BEGIMINE is open for partnership with international well-established consulting firms in the Geosciences and Mining sector; to help access the consulting opportunities in the Africa mining sector. Selling Professional Service AIDB-008958 Opportunity to benefit from the Africa's Mining Sector investment opportunities. Australia;Canada;Finland;France;Germany;Netherlands;Sweden;S...
509 Great opportunity to invest in South Africa, we have a Chrome mine for sale $15 million all documents available Selling Physical Goods or Products AIDB-008545 A Chrome Mine available in South Africa for sale... Abu Dhabi;Australia;Austria;Bahamas;Bahrain;Belgium;Botswana...
508 This hotel has 80 rooms in 3 blocks, an Olympic size swimming pool, a top notch restaurant and sitting on 3000sqm of Land. Selling a Business AIDB-008864 Hardley Apartments, is a 4 star hotel, situated in highbrow areas of Victoria Island, Lagos. Abu Dhabi;Belgium;Cameroon;Cape Verde;Central African Republ...
508 On behalf of Zak Empire Limited, I am pleased to extend to you an opportunity to invest in real estate. Zel Properties, a subsidiary of Zak Empire Limited, is a millennials company focused on contributing to closing the housing deficit in Ghana through affordable, deluxe, and eco-friendly projects. Opportunity (Problem summary) Ghana has seen a steady stream of European and American passport holders of African descent arrive at Kotoka International airport in recent years, as a response to the country’s resource boom and strong manufacturing growth. They collect their possessions from shipping containers at Tema port and search for homes in Accra’s popular residential areas. It is therefore no doubt that housing is one very essential ingredient to life. The moment one can find a place of abode, there comes a form of huge relief. Every day there are an avalanche of people who dive into the property development business because they know how lucrative this trade is and how money spinning it becomes when one can get a hang of it. Therefore, those who have scaled through the teething stage of the business know that adequate planning is one of the hurdles that just must be scaled to get things right. Further up the scale is that extra lucrative ladder which is booming in Emerging Markets and Accra Ghana is no exception. Town Houses are sprinting to catch up with demand as people are shifting from the conservative way of living and investment to living a more fulfilled life. Solution Summary ZEL Properties has acquired a good size of land which seeks to house 26 town houses in the prime area of Accra (Adjiringanor). “Elite Address” is a gated community which provides a modern oasis, green outdoors and allows for convenience and proximity to the heart of the city. (Market) The rental market in Accra is relatively large with 37.5% of all households renting (only 22% for Ghana as a whole). Only about 40.4% of households in Accra own their houses (57.4% for Ghana), while another 20.5% live rent-free (19.5% for Ghana). The remaining 1.6% of housing is employer-provided (4.5% for Ghana). This phenomenon is even open in the prime area as land is a scarce commodity in such areas as more diasporas are hoping to return a live a fulfilling life and the upper class is expanding due to rippling effects. (Price Overview) Penthouses and townhouses are the most expensive property types in Accra, with their sales prices ranging from US$450,000 to US$2.5 million in the first half of 2019, according to Broll Ghana. For high-end apartments, the average sales price currently ranges from US$85,000 to US$800,000. (Funding Options) The entire project amounts to a total sum of $9,500,000 and the owner plans to invest more than half of the total sum of his own money. Cash flow projections show that the business will require $1,500,000 of working capital during the early months of the first year of operations. Additional funding of $4,000,000 is required to be able to undertake the project at a steady pace to guarantee the accomplishment of our goal. We would like you to consider investing in this project and we are available to meet and or answer any questions you may have. At your request a more detailed proposal and financial plan will be made available. (Important Assumptions) The financial plan depends on important assumptions, some of which are: • We assume a strong economy, without major recession. • We assume, of course, that there are no unforeseen changes in technology to make our products and services immediately obsolete. • We assume that no laws will change to interfere with the real estate market as we see it now. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009328 located in a prime area in Accra Ghana which is 10 mins drive to Accra international Airport, also Abu Dhabi;Bahrain;Belgium;Canada;Dubai;France;Germany;Ghana;...
508 Land property with 2.4 hectares located in Mozambique, Matola (Maputo province), in an ongoing industrial development through the presence of the industrial park of Beleluane (Maputo´s trade free zone and attraction pole of industries orbiting around well-known Mozal´s aluminum industry), and several other industries that were installed, and by the proximity of the port. Also located in an area of population growth in which several real state projects and leisure areas have already been installed (e.g. Novare Matola new shopping center). The location of the land is at a strategic point with direct access to main road N4 that allows easy access to South Africa border, Maputo city and Boane. N4 represents an important logistics corridor that has propelled urban, commercial and industrial growth near its surroundings and enabling and facilitating the transport and logistics of goods and services. Selling Real Estate AIDB-009252 Premium property in Mozambique looking for selective investor/buyer or partner. Angola;China;Dubai;France;India;Japan;Mauritius;Namibia;Neth...
507 Rentokil Initial offers a range of services that provides peace of mind for your business including: - Rodent control including rats and mice - Flying insect control including flies, mosquitoes and midges - Crawling insect control including cockroaches, ants, termites and silverfish - Biting insect control including fleas and bed bugs - Bird control - Textile pest control - Stored product insect control - Hygiene services including bathroom, kitchen, workshop and office hygiene services - Specialist hygiene services including bathroom deep cleaning, kitchen equipment deep cleaning and technology cleaning - Specialist disinfection services including precautionary disinfection services, COVID-19 disinfection services and post-pest activity disinfection services - Medical waste disposal services Please note that our offering varies in the countries we operate in. Contact us to discuss your requirements. Selling Professional Service AIDB-009094 Rentokil Initial, your partner in pest control, hygiene, medical waste and disinfection services. Kenya;Lesotho;Malawi;Mozambique;South Africa;Swaziland;Tanza...
507 You are a sell-side or buy-side actor (trading rooms, custodians, asset servicers, fund management, wealth management, UCITS, REIM, insurance, pension funds, brokers or a private banking),... SYPEX software is for you. SYPEX is a FinTech specialist of solutions for capital markets activities and investment management. Web-based and the latest technological innovations, Our Front-to-back multi-entity software support in real time all business workflows and a wide range of financial instruments. Our qualified team, agile and flexible implementation methodology represent our most important advantage in ensuring project success and Respect of deadlines. Selling Professional Service AIDB-008576 You are a sell/buy-side capital markets or investment management actor... SYPEX software is for you. Algeria;Angola;Bahrain;Belgium;Benin;Burkina Faso;Cameroon;C...
507 A UK investment firm specializing in investments across Africa with a significant pipeline of deals. We are active about supporting sustainable and profitable African businesses to move to the next level of their development. Our portfolio gives investors access to our first class PE funds partners and also our Pan-African fund of USD 100 million which is under development whose mission is to provide direct investment into projects across the African continent. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009547 Investing into african growth companies Abu Dhabi;Belgium;China;France;Italy;Luxembourg;Portugal;Qat...
506 Adjacent to several west and central African countries, Ficelle sarl is capable of delivering in fast and accurate turnaround times, high quality uniforms with imported , certified fabrics and accessories , yet with 100% local skilled labour with knowledgeable management. we provide also High quality T shirts, Polos and caps coupled with the highest quality in house embroidery and printing . With our own purchasing offices overseas, you can rest assured of the best quality materials used and quality inspection. PPE items and accessories added regularly Selling Physical Goods or Products AIDB-009107 Your best supplier for uniforms and promotional apparel ( short turnarounds/ certified fabrics ) Angola;Benin;Botswana;Central African Republic;Chad;Ivory Co...
506 Pawame is a successful Kenyan PAYG off-grid solar company founded in 2016, with exceptional achievements through 2020, including: - Bottom-line profitability (Q2) - Positive cashflow (Q1 & Q2) - Doubling of sales YoY (over 20,000 HHs reached) We accomplished this through a distinctive, winning customer value proposition; cost-effective execution; and an exceptional team. We are now raising a Series A equity round of $5m to propel our plans to actively reach 200k households in Kenya and beyond and generate $45m in revenue by 2025.  Our growth plans are underpinned by high-ROI opportunities, including a game-changing initiative with potential to radically improve business economics . Please contact if interested in learning more.  We look forward to hearing from you. Seeking Investment AIDB-008541 Successful Kenya-Based Off-Grid Solar Company Raising $5m To Propel Growth Abu Dhabi;Australia;Austria;Bahrain;Belgium;Canada;China;Den...
506 Pawame is a successful Kenyan PAYG off-grid solar company founded in 2016, with exceptional achievements through 2020, including: - Bottom-line profitability (Q2) - Positive cashflow (Q1 & Q2) - Doubling of sales YoY (over 20,000 HHs reached) We accomplished this through a distinctive, winning customer value proposition; cost-effective execution; and an exceptional team. We are now raising a Series A equity round of $5m to propel our plans to actively reach 200k households in Kenya and beyond and generate $45m in revenue by 2025.  Our growth plans are underpinned by high-ROI opportunities, including a game-changing initiative with potential to radically improve business economics . Please contact if interested in learning more.  We look forward to hearing from you. Seeking Investment AIDB-008540 Successful Kenya-Based Off-Grid Solar Company Raising $5m To Propel Growth Abu Dhabi;Australia;Austria;Bahrain;Belgium;Canada;China;Den...
505 Our Hotel SPA-Resort & Safari' will be the first (5*) plus Boutique Resort in Harare, Zimbabwe that offers personalized Butler Service and Covid-19 quarantine, testing facilities including a Doctor and Nurse resident on premises. The group will specialize in occupying strategic, inner city locations and servicing primarily corporate clients. This Harare unit is a five star plus category, Low scale Boutique Hotel Lodges & SPA Resort, that include Twenty 20-22 standalone Chalets; conveniently located to have direct access to Sam Levy Mall with banks, amenities and entertainment, Borrowdale Brooke 18 hole Golf Course and Borrowdale Horse Race Course access. It will offer a luxury but modest package tourism’ relaxing environment for not only international tourists but also for the local people looking for a nice place to spend the weekends or short vacations (e.g. summer school vacations, carnival, etc.) Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009413 USD$7 Million (Minimum $1 Million) Equity Partner(s) Wanted Australia;Botswana;Canada;Democratic Republic of the Congo;F...
505 Kingfin Enterprises Limited in partnership with IoT network infrastructure vendors now distributes IoT connectivity solutions in the Africa region, using LPWAN, Satellite and cellular IoT to enable new business models and use cases. Kingfin has evolved to offer solutions around IoT to enable new business models and use cases. The core offerings will include hardware, software and cloud network offerings. Our core offerings around IoT solutions includes products, software, services, analytics and solutions which will be used to intelligently connect people, assets and data. We are looking for ambitious forward thinking entrepreneurs in the entire Africa contient to scale up their business. Those with a background in Technology or Telecommunication background are greatly encouraged to apply. We offer training and solutions and services in IoT from Sensors, Gateways, Network and Applications. We are in the Data as a Service Business where we use the sensors to create the data, the gateways and network for connectivity and transfer of data, the applications for managing and analyzing the data and the software and apps for visualization of the data. This is the fastest growing technology niche. Find Business Partner AIDB-008882 New business opportunities in Data as a Service through IoT Become an IoT solutions expert. Algeria;Angola;Botswana;Burkina Faso;Burundi;Cameroon;Centra...
504 DLM Capital Group has been at the forefront of creating alternative financing solutions to businesses and providing bespoke innovative ideas to access funds for growth. At DLM Capital Group, the focus has remained on driving the development of the Nigerian economy by focusing our expertise on key sectors such as consumer credit, agriculture, microfinance, and education in line with our developmental mandate to help reduce poverty, improve living conditions for Africans and mobilize resources for the continent's economic and social development. DLM Capital Group takes a special interest in crafting financing strategies & solutions for micro-finance banks, asset financing, agricultural, infrastructural, power, energy, oil & gas and mining sectors of the Nigerian economy. DLM Capital Group is regarded as a market leader in providing best-in-class deal structuring and execution of advisory and capital raising services in the Nigerian capital market. Through its financial advisory division, DLM Capital Group has become well recognized in the West African capital market for its expertise and leading role in structured finance and securitisation. We acted as sole arranger to more than 80% of structured finance transactions in Nigeria and 100% of all securitisation transactions in the market currently. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008844 Investing in Africa? We Are Your Best Shot - Let's Give Futures To Your Investment Abu Dhabi;Algeria;Australia;Canada;China;Egypt;France;German...
504 DigiBlu, a South African services business, is an award winning world-leader in creating and operating digital workforces, whether deployed on-premise or delivered through the cloud. DigiBlu uses integrated 'Intelligent Automation' technologies - AI plus robotic process automation (RPA) - to create digital workers who automate processes along the entire value chain; from customer engagement, through data ingestion and contextualisation, to analysis, decision and execution. RPA, the core technology, is software that automates repetitive business processes by driving existing enterprise applications in the same way that a human user does. By accessing systems through the user interface, security models are preserved, no systems integration is required and full interoperability can be quickly achieved. The core benefits of RPA are reductions in time, cost, error and human resources. By organising the bots as a digital workforce, RPA enables high levels of operational efficiency, risk management and adherence to quality and compliance. Cognitive technologies are used to extend the reach and value of RPA, putting eyes, ears, mouths and brains on to the body of bots to open up the number of use cases; interacting with customers, ingesting unstructured data and mimicking human logic to add context, which informs decisions and triggers execution using RPA. Digital workforces provide unparalleled levels of operational efficiency and agility, working 24x7 with super-productivity. Our biggest client, Africa's leading insurer, is implementing 500 bots, while our smallest, a wealth manager, uses just two, provided as a managed service. Having started by automating back office processes, increasingly we're automating the front office too. Intelligent Automation works with existing applications and systems and, delivered through the cloud, avoids infrastructure development and spend. DigiBlu’s Robotic Operations Centre in Cape Town provides remotely delivered consulting, delivery and operations services. Taken together, this means that organisations can leapfrog legacy constraints to gain competitive advantage through the rapid adoption of digital workforces. DigiBlu is a certified Delivery Partner (which means we provide consulting, analysis and build services); Capability Partner (which means we help clients to build their own internal capabilities for implementing and operating their digital workforce) and Managed Services Partner (which means we build and operate the digital workforce on behalf of our clients). Selling Professional Service AIDB-008500 Leapfrog into 4IR with DigiBlu, through the rapid creation of a digital workforce Abu Dhabi;Ghana;Kenya;Mauritius;Mozambique;Namibia;Nigeria;R...
504 The Group is able to facilitate the dialogue between European and African financial institutions through Correspondent Banking services and its SWIFT channel. Other Services include: - Foreign Currency exchange brokerage (ET FOREX) from local currency (XOF - XAF) to strong currencies (USD - EUR) and vice versa; - Counterparty verification activities (banking or corporate): KYC & Compliance Anti Money Laundering (AML), Anti Bribery & Corruption (ABC), Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF); - Credit Recovery Services (in African OHADA countries) and Supply Chain Management, as well as consulting activities on turnkey projects in Africa. Trade Finance AIDB-008619 The ideal Correspondent Agent facilitating dialogue between European and African banks Benin;Burkina Faso;Cameroon;Central African Republic;Chad;Co...
504 ETC addresses African and European Investors needs providing payment instruments and guarantees, in favour of partner banks and financial institutions, to facilitate the financing of African industrial investment projects. - Pre-feasibility and Engineering Validation, as well as an Economic and Financial Evaluation of Investment Projects; - Project Risk and Mitigants Analysis carried out through securitization process; - Structuring and Management of Surety Bonds (Bid Bonds, Advanced Payment Bonds, Performance Bonds, Maintenance Bonds, Stand by letter of Credit). Trade Finance AIDB-008617 Payment Instruments and Guarantees Provider to finance industrial investment projects in Africa Benin;Burkina Faso;Cameroon;Central African Republic;Chad;Co...
504 Pro-Gen was founded in 2020 by a group of young professionals who have extensive experience in the Information Technology industry. The name Pro-Gen is an acronym derived from the two words; Proactive Generation which in itself speaks volumes. After sitting down as a group, we realized that the world is moving too fast into the digital space and we don't want our clients to be left behind. We therefore see ourselves as "The Proactive Generation" that needs to move faster with the 4th industrial revolution and offer high quality, professional Digital Solutions to our clients. We are a custom Application startup that seeks to solve our clients Application needs to automate their day-to-day operations. Vision Statement Our vision is to contribute in delivering high quality Software Systems and Applications for all our clients business use cases and help to enable automation for our clients. Our vision is to create a better everyday life for many people. Our vision is to bring our communities through innovation and modern technology applications. We are constantly focusing on innovating. We believe in the simple not the complex. We believe in deep collaboration which allow us to innovate in a way that others cannot. And frankly, we don't settle for anything less than excellence in every group in the company, and we have the self-honesty to admit when we're wrong and the courage to change. Our Objectives With the current advancement of technology across the globe and with the pandemic, there is a strong requirement for individuals to be digitally literate to ensure their businesses are able reach a wide base of clients whilst at the same time building and growing their business. Economic Objectives, Social Objectives and Human Objectives. Our Mission Since there is a pandemic, we aim to make lives safer and easy. To provide safe, secure, customer friendly, affordable web and mobile applications and services. Our mission is to empower every person and every business to achieve more and realize their full potential. To organize the worlds information and make it universally accessible and useful. We strive to create local opportunity, growth, and impact in every country around the world. Our strategy is to build best-in-class platforms and productivity services. In all, to create a better everyday life for the many people. Our aimed solutions and expertise  We aim to assist clients with any custom-made mobile or web applications  USSD space, we have enough resources to cater for this market.  Loan sector (we deliver and solve applications)  Insurance Apps ( providing the insurer with certain information necessary to underwrite a given risk)  Sales Apps (to manage the sales funnel, gauge performance and forecast their sales)  Mobile wallet Apps  Biometrics verification solutions  KYC solutions  Payment exchange/gateway solutions  Security Solutions Seeking Investment AIDB-009258 The world is full of possibilities. We create APP's that are engineered to impress. Angola;Botswana;Ghana;Kenya;Lesotho;Mauritius;Mozambique;Nam...
503 ETC is able to identify the demand and supply of goods to and from Africa, relying on its extensive worldwide network of Sellers and Buyers, and facilitates the execution of transactions providing Letter of Credit (L/C) and Stand-by letters of Credit (SBLC) in favour of Banks and Financial Institutions. - Scouting and Business Matchmaking; - Reliability Assessment of worldwide Buyers and Sellers; - SWIFT messaging exchange between European and African issuing/confirming banks; Management of Letter of Credit “L/C”, Stand-by Letter of Credit “SBLC” and Surety Bonds Trade Finance AIDB-008618 Financial facilitator for international trade from/to Africa Benin;Burkina Faso;Cameroon;Central African Republic;Chad;Co...
502 We're tackling #capitalmarkets and the investor landscape in our next webinar. Our panel will share their observations on current trends. We'll walk through the process of listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) and identify key steps for success but also unpack why South African investors are looking at investing in offshore companies. Sign up for webinar Seeking Investment AIDB-009793 Explore primary/secondary listing on the JSE Capital Market as a growth strategy for your company Abu Dhabi;Algeria;Andorra;Angola;Anguilla;Antigua and Barbud...
502 Professional Financial Modelling, Strategy, Project Finance, PPP and business advisory services for Corporates, Government, Parastatals, and NGO's. We have extensive experience in all sectors and have worked in many geographies. Advisory for Infrastructure projects (Solar, Wind, Gas, Property, Roads), Feasibility Studies, Strategic Planning, and general business advisory. Selling Professional Service AIDB-009268 Project Finance, Financial Modelling and PPP Advisory Abu Dhabi;Australia;Austria;Bangladesh;Belgium;Botswana;Bulg...
502 Sale of the company FERROMETAL NAVAL SCRAP that owns a land on the Senegal Coast, Africa. The land has the following characteristics: • 315ha (250 ha can be used for renewable photovoltaic energy and 65 can be used for the construction of a logistics port, with a width of 2000m at the entrance to the ocean). • The administrative concession is for 49 +49 years. Approved by the Senegalese government through a protocol. All procedures and payments are made for the duration of the concession. You can see more information about our company on our page Our contact telephone number is +346 32 33 04 53 or +346 41 48 02 23 Thanks Selling a Business AIDB-009242 Sale of the company FERROMETAL NAVAL SCRAP that owns a land on the Senegal Coast, Africa. Denmark;Finland;France;Georgia;Germany;Greece;Guadeloupe;Gua...
502 Looking to take your company to scale but the IT and technology your company uses is holding it back? Don't know how to pick the right software for your companies inventory, or finance, or mobile app? Want to gain insights from the data your company collects but can't work out how to? Founded by Shell Foundation and Persistent Energy, Enable Digital was created to serve companies providing essentials goods and services in emerging markets. We have worked with dozens of Last Mile Distributors across sectors, along with companies in healthcare, waste management, mini-grids, C&I Solar, and more. We offer professional services to companies, and their investors, to help them fix and improve their technology. Selling Professional Service AIDB-008561 Technology/IT Assistance & Data Management Angola;Anguilla;Argentina;Bangladesh;Bermuda;Bhutan;Bolivia;...
501 The Vital Voices GROW Fellowship is a leading global accelerator program for women owners of small and medium-sized businesses that are making a social impact. Going into the 8th year, this program aims to elevate women business leaders as drivers for economic growth and social change in their communities, countries and the world by helping them grow their businesses and expand their social impact. Today, there are an estimated 12 million women-owned small and-medium sized businesses around the world, and 7 million of those businesses are in developing countries. Globally, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) represent 45% of full time employment and more than 70% job creation in low- and middle-income countries. But women business owners face disproportionate challenges in accessing the services and support needed to grow their businesses, including financial services, business training, networks and access to markets. At Vital Voices, we believe that women-owned businesses are a powerful force for inclusive growth and prosperity. By supporting women at the helm of SMEs and businesses, the VV GROW Fellowship helps women create jobs, catalyze economic growth and drive social change around the world. VV GROW offers customized business skills training, leadership development, technical assistance, and access to networks. Through online trainings, fellows focus on strategy and long-term business value, and put those concepts to work by building action-oriented strategic plans to grow their businesses. With VV GROW, Fellows gain knowledge and skills in strategic planning, financial management, marketing, sales, strategic networking, leadership, human resources and communications. Fellows receive valuable technical assistance and become part of a supportive global network of women leaders across the Vital Voices global network. Applications for the 2022 fellowship are now open until September 27th, 2021. Other AIDB-009342 The Vital Voices GROW Fellowship is a leading global accelerator program for women SME owners. Albania;Algeria;Angola;Argentina;Armenia;Australia;Austria;A...
501 By way of introduction, ANIMO Mauritius is a licensed Management Company in Mauritius involved in the setting up and administration of various structures (Corporate | Trust | Fund | Foundation | Limited Partnerships | Investment Adviser | Investment Dealer | PCC | CEF | CIS | Single/Multiple Family Office | Freeport | Bank Account Opening | Live and Work in Mauritius | Bookkeeping/Accountancy services | and others) in Mauritius and other jurisdictions. Our group, an international Corporate Service Provider, is headquartered in the UK and present in MAURITIUS, IRELAND, CYPRUS, DUBAI. Mauritius is an emerging jurisdiction which is gaining high momentum as a platform for business and family affairs in view of the multiple benefits offered ( Gateway/Capital of Africa | OECD/EU Approved | Tax Incentives ( 0%-3%-15%) | No.1 in Africa for Ease of Doing Business | No.13 in the World for Ease of Doing Business | No Withholding Tax on Dividend, Interest and Royalties paid | No Capital Gains Tax | No Estate Duty, Inheritance Tax | No Foreign Exchange Control | 46+ Tax Treaties | Bi-Lingual Skilled Labour Force | No. 1 In Africa for Good Governance | Strategic Location – GMT+4 | Political Stability | Modern Infrastructure | Banking Solutions Available | Member of SADC, COMESA, etc | and more). Mauritius International Financial Centre – Promotional Film Over the years, MAURITIUS has emerged as a reputable International Financial Centre of Excellence and has become the new hub for set up of various Fund Structures by many international Investors, Private Equity firms, Hedge Fund, Asset and Wealth Managers. It is good to note tax rate is at 15% in Mauritius but income derived by CIS , CEF, CIS manager, CIS Administrator, Investment Adviser, Investment Dealer or Assets Manager licensed or approved by the FSC benefit from 80% partial exemption and is thus taxed at 3% on chargeable income. Selling Professional Service AIDB-009545 Have you considered ANIMO/MAURITIUS as a platform for your Business? Abu Dhabi;Argentina;Australia;Austria;Bahamas;Belgium;Botswa...
165 Providing Salesforce services Selling Professional Service AIDB-008408 Provider of Salesforce consulting Abu Dhabi;South Africa
150 the project will consist in selling the rooms to clients and the suites and managing them for them in co-ownership Selling Real Estate AIDB-008588 our project consists in realizing a hotel complex of 230 rooms + 50 villas of 10 rooms on an island Ivory Coast
125 We are a group of Medical Practitioners, and have advanced plans to set up an Intravenous Infusion Manufacturing Plant in Nigeria. Though, our aim is to meet the dearth of infusion products in the country - a basic and essential tool in healthcare delivery, but will also assist in resolving the severe unemployment challenges in the country. Albeit, with healthy ROI to discerning investors. We have a European Pharmatech company (BC), to undertake the Project on a Turnkey basis, and also have an Off-taker MOU in place. We are seeking an investment of about US$500,000 mimimum; to be used for critical pre-op expenses e.g for part- payment of the SBLC fee, etc. The fund can be a Bridge-loan, a Share\ investment or a Grant. If as Bridge-funding; will be fully repaid within one year max. or upon drawdown of the Project funding. We are at the timeline of concluding funding arrangements - payment of collateral (SBLC) fees etc. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008650 Investment Request in a New Intravenous Infusion Manufacturing Plant Project. Nigeria
125 Tanreal Investments has acquired black granite and lithium claims in Mutoko District of Zimbabwe. The projects are all greenfield projects, with black granite mining, cutting and polishing as the company's low hanging fruit. Directors are planning on acquiring cutting and polishing equipment from Italy and a supplier has already been identified. The Lithium mining and processing project is a medium to long term project which will start with extensive exploration to determine the resource and grade with depth. There are two adjuscent claims which have been acquired which cover a total area of 254 hectares of land. The claims are strategically located, lying on the same geological strike as the old Benson Mine where lithium and tantalite are mined. Directors are bullish about the lithium project as it has a huge potential given the Global drive towards electric vehicles. The Directors have extensive business experience which span over fifty years in mining and finance. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009114 Mining and value addition of black granite and lithium. Zimbabwe
108 With a view to laying the foundations for an integrated development plan and strengthening the electrification of the KASAÏEN area, the current weak link in the Democratic Republic of Congo proposes to rack in TSHIMBULU on the INGA High Voltage Direct Current (HTCC) line INGA - KOLWEZI. The choice of the TSHIMBULU is explained by the fact that it allows the energy deficit of the energy deficit of the Great Kasai, but also to serve as an anchor point for the of the electric current to the cities and the border countries of the North and the East of the of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Project component : - Filling of TSHIMULU; - Construction of hydroelectric power plants ; - Construction of solar power plants; - Related electrification projects: Construction of three cement plants. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009440 Increase the rate of electricity supply to the KASAIAN SPACE and increase the mining production. Democratic Republic of the Congo
102 We build/ Sell and Manage Investment Properties with the Highest and safest Yield in West Africa. Selling Real Estate AIDB-008830 Start your Real Estate Investment Journey with Quao Realty. Australia;Belgium;Botswana;Burkina Faso;Canada;Dubai;Egypt;E...
102 Ask me. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009708 Ask me. Investment 33 million USD looking for 30% in Equity. Australia;Canada;Dubai;Finland;France;Hong Kong;Hungary;Japa...
101 Are you an Education or Edtech Company in Africa seeking Finance? We are looking for investment opportunities in the Education/Edtech space in Africa. Finding Investment Opportunities AIDB-008397 Looking for Education Companies to Invest into in Africa Algeria;Angola;Benin;Botswana;Burkina Faso;Burundi;Cameroon;...
100 OUR CONCEPT : The purpose of this project is to establish a competitive private company trading in minerals and industrial metals, the company will be based and operating in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The company will be trading in the following products: INDUSTRIAL METALS (ORES ) 1. TANTALUM ORES  (T2O5) 2.TIN ORES ( CASITTARITE.   SN  ) 3.COBALT ( CO) PRECIOUS METALS 1. GOLD ( AU) 2.SILVER ( AG) PLATINUM (PT) THE OPPORTUNITY : WHY CONGO:  DRC is the second world production of cobalt and third world production of tantalum these industrial ores used in electronic capacitors electric batteries . The kivus province has huge deposits of minerals which are being extracted by  local artisanal miners; many of these miners are disconnected with the world market for the following reasons. -They do not have international market exposure or lack of language barriers. -They are not consistent in delivery time when they are dealing with international buyers. -They dont keep promises on the quality of goods signed with international companies. -They are not persistent with international supply. Metal world investment is solving all those negativities pasted on african mineral dealing companies when you discuss with international buyers they distanced congolese and african mineral dealers for their substandards and frauds. OUR TRACTION : We have built up some excellent traction the past few years on the ground with artisanal miners in different huge deposit provinces, we have established good relationships with international buying companies and I have been working as an intermediate with local artisanal miners and international buying companies. I have acquired experience in logistics of these minerals legally with ITSCI ( monetary international org in uk monitoring all minerals coming from war zone countries). OUR BUSINESS MODEL: We will be re -selling  stocked products after buying them from artisanal miners to international companies some on LME percentage( london metal exchange) some on negotiated percentage  like tantalum its not listed on LME this product has high value of profit (  BUY CHEAP SALE HIGH). We will be transact with intrnl buyers on LC( letter of credit) , TT ( Telegram transfer) THE NEED FOR CAPITAL: The purpose of the funds to take advantage of our strong position in the global market by stocking the mentioned minerals for supplying our own international buyers. One of the rules when dealing with global buyers is that they deal with only established companies with ITSCI TAG, with already inventory . Funds will be used for purchasing operation machines like 2units XRF GUNS X550,  each @ $40,000 jaw crusher $8000 separator $23000 double roll crusher $8000 sample crush $2300 shaking table $5100 TOTAL             $126000 MINERAL DEALERS LICENCE VALID 1 YEAR For 6 metals we are interested in  $75000 RENT FOR OUR WAREHOUSE IN DRC @ $2000 PER MONTH. OFFICES EQUIPMENTS : $10000 OPERATION CARS: RENAULT 6X6 TRUCK $50000 2 UNITS OF TOYOTA HARD BODY  $50000 FINANCIAL FORECAST FIGURE: Tantalum point TA2O5 30% OR 20% BUYING PRICE:  $1.4 X Ta205 point x1000 mt = price per ton SELLING PRICE $2 X Ta205 point x 1000 = price per ton we buy according to purity or point $30,000  per ton and sell $60,000 per ton according to market price tin ore buy : $8000 per ton and sell $14000 based on LME rate. cobalt buy : $18000 per ton  and sell $30000 per ton gold buy : minus 20% of LME PRICE AND SELL MINUS 5% OF LME PRICE SILVER BUY:  $300 PER KG AND SELL MINUS 5% LME RATE PLATINUM BUY : $18000 AND SELL MINUS 5% OF LME Investor and investment managers will be sharing profit margin on a pro-rata basis  per transaction made on each consignment. An Investor is free to put his or her person in our management or his or her attorney who will be responsible for signing  all international sales agreements, MOU, LCS with our international buyers . The grace period of this contract with investors will be 5 years. The principle of $5M  growth margin expected per year will be $45,000,000 that means each month will be generating profit margin of $3,750,000 The principle of $1M  expected growth margin per year $4,500,000 and per month $375,000. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-007308 TRADE MINING Democratic Republic of the Congo
100 Mine is Owned by level 1 Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment. Ownership is 100% Black and Managed. Partnerships with Experienced Miners has been established and a Sale Contract with South Africa's Energy producer ESKOM is almost concluded. Mine is spade to the ground ready with Existing permits including Railway Allocations to Ports for Export Purposes. Selling a Business AIDB-007475 Colliery with a +50year lifespan with existing Offtake agreements, 1.4 billion tons Coal. South Africa
100 Following the official launch of the Office of Presidential Infrastructure Initiative (OPII) Saltucks Investment Limited as an indigenous company has been looking for potential investors for possible investment in one or more of the components within the Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) of government projects. We are seeking a partnership to invest in any the components under SPVs which include: SPV1 – The Lungi Bridge • Construction of the 7.6 km 6-lane Lungi Bridge connecting Freetown to Lungi; • Establishment of a free-trade zone at Lungi, transshipment industries, and industrial zone to support the bridge construction; • Construction of the Freetown Coastal Road from Cline Town to Aberdeen; • Construction of a new city and tourist hub at Lungi. • Construction of a new Freetown City SPV2 – New Niti Port Project • Construction of a new international seaport at Niti/Bonthe (anchored around minimal resources and agricultural industrialization, produce and goods movements and transport logistics) to serve the South and East of the country; • Development of an industrial free zone around the new Niti/Bonthe Seaport. SPV3 – Major Real Estate Development • Construction of a new Freetown Shopping Mall and Office Towers at the existing Public Works Department Compound, behind the Maximum Central Correctional Centre. The investment proposal should integrate the relocation of the Maximum Central Correctional Centre and the entire land used for the investment purpose; • Construction of low-and-middle-income houses for civil servants in Freetown, Bo, and Kenema. Investment proposals for any components under SPV1 & SPV2 are intended to adopt the model: Built, Operate & Transfer (BOT) whilst investment for SPV3 is intended to adopt the Built, Operate & Own (BOO) model as a Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) should you deem it necessary so. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008029 Seeking Partnership for investment opportunities in government projects through PPP Sierra Leone
100 * Exploration on WBK's permits has identified numerous targets suitable for small scale mining operations (SSMOs). * Equip and organise artisanal miners in cooperatives to establish multiple agile, mobile and modular SSMOs to exploit these deposits producing 5 to 10kg per month of gold per site. * Work in collaboration with Global Communities & partners to structure the cooperatives and establish a responsible supply of gold with a strong social impact Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-007565 Low Risk High & Fast Returns, Gold Mining Opportunities Democratic Republic of the Congo
100 * WBK has defined a 0.5 million oz [JORC] resource ; * Seeking investments to complete the resource definition of > 2 million Oz + feasibility study to establish mining operation ; Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-007566 Develop a gold mining operation with a quick payback and high returns. Democratic Republic of the Congo
100 HomeCare support services created to help better respond to the changing needs of older parents, families and people in Ghana with the support of trained health personnel's. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-007144 Facts About Home Care Support Services Ghana
100 BIRK Premier Agriculture Ltd (BIRK) is a limited company registered in Tanzania and has its headquarters stationed in Iringa. BIRK is an ambitious Agricultural start-up firm primarily focusing on Avocado, Commercial Forestry and Beekeeping. For the last three years, BIRK has managed to invest in five hundred (500) top bar bee hives, established forty (40) acres of avocado plantation, One hundred and twenty (120) acres of Eucalyptus plantation and one (1) modern Avocado soilless nursery with capacity of producing thirty thousand (30,000) seedlings. Out of our three agricultural sub-sectors which BIRK serves on (Avocado, Commercial Forestry and Beekeeping) BIRK seek to present to you an opportunity on avocado investment in Tanzania. BIRK aims at positioning the country in avocado production and export as it plans to increase avocado exports of the country by establishing a new planation of one thousand (1,000) acers. Avocados are increasingly becoming Tanzania’s green gold, with Tanzania Horticultural Association (TAHA) figures showing that the country produces about 7,000 tonnes of the fruit annually. Commercial production/export of avocados is dominated by Rungwe Avocado Company Ltd and Africado Ltd, which is based in Siha District, Kilimanjaro region. The two companies jointly produce more than 5,000 Tons per year. The gap between demand and supply in the window which Tanzania harvests is too huge to be bridged in the near future. This presents a very potential investment opportunity. BIRK is pursuing funding opportunities to establish an avocado plantation of one thousand (1,000) acers so as to grab the lucrative opportunity that lies in the avocado sub sector. The variety in proposal is Hass which has dominated the international market for reasonably long and is expected to perform in the market for the coming decades. BIRK will ensure investment returns at an optimal rate of return and at a highest certainty level. The certainty of returns is backed up by competent management, Quality and responsive plantation establishment, huge demand due to perfect harvesting window (May- September) hence relatively high and stable price. Other factors are Excellent growing environment and Availability of Insurance which provides fall-back position in risk events. The projects, tentatively requires an injection of USD 5 million and will be having positive cash flow from year 4 onwards. The project internal rate of return is very lucrative at 30%. The project will be insured against pest & diseases, fire and drought. The project will benefit the rural community in terms of employment, demonstrational effect, increased adoption of better planting materials and techniques as well as market provision and out growers’ scheme. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-007366 Climate Smart Avocado Project Tanzania
100 BayCorp Holdings in partnership with local Communities are focused in extracting rare Metals in South Africa. Due to the Nature of the Mining permits, we are still in the feasability Phase. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-007185 Chance Favors the prepared mind South Africa
100 The bank is a commercial bank incorporated in 2012 and is headquartered in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The majority shareholders are government teachers who through their union made a decision to establish a bank to serve them, other civil servants and the public in general through adoption of various strategies that ensure provision of affordable and diverse financial services. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008803 Term loan of $3-5M Tanzania
100 Vion is a retail business supplying building material and home improvement products ,in Livingstone Zambia Customer base is divided into Hotels and lodges , building contractors , town councils , government departments and general public Investment seeked will be used to increase the current stock holding and introduce new product lines into the store In the next 12 months we want to open another store in Kazangula area , as it is expanding massively with the opening of the new bridge and border port. The next expansion will be to open a branch in Kalomo to service the farming community in that area. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008813 Infrastructure development is flourishing in Zambia Zambia
100 V3A owns 15.5 ha farm. Will establish 12ha to exotic Berries for which they have a Purchase Order with leading Exporter. Establishes 3.5ha to 10'000 Free range Layer hens. Have 9+ million turnover pa Creates 150 jobs year 1, 250 jobs year 3. Farm has all needed resources to farm their business succsessfully. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008821 V3A Produces Natura-Organo & employs Green Earth Environment Sustainable Agricultural Technology South Africa
100 my name is wani, and i am a young citizen operating in the mining sector. i am from a small place in the eastern part of congo (Busiye), where there is a high presence of minerals. due to the attrocity, killings, and war that happen on this side of the world, i am sometimes unable to sell my gold to anyone cause of fear, i am looking for a serious investors whom i can trust and i can work with. i know very well the region and i know how to get to the gold, all i am seeking is someone who can trust in me, to work with me and who is seious. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008829 i come accross serious quantity of pure gold, but i am not able to sell. Kenya
100 We assist in family law, criminal law, civil law and property law. We also do correspondent work for other Attorneys. We are based in Durban. We assist in #endgbv initiatives and domestic violence, protection orders, mediation and family counseling. Your rights are our responsibility! Selling Professional Service AIDB-008898 Alvina Moodley Attorneys is the Attorney for the people! South Africa
100 There is need for huge capital to operate commodity trading, competitors are few with little capital to operate at high level. There is always gap in taking goods to where it is needed. This is another profitable opportunity without actually involve in farming. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008511 To purchase farm produce like soybean, groundnut and maize from farmers to sell in Nigeria & Europe Nigeria
100 In DRC, food processing is still a challenge literally in the whole country. More than 90% of the households consume corn flour on a daily basis as it is the main ingredient for the dish named FUFU. The DRC being a country rich with natural resources still but people are still living under a 2$ budget per day. In the eastern part of the DRC, with arable land, we consume corn flour imported from Pakistan , Nairobi, Uganda due to lack of food processing technology. It is obvious that corn harvested in the East DRC is sold to the neighboring country UGANDA where they process it into corn flour and sell it back to Congolese in a higher price. Installing a corn meal is of a big profit as for the BENI city itself consume about 5 tones of corn flour per day and yet we have the nearby city of Butembo Larger than Beni, and many more urban and rural areas. MikMell enterprise would love to install a Corn-Mill with a capacity of producing 10 tones of corn flour per day. MikMell entreprise is seeking an investment of 600,000 USD for this Corn-Mill business. Basic hyphothesis: If we base our production on the 4 tones of corn flour consumed in BENI City per day; Theorical Capacity: 104 tons per month Loss du to transport: 10 % Number of days of production per month: 26 days Prevision for trimestral revenue (in USD): Average selling price: 16$/ sac of corn flour of 25kg Expected income: 16$x 160 sas/per day= 2.560$ Therefore: The first year will have 40% of income We are targeting consumers from the Beni territory (1,427,608 Habitants) and Lubero Territory (1,703,102 habitants). About 3 million habitant. Assuming that each person consumes maxim half kilogram of corn flour per day; 1500 tonnes of corn flour is needed everyday. The need is higher that our expected production per day. It is a big area to exploit with possibilities of expansions Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009479 Invest in the process of corn flour, a product consumed on a daily basis by all Congolese Democratic Republic of the Congo
100 We will turn the plastics into petrol and rubbers to diesel, its waste management project The resalable output products will be: steel wire (scrap metal), plant fuel and black carbon. We are dedicated in its designated area, to convert waste tyres into commercially viable products, utilising environmentally friendly recycling and manufacturing methods. And since the country does not have a company to recycle tyres this investment will yield many benefits. Seeking Investment AIDB-009485 The project will see Zambia recycle waste and used tyres for the production of fuel Zambia
100 North western art engineering wants to start mining copper in North western province of Zambia. We have secured a large catchment area which has high grade copper ore. We are also eyeing mining and supplying gemstones like emeralds and Gold. Seeking Investment AIDB-009489 To be one of the leading supplier of Minerals. Zambia
100 I am working on the first innovative and highly automated Fish farm in Ghana with the capacity of 20Tons per harvest and due to the technology involved we look forward to 3 harvest per year making it 60Tons per year. Our farm would run on full automation and 50KW of-grid solar system The whole factory is almost done and I would need 70000$ to add it to my funds in order to purchase the machines and Solar panels. we would be the first of the kind in Ghana with this system and there is a high demand of Catfish and Tilapia but our own would be more of the sustainable and automated with no health problems for our consumers I am a graduate from Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Umwelt in Nürtingen Germany , I studied Finance Mangement and did my major in Risk Management and Sustainability and I had scholarschip from Robert Bosch during my studies. I own the Organic Gebäude Dienstleistung in Germany Filderstadt with about 15 workers and I also have a transport company in Ghana whereby I do leasing of cars with the sell off option at the end of the leasing contract. I have enough knowledge about business managment and I plan carefully when it comes to investment. I am looking for an investor to lend me the 70000$ for two years and I would pay back within 2 years with interest rate of 5% per year. The investor is then given a chance to stay in the company for a 5% dividend after the 2 years when the whole 70000$ is paid back. Or the Investor can reinvest the 70000$ again for a long term 10 % dividend per year. Business plan and financial sheet is all done and it has a very high IRR Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009494 The first modern and innovative fish farm in GHANA Ghana
100 1000 units affordable housing project in Kigali Rwanda IRR is 15% 100 % Guaranteed offtakes Import duty waiver for all materials imported from the housing project Vat waiver Precaste and fast building construction technology accepted Land available Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009499 1000 units affordable housing project in Kigali Rwanda Rwanda
100 Client Need Alex Maingi needs support in terms of acquiring the modernizing the already existing hotel now hosting a bar and restaurant in Ngong Road area. Information about the club The club is located a strategic position on ngong road 15meters from the junction mall. It’s well design with hotel , club, accommodation rooms. It’s on one eighth of an acre ideal for continuation of club/hotel The funds will be used as follows purchase of the club $1.25M renovation of projects & buying of stock $250k Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009505 investment in one of the biggest club and restaurant in Kenya Kenya
100 Its a aquaponics system thet will produce fresh vegetables and fish year round that will help with food security and supply weekly. There is always need for fresh produce and protein. Profit margins are high and market is in need of sustainability this is the main goal of the business is sustainability. The system will be ( 525m2 or 5650 ft2) which will be able to grow 12 700 heads of lettuces per month and 500kg of basil these vegetables are not fixed we can add more variety. The fish will be trout of 350kg a month. They way the system is designed is that we can plant and keep up with market needs and demands. Food will always be needed and with this system we can produce year round othan than conventional farming. We have room for growth as we have land and room for expansion as the business grows. I have a Farm that is located close to all major cities and development is moving closer towards us. I also have agricultural experience of 12 years. The initial investment is for the system and an enhanced system this will be made from new technology wich will give us an advantage in this sector. There will be extensive growth once up and running with updated courses and training so that we stay up to date with market and advanced system management. Food and fresh food is always in demand and markets are always open for new opportunities. The system will cost 300 000usd this is installations and works. The transaction will be paidfor investment purposes and will be paid to a lawyer with conditions which investor would prefer once approved the investment amount will be closely managed and spent wisely. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009511 Fresh produce production year round thats organic South Africa
100 Business Overview Ezed Mines Ltd is a Zambian mining firm currently mining Copper and Manganese Ore in Zambia. We are also eyeing mining and supplying gemstones like emeralds and Gold. Ezed mines ltd is currently managing two projects, one copper mining project and a manganese Ore project. We are currently supplying our ores to our local buyers with various prospects of supplying to the international market. Why Seeking investment ? Ezed is seeking investment in order to increase its production of copper ore and manganese ore by moving from artisanal mining to a more machined operations ,we would also want to start supplying our ore to the international market. The funds we seek may also help us to do value addition to the ores we produce and increase our revenue. Proposed use of funds Ezed mines ltd would use the funds to improve and increase production in the areas its currently exploring and mining. Future Plans: Ezed vision is to become a mining giant in Zambia and Africa . Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008567 Ezed Mines Ltd is an upcoming Zambian mining firm with the vision of becoming a mining giant . Zambia
100 Looking for a suitable sponsorship and Angel Investment to initiate an Agriculture reclamation and food processing company in Egypt, then integrate and expand vertically and horizontally Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008923 Initiate a company for agriculture reclamation and food processing with full integration prospective Egypt
100 The company 20Mn in either equity or debt to recapitalise the business for the following uses: c.US$10.5Mn - To refinance existing debt from one of the local banks in Tanzania. This debt consists of a local currency term loan, which consolidated a number of long term debt and overdrafts in both US Dollars (US$) and Tanzanian Shillings (TZS); and c.US$4.5 – 9.5 Mn – Additional Working Capital to help manage the current operations and growth of the business, as well as finance new purchase orders from suppliers.. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008929 Recapitalisation & Growth Capital Tanzania
100 Investment for preference shares with eight years exist plan Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008930 Equity Investment Tanzania
100 The bussiness is a giveback to my community. There is great need for easy access to healthcare in many places in my country. Many pregnant ,women sick chilren travel many kilometers for basic treatment which could have been provided at their door step. However, basic tests such as malaria, blood sugar, blood pressure etc should bd provided in every community. If I am funded , basic lahoratory will be bought to support the cumminity. ! Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008936 Reaching the healthcare needs of my community. Gambia
100 The company is looking for strategic investor in order to address solvency margin problem which has been facing the company over years. This problem is being addressed in order to comply with regulation 21 (Insurers margin of solvency) issued under Section 20 of Insurance Act, 2009, which states and I quote ‘’the assets of an insurer transacting classes of general business shall exceed the total liabilities of the insurer by the greater of twenty percent of net premium or the minimum amount for the prior year times the lesser of 1.1 or the ratio of Current Price Index to the prior year Current Price Index of for the year ended 31 December 2019’’. However, As at 31 December 2020, the Company’s total admissible assets fell short of liabilities by TZS 2.592 billion ($1.1m) (2019: TZS 2.036 billion/$860k) resulting in solvency margin deficit of TZS 4.094 billion ($1.7m) (2019: TZS 3.944 billion/$1.6m) and therefore the company falls short of the margin of solvency requirements Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008938 The customer is looking for an equity investor $2m Tanzania
100 Small family business that has recently entered into Gold mining is looking for funding to grow presence and be leading player in the gold rich area of Kwekwe, Zimbabwe. Funding of $150k USD is sought in part debt & part equity for the purchase of machinery & custom milling heavy duty equipment. We own a piece of land that has rich gold deposits but do not have the capital to bring this to fruition. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008593 Gold rich area ready to be set up as Gold mining & milling centre of excellence Ireland
100 Seeking funding to invest in infrastructure and working capital for the expansion of production capacity of eggs Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009243 Investment of USD800,000 in the poultry industry yielding high returns on investment. Tanzania
100 Jonakee Holdings Limited is a registered and a regulated microfinance institution that seeks funding to increase its working capital with at least 20% annual returns on the amount invested. The returns can be paid to the investor Quarterly-every four (4) months. We have clients but with less capital and the cost of credit in Uganda from Commercial Banks is a high and highly collateralized. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008962 Secured Capital Investment with 20% Annual Returns through our Microfinance Institution Uganda
100 Faraway Production is community-base that is conceptualized by a passionate, commited and enthusiastic entrepeneur.We intend t create jobs, empowerment of women and youth in the rural area's The market present a good oppertunity for the business to capitilize on its low prize, competitive cost , high qaulity serve, fresh products andreliable advantage Riaan Carelsen-Growed up on farms with informal farming knowledge, currently working at Volkswagen SA PTY as a artizen with qaulifications in Business & Office Managment Certificate and AMIC certificate in Engine Machining. Alicia Chabe-Grandpa still owned a farm and she also had informal experience of farming and currently working as a teacher with diploma in teaching!!! Amount requires: 339 227, 50 ussd The purchase of farmland, building of infrastructure and buying of equipment and piglets Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008234 Creating of jobs, grow and development of women and youth in rural area's South Africa
100 Kingdom Media Incorporated is a strategic media communications enterprise focused on providing a diverse category of media solutions aimed at providing clients an elevated vantage point. Kingdom Media Incorporated is seeking to raise R 2,000,000 (approx. $ 142,857) to fund start-up expenses which include capex and opex over a period of 6 months. The seed capital will be considered as a shareholders loan repayable over 5 years at a 15% interest. The investor(s) will be awarded 30% equity for their investment. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008975 Kingdom Media Incorporated - An Elevated Vantage Point South Africa
100 SEED INC will go live and begin by sending out a newsletter to a select database of over 50 000 people via renowned database partner company, Media Connect. The company that distributes all the Daily Maverick, Cliff Central, Business Day, 702, Cape Talk and TRIBE magazine newsletters and will drive traffic to our site. This will be boosted by SEED INC across all the major social media platforms which will drive traffic to the website, as well as affiliate partners/advertisers own databases. SEED INC. will engage, entice, enrich, enthrall, and entertain you with everything Cannabis­ related. We are blazing a trail for the culture in South Africa, showing we have more to offer than just Durban Poison, Rooibaard and Swazi Gold. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008982 SEED INC. will be SA's cannabis content online portal and directory. South Africa
100 We want to expand our business as we are currently operating from home. We produce about 200 loaves of bread every day using 2 decks of ovens. Our recipe is soo unique that if given the investment will definitely be able to export our bread to other countries. We plan to purchase modern bread baking equipment and infuse it with the seventh century bread baking methodologies. This will inturn guarantee us sales . We also plan to employee personal with experience in all necessary positions that may arise for example bookkeeping,human resources,and procurement. We intend to mainly employee women as we believe as an organization that if you empower a woman you have empowered a whole generation to come. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008649 Crustgroove Investments we want to become the first bakery to export bread to other countries Zimbabwe
100 RR Tracking and Tours Limited was incorporated with the sole purpose of operating a wildlife safari and eco-tourism and adventure experience that opens up the eyes and mind of our visitors to the power of nature and create a pro- environment awareness for its preservation at the same time providing a memorable life experience that benefits community and create an educated community and generation that will take care of our planet and supplementing our SDGs and mitigating global warming and climate for the benefit of all mankind. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009296 To Build wildlife safari Camps that are sustainable all for all diversity Zambia
100 I am Oluwatosin Alawode Nee Akinyemi,i am into Shea butter production in my locality for Exportation,I produce with the help of local women,I want to go fully into this production by getting machines and Labours to enable me produce in large scale for Exportation I need $100,000 to boost my business,so I can acquire machines for production,I can also employ more Labours,to enable me Export in Large quantity and this will affect my country growth positively. In the organic production of agro product, one product that has been under-produced and not given due consideration when deciding to start a business venture is the shea butter processing factory or plant. There is an increase in the demand of shea butter in nations all over the world, which predicts a growing and glowing future for both the farmers of shea nuts, manufacturers of shea butter,Investors and the exporters too. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009290 Shea Butter Production & Processing Business plan in Nigeria Nigeria
100 Idealize Property Group (IPG) Pty Ltd is a real estate and property acquisition company which specialize in purchasing and owning income generating assets referring to commercial buildings, commercial vehicles, manufacturing equipment and machinery, We plan to invest in the green industry and realize our business potential by growing our financial returns and asset portfolio. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008986 Calling all bio-diesel manufacturing and petroleum product distribution investors South Africa
100 Marrakech is a hot climate city. Swimming pools and gardens are thriving in the city, we need funding so we can make our company bigger and reach more clients, as we believe are the only company in Morocco with expertise in this specific field, and can crush the very small competition quite easily. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008992 We mainly work with aquatic parks and hotels. We are located in Marrakech with +10 years experience Morocco
100 Lease farming lands , create jobs by hiring workers to facilitate in growing horticultural crops and exporting to France Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008995 GROWING & EXPORTING HORTICULTURAL PRODUCE IN SOUTH SUDAN. Kenya
100 A&K Courier® Services, LTD is a licensed and registered commercial drone delivery company with head office in 3 Omachi Street Off Airport Road, Rumuodomaya – Port Harcourt, Rivers, Nigeria. Commercial drone deliveries are gradually becoming mainstream with the COVID-19 pandemic accelerating its adoption. This formed one of the propelling factor for us building a drone-based delivery startup that aims at providing a cost-effective package-delivery system that works both accurately and efficiently. The global market for drone are predicted to double to $40 billion by 2025, according to Levite Capital. To solve the last-inch logistics problem. We are expected to spend the bulk of our startup capital on renting a standard warehouse, obtaining licenses, marketing promotion, insurance, purchase of commercial drones & drone fleet management application and paying professionals who will help us man the drones. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009000 Our autonomous drone-based delivery services, address a $120B global market for last-mile logistics Nigeria
100 Using climate-smart agricultural solutions to achieve food self-sufficiency. Our project aims to produce over 60 000 units of fresh vegetables and 2.7 tonnes of herbs on a monthly basis under 2 952m2 of greenhouse structures. Funds will be used to; purchase farming land, delivery vehicles, greenhouse tunnels/ aquaponic systems and working capital. We are looking to expand 492m2 grow area by year 5 to increase local production, add 2 460m2 grow space for export products, establish a agriculture school and community support gardens for vulnerable women and children in the local area. We are seeking funding from interested corporations or individuals that's looking to fund the whole project or to fund the land purchase. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009007 Contributing to food security in Namibia using aquaponics/ hydroponics systems. Namibia
100 Clement foods a small farming business based in Malawi is in the process of establishing a very good modern poultry processing plant at sonda industrial estate which is found in mzuzu city in Malawi. The intended processing plant tends to be processing on average around 50000 poultry per week. The plant is going to be processing the animals while adhering to all major well know international standards so that the meat products which are going to be produced in the factory can be able to be sold everywhere even exported Find Business Partner AIDB-008659 ESTABLISHMENT OF A POULTRY PROCESSING PLANT AT SONDA INDUSTRIAL ESTATE IN MALAWI Malawi
100 We wish to pursue a very exiting opportunity to start a rabbitory for rabbit (caniculus) meat production. We plan to start with 1 500 rabbits to produce 7 500 kg of meat per month at R 54 per kg with a turnover of R 405 000 p.m. with a forecast profit margin of 25% and providing employment to 20 people. We plan to expand to 3000 breeding rabbits within 5 years with a turnover of R 810 000 p.m and employment to 40 employees. This amounts to an annual turnover of R 4,86m for 1 500 rabbits and R9,72m for 3000 rabbits. Caniculus meat is high in demand in countries in Europe, Middle East and the East. The increasing popularity is due to the health benefits of rabbit meat, farming of rabbits causes much less greenhouse emissions than other traditional meat farming, much less space is required per kg meat produced and much less feed per kg meat produced is required. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009307 Rabbit meat solves most of the problems experienced by traditional meat. It's the meat of the future South Africa
100 gym facility, housing a kiddies center, health bar, supplements and clothing online store, massage room, classes, training of various courses. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009313 very versatile gym facility Namibia
100 We are looking to achieve fish production to 160tons per year combining RAS and conventional techniques (fishpond) to fish farming. Profitability can be as high as 30% as we are already serving markets locally and in cross-border towns. We need an investor/s that can provide equity finance or Mezzanine debt, and also seeking impact in terms of social returns. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009325 An opportunity to scale up fish farming to 160 tons and crop production to support value chains Zambia
100 Enviro Farms Tech Ltd is a UK incorporated Agricultural company with its intended operations in Nigeria and Africa. We will be using a mobile technology that would help the farmers manage the farm. The mobile app will identify infections in crops, infection in soil, identify when crops need fertilizer and water, Enable mobile wallet and mobile money. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009334 We are looking for the money to develop a farming mobile technology that would be the farm managemen Nigeria
100 KAMER EXCEL HOSPITAL PROJECT Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009346 Seeking Partmership in Funding for Hospital Project Cameroon
100 Mining is one of the leading income generating sectors in Zimbabwe and me and my team have worked for a good number of hours tomake sure we find one of the concentrated gold claims in the country. We are looking for an investor to fund our business in order to purchase machinery that is necessary to increase production and push volumes. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009033 GOLD MINING INVESTMENT IN ZIMBABWE Zimbabwe
100 Basically am really interested to sell Auto spares in Lusaka Zambia and as well as country wide Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009036 I want to deal in Auto spares sales in Lusaka Zambia Zambia
100 We want to invest capital of US$ 800,000 Minimum to $1,200,000 maximum to 3 of our mining sites on government mining and exploration licence to develop capital assetts & mining equipment to Supply about 60,000 tons per year of Manganese Ore. Our value proposition rirchly involves professional exploration of our mining sites with a combined area of 1,700 Hactares for all the three sites and mechanical mining, crushing, grading and testing of the Ore to required quality quality attributes and quantities demanded for the local and domestic markets. The business is expected to generate monthly sales revenue of $211,956 and commulative net profits of US$ 3,507,277.61 in the first five years of its operation. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009046 300 ton per day production Plant of 14-20mm, 44% plus purity Manganese Ore for domestic & export Zambia
100 The economy of Ghana fiscally has one of its dependency on the internal and international marketing of cocoa in relation to revenue to raises on the global dependency of cocoa. The export of primary agricultural raw material specifically cocoa account for the world largest producers and exporters in the world. The cocoa subsector is the highest contributor foreign exchange earnings and also to aggregate agricultural growth in 2018, 2019 and 2020. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008837 Akuotech Company Limited is a limited liability Company duly registered Ghana
100 We seek an investor to support our detailed exploration (including drilling) and early stage mining for gold, sapphire and iron ore. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008838 Gold Mining in Turkana - Kenya, the Cradle of Mankind Kenya
100 The Company is a chain of supermarkets, which has been running retail and trading business for about 5 decades. The Company has grown to 10 supermarket branches to post annual revenues of over USD 50 million in 2019; and has invested significant capital in the business. The Company also operates a successful business of wholesale and distribution, which in 2019 recorded a turnover of + USD 27 million. The company has huge potential for growth of turnover and stakeholder returns Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008839 Investment in a high potential retail network in Kenya Kenya
100 We are bringing solutions to Malawians who struggle buying their favourite products online. its not easy to buys products from internationalE-commerce platforms like Amazon and Alibaba because of their delivery timeline to country like Malawi. So Since we are local online store and we have team up with more than 50 suppliers, third party sellers and retails to make online store easier to local Malawians. So we are seeking funds to rent out three wear houses in three major cities in Malawi [ Blantyre, Lilongwe & Mzuzu ]. and also buy offices equipments like chairs, desk and computers. we are looking to hire few stuff members in our wear house facilities. We are looking forward to expand our services to whole Malawi and our neighbouring countries like, Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008848 Pam-Bawa Store is an E-commerce platform that allows Malawians to sell and buy products online Malawi
100 Business will be in Southern Part in Tanzania specific Songea Region, Looking for Investment for the mineral Business for making future Business and I propose the use of money will be in phases from each stage we go on our projects for future i i will fund back after the profit of the Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008853 Hi All, in our area we found some rough Red Garnet were we tried using of local Machine and identify Tanzania
100 Agriculture, in which most industries and services depends on the raw material it provides and foreign currency it generate for importing inputs, is the mainstay of Ethiopian economy. Though it has significant role in the national economy of the country, it limited in cultural mode of production and subsistence farm household level for centuries. Considering the role of agriculture in the national economy and its mode of production, the government’s national development plant emphasis on the way private owners engaged in expanding large and mechanized farms, especially for those investing on export items too. In line with the government development plan in the agriculture sector and the whole national economy, the project, which mechanized one, is aimed to produce and supply white sesame seed, the so-called Humera type, to the world market. Through out the time, the project will starts its own oil mill. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008858 SESAME PRODUCTIONINVESTMENT PROJECT PROPOSAL IN ETHIOPIA Ethiopia
100 Fargo groups specializes in various departments, Fargo mines being one of the departments. An opportunity has arisen that is extremely lucrative and can be even more so for our investors. We are looking to establish a board of directors based on investments for the sake of the need that has arisen for 9200000 USD. This is a lucrative deal and will be found to be on par with entities like Sasol, and being based in Sasolburg where the entity was founded this makes it an even bigger opportunity for us together. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008364 Liquid coal mine opportunity up for grabs, needing an investor or investors to make this happen. South Africa
100 The business of second hand car parts and spares are growing fast. I intend to open a second hand spares and parts shop in an area where the business will grow fast and furious. Mr de Nobrega is the main head with years of experience regarding spare and part of cars as well as mechanical work on petrol and diesel motors. We are in need of investors as alone we do not have the financial means to start this business venture alone. Proposed use of the funds will go into lease and buying of written off cars to start the business as soon as possible herein for parts and spares. Future growth would be good as such a business grows fast in three to five years. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008369 Second hand car parts and spares shop South Africa
100 SBOfori Oasis, a resort & recreational center, is to be situated on the natural spread of mountains and hills of the Akuapem ranges. Its cool weather, the lush green vegetation and serene atmosphere, makes Akuapem a natural attraction to visitors and tourists. SBOfori is seeking funding in debt/equity to finance the construction of chalets, restaurants, recreational space, other buildings, purchase equipment and make land improvements. SBOfori Oasis will initially start by attracting visitors/tourists in the Ghanaian market: the middle-income class, expatriates, and corporates, Government Agencies etc. Later, it would simultaneously focus on the West Africa sub-Region and Diasporas travelling on holidays. The mini-golf tournaments are also meant to be a great attraction to golfers across Africa. It expects to achieve net revenue of about US$2.5 million by Year 3. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008875 SBOfori Oasis - A Resort & Recreational Center Ghana
100 Our company produce is Water purification and bottling of still/flavored water.looking to be in the top 10 stillwater producers in the next 5 years in South Africa.expanding with 2 more plants Seeking Investment AIDB-009370 The project will appoint 70% youth employees South Africa
100 This is because I believe that the world is moving in the direction of freelancing and therefore learning will be fundamental in order to succeed in such a world Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009388 An education streaming service, that targets higher, basic and learning enthusiasts South Africa
100 The objective of the Home Away from Home Project is focused to build a modern hostel facility for university students at the University for Development Studies, Nyankpala campus. Each bedroom will have the capacity to accommodate two students. Some of the services that will be provided for students in the facility are as follows; 1. Water purification to enable access to water all the time since water is a major challenge being faced. 2. Installation of solar panels to generate light when there is no light. 3. Each bedroom will be installed with an air conditioner to enable a comfortable environment since the temperature here in the Northern part of Ghana is high mostly ranging from 37°C-40°C. 4. Swimming pool and sports complex for entertainment purposes. 5. Supermarket, Cafeteria and a Pharmacy. 6. Library Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009071 Accomodation challenge for students has call for an opportunity to go into hostel business Ghana
100 We are lookig funds for strenghen our existing business and upen up our scopes of business. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009077 Our main area of focus of the production is Bull, Goats, and Pigs fattening and processing Tanzania
100 Processing of raw macadamia nuts into 100% organic macadmia butter Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009082 Organic macadamia butter factory South Africa
100 Preliminary Planning and Budgeting is done The “Tamale Quarters” is a development of four plots in the greater Tamale metropolitan area near the Tamale Airport, which is a Hub for travellers to the northern, western, and eastern Ghana region plus Burkina Faso. The plots will be developed for A. mixed use (approx. 46,000m²), B. Commercial zone (85,000m²), C. Estate area (50,000m²) and D. a smaller industrial zone (7,000m²). All properties also at Savelugu Nanton are now owned by the foundation’s chairman, Dr. Paul Biire Cossie. The timesheet is to start the flatwork with the second quarter 2022 and finish the entire project until fourth quarter 2026. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008887 Invest into a growing area - exclusive Ghana
100 The business intends to meet the needs of National and International Organizations and other companies by supplying quality goods and services.The goal in the long run is to turn any profits into giving back to the community through an Initiative that will improve the lives of people and communities through improved service provision. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008893 If not, all well known business men and women all over the world started with toddler steps, like us South Sudan
100 I am looking for interested investors to invest in Kenya. I have a connection to a 350 acres of land suitable for industrial or a techno city Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009409 Real estate development whether industrial or residential Kenya
100 Our mission: Café no Canto’s main aim is to provide a world class range of coffees and teas to both students and adults. We aim to to stand out from our competitors by establishing a café for students by students in our community.Due to the ongoing pandemic, Café no Canto has decided to open online in September before opening its physical café in December of 2021. This serves as an advantage for both customer and us the suppliers. It will not only ensure the safety of our consumers but the staff as well. This will also decrease the operational costs dramatically as consumers will be receiving their products at home and will be a convenient option as opposed to coming to the store. Promotional strategy • Soft launch opening followed by paid social media awareness campaign, including: • Promoted posts on Instagram / Facebook to target customer segments. • Paid advertising campaigns on websites. • Ongoing ‘business of the day’ campaign - targeting nearby workers with free coffee Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009096 Two students aspiring to open a cafe for students by students. South Africa
100 Focussed on mining Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009103 Need financing to finalize DMR arrangements and to setup infrastructure to start mines South Africa
100 Unlocking Botswana's Next Value Frontier. To list on Botswana Stock Exchange as a Special Purpose Acquisition Company with sole purpose of giving an Opportunity to own shares in the history lottery business in Botswana. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008713 FIRST SPAC FOR BOTSWANA FOR PROSPECTIVE INVESTORS IN BOTSWANA FIRST NATIONAL LOTTERY Botswana
100 the business is an automotive wholesale distribution company looking for funding to start the business of 30 million rands Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009411 automotive wholesale parts distribution South Africa
100 *MARILACK NIGERIA LIMITED* *Marilack Nigeria Limited is fully an indigenously owned Corporate Company registered with the apex statutory regulatory body-Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). With Registration No. RC1495018 and her Corporate Head Office is located in Lagos Nigeria with other branches spread Nationwide.* *Marilack's Service include but not limited to:* ∆ Sales & Supply of Hospital, Surgical, Medical and Laboratory Equipment. ∆ Real Estate (with subsidiary Company) AKLANDEX Real Estate & Property Ventures. ∆ Security & Surveillance Specialist: (CCTV/Solar, Sales, Services, Installation & Contractor). ∆ Automobile: Car sales, Spare parts, body work etc ∆ Dealer in all kinds of Automobile GPS Tracking System, Installations and Calibration of Vehicle Speed Limits. ∆ Maintenance, Sales, Servicing and installation of Industrial and Domestic Generating Set, Earth Moving and Caterpillar Equipments. ∆ Hiring of Equipments, brokerage and Consultancy Services. ∆ General Contractor. *Patronise MARILACK today for BUSINESS and a satisfactory SERVICE await YOU. Your FIRST opportunity of our service will definitely convinced You.* In our organization are a *team of dedicated and well motivated Engineers and other Professionals* awaiting to serve You. *You are just a call away from our services. Ring us/WhatsApp/Text on *Mr ODUH TITUS* GM Marilack Nigeria Ltd *Tel: 08090710081* *Chief Akere Owoniyi* MD/CEO Marilack Nigeria Ltd. *Tel: 08038529298* *HELP! HELP!*. On be have of marilack Nigeria Limited, I Oduh Titus the General Manager marilack Nigeria Limited here by Need your Connections to help Link us up with *Foreign Gold Miners Investors* that will buy our Gold mining field with License here in Nigeria. *Our Gold Mining Field with License is out for Sale and we are looking for an investors who will be interested to buy* all the necessary documents is available for an interested investors to do his research and verification. *Below is the Summary* *🪙GOLD MINING FIELD WITH LICENSE IS AVAILABLE FOR SALE🪙* *LOCATION:* ABUJA Nigeria *PRICE:* $3M Asking *DOCUMENTS: APPROVED LICENCES, SGS, PRE- FESIBILITY ASSESSMENT REPORT AND NECESSARY DOCUMENTS AVAILABLE* Our Company have done pre feasibility studies and came with a 4.2 tons of gold deposit at the site. the Company almost finished all the major processes with the ministry regarding permission to move to site and start mining only two things remain that is EIA and agreement with the community which we decided to leave to any buyer that will mine the site. the Mining land belong to us, the asking price is 3,000,000 USD. *We are ready to sent across all the necessary documents as regards to the above Subject* Thanks for Anticipating and Understanding. *(ODUH TITU)* *GM Marilack Nigeria limited* Selling Physical Goods or Products AIDB-009123 *MARILACK NIGERIA LIMITED* *Marilack Nigeria Limited is fully an indigenously owned Corporate Comp Nigeria
100 Enhancing food productivity, value addition through agro processing in to Food flours Marketing, profitability of Sorghum, groundnut, sesame maize in Nimule, Mugali and Opari Payams Magwi County Eastern Equatoria state. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009125 Sorghum ,groundnut , sesame maize Production and Value addition through agro processing in to food f South Sudan
100 Need funds to scale business. Need to appoint more agents to scale business. Envision to introduce online auctions to increase revenue Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009134 Need funds to scale business. Want to expand into selling properties via online auctions South Africa
100 Our company is Johannesburg Qualified Electroplaters Pty Ltd. It is a 100 % proudly South African company. The company was founded in May 2020, by a group of four highly motivated youth that was trained by an accredited aviation electroplating plant in South Africa. We all have trade test certificate accredited by Quality Council for trade and occupations (QCTO). Our vision is to become a leading global metal finisher. Our mission is to exceed the customer's expectations and meet their needs. We are committed to uphold the hold the highest standard of compliance. We aim obtain the latest version of ISO 9001 and NADCAP certification to bring a great impact in the metal finishing industry. We run our company by functional organizational structure were all departments are grouped together to achieve one goal. The organization aims to improve the country's economy by providing employment for the youth of South Africa. We also plan to implement a skill development programme (learne Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008441 We are Electroplating and Anodizing services provider South Africa
100 The following business plan outlines the proposal, development plan and most likely financial projections based upon the establishment of RuzCorp’s collection of highly optimized companies that offer a vertically integrated production process from cloning all the way through to distribution; to maximize yield efficiency and ensure a consistent level of operating excellence. RuzCorp has proposed two state of the art facilities for cannabis cultivation, production and distribution. These consist of a 1 858 sq. meter main production facility and 860sq. meter boutique facility which supports an annual yield of 13 600kg. This yield will offer products that include flowers and extracts that will be sold for wholesale, private label and branded products for up to R22 000 per kilogram. The facility will be highly optimized to produce yield at a fraction of industry energy costs, accomplished through the use of LED lighting which generates up to 2, 25 grams of product per watt versus the indus Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008446 To be a world leader in Cannabis production Zimbabwe
100 The Founder expects that the business will aggressively expand during the first three years of operation. As the real estate market returns to normal conditions, N. P. will be an excellent position to recognize profits from the sale of properties and Bricks. In the future, the business may seek to acquire additional capital for the acquisition of additional Mall type properties. The purpose of this business plan is to raise 2.900.000 USD for the acquisition of a 150 unit retail Mall showcasing the expected financials and operations over the next three years. Ny. Mall (“the Company”) is an Outapi based corporation that will provide rental services to retail stores in its targeted market. The Company was founded by Mr. Isai Z. H. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009436 Namibia Interesting Real Estate development project Namibia
100 With amazing and sustainable design, inspired by the warm city, with an architecture in line with Zanzibar's stunning nature and awesome natural surroundings, the world class resort is a unique idea and architecture concept where dreams and stories come true, inviting you to relax and savor the moment. Sell property as aparthotel rooms to various buyers and in return they can get up to 15% ROI per annum. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009148 Stunning Island of Zanzibar… The Ocean Pearl Zanzibar … Tanzania
100 Egg Laying Farm want to have a successful Poultry business. we want to produce egg and meat for market distribution. we are seeking investors to start production, help promote our business and take us to the next level of sales. our goal is to be the biggest producer in the poultry sector within the African Market. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008459 Land owner, wants to start Poultry Farm in Thies Senegal. Looking for investors to start production. Senegal
100 New Vision Bakery Solutions is located at Kalama market, machakos county kenya.its an upscaling Bakery focused on providing organic healthy and premium food products. Our products line fits nicely with health trends nationalwide. While people still needs pastries and baked goods. We want them to as a healthy as possible. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008752 NewVision Bakery solution- we are the leaders Kenya
100 TANGREEN COMPANY LTD is a limited private company incorporated in Tanzania. Our company deals with mineral prospecting (discoveries), exploration, mining development and production. TANGREEN COMPANY LTD deals with variety of minerals from gemstones to metals and non metals mining. We are seeking for business partners to fund our current Nickel ore mining along Hanet Hills of Kondoa district in Dodoma, Tanzania. The proposed US$600,000 is to cover the operating expenses for the first 3 months of operation. Demand of Nickel Ore is overwhelming since we have been receiving orders from different potential nickel ore buyers in Tanzania and oversies. TANGREEN COMPANY LTD expects to grow and become one of the bigest producer and supplier of Nickel ore in Africa. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008767 HANET NICKEL MINING PROJECT INVESTMENT PROPOSAL Tanzania
100 We require the funds to procure or lease equipment for exploration and processing the minerals for export Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009455 We seek funding to develop mining operation in Bauchi Nigeria Nigeria
100 A new private hospital called Y Den Hospital. The problem we are solving is to increase the intensity of the health system in Namibia as existing health facilities have weak foundations, incompetent professionalism& managerial capacity as well as technology to cure diseases across the country.This is a new venture and we are not operating on the contracts or pre-sales. We are targeting insured and medical aid clients .The more latest technologies in the hospital &exceptional health professionals we have, old and new patients will keep coming(increasing number of market share).Health targets all age groups and always on demand generation to generation. The funds will be used for : • Building the hospital • Buying medical equipments&Medicines • Advertisement • Induction&orientation training to new professional • Operational cash ALL Info: We are seeking for Debt financing or venture capital an amount of U$2,956,719.85.The business promise to payback the loan with interest inside of 7 years and that's in favorable terms. In worst case the business will pay back inside of 10years with 7.5% payback interests. We have very much impressive figures on the cashflow with feasible amortization. Kindly contact us for xls sheets. This is a start up business. We have all documents in place, project proposal, financial projection, company profiles for executive professionals as well as suppliers. We are targeting patients with medical insurance and medical aid cover. The market has weak competition as there is a lack of health care facilities in the country.Proffesionalism,latest technological assets and managerial capacity are the greatest weapon to defeat competitors. The demand of good health in the country is at peak level as we speak. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009459 A private hospital to Provide medicines, treat illness, diseases, surgeries , Medical care Namibia
100 Funds for rent, equipment and stock Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009461 Party things in demand South Africa
100 Click a Candidate is looking for funding to start up the company. Have working capital to ensure general expenses can be covered and that the Click a Candidate application can be developed. Investor money will be used for those purposes to ensure that the company grow, brand awareness is created and that marketing is done effective. • Local employment and recruiting for corporate companies at the click of a button, using Click a Candidate. • Streamlining recruitment process by eliminating steps that are time consuming within the hiring process. • Matching the best candidates with the company, agency or recruitment requirements, ensuring for fit for purpose hires. Our mission is to address the process and to ensure we create a process that is functional not only for the user, but also for the any person that needs to appoint a candidate. We strive to deliver the best candidate or candidates at the click of a button by the use of our system. Click a Candidate is looking for startup funding of $15000. This amount can be investment or loan as at the value 8% equity is available The current marketplace in the Rustenburg area. Our current target market consists of large and medium sized enterprises with an annual labour turnover of more than ZAR 500k. Our competitive advantage and niche lies in the implementation of our services and form the basis of our Servicing Strategy. Click a Candidate we can assist local communities to be added to our database and therefor better the individual’s chances for employment. Contracting companies rendering services for the larger corporates in the area, can now choose their required skill on our system without going into the local communities and do their employment through our system. This removes the risk and safety concerns as raised by the companies we spoke to in the mining industry. The Positioning Strategy in the marketplace is unique. By assisting large and medium companies with Click a Candidate, we will eliminate the threats currently in the system, as well as speed up the recruitment process for local employment. Dion Denton: Director. Dion has more than 20 years experience within the mining industry. Project management, education, onboarding systems, processes and streamlining of the process. Regional management, finances, budgets and implementation of policy and procedures CAPM qualified Rudi Jansen van Rensburg Director Rudi has more than 4 years of experience within education, trainimg and development. Senior operations, expense analysis, data analysis, payment structures and streamlining of business processes. Qualifications: BPsych NQF 8 Diploma Human Resources Management Certificate Human Talent Management Certificate Organizational behaviour and perception TEFL Professional Member: Career Development Practioner Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009471 State of the art recruitment platform that matches the best candidate with the hiring requirements. South Africa
100 The Khomasdal private hospital will cater mainly for state officials and average income bracket. The hospital is ideally located with in the Capital city of Namibia . 110beds is the first phase. with Doctors rooms , surgical rooms ,casualties etc. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008471 New private hospital 110 bed in Nambia's capital city is searching for funding! Namibia
100 The hospital was established on the philosophy of arresting outflowing medical tourism by providing a diverse set of treatment services, based on technological excellence and exceptional patient care. It is still renowned for the diversity of its specialty services offered under one roof, with-in the country. It has been consistently growing its revenues at 7% CAGR, its EBITDA at 8%, and PBT at 11%. It has now outgrown its current facilities and would like to embark on an expansion project, to cater for an expanding market segment and consumer base, to build a larger facility to accommodate increasing demand, in a better location. Land for expansion is available. Growth strategy is based on utilizing technological innovation to cater the needs of an ever growing consumer base. The hospital is looking for a strong partner, to have a share of the existing business, and jointly invest in the expansion project. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008481 Offer of an equity stake in a profitable and reputable hospital Ethiopia
100 Gold Mine area covers 3.5 sq km to be extended to 38 sqkm locaton 15 kms from shiyanga town Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009533 Gold Miner in Tanzania looking for individual investor Tanzania
100 Howard Hughes Namibia has been operating on small scale in Namibia with income below $18,000.00 per month. Therefore, we do not have company assets.• The funds will be used for • Construction of 135 houses • Marketing of houses 60% of Namibian population are low income earners and don't have proper shelter as housing prices has escalated above beyond their earnings. Therefore this is such a great opportunity for them. Competition is relatively low We have • Project manager with more than 20years of experience(CV present) • Quantity surveying with 15years of experience(CV present) • Architecture with more than 20 years of experience(CV present) • Building material suppliers with good reputation. We are seeking for Debt financing or venture capital an amount of U$4,670,549.16.The business promise to pay back the loan with interest inside of 7 years and that is in favorable terms. In worst case, the business will pay back inside of 10years with 7.5% payback interests. We have very much impressive figures on the cash flow with feasible amortization. Kindly contact us for xls sheets. Our company has very low financial history and assets. Since it has been operating on small scale, there’s hope to build good financial reputation in the future once our development begins. Robert Shituleni(founder) Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009608 Construction of 135 Low income Houses Namibia
100 I'm looking for an investment to open a car repair shop and cars part sales in Angola. It is a profitable business with great demand in Angola. I already have the space to build the workshop. Right now i am looking for investment to purchase the equipment and build the workshop or rent a workshop. I am open to negotiation. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009647 I'm looking for an investment to open a car repair and car parts sale. It is a profitable business. Angola
100 BGSE work with a panel of niche, specialist lenders and investors. Our connections invest in projects worldwide. Our connections can raise finance & funding from $1m USD to $1b + USD. 100% Funding is possible No Personal Guarantee No Credit Checks No Asset Verification Closing timeline - often as little as 120 days Low Underwriting fee Flexible repayment terms Would you like the opportunity to raise finance in this way? Have you been refused finance or funding for your project? Are you finding it difficult to raise funds? Complicated financial situations welcome. Our connections invest in: Construction, housing (government + private), hospitals, healthcare, hotel construction, refurbishment, acquisition, renewable energy, mining projects, business expansion, restructure or dept, new start up projects, fintech and much, much more. If you have a great project we have access to the finance. If you feel our connections could help you or your clients looking for funding please do not hesitate to connect with us. We might have a dynamic, bespoke solution just for you. Kind regards Gary Other AIDB-009772 Worldwide Project Funding. Our connections can invest in projects worldwide from $1m USD- $1b + USD South Africa
100 To solve the loss during post harvest of tomatoes during post harvest and transportation to the factory,FRIZOLIS created an innovation of mobile tomato paste processing plant. Rwanda doesn't have any other tomato paste processing plant, the reason why we discovered a mobile industry to solve the tomato harvest. FRIZOLIS is joint venture between farmers cooperative(URUGERO) regrouping over 2,450 farmers and MPC (a processing company) to add value of tomatoes harvest. We are on incisive step, from domestic equipment to industry. Seeking $100,000 USD - the balance to pay including shipping to the country Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009777 To pay the balance fees for mobile tomato paste processing plant Rwanda
100 We are currently into the business of recycling used engine oil and the bottom residue of our process is suitable for carbon black production. We want to set up a 10 - 15 metric tons per day carbon black plant. We can also grow the business by using natural gas to produce carbon black. We require a technical and financial partner with experience in the carbon black industry to progress. Find Business Partner AIDB-009785 We need a technical and financial partner to set up a 10-15Tons per day carbon black plant. Nigeria
100 My business is mainly going to manufacture ovacado oil which is one of the healthiest food at the moment seeking funds to start an ovacado oil factory because they ready raw material which is ovacado. Am planning to expand it in the near future and look for market in Europe and America. Am seeking for an investment of about 100,000 US $ which will use to buy the machines , land is already available and raw materials. This should be equity fund. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009866 Ovacado oil manufacturing Kenya
100 Studio Blaque is a privately owned company, founded in 2021 by Gaynor Manuel and is a creative, design and manufacturing company focused on brand innovation. Our main objective is to deliver an impactful, innovative and practical solution that grabs the attention of consumers and shoppers and influence their ultimate purchase decisions. Our main target is the liquor distributors. More bars and restaurants are also exploring point of sale designs to improve the establishment. Forecasts for next year predict that there will be a steady increase in sales as most businesses are now back due to the move to level 1 lockdown due to Covid-19. This demand for point of sale services is a tremendous opportunity. Studio Blaque is posed to take advantage of these changes and expects to become a recognised name and profitable entity in the city’s point of sale design market. Studio Blaque’s management team is made up on 4 members. Gaynor Manuel, CEO and founder of Studio Blaque, received a Master’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Cape Town. She continued her training in Business Management, mentoring and Quality Management Systems with various other institutions. She has over 7 years experience in the manufacturing industry. Rob Nyandoro, technical director, began his passion for point of sale draughtiness, engineering and production 11 years ago. Rob secured work on numerous liquor brands and retail stores. The position afforded him the experience of overseeing all aspects of design projects. Edwin Tawenga, business strategist, has a B.Comm degree from the university of South Africa. He has over 15 years experience in property management. Professor Bvumbirai, sales ans marketing manager, has an honors degree in business finance from the university of London. He has more than 10 years experience in strategic and analytical knowledge. Studio Blaque is at the startup phase with no financial history. Financial forecast is available as part of the business plan. Studio Blaque requires funding of $100,000 to cover startup and operating costs for the first 6 months. Studio Blaque plans to pay up the loan within a long term period of 5 years. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009871 Studio Blaque is a one stop shop that designs, procure and manufactures point of sale items. South Africa
100 Hi there.I am a young farmer, farming with my dad in South africa, looking for an investor to help on the farm. At this stage we are short funded at the moment. We have got lots of water + irrigation rights from the elandsriver Mpumalanga. We can do citrus, lemons, peacan, macadamia in the area between Nelspruit and Watervalboven Mpumalanga province RSA. We have developt the farm allready all we need is a jumpstart and we(me and my dad) are willing to talk about shares or profit share. I was scrolling the internet, looking for someone to invest in our business, i hope you can see the way forward to help us or send us in a good direction. I can send you photos of our farm and sheepfeedlot ready for sheepfeeding for 1800 head + under roof aswell . Thank you sir, i will appreciate any news back from you Regards Willem Koch ‪0842978442‬ Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009274 Farming investment opportunity of a lifetime.Includes opportunities like livestock or citrus farming South Africa
100 Marypuli Investment is a Conglomerate company dealing in Transportation, Real estate, Theme and Amusement parks, Reason for funds is to kick start the Transportation business which is one of the highest growing industries in Namibia due to the Liquidation of the National Airline. The funds will be used to purchase equipment (2-3 Bus/Coaches). our vision is to have 10-15 buses/coaches which will operate all over the country and across the border on a first class level. Transport Industry is one of the largest growing Industries in Namibia due to the high demand for Bus transport as a result of the Liquidated National Airline as of 2021, statistics show that the former Airline passengers opted for Bus transport due to high rate of car accidents. The current trend in the transportation business is the typical open market , where passengers board the buses in an unorganized manner,with no care service ,What we plan on doing differently is to have a private bus station for pick ups and drop offs. Our competition is very narrow , We will be the first local Road transportation to have a tracking device, WIFI, snacks and refreshments served , toilet facilities , entertainment system, Bus Attendants and Drivers in uniform, we also want to maintain safety by providing scheduled departure & arrival times to allow passengers to be punctual also to ease pressure on the drivers not to over speed.Our no.1 priority is SAFETY. Our Executive team structure consists of : Managing Director, Manager, Accountant, Sales Agents,IT specialist, Bus drivers and Bus Attendants. Our Managing Director served in the Aviation industry (National Airline for 30 years) as a Cabin Attendant (CA), Cabin Controller (CC), Senior Cabin Controller (SCC), whose duties were as follows ; Safety officer , Medical Aviation Officer, Passenger handling/Customer care , Liaison between Cockpit Crew(Pilots) , Cabin Crew and passengers as well as to oversee Cabin related issues (Team leader). who was then promoted to Head: Cabin Crew Administration ,whose duties were as follows ; Crew management , i.e Initiating Disciplinary hearings , Counseling and Appraisals. Simultaneously served the Head Of State and his Ministerial Delegation for 12 years( professional services). Capital required is US$ 250,000 on an Equity Investment , Terms and Conditions are as follows; 1. Hands-on shareholder (50% stake) with a day-to-day involvement and an attendance in all company routine meetings, 2. Investor has right to withhold or sell his stake in the company in the near future with regards to the company's financial state. 3. Investor Is given the platform to share his/her opinion Start-up company Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009794 Marypuli Investment (striving for excellence delivery) Namibia
100 we want funding to buy erfs(land) to build houses/townhouses/flats , to sell and / or lease land . Buy old houses to renovate , then sell it or rent it out in Windhoek City. Our mission is to expand our business to all regions in the country and to have our own estate. 1.Size Real Estate is one of the most lucrative businesses in Namibia , and is one of the largest growing businesses to date. 2. Trends Being one of the most lucrative businesses its also quite costly , housing in Namibia is very expensive and the demand has only gone up. 3. Competition Although very high , we will offer reasonable prices on our property and all our designs wil be mordern. 4. Opportunity the opportunities are endless , there are many old houses to be bought and renovated and also a plethora of erfs to buy and develop. We want to build a team that will work together with standard procedures and processes . We have made a provision for the following positions: 1. Chief Excecutive Officer 2. Project Manager 3. Civil Engineer 4. Quantinty Surveyor 5. Land Surveyor 6. Company Lawyer 7. Agents 8. Admin and HR Manager 9. Business Developer 10. Architecture 11. Front desk officer/ Secretary COMPANY STATUS: Start-up (not yet funded) Amount required US$ 300,000 Type of Investor : shareholder with a 60% stake in the company. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009895 Striving for excellence delivery Namibia
100 ORIOM GH. is an enterprise that was established in 2016 and registered in 2019. Our aim is raising live pigs for slaughtering. The end product will be pork which will be sold to various butcheries, restaurants and abattoirs in the nearby city. We will raise the pigs at our farm . We will have 100 sows and 7 boars for our project in the first year of operation. We will raise our pigs until they are baconers. They will have a live weight of 70Kg or more before we slaughter them. Currently, ORIOM GH. has excess of 50 pigs that are been raised. The increase in demand of our product has propelled us to expand our farm to a modern and healthy choice among others. Most important to us is our financial success and we believe this will be achieved by offering high-quality pork while minimizing costs. We have created financial projections based on our experience and knowledge of the area. With a start-up expenditure of GHS 400,000 we will generate annual sales of more than GHS 1,800,000 in sales by the end of the second year, and produce good net profits. ORIOM GH. has a lease land of over 100 hactres for the 2021 farming season of which we are fully going into a large scale soyabeans and maize for the local and international markets. We intent to use part of the land for our poultry business which will serve the large markets. since ghana import more than what is produce in the country. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008005 WE ARE FARM AGREGGATOR FOR MAIZE AND SOYABEANS, WE HAVE AQUIRED A LAND FOR PULTRY FARM AND PIGERY. Ghana
100 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1. Business concept: Private interurban transportation of people using only electric cars and solar power to charge the cars. 2. The opportunity: what is the problem we are solving? Lack of comfort, efficiency and safety in cabs. 3. Traction: We tested the business model in 2019. 4. Business model: how will we generate revenue? Private transportation of people. 5. The need for capital: what will the funds be used for? • Purchase of the property • Purchase of land next to the building • Construction of 100 additional parking spaces • Construction of a car wash • Construction of a workshop • Vehicle purchase • Purchase of chargers and photovoltaic system. • Infrastructure (installation of chargers and photovoltaic system) • First year operating costs 6. Key financial forecast figures: • Operating expenses: $ 785,200 • Operating income (year 1): $ 638,000 • Operating income (year 2): $ 1,000,000 • Operating income (year 3): $ 3,000,000 • Number of clients: 100,000 • Conversion rate: 10% the first three years 7. The executive team • Managing Director: Ardit Memba • Accountant: Manuel Kote • Marketing: Jonathan Ndjocu • Innovation and Development: Arsenio Salomón. 8. Overview of financial performance From the annual benefits of the first year, estimated at $ 638,000, if 35% of the taxes, operating costs, amortizations and depreciations and interest on the loan or investment are subtracted, we would have for the first year an approximate result of -584,643 $. 9. Proposed Investment Transaction Clearly state 1. How much capital we are seeking (USD) $ 25.009.105 2. The type of capital, i.e.: debt, convertible debt, equity or venture capital. Debt or equity 3. The terms, i.e. interest rate, % equity. Debt: 4% Equity: 20%. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-007994 Private interurban trasnportation company using only electric vehicles. Equatorial Guinea
100 Executive Trace Line (Proprietary) Limited is interested in buying a plot measuring 14 2502 ha for the establishment of a Shopping Complex with a filling station. Upon approval of the loan, the company intends to construct a one-stop shopping center which will house the following structures a filling station, supermarket, takeaway, a butchery, saloon, and office space for Small Micro Medium Enterprises (SMMEs). The filling station and the supermarket will be the main center of attraction in the shopping mall and will take the bigger space. The proposed project will make use of simple sales strategy. First, it will create a shopping environment that will create confidence in the customer that will assure them of getting fresh and quality products. Secondly, the shopping centre will be made in such a way which will make it easy to navigate, so customer can get in and out as quickly as possible. The focus will be on helping the customer identify what they want as soon as they enter one the shops butchery, saloon and general dealer. On the other hand the Filling Station and the convenience store will focus on becoming routine stop for the commuter traffic, not just for those people who need fuel, but for those who are looking for a healthy, tasty snack on their drive, or need to pick up some small grocery items on their way home or their destinations. The proposed filling station and convenience store will aim to be more than a fuel filling station to its customers; it will be a friendly place to stop for tired tourists, Executive Trace Line (Pty) Ltd is 100% citizen owned company and it has been operating since 2019. One of the sole directors will be at the forefront of the project serving as the Managing Director and charged with the responsibility formulating and stirring the business’s strategy. As the project promoter his contribution will be in financing and investing activities, performance appraisal, strategic management and analysis and project valuation. He is the holder of Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources Management and 10years working experience as a HR Practitioner. He is currently employed as Senior HR Officer, a position he has held from January 2018 to date. Prior to that he has held a position of Administration Officer Statistics Botswana (the then Central Statistics Office). Executive Trace Line (Pty) Ltd is looking for a loan of US$ 500, 000 in the form of a debt. This involves increase in inflation, tax rates and changes in interest rates. Therefore proper investment appraisal methods will be used and these aspects will be factored in when appraising investments so as to reduce the risk of financial loss. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009890 Request for Funding to Develop Gas Station & Shopping Complex Botswana
100 For the purchasing of farm, and processing equipment and working capital Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009283 I am interested in African food processing and farming on my own Land in Margibi County, Liberia. Liberia
100 Probiotic beverage plant with 5.000 l / day capacity and copyright technology. We are looking for investors cooperating with our Italian financial institute partners. PMBBC manages a cooperation with African company owners expanding their production, African facilitator partnes and Italian finance institutes. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009835 Probiotic beverage plant - unique in entire Africa - for 4 M $. Nigeria
100 We are currently constructing a 72 room 5 Star modern hotel at a cost of USD 14m along Lake Malawi. The development is at 75% completion stage. Interior design and supply of FF&E are from Turkey. 14 containers of FF&E are already delivered in Malawi. However, we have run out funds to complete building structures. We therefore are looking for investors to take up anything from 10% to 50% shares. Lake Malawi is one of the most beautiful clean water lakes in the world. Malawi is a very friendly country free from political and or civil unrests. Malawi is a very friendly and profitable destination for investors. The Main Gross Domestic Income of Malawi is Agriculture, Tourism and Precious Stones Mining. Therefore, tourism plays a big roll in Malawi's economy. The hotel will be managed by one of the reputable hotel management firms from South Africa. Skyview Resort is a new company under Skyview Holding Limited. Skyview Holding Limited company has got Skyview View Department Stores, Skyview Transport Limited, Skyview Properties and Skyview Resort Limited subsidiary companies. All the companies are in Malawi. The amount required to complete the development is approximately USD 1.4m which is approximately 10% of the shareholding. However, we are prepared to sell up to 50% shareholding in order to have equal equity should the investor wishes to do so. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009916 A 5 Star, modern 72 roomed hotel development along the beautiful Lake Malawi, Mangochi, Malawi Malawi
100 Free Estate will be a project of 60 apartments and duplex , a shopping center, offices, a pharmacy, a sports hall and a playground. Free Estate will serve the residents and businesses operating in Douala Cameroon (the ecomonic Capital of Cameroon). The area we serve is affluent and has the disposable income/profits required to demand off-premises catering services Free Estate will use several strategies to promote its name and develop its brand. By using an integrated marketing strategy, Free win clients and develop consistent revenue streams Cameroon in one of the most important Country in Africa and the most important in central Africal but the real estate business it still somethink new and stange for his population we can sait with insurrance in cameroon apart of government social housing we don’t have a concret real estate property.This project will allow the population of the country to easily be owner of a house (apartment, duplex, villa) and help the diaspora to easily buy property in Cameroon Free Estate will employ an experienced director and assistant to help with various administrative duties around the office. Assistant’s has experience working with C-level executives and has spent significant time as an administrator this is the link to the business plan ( To make the project a success we need between 3 million dollars that will be a investment into a fund structure or equity Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009919 creation of a real estate project in the Economic capital of Cameroon (Douala) Cameroon
100 It is widely known that English is one of the most spoken language in the world; having a basic understanding of English will not only help with communication it could also widen ones opportunities and equip you in any endeavours. I have already bought the land which cost £13500 25/40ms This is for children aged between 3years and 16 years. The major objective of initiating per-schools is to bring up children by promoting and enriching the experiences so far acquired by the children from community and family in such areas as religion, languages, culture, health care etc. At primary and secondary school levels the government aims at improving access and enrolment levels due to the fact that in the past the education system was characterized by high drop-out rates mainly due to poor teaching methods by Universal Primary Education teachers who were themselves failures at primary school levels. The fact that early childhood education leaves an imprint so seeking 150.000 to construct. No near competition to our planned education centre around 3000 dwellings we provide for education and many have more than 3 children so demand is out stripping the supply. Mr Mamadou Bah local Guinea Businessman having gained a BA in Business Administration is providing local and expert knowledge for the Education Centre , Mr Mike Drew Having gained a BA in sales and MBA in international business having lived in Africa for a number of years and represented Cfi Worldco Inc as a country manager and run a factory in Asia , Been a head teacher for ESL English in China for over 8 Years feels more than qualified to help launch this project in 2022. The financial model below A- DEVIS R+4 DU CONPLEXE SCOLAIRE ECOLE I -Installation et Fondations No Désignation Unit Qté P Unit P TOTAL I I- LOT 00 1 Installation et Piquetage fft 1 3,500,000 3,500,000 Sous Total 00 3,500,000 B Scavation/ Fouille 1 Fouille en rigole 50cm x 40cm ml 135 30,000 4,050,000 3 Fouille en trous 1.2 x1.2 x1.5 m U 48 400,000 19,200,000 Sous Total 01 23,250,000 C Fondations 1 Sable de 10m3 Charg 2 1,300,000 2,600,000 2 Gravier Charg 5 1,200,000 6,000,000 3 Fils polyane m2 175 10,000 1,750,000 4 Fer a beton 12 Ucrainien T 2 13,000,000 26,000,000 5 Fer a beton 06 Ucrainien T 0.8 13,000,000 10,400,000 6 Fils d'Attache kg 30 17,000 510,000 7 Planche de Coffrage U 60 650,000 39,000,000 8 Chevrons U 50 45,000 2,250,000 9 Pointes Kg 30 30,000 900,000 10 Eaux fft 1 1,500,000 1,500,000 11 Sekalite Kg 80 20,000 1,600,000 12 Ciment 42.5 T 8 1,700,000 13,600,000 Sous Total 01 106,110,000 Starting early next year draw down will be for construction of classrooms / assembly room , gym , teachers offices , toilet facilities , play grounds different age groups, library , Computer room , Seeking $150.000 usd as total cost will be 300.000, usd we have developers and engineers and strong management , Utility services and local construction teams Electricity from the main grid at Labe reigon passes through the village and is about five hundred (500) meters from the site where the school. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009981 A Fantastic opportunity for a smart investor we are seeking finance for a education centre Guinea
100 Import Solar equipments from international markets into Kenya and the larger African markets to capture opportunites that have vast Business potential. These includes Lighting (indoor and outdoor), heating, pumping for both private and public clients. Cladis Limited is located in the Kenyan capital - Nairobi and has two main directors and another company as a shareholder. Currently running a consumer goods business but keen to venture into other opportunities. Renewable energy is not fully adopted in these markets but has got huge potential as it offers a solutiuon and also a high cost saving outcome. Cladis Limited is located in the Kenyan capital - Nairobi and has two main directors and another company as a shareholder. Currently running a consumer goods business but keen to venture into other opportunities. Renewable energy is not fully adopted in these markets but has got huge potential as it offers a solutiuon and also a high cost saving outcome. Open to discussing the structure with a potential investor Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009902 Renewable Energy projects in kenya and within the region including Lighting, Heating and pumping. Kenya
100 Diaspora Security Company Limited is a Kenyan Company registered under company Acts, 2015. The company is at Start Up status. The financesof the founder went down due to the impact of COVID-19 and that's why he is seeking investors who are willing to invest. The willing investor will be made a shareholder or a director of the company in accordance to the Constitution of Kenya. The investor will enjoy the rights of working in Kenya and reap the benefits of his or her investment. There is availability of market for a security company as long as it meets the required standards of a security company. Competition is at good level as long as the company has facilities, equipments, qualified manpower, and machines meeting standards of a modern security company. Kelvin Agasa Isalamba is the co-founder of Diaspora Security Company Limited. He was a Security Guard, Security Dog Handler and a Field Supervisor of KK Security a Company of Gardaworld. He graduated with Diploma in Criminal investigation and Forensic Science. He saw a gap in between employment and unemployment amongst Kenyans and decided to start a fully registered security private company to increase the level of employability in Kenya. What inspired him most was how marketable is security company and its services. With good capital, security company pick up very well without much struggle. The company is at start up mode. Business plan is on the ground and there is 100% assurance that with enough Capita invested, the company will enter in market very fast to create cash flow since the founder has previous experience on how to acquire customers/clients for the company. The company is seeking 100,000-500,000 USD in order to kickstart its activities. The investor is free to visit the company or conduct a company search before investing to confirm if the company is really registered under company Acts. The investor will then make decisions if his or her investment is a debt, equity, grant or so on. This will be made formally between the investor and the company to ensure that the investor has fully right to his or her investment in accordance with the Law. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009930 Security Companies are doing really good in Kenya and the surrounding countries. Kenya
100 Poultry is a quick income generating scheme with ability to diversify into provision of chicken, eggs or chicks. The company will also expand into on ground provision of feeds for the different stages of chicks. The demand for all these is high however no on ground supply are available already hence a great opportunity to explore and extremely profitably in supplying all the available hotels and restaurants with both eggs and chicken in addition to domestic demands Presently one cock costs about 1500ssp(4USD) and boiled egg costs ( .25USD) which price can be reduced further and thus rise the standards of living of the people Wau being the second biggest town in south sudan after Juba has vast market need with both Hotels and restaurants in dire need. The predominate one is local breed causing any meal with chicken cost about 4$ .The population is ever growing and hence an extension in the future can enable areas like Kuajok which is warrap state capital just 2 hours way to be supplied too and Aweil which is some kilometers away The team comprises of an Expert in poultry production and assistant lecturer in university of Bhar el Ghazal with several marketers and managers of various capacities, A financial controller On this financial model the company focuses on initially on the layers side being able to generate 30 trays of eggs per day and these shall be sold at a rate of 960ssp per tray and thus 28800ssp per day which about 72$ per day from this business side.Thus total monthly income from this business is 2,160$ on the broilers we target at least being able to have a monthly sales of 1000 broilers for the start at a rate of 600ssp per piece hence a total income of 600,000ssp(1500$) The total business monthly gross income becomes 3,660$ and hence considering return on investment of 20%,Operational expenses of 50% and salaries of 20% and Business re-imbursement of 10%.Thus the business grows at 10% of its initial investment considering other factors constant.The initial operational costs are high due to housing, feeds and other requirements necessary for business start initial structures setup and preparation of land which includes clearing, making of feed troughs, shelter etc -3000$ procuring of birds and feeds from suppliers and staffing -3000$ Emergency and contigency-1000 Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009925 CREST PAULTRY PROJECT IN WESTERN BHAR EL GHAZAL STATE South Sudan
100 The business needs funding for start up costs which including green houses, electricity, machinery, training of personnel At present there is no competition in the market as this is new opportunity At present we have not started as we need funding for starting the business but there is great potential Seek $500000 Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009956 We have land of about 20 hectares and need investors for cannabis farms. Lesotho
100 The conventional (NON-ORGANIC) smoothie manufacturing project consists of the installation of a smoothie factory with the Afrivestal Drinks Sarl manufacturing plant to be based in Togo. Why is the installation of this smoothie factory so important? According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) report, post-harvest losses for the African continent account for about 37% of production and are estimated at $48 billion per year, equivalent to Togo's GDP in 2017. Source: FAO, published by It is clear from the FAO report that a smoothie factory will help to begin to end fruit waste in Togo and the rest of Africa, as smoothies are made from a mixture of several fruits, unlike ordinary juices. Current Investor offer: Having presented the project one of Africa largest Bank BOAD (The West Africa Development Bank) in Lomé / Togo, the bank found the project very attractive and had made an offer of 35% of the total amount of 18 million Euro. Smoothie considered as healthier drinks compared to ordinary juice has enormous market potential in Africa with its 1.4 billion consumers. Smoothie is healthier because it has no added sugar, no added colorant, no added preservative, and no added additive. Our own market research has demonstrated that consumers in Africa are eagerly looking for healthy drinks. ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) market size alone of 420 million consumers with Nigeria which cover more than 50% of it is an important market size not to cancel. The plant location Togo is ideal for its proximity to Nigeria whereby the cost of logistic for finished goods will be minimal. With recent advent of the African Continental Free Trade Area which kicked off on 1st January 2021, the flow of trading will have positive impact on export the finished good since 96% of finished goods will exported to the continent. there is no direct competition of other smoothies brands currently in Africa. • Mr. Benjamin Agboli - MA, MSc - project CEO 15 years of professional and 10 years of entrepreneurial experience. Mr. Agboli is co-owner of two family-owned Smoothies companies in UK including SINCERE DRINKS LTD ( and Willimott House Ltd ( • Dr. Yaovi Bouka - Deputy Project Director, Executive Vice President and Treasurer of Force Leadership Africa, Vice President Finance and Administration of NCKI ( and consultant for over 30 years with IG Wealth Management ( - Canada • Mr. Koffi Toulabo - SAP Finance Certificate, CNAM, EPSI Special advisor for the installation of the SAP system - France • Mrs Francine Beleyi - MA Head of Marketing - United Kingdom • Miss Ayawa Akomatsri - BSc. MA (ongoing course, final year) Marketing Assistant - France • Prof. Kodjo Agbossou - Ing, Ph.D, MS.IEEE Engineer, special advisor for plant construction and equipment evaluation. • Mr. Maynard Mutamuko - ACA (ICAEW), CA (ICAZ), B.PGD This is new project and we are seeking funding. The total amount of the project is 18 million euro or roughly 20.8 million US$. BOAD (The West African Development Bank) has already offered 35%. We are therefore seeking to find the balance of 10 million US$ minimum or 13 million US$ maximum in either in the form of debt or equity in the business. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009951 Tropical fruits smoothie production plant United Kingdom
100 I wish to startup an Elution plant in Matebeleland South in Zimbabwe . It's a Gold mining business that can be good if marketed perfectly. It can yield $12000-$28000 a month. The amount being borrowed will be used for building tanks for leaching and also installation of 2 boilers . Once this is achieved we can operate the business for 6months assuming the income is at $25000 per month. We can grow our business by opening another site in another location.$100 000 can be enough to setup the same structure . Then lastly after 6 months as well we can open another site assuming site A gave us $100 000 again in 6months then we add let's say $60000 for site B . Site C can be established. Then we know we have spent 2 years growing the business and at the same time repaying the business using the reducing balance method. After 2 years one can look forward to a debt free income and above $50000 income per month. My main goal is to grow the business increase the income and also create employment. Matebeleland South has got quite a number of small scale mine. These will be out target market. We can obviously approach Blanket Mine and other major companies to bring their excess products if they have any . My goal is to work side by side with the bigger companies. Currently there are 2 similar companies servicing Gwanda area. As mentioned above, I have a diploma In Accountancy I hold a qualification to self manage the business and with the assistance of 2 guys working on the ground. If the business expands into 3 different sites out team will have a total of 8 employees. The smaller the team the better the returns. Taxes paid will be less than those of huge companies but yet the income will be huge. If my idea is well executed it will be the best business to invest in or lend your money to start it up. All repayments will be met either on a monthly basis or of and however the lender/ investor would want the returns to be paid. The company will be a new start up. As highlighted above the company can have a monthly income between $12 000 and $28000 a month ie for 1 site. If we'll marketed. It can grow to 3 sites in different locations with 2 boilers per site . If we'll executed monthly income can go up to more than $50 000 a month after paying back the loans and building. I am seeking and amount between $50 000-$100 000. An amount of $50 000 allows the company to rent the premises and buy the necessary equipment. On the other hand $100 000 allows the company to buy a stand erect the infrastructure whilst owning the premises this will come in very handy as security measures can be effected like safes lockable gated and all without the intimidation from the lessor as the owner of the business will be a woman. All the capital will be used to secure equipment. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009980 Not much labour but great returns. $12000-$25000 a month can be the expected returns before expenses Zimbabwe
100 Having numerous business opportunities in this sector our company would like to invest in 500MW Biomass power plant which will be situated in Mbeza Namwala district in Southern province of Zambia which is going to reduce the power deficit in Zambia as such G N Renewable Power Ltd is looking for an equity partner to invest in our company. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009987 There are numerous opportunities in energy sector in Zambia and our company is looking partners Zambia
100 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY OF THE COMPANY Mama Enrika trucking is a new medium- and long-haul dry van trucking business based on Juba, Central Equatorial State and founded by young entrepreneurs Andruga Mike. Mama Enrika trucking will serve businesses in the multiple routes within the country regions and East and Central African countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Sudan and DRC Congo with freight hauling and logistics management services. The business will develop a reputation for its on-time and accurate service as well as sophisticated Web and software functionality, allowing clients to align their business with Mama Enrika trucking's services and scheduling automatically. The business will be managed by Andruga Mike Francis, CEO, and a Chief Operating Officer. Mama Enrika trucking can be launched for about SSP 1,500,000,000, largely with the investment of Andruga Mike Francis, and with some investment by investing partners. The business will be launched with three 18-wheeler. MARKET ANALYSIS SUMMARY The Mama Enerika’s trucking company serves as a key link between raw material suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers in most industries. The company includes dry van, flatbed and bulk/tank trucking over short-haul (up to 100 miles), medium-haul (100 to 250 miles), and long-haul (250 miles and up). Mama Enerika’s trucking will compete in the market for medium and long haul dry van trucking in the East and Central Africa countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi, Sudan and DRC Congo and multiple routes within the country regions. This market serves businesses ranging from the packaged goods/grocery industry to the clothing industry to high-tech equipment, as well as commercial relocations. Customers which require frequent dry van shipping generally have the appropriate-sized loading dock for the standard 9' high, 8' 6" wide, and 53’ length dry van cargo area. MARKET SEGMENTATION The market analysis table covers likely mark. 1. CEO is responsible for: a) Coordinating and controlling efficiency operations of the company core activities b) Scheduling and allocation of staff to duties and trucks operations 2. Accountant is responsible for: a) Managing books of accounts and payrolls b) Advising the CEO on effective allocation of funds and investment capabilities 3 . Logistics engineer (administrator) is responsible for: a) Operation scheduling b) Maintenance scheduling 4. Drivers and w/house manager responsibilities  Day to day operation include shipping and stores management SSP 1,500,000,000, largely with the investment Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009973 trucking and logistics management solutions for business clients in the multiple routes within South Sudan
100 My names are NYACYESA BINAMA JESSICA, and I would like to start a Pig farm in Gisenyi, Rwanda, named Urugori . Urugori translates to a crown given to women or a sign of respect to women in Rwanda, and it aligns with the aim of this project which is to provide job opportunities for local women who earn their living by begging on the streets. Thus, empowering women so that they can in return empower and transform their communities. There is a great advantage to starting our Pig farm in Gisenyi, a city that borders the Democratic Republic of Congo which has a huge market for pig procession. the market is mainly selling meat, selling piglets, and hosting workshops to teach local citizens the art of Pig farming. Any investments starting from 1000 $ would help, but I would prefer to start big, so I would prefer investments starting from 2000$ and more. This is because we need funds to build the farms, buy enough balanced diet food, pay the employees, and maintain proper hygiene and health of the Pigs. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009944 Invest in Urugori Pig farm, a small business that aims to empower local Rwandan women Rwanda
100 Arehone Transport (Pty) Ltd is a newly established business that operates in the Transport and Logistics Industry. The business is based in Rustenburg, South Africa an d will offer reliable transportation services in this area, as well as surrounding areas in the North West province and ultimately South Africa as a whole. The founders of AT have gained experience through educating themselves to identify a gap in the transportation market of South Africa. The owners use their own discretion and innovation to serve a market where there is a demand for transport and logistics services. With the founders experience, favourable market conditions and AT’s unique competitive advantage, the opportunity for the business to grow year-on-year is a realistic possibility. AT will offer the following but not limited to the transportation of minerals, pharmaceuticals, raw materials, fuel, building materials, plant and earth moving equipment and also courier services. Market size - as per our market size, we'll be focusing mainly on the the business to business (B2B) market which comprises of mining, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, raw materials, building and construction materials, plant and earth moving equipment, automotive and manufacturing industries and also on the business to consumer (B2C) market which comprises of courier services. Market Trends - Infrastructure, unreliable service providers, unemployment rate in SA, supply chain visibility and urbanization and consumption. Competitors - This industry has a very competitive market but still very profitable. e. g DHL, Value Logistics, RTT, DSV and Imperial logistics amongst many others. Our team is made-up of young educational qualified professionals who have the hunger and thirst for success. Our team structure is as follows - : Mphedziseni Mike Magodi - Founder/Managing Director holds a Diploma in Business Administration and is currently an MBA candidate focused on Transport Management and Logistics with 8 years overall experience within finance and banking. Potego Rodney Sebanda - Finance and Accounts holds a National Diploma in Financial Accounting and possess experience in payroll. Kabelo Ephraim Mavunga - Communications, Media and Marketing holds a Diploma in Media and Journalism and also completing his Bachelor's degree in Communication science with experience in communications. Dimakatso Margaret Nthane - Co-Founder and Company secretary holds a Certificate in Public Administration and Governance with demonstrated working experience in different administrative services. We are start up requiring $500,000 Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009946 An efficient transportation service provider which offers a reasonable and yet competitive rate. South Africa
92 Minority stake avalibale with a seat on the Board Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009624 Opportunity to invest in a leading FIG player/Bank in Africa Ivory Coast;France;Senegal
81 We need serious investors for our greenhouse tomatoes farming on a 10hectares land in Aba, ABIA State Nigeria . This project is pioneered by the insecurity in Northern part of the country thus affecting the supply of the produce from the Norther part of the country to the Southern part of the country. The North being the major producer and supplier of Tomatoes. The insecurity has affected the farmers ans prevented them from farming and also from transporting the produce via road transport thus increasing the cost of produce in the Southern part of Nigeria making a common vegetable like tomatoes to be a premium vegetable only available to the rich. This narrative we want to change . We shall also be processing , packaging and distributing the tomatoes. We need serious investors to discuss the numbers and other details. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009358 We need investors for the set up of greenhouse tomatoes farming Abu Dhabi;Dubai;Israel;Italy;Netherlands;United Arab Emirate...
76 Our client, a major investor, is looking to invest into Solar, Energy and Renewable Energy Projects across Africa. Please contact us if you have any suitable projects that are post Feasibility stage. Finding Investment Opportunities AIDB-008395 Our client, a major investor in Africa, is seeking investment opportunities in Africa in Energy Algeria;Andorra;Angola;Benin;Botswana;Burkina Faso;Burundi;C...
75 I started my company located in Meru, Kenya named Richie Electrical and Accessories in January 2019 dealing with buying and selling electrical materials. We started with 5 employees that peaked at 14 employees in December 2019 and have now grown to 8 in August 2021. Revenues have grown from USD 1,000 to current USD 9,000. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009233 Investors will gain profits of over 40% per year while creating job opportunities to the youths Kenya
75 NPA Enterprises offers one-stop haulage services solutions guaranteeing seamless and excellent delivery services through the use of brand new vehicles, trackers and professional drivers, solving one of the highest priority pain points in the industry. . We address a rapidly growing market of about $5 billion as of 2019 and are poised to become a dominant player in the next 4 years. I have a very strong interest in the haulage services business and worked as chief operations officer at a food distribution company for 2 years before starting this venture. I have assembled a team of industry experts who have developed a strong business model that serves both investors and customers. Only 10% of haulage operators use brand new vehicles, this will allow us to capture significant mrket share. We are seeking $1.6million to launch our fleet to meet demand. We would prefer commercial debt with a 3 months moratorium period, at a fixed interest rate for 4 years Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008924 Investment Opportunity In the Nigerian Haulage Industry Nigeria
75 FastNet Africa B.V. brings fast and reliable Internet access to Africa, starting in Ghana. With that, we will also provide state of the art e-education. After operating since 2017 various pilots we have now concluded with a business module which can be replicated all over Ghana and Liberia. We are securing the investment to rollout the business module and to expand to other parts of West Africa. The investment will aid setting up new base station in areas we have identified. With the increasing demand for the use of internet and less competition in this sector, Fastnet Africa BV stands a chance to solve a major problem hence maximizing profits. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008928 Internet Service Provider Investment Opportinity in Ghana and Liberia Ghana
75 Brave Industries is a millennial creation, we seek to pioneer many unfarmed commodities in Malawi that will create jobs and increase the national exported GDP. The top crops we seek to produce are Hemp for industrial and pharmaceutical use as well as Saffron for medical purposes. With Saffron being our biggest priority because of it's lucrative nature, being the most expensive spice per kg in the world. Funding our project will allow our company to access land and begin to build the first vertical farm in Malawi as well as the first Saffron farm in Malawi. The success of this first project will allow us to begin to educate farmers as well as pave a way for more innovative crops and Farming styles. In the short run our purpose is to grow and sell in order to raise capital for the development of complex products, like biofuel, biobuilding materials, alternatives to genetically modified foods and preservation of rare species of plants, crops and herbs. The company is profit driven. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008931 Pioneering and Innovative Farming. Malawi
75 One of Africa’s largest independent energy trading and development- focused companies, we find, extract, refine, trade, store and transport materials and resources from where supply is abundant to where demand is great. We forge connections; we trade physical commodities; we help make things happen and markets work. There, any apparent similarities with other oil and gas conglomerates end. We do things differently, and the difference lies less in what we do than how we do it. We also have a range of other services we offer. This brochure is designed to take you inside the world of SISA and show you how our 360° expertise and unique culture combine to make us one of the energy sector’s business partners of choice Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008199 100 M USD import financing facility through fund/non-fund based limits Nigeria
75 This Business Plan details the company’s plan to significantly expand its primary business as a poultry breeder, animal feed manufacturer, dressed chicken producer, vegetable oil and soap manufacturer, and avocado commercial farmer and exporter. The company has the requisite experience and competence for the successful operation of these businesses. For 30 years, the Managing Director (Mr Samuel Muwanguzi Mukasa, his wife Mrs Milly Mukasa and their children successfully built the Biyinzika Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008241 Seeking working capital for USD 5m, debt 5m and equity 5m financing. Uganda
75 The proposed mixed-use development Project is centrally located on a 95-hectare Plot to be developed in at least three staggered phases over a minimum 8-year period. The promoters hope to secure local authorities development approvals in addition to various Project-specific Government investment and fiscal incentives. The project is a mixed-use development project located in a highly desirable area of Harare on a plot owned by the promoter. The project will be a unique, eco-friendly, state-of-the-art, and a live-work-and-play mixed-use destination development combining commercial, residential, retail, leisure, sports facilities under one masterplan. The Area Allocation is shown below: AREA TABULATION Borrowdale Boulevard Plot Area - Sq. M GFA in Sq. M Structured Parking in Sq. M Total BUA in Sq. M Max No. of Floors Floor Area Ratio Residential Apartments 105,000 80,000 27,200 107,200 G + 4 0.76 Residential Town Houses 100,000 55,000 - 55,000 G + 2 0.55 Ofices 125,000 100,000 45,333 145,333 G + 4 0.80 Hospitality - Convention Centre 50,000 41,000 13,940 54,940 G + 7 0.82 Retail & Commercial 120,000 60,000 34,000 94,000 G + 2 0.50 Education & Medical 60,000 30,000 10,500 40,500 G + 4 0.50 Civic Facilities 20,000 3,000 - 3,000 G + 2 0.15 Outdoor Leisure & Sports, Parks, Squares 150,000 3,000 - 3,000 - N/A Roads & Surface Parking 220,000 - - - - N/A Total Development 950,000 372,000 130,973 502,973 0.39 The Melrose Arch development in Johannesburg will be used as an initial benchmark. It will be positioned to be the “place-to-be” in Harare for residents, business and leisure tourists. The Project will be developed over three large phases and the proposed master plan will result in eventual transfer of the existing sports facilities to another location further north of the Project site. Key Project components 1. Hundreds of apartments in low rise buildings featuring structured parking and hundreds of town houses 2. At least 3 hotels (from 4-star to 5-star) are proposed, with one managing the Exhibition and Convention centre. 3. Grade A office park in addition to medical and education facilities, all with a provision for structured parking 4. A circular commercial spine with Italian style commercial pizzas (squares) and a destination mall with a significant provision for structured parking Potential phasing strategy Ideally, the Project masterplan will enable a phasing strategy that starts with a first phase that will allow for the pursuit of potential high priority developments in retail, hospitality and offices developments while not encroaching on the existing race course area. Accordingly, one can conceive the area just west of the western boundary of the race course of the Plot as Phase One while the race course side of the Plot to be developed in two more phases: Phase Two and Phase Three. Proposed districting strategy The developers propose 3 distinct districts potentially corresponding to the 3 phases within the Project, all connected by a linear park and a circular Boulevard road: Phases: 1. The Central Business District: this will be Phase One of the Project and will include the Mall, a 4-star hotel with a convention centre and primarily new office park development. This phase requires$ 185 million 2. The Central Park District: this will be Phase Two with a more lifestyle oriented mixed-use district anchored around a wider central park section of the linear park and featuring a 5-star hotel, educational and medical facilities, in addition to a residential mix of apartments and townhouses. This phase requires $ 217.8 million. 3. The Village District: this will be Phase Three, a primarily residential townhouse district located east of the Central Park District and featuring a commercial and retail square, a design-led lifestyle boutique hotel and a country club featuring multi-sports & leisure facilities. This phase requires $ 118 million. The budgetary provisions have been tailored to allow for independent phased development. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-006770 Borrowdale Boulevard Zimbabwe
75 African Tokens is a digital asset fund ("The Fund") that enables foreign investors to have direct access to investment opportunities in Africa that they would not ordinarily have access to, by way of investing in security tokens issued by The Fund. These security tokens will cover investments in five sectors of the African economy, thereby ensuring access to a diverse African investment portfolio for the potential investor in The Fund. The Fund will focus its investments strictly on infrastructure, real estate, fin-tech, agriculture and oil and gas, but with particular emphasis on sub-saharan Africa. The Fund Managers have over 40 years investment experience and local knowledge of Africa. Eligible potential investors in The Fund will have the option of discounting their security tokens in the secondary market, thereby guaranteeing the liquidity of their investments. Eligible Investors have to be KYC/ML compliant, before being able to purchase The Fund's security tokens. In addition, the operations of The Fund will be conducted on a blockchain platform, therefore issues of transparency, accountability, security of transactions, and costs associated with doing businesses in Africa, are automatically taken care of. The Fund is currently looking for seed capital of $2,500,000 in return for a 40% stake in the ownership of The Fund. The seed capital will be raised by way of private placement, and will be used for investment project feasibility studies, and the statutory requirement costs of setting up The Fund. The initial target size for The Fund is $250 million. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-007926 'African Tokens', an opportunity to invest in African digital assets.' Nigeria
75 Customer Problem Incandescent lighting wastes about 90% of the energy it consumes as undesired heat. Cost of powering incandescent lighting is extremely high; about 10 times that of Solid-State lighting. Incandescent lighting has very short run-time of 1,000 hours. 80 million people in Nigeria lack access to electricity. Nigerian businesses spend almost $14 billion (₦5 Trillion) annually on inefficient generation that is expensive ($0.40/kWh or ₦140/kWh or more). Product/Services Oretronics Technology designs, develops and will manufacture Solid-State Lighting products for the Nigerian market that consume 90%less energy than incandescent lighting. Decentralized Solar PV with long cycle life, All-in-One Plug & Play li-ion Energy Storage Systems from 3,000 cycles @80% DoD to 10,000 @80% DoD lasting up to 20 years; as against competing solutions with 1,500 cycles @55% DoD lasting only 3 years; will also be deployed. Target Market Residential lighting stocks- Over 80 million units, Commercial lighting stocks- About 7 million units, Ongrid/ under serviced population- 24 million, Off-grid population- Over 78 million, Off-grid and underserviced households- Over 19.1 million, B2B, B2C, Households lighting consumers and end users, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Households/ residential electricity consumers and end users, SMEs/ Commercial electricity consumers and end users. Business Model Oretronics Technology Solid-State Lighting products and Solar Energy services will be distributed and or deployed to end users through on-line Retail Outlets with National coverage such as MyMall, Jumia, Shopify, Flutterwave, etc and existing conventional retail stores and value chain. Competitive Advantage Oretronics Technology Solid-State Lighting products are rated for very wide voltage range (100-240V 50/ 60 Hz) and actually operate from about 30V to 270V 50/60 Hz thus taking care of the low voltage prevalent throughout Africa. Please note that Oretronics Technology Filament LED technology is ahead and better at 6.5W for standard A60 810 lumens lighting than Current Best Available Technology (BAT Scenario) @ 8W for same A60 810 lumens lighting. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-007313 Greenfield Developmental Funding: Solid-State Lighting Manufacturing Plant & Solar Energy with Energy Storage Services Nigeria
75 Bay Aqua Holdings (BA) has been established as a new industrial operating company focusing at the food and water nexus. It is currently developing interests in aquaculture and desalination with other related interests being considered as the next step in this process. A key philosophy of the shareholders is that each investment will have a significant and long term positive impact on surrounding communities through focusing on sustainability, job creation and local empowerment. The company supports the National Development Plan, the Integrated Resource Plan, the Infrastructure Development Plan and Industrial Policy Action Plan. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-007184 Chance Favors the prepared Mind South Africa
75 Get your Future works in partnership with strong Mozambican recognized company, working from several years in Mozambique and abroad in the energy sector, supplying materials and providing installation in all Mozambique, for private companies as well as for the Government of Mozambique. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-007261 Investment between 20 to 50 million dollar for energy in Mozambique. Italy;Mozambique
75 The Establishment of a 2000 hectare avocado plantation in Zimbabwe for export. There is a growing world demand for avocado and a low planting rate of the tree due to high barriers of entrance in Africa which creates the opportunity. We have access to an excess of 2000 ha of land for plantation in Zimbabwe. The sort after investment will be used to establish the plantation and supporting infrastructure. Furture growth will be production of avocado products such as avocado oil, paste etc. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008822 Avocado export and processing Zimbabwe
75 The funds invested will be a seed capital to market, entice , provide content for services including speakers, setting up a website, etc will be catered for. The business will of course charge training and consultation fees for sustainability. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008897 Coaching industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world, expected to reach $20 billion Namibia;South Africa
75 Palmart positions itself to become a market leader of the future in the eCommerce sector. It will focus on building a vast online market place. The rareness of our online market place is that it will be developed in way that it will be social media tolerant, we call it a social ecommerce platform. In simple terms think of Shopify and Facebook combined and operating on a single unit. Our ideal ecommerce will not just be a simple website. Its design its a twofold marketplace operating under a single unit, it will centralize 2 major groups which is hardware and industrial supplies and personal-centred customer products. In addition having a catalogue for third party contractors, servicers or creatives in the event when a user buys an item that needs special expert to assemble. For all this to be a success there has to be an accurate capital spending structure, we are seeking BWP844,426.76 (which is roughly $77,116,59) investment funding in order to finance and kickstart our idea. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009155 We want people to enjoy shoping online as if they are on Facebook. Botswana
75 Our company name is North western art engineering limited, we are a registered private limited company. Our core business is construction and we are certified to carry general building and housing and also general civil engineering works. The funds sought is to be invested into the construction of residential, commercial and industrial properties specifically to be rented out. In most areas of the country there are no better properties that can be rented out by investors coming to do business in the country hence investing in build to rent projects will enable growth and opportunities in the Housing sector because unlike any other business that is affected by economic crisis investing in property has potential because there is always going to be someone in need of a place to live or do business. We intend to put up build to rent property in all provinces of the country. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009486 Build to rent on residential, commercial and industrial property. Zambia
75 Our company wants to serve the community by helping especially those with a budget to build and own property of their Dream. Our market research conducted in 2019 revealed that many people are willing to build and own property if given an opportunity to be put on a payment plan. For example if the cost of of building the property is $15,000 provided the company is willing to accept 50% of the cost from the client and cover the rest which should be settled in a period of months or years many families and investors would put up property for various use. Hence we are seeking investment for this project that will attract massive construction projects across the Zambia. Because if for example we start with 50 properties that clients with a budget are willing to pay a down payment and then the other payment put on a payment plan, and build those property within 3 months that has potential to attract massive investments. Seeking Investment AIDB-009487 To enable people build and own property within 3 months. Zambia
75 installation of a modern agricultural farm in the locality of the mefou afamba region of the center to satisfy the need of the locality, of these surroundings and outside of Cameroon in cultivation of corn and soybeans to allow national and international consumption organic products the Cameroonian population in exports to neighboring countries and internationally in our region more than seventy-five percent (75%) of the population consume corn and soybeans but we note that the national production does not manage to cover the Cameroonian population, which is why we want to produce more to increase the national and international consumption. company revenue YEAR 1 sale but (3,500,000,000 fcfa) soybean sale (2,800,000,000 fcfa) total revenue A (6,300,000,000 fcfa YEAR 2 sale but (4,600,000,000 fcfa) soybean sale (3 700 000 000 fcfa) TOTAL RECIPE; 8,300,000,000 fcfa YEAR 3 sale but (6,000,000,000 FCFA) soy sale (5,100,000,000 fcfa) the estimated target production: is 500 ha of corn and soybeans estimated target production - but 9 ton / ha 2 harvests per year - soybean 3.5 ton / ha 2 harvests per year total investment: US $ 9,800,000, interest 3% per year Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009900 corn and soybean cultivation project Cameroon
75 The transformation of pineapple into 100% natural juice is also positioning itself as the appropriate solution for a long conservation of this fruit, which is perishable quickly. Thus, several farmers and other cooperatives are now forming veritable small industries, in order to diversify their business and add value to the products they offer. It is in this momentum that we have set up the Club Afrique Agro pme since 2017, with the objective of transforming food processing of our agricultural products. Our desire to position ourselves in this sector as a major player and even a pioneer in setting up small and medium-sized industries with strong economic returns. In the area where our production unit is located, we are pioneers in this sector, and we benefit from a large confidence of many technical, local and foreign financial partners, for the success and achievement of our project. Our very short term goal is to enter the market; for this we will do our utmost to present our products on the shelves of supermarkets, shopping centers and local grocery stores in order to conquer, in order to introduce our customers to our product. In addition, we will also provide our fruit juices in catering places, which can present them on their menu cards, as well as within hotel establishments. Appreciated for its curative values and its health benefits, we will also present them around hospitals. This will allow us initially to build our brand image. Agriculture is one of the major sectors of the Cameroonian economy in view of its strengths and potential. Over the years, and with efforts not only by the public authorities and the private partners, this one which since then was considered as artisanal, tends more and more to be modernized and to be mechanized. With a lifestyle modeled on the Western model, Cameroonians' consumption habits are changing rapidly (frenetic pace of life, fast food … Etc.). This way of life is of course accompanied by some inconvenience, in particular a certain deterioration in the health of the populations. At present, the situation is clear, and the return of populations to healthier food and consumption habits is therefore essential. The "Good", the "Local" and especially "Organic" are therefore popular Investments and financing NEW INVESTMENTS Intangible assets $ 10,000,000 Tangible fixed assets $ 57,000 Working capital $ 300,000 TOTAL NEEDS 900,000. $ FINANCING Investors: 54,000,000 FCFA Debt: 36,000,000 FCFA - Migration to a simplified joint-stock company - Incorporation expenses - Certification process for our product - Barcode purchase - Quality standard - Brand protection - Insurance premium - Acquisition of new cultivated land - Acquisition of small agricultural equipment and tools - Rec Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009901 PRODUCTION PROJECT 100% PINEAPPLE JUICE NATURAL Cameroon
75 Ross Sesay Mining & Minerals Productions, Inc. is a company that runs in the mining industry’s scope, located in Freetown, Sierra Leone. We are a licensed mining company that mines for diamond, gold, iron ore and other gemstone especially diamonds. Ross Sesay Mining & Minerals Productions, Inc. is a mining company that is involved in the prospecting for ore bodies, the excavation of large amounts of waste rock to remove the desired mineral ore or materials. The ore is then crushed into finely ground tailings for chemical processing and separation to extract the target minerals or gemstones and get them refined to final products. At Ross Sesay Mining & Minerals Productions, Inc., we specialize primarily in diamond mining, diamond cutting, and polishing in the Sierra Leone and other countries of the world where we intend to supply and make available quality diamonds. Diamond Mining Market Size The diamond mining market expected to reach a value of nearly $577.39 billion by 2022, significantly growing at a CAGR of 5.3% during the forecast period. The growth in the diamond mining market is due to increasing population in developing countries such as China and India owing to rise in disposable income, increased demand and availability of credit. However, the market for diamond mining is expected to face certain restraints from several factors such as interest rate increases, workforce issues and safety. Competitive Landscape of the Diamond Mining Market Major players in the global diamond mining market include Rockwell Diamonds, Anglo American Plc, Gem Diamonds, Petra Diamonds and Lucara. Diamond Mining Market Segmentation The global diamond mining market is further segmented based on type and geography. The co-owners of Ross Sesay Mining & Minerals Productions, Inc. are Michael K. Ross (CEO/OWNER) and Mohamed Sesay (COO/OWNER). They are passionate and open-minded individuals who are ready to harness all strength, availability and professionalism to catapult the business to a greater height. Michael has a Degree in Business Management, with a Minor in Finance and over 25 years’ experience working in the business industry. Mohamed who is the Chief Operating Officer and as a senior manager has over 18 years of mining experience. They have a great understanding of service and transparency. Customer service and building relationships are keys to continued success in this industry. Ross Sesay Mining & Minerals Production Inc. is a mining company that mines Diamonds, Gold, Iron Ore and other materials that are crucial to the functioning of the global economy. They’re in high demand most especially Diamonds which boosts prices during periods of expansion and this makes mining business a very profitable business. Our funding requirement of $4 million will be used to finance every requirement to launch our business and finance the business's operating expenses. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009952 Huge Profits in investing in Ross Sesay Mining & Minerals Productions, Inc. for years to come. Sierra Leone;United States
75 Ariscend Limited is an agribusiness that is looking to grow a unique value chain of accelerating the meat and meat products value chain by creating an able intermediary between farmers, producer cooperatives and the high-value retail market. Ariscend aims to equip itself with state-of-the-art abattoir services and refrigeration facilities as well as factory production facilities for value addition of meat into different meat products like fresh sausages, pre-cooked sausages and cold meat products based on our unique recipes to rival the best in the market competition. Ariscend will operate on a 40-acre farm plot which will house an intensive care feedlot operation for fattening choice animals and house a sizable factory which will include an abattoir, processing plant, refrigeration facility and sales shop as an extension of the packaging and dispatch. Ariscend will source animals and/or carcases from a network of farmers and farmer cooperatives. Current market situation 3.1.1 Current Market Situation in lusaka The demand for meat is on the rise as the population of urban areas increase. Consumption of white meat (i.e. Pork, fish and chicken) has also increased. It is estimated that Zambia produces over 60,000 tonnes of beef per annum. Beef is the most preferred and consumed meat in Zambia followed by chicken. The production of goats and sheep has great prospects due to increasing demand from the Middle East countries and locally. The company seeks to target households, workplace canteens, restaurants and lodges, hotels and supermarket chains by supplying processed meat products that are conveniently processed, packaged and reliably supplied to households and food providers. Some of the customers the company is currently supplying meat include: • Households • Other local butcheries • Supermarket chains (i.e. Spar, Jumbo, Shoprite, Pick and Pay and Choppies) • Restaurants • Convenient stores and grocers Group members’ experience in business and qualifications for enterprise management i. Kapunza Mbevya-Managing Director, is the entrepreneurial brains behind ARISCEND and has provided the capital investment thus far. He is a serial entrepreneur qualified by experience and holds a Degree in Information Technology. With 20 years of experience in various sectors including construction, transport engineering agriculture and banking and finance. ii. Daniel Tembo Director of Finance and Administration is the is a Chartered Accountant member of ZICA. He has 15 years of working experience in financial management, he brings experience in the financial management of the business. We are keen on a joint venture. or it could be a long term loan or grant Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009982 ARISCEND is a Zambian registered company that has been in operations since 2008. Zambia
75 Investment Banking Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009186 €150m financing for a major Water Project Ivory Coast;Senegal
75 Amavi Spa will be a new upscale medi-spa in Nairobi, Kenya that will offer a full array of facial spa services and products. Amavi Spa will offer clients a combination of facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, eyelash extensions, waxing and anti-aging applications. The setting will be upscale, beautiful and serene. We will cater to both women and men and provide the latest in beauty care products and therapies. Our business plan has been developed to track the process prior to grand opening and follows through with a five-year projection. In addition, this plan has been written to secure a portion of the start-up funding necessary for Amavi Spa's successful kick-off. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009761 Aesthetic Medi Spa seeking funds to start a unique facial clinic unlike no other in Nairobi, Kenya Kenya
75 Mabu Mineral Solutions will improve your efficiencies, both management and engineering. Looking for Employment AIDB-009762 We improve your engineering processes. Angola;Zambia
75 Okahandja, is one of the most populated towns in Namibia, given the fact that it is very closer to the capital city of Namibia which is Windhoek, our mission and plan is that we want to construct a bigger shopping mall which would have at least 280-Retail Outlets including 60-Local Market Outlets which will altogether be 340-Outlets in total. The Establishment of this Shopping Mall would be a highly advanced transformational project to the country and also to the people of Okahandja, and the entire region, which would enhance many business opportunities, Job Opportunities and also increase the level of job employment in Namibia as well. The Investment Injection for the construction of this Shopping Mall Requires: ($USD175 Million), the minimum investment is ($USD85 Million). The Investors would acquire 40% Permanent Shares of the Shopping Mall. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009789 We are planning on giving investors 40% Shares, on the construction of a Shopping Complex. Namibia
75 The 5-Star Entertainment Club, will operate as a: (Restaurant, Bar, Lounge, Private Parking Bay, including a Live Show facility, the establishment of this entertainment club will highly enhance the Namibian Economy and also give more attraction to the Namibian tourism sector. The 5-Star Entertainment Club, will also create better job opportunities especially to the youth`s, and also create better work environment opportunities to both investors/shareholders that would be part of this journey. The Business core structure will heavily rely, on Food, Liquor, Beverages, Alcohol including Fast Food, which is one of the most loved items in Namibia, and this will allow the business to run in great profits on a monthly bases. We have done the swot analysis in terms of the management of this 5-Star Entertainment Club, given the fact that this will increase celebrity awareness as well, which will be one of our strongest target market. Our Target Market, will rely on our services. As a Brand New Establishment in Okahandja, Namibia, our strength`s will relay in our level of sufficient creativity and professionalism making sure that our customer`s are heavily attracted and sucked by our services. Our Weakness will not depend on the powerful level`s of our competitors, but we will disclose a strategy which would balance our 5-Star Entertainment Club business so that we cannot be stepped on the ground by our competitors. In as much as we want to expand the business to a level of profitability and also to operate from a Club facility in Okahandja, Namibia, we would like to blast into this sector slowly and creatively as well, to help us make profits on a daily bases, and also give reports on a monthly bases to our investors/stakeholders/shareholders. Our Team/Staff members of the 5-Star Entertainment Club, will consist out of 25-Team Members, which includes the waitresses, bar tenders, cleaners, security including marketing officers, and the manager who will oversea and run the 5-Star Entertainment Club. One of the most important aspects that we will look at is that we will hire staff members who knows the core basics of how this business works, to allow us give our target clients professional services on a daily bases without any worries. Promoting, safety & Security will be our goal in making sure that our facility will be heavily guarded, finances done on a daily bases are well taken care of and what we will be doing is giving our investors monthly financial reports on how the 5-Star Entertainment Club will be doing. Giving our Investors monthly financial updates will be our highest priority so that they can know how the business is doing so far, which will also give them more confidence in trusting, our operations are good. We have a Full Business Plan available on request, since it`s a Start-Up. We already have the land available, which we will be using to construct this 5-Star Entertainment Club on. The Amount Required which would be used for the following: ~Architectural Plans & Construction. ~Excavation. ~Purchasing of Assets, Furniture, Stationary & Equipment. ~Facility Vehicles. ~Liquor License, Trading Hours & Business Registrations. The Investment Injection we require is: ($USD560,300), the minimum investment is: ($USD420,700). Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009787 We are on the verge on establishing a 5-Star Entertainment Club, near 5-Rand Camp. Namibia
75 Spruce Forte is a real estate development company recently founded in February, 2021 by its founder, Kelvin Ayiku. It is seeking $3 million as a 30% equity of the company so as to undertake the development of a mini gated community with 4 ultra modern townhomes in Kanda, which is a highly desirable and very secured community in the capital of Ghana, Accra. The company hopes to be leading residential residential development company by offering it premium clientele the best luxury homes with state of the art amenities, custom home build, and high quality renovation work. It is looking to build a 200 unit ultra modern smart community in Ghana. One of the fastest growing sectors in the Ghanaian economy is undoubtedly the Real Estate industry. The construction industry as one of the sectors to see a significant growth in the next couple of years. This positive outlook has led to a sustained increase in investments in the Ghanaian economy. The Ghanaian Real Estate market is no doubt super competitive with some of top developers putting up residential, commercial and mixed-use developments. Some of these top players include; Devtraco Limited, Trassaco Estate Development Company, Regimanuel Grey Limited, Clifton Homes, Wonda World Estate and Goldkey Properties. Demand for upscale property, a booming real estate market and a friendly market for investors are some of the reasons why Ghana has become a top real estate investment destination. To that effect, there are different options for investing in real estate in Ghana which include Buy-to-Let properties, residential and retail property development, REITs, house flipping, buying. The company is currently run solely by its founder and CEO. With over 4 years of expertise as a project manager on a a 14 unit apartment building, as well as serving in the capacity as property manager on 3 residential properties in Ghana, he will use his skills to serve as lead project manager on all projects. He is in talks with certain skilled individuals who who join the company contractually as contractors, architects, sales personnels and other positions so as to get a feel of their work ethics before fully bringing them on board as permanent staff. Since it is yet to start operations, Spruce Forte has no financial record. With the current project it hopes to embark on, it has a profit margin of 15-20% on each townhome sold. Subsequently, it hope to increase this margin by 5% every year and also increase its number of project by 2 or more every year. Spruce Forte is seeking $3 million dollars as equity investment for 30% of the business. This investment is to help kickstart the development of the project and future developments as well. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009795 Development of 4 ultra modern townhomes in Kanda, a highly secured residential area in Accra, Ghana. Ghana
75 THE PRODUCTION CANDLE THROUGH WAX AND PERFUME FRAGRANCE Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009276 10% Interest on 3000 deal for 1 year Ghana
75 We hope that our poultry will serve as a guideline for the firm’s employees to move towards the goal of the poultry. Not only do we offer products, but we’ll also offer services as well. We plan on providing home delivery services. 50000 chickens would be optimum for the initial operation of the business. Production site is in Neno District, plenty open space, cheap labors, road connection, water availability and immediate access to markets like Zalewa market and Mwanza, Neno, and Blantyre town. We intend to build 3 houses for the storage of pellets, equipments as well as for the employees to guard the farm. Investment in this business shall be allocated to the following purposes: buying chickens, building cage house, stocking the pellets, hiring the experts and other miscellaneous tasks. Fifty percent gross margin is expected within 6 months of its operations withholding the chances of any accidental or unexpected incidence and we hope to obtain the breakeven point within 2 years. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008349 Invest at Zileke Poultry Farm in Malawi Malawi
75 With the increase in school dropouts and juvenile misconduct, this project could and would be good to help the youths/the girl child get busy for at least a pay and that would in future reduce the negative effects of school dropouts and also creat opportunities for some families that are dependent on others as well as increase the the country's GDP. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009345 With a current increase in the demand for animal proteins, It makes these a lucrative investment. Cameroon
75 renewable energy projects ready to build with PPA , land, Grid approvals upto 2000 MW looking for acquisition Finding Investment Opportunities AIDB-009743 renewable energy projects ready to build with PPA , land, Grid approvals upto 2000 MW looking for ac Central African Republic;South Africa
75 Tata agro Ltd is going to be a licensed agro marketing firm which will deal with the produce and distribution of farm produce. It is a new business venture which will involve transportation of the food produce to other regions in the country. We will also organic so to provide good healthy products. In the next 5 yrs we plan on being the safest and healthy product in the country ,we also plan on being an innovative and logistically sound company. We will also diversify into the scientific and technology based market so as to help farmers and people in general to benefit from this new venture Size- the market value is large because not a lot of companies have good logistical structures to send their goods and services to the market. Trends- A lot of farmers use mobile phones and payment applications but it still does not benefit them Opportunities- The country and my region is need of readily good farm produce and they can't get it so they import it. So if we can tap into the sector and can provide it the sky will be the limit we can aggressively enter the market since we know some marketers. Emmanuel kusi boateng. I am an undergraduate who studies information system sciences but I want to focus on agriculture and bring my knowledge of information technology to play a part in this venture, as of now I have found out the prices of the land and I am looking for this investment to start production by the beginning of the next Yr. Seeking $300000 Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009961 Growing agriculture produce in a better and faster way to enable consumers get their produce Ghana
75 Fanada Group plans to develop very durable 200units townhouse community in Eburi , 45mins drive from Accra, 25minutes drive from Accra Mall, Ghana. Unit Mix 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms townhouses The Amenities Shared centralized facilities that include: supermarket, gym, underground parking. External works that include playing fields, pool, fountain in front, and hard courts, fencing, vehicle parking, and vehicle access roads; Ancillary works including a sewage treatment facility and a storm/surface water management plan. 24/7 security FANAD GROUP is using a business model that allows it to outsource most of its non-core functions and maintain a very thin management team and staff. Principally, its designs and quantity estimations are outsourced to architects, quantity surveyors and real estate management firms respectively. The Management team is made up of highly skilled personnel who effectively supervise the various departments of the company i.e Project, finance and marketing. With the business growing however, a procurement officer would have to be hired to ensure quality and timely delivery of projects and sales representatives to boost sales efforts. We looking to raise $25M in total for the project in debt or preferred equity. However, we are also open to $1M (debt or preferred quity or bridge loan) funding to build Phase 1 enable us sell off-plan. Terms and and priod can be discused. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009853 Financing 200 townhouses develeopment project in Ghana Ghana
75 With a growing young and vibrant population, the housing needs remains very critical in Nigeria. Coupled with this is the need for e-commerce growth which requires warehousing, logistics and transportation. These provide excellent opportunities for real estate and real estate services in Nigeria. First Ally knows the market from top to bottom and breadth as well. We will provide advisory services as well provide real estate itself to match your needs Selling Real Estate AIDB-009850 Real estate and services made of versatile team from real estate, finance / asset management Nigeria
75 3. RENT A TREE PROJECT This is an initiative by PROMISE VENTURES in partnership with professionals, technical experts and orchard owners that is aimed at rejuvenating these neglected orchards with the aim of bringing them back to full production. These mango orchard owners have realised the need to have investors in order to rejuvenate their orchards and bring the orchards back to profit making commercial farms through a process called the rejuvenation process. Most orchards are 5 hectares and above up to 50 hectares. A 5 hectare land will have a minimum of 800 and maximum of 1000 trees. Some of these orchards are grouped together to form one big orchard resulting in owners benefiting in shared basic services like water and electricity. Tree renting options The minimum number of trees an investor is allowed to rent is 100 trees. This means the minimum amount of investment will be R30 000. However, in order to allocate you with an orchard we will have to group you with other small investors Hence the company is seeking for US$200 000-US$450 000 as working capital PROFILES OF STAKE HOLDERS AND MANAGEMENT TEAM 1. ENOS MAGWABENI (CEO and PROJECT INITIATOR) QUALIFICATIONS: NATIONAL DIPLOMA: IMM MARKETING AND MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT ADVANCEMENT PROGRAM (MAP) WITS BUSINESS SCHOOL 2. PC van Zyl (TECHNICAL & SKILLS DEVELOPMENT ADVISOR) QUALIFICATIONS: Studied at Tshwane University of Technology from 2009-2011 for a Diploma in Plant Production. He finished his Baccalaureus Technologiae Degree in Plant Production in 2012 focusing on Subtropical fruits. He completed his practical experience at Westphalia (2011). From 2012-2013 he worked at the company mainly on Avocado’s, Macadamias and Citrus Lime. 3. THEUNS BOTHA (TRAINING CONSULTANT) QUALIFICATIONS: Theuns Botha has been farming for approximately 30 years. He studied at the University of Pretoria, with a degree in Plant Pathology and thereafter completed his MSc (Agric) Plant Pathology. After which he worked for five years (1988-1994) as Plant Pathologist Nursery Manager and Pack house Seeking $1,000,000 Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009915 Rent a mango tree and make 75% annual return over a period of 5 years South Africa
75 This is a Integrated Project - Artisanal/traditional salt production contributing to the eco-systemic services possible to provide to the local population, and maintaining the sustainable production model. From a social point of view, the social support to the community is much greater because it is a process that generates the absorption of local labour to be qualified – double benefits, qualification and direct employment. From the point of view of sustainability: the raw material is 100% renewable, the labour is human, the ecosystem has wind energy and direct sunlight to complete the production steps. Here, sustainable energies are used in order to complete an entire system designed for sustainable use to be effective, from the construction of evaporators and crystallizers facilitating the passage of brine only by gravity, to the structure of the tanks providing the transport of water along the circuit. The salt tourism economically reenforces with guided tours to the salt ponds, selling salt products in the Salt Store, creating different experiences for tourists around the salt business. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008781 Global development project - Artisanal/traditional salt production and salt tourism Angola
75 Lucent Investments Namibia is a start-up enterprise with interest in infrastructure development, logistics and mining sectors. Mr Tarah Haulinenu Nghilalulwa, the founder has identified profitable and sustainable business opportunities in Namibia and has devised plan of action and strategies to execute the vision. He is now seeking an investment amount equivalent to US$ 1 000 000 to invest in acquiring cargo trucks to capitalize on these opportunities. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008786 Logistics Investment Opportunity in Namibia Namibia
75 We are a transportation company with our own bulk rigs that's currently working hand in hand with the manufacturer of products and the exporter and trading houses,most of our bulk loads we must broker out to other international companies to meet the demand and still we cannot meet the demand for transportation and need more vehicles,we arrange the whole supply chain. It has been shown that there is a huge shortage of transporters in commodities in South Africa and more than a 3rd is brokered out to smaller transporters with a huge amount of stock been piled and stored until someone can load and transport the goods leading to a lot of degraded commodities that the manufacturer must dispose/depart of for much less than what was budgeted for while the transportation costs goes up because of the availability of transporters, this business has the opportunity to grow further than the moon and back. Our team is dedicated to see the whole operation to expand ,with more than 200years of combined knowledge,we make sure that all our clients are satisfied with the service delivery and make sure to keep them happy at all costs to build a bigger network with trust and relationship. Our company has crossed $2132774 over the last 2 years and hopping to expand this with an investment to over $10000000 over the next few months. We are looking for an investor that is willing to invest in our company and in return depending on the investment we will give them shares and part ownership of the company we are currently looking to finance an additional 30 complete rigs that's about $2000000 and willing to meet up with any investors and show them the real profit margin and capital gains they will get. If anyone is interested in more information and wants to help us to grow please get in touch. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009527 An opportunity exists in our transportation market of utilizing 34t rigs to move commodities South Africa
75 Nwokesiriike is a mechanized farming company found in 2021 by entreprenuer Etete Kharien. We grow, process, store & distribute farm produce across the south-western part of Nigeria. We provide mechanized farm solutions to local farm clusters to increase yield of farm produce in the process creating sustainable jobs, reducing hunger and improving quality of life in the region. We provide farmers access to farm-clusters and this clusters are provided with tractors, seedlings, fertilizers, irrigation and flood control techniques, pesticides and effective harvest and storing methods. Through these clusters, Nwokesiriike provides training , development and marketing techniques to the farmers to make the most income off the farm produce. We are seeking investments to fund Nwokesiriike farms to enable us buy farm equipment and materials. Nwokesiriike farms solve the problems of rural farmers who do not have access to mechanized equipments and other resources to make the best off their farms Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009535 To remove the hunger from poverty through mechanized farming & agricultural extension in rural areas Nigeria
75 Is Frozen the Future? The demand for frozen avocados is growing because of their convenient form and some have described the linkage between frozen food and decreasing food waste. For smallholder farmers to benefit, a tremendous upgrade of the existing value chain to include cutting, peeling and freezing facilities alongside upgrading Kenya’s cold chain infrastructure would be needed. There is lack of technology in Kenya to provide and sustain required temperatures whilst retaining the product integrity. Cryogenic Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) technology, a global solution for the existing gap is needed. This cold chain solution is an advanced global practice for attainment of superior quality products using natural food grade carbon dioxide to attain sub-zero temperatures (0 to -78 degrees Celsius). We look forward to setting up an Avocado Oil Processing Plant and in the long run a Cryogenic Food Processing Unit with the availability of funds and partners. Have signed a contract with a Russian Retail Chain to supply them Kenyan Avocados. Seeking $3,000,000 in Equity. Benson Waithaka Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009638 Avocado Value Addition Kenya
75 Waste gauge, a registered company in Blantyre, Malawi, was established to provide sustainable waste management solutions in the country in an attempt to create an environment that is conducive and healthy to the masses whilst earning profits. The company is looking for funding to iniate the establishment of a plastic waste plant in the city of Blantyre. In Malawi today, waste material is collected, transported and disposed without undergoing processing which results in large quantities of reusable material being discarded at the main dumpsite, Mzedi, which has resulted in the following; Mzedi dumpsite in Kachere, Blantyre, is close to exhausting its remaining capacity, this is evident by the many man-made pits around The service; accepting and collecting plastic waste, partially relieves the burden on the city council, and provides an alternative disposal channel to the entire community. The operations of the plastic plant requires collaboration and strong partnerships, Waste Gauge does not believe the operation can be operated successfully without the assistance of other members. Competition is limited but not a concern for its still early days in the waste industry, secondly it is our observation that any composting & recycling operation requires strong management systems before any level of investment is made. management team Project leader and co-founder is Mayamiko Chalera, an entrepreneur who studied economic development at the University of Western Cape in Cape Town, South Africa and a Bachelor of Economics and Business at the Edith Cowan University in Perth, Australia. Operations Managers, specialized in Logistics - Charles Machika, who studied a Bachelor of Economics at the Chancellor College of Malawi and served in the logistics department at La Farge in Makata Industrial, Blantyre. Operations Manager, Human Resource - Mwai Chalera, an entrepreneur and co-founder of the company focused on mobilizing the right personnel to assist in ensuring the compost facility management is a success. LEAD Consultants- Samantha Bennett is an advisor, consultant, passionate about waste and the environment. Based in Cape Town, South Africa. Salman Zafar, based in India and has successfully carried out waste project across the African continent Seeking US$2,000,000 Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009642 Innovative production of concrete modifier using plastic waste Malawi
75 NABetCo is building a to-be-patented software algorithm that PROFITABLY allows African (Sports) Bettors to "Bet Easily and Win, Even With 4 Predictions Wrong - Guaranteed!" Regular betting operators hardly pay bettors even with only 1 prediction wrong and many others correct. Our survey shows this is the bettors’ biggest pain. We are accessible via website, mobile App, SMS and USSD. Retail expansion in VAR-collaboration with existing operators. We require $15Mn now to Blitzscale our launch in multiple African countries starting Nigeria, over 3-5 years. An Issuing House is helping us raise this sum via Private Placement (PP), contingent upon our raising $150K for use in building more traction. ***A Bridge Debt-Financing of $150K would, therefore, suffice. Pay back in 1 year at high interest from first PP funds raised. Financier’s brand(s) can be advertised by us. Equity once we IPO (5 years). ***Await your response for Due Diligence and your preferred conditions for investing. The S. African, Kenyan, And Nigerian Markets Were Estimated To Be Worth $37 Bn Combined, In 2018. (PricewaterhouseCoopers) About N308 Bn ($856 Mn) Is Spent Daily On Betting In Nigeria. (LawYard.NG, 2018) Our Assumptions: Nigeria Has 25 Mn Active Bettors; They Place 2 Bn Bets Each Year. Both statistics will keep growing. NABetCo Is Targeting A Minimum Of 3% Market Share (60 Mn Bets Each Year). Our biggest “threats” come from the major local operators e.g. Bet9ja, NairaBet, BetKing, Etc. Of particular interest is the “online-only,”1XBet operator. We have a huge Opportunity of creating a fertile niche, and dominating it using dedicated marketing, technology, tracking, Patenting, etc. NABetCo has many features aimed at running it as a force-for-good in Africa. It will promote 3 UN SDGs, facilitate an African club winning the FIFA World Cup, latest 2030; and eventually birth other stand-alone ventures. Please see: for more Financial details. NABetCo is a start-up. Currently no Business Plan, because less-required for startups, today. We, however, have all the elements for creating one, and can do so on request within a few days. Detailed Cash Flow Projections for Year 1, available. NABetCo’s Financial Projections Indicate A Loss Will Be Incurred Only In The First Month Of Operations. Circa 70% of our funds are channelled toward agressive growth, with elements of Blitzscaling. 3-year revenue projections: $40Mn; $100Mn; $150Mn. Gross Margin in the high 90 percentiles. Fixed Costs circa $9Mn. Net Profit projections: $17Mn; $65Mn; $90Mn. Very good Financial Ratios based on projections for Year 1: Quick Ratio, 2.4; ROCE, 1.8; ROI, 76.77. Regular Betting Costs from $0.10c to $0.20c per ticket, at a minimum. NABetCo costs $0.40c. This facilitates our multiple payouts and is shared (maximum 50:50; often we keep more) for Retail collaborations. We require $15Mn now to Blitzscale our launch in multiple African countries starting Nigeria, over 3-5 years. Thanks! Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009706 African Sports Bettors Can Now Bet Easily And Win, Even With 4 Predictions Wrong - Guaranteed! Nigeria
75 Kudu Investments earmarked Batchfarms (Pty) Ltd, which meets our specific criteria of potential high production and a high margin income stream. The farm is 293Ha in Big Bend area, Eswatini with 220ha arable land. Batchfarms currently farms with 180ha sugarcane which provides a stable income stream. The sugarcane will be replaced with bananas over the next 7 years to maximize profits. Batchfarms have a current sucrose allocation with SSA for the whole production. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008718 Kudu Investments (PTY) Ltd focuses on acquiring high production farms producing high margin crops en South Africa;Swaziland
75 Robotic surgery cost in India is a sophisticated form of minimally invasive surgical operation that makes use of computer-controlled robots to do what humans can’t, and what they can do, however but better. India is a widely recognized destination for robotic surgery, where the Robotic surgery cost in India is cheap & only a fraction of what you usually pay within the western developed nations. These are the best hospitals for Robotic surgery cost in India that offer high-end robotic surgeries as they are highly developed systems and provide state of the art facilities with highly skilled and experienced healthcare professionals for Robotic surgery cost in India. Selling Professional Service AIDB-008725 Robotic Surgery in India – A Cost-Effective Treatment Mauritania
75 We a were in business in Salt lake City, Utah, USA since 2012. Dues to lack of tourist in the city in 2020, we were forced to stop offering tours. But our company is still legit and open. We worked on the Tanzania project wit local businessmen since March 2020. Or plan is ready to be executed. Our business is to create a SOCIAL ENTERPRISE giving back money and support for less fortunate people in local communities. Our planned system of system of engaging our clients with local communities is also quite unique. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009421 Creating a tourism related social enterprise in Tanzania. Tanzania;United States
75 Lavienna Connect is a Company that currently offers payment solutions for Telecommunications Companies and Power Lighting prepaid tokens/airtime to the Kenyan market. I am seeking for funds for the development of offering a one stop payment solution in a mobile app. One can pay all utilities, loans, hotels, restaurants food etc in a one touch of a button. The future of the company is offer an African gateway payment solution which will be integrated to other payment solutions like Visa, Mastercard, MPESA etc. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009127 Lavienna Payment Solutions and Gateway Kenya
75 SNAIL HARVEST SAS is a cameroonian agro industrial company under a free industrial zone regime specialized in the snail breeding, processing and production of snail slime, snail caviar. SNAIL HARVEST is part of the sustainable food transition to guarantee the transparency and traceability of products for guaranteed food safety while sustaining a strong and solid return on investment for its investors. SNAIL HARVEST intend to fill the gap between the very high demand of snail and the low supply of snail. We are currently raising 7 633 588 euro funds to develop this project and bring it into production. All funds will be used solely to establish operations, source equipment and construct needed infrastructure. SNAIL HARVEST guarantee a strong market to its investors with some international commercial already signed. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009432 Under a free industrial zone regime, we defend the food transition while sustaining a strong ROA Cameroon
75 I've been treating the most common concern we treat in both men and women is hair loss. There are many types of hair loss, but you’re most likely to notice either reduced hair volume (androgenic thinning) or excessive daily hair fall (Telogen Effluvium). Hair loss is not solely related to ageing either; many of our clients are in their late teens, 20s and 30s. Other types of hair loss we help to manage include alopecia areata, frontal fibrosing alopecia, and hair loss resulting from chemotherapy. I am searching for a suitable investor to join and start this vision along side me. This is an extremely profitable venture. It guarantees monthly installments from clients already on our books. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009446 Achieving clients hair restoration goal and my profit goal!!! South Africa
75 The cashew market is a 10 billion USD market that is seriously neglected in the DRC, agriculture in general is not really taken into consideration and that is something that we want to change in the country. The DRC is very big country with more than 70% of arable land, unfortunately this potential is not exploited. But with our cashew farming and processing project we will be able to change things and put ourselves among the biggest producer in Africa. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008454 Cashew & Kernel nuts industrial production project Democratic Republic of the Congo
75 The food industry in Africa is growing year by year due to high population growth. This exponential growth leads to the uncontrolled use of chemicals in African agriculture in order to quickly satisfy market demand. The first consequence of this practice is the degradation of our soils and environment. The second is the impact of these chemicals on people's health. Nowadays, the awareness of a part of the population on the use of chemicals in African agriculture has led to a growing demand for organic products. Having always had a heart to participate in the protection of our environment and an impeccable love for organic agriculture, we decided to create a startup called Fresh Organique to cultivate totally organic plant and animal products based on ancestral and modern practices and technologies. We have a plot of 100 Hectares (247.1 Acres) at 1h30 from Abidjan (Capital of Ivory Coast) where we will grow plant products and raise animals in free range to sell it directly to clients. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008455 Fresh Organique: We grow high quality organic vegetable and livestock to sell it directly to client Ivory Coast
75 I am speaking with a company based in Ivory Coast (CDV) that wants to bid for supply of electrical switchers for the Gvt of CDV. The seller is procuring the product from Turkey and buyer (Gvt of CDV) is willing to provide guarantee. The seller has requested me to assist them source around EUR700,000 for the purchase of the equipment which will be paid upon producing shipment documents. Easy deal with Gvt guarantee available. Straight forward trade finance deal. Trade Finance AIDB-009042 Looking for finance of EUR700K for purchase of electrical equipment for Gvt Tender. Guarantee ready Ivory Coast
75 Market research has shown that majority of private healthcare facilities operate in buildings that do not meet the standards required by the healthcare industry. This has called for adequate and dedicated medical facilities that offer a suitable environment for private practitioners. Construction of the building estimated at USD4Million (undergoing and developer plans to complete it in August, 2021) Turn-key equipping of the facility estimated at USD8 Million. Management fee to be estimated once full project proposal is complete. The project addresses the urgent need for appropriate infrastructure that meets the standards of private healthcare services providers. In addition to the national standards mentioned above, the Medical Plaza will be designed to meet the requirements of the International Standards Organization (ISO) and deliver comfort and safety for both healthcare practitioners and patients. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009044 Opportunity to fund affordable, state of the art Medical Plaze. Rwanda
75 The business is about distributing electric motorcycle to be used as motorcycle taxis (mototaxis) with swappable batteries that are recharged by either solar energy or CNG powered generators, Initially, they will be imported from a partner and within the four years manufactured locally, The motaxis will be sold on lease to drivers who will pay a daily amount from Monday to Friday during a year and the asset becomes their property, Therefore, empowering them because at the end of the day they will own their working asset and have ancillary services for a better life. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009047 NK GREEN Ventures is about sustainable mobility solutions that empower people. Cameroon
75 There is a fantastic opportunity to potentially farm Avocados, one of 'superfoods'. This is a $9.2billion export sales business opportunity and still growing. We have already identified land in Malawi and now we require investment for inputs, machinery etc. We also have established buyers in UK/Europe, UAE, China, Ukraine and Russia. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008843 Fantastic Opportunity to farm 'Green Gold' for export market. Malawi
75 We are seeking investment because we want to be the powerhouse of manufacturing fashion in Africa and creating more jobs, buying machines and material. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008846 The investment is to promote jobs in Africa South Africa;Zimbabwe
75 The global CBD market size was estimated at USD 2.8 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 3.5 billion in 2021.ROI of the project is 41% and break even time is 3 years.we will use SCFE(co2) process,its a green ,clean,cost effective and innovative project.the capacity of will be 5 tpd.despite of canabis we can extract other valuable spices and herbs like vanilla,clove,cinnamon etc,decaffeination of coffee,hop extraction for beer industry,many drug and neutraceuitics extraction and so on. So basically it's a multicomodity based project.targeted industries-food,pharmaceutical,neutraceutical,aroma and cosmetics,beer etc. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008852 Plant and machinery-$4.3 million Working capital(for 2 months)-$2.4 millions Other expenses-$0.3mill Lesotho
75 Our business has a guarenteed path-to-market due to laws that force the sourcing of 46% of all fresh produce from local growers before authority can be granted to import. We have an offtake request in hand for 10,000 lettuce heads and 4 tons of strawberries per week, open ended, and not limited to those crop types. Our growing environment is in a warehouse structure for optimal environmental controls, so there is no seasonal impact . Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009055 Niche business providing hydropinically grown produce in a hungry country with guarenteed market Namibia
75 Idealize Property Group (IPG) Pty Ltd is a real estate and property acquisition company which specialize in purchasing and owning income generating assets referring to commercial buildings, commercial vehicles, manufacturing equipment and machinery, We endeavor manufacturing bio-diesel and distributing petroleum products. The energy industry is a very lucrative busines as we project around R72 million ($5.3 million) during the first financial year. The project needs an Investment of R23.4 million ($1.6million). 80% of its funding is for asset financing which is grouped into income generating assets, movable and fixed assets. The remaining 20% of start-up funds are for operating capital, set up costs and stock. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009064 Calling all Bio-diesel manufacturing and Energy industry Investors South Africa
75 We seek funding to acquire a 5ha farm with 2 boreholes with access to river water as well. Farm isn connected to national power grid. Projects: goats, chicken farming, fish Farming and infrusture. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008865 An attractive Domestic Tourism project comprised of Campsites, grass thatched chalets, Restaurant. Botswana
75 The mine owner wishes the mining operations to be subcontracted. We, as a company, have been offered the opportunity to take over the O & M facilities. The mine produces a broad range of minerals which are all subject to prearranged offtake agreements. There is a possibility the investor could take up to 30% of the offtake. The facilities can be set up in a period of 6 months and production would then commence. Figures have been produced which show the investment can be repaid within a maximum period of 18 months but possibly with 12 months. Coupon rate suggested is 12% Further, for reasons which can be explained later, there is a need to establish an offshore company which would be 100% held by the investors. On repayment of the initial investment the shares in the offshore company, which will produce dividends, can be sold or retained. This is the first stage in the business as it is intended after approximately 18 months to establish a furnace which would then smelt the residue. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008872 An opportunity to invest in a O & M operation in J'burg. Mine owner will also invest. South Africa
75 85% of vehicles in Africa are used imports which means that transportation costs are high. What if, we converted these vehicles to electric in order to combat these costs. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009374 Solving Energy and Mobility in Africa Uganda
75 Production and Distribution of farm products, goods and services to the urban markets and cities. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009386 NNAM AGRICULTURAL AND DISTRIBUTION COMPANY Nigeria
75 I want investors because i want to implement my factory commercial and on large scale of sales Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009091 I want an financial assistance to establish my maize m8ll production and processing Namibia
75 We are supporting a dynamic, well-experienced agribusiness entrepreneur in Kisangani to develop his farm. He wants to produce on 210 ha pork, poultry, eggs, basic crops and vegetables. In a second step, we want to develop the production of organic avocados and pineapples for the export markets. We are looking in a first step for USD 3.5 million to develop a business that will be able to pay back the capital in less than 2 years. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008383 Invest Growth Capital in sustainable farming in DR Congo Democratic Republic of the Congo
75 While the plantation is being established, in term of that the trees are being planted and some are about to start bearing fruits, (since not all the land of around 20000 hectares is going to be planted with palm tree on the first year alone) the business intends to establish and commission a palm oil extraction facility near by the plantation so that in future the facility can be processing the palm fruits bunches from the plantation by extracting crude vegetable oil from them. the business intends to be putting crude palm oil as well as crude palm kernel oil on the global market to other secondary industries which uses it as their raw materials Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008616 ESTABLISHMENT OF PALM PLANTATION AND PALM OIL EXTRACTION FACILITY Malawi
75 Clement Foods a small farming business based in Mzuzu in Malawi is in the process of setting up an export oriented manufacturing unit of sisal fiber at Chatu area in Misuku hills in Chitipa District. The business is firstly establishing a sisal plantation on an area of around 10000-15000 hectares whereby 3500-4000 sisal plants are going to be planted per hectare. while some of the sisal trees are well planted on the plantation or some are near to start to be harvested, the business intends to establish a sisal fiber processing facility near by the plantation so that it can be producing the sisal fibers from the sisal leaves which are going to be harvested from the sisal trees from the plantation. Once matured and the plantation is well established and well taken care of, as well as the fiber processing facility is well installed, the business envisions producing at least around 1 to 2 ton of sisal fiber per hectare per annum, Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008622 ESTABLISHMENT OF A SISAL PLANTATION AS WELL AS A SISAL FIBER PRODUCTION FACILITY Malawi
75 We are provide of structured trade financing to SMEs ( preshipment, invoice discounting, purchase order financing , insurance premium financing and supplier financing ) We are looking for funding to expand our business Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009279 Short Term Secured Investment Opportunities in Tanzania (Finance Sector ) Tanzania
75 The objective of the app is to provide a digital/online/interactive platform that will upscale the existing Magic Blox 4 Life programs and equip the education, parenting and therapy sectors with Emotional Intelligence (EQ). The app needs to deliver and equip children, teens, parents, teachers and therapists with EQ skills and bring, fun, passion and holistic wellness into the classroom, home and therapy in a practical, virtually interactive, simulated way. Today, in an increasingly fast paced and stressful world, more than ever before, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is considered as valuable as Intellectual Intelligence (IQ) in building a successful, confident, resilient life. Covid19 has been a huge disrupter and has bought into acute focus the challenges of the digital divide in learning and education, as well as the deep need for remote learning and digital learning. It has quickly made us rethink the way we do things. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008964 The development of the Life Coaching EQ (Emotional Intelligence) digital app/platform South Africa
75 Employment scheme program that is motived toward reducing the level of unemployment in our community via prolific vocational training and getting the successfully trained personnel into the staff unit of our organization. This is a complete academic circle where students are not just trained and release to seek employment themselves but are rather trained purposefully to convert them into staff and putting them on good remuneration after their skill acquisition. Our aim is to address the societal problems by their root little by little via depopulating numbers of redundancy/idleness in our community. We believe that this employment scheme will help reduce the level of criminal activities in our society if a handful of people that suppose to be idle are gainfully engaged. Out of numerous societal problems, we are focusing on agriculture/farming. We are hoping to kick-start with at least 50 beneficiaries with practical agricultural training for variably 1 - 2 years . Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008966 Get Trained, Get Employed Scheme Nigeria
75 Partner Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008980 Investment Morocco
75 Penny PTY is a registered logistics company, focusing on providing hauling services of dry bulk goods such as coal, chrome and grain in tipper trucks. We are seeking investment to acquire a reliable fleet of trucks to consolidate substantial long-term contracts requiring a specific minimum number of trucks. This investment will also result in direct employment creation for at least 10 employees within the first year. According to our 5 year growth plan, we seek to increase our fleet and expand services to cross border as well as establish additional branches in other SADC countries. Consequently, this increase in local workforce will make our company eligible for local government incentives thereby further increasing future profit margins. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008640 Investment in a high returns trucking logistics company in an ever growing South African economy. South Africa
75 Our scope are build to generate a sustainable agricultural market behavior, that promote food Sustainability , Transparency and Traceability throughout your investment using Blockchain-Based Produce Market Place for Collective Prosperity, that reduces post harvest lost and wastage. We will deploy the advanced technologies to enhance the agricultural produce that possess natural characteristics making them much better in use. Service that offer several benefits to both farmers and consumers. Farmers gain higher crop yields and have increased flexibility in management practices. On the other hand, the consumers have healthier products with better nutritional characteristics and properties. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009002 We enhance nutritional properties with long time healHe benefit Abu Dhabi;Nigeria
75 We are a start up mine. We have mined and screened up to 80 000 Tonnes of Iron Ore. We have potential buyers ready for the deal. We need to build a road so trucks can move easily onto site to load Iron Ore and proceed. Current road is not good enough for many trucks to travel on it. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009321 Iron Ore Mine in South Africa. Has 80 000 Metric Tonnes Fe 66% sitting on the floor. Road Required South Africa
75 Aloyz Group of Enterprises Limited (AGE) is a registered hybrid investment firm in Cameroon launched by a young and energetic entrepreneur, Fomukong Aloysius Ngongeh. AGE goal is to create and invest in project that brings sustainable solutions to major socio-economic problems, notably environmental pollution from waste, food waste, youth unemployment, and unexploited investment opportunities. We will protect the environment from waste pollution by creating profitable businesses that takes away these low value materials (waste from plastic and glass products) out of the environment to create high value materials (building and construction products). We ensure food security from food waste by creating and promoting profitable agribusinesses that will process raw farm produce into consumable products that are preserved for a long time. By doing this, we promote entrepreneurship, provide job opportunities, and create investment opportunities for people in and out of Cameroon to invest in Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009012 Cameroon's first hybrid company providing sustainable investment opportunities. Cameroon
75 The company wholly owned by Ghanaians, certified to commence business on- by registrar Generals department in Accra Ghana as a gold exploration and mining company. with a single focus of exploration and mining of old, the company has met all legal requirement of the Govt of Ghana. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009180 Looking for short term Investment Ghana;United Arab Emirates
75 Our main services we will be focusing on the production of green fuels mainly diesel threw the recycling of plastic waste as the main core focus and any other waste material that contribute in polluting our Country/region/continent and our world as a whole. Lintha Holdings also wants to focus on educating and promoting green living to its communities and sectors in Botswana mainly partnering with the Botswana ecotourism sector which is currently the sector that spreads most awareness of green living The Market Across the Market of Botswana specifically and the SADC region renewable energy has been a main topic in political leaders’ agendas and communities but they have never been a big impact that can change people’s minds on using green renewable fuels and it being the main fuel supplier of people’s daily lives. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009207 Invest in the future of fuels- TM eco green fuels will be the leader in the Market place. Botswana
75 H&D Farms is a company registered and operated in Sierra Leone , The plan is to plant 2,500 acres of high yielding cocoa variety (i.e. the Ghana Hybrid) that starts production on the 3rd year of growth. These number of acres will give us an average net production volume is 1000 tons. The average cost for a ton of cocoa is $3,000. For coffee, we will plant 2000 acres using the new 12-month dwarf robusta coffee variety that produces 1 ton per acre. This means we will expect 2000 tons from the 2000 acres. Once harvest starts, it will be so every year for 25 to 30 years for both the cocoa and the coffee. For 4,500 acres (i.e. 2,500 for cocoa and 2,000 for coffee), we will need a total of $3m as investment. This level of investment is for the period from getting seeds to out-planting to first harvest. Average return on investment is $4.5m, and this will be so for the 25 to 30-year production lifespan. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008902 Cashing on the New Sustainable Gold in Sierra Leone: Cocoa and Coffee Sierra Leone
75 CMC will consist of building an open pit mining and processing plant in the northern side of Zambia this is a great project and opportunity Seeking Investment AIDB-008910 CMC is a gold mining and processing project that will change many peoples lives in Zambia Zambia
75 The Film Production business will operate studios and facilities that deliver audiovisual content/movies to the public via over-the-air transmissions/broadcasters. The types of programming offered will be made by broadcasters or by affiliates that exist outside the industry, and also In the making of licensing deals with television stations which will allow profit`s to come into the business. We also believe that the Film Production industry is in the mature phase of its life cycle and luckily for the industry, the advent of digital media has provided an opportunity for the industry to experience vibrant growth. Of course the industry is becoming more concentrated, as seen by a few large global firms dominating the market and gaining a huge market share of the available market. We will be using a strategy such as On-demand sales and VOD Distribution for our films which is now dominating the industry. So what we are currently looking for are Investors to Invest in this media business so that we can improve on the making of films, and also distributing them to an international market which will sell us profits in taking the company to the next level which will also allow the company to contribute to the: (GDP), Gross Domestic Product of the country, and also benefit it`s shareholders and investors. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008578 Media Business Investment Oppportunity. Namibia
74 We are a solutions-oriented organisation, in other words, we seek to solve customer challenges, realise their ambitions and optimise their operations. To do this we provide consultancy service and leading-edge custom software in the cloud. Our unique value proposition lies in our ability to leverage lessons learnt in mature markets and bring them to benefit in Africa. We would target organisations in East Africa namely Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi. In year one we would target Uganda (currently in progress) which is one of the emerging markets in the region. East Africa is now the fastest growing regions on the continent with 5.9% growth in 2017 and despite the ravages of COVID-19 Kenya's economy grew at 1.4%. The manufacturing sector in Kenya and Uganda is a fast-growing and with the Government of Uganda launching the Buy Uganda Build Uganda initiative this is expected to boost local sales. In 2016, investment in the Information Communications Technology (ICT) sector exceeded USD 180 billion and the software sector generated USD 1.36 billion in revenues in 2018. Considering the robust economic growth and strong investment in the sector we plan to tap into this market by providing cutting edge customised software solutions that would help our customers to scale and optimise their operations. Managing Director Of French Caribbean descent, the MD obtained a bachelor’s degree in management from the University of London and began his career in accounting and later transitioned to Banking Operations working with some of the leading investment banks in London. During that period, he participated in various digital transformation projects, mergers, and acquisitions. He later transitioned into digital consultancy services where he worked as a Business Analyst, Functional Consultant and Product Owner at three Microsoft Gold Partners. He has over eleven years of experience in digital transformation. He has worked in various sectors including Financial Services, Consultancy, Hospitality, Public Sector, Manufacturing, Education, Telecommunication, Retail and Aviation. The investment would go towards employing a software salesperson to assist the Managing Director with his sales effort which is quite a heavy process especially as it relates to providing consultancy and custom software proposals, this would permit us to accelerate lead conversion. We are looking for an investment of USD30,000 to USD60,000 in the form of debt, royalty and/or equity. This is to be repaid in a maximum of two years. We plan to make money as follows: - Launch our sales operation in Uganda with the Managing Director (in-progress) - Onboard our first customer, on a project of $350k for example we would receive an advance of 60 to 70% - We would use the deposit to employ a project team and to further boost our sales team to ensure that we have the capacity and ability to move quickly in converting leads which is in no short supply in Uganda. Here are our five years revenue projections which are based on very conservative estimates - in USD: Years 1: Gross income: 354,377 - Net Profits: 148,839 - One project Years 2: Gross income: 746,829 - Net Profits: 522,781 - Two projects Years 3: Gross income: 917,222 - Net Profits: 642,056 - Three projects Years 4: Gross income: 1,112,962 - Net Profits: 779,074 - Four projects Years 5: Gross income: 1,279,358 - Net Profits: 895,551 - Five projects Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009818 Invest in an innovative digital transformation company with a full ROI in under two years Botswana;Burundi;Ethiopia;Kenya;Rwanda;Tanzania;Uganda
68 Are you a microfinance or sme regulated financial institution requiring investment. Please contact us as we are looking for investment opportunities in Africa's microfinance sector. Seeking Investment AIDB-008396 Looking for Microfinance and SME Investment Opportunities in Africa Algeria;Angola;Benin;Botswana;Burkina Faso;Burundi;Cameroon;...
68 Cereal production and animal food processing project, in Chockwé region, in Mozambique, looking for Equity investment up to 15 million USD, for a total investment of 45 million USD. Seeking Investment AIDB-009715 Cereal production and animal food processing project, in Chockwé region, in Mozambique Abu Dhabi;Australia;Azerbaijan;Belgium;Brazil;Canada;Cayman ...
68 Soya, Corn, Wheat production and processing for animal food project. 1000 hectares of available land. Total investment of 30 million USD. Only Equity from Private Investment Funds Seeking Investment AIDB-009711 Looking for 9 million USD Equity investment for agriculture/cereal production project in Angola. Abu Dhabi;Australia;Belgium;Brazil;Cayman Islands;Denmark;Du...
68 We are looking for high quality investment opportunities that are in the area of climate change or green energy to show to global investors in our network. Finding Investment Opportunities AIDB-008432 Do you have an investment proposition that is focused on green energy or climate change? Algeria;Angola;Benin;Botswana;Burkina Faso;Burundi;Cameroon;...
67 Acquisition and processing of demand and markets Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008814 Create a real central purchasing, intermediation and meet demand for IT, communication and mystery s Senegal
67 I'm seeking investments so as to start building our first exchange as a start up. Our exchange will enable us facilitate quick financial services to raise funds to complete our other multi million projects. Forex trading, Crypto Trading, Stock Trading, Arbtraging, Exchanges, brokerage services. As the Ceo, I have been a Forex Trader and teacher since 2017, and also a crypto trader and teacher, I have taught and manage so many brands until now.. I have other 100 successful students and currently I am a UI/UX designer hoping to get funds to push this Fintech company. It has been registered with the Nigeria CAC as a limited company by shares Still a start up hoping to get angel investors to push its big dream. Seeking $10,000 Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009936 A Fintech Company seeking for your guidance and funding to pursue its Financial Technology Services Nigeria
67 Mabu Mineral Solutions is a dealer of natural diamonds. We assist registered companies to buy diamonds. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009763 Natural diamonds for you Brazil;Israel;United States
67 Beyond Group of Companies Limited (registered in 2020) is a new Start-up Company with Core Business in Drinking Water Abstraction, Treatment, packaging in sachets and cups, and selling of Packaged water. The Source of Water is 50m drilled Borehole Seeking $100,000 investment to construct factory, procure and install factory machines and operational start-up. The business has already secured appropriate land. The Business should pay back all loans within 24 months. The Directors are: Daud Ngulinga with over 20 years’ experience in Water Finance; James Milanzi a veteran Internal Auditor with over 27 years; Jeff Chisalika, a seasoned chemist who owns and runs Pharmacare Pharmacies; Christopher Zulu a Civil Engineer and holds an MSc Degree in Water Resources Engineering and an MSc of Strategic Management The still water segment is expected to maintain its lead due to increase in inclination of health-conscious consumers towards the portability and convenience of bottled water. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008770 Oxgenated Drinking Water in Sachets and Cups Malawi
67 We are a young couple that is hoping to create change in our community by providing state of the art learning facilities especially at preschool level. We are also involved in tourism and have also acquired a prospectus license for mining but we have limited funds. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009558 Investment opportunity that will bring high yields to investors Zimbabwe
67 We genuinely believe that Jerffron has huge potential in the industry and will likely be one of the first saffron vertical farms in Africa. The African continent has affordable land, low-cost labor, and an experienced agricultural workforce, offering enormous opportunity to local start-ups and foreign companies looking to expand. The project will be built on a solid foundation. From our inception, we have decided to recruit only qualified people and seek to leverage on their expertise to build our business brand as a premiere saffron flower cultivator in the world. To add to this, our unique approach makes Jerffron a powerful force in the marketplace. With our vision for success, as well as our predicted future growth, we are offering you a valuable investment opportunity. The global saffron market size was valued at USD 881.7 million in 2019 and expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7.3% from 2020 to 2027 to reach USD 1.55 billion by 2027.The market is expected to grow over the next few years on account of growing demand from the pharmaceutical sector particularly in countries with rapid population expansion. And because South Africa is regarded as ideal for large-scale farming given its unique combination of good weather, climate, labor costs and some of the best infrastructure in Africa it has the potentia2l to be one largest producers of pure quality saffron spice. The project will be built on a solid foundation. From our inception, we have decided to recruit only qualified people and seek to leverage on their expertise to build our business brand as a premiere saffron flower cultivator in the world. We seek to raise $10 million in angel investment in exchange of 10% company equity shares. Our goal for the next 2 - 3 years in operation, is to expand and supply the global market with more quality saffron. At the end of 5th year, we expect to be an attractive acquisition target for larger international brand. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009602 With our vision for success & new method of growing saffron we offer valuable investment opportunity South Africa
67 Anything Green is a start-up venture located in South Africa, Gauteng. We aim in offering various computer hardware and accessories items as well as professional computer repair services. We also aim in offering Document Management solutions, Cloud based solutions and Enviromentally friendly products. The Company will have a highly visible storefront location and Online presence to attract both walk-in customers as well as members of its community. Furthermore, Anything Green will expand its exposure through effective marketing as well as introduce the area to market segments that have not yet discovered the Company. The Company's industry does not have any seasonality that affects it. Overall, Anything Green has the services and professionalism necessary to flourish within its market. By delivering superior customer service, offering quality products as well as installation services, Anything Green potential is excellent. Anything Green is a black owned business which makes it a level 1 BBBEE. The Director carries over 11 years of experience in IT and Document Management space. In addition to diligently following the Business Plan to maintain the safeguards for successful business operations and achieve the financial projections herein, the current financial plan of Anything Green includes obtaining funding through one of many financing programs in the amount of $2,013,840.  Anything Green will use the funding for the purpose of doing advertising; covering lease and utility expenses; purchasing inventory and Document scanning equipment; and doing business development. No historic financial records. Future Financial projections can be provided on request. Seeking Investment AIDB-009658 Anything Green aims to become established as the IT and Eco-friendly products supplier of choice. South Africa
67 Following our consultation with the local authorities, we have secured land for the purpose of providing infrastructure services and construction of houses in these towns. The land in Katima Mulilo is offered through a PPP agreement, while the rest are offered through an offer to purchase. We therefore require 100% funding , inclusive of project preparation. We are unable to secure funding locally for these projects are the banks require equity contribution, which we do not have and are not in a position to raise. The funding requirement for the above is estimated at USD$24 million. There is a huge demand of housing in the country. the government has been undated with lack of shelter for ages. The team is made up of a Development finance specialist, property developer, electrical engineer, and Quantity Surveyor. Seeking 24 mil USD as debt or equity Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009736 1. Construction of low-middle income housing for towns of Katima Mulilo, Karibib, Omaruru, & Usakos. Namibia
67 We have recently entered into a development agreement with a property developer/owner. The agreement entails investing NAD3.2 million to unlock the project by settling outstanding fees for professionals and obtain statutory approvals. Secondly we are provide bulk infrastructure services which our Bill of Quantity for the entire development amounts to NAD126 million. Our requirement here is finance and access to assets needed for this services. Our estimated total financing requirement is USD$8.7 million. there is pre-sales available for the intended ervens for sale. The team is made up of a development finance specialist, contractor, civil engineer, quantity surveyor, architect, and real estate agent. Seeking 8.7 USD as debt or equity Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009741 3. Land serving of Avis Village Development in Windhoek. Namibia
67 We have received an offer to purchase a 2.5hector of land in Otjiwarongo town to buy the land from the Municipality for NAD2.5 million. Our intention is to set up a truck port with a service station, as the route serves as a getaway to the Caprivi high way which is used by trucks transporting goods to and from Zambia, DRC, Zimbabwe. Our estimated development cost amount to USD18.4 million Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009742 2. Construction of Truck Port with service station, and other commercial units. Namibia
67 The KFS Vision is to transform the economy of Hoima district into a prosperous society with an average monthly income of USD 300 by equipping the youth and women with smart agriculture and business knowledge and skills whilst creating a horticulture value chain. The funds will go towards the costs of setting up the first 2 cohorts of 100 youth and women. This will involve a simple classroom, seeds, irrigation equipment, farm inputs and cost of the trainers. The land of 50 acres has already been secured. Hoima has 600,000 people (70% youth) with the majority involved in the agriculture sector earning less than USD 100 per month from their small scale farms. We target to reach 1,000 small scale farmers per year over 20 years. The promoter of the farm school - Paul Nyangabyaki will be the CEO nad in charge of the business side of the school- finances, marketing and administartion. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree and has over 30 years experience starting up and managing businesses across East Africa. A farm team will be recruited of a highly qualified farm manager, a consulting agronomist and a school principal. To implement this project, KFS is seeking seed capital of USD 100,000 to set up an irrigation system, water system (borehole/piping) (40M), a classroom and working capital for cohort 1 and 2 in order to test the proof of concept. The seed capital will be convertible debt. As a social enterprise we expect to be self sustaining after a while and will only need debt for working capital. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009752 Invest in an Agri-business incubator in Hoima- Uganda's oil city Uganda
67 Gataka, an informal settlement in Nairobi is a relatively new estate where the students, informal workers reside. One of the main problems they encounter is access to consistent water Their only source of water is the river that crosses beneath the main road. Women and children often have to walk long distances to access this water to bathe, wash their clothes and collect water for their domestic use. The children who walk to the river often encounter the risk of getting hit by cars and trucks that use that road. This predicament has created an opportunity to use the perennial river to supply clean and safe water to Gataka residents in their homes for bathing, drinking and other commercial uses at a minimal fee. It will also be a source of employment for the community members. Seeking Investment AIDB-009431 Using solar pumps to supply clean water to Gataka residents at an affordable cost Kenya
67 Tamashi no Hakai is a clothing brand that intends to design, create and sell streetwear hoodies and t-shirts that will appeal to streetwear apparel enthusiasts initially in South Africa. The brand will look to establish itself as the household name for the above-mentioned products. Because of Covid 19 pandemic consumers will now look to have an online experience that resembles the physical store as congruently as possible. TnH will meet this demand by integrating a range of technologies to increase their sales closing rate which will include but not limited to: •Augmented Reality •Voice Search •Video content creation •Chatbot Integration •Omnichannel experience •Personalization & Ethical Marketing A $247,250.42 start-up investment is needed which will be used for: •Recruitment of an educated and well-experienced team •Product development •Equipment •Legal Counsel •Office Space Leasing •Manufacturing •Marketing Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009133 By offering variety and affordability, we plan to be a household name in Streetwear. South Africa
67 Wild Desert Collection (WDC) is a tourism-based business focusing on temporary lodging, activities and vehicle rentals in Namibia. In addition to Namibia, we will operate a lodge in Victoria Falls (Zambia) and one in Botswana (Chobe). Wild Desert Collection will build 18 lodges/ Hotels with 30 rooms each in the following areas: 5 of the above mentioned areas already have lodges on the farm land that we are purchasing however we will build another lodge on the same farm that will fit into our market. The car rental department will be established to add value to the route enabling us to sell a complete package. Activities will be offered at each lodge to compliment the area and enhance the reasons why tourists visit these areas. The funds will be used to acquire all the farm land where we will be develop these lodge The project is shovel ready with everything in place Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008470 Company in Namibia(Tourism hotspot) is searching finance to develop 18 exclusive lodges with 30 room Botswana;Namibia;Zambia
67 the transformers of agricultural production TAP-sierra leone is a non-political, non-partisan and non-religious organization formed back in 2020 however it gave birth to its development in 2021 in Gbendemgu chiefdom of Bombali. The purpose of this orgaanization is to eradicate hunger in sierra and africa at large that is why we are focusing on agricultural production Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009029 Transformation brings changes for a sustainable development.t Sierra Leone
67 Tostech Global Resources is a multidimensional and innovating company registered under the acts and allied matters of 1999 Nigeria constitution. We have done market research, feasibility study, and current market prices before putting up this project proposal. We have handled many projects in Agricultural development Programs in Lagos State and Ogun State which was sponsored by Lagos State Ministry of Sports and Youth Development where we were able to rear 5700 poultry animals, 25tonnes of Cassava and Maize. Presently, I have come up with an idea that will transform the food security in Nigeria, Africa and the World as a whole via Agricultural Technology. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008842 Million Dollar Agriculture Investment In Nigeria Nigeria
67 Chipapa Empowerment Scheme is local Business offering some economic empowerment programs to marginalized youth and women in Mazabuka District of Zambia. We are registered in Zambia under registration certificate no. 320170006855. Our objective is to equip marginalized members of the society with Life Skills and Seed Capital to enable them engage in Ago production as our production agents in future through a program known as "Save as you Buy". With an investment of $10,000, people will subscribe to the save as you buy where they will invest in wholesale distributor to enable them make small saving whenever they buy daily used products and in due course of life access the funds through Agricultural inputs and other related services. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008854 $10,000 needed to start a social saving business that support the poor invest in Agriculture. Zambia
67 We are pleased to present this business case, for the development of peninsula into a eco- luxury 24 villa retreat real estate asset. The proposed retreat development is located in the Island of Zanzibar Archipelago, off the coast of East Africa. The entire site (peninsula) is one of the prominent protected forests in Zanzibar, with natural and magnificent pristine landscape & centuries old baobab trees, beautiful beaches (4 km) and torqouis & clear waters. Once completed, the resort will combine Zanzibar’s stunning natural scenery marked by white sand beaches, crystal turquoise waters, & 700 acres of lush tropical forestry with Swahili-inspired design. The resort aims to provide the ultimate multi-sensory experience for ecotourist adventurers & a private getaway for relaxation seekers alike. - 24 Villas ( One, Two & Three-bedrooms) - 3 Restaurants, 3 Bars, Living room, Library, Cooking school and shop. - Outdoor events spaces, Nature Walks, Deep Sea Fishing, Sunset dhows, etc! Seeking Investment AIDB-008390 Eco-Luxury Resort in Zanzibar Tanzania
67 Like most of other industries, transportation and logistics is currently confronting enormous change; and like all changes, this brings both risk and opportunity. There are many ways the sector could develop to meet these challenges, some evolutionary, others more revolutionary. Freight Anchor is an Egyptian (SaaS) Limited Liability Company (LLC) under the supervision of the General Authority for Investments (Arab Republic of Egypt), founded by three Egyptian partners in September 2020 and the platform official launch was on March 21, 2021. Freight Anchor E-Logistics Platform offers the best solutions for Importers / Exporters (Industrial Entities, Trading Companies, Individuals who are involved in import / export business sectors), Tailor-Made to match their shipments’ requirements under a strategic and synergistic tie-up with Logistics service providers throughout the world. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008625 We are a cloud platform well placed to reach our customers and logistics experts all over the world Egypt
67 I am seeking the funding to complete a 50 bed guesthouse by a beautiful lake in Accra. It will provide luxury shortstay accompanied for holiday makers and business executives. Visitors can engage in fishing to pass time or take a ride on the boats on the lake to relax themselves. The building is on an acre of land and is about 35% complete. Future business outlook is good and we envisage about 80% occupancy at any time period. There is also plans to grow and to provide socially affordable housing for the low income using local materials and adopting a rental policy suitable for the low income earner in the society. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008985 My interest is in providing short stay hospitality for holiday makers and business executives . Ghana
67 1.Company Overview: Tracell Finance Ltd. is a private limited company operating in Tanzania since Sep 2019. Vision To be a successful model company in transforming and improving lives in Africa and beyond by offering most admired sustainable products and services. Mission We are committed to a sustainable future by improving social, economic and environmental well-being of our customers through provision of comprehensive range of high quality and affordable product & services. Values In order to achieve the vision and the mission, we are committed to: •Transparency & Respect for others •Accountability & Ethical behavior •Customer focused & Continuous improvement •Learning, growth & Leadership Financial performance The company has grown significantly in its first 12 months i.e. averaging 16%,14% & 20% month-on-month growth in revenue, operating profit & total loans respectively 2. Investment opportunity •Problem 1 - Access to credit 69% of Tanzanians borrow from family & friends due to quick access to money Solution - Friendly loan conditions with affordable charges i.e. simple collaterals and lower interest rates •Problem 2 - Inconsistent sources of income >90% of Tanzanians do not have consistent sources of income Solution - Flexible and customizable loans for different businesses and personal requirements e.g. Flexible repayment period •Problem 3 - Unexpected expenses 48% of adult Tanzanians struggle to keep up with unexpected expenses Solution - Offer emergency loans which can be obtained after work hours and on public holidays and weekends •Problem 4 - Financial exclusion 28% of Tanzanians are financially excluded and 7% use informal services Solution - Accelerates asset financing coverage for SMEs and individual entrepreneurs in Dar and other regions in Tanzania 3. Business traction •Customers : +70 (+40 financial excluded entrepreneurs) •Staff : 4x full time, & 10x part time •Funds invested so far : $86k •Financials : Rev ($ 51k), EBITA ($ 20k) & ROCE (21%) •Legal : Business License & Tax clearance certificates 4. The ask and use of funds (US$ 375k) •Loans (Lending & Asset financing): 293k (78%) •Vehicles & motorcycles: 33k (9%) •Office Furniture & Equipment's : 16k (4%) •Working capital: 28k (7%) •Software: 5k (1%) 5. Investment outcomes • Maximize investor returns : 88% CAGR Profit growth • Grow market share : 70% CAGR customer& sales growth • Easy access & affordable loans : Lower IR from +8% to 5% • Create new employment: from 4 (2020) to 25 (2025) • Improved efficiency &working conditions : working tools •Expand horizon : + 3 new big cities in Tanzania 6. Social-economic impact •Borrowers: Grow # of beneficiaries and individual income by +950 &&$670k resp. by 2025 •Small scale suppliers: Uplift income of +255 low income suppliers by $170k (2025) •Gender equality : Sustain and improve gender equality in employment i.e. currently at 50:50 •Social responsibility : Surge social investment from $100 (2020) to 12k (2025) •Gov’t support : Increase tax contribution from $6k(2020) to +$140k (2025) Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008989 Alleviating poverty by providing easy access & affordable credit to the financially underprivileged Tanzania
67 SA Agri Pharma Pty Ltd will operate a technologically advanced, vertically-integrated Cannabis cultivation and extraction facility that will produce medical Cannabis for distribution to international pharmaceutical markets as permitted by applicable South Africa laws and regulations. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009006 Invest in Natural Pharmaceuticals in Africa - Exciting opportunity in Medical Cannabis South Africa
67 The feasibility study of our business shows appreciable and positive trends. Indeed, for a 10-year investment with a possible 20-year operation, $ 41 million USD of investment generates an average revenue of 7 to 8 million per year. The net result, over US D $ 2 million, by the 3rd year is encouraging. Financial profitability strengthens as the earnings improve. The idea of setting up a SOLAR FARM in KOULIKORO and SIKASSO in the South of Mali comes at the right time because it will allow these regions to upgrade themselves in terms of electrification and thus promote the economic and social development of the regions. Sikasso is the locality where most of plants extraction cotton oil seeds are located and Koulikoro has a big industrial potential. For a better mastery of its production and an easier access of the targets, VI-ENERGY INC will direct its strategy on small isolated power station to answer sectoral and specific needs. It will produce at most 1.5 MW for a set of 10 villages and cities in urban areas. For a 35 MW objective we would cover about 250 villages and towns. VI-ENERGY INC. may also produce on demand, for companies with high consumption needs. The individual home consumption will be also covered specifically by some solar kits. The costs of studies, construction, connection and dismantling of a solar power plant are around 1 million euros per megawatt for the most efficient systems. The total amount of investments is estimated at US $ 35 million. A solar power plant with a capacity of 1 MW produces on average 1,5957 MWh per year. For 35 MW the production will be 55,8495 MWh. The average price agreed is of 58 FCFA or USD 0,116 cents. About VI-Energy Incorporated sectors in Oil and Gas upstream, on the basis of information and realities on the ground, the company realized that Mali has numerous sediment basins in the Center and North, particularly in the remote Taoudeni region, and seeks to encourage oil exploration in these areas. The founder of the company and Malian citizen found out there has been little exploration to date and no production, primarily due to the high cost of extraction, lack of infrastructure, and insecurity in central and northern Mali. But the team is willing and devoted to work and to try developing the resources there. Increasing energy consumption will increase demand for petroleum products, in the short and mid-term. Viviane's goal is to help Mali decrease importing Petroleum when it can produce it itself, and in economic terms, many direct jobs will be created which can also reduce the number of migrants running away from Mali to Europe. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008658 A profitable based Solar Energy Company focus on climate change & Oil & Gas Upstream Mali
67 Building real estate across the country and solving problems of house shortage in Ethiopia Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009310 MH REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT Ethiopia
67 The Company Khulani Energy and Plant Maintenance (Pty) Ltd is a waste collection and recycled business that supply various markets with recyclable goods for use in the service and production of further supply commodities in various industries. The company is registered as a Private Company with and has one Director namely Mr. Lawrence Sipho Tholo. The company has developed itself over time into a waste recycle business and major supplier of recyclable products throughout the Western Cape. Khulani offers a complete service from on-site collection, quotation and installation to a wide range of customers supplying quality products at competitive prices. Khulani Energy's business model presents an alternative to recycle a landfill bound waste, save the landfill space, and give the consumer the opportunity to benefit from the many positive properties of the treated waste. The company was formed in 2018 and started operations late 2019, Khulani Energy managed to survive economic dow Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009009 One of the most attractive aspects is that the business is projected to attain a strong cash positio South Africa
67 There is an excellent business opportunity to buy an milling company that produces maize meal, It was a very successful business with an single owner. At the age of 65, he wanted to sell his whole operation as an retirement package but thing went pear shaped with COVID, currently everything is standing intact waiting to be reopened, I want to buy this company and reopen it.I need U$12 000,000-00 to buy this whole operation, which includes 3 large farm, operational butchery, operational agricultural farm with 800 hectares farmland already in use. I am looking for investors who can help me to buy this gem. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009011 Milling company in Rundu, Namibia Namibia
67 Soybean is a crop of global importance constituting one of the largest sources of vegetable oil and protein feed in the world. Global soybean production was approximately 306 million Metric tons in 2016, but still inadequate for meeting the increasing global demand. It consumed by above 170 million Nigerians- home and abroad. It can be consumed directly for food in every homes, or treated for soy-milk, cooking oil and a variety of other goods, including child weaning food. Also the poultry industry uses soybean for feed production. Soybean grain often has a good market demand. The crop residues are also rich in protein and are good feed for livestock or form a good basis for compost manure. We intend to attention on the use of good agronomical practices to fill this void, by increasing soybean production at a very fast speed within a small frame of time, making more profit from producing more bags- reducing labour and yet, produce more. The SWOT study eventually will reveal that the opportunities of the business outweigh the challenges and was concluded that good agronomic practice of soybean production idea is healthy and feasible in Nigeria. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008562 Crop 1000 hectares of soybean to make huge profit within a short time. It is worth investing upon. Nigeria
67 Lake Victoria Eco-City Development project will integrate first world premium facilities comprising of Eco-friendly tourism and residential facilities including a 5-star hotel, two 4-star hotels, a 3,600-seat conference hall, a modern hospital (with a capacity to conduct complex heart surgeries currently referred abroad), luxury apartments, villas, marina, cultural and educational centers, modern business center park, commercial and entertainment center - a world class tourist destination complex. The development will require US$5BN to complete. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009204 Lake Victoria Eco-City Development Project - Entebbe Uganda Uganda
67 We are Committed to change the face of Africa by providing sufficient food and direct employment to youths and average adult , as a way of fostering economic growth and profitability of both company The and investors . Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008907 Funding investment in Agric agro Innovative farming & processing in Port Harcourt Nigeria , Nigeria
67 We are an agricultural cooperative based in southwest Cameroon. A highly fertile part of the country with an affordable workforce. We have made the profession of the earth our passion and want to develop it but we are limited by a lack of funds available for our emancipation. We want to set up a production unit of 200,000 catfish and we want serious investors who are quick to trust us. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009218 Agro-pastoral farming is a wealth-producing sector. We welcome any investor wishing to increase his Cameroon
67 Mainly pig farming and psalm oil production but also logistics Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008932 Pig farming and logistics Ghana
67 Jones Software Corporation ( developed a SaaS, Cloud-Based, Education Technology Platform, and Virtual Go-Live Classroom for Primary, Secondary and Higher Education - Further Adult learners, to close the learning gap. Find Business Partner AIDB-008956 World Business Chicago, Chicago Next, Jones Software Corporation China;South Africa;United Kingdom
67 The business processes various protea flower species into different, naturally tasting vodkas using a patented method - a first of its kind. The breweries finally started selling liquor in May 2021 and before South Africa's Level 4 lockdown had sold 35 X 375ml bottles at $17,71 per unit. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008959 Proteas in a bottle - The worlds first protea flower vodka South Africa
67 We are providing a next-generation mass transit solution by operationalizing using fintech an exclusive concession for mass transit in the Greater Kampala Metropoliant area. We are implementing a tech-based a smart, safe, sustainable, consistent, high quality, affordable, predictable and comfortable transport service to the residents and Entities in the Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area under a government concession. This is a multi modal mass transit system, covering first and last mile. According to the World Bank, the transit population of Kampala is over 1.5 million. Of these, at least 560,000 use public transport daily. Kampala’s current public transport has a reputation for unprofessionalism and inferior standards regarding safety, comfort, and cleanliness, not to mention that most minibus taxis are over 20-years old, contributing to Kampala’s growing problem of air pollution and toxic gas emissions. Chronic congestion, inefficient/unorganized systems, and rapid urbanization make Kampala’s transit system unsustainable over the long-term. At least 63,000 citizens (9%) use private vehicles that contribute to more than 43% of traffic congestion, while 56,000 citizens (8%) use motorcycle taxis, contributing to 36% of traffic congestion. The current public transport system has more than 800,000 households depending on these forms of public transportation. Moreover, the current system does not address the 70% of the city’s workforce who must walk to work. Steven Jeremy NTAMBI, Ph.D- Founder and Team Lead Ex-Head of Operations KCCA; Ex- Manager Kampala Cable Car Project; Ex- Technology Transfer Engineer; Thales Alenia Space and Politecnico di Torino, Italy; Ex-Founder and Head of M.I.T Vehicle Design Summit Africa Jackie NAMARA RUKARE, FCIM- Brand, Marketing and Customer Care 20+ years experience in growing brands and delivering business growth at Unilever Uganda, Uganda Breweries (Diageo), Airtel Uganda, Stanbic Bank Uganda (a member of the Standard Bank Group) and Vodafone Uganda; Practical Expertise and Experience on Brands’ Influence in Lifestyles and as Tool for Sustainable Business Growth; Applied marketing professor at Uganda Management Institute Victor TUMWINE-Operations Analyst- ISO Certified Auditor-ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949; Over 5 Years’ Experience in Automotive Product Development Gloria TIBAKUNIRWA- International Strategic Business and Human Resource Consultant and Subject Matter Expert with 22years experience. Seeking USD 100 million in Debt and Equity. See Video at Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009991 Operationalization of 15-year exclusive Concession-based mass transit in Kampala Uganda
67 We aim at achieving sporting and athletic excellence through development of skills in the youth, granting them opportunities to create a meaningful life for themselves with regard to hard work. Competitors - OYDC (Olympic youth development centre) however this facility is for government purposes and activity. No other sports academy in Zambia All youth with desire to pursue sporting careers. Kabwela kabwela- Sports Management student at EU Business School Jane Monde Limbali- Board Director, Energy Regulation Board Sugzyo Dzekedzeke- Owner of Law firm, Dzekedzeke and Company. $700,000. this Is the amount that we seek, and is in the form of debt. This amount is to be paid back in the second Business year. Monthly Forecast revenue - $50k-60k Annual Revenue- $650k - $850k Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-007885 The athlete Factory- Walk in an individual, walk out a champion. Zambia
67 1.1 The Quick Pitch We are a contracting firm with ties in technological developments, and we seek to bridge the gap between major sectors and technology in developing countries. 1.2 The Problem Most of Africa have a singular most pressing issue, integrating technology in their different milieus of operation. From private sector business to para-public institutions as well as government institutions, there is a staggering lack of modern systems and techniques to incorporate digitization into these existing sectors making them efficient and cost effective. Studies have shown that in the sub Saharan Africa, there is a little over 15% of systems being digitized; a majority of this number being in the private sector. This a s a result of lack of knowhow to implement these systems, but also as a result of lack of interest by many government entities to undertake these tasks. As a result of these factors, the development of these sectors is left behind when technologies develop and as a result leave them behind. This has a tendency to make administration in these countries lackluster and inefficient in mitigating substantial losses to their income as they spend exorbitantly in manually handling these issues. Our primary focus with AFOPSPE under Del-Jaynie Corporation is to (with primary target Cameroon) launch applications to seamlessly re-orientate how Africans study but create a platform where parents can follow up and be part of the teacher learning process. A group of platforms wherein which there can be a holistic centralization of educational system thereby bridging a huge gap that has left the educational system stagnant and on a decline for the past few decades on the continent. It is worth noting with a hint of disparagement the extent of the damage this singular problem has on societies and communities in this region both on the large scale of things at the urban level as well as on the small scale of things at the level of small communities. There has come to be a dependency on machines to help sort as well as not only unite but efficiently organize data from different sectors at least in the western world. This dependence on these efficient systems has seen a steady rise in the economic system of countries that have embraced these technologies and has seen a huge rise in the quality of not only products from these economies but astute learning techniques that curb cost but expand dissemination of knowledge. With the aforementioned reliance lacking on the African continent especially in the sub Saharan region especially, there has been a steady rise in technological devices as they’ve become inexpensive, but a vast decline in the operational dynamics of sectors and individuals that use them. The rise of misinformation and inability to use new media technologies have been the bedrock of the African society. Furthermore, in as much as these developing countries’ GDP rises, there has been a pause on the growth on the economic might of these countries as well as somewhat of a decline in the living standards of individuals in these regions. These points and much more paint a grim picture of the atmosphere these countries find themselves in and are in no particular way addressing said issues with any sort of policy or decisive action. All these stemming from an educational system that has not been able to be digitized enough for all to have access to and or follow up on and develop as much as possible. Several attempts have been made by mainly private institutions and startups to remedy the situation. At the moment, a majority of them are more on the digitization of already existing material and have as a result, missed the goal of increasing the reach of these systems, diversifying its importance, tailoring it to fit societies it encounter and creating avenues for the same to be improved upon. 1.3 The Solution Our primary focus with AFOPSPE under Del-Jaynie Corporation is to (with primary target Cameroon) launch applications to seamlessly re-orientate how Africans study but create a platform where parents can follow up and be part of the teacher learning process. We believe that to tackle the more global problem facing the region and the continent at large is to target the system that develops individuals, who will in-turn build up more technologies to solve the problems in other systems. We will therefore under the technologies department of Del-Jaynie create software, applications and programs that run on easily accessible and available devices which will not only digitize the teacher learning process but will be an all-inclusive package which together will become the bed rock of an educational system that will evolve with time and become available to millions on the face of the continent as a whole Developing software entails making complex ideologies down to earth and understandable by the lay person. Thus our initial plan is to make these systems available to all, simple to use and have the potential to be retrofitted or incorporated into future technologies for the same system. 1.4 Highlights The sale of these applications and software will be based off on assumptions made in the market analysis we have made and projection of highlights below is with the help of systems and algorithms we’ve created with data acquired from the market with bias made on the negative factors of sale and the unforeseen of costs. The table below shows a steady growth in sales and a corresponding growth in cost and profit as a result of reinvestments made from profit from the first year. Once the business breaks even during the second year, profit will grow above cost and will be a fraction lower than sales as cost will remain relatively the same after the third year as the models show. Growth rate per annum 1.5 Keys to Success 1. We will be pragmatic about how we approach the building phase of the applications. 2. We will outsource some of the work as we will need to expand our reach and control over entities that control specific clusters that are needed for the completion of the task 3. Assuming an aggressive market strategy; this beginning from censorship, developing according to market demands and getting endorsement from state system controllers to allow for our technologies to easily get recognition 4. Using all available media to spread the importance of the application 5. Creating an artificial monopoly of this particular market thereby commanding the stage for the development of future techniques for other sectors Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-007257 Digitizing Education For Central African Studies and Expanding Educational Opportunities for All Cameroon
67 Ivectorgroup ( provides the following services:Project Management, Construction Management, Civil engineering, General Building Construction and Electrical Engineering. Our competitors are staggering. However, the industry is well paying once you proper deals. We plan to employ advanced technology to maximise profit and and to reduce competition. (such revit sofwarea, WinQs, BIM 360,MS project and advanced machines) Ivectorgroup is currently capacitated by two employees: 1-Founder &Managing Director who is a prospective Civil Engineer and Quantity Surveyor with 15 months of work experience 2-Allaged Construction Manager with Diploma in Quantity Surveying with more than 20 years of work experience We intend to collaborate with professionals with a vast experience in in engineering projects The business is not really scalable but there is high probability for a rapid growth depending on capital availability. Provided that having sufficient capital and experienced human resources can enhance growth, We can score more than 7 projects each with a value between R500 000.00 to R6 000 000.00 annually according to our research and CIDB gradings, More money is going to be generated through claims to sustain the projects. We also project to have 10 monthly sales with a value between (R20 000.00 to R500 000.00 according to the information from our lead agencies (ie bark). We expert to see more growth in the next coming years and have our on plant , equipment and tools. We Aim to expands and do business outside South Africa and do demolition services. Seeking $20 000.00 for equity and operation. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009971 Our vision is to lead a dynamic civil engineering and construction company in the country &continent South Africa
66 The project consists of the construction of three cement plants in the Kasaïan space at: KABEYA KAMWANGA, KATANDA and TSHIMBULU. It is a high return investment. We point out the presence of limestone and lime on its quasiextent. Project component : - Construction of three cement plants at : * KABEYA KAMWANGA * KATANDA * TSHIMBULU - Acquisition of two crushers; - Erection of two factories for the manufacture of inputs for public works; - Acquisition of appropriate machinery for public works; - Agropastoral with the start-up of agricultural villages. The space has road and rail communication routes whose electric traction will be financed by the German Government. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009442 A factory to alleviate the scarcity of cement in Greater KASAI. A booming city Cameroon;China;Ivory Coast;Democratic Republic of the Congo;...
64 5000 hectares of land to plant trees and to manage the forest with a green approach and climate finance possibilities. Investment to be done in Mozambique, in Chockwé region, in Gaza province. Wood management. Total investment 45 million USD. Looking up to 15 million Equity investment. Seeking Investment AIDB-009714 Forest plantation and management project to reduce carbon. Green Project for Investment. Abu Dhabi;Australia;Azerbaijan;Belgium;Brazil;Cayman Islands...
64 Tomato production, processing and tomato products commercial distribution. Seeking Investment AIDB-009709 Looking for 30% Equity for 45 million USD total investment. Abu Dhabi;Belgium;Brazil;Canada;Denmark;Dubai;Finland;France...
63 Providing a very powerful program called Tech for Teens & Kids Foundation, a goal of no child left behind. A playground that Connect, Empower, Transform and Educate Innovators & digital citizenships of tomorrow by fostering and investing in them the 21st Century skills such as Creativity, Critical thinking, Problem-solving, Collaboration etc. CDTM-ICT aims to prepare its students as young leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow by combining an exclusive collegiate-based curriculum tailored especially for children (early school goers, Middle school, and High school) aged 6 to 20 years with enhanced, first class incubation of exploration, invention, and entrepreneurship services. Unlike our competitors we offer advanced technology programs; after-school tutoring, career boosters, entrepreneurship activities and project-based learning, unrevealing the mysteries of a creative & innovative mindset, all in one location. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009939 Center for Development and Training of Mindset, Innovation and Creative Technology (AI & Robotics) Lesotho
63 Currently the only Shopping complex / Mall in the Area is situated at a distance of 45 kilometer. If the Mall and Shopping complex is build whereby retailers such as Shoprite, Pick n Pay, KFC, Debonairs Pizza, Cashbuild, Pep Store, Ackermans, Makharms etc including a petrol station (BP) and Liquor Store. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009477 I have a piece of land where I would like to build a Mall, alternatively a shopping complex South Africa
63 Tulipgroupe intent to; minimize food shortage create employment Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009285 Agriculture, "money is in the soil" Ghana
63 The business has over 3400 schools in Zimbabwe with over 1000 secondary schools.Naltad Enterprises being in the spectrum of such products has invented and established strategies to accommodate the bulk of these schools.The company has planned to reach various parts of Zimbabwe. The company's planned functions are to supply- Laboratory equipment and chemicals -manufacture and supply science laboratories and lecture theatres -office and school furniture -shop fitting and partitioning. Hence the objective of this plan is to provide a written guide for inherently continuing and managing the planned business,a strategy framework for developing a comprehensive tactical markrmark, operational and financial plans.So to satisfy the financial requirements for running this business is therefore intended to inform among others potential investors and lenders of the opportunity.The return on investment is between 35- 40%.Funds sought are to finance capital equipment and working capital. The market has over 4000 targets, and the competition is always there and our major weakness is on working capital to deliver rather than to achieve sales or projects In summary the organisation has competitive edge over so many organisations and very much networked to create projects.We happen to win a number of tenders with at least project value of US$250 000- US$350 000 in a month. As a synopsis of historic financial trend has always been very much positive with income generated of around US$900 000 and in anticipation of US$2 million Hence the company is seeking for US$200 000-US$450 000 as working capital Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009914 The business has potential to return US$5 million income in a year Zimbabwe
63 Are You Looking Into Renting a Property, Selling a Property, Buying a Property, Leasing a Property Or Land in Accra? Do You Want To Sell Your Property In Few Days In Accra? Call Us 0244157194 Or Log On To For Expedite Services. See less Selling Real Estate AIDB-008491 Are You Looking Into Renting a Property, Selling a Property, Buying a Property, Leasing a Property ? Ghana
63 The premise of Value Microfinance is to raise the next generation of future entrepreneurs with support, experience and skill required to establish viable, growing and scalable micro and small businesses across all business/industry segments. A truly digital bank, to be supported by a strong service distribution network of agents, Value MFB will introduce products and services to underserved entrepreneurial groups like students, women in both rural and urban communities, as well as professionals looking to start a business or enterprise. Focus sectors will include: • Agriculture, • Tech and professional services, • Fashion • Retail • Food • Light manufacturing/processing • Transport and logistics Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008774 Creating a Microfinance Bank for Lifetime Value to the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs Nigeria;United Arab Emirates;United Kingdom;United States
63 Je-Josal will be producing and partaking in the sale of a new building technology, Rapidwall plaster. This plaster will be produced in Ghana and sold to a wide range of consumers. This building technology has been tried and tested by the creators, Rapid building systems. The product has been tested and subsequently hailed by the Financial Times publication (UK) and IFC. The UN Habitat program has also recognised it as a Good Practice for sustainable development. This new building technology will bring a revolution to the way Ghana and west Africa at large construct their buildings. Start-Up costs are estimated to be $ 35,683,000.00 which include the acquisition of land for manufacturing, acquisition of gypsum rock/sand concession, purchasing and building of the plants necessary for production, acquiring of trucks/vehicles for transportation of the products amongst a few others. the major challenges in the sector included a national housing deficit of over two million housing units, high cost of houses available, building materials and rental housing and inadequate access to mortgages. He said already, studies put Ghana’s overall annual deficits between 70,000 and 120,000 housing units, with only 30 to 35 per cent of the annual estimated requirement being supplied. provisional figures from the 2021 Population and Housing Census conducted by the Ghana Statistical Service indicated a population increase from 24.6 million to 30.8 million. This has implications for the already large housing deficit facing the country, especially in urban areas. It is projected that the country needs at least 100,000 housing units annually, while supply is estimated at 35 per cent of the total need. Joshua Bassaw CEO 10 years experience as a Builder in building construction, mep services, fire Engineer. Charles Huunuskpe 7 years experience professional Architect Solomon Kuundari 9 years experienxe as a professional Quantity Surveyor Lucy Rhoda Afra Bassaw General Manager 15years of experience as a Banker Obinim Richard Admin/ HR Manager 6 years Je-Josal Company is a startup company and has the forecast readily available for further negotiations Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009557 Je-Josal Co Ltd is seeking investment for GRFG panel walling system. Je-Josal Company Limited is seeking for a $35m with the all available option (debt, equity and investment) negotiations Ghana
63 Selling new Terex Finlay J960 Jaw Crusher - Tanzania stock unit- subject to prior sale Selling Physical Goods or Products AIDB-009750 New Terex Finlay J960 Jaw Crusher - STOCK UNIT Kenya;Rwanda;Tanzania;Uganda
63 Nature Way is an agricultural and welless company focused on creating natural herbal products from native herbs in africa. Our first product is "Wonderful Nature" which is a Natural herbal tea which has helped healed a lot of people (our product is backed by scientific research) . Other great herbal product are in the works. We are seeking investments to boost advertisement and promotional activities, expand our distribution to the 6 Geo Political Zones in Nigeria, upgrade our production equipments & develop our App where clients can order from and get natural health tips. Our Future Plans include leveraging export by creating a supply chain to neighbouring african countries and export to the international market (Europe, South America, North America etc). Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009395 Invest in Nature Way, an agro processing company whose product that has helped countless lives. Nigeria
63 The rural women and the youth in Kenya are faced with the challenge of access to credit and investment opportunities. The formal financial services provider consider women and youth as a risky category to invest in due to lack of collateral. The truth of the matter is that women and youth in Kenya are resourceful and able to employ themselves in productive business enterprises. Bridge Capital Investments Limited is looking for an investor to support us in providing access to business assets needed by the women and youth to be able to employ themselves and acquire productive assets that will empower them financially, socially and psychologically. We are focused in providing asset financing to the women and youth targeting assets like Motor bicycles, Three wheeler( Tuk Tuks), Sewing machines, Shop fridges, and salon equipment. Productive Assets will create employment and provide collateral for future borrowing in an effort to solve the problem of lack of access to financing from main stream banks due to lack of collateral to access capital to inject in their business. This venture if supported will directly provide employment to the target group and create employment to others hence improving the livelihoods of the represented households. Bridge Capital Investments is targeting to begin its operations in three Counties of lower eastern region including Makueni, Kitui and Machakos. The initial budgeted investment to roll out this venture is USD 1,9 Million with a monthly return of 3%. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008710 Access to financial services by the excluded women of rural eastern region of Kenya. Kenya
63 Kabanda Livestock will be a community owned cattle farm located in Zambezi District that will be selling cattle for beef at small scale level to butcheries. Therefore, Kabanda Livestock is seeking 1000,000 - 200,000USD in funding to purchase cows. Being already a business in starter phase, land and equipment are all already available and grazing is free range. Other expenses will be our ownership. This capital is important to grow the business to a wider scale and make it a profitable business while integrating some community members in the same business and imparting them with skills in cattle ranching. The mission of Kabanda Livestock will be community owned and will provide wealth by hiring within the community and also share the livestock with the community on an ownership basis. All those involved will be given their share after we produce new calves and continue the same process till the whole community sees the benefits from the same. The goal is to raise, breed, and sell top quality cattle and grow and sell quality hay while teaching others how to tend and take care of them and also empower locals with loans inform of cattle to rear in a help each other model. Kabanda Livestock will be owned by the community and all benefits from the same will be to help the community and end poverty. It’s is an innovation that will help the community directly and impact largely on ending poverty. It will be practical and beneficial to all. The current owner, Kamau Kabanda is planning to improve the land make this business as a community owned business shortly after receiving grant funding. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009433 Agriculture the New Gold of the World Zambia
63 We are a registered agro based startup entity based in Malawi, Africa. Founded by Malankie John Gondwe as a sole proprietor and Chief Operations Manager. Market Opportunity Worldwide (MOWE) is a formal entity having three major departments namely; management, operations and technical departments. We are a profit making firm as well as social enterprise by service provision. We are looking for equity finance investment facility to be used as working as well as operating capital. Our major aim is to fulfill Sustainable Development Goals Principles 2030 of Zero Hunger and No Poverty. MOWE has been created in order to cultivate 1,000 acres of farmland within the first three years of fully business operational. This will increase food security in Malawi and abroad and reduce problems poor and vulnerable people are facing in accessing the staple grain at an affordable price, therefore, this initiative will end the current problems such as; increase in staple grain price etc. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008751 Every household in Malawi consumes maize grain and this will increase our chances of gaining market. Malawi
63 the investment serves to make the egg and meat sector more independent in import. A business plan is available. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008888 Chickenfarm, Eggs and meat Ghana
63 Our Client is looking for a strategic investor to partner on a smelting and mining refinery project. The company has acquired over 41 acres of land to set up the Copper ore smelting and Gold refinery project, to produce Copper cathodes and Gold bars which will be sold to local and export markets. Environmental Impact Assessment, Geological and Feasibility Studies have be acquired. Selling a Business AIDB-009024 Strategic Investor - Copper Refinery Australia;Canada;South Africa;United Arab Emirates
63 The business will be producing high quality glass for construction use and will source raw materials within the Gambia which has a huge deposit of silica sand which is the main component in making of glass. A detailed proposal and executive summary is available and shall be provided upon request to any propective investor Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-007581 Establishing a glass manufacturing plant in The Gambia Gambia
63 MainLogix is an Home Automation manufacturing company for Africa, that caters for security, safety, comfort, Home resources management, and personal Home assistance for home users and home gadget. We also provide an Internet gateway box for home devices. We have our intelligent Gateway that allows both local and remote control of home and also provide internet for home user. We have Automatic water valve for water control, we have our smart socket, switch and Generator starter when there is epileptic power supply. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-007052 Mainlogix is an Home Automation Manufacturing company for Africa that provides smart home devices for home users to give a remote control of Home gadget and also provide Safety, security and comfort to Home users. Nigeria
63 Technology growth has left its footprint on all facet of life in the 21st century. This has been at the fore front of economic growth in most parts of the world. Africa has had its fair share of such growth through technology but still lurk behind in use and application of technology in areas such as education, agriculture and most parts of the informal sector of the African economy. The use of technology allows for a more efficient production of better goods and services, which is a dependant of prosperity and growth. However, the mechanisms through which technology is developed, adopted and used is complex and in some cases not even available. This is the challenge Level Group Limited (LGL) seek to address in the African context. Our aim as an organisation is thus to continually work hard to bridge these technological gaps in our institutions within Africa; to make life simpler and easy at the click of a button. It is for this reason that our LODE (Learning, Observing, Discovering and Exchanging) educational platform and app was created. Our project looks at the educational sector and ways to bridge the gap between teachers, students, parents and other stakeholders in the use of technology to enhance education without losing the human side. For the purpose of producing a world class user friendly educational platform, a total amount of about twenty thousand United States Dollars ($20,000) has already been invested on the development phase and administrative cost. However, since trading has not begun an additional $20,000 investment will be needed for smooth operation till end of December 202 with forcast breakdown as follows: • Final phase of App & Platform development including API: $3,000 • Office (6 months’ rent and office operation cost): $3,000 • Marketing & Branding: $4,000 • Salaries (12 months): $10,000 Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-007758 Technology in Education for the future Ghana
63 The intention of the proposed business idea is to assist women in selected industries in Ibadan, Nigeria to cultivate act of savings and investing into the future. Each identified (1000 women) would be encouraged to save upto 30% of the cost on infrastructure and project development and be backed up by funds being solicited from this medium with repayment within 36 months with moderate interest rates. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009168 To create Real Estate opportunities for women in selected industries in Ibadan , Oyo State, Nigeria. Nigeria
63 We are currently seeking for partners/investors to partner up with us in the construction and establishment of a Private School in 5 Rand Camp, Okahandja, Namibia, including an Independent Hospital because Okahandja, is in dire need of good hospitals where people can heavily rely on since people mostly go to Windhoek the Capital of Namibia. So we would want to come up with a better solution in making sure that ones a Private School & Hospital is Established the community at large would be having better and greater opportunities. Health & Education is the most important things which needs to be looked at and Invested in especially here in Namibia, Okahandja. The Private School including the Hospital Requires: ($USD2,7 Million) and a Minimum of: ($USD1,4 Million), total Investment Injection. We would give the investors 35% Shares. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009790 We got a 15,000 Square Meters piece of land where we want to establish a School & Hospital. Namibia
62 Ortho service Group is now deployed around three main activities: Ortho-services: consulting in public contracts and major civil construction works. Ortho RH: Placement of personnel and training of human resources in the field of civil construction, outsourcing of civil construction trades. Optimum vie: Medical tourism which is a variant of the starting job in the health sector. TEAM : CEO, Alain MINYEM Vice-president, Janvier ASSAE Chief Operating officer Ortho Services, Jacques-Henry Pokossy General manager Ortho services RH, Hortense EBENYE General manager Optimum Vie, Fernande Mbella Assistant CEO, Emelda CHE. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008444 INVEST IN AFRICA INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT Benin;Cameroon;Ivory Coast;French Guiana;Ghana;Kenya;Monaco;...
60 1.1 Mission Amjul Fitness Importing's mission is to offer the finest, most innovative fitness equipment to the Sierra Leone market. Amjul Fitness Importing will ensure all of their customer's expectations are exceeded. By only offering the highest quality product with premium support, Amjul Fitness Importing will become the premier fitness equipment importer. 1.2 Keys to Success Provide value to customers with the best, most innovative product. Develop strong relationships with distributors, anticipating their needs. Employ strict financial controls to ensure profitability. 1.3 Objectives To become the sole U.S. importer of the revolutionary new Esercitazione Diritta exercise system. To generate revenue of $1 million within two years. Achieve profitability within the first year. 2.0 Company Summary Circuit Fitness Importing has been formed as an Oregon LLC with the express purpose of importing the finest fitness equipment from Italy into the U.S. The company was founded by Julia Ansumana in January of this year. 2.1 Start-up Summary Circuit Fitness Importing is in the process of opening an office in anticipation of receiving an exclusive importing contract from Wega regarding their innovative Esercitazione Diritta exercise equipment. The office is located in Sierra Leone and requires the following equipment and service provider expenses: Three computer workstations with the following equipment: three Microsoft Office licenses broadband Internet connection two laser printers Peachtree Accounting Fax machine Copier Three sets of office furniture Large desk and chairs for meeting room Two line phone system Mobile phone Attorney fees for contract generation and LLC formation Accountant fees for accounting system set up Website development set up fees Brochure creation and printing 2.2 Company Ownership Julia Ansumana is the sole owner of Circuit Fitness Importing. To finance operations, Julia has invested $40,000 in the business, and has received money from friends and family as well as taken on bank debt. 3.0 Products Esercitazione Diritta is a new and unique type of strength training fitness equipment. Unlike all other strength fitness equipment where you sit when you are doing your exercise, Esercitazione Diritta (Exercise Standing), as the name implies, has the user stand. Standing while doing exercises has many advantages. Develops a proper equilibrium with the central nervous system. This is accomplished because in addition to the user having to develop force to move the specific weight exercise, a standing posture must be maintained while exerting the force. In addition to working the specific muscle group, the lower body is being strengthened by having to use muscles to stand. Esercitazione Diritta replicates natural movements which are made throughout our daily life. Forcing the user to stand to perform the strength exercise enters the component of cardio into the workout. All of the Esercitazione Diritta machines are commercial quality, crafted in Italy of the highest grade steels. In addition to being made to handle constant use, they have casters, allowing them to be easily moved anywhere in the club. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009760 Health And Fitness Center For Healthy Living Sierra Leone
60 Hawte Investments LTD is a food-processing and agricultural company based in Tanzania, Africa. We have processed many containers of cashew kernels; and, exported them to buyers in the US and Europe. We are seeking investments to grow our processing capacity. We would like to gain an investment of $30,000,000. That will allow us to fully pay creditors, with part of the capital injection. The majority of the funds will be spent on factory building, land purchasing, raw material purchase of raw agricultural produce and processed food stuff, machine buying and fixed costs. We look to pay back the goods in under ten operational cycles, which takes a maximum of three years but could be completed in one. Please be advised that the 21st century belongs to African agriculture, the African century. People are late to the party, considering its already 2021. We, however, still believe and are willing and ready to capitalize on it. With your help, anything is possible. I will also note that a solid financial plan is required to pay you back, but you can request funds from the central bank and other financiers as a financial institution and fund. We want you to be able to take this risk, but also certain in contractual and sensical, as well as sane, decision-making that you will receive you principal plus a take/interest amount and/or profit-share. Please be made aware that the owner of Hawte is a senior member of society, respect individual and former hospital owner. She would very much like for you to know that capital holding is not an issue of hers or for Hawte. I, as an accountant, Company Secretary and project manager, will control the budget if decreed by our shareholders, directors and managers. I will also issue weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual financial statements, outlying our financial performance and other areas of growth. We aim to be fully transparent with regards to your capital expenditure. Additionally, you can request equity or a loan. Equity means we will pay dividends to you and debt means we will pay back the principal and your return. The best option for all parties involved, you, us at Hawte and all our respective stakeholders, is if you take equity. We are offering 45% stake in the company. If you take debt, you will be paid back before shareholders. However, that is all you will get, without any recurring dividend payments. Once the principal and return is paid, we will not owe you anything. Which means, we will not need to pay you anymore. Equity is good for you and us. It is good for you for the above reasons that you get more money in the long-run. It is good for us because we will not have to pay back a loan in the short-run. You can still get a lot of money quickly considering we will not have to pay interest, which is forbidden in large quantities in Islam. I think you should know, if you don't already, that as a financier you give capital expecting a return, either debt or equity. While there are other ways you can help, such as offering receivables, helping in the consulting (like purchasing an asset) and advisory roles, you should always get a return, full compensation AND all forms of remuneration. Your interest is our interest; our interest is your interest. Everybody is a winner. Please choose us and you will not regret it. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-007346 Incredibly High-risk, incredibly high return investment in agro-proccesing Tanzania
60 Aroyó Safari is a Luxury African travel company providing bespoke safari packages for all wildlife safari lovers. Tourism expeditions to all East & South Africa's finest safari destinations, Historical and Archaeological sites visit and tours, Luxury Camping, Mountain Climbing and Gorilla Trekking, Cultural Tourism, and Luxury Beach Vacations are part of what the company does so well. Plan for expansion is main reason the company looks for new funding and as global pandemic outbreak left many of travel companies crippled, Aroyó Safari is no exception. Plans for revitalizing the company includes hiring new staff, significant increasing marketing budget (to reach even more potential travellers), buying a new fleet of safari vehicles, attend as much travel shows to promote African Tourism. Also, through the foundation, increase our reach to communities and impact to the core (from the inside out). Our Vision is to be one of the leading eco-luxury safari outfitters in the world. Travel Market is dynamic and as all dynamic markets, competition is stiff but market competition motivates companies like ours to increase sales volume by utilizing the four components of the marketing mix to identify our uniqueness. This enables us to capitalise on it and attain our market share. AROYÓ SAFARI executive team is a qualified body of professionals that have merge both worlds, travel and business. Mastering these aspects of life have given the team experience, exposure and knowledge to identify and satisfy client’s needs, sustainably and profitably. As a team of experts who are enthusiasts about African travel and everything that comes with it, we are ready and committed to expansion and ready to undertake risky challenges for growth and sustainability. The company has been financially stable for the last 6 years before the pandemic and as of late, we're back on track and can record profit at the end of the year. We are seeking an investment of between $150,000 - $300,000. This will either be equity (up to 35% stake of the company), or long-term loan (2-3 years repayment plan). Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009822 Dream Luxury African Safari: Investment to save wildlife, improve livelihoods and aid conservation Botswana;Kenya;Rwanda;South Africa;Tanzania
60 We have secured a 3100 square meter commercial land in Okongo town. The town is one of the upcoming town and was recently proclaimed to Village Council. Our intention is to set up a commercial property for rental purposes. We have secured an Anchor tenant already who gave us a tentative lease price for our considerations. We are optimistic that we will be able to secure further big brand tenant to let space from our property. For this, we estimate funding to the tune of USD$1 million The up coming town attracts new government offices and looming private sector penetration for the untapped market The team is inclusive of a property developer, development finance specialist Seeking 1mil USD as debt or equity Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009739 4. Commercial property in Okongo, Ohangwena region Namibia
60 The Car Spa Limited (TCS), is a dynamic business start-up and a small business requiring One Hundred and Twenty–Seven Thousand Ghana Cedis (Gh₡127,000.00) equivalent to Twenty One Thousand and Twelve U.S Dollars (₷21,012.00), to establish an automatic car wash that will provide exceptional car care services to people in the Birim central municipality. Quality services that will exceed expectations will establish TCS as the premiere car wash service in Oda. According to a reliable source from the Drivers Vehicle and Licensing Authority (DVLA), there are about 650,000 registered cars in Oda and its environs with approximately 5000 vehicles being licensed every year. Coupled with an extensive research that indicates that the two seasons experienced in Ghana - the rainy and the dry seasons - will support steady year-round sales as a result of more people washing their cars as often as possible. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009410 The Car Spa Ltd, a premium car washing bay and detail service provider in Birim central municipality Ghana
60 To provide land for agricultural purpose that will benefit my country and the investor by means of exporting processed farm produce. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009100 Joint venture opportunity in Nigeria British Virgin Islands;Gambia;Indonesia;South Africa;United ...
60 To lay the foundations for an integrated development plan and strengthen the electrification of the KASAÏEN area, the current weak link the Democratic Republic of Congo is proposing to withdraw from TSHIMBULU on the High Voltage Direct Current Line (HTCC) INGA - KOLWEZI. The choice of the TSHIMBULU site is explained by the fact that it makes it possible to fill, even if a little, the energy deficit of Greater Kasai, but also to serve as an anchor point for the dispatching of the electric current to cities and countries. borders of the North and East of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009412 Increasing the electricity autonomy of a growing economic city Cameroon;China;Ivory Coast;Democratic Republic of the Congo;...
60 Research Beeline is a subscription based service that supports researchers and institutions in Africa via digital platforms to source for external grants from global funders. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008433 Invest in knowledge generation in Africa; a big business opportunity. Ethiopia;Ghana;Kenya;Nigeria;Uganda
60 We help organizations achieve the following benefits and outcomes: · Increase productivity and profitability of team members · Improve execution of strategic and operational goals · Effectively manage and measure performance, including key performance indicators (KPIs) Leadership Management International is one of the world’s largest organizational development companies with presence in more than 80 countries and more than 4 million participants around the world. We have battle tested the organizational development process for over 50 years, which gives a positive return on investment to participants. Visit or write to us at Selling Professional Service AIDB-008991 Would you like to improve your productivity and profitability? Ethiopia;Kenya;Rwanda;Tanzania;Uganda
60 Our aim is to improve the lives of vulnerable South Africans by helping to tackle the lack of alternative waste disposal and recovery options, lack of affordable housing and high unemployment rates by constructing new waste management facilities, renovating inner city buildings into green eco affordable homes and financially supporting community based green SME sustainable businesses. By achieving this aim, we simultaneously contribute to social upliftment and economic growth, whilst decreasing our environmental impact. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008667 Cannabis to cash to alleviate poverty and bring sustainable change. South Africa
60 Smart Citizens is an interactive digital platform that allows a citizen to seamlessly communicate with government, financial, retail or any sector that needs to know “who you are” by accessing their verified KYC information on our platform. We are solving a real problem faced by many people in South Africa, Africa and worldwide. We have applied real life scenarios to create cutting-edge technology, that will result in a paperless KYC & FICA compliance solution. We are also creating the first, secure online voting platform for local and national voting. This will streamline the voting process for government and encourage citizens to vote remotely, and safely from the comfort of their homes. We require an Investment partner to fund the development of a full system on a blockchain platform. Funding will be used to employ an in-house development team, AWS hosting, hardware cost, software licencing, integration into a biometric smart card and go to market for testing, pre-live launch. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008917 Smart Citizens, a digital platform for creating Smart Cities in Africa. South Africa
60 The Organized farming is an exciting new initiative in Zambia, which is going meet an unsaturated need for quality organic farm & rubber products, which shall meet the international standards. The initiative shall have its own rubber plantation of 150,000 hectors, 50,000 hectors plantation of moringa, 25,000 hectors of soya beans, 25,000 hectors of sun flour and 100,000 hectors of maize of which these will be implemented gradually. The initiative will negotiate with the Government of the republic Zambia to start harvesting rubber latex at Daco 7 hectors rubber plantation in Nchelenge of Luapula province which is owned by forestry department. The initiative is a start-up grower and distributor of mixed farm produce in (aquaculture, livestock, rubber, crop and various organically grown vegetables to consumers within and outside Zambia. Our farms shall be located in various parts of Zambia, with the objectives of developing a product-based initiative of sustainable faming produce for Zam ⦁ Market Summary has decided to target two distinct market segments, local and international markets as they have been yarning for organically grown products as opposed to chemically grown ones. The market will purchase the products as shown above on clause 3 as they are uniquely very cost effective but of very high quality, will also open sales outlets in number residential suburbs closer to the people and also at the main city market on wholesale. While according to Market Research, it is estimated Global Organic Food and Beverages Market will reach USD 323.56 Billion by 2024, a recently published research report, “Global Organic Food Market Forecast and Opportunities, 2020”, the global organic food market is experiencing a massive growth in recent years. Fruit and vegetables segment is going to be the most lucrative during the forecast period. North America will dominate the market. Professional and Advisory Support Board of Directors Gift Nalubamba, Naomi Nalubamba Management Team General Manager, Rubber plantation Manager, Farm Manager, Finance Manager, Sales & Marketing Manager, Production managers Aquaculture Officer, Finance Officer, Sales & Marketing officer, Logistics distributions officer, Power Electrical Engineer & ICT officer, Human Resource officer, Safety Officer, Clinical officer, Stores Controller, Water Engineer Accountants 05 Accounts officers Intern Chipego Nalubamba family member Intern George Sikazwe family member Drivers With articulate skills 15 of them Officers 06 Electrical Engineering Mentors and Key Advisors Veterinary and Agriculture extension area officers (from Government) Officers 04 Assistant water Engineers General Farm workers 5,200 will trained in house by relevant experts Financial Plan & Projections ⦁ Start-up Expenses & Funding The startup expenses shall be a long-term investment business loan or equity partnership as USD598, 792,516.00 as may be offered by ?? Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009979 We are looking for business partners or funding for us to start our business activities here in Zamb Zambia
60 Valkyrie Protection is a security business. The companies primary product is a newly designed and tested Emergency Response Plan. Services offered and provided will be the deployment and coordination of security and safety personnel in line with an agreed Emergency Response Plan bespoke to individual school needs. The company will aggregate existing security and safety service providers, including SAPS, K9 Unit, Riot Unit and more and then deploy them according to the threat or incident level. During the threat or incident the company will coordinate all activities, ensuring a central control of the situation. By applying this approach the company will be delivering an enhanced service that is appropriate to the level of threat or incident. Valkyrie Protection aims to make schools in South Africa as safe as possible, amidst the chaos our country faces on a daily basis. We aim to provide peace of mind for parents of our schools, knowing that Valkyrie Protection are just a call away. During the National lockdown, more than 400 schools were vandalised in KZN. That was followed by more security breaches at schools, which claimed lives. TEACHER unions in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) have claimed that the Department of Education’s school safety programme, meant to keep teachers and pupils safe “exists in name only” and has failed to stop violence, theft and vandalism at schools. It is clear that the current safety programme is not working. Valkyrie Protection have engaged schools in the Pietermaritzburg area to introduce an Emergency Response Plan concept. The schools immediately realised the value in our proposed approach and will enter into a commercial agreement for the company’s services. The company’s target market are all private/semi-private schools, from Pre-Primary up to High Schools. Government schools will be targeted at a later stage, once the company has been able to build up a BEE portfolio. More detail available in our full business plan. So far the company has had meetings with 11 schools in the Pietermaritzburg area, and all 11 schools are interested, and the company is now in the process of setting up individual Emergency Response Plans for each school. The schools have been offered 1, 3 or 5 year contracts, Schools will also be given a annual payment option, to pay 12 months upfront. The company’s first goal is to sign the 11 schools which have been met with, thereafter The company will target 20 Schools per area, which will bring the total number of contracts to 80 with schools in the KZN Region. Once this is achieved we will be targeting 80 schools per province totaling 400 schools across the country. Each schools contract will bring in an average total value of 15 000 ZAR. Financial forecast and projections are available in the business plan to be viewed by interested parties. Initially we need as little as 30 000$ in order to start operations and the signing of our first provisionally accepted contracts, however the more we receive the more equipment we can purchase and the faster we can expand across the country. First choice would be to receive funds in debt and then pay back monthly, however if that is not an option an equity stake can be negotiated with interested investors wishing to be a part of our business. So far the company has had meetings with 11 schools in the Pietermaritzburg area, and all 11 schools are interested, and the company is now in the process of setting up individual Emergency Response Plans for each school. The schools have been offered 1, 3 or 5 year contracts, Schools will also be given a annual payment option, to pay 12 months upfront. The company’s first goal is to sign the 11 schools which have been met with, thereafter The company will target 20 Schools per area, which will bring the total number of contracts to 80 with schools in the KZN Region. Once this is achieved we will be targeting 80 schools per province totaling 400 schools across the country. Each schools contract will bring in an average total value of 15 000 ZAR. Financial forecast and projections are available in the business plan to be viewed by interested parties. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009931 The Safe Schools Initiative, Giving Piece of mind to parents who have kids in South African schools. South Africa
60 Soybean is a crop of global importance constituting one of the largest sources of vegetable oil and protein feed in the world. Global soybean production was approximately 306 million Metric tons in 2016, but still inadequate for meeting the increasing global demand. It consumed by above 170 million Nigerians- home and abroad. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-007933 Four hundred (400Ha) hectare of soybean farm to produce 1000 Mt within period of 5 months. Nigeria
60 We are developers in renewable energy projects in sub-Saharan Africa. Our team and pipeline require investment, either at the SPV level or at the HoldCo. The SPV investments would typically by ca. $1 M (for development); a HoldCo investment would need approx. $10 M tp ensure the pipeline became self-financing. We have an excellent and deep pipeline of projects; the Jinja waste-to-energy project is furthest along with development well-advanced and financial close targeted for late 2021. Financial commitments are in place for construction already and various agencies wish to support the development spend. What we seek is either a project (SPV) investor or, preferably, an investor at the HoldCo level so that we can focus on the development of multiple projects. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-007958 Waste-to-Energy project: Excellent revenue, social and environmental profile Equatorial Guinea;Kenya;Rwanda;South Africa;Uganda
60 The project consists of the construction of three cement plants at : KABEYA KAMWANGA, KATANGA , and TSHIMBULU. The plant will solve the cement shortage in these cities . We point out the presence of Limestone and Lime over its almost extent. Possibility of carrying out the project in Public-Private Partnership (PPP). Pre-feasibility study exists. The space has road and rail communication routes whose electric traction will be financed by the German Government. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009424 Implement the cement plant to meet the very high demand in the region. Cameroon;China;Ivory Coast;Democratic Republic of the Congo;...
59 Monetization of Mozambique's resources and shareholders' know-how in the agricultural sector in Africa promoting the sustainable valuation of the land. Development of high-yield cereal, horticultural and/or oilseed crops, with excellent market acceptance and high return on investment. 5000 hectares of land available. Project looking for 15% in Equity. Total investment amounts to 45 million USD. Seeking Investment AIDB-009717 Agriculture and Agribusiness project in Mozambique Abu Dhabi;Australia;Azerbaijan;Belgium;Brazil;Canada;Cayman ...
58 Our company aims to setup a maize milling unit in Zimbabwe with focus on local B2B and B2C markets of Zimbabwe, DRC and Mozambique/ We combine both traditional and modern way of milling with our latest equipment import from China. we currently identified the plot which is near to most maize producing crops to cut down the logistics. currently planning a 30Ton to 50Tons processing per hour which is a medium scale processing. The available land is 1 H.a and a 1.5 acre of land is pretty much sufficient for entire setup. The mealie meal of maize if staple food in Africa and there is a huge demand in neighboring countries along with zimbabwe market. Our team has collective expertise in food processing, packaging, distribution and supply chain of more than 36 years. Along side in to renewable energy which can help us to choose right equipment to attract energy savings. For the first tranche of investments we seek more than $100k to lay the foundation and build the processing facility and in second tranche of funding we may require a $125k for importing the equipment from China. The third tranche includes working capital for 5 months which is $75k. Our total required investments are $300K, we are flexible on debt or equity services to cater the best winning deal to investors. please do email your interests here email : Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009786 Invest in a rapidly growing maize mealie meal processing unit Zimbabwe
58 Agribusiness project in Angola with logistics facilities to produce positive externalities for agribusinesses projects. Seeking Investment AIDB-009713 Agribusiness project in Angola looking for 11,25 million USD in Equity for 37,5 M. USD investment. Abu Dhabi;Angola;Australia;Belgium;Belize;Benin;Brazil;Cayma...
58 Structural and massive market opportunity for emerging market SMEs LARGE & ATTRACTIVE OPPORTUNITY, COMPELLING STRATEGY, WORLD CLASS TEAM Origin has built outstanding capabilities and put together a world class team Origin is ideally positioned to take advantage of this market opportunity with the support of [CLIENT] Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008860 Seeking upto USD 100m Trade finance short to medium term debt facilities on open or closed end basis Angola;Cameroon;Central African Republic;Democratic Republic...
58 Uniorder Electronics is B2C E-commerce electronics store which operates in East Africa. Due to the pandemic, customers have altered the way they shop from going to mallsbin person to making puechases online. We plan to utilize the fund raised in expansion of the company, adding another source of revenue that is delivery service which currently we outsourced the operations to a logistics company. Our goal is to become the Amazon of Africa by selling genuine products at affordable prices and reliable delivery system. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009075 E-commerce investment opportunity Kenya;Malawi;Rwanda;Tanzania;Uganda;Zimbabwe
58 Float Glass is a product of silica ore industry. Nigeria’s growing population keeps increasing the demand for architectural glass, low iron glass applicable in solar industry, glass for aquarium, building facades etc. Fisdel Float Glass is set up to set new standards and capture 30% of market in Nigeria and African glass market through product innovation, quality production, service delivery, sustainable developmental growth and wealth creation. The funds we seek shall be used to bring counterpart offshore funding. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008495 600TPD Fisdel Glass Company is the first European standard company will be vertically integrated Nigeria
58 FATWAK Construction Company LTD is an international construction company that has its office in Ipaja, Lagos – NIGERIA. The fact that we are based in Nigeria does not in any way restrict our scope of operations to the Nigeria. We are an international construction company and we work for our clients (governments and private sectors) in any part of the world. FATWAK Construction Company Ltd will be specialized in the constructions of skyscrapers, bridges, stadiums, roads, dams, Office complex, shopping malls, schools, campuses and estates etc. As a matter of fact, we are going to be known for delivering world class structures all over the globe. Creativity, excellence and timely completion of construction projects will be our signature. We intend starting our construction business on a small scale in Lagos, Nigeria, but we have a bigger picture – to have our presence in any part of the world that our clients wants us to work. We hope to achieve this feat within the first 10 years Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009177 We are into an innovative space for advertising enabling brands to engage with the audience when th Nigeria
58 Our sales team has seen a gap in the market with alternative energy resources and cost-effective durable hand tools. With an investment to start 2 new segments in the company we forecast that the sales can grow from an average of R200 000 per month to R1 million per month by February 2022. Negotiations are under way to become a sole distributor for an internationally known brand Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008914 Problem Summary Keluarga Investments (Pty) Ltd aims to be a one stop business solution for our selec South Africa
58 The fund is a start-up seed and will be used to maintain the business until it can sustain itself. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008896 First project of its kind and will be a source of fuel to consumers even in neighbouring countries. Namibia
58 The Unbanked in Africa is one of the best Opportunity in Fintech at the moment so we have built a platform that will facilitate financial inclusion and remove barriers to online payments. Our platform will allow everyone to access the financial system at minimum cost. Hakwe is a Payment Processing Platform for Africans countries to facilitate instant payments between Africans, it also has its own social network for communication between users. It offers services and products (Taxi-moto). The Platform has its own cryptocurrency that will allow users to use digital wallet and be able to access domestic and cross border payment when necessary. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009003 We built a platform for the African market, it has a social media, Taxi services, financial services Benin;Burkina Faso;Ivory Coast;Ghana;Nigeria;Senegal
57 EKINDE BUSINESS & SERVICES, is an enterprise looking to grow into Cameroon as of now but with the prospect to grow beyong boarders. Cameroon is a country with great potential and with a friendly atmospher to investors and partners. With Cameroon looking to be an emerging state by the year 2035 with great infracstructural and agricultural developements, there's no better time to invest in EKINDE BUSINESS & SERVICES in Cameroon to be part of this growth. EKINDE BUSINESS & SERVICES is a registered enterprice in Cameroon. Registered in the Cameroon Chamber of Commerce and up to date in all paperwork and taxes. EBS involved in general contracts, transport services, import and export, and general commerce. EBS has the potential to grow to higher heights within a few years and become a force in the business arena in Cameroon and Africa. EKINDE BUSINESS & SERVICES is looking for investors and partners most especially to be able to share ideas and grow together. The market isnt very competitive and with out team of experts and we have a strategic plan to but even the little competition thats available. Plus our funding from our investor(s) and new ideas from our partner(s) will be a bonus. EKINDE BUSINESS & SERVICES, is an enterprise looking to grow into Cameroon as of now but with the prospect to grow beyong boarders. We have a team of experts on grown waiting to spring into action. Our team members all have wonderful past experience and expertise in the field and are all ready to work for the benefit of EBS's partner(s) and investor(s) EKINDE BUSINESS & SERVICES is just begining and with Cameroon to be an emerging state by 2035, we have the vision of attaining a high profit margine with our team of dynamic and flexible workers. The future in bright for EBS. EKINDE BUSINESS & SERVICES is looking for investor(s) and partner(s). Looking for funding to the amount of $1000000 USD - $3000000 USD. This funding will be negotiated on how it will be paid back and the duration as well. As for interested partners to the business, you will primarily be an investor with the posibility of being a part in due course. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009878 Africa Is The Future. Be Part Of it & Invest Today Cameroon
57 It is proposed to start a poultry and pigs farming business in the Makeni area of Lusaka. The produce will be retailed through our own outlet in the 2nd class shopping area of Lusaka. Manure from the livestock ventures will be used to grow vegetables which will be marketed through our outlet, or, excess retailed to marketers in the Lusaka area. Produce will be retailed to the community at below the going market price. It is proposed to hold open days once every month, running for a whole day, in which knowledge will be transferred to the local community, and invited guests. The proposer of the project lived in Zambia from 1981 to 1994 and again from 2004 to 2009. During his first stint in Zambia, the proposer bought a farm at Kalende in the Baluba area and he successfully produced maize and vegetables. His vegetables were retailed through the defunct ZCBC shop in Luanshya. He also kept chickens at home in his spare garage and made a profit of 65% on every batch. The proposer is from a farming family in Guyana where his father was a cattle rancher, and his grandmother a rice farmer. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009759 A return on investment of 65% is anticipated. Knowledge will be shared with neighbouring communities Canada;Egypt;Qatar;Saudi Arabia;United Arab Emirates;United ...
57 First 18 Hole Golf course for Maputo, Mozambique. Looking to finance the construction of events centre, tourist accomodation, water events and other tourist facilities. Will serve as major conference accomodation location to compliment an already existing conference and event economy. More international conferences can apply to be held in Maputo with the golf course as a desirable accomodation option.) Targeting regional market. South Africa has over 1 million golfers. Maputo has NO 18 hole golf course Track record of executive team in delivering high value projects. First private hospital of 105 beds for Mozambique. Project manages and operated over 15 residential gated communities in Maputo Seeking USD 23 million in the form of blended finance. USD 8 million equity the balance as debt. Offering a return of 30% on equity annually. Debt at 15% coupon with maturity at year 4 T/O (USD) Year 1 - 8.4 million Year 2 - 12.3 million Year 3 - 15 million Year 4 - 17.6 million Technical Business dev Project manager Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009966 Annual ROI of 30% from Greenfield Golf Estate. Currently no 18 hole golf course in Mozambique capita Mozambique
57 Maritime passenger transport between Mostaganem port (Algeria) and Sete (France) Vessel with capacity of 1400 passengers , 300 cars, 50 trucks, 250 cabins Algeria has 4 millions of immigrants in France and they travel until Spain to come in Algeria, our project is to avoid them all this path. very interesting project. Ports of Sete and Mostaganem have agreed with this project and have reserved us the special kays and station. Total envelop : 187 000 000 US$ Find Business Partner AIDB-008498 Maritime passenger transport Algeria
57 SmartCity project for Bissau, the capital of Guinea Bissau, to apply technology and green approach to city management. Project promoted in partnership between Ministry of Tourism of Guinea Bissau and LCG Consulting company, with support from OLAE. OLAE is specialized in financial procurement acting mainly in African Portuguese Speaking Countries. Total investment up to 15 million USD. Other AIDB-009718 SmartCity Bissau project. Abu Dhabi;Belgium;Brazil;Canada;Cayman Islands;China;Cyprus;...
57 The offer is made by EW Engineers Services, LLC, a private company located in USA. The project is in Central Africa specially in Cameroon. The purpose of our offer is to find a financial partnership with investors who are willing to make a long-term profit. For this project there is no investor restrictions, and the annual interest rate is 3% for an investment term loan of 144 months. The project will be built in 3 years and the production will start at the fourth year. The project will generate a high long-term profit over 30 years. The Offer open date start in 2021. The project is expected to start in 2022 once we will gather all the required fund to begin the development. The cost of the project is about 168,700,000 dollars and the project will be conducted in 5 different phases including: preliminary study and design, cost estimation, construction, harvesting, production & distribution, then restoration and finally monitoring and maintenance. The project will be managed by a professional team with huge background experience in design, construction, management, energy supply and sustainable design. Risk assessment has been evaluated during the preliminary study and will not impact the development of the project. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008571 Business opportunity in energy sector. Peat as a sustainable source of energy in Africa. Cameroon
57 Transporter Bookings CC (registered as Maguni Tours, Transfers & Booking Agent CC/2013/10375) comprises of the utilization of vehicles in the form of a 7 seater (initially in phase 1) and later stages a minibus to allow consumers a digital booking system for a seat on the vehicle available daily at different set times to transfer them to fixed destination routes within Namibia, 6 days a week. There will be 3 drivers available weekly switching between days with the basis of operations located in Rundu and Windhoek where the partners have fixed accommodation and working spaces. The cities to be travelled to (without needing to pay for accommodation for drivers) thus include Windhoek, Rehoboth, Rundu and Katima Mulilo, switching between the different towns on each next day. Competitors include existing long distance vehicles consisting of the 7 seaters, the minibuses, ivecos and buses. Company names of the competitors consist partially of Ian’s Shuttle Solutions, Oasis and Silas Ndapuka transportation. These companies each have a booking system in place, which we plan to beat through simplicity and more efficiency as a smaller company. Other competitors remain the vehicles which wait for long distance travelers at the hike parts. We shall be the better choice for customers as we shall provide a booking system for the typical 7 seater they are used to, but without the hassle of arriving at a hike part only for random strangers to run towards you to grab your bags and make you sit and wait in a vehicle for some time awaiting it to reach full capacity at the driver’s satisfaction. In the tourism industry, competitors are a vast group of well established companies, but many have shut down operations since the Covid-19 pandemic. We offer the following services to tour operators we are very much interested due to following in depth knowledge: • Freelancing bases, prepare and execute itineraries • Ensuring a high standard and delivering on time and within budget • Develop leading solutions, to improve work processes • Tour driver • Tour guide • Transfer services • Willing to learn new routes • Adjust to policies of companies • Maintain high level of knowledge to the client • Challenges the status quo • Presents a professional image on behalf of tour operators, lodges, guesthouses, hotels etcetera Cash Flow Forecast 7 Seater Transportation Standard fees per trip: Windhoek-Rehoboth (N$80) - (6 passengers per trip= N$480 P/T) Windhoek-Rundu (N$350) - (6 passengers per trip=N$2,100 P/T) Rundu-Katima Mulilo (N$300) - (6 passengers per trip=N$1,800 P/T) INCOME WEEK 1 WEEK 2 WEEK 3 WEEK 4 MONTH 1 WHK-RHB (Day 1) 480 480 480 480 1920 RHB-WHK (Day 1) 480 480 480 480 1920 WHK-RDU (Day 2) 2100 2100 2100 2100 8400 RDU- KTM (DAY 3) 1800 1800 1800 1800 7200 KTM-RDU (Day 3) 1800 1800 1800 1800 7200 RDU-WHK (Day 4) 2100 2100 2100 2100 8400 WHK-RHB (Day 5) 480 480 480 480 1920 RHB-WHK (Day 5) 480 480 480 480 1920 WHK-RDU (Day 6) 2100 2100 2100 2100 8400 Online Commission 420 600 780 960 2,760 TOTAL INC. 12,240 12,420 12,600 12,780 50,040 EXPENSES WEEK 1 WEEK 2 WEEK 3 WEEK 4 MONTH 1 Fixed costs Fuel 4400 4400 4400 4400 17,600 Patkos 560 560 560 560 2240 Variable costs Miscellaneous (Tyre repairs, car wash, etc.) 100 100 100 150 450 Service 5000 5000 Seeking $50,000 to start up Contact Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009863 Our aim is to bring Namibia to the world and to bring the world to Namibia Namibia
56 The Satellite City Port project is located about two hours’ drive from Kampala at the lakeside of Mayuge district, at an unknown landing site – Bwondha Pennisular. This project site has strategic locational advantages that include deep waters, availability of affordable skilled labour, conducive energy rates and is prime developmental industrial land with numerous tourist attractions. This new venture is to be a futuristic designed inland port on about 4 sq.miles of land that will showcase advanced business investment attraction strategies in the region. These strategies are set to support the region’s economic growth and create millions of jobs, from the grassroots to urban setting, thereby alleviating poverty and addressing the unemployment challenge in the lake basin. In the three to ten years after being established, this City Port is expected to spearhead, not only the industrious growth but revitalize and boost, the maritime trade across the lake to and fro the hinterland. The entire project is broken down into the four segments that make it a vibrant self-sustaining City Port. These include the Infrastructure development - the multi purpose stadium with Real Estate (the hotels, mixed use complexes and luxurious residential apartments among others). The second aspect - Transport & Logistics, that involves the Airport (planes), the RO - RO ferries, Cargo trailer trucks, and passenger buses. The third aspect is the Granite extraction project. Efficient transport services is crucial for economic development across Lake Victoria as transport services are essential for reaching world markets, strengthening global integration and attracting foreign investment. Considering the Fishing Activities, the Lake Victoria fishery has come under increasing pressure in the last 20 years. The development of Lake Victoria ports is the biggest project in implementing the East African Community Inland Waterway Transport infrastructure agreed by the partner states to strategically link Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya to both the Northern and Central transport corridors. The maritime project has been the larger East African Community development plan as the three nations revive the neglected and underdeveloped Lake Victoria transport infrastructure with a potential of generating $60 billion worth of trade annually, but currently only realizes $6 billion for the three countries combined. The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Satellite City Port Project (under Port Kosiroi Ltd – his registered firm), holds a Higher Diploma in Public Relations & Management with further education in International Relations & Diplomacy. He has worked as a Clearing & Forwarding Agent for 25 years handling consignments for clients across East Africa all the way from either Mombasa Port (Kenya) or Dar es Salaam Port (Tanzania) through Kampala to Beni in Democratic Republic of Congo and Juba Southern Sudan ferrying goods. His clients included the UN organization (Uganda), Government Agencies both Public & Private companies as well as the individual businessmen. He is well travelled in East and Central Africa and been to places where even trucks were failing to traverse and made successful deliveries. In the hospitality sector, he recruited, trained and employed workers for Masha Hotel in Kapchorwa far eastern side of Uganda managing the facility for two years. Financial plan and forecasts available Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009599 The Satellite City Port Project is an infrastructure development venture, set to be an ultra-modern, Uganda
56 A 400 acre land located at Kintampo in the Bono East Region and a 500 acre land at Adeiso in the Eastern Region of Ghana have been secured to facilitate this project. Plans have been laid out to establish the farms, storage and processing facilities as well as bungalows for all of our workers on the site. Our activities will be rolled out in phases for effective monitoring of progress and to also meet our targets. Since the land has already been secured, we’ll begin operations by planting the aforementioned cash crops followed by the construction of the bungalows, storage facilities and offices. Between the first three to six months, our operations on the farm will be manual and labor intensive. Hence a large number of the locals will be employed and trained to plant the cash crops namely cashew, coffee and cocoa systematically in the first year. Coconut and Oil Palm will be planted in the second year. Agricultural extension officers have also been contacted to support this project with their expertise. And as part of our corporate social responsibility, Many River plans to put up an ultra-modern hospital, school, computer and library facility to help develop the community. We seek this funds to venture into the opportunities within the cash crop family as presented. Lands already secured for this project and items for which funds will be deployed include land preparation and demarcation, purchasing of seedlings, plantings, purchasing fertilizers, construction of staff quarters and office facility, acquiring farm equipment and machinery for planting, tillage, spraying and harvesting. And also construction of storage facilities, sacks, crates and vehicles for transportation. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008096 CASH CROP INVESTMENT Australia;China;Dubai;Ghana;Qatar;Singapore;United Arab Emir...
56 Like every ground-breaking new idea, none of us comes into the world fully formed. Our potential needs to be shaped and formed and optimised. We would not know how to think, or walk, or speak, or behave as human beings unless we learned it from other human beings (Tutu, 2004:25), but sadly, the education train has left the station for many in our country, rendering them almost unemployable. This is where we can make a difference as our bespoke construction method requires no skill or knowledge to build with. Nowhere is the need for our product and services more evident than in the urbanization trend in Africa and the move away from agricultural production, natural resource exploitation (mostly mining) and manufacturing, toward service- and tech-based economies, but this transformation is being hindered at the foundation level of human society by a telling lack of employment opportunities and affordable housing, but we go further, creating wealth through ownership of construction units Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009151 Getting unemployed South Africans to be productive, building housing units with our unique blocks. South Africa
56 A strong and an efficient digital marketing sector would enable the country to feed its growing population with import and export and travel and tourism, Our aim is to set up a strong marketing team which will be 50 intern students in every region in Namibia to promote the website and to create customers. Our IT Solution team will be of 25 intern students to create customers to enhance their websites. Our Travel and Tourism Team will be of 10 intern students to promote Namibia from all over the world and to visit Namibia and to apply for holiday visas. Our Agriculture sector will be of 300-500 women who will work for themselves and create sales inside of Namibia. Use powerful web competitive intelligence tools. Identify areas to spy on our competitors such as their products, employees, marketing campaigns, etc. Evaluate the content on the competitor website such as blog posts, white papers, eBooks, videos, podcasts, press releases, case studies, etc. Research social media posts of our competitors Become a customer of our competitor and purchase competitor products Survey competitor customers Ask our new customers who they used before, and why they turned to us. Even with the help of some free online competitor analysis tools, we can track everything our competitors do – from product to people to promotions. It allows us to find out what is working for other businesses in our industry and spot market opportunities. Thus, we can make the most effective business growth strategies and gain competitive advantages. Competitive market research combined with marketing intelligence will give us insight into improving multiple aspects. Seeking USD100000,00 Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009352 Seeking for investment Namibia
56 The company has a long-term investment perspective and prefers to grow organically through acquisitions Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009052 There are lucrative potential business for investment in mining, agriculture-healthcare South Africa
56 CDM Medical, will be the first of its kind and stature in Central Africa with the focus on enhancing medical care in Africa. CDM Medical will be well equipped with a state of the art Diagnostic center with facilities of pathological labs, catheterization laboratory, radiology services, Wellness department and a 100 bedded multi-specialty hospital with a view to provide modern health care and diagnostic facilities to not only the people of Lubumbashi but also to spread the services across the entire Central Africa. In addition to the same, the center will also be equipped with high-end radiology equipment which consists of X-Ray, CT- Scan, MRI, Mammography, Bone Densitometry, and Orthopantomography. The Wellness Department will be providing services such as ECG, Treadmill Test, Pulmonary Function Test , General and Specialist Out-patient Consultations, Ophthalmology and Audiometry. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009058 New Green Hospital Investment Opportunity DRC Abu Dhabi;Democratic Republic of the Congo;Egypt;Kenya;Niger...
56 Yulern Investment was registered in 2011. It is a small enterprise that was established to operate in different industries, due to the vast opportunity within the country that is yet to be tapped into. We engage in small-scale agricultural, agro-business activities and general merchandise. We started operating in the ornaments and design industry through iron and steel works, since 2015 we have branched into the agricultural industry. Our main aim has been to learn about the agricultural sector in the country. We did this by selling our products in the local markets. Our goal is to be the driving force behind agriculture in Sierra Leone and bridge the gap in the industry by being a major producer and supplier of agricultural produce. We have noticed that there is immense opportunity in the industry which can be exploited to generate substantially revenue and product. Other areas we are interested are aquaculture, minerals and other sectors. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008867 Yulern Investment is looking for investors/partners in the agricultural, agro-business &other sector Sierra Leone
56 the main business of construction can sustainable be supplement by the investment in the low cost housing estate because it's projection can easily be determined because this business is lucrative in nature and has high returns. purchase items including, 300 acres of land for housing estate purchase of plant and equipment/ machinery Administration cost purchase of materials for supplies purchase, building 7 furnishings head quarters. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009381 JCCl is a private company (limited by shares) and it's a profitable business Uganda
56 A United Nations linked Investment forum is looking to invest hundreds of millions of US dollars in Ghanaian projects in the Healthcare, Aviation, Mining, Agriculture, Energy to name but a few Finding Investment Opportunities AIDB-009074 Funding for viable projects in Ghana Ghana
56 Watts Mine is a cryptocurrency mining business that seeks to become a part of the global boom in the crypto market. We will be taking the approach of a massive crypto mining farm using the latest specialised machines but on a micro scale. A 7-month ROI is a realistic expectation & the business is plug-&-play - no marketing is needed or time for growing the business which makes it the perfect investment for these times as it is pandemic-proof. What is Crypto Mining? Crypto mining means getting paid for fulfilling crypto transactions through the use of computers. This process involves securing the network, validating transactions & adding these transaction records to a public ledger known as a blockchain. Mining is the backbone of these networks (like Bitcoin - though I will not be mining Bitcoin) & without miners the network would collapse & lose all value. Maintenance of the machines is the only human interaction needed - the machines do the processing of transactions automatically. Please don't hesitate to contact me to see promotional brochure & for more detailed information. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009277 Crypto Mining has been likened to a new age "gold rush." Please read business details to see why. South Africa
56 Gendrebul Consultants is a business solutions company that provide services that address and solve the issues our clients are having such as productivity problems, financial problems and inefficient processes. Business often faces gaps in knowledge and resources that they need for executing certain tasks or projects. Gendrebul Consultants provides help to fill these gaps, to help put your business on a path of success. We provide solutions such as advertising, marketing, management strategies, product orientation, business writing, training and induction, and other aspects of business in which the cost of a mistake is very high. We help businesses improve their performance and implement changes that optimize their process in order to achieve success. Mission statement Our mission is to bring success to our clients, continuously contribute towards their achievement and enhancing their brand. Vision To be the regional leader in the business consultancy industry by defining excellence and building unmatched client loyalty while offering complete solutions for our client’s needs. CORE VALUES Integrity: Honour all commitments to our clients, employees and shareholders while conducting business with unwavering high standards of honesty, trust, professionalism and ethical behaviour. Quality: Put the interests of our clients first and be dedicated to providing an individualized business experience that assures customer satisfaction and earns their unwavering loyalty. Teamwork: Work as one cohesive team from the smallest unit to the broader while developing and retaining leaders who continually raise the bar, provide direction, remove barriers and empower people to successfully achieve goals. We are dedicated to maintain a caring and supportive work environment that fosters a sharing of ideas, skills and resources. Growth and Profitability: dedicated to continuous innovation and pursuit of new ideas and opportunities to accelerate profitable growth. We deliver value in all we do to assure consistently high returns to our shareholders, recognize and reward excellent performance, which drives superior results. WHAT WE DO Today, more than ever, the increasingly competitive economic environment requires compliance to high standards of performance, professionalism and efficiency. This is inherent to the successful functioning of every company in important areas such as:  Branding  Marketing  Advertising  Business Writing  Product knowledge  Customer service  Management Strategies  Stuff training and induction Gendrebul Consultants provides help to fill these gaps, to help put your business on a path of success. Selling Professional Service AIDB-008996 "For your Business Needs South Africa
56 Recent geological survey has found an area in Zambia to favorable for prospecting copper, zinc, and other non-ferrous metals. We therefore actively seeking a Joint-Venture Partner or someone to buy equity who has the resources to drive the project to the next level - carrying out some additional drilling to confirm the extent of the ore and percentage. The budget depends entirely on the scope of works determined by geologists and the capacity of said investor or equity partner. Seeking Investment AIDB-009004 Seeking JV Partner to drive mining project to next level. Abu Dhabi;Egypt;Kenya;Morocco;Saudi Arabia;South Africa;Unit...
56 Setting up of a Center of Excellence for the development of AI, Robotic Process Automation, Blockchain, IoT and Big Data Analytics for the African & Indian Ocean Market. - The right ecosystem is already available and recently the Government of Mauritius has brought forward relevant legislation to position Mauritius as data technology hub with specialized field. - FTA signed with China / CECPA signed with India / AFCFTA with Africa / Member of European Union, Commonwealth, SADC , COMESA & IORA. Double taxation treaties signed with more than 50 African countries. - Last week, the Government of Mauritius officialized the construction of Cote D'or Technology park, unique in Africa & Indian Ocean. - Mauritius is already ranked 13th by the World Bank for ease of doing business. - Giants fintech companies are already present in Mauritius - Facilities to invest in Mauritius are comparable to Dubai & Singapore - Multilingual experienced IT professionals - Politically and economically stable African country for business Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-007505 I am currently looking for potential private investment for the setting up of a Center of Excellence Mauritius
56 EW Engineers Services, LLC is a civil engineering company which operate on all types of engineering activities including foundation & structural design, mechanical, electrical service, and environmental activities. This company has been created recently in June 2020 in response of a project named Peat as a source of energy. The project will be realized in Central Africa, especially in Cameroon. With a population of about twenty-five million, electrification rates are very low. National average of the household electrification rate is around 23%. The main source of energy is provided by hydropower plant. However, Cameroon always suffer from intensive outages each month and sometimes it is recurrent every day in some part of the country. It is maybe a good idea to think about another alternative to promote energy for all in Africa. This is one of the reasons that other alternatives can be applied to make life more sustainable for our population. Geothermal power system as source of energy can be one of these alternatives to supply electricity. On this project the principal targets audience are the consumers, industries, and government. The outlook of the marketplace is very predictable because we have a high demand in electricity sector. Our company will be able to supply 30MW of electricity by using an innovative technology and the onsite resource available. The company’s activities will generate more than 500 permanent jobs and will have a huge positive social and economic impacts. Based on our recent studies there is potential geothermal resource in many regions in Cameroon. Our company with our sustainable environmental and restauration plans will also address this issue. To achieve this goal, EW Engineers Services, LLC, need a financial support from investors. The project is divided in 5 phases which include: phase 1: surveys, drilling operations, laboratory work, reports, and land acquisition. Then phase 2 which include drawings plans and final project budget. Phase 3 will be construction of the peat power plant, grid station, and production. Phase 4 is the environmental and restauration process. Finally phase 5 include monitoring and maintenance. The construction project extends over 3 years and the available resource can produce electricity for more than 30 years. Based on our studies, the estimate cost of the project is $75millions which will be split over the five phases of the project. During the exploitation, the principal recipients will be the population, government, investors. Profit and loss, cash flow analysis, balance sheet, break-even analysis, loan amortization calculation is detailed on own 10-year financial plan document. All the project detail can be available upon request. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-007667 Geothermal resource as a source of energy in Africa. Use geothermal steam, heat or water properties to supply electricity in Africa. Cameroon
56 Permit us to introduce to you Infinity Investments cc, a new formed company with the intention to help with the development of our Country in terms of , Commercial property development, Affordable housing development, business advisory and solar plants establishments. Company is headquartered in Rehoboth with soon to establish 14 Regional Offices in the Country. Our aim is not only to define success by number of units built and sold (sales volume), but also by whether people were helped in the process and regain their dignity that they did lose in life. Pieter Olivier who is the Founder of Infinity Investments cc and driving force , together with his competent team of experts whom each one on their part are recording a wealth of experience in various fields of study, ranging from financial management, research, HR, operations management and the like. We deploy a simple formula when evaluating potential projects by merging technological innovation, flexibility and a strong global outlook in business operations. We are set to emerge as the industry leader in the provision of environmentally compatible condominiums, service apartments, shopping malls, office/commercial buildings, hostels, hotels, low cost mass housing units. Infinity Investments cc has the skills and experience to manage your project from concept to successful completion and with the help of other experience resources. Infinity Investments cc has aligned its development strategies to accord with the ever changing industry and community demands. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-007760 Help Families Make the right Move! Namibia
56 Sponsors are looking for funding from investors in any of the following projects: A university, a Boarding Secondary and Primary school, a hospital, a hotel, a low cost housing estate, an Office Park on a titled 232hectare piece of land in northern Zambia. A hotel and theme park on a 25hectare titled land on the sandy beach on Lake Bangweulu peninsula in Samfya district and a lodge and campsite on a titled 8hectare piece of land overlooking a water falls on the Luapula river in Milenge District. These projects are stand alone and prospective investors can select any one of them. The funding can be in the form of equity, venture capital or Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT). These are all green field projects. A new investment vehicle can be registered if so required to suit the prospective investor(s). Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008823 Equity partners sought Zambia
56 We are looking for a Sales superstar with experience in software sales or to the least high value sales items. You must have large portfolio of enterprise business contacts and networks. You would be offered shares in the company depending on your experience and contribution to the business Find Business Partner AIDB-009728 We are looking for a Sales superstar in software sales or to the least high value sales items. Burundi;Ethiopia;Kenya;Somalia;Somaliland;Tanzania;Uganda;Un...
55 My name is Anthony and I represent Atom Security - a Russian company that develops software solutions for information security and employee monitoring. Our flagship product is StaffCop - a bundled software solution aimed to help business evaluate their employees efficiency, monitor remote employees, protect their sensitive data, and provide remote inventory of computer hardware and software. We sell our solution worldwide and we prefer to work with local distributors in regions to provide customers with the best buying experience. We would like to offer you partnership with us as a vendor and you as a distributor in Burkina Faso. I would be glad to tell you more about our product in a Zoom session. Find Business Partner AIDB-009792 Software vendor seeks for a distributor in Burkina Faso Burkina Faso
55 The project is the construction of 50 seashore villas with a community centre and clubhouse for sale. The units are build in a gated community to provide security. The clubhouse and medical unit is for the community in the first instance. The Community Centre contains the medical unit, a shop and gymn. The clibhouse is intended to serve members f the community. The village is ideal for retirees, holiday makers, high net-worth individuals and investors. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008613 50 Seashore Villas for Construction and Sale Abu Dhabi;British Virgin Islands;Guernsey;Isle of Man;Luxemb...
55 The farm comprises of 2 blocks comprising of 92 ha with 2 dams and water rights. It is prime land located in the Cape wine tourism route. The farm itself will be used for mixed farming - Blueberry (42 ha), Cape Gooseberry (10 ha), Raspberry (10 ha), Blackberry (10 ha) and Medical Cannabis (3.2 ha). Apart from there will be processing unit for packing and formulations of Cannabis, Skill academy to train more farmers with accommodation as well as ECOTOURISM facilities. Total investment is estimated at USD 130 Mn which will be utilized towards land acquisition(3%), creating of Fixed assets (41%), Plant and machinery (21%), Working capital (6%), Taxes (11%), Fees (7%), and preliminary expenses (10%). The project has cash breakeven within first 2 years and IRR over the period of 10 years is 20+%. The high returns are achieved due to combination of the crops and the value addition. The markets are pre-arranged for the fresh produce and we have tie-ups for Cannabis related products. 70% of the production will be exported giving foreign exchange to negate any exchange losses for repayment. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008176 Gili Sustainable Farms is a part of the AGRILIVING SUSTAINABLE FARMS CONCEPT. South Africa
55 Financing of a well-run hotel complex in a very good location, capable of development, good occupancy and clean balance sheets. Modern equipment, very good state of maintenance, no maintenance backlog, All necessary documents after consultation, 5Ha. 100 rooms, several suites, and chalet. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008886 Financing of a well-run hotel complex in a very good location, capable of development, good occupanc Ghana
54 Our facility shall provide extended stay contemporary accommodation targeting business and leisure tourism. It shall be a limited-service and furnished apart hotel situated in close proximity to Nairobi's central business district and within the Westlands residential area. Currently, the market in the capital city is ripe for hospitality and this has been witnessed by a huge influx of internationally recognized hotel brands seeking to get a foothold in this African city. Notable examples are the Marriot, Best Western, Sheraton, Kempinski, Radisson, Accor hotels, City Lodge from S.A plus a host of many others. The hospitality industry in the country and region has greatly expanded. The serviced apartment sector in the year 2016/17 (Pre Covid)recorded an average occupancy rate of 76.7%. The Average Daily Rate (ADR) stood at US$58 and Revenue per Available Room was at US$45. The one and two-bedroom typologies had the highest occupancy at 35% and 42% respectively. Rental yields in plum areas range between 7% to 7.3%. The COVID-19 pandemic has really impacted the performance of the hospitality sector in the previous year. Yields in the year 2020 dropped to 4% . We however expect the situation to normalize to return to normal operations in the next two years. The proposed development project is a first and will be a pioneer in the Arianna Contemporary Suites brands. Our objective is to create a unique brand then roll out the name to several other major locations where the demand is at its highest. Our target is to move to the untapped regional economies such as Tanzania and Rwanda where significant promise exists. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009837 Formula 1 hotel in Nairobi, Kenya. Abu Dhabi;Canada;Finland;Germany;Kenya;Netherlands;Russian F...
54 SNAP SHORT FOR A GOLD MINE IN ZAMBIA COMPANY NAME: YENGO INVESTMENT LIMITED Yengo Investment Limited, Zambia is calling on serious investors to take advantage of a high-yield gold mine located in the Senga Hill of Northern Province of Zambia. The virgin mine promises abundance of gold that will keep any investor busy for about a decade. Yengo cordially urges would be investors to come and conduct droning and gravity mapping in a bid to quantify the mineralization for the entire mine site. Number of Directors Three Location of Gold Mine Senga Hill District Mbala Provincial Capital Kasama Province Northern Country Zambia Distance from main road to mine site is 25 km (access road) Mining License is valid for ten years from 2021 to 2031. The area has great potential. And aside from gold, other minerals detected on the site are tin, Titanium and Zirconium Finding Investment Opportunities AIDB-008771 Gold Mining Opportunity in Zambia and Tanzania Abu Dhabi;Australia;China;France;Germany;Hong Kong;Korea, Re...
54 Real Estate, Agriculture, Banking and Finance, Oil and Gas, Information Technology, Building and Construction, Engineering, and Logistic Services, amongst others. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009137 We work in pursuit of service excellence and are committed to offering top notch business relationsh Nigeria
54 The demand for housing is very strong in Côte d'Ivoire more precisely in Abidjan the economic capital where all services are concentrated. Many people having land approved with the Definitive Concession Decree but not having the means to develop them, so some people have started their project and no longer have the means to finish. We offer them a commercial lease of 05 to more than 10 years depending on the profitability of the Building. Our project aims to satisfy 300 owners from October 2021 to December 2025. Our financial partner will fully finance the construction projects and our team will take care of the full execution of the work. - The owner who solicits us agrees that we put his A.C.D in mortgage, which guarantees us a reimbursement. - We check the authenticity of its A.C.D. with our financial partner. - We set up with our financial partner a partnership file with the owner of the land in which we define the closing of the mortgage. - Our financial partner and We even make a site visit with the owner. - We agree with the owner of the land on the building plan to be built on the land. - With our financial partner We put together the plans for the building and then we do the administrative procedures for the building permit. - In agreement with our financial partner, we then build the building according to construction standards. - The Buildings to be built are R + 3, R + 4, R + 5 and more according to the standards of the municipality where the land is located. - Construction costs vary between 460 thousand Euros and 770 thousand Euros - We then rent the building for the number of years to decide for the return on investment with interest. - A Building can bring in between 2,500 Euros and 10,000 Euros / month - We are the owner of the property until the end of the lease. - At the end of the lease we relocate the A.C.D. the building to the owner. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009175 Belle opportunité d'affaires pour les propriétaires de terrain avec Arrêté de Concession Definitive Ivory Coast
54 Robotic surgery cost in India is a sophisticated form of minimally invasive surgical operation that makes use of computer-controlled robots to do what humans can’t, and what they can do, however but better. India is a widely recognized destination for robotic surgery, where the Robotic surgery cost in India is cheap & only a fraction of what you usually pay within the western developed nations. These are the best hospitals for Robotic surgery cost in India that offer high-end robotic surgeries as they are highly developed systems and provide state of the art facilities with highly skilled and experienced healthcare professionals for Robotic surgery cost in India. Selling Professional Service AIDB-008881 Robotic Surgery in India – A Cost-Effective Treatment Azerbaijan;Bahamas;Bahrain;Bangladesh;Belgium;Egypt;Ethiopia...
54 Luntu is a sector agnostic AI driven Super Fintech App (SFA), embedded with machine learning algorithms embracing 5 key industry verticals: •Digital Capital Raising •Insurance Brokerage •Business Development services •Market Development services •Transaction Advisory Services The word Luntu is derived fromthe Xhosaword ‘Uluntu’ for ‘Community’, is synonymous to ‘Ubunthu’ –in which case synonymous to creating an all inclusive value driven ecosystem creating lasting impact), Luntu is a Fimcorp Capital & Investment Advisory Services Group’s 100% owned company. The company has been formed as a result of a new strategic focus to capitalize and exploit the growing applications of AI in order to optimize and digitize the non-discrete transactional advisory and intermediation services. Luntu will be administered through a web-based and mobile platform created within an ESG framework in mind. Our 12 Country approach will bring financial and economic inclusion by creating over 450 jobs in 5 year Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008793 A SUPER DIGITAL CAPITAL RAISING, INSURETECH, B2B AND MARKET DEVELOPMENT FINTECH APP Botswana;Cameroon;Ghana;Kenya;Lesotho;Malawi;Mozambique;Nami...
54 Seeking an investor who has interest in investing into a preference share and/or mezzanine debt instrument with exposure to the Zambian hospitality industry with great upside potential for returns Seeking Investment AIDB-008876 Seeking Preference Share investment and/or Mezzanine Investment into a unique hospitality project Cayman Islands;China;Dubai;France;Germany;Mauritius;Nigeria;...
53 We need interested financiers ti to invest in in a proposed mining project in Ghana, There is a virjin mining concession which is supported by a geological certificate for sale in Ghana for $3m. Documentation and legal issues regarding registration will cost about $1m. We will need about $3m to purchase mining equipments for the actual mining exploration work. We shall therefore need a total of $10m for the project. Any interested investor(s) can invest between $1m amd $8m iether as loan or for equity stake in the project The project is highly viable because the concession lies close to that of Newmont and AngloGold/Ashanti which highly raises raises the prospects of the project. All our Consultants and experienced mining engineers who have had considerable practical experience with industry players like NewMont Mining and Anglogold Ashanti. It is highly viable which to pay off any initial capital invested within three years as the test estimation of the concession done by the consultants. It is highly profitable. We are seeking to get investment support to the tune of Eight million Dollars($8m). It is highly viable as per the investment appraisals done the mining consultant engineers Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009773 PURCHASE OF MINING CONCESSION Abu Dhabi;Australia;Belgium;Canada;China;Denmark;Finland;Fra...
53 We are Management Consultants been contacted by a state government in Nigeria to facilitate public and Private partnership for establishment of Agro industrial processing park in the state.We are experience Management and financial consultant in areas of Agriculture, Agriculture machines imports, establishment of small, medium and large scale industries, renewable energy projects etc Products of agro industrial processing park are always highly in demand as most of the products are either industrial base goods or consumer needs The chairman of the company is a professor of engineering and agro industrial technology and also the managing consultant is by Accountant by profession we have other managers in field of Marketing, logistics, import and merchandise We are seeking investors for debt,equity partners,loans for establishment of Agro industrial processing back periods 3-5yrs or as per loan terms and conditions on the project.Finacial conditions are also preferable. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009868 Looking for investor in Agro industrial processing park on public and Private partnership Nigeria
53 As a Microsoft partner, our vision is to aid in the establishment of a modern workplace across Africa and in doing so unlock the African economic potential. Calitech Solutions is a solutions-oriented organisation, in other words, we seek to solve customer’s challenges and add value to their operations. To achieve this objective we would offer a range of CRM, ERP and other digital transformation services. Selling Professional Service AIDB-009726 A digital transformation company bring cutting-edge custom software to East Africa Botswana;Burundi;Djibouti;Ethiopia;Finland;France;Kenya;Moza...
53 We are an exclusive Distributor in South Africa of an innovative Clips made in Denmark ( mandate covers the entire SADC countries. These clips are used for fixing pipes,cables and wall sockets and saves. The clips helps to ensure that thjere is an improved workflow and great time saving. We seek funding to help us reach the broader market. We will be using natiional hardware chains and plumbing merchants as distribution channels. The marketing team is beefed up by experienced people in marketing ,construction and hardware industries. We currently do not have competion in the market and the potential is huge. And our growth potential as a company is enormous Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008915 We market innovative Clips made in Denmark. The clips are used by both Electricians and Plumbers. Abu Dhabi;Angola;Botswana;Lesotho;Madagascar;Malawi;Mauritiu...
53 e EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Mobolaji Memorial Medical Center, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria   Project Executive Summary Overview Nigeria, with a population of over 170 million people, lack first class medical facilities accessible to the common people. Most medical facilities are government-owned and ran. The outcome of which means that the services provided by government facilities are substandard and ineffective most of the times. It is based on this premise that Dr. Joseph K. Oyeleye, DM (Healthcare Management/Leadership) made it his life ambition to pioneer the facilitation of affordable and accessible but quality and safe health care to the people in all the regions and states surrounding the Ondo State capital through the establishment of first-class medical facility that will not only care for the medical needs of the people but also be in the forefront of medical research and training subsequently. The Problem The ordinary and poor people in Nigeria lack sufficient access to standard healthcare. With every government enterprise, the medical services obtained through government hospitals are often inadequate due to many problems confronting every government establishment in Nigeria. As a result, many individual physicians, nurses, and laboratory technicians set up highly substandard facilities that are more of problem to the people than help. Only rich people who can afford treatment overseas are the only ones receiving adequate medical attention. The lack standard health care services is a contributing factor to the low average life expectancy of Nigeria. The Solution Dr. Oyeleye and several equally concerned individuals decided to establish Mobolaji Memorial Medical Center first, with the purpose of providing people in the region of the Southwest Nigeria and beyond with a first-class medical care. Second, to use the facility as a medical research and teaching facility comparable to any other in the world. And third, that Mobolaji Memorial Medical Center will become a source of challenge to all wealthy Nigerians to establish standard medical facilities for the benefit of the people rather than travelling overseas for treatments themselves. Project Highlights The Mobolaji Memorial Medical Center will be established in Akure, the Ondo State capital – which is about 300 kilometers from Lagos and about the same distance to Abuja, the Nigerian capital city. The facility will be a three hundred-bed hospital with modern and up-to-date medical equipment. It will also contain an emergency room facility as well as an outpatient facility capable of handling one thousand patients at any given time. The total cost of this facility is estimated to be one hundred and five million dollars ($105,000,000.00) at completion. It is also estimated that the project is completed in twenty-four months. Key to Success Three main steps to take to ensure the success of Mobolaji Memorial Medical Center includes the following. First, the project design is comparable to any first-class hospital anywhere in the world. Because of this, the number of Nigerians travelling abroad for medical care will reduce drastically. The second key to success is the employment of the best medical brains to man the facility. In addition to this, retired but active medical professionals will be recruited to provide services and training to younger physicians. The last key to the success of the project is its proximity to the other states in the southwest region of the country. It means that the hospital will attract clients from the far conners of the country. Financial Projections The project is to be financed through PE finance as investors are encouraged to become part-owners if they so wish. The estimated loan repayment period is ten years. It is also estimated that the facility is capable to generate an annual income in the region of fifty million dollars ($50,000,000.00.) All accruable profit, after meeting the loan commitments, will go to the continuous development of the facility in accordance with its mission and vision policies. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009013 Looking for investors for an International Standard 120-Bed Hospital in Akure, Nigeria Belgium;Canada;Denmark;Finland;France;Germany;Jersey;Luxembo...
53 Profoundly experienced English businessman wins export business, arrangement of JV’s , expert financial management. Arranged counter trade transactions for governments. Financial management Selling Professional Service AIDB-009027 Specialist business development specialist secures new business Botswana;Brunei Darussalam;Cambodia;Central African Republic...
53 We train people in the Management of Assets, including their Maintenance. We want to expand into Africa. Presently we do do work in Africa, but to a limited extent. We need a mechanism of tranferring our work into Africa. We would like to partner with suitable organisations that have funding and the necessary expertise, or access to such expertise. Other AIDB-009349 Development of Asset Management (Maintenance) Practitioners to be the best they can be. Australia;Botswana;Canada;Cayman Islands;Isle of Man;Kenya;M...
52 We are looking for an investment of 25k to 250k depending on the investment model Seeking Investment AIDB-009727 Bring innovative custom enterprise software and consultancy services to East Africa and beyond. Abu Dhabi;Belgium;Botswana;Cayman Islands;China;Djibouti;Dub...
52 We are looking for fund in order to build the first Bubble Hotel in Comoros. In order to grow we want to build a Hotel Chain that change the perception of hotels. As we are living in the era of the experiences in this amazing industry , we know that our hotel will bring to our guest experiences completely different in the perfect place for that. Our project has two locations at the moment , one on the beach and another one in the jungle, with this our future customers will have a different experience in Africa till moment. This concept also require less funds than a normal hotel and also better ROI , as we can charge more money and get more ADR and REVPAR pero room due of the experience we offer. Our project brings also a Restaurant, Spa and Meeting room to give more inputs to the property. Also our hotel will bring a training room , in order to help the country and train more local people and get qualified employees to bring better experiences to our customers. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009110 Amazing project to build one of the first Bubble Hotel in the continent is looking for funds Angola;Botswana;Cameroon;Cape Verde;Comoros;Ivory Coast;Demo...
52 The fund will help improve our website and promote this initiative to the public through social media announcements. It will also be used to create incubators as models to encourage people to use our platform or support this vision. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009087 Offer opportunities of getting a better quality of life to many families in Africa. Burkina Faso;Burundi;Cameroon;Central African Republic;Chad;...
52 Our project is ready to start but we are looking for partners or fund investors to launch the project. The total envelop is 12 754 520 US$ Technlcal Sheet (Update) > Position : Boumalek Old Road of Calle Cape Rosa Road - Assela El-Melha - Municipality of El-Kala - Wilaya of Taref. > The Land Area : 18.559 m^. > Légal Nature of the Land : Private Property. > Owner : Mr CHETTAH Adel - > Construction and Monitoring Company: GEREB Alciers > Type of Construction : 65 "Ecolodge" type wooden chalets In modular construction and light structure. > Surface Area of the Chalet : 70m^ > Floor Area on the Platform of each Chalet : 85m^. > Construction of a Pontoon Connecting the two holiday villages : length: 2100 linear meter. > Green Areas and Botanical Garden : A valuation and landscaping are planned and the création of a botanical garden of international standard. Thèse spaces, considered a naturel laboratory open air, will be avaiiable for university researchers, biologists, landscape architects, ornithologists, etc ... for their research work. Find Business Partner AIDB-008496 Corialis project Algeria;Brunei Darussalam;Burkina Faso;Cape Verde;Cayman Isl...
52 We are direct mandate company in partnership with various reliable oil refineries in Russia federation. We can implement and facilitate the purchase and supply of the following products to any port of your choosing, A1 JET FUEL , MAZUT, D2, D6, EN590, LNG, LPG, JP54, ESPO. Currently we have a refinery that has product on the high sea 100,000MT of EN590 10ppm also D2 and needs a credible and reliable buyer/company to take over thus vessel. Upon your response we shall provide, FOB AND CIF SCO sellers procedures Other AIDB-008971 Oil and Gas - From Russia Benin;Botswana;Burundi;Central African Republic;Chad;Democra...
52 We are looking for investors for the pig farming project. Having done wide consultations with players in the pig farming sector include pig farmers, farmer extension officers and the market, we believe pig farming is a viable business with potentially high returns. Some of the challenges include poor quality feeds and managing pig waste which is very smelly. We will use Pioneer Feeds recommended by Farmers Choice, the main buyer of the pig meat in Kenya. We will feed the pig waste into a biogas plant. An investment of $350 is able to generate a profit is 6% within a period of 6 months. We will rear the Duroc breed because gains weight fast within a short period of time guaranteeing good returns. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008693 Swine-Monie Mining Opportunity Kenya
52 I have a company called Fildema investment which is a mining company and 3 sister companies which are Balarka, Forever mining and Tripple four. We own 14 mines all over Zimbabwe. Our mines include gold,iron,lithium,aquamarine,copper,emeralds,sapphire,chrome,beryl,cobalt,platinum,silver,tourmaline and ruby. We have buyers in Uk, China, Germany, India and Belgium. We have so many orders but we can’t produce enough quantity to sell to our customers because of lack of machinery. If you can supply us with heavy equipment like excavators, dump trucks, loaders and washplants then we can be able to supply to each and every one of our customers all over the globe. If you want proof of old invoices, certificates and business proposal you can contact me on +263771562189, +263785857729 or email me @ or our computer email @ Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009504 Looking for an investor to invest in my business that could generate a monthly income of $500 000 Abu Dhabi;Australia;Belgium;Denmark;Dubai;Finland;France;Ger...
52 We are three young individuals looking to establish one of the first commercial hydroponic farms in South Africa. We have already managed to get half of the funding needed to buy the farm land. The farm we intending to buy already have a few greenhouses with an income on it. We want to expand the farm by adding garlic and ginger. One of our partners are also an excellent citrus farmer,so we are going plant citrus orchards as well. This is an oppertunity for people who wants to be part of one of SA's first commercial hydroponic farmers. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008701 Hydroponic farm in South Africa Abu Dhabi;Australia;Canada;Caribbean;China;Dubai;France;Germ...
51 Botswana has a severe shortage of milk and other dairy related products. We import 95% of milk and other related products from South Africa at a value of USD52000000, hence a need to close this gap by setting up a large scale dairy farming project in Botswana. The project is located in Tuli Block, Central District, Botswana over a 1500ha freehold farm, with all infrastructural services in place i.e. water, electricity and tarred access roads, and in proximity to the border of South Africa; approximately 10km. The dairy farming project is anticipated to produce 3,360 000 litres of milk per annum and create over 200 job opportunities for the local communities. Fodder production and use of solar energy are the key sustainable factors. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009960 Sustainable and Economic Dairy Farming Project in Botswana Australia;Belgium;Brazil;British Indian Ocean Territory;Brit...
51 HireForceOne is an awarded, completely new and innovative way of doing recruitment. Out with all the text and the boring way recruitment is done today. We plan to take the tool now to Africa. To make that a success, we are looking for a senior entrepreneur that has recruitment expertise (preferably), and (required) knows how to build a team & conquer a market. After Kenya, the rest of Africa can follow. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009780 Investor opportunity: seeking Biz Dev partners/investors to launch a rewarded Recruitment platform Kenya
51 Two solar energy generation projects at construction stage need investment . The projects are each 50MW though with approvals to go up to 100MW. The projects have gone through most of the requisite processes and have the national electricity distributor as the offtaker. Both projects require investment of around US$60 million. Seeking Investment AIDB-008507 Opportunities to invest in either of two solar energy generation projects in Zimbabwe Afghanistan;Angola;Argentina;Australia;Austria;Belarus;Brazi...
51 I have a job creation concept to create employment and empower +/- 1000 direct and +/- 500 in-direct people in phase 1 Target previously disadvantaged 75 % Female 20% Disabled / impaired 70 % Youth ( 18-35 ) There are manufacturing, distribution , e-commerce and other service components to the project.Export potential could be feasible. L.E.S.O has designed a funeral equipment accessory . The box designed allows the the hole of the grave to be filled immediately by pulling a lever. This designed enhances safety at the graveside, saves time, is environment friendly, not an eye sore, Most countries globally acknowledge dignified funerals with class. Target markets include military , police , fire departments etc. as the design can be draped with flags, various government service departments, companies etc. A WORLD FIRST !! $ 1000 per unit ( manufacturing , distribution, misc.) - $100 rental charge per funeral ( one per week ) - Gross $5200 minimum. First of it's kind ! Major funeral parlors only has lowering devices at the graveside. The concept will get interest from funeral parlors operating earth burials globally Start up company Business plan available Feasible Profitably on all packages available provided - even on one rental per week $ 1000 per unit ( manufacturing , distribution, logistic support , training franchisee, misc) Return on Investment - 20 % of rental profit sales per unit Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009921 Project 1000 - Job Creation / Ownership / Empowerment South Africa
51 as we are a growing company, we need to boost and accelerate our business Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008473 Freight anchor is an advanced non-exclusive E-Logistics Platform. Freight Anchor connects both Impo Abu Dhabi;Algeria;Angola;Argentina;Armenia;Australia;Austria...
51 SITIC AFRICA is 100% Development with *An exhibition of African and international potential. *A dedicated space for B2B meetings organizing more than 1,000 business meetings each year. *International Forums on the application of digital technology in the financial, industrial, agricultural and service fields, in particular health and training. Other AIDB-009548 SITIC AFRICA ABIDJAN 2022, A WIN-WIN PARTNERSHIP BETWEEN IVORY COAST, TUNISIA AND FRANCE Abu Dhabi;Algeria;Angola;Benin;Burkina Faso;Cameroon;Canada;...
51 Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008935 SUSTAINABLE AND ECONOMIC DIAMOND MINE IN BOTSWANA Angola;Argentina;Australia;Belgium;Bosnia and Herzegovina;Br...
51 CIPC Compliance: Company Registration Shareholding Certificates Changes on CIPC Annual Returns SARS Compliance: Tax Clearance Annual Tax Returns PAYE VAT Department of Labor Compliance: UIF COIDA (Workman's Compensation) - LOGS Industry Compliance: CSD Registration (Central Supplier Database) CIDB Registration, Renewals and Upgrades (Construction Industry Development Board) Bargaining Council and all other institution Registrations BBBEE Solutions: Consulting Assisting with preparation for rating Giving solutions on how to improve scoring Company Stationery: Basic Logos Letterhead format Quote & Invoice Format Payment Certificate Format (Civil Engineering Industry) Create Gmail account with logo in signature Marketing: Flyer Design Business Card Design Social Media Poster Social Media Marketing Create Facebook Page Create Google Business Page Social Media posting Finance Services: Breakdown of Bank Statement to give insight and on expenses and ways to save costs Populating Quotes and Invoices Admin Services: Ad-hoc Admin Sort out whatever the client needs Contact Justin Maans at 0825629343 or for more information. Selling Professional Service AIDB-009427 We do your Admin and keep you Compliant so You can focus on making Money South Africa
51 With headquarters to be established in Perth, Western Australia , ANDORIA PACIFIC gold mining operations and assets will be under the protection of Australian investment security Department making sure no lost or profits won't be accounted for. Finding Investment Opportunities AIDB-009146 ANDORIA Pacific gold mining aims to be the biggest mining company in South Sudan.