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4636 The team behind African Investments Limited has been operating in Africa's investment world since the 1990s. Since then we have built perhaps Africa's largest network of investors. We understand you want to raise money from investors. The first step you must take is to post your own "Business Opportunity" on this platform (the Africa Business Opportunities Dashboard). Make sure you keep the external header and executive summary concise, so that readers immediately know what you want to raise funding for. When adding your investment opportunity select your Objective as being "Finding Investors for a Business". We will then promote your call for investment across our wide network for free. Selling Professional Service AIDB-014923 Need help raising money? We have built perhaps the most extensive Africa investor network Algeria;Angola;Australia;Benin;Botswana;Burkina Faso;Burundi...
2362 We are aiming to lend to Financial Intermediaries and Direct Borrowers across 6 countries in Sub Saharan Africa. Sectors of interest are Education/Learning; Food/Nutrition; Health/Wellness. Focus is on supporting the overall wellbeing of children through targeted support to socioeconomic segments that don't access to traditional finance. Investment size is between $0.5M to $3M. Open to hearing from financial intermediaries or direct borrowers. Finding Investment Opportunities AIDB-017146 Investment (private credit) opps through FIs in Sub Saharan Africa: Education, Nutrition, Health. Ghana;Kenya;Nigeria;Rwanda;South Africa;Uganda
1550 Looking for partners throughout Africa to partner with to bring Workforce Healthcare into Africa. We’re a company for the patients, the people and the professionals. We are devoted to making a meaningful and sustainable difference in the health and wellness of employees. Through professional, client-centric health and wellness services, we initiate the change that we want to see in healthcare. From preventative measures and healthcare screenings to chronic disease management and integrated fitness programmes, we positively influence the well-being and mindsets of the people we serve. Our dedication to goodness drives us to work harder towards giving people happy, healthy work lives. Find Business Partner AIDB-014566 Healthcare In Africa Mozambique
1526 Charcoal Briquettes Manufacturing Climate Hub International LTD is a wholly Ugandan owned social enterprise with specific social objectives to support mitigation that are aligned towards Climate’- Environmental, Social, and Governance initiatives to achieve global Carbon off setting goals. The social Enterprise has four cross cutting priority Areas that have created sustainability through identifying quickest and simplest ways to reduce carbon footprint as listed below. CHI has introduced a carbon literacy training Hub to reduce Carbon Footprint and also to train people to become carbon literacy. 1. Promoting Eco-Friendly products Being ecofriendly means living in a way that is not harmful to the environment. This way of life is becoming increasingly important, as we need to protect our planet from man-made damage.  charcoal Briquettes  Renewable Energy Products 2. Carbon Literacy Training and Certification. Educating and empowering people to seize the extraordinary opportunity to become carbon literate through unified action, a force for good. We help Organizations how to emit net-zero emissions. •We can also help Organisation to become a carbon zero company, the usual path is to purchase carbon offset credits. Essentially, you're not producing less carbon dioxide. 3. Afforestation Afforestation involves planting trees in areas that haven't recently had any tree cover, in order to create a forest. Climate Hub is directly engaged in afforestation programs to create forests and increase carbon capture. To address the world’s most pressing environmental issues, collaboration is key! We specialize in getting trees in the ground, and have partnered with some of the most influential NGOs and charities to help us achieve this mission. 4. 360 Waste Management and Collection cycle CHI goes around collecting waste from residential areas, commercial establishments such as hotels, restaurants, shopping mall and Duukas in trading Centers. Through Waste Sorting Waste is taken to dumping sites where it is offloaded and separated into over 20 waste fractions at two central sorting sites Our Flagship Cross Cutting Priority Area. We manufacture Bio-char briquettes as a solution towards sustainable bioenergy in Uganda, the majority of people in Uganda depend on fire wood and charcoal for cooking and heating energy due it’s affordability and versatility for meeting people’s needs. Honeycomb briquette is a very common coal/ charcoal fuel briquette especially in domestic usage. People have to feed But while it offers a low cost means for cooking, heating homes and powering industrial activities, a sizable proportion of it obtained unsustainably, leading to deforestation and land degradation. Moreover, wood is often burned in inefficient appliances, causing emissions that have negative health and environmental impacts. The Government passed a ruling and immediate stoppage on Wood Cutting and also stoppage making charcoal from tree cutting, with wood-dependent populations growing in the region, while access to wood declines, briquettes offer a practical solution to supplement the use of woo as fuel. We produce them by compressing biomass residues like charcoal dust, sawdust and agricultural byproducts into solid unit that is used like charcoal, we add in clay to as a binding substance. Cheap forms of Energy such as Bio Gas Char Energy Development Climate Hub International has embarked on Bio Char Development (Processing of Biodegradable waste into-Bio-Char) Which we use to make briquettes that can be used for daily cooking which is very cheap, smokeless, Eco Friendly and long lasting than all other forms of Energy used by average number of households in Uganda. We started by producing half a ton per month, then moved to a ton per week, today we are producing 8 tons per month. Briquettes are more sustainable and ore energy-efficient and could reduce the pressure on forest and lower pollution levels in urban areas, that is, if more people start using them. Opportunities 1. Briquette production can be profitable We have been growing organically since last year, Briquettes making requires machinery, which is easy to obtain but is costly. But once the business is established, there is profit to be made. Using pre-carbonized waste helps save, as carbonizing is costly. As a founder of CHI I have noticed that there is great business promise with focus on quality (by sieving and sorting for maximum purity) and target, niche marketing. 2. Briquettes offer an opportunity for small enterprises. The production and sale of briquettes offers major income opportunities for entrepreneurs and participants in the supply chain. There is huge potential in the cooking and heating fuel market in Africa, and it is not difficult to establish a briquette production operation. In addition, the competition is fragmented and there are no major, branded briquette business that have cornered the market, we are the first briquettes making Organisation with certificate from Uganda National Bureau of standards (UNBS). 3. Briquettes can help re-purpose waste Briquettes fit nicely into circular bio economy approaches that aim to reduce waste and spur more sustainable bio resources and market-based practices, while sustaining rural-urban linkages. Find Business Partner AIDB-014740 Climate Hub International has tested the Charcoal Briquettes Market and it indicates market attract Uganda
1500 We own 21 hectors (on title) in the game management area and we have 319 meters of river frontage (Kafue River) with all the wild animals that you can think of such as Lions, Leopards, Zebras, Buffalos, Kudus, Antelopes, Monkeys, Birds, Hippos, Elephants and many others. We are looking for an equity investment & development partner to develop a boutique medium to top end Safari Lodge/hotel on this piece of land. Among the activities that we intend to offer our clients once the lodge/hotel is built and complete are: 1. Open van/truck game viewing drives 2. Kafue river boat cruises including sunset cruises 3. Exotic Fishing Expeditions 4. Exotic Bird Watching Expeditions 5. Combined Packages with the Zambia Tourism Board to visit Zambia’s Rich Cultural & Traditional Ceremonies such as Umutomboko Ceremony, Kuomboka Ceremony etc. 6. Combined Packages with other tour operators to visit Zambia’s Magnificent Waterfalls such as the Mighty Victoria Falls, Kalambo Falls, Musonda Falls and many others 7. Legalised trophy game hunting (done with permits from the Ministry of Tourism & Africa Parks the park operators during selective and specific seasons as part of its animal population conservation manageme Find Business Partner AIDB-014129 Equity Investor & Operator Sought for 5 Star Boutique Safari Lodge or Hotel Others and Unknown
1457 25 bed private hospital based in Botswana is looking for suitable investors/ equity partners to help in the expansion of the hospital services and infrastructure Find Business Partner AIDB-016641 Private hospital looking for investors for expansion. Botswana
1446 Steel manufacturing Find Business Partner AIDB-016374 Manufacturing facility for all types of steelwork with potential importing of steel . Seychelles
1429 Click-Ins is an AI-powered automatic vehicle damage inspection solution that utilizes advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, deep learning, 3D modeling, computer vision, and applied mathematics. By leveraging these multidisciplinary approaches, Click-Ins can accurately detect, analyze, and process external damage on various types of vehicles. The technology is designed to transform digital photos into machine-readable information, eliminating the need for specialized equipment or skilled personnel. Through its patent-pending Visual Intelligence AI technology, Click-Ins achieves high precision and consistency in identifying and assessing vehicle damage. The solution processes millions of vehicle inspections daily, operating at a remarkable speed of 300 milliseconds per vehicle with an accuracy and repeatability rate exceeding 90%. Click-Ins offers mobile and application APIs that seamlessly integrate into the platforms of its partner companies, facilitating easy implementation and integration into existing systems. Selling Professional Service AIDB-017176 AI platform that automates vehicle inspections and creates digital solutions Botswana;Canada;Czech Republic;Denmark;Dominican Republic;Ga...
1420 Our new rluxurty eal estate project leonardo a 33 storey residential builidng consist of 157 apartments, costing about 80 milion dollars with a total sales exoectation of abut 250 mulion usd.... oiur fintech prjet motopay is a contactless payment system where you can scan to oay and have accss to affiarble products like never before. our intention is to onboard 15 million bpeople in 2years and process about 2 billion dollards anually . Our hotel and hospitality arm is a way to introduce luxury experience into the hospitality space, with The S Hotels , we shall be starting two projects in Abuja and Lagos with 150 rooms each , a combination of 300 rooms . Our mission is to build 100 properties across Africa before 2030 , 15000 keys , generating over 1 billion usd annually Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-014480 200% ROI, I have investment opportunities for both debt and equity Partners. Realesta,Fintech,hotels Nigeria
1420 I invite you to participate in the proposed equity capital raise via New Equity Issuances and Equity Divestment by one of Nigeria’s leading broadband company focused on providing unmatched internet services to homes in Nigeria, using the latest Fiber-to-the-Home technology. The Company commenced operations less than 6 years ago and has since rolled out over 1,000 km of fiber optics infrastructure using both aerial technology and underground technology of the latest “no-dig technology”. Over the last 48 months, the Company has connected over 30,000 homes and businesses, growing its subscriber base from about 1,900 in 2018 to over 20,000 as at year end 2021. The Company has grown to become the largest FTTx player in the Nigerian market, and remains committed to an aggressive expansion of its infrastructure to maintain the largest share of the ever growing market. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-012497 A fast growing Nigerian FTTx internet service provider seeking equity capital for expansion Nigeria
1420 The Staffing and Outsourcing Cluster is the original business function of Workforce Holdings and has amassed a growing footprint of service providers across South Africa and Africa. The companies within this Cluster provide leading services which extend beyond simple staffing and outsourcing. Solutions include: Temporary employment services Permanent recruitment Executive search Short-and long-term hires Payroll management HR and IR consulting services Disability solutions Turnkey staffing solutions Selling Professional Service AIDB-017099 Lookinf for partners worlwide to partner with in an exisitng established staffing business Cameroon;Canada;Cape Verde;Caribbean;Colombia;Comoros;Cook I...
1413 Up to € 75m development financing for Serena Luxury suites, a hotel property which is 87,008 sqm and consisting of 4 hotels with up 759 suites and 7 swimming pool located in Santa Maria – Ponta Serena. The property is part of a larger project, Serena Bay Resorts, a mixed-use project which includes luxury hotel, apartments, villas, country club and other amenities Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-016952 Opportunity to invest in Luxurious real estate project in Cape Verde Cape Verde
1393 Our client is a well-established meat processing company, manufacturing a niche range of cold meat products. The brand is well-liked by consumers, renowned for providing great-tasting products at an affordable price. With advanced food safety procedures and accreditations, the company manufactures to the highest quality standards. The business is entrenched and growing in leading retail chains, manufacturing their house brands. The company has advanced health and safety accreditations – a significant barrier to entry in the market. Selling a Business AIDB-016545 Acquire a manufacturer and retailer of cold-meat products South Africa
1393 Our client is a full service I.T. Managed Service Provider servicing SMMEs and enterprise clients with a full suite of outsourced IT department solutions. These solutions include IT support, Cloud services, Voice over IP (VoIP), Microsoft365 products and staffing solutions. Established in 2001, this company provides clients with a full-service managed IT solution, from telecommunications and cybersecurity, to automation and outsourcing. This diverse mix enables the company to upsell and cross-sell its services to new and existing clients. Up to 100% shareholding is available for acquisition. Selling a Business AIDB-016544 A full-service IT solution provider South Africa
1349 Click-Ins is an AI-powered automatic vehicle damage inspection solution that utilizes advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, deep learning, 3D modeling, computer vision, and applied mathematics. By leveraging these multidisciplinary approaches, Click-Ins can accurately detect, analyze, and process external damage on various types of vehicles. The technology is designed to transform digital photos into machine-readable information, eliminating the need for specialized equipment or skilled personnel. Through its patent-pending Visual Intelligence AI technology, Click-Ins achieves high precision and consistency in identifying and assessing vehicle damage. The solution processes millions of vehicle inspections daily, operating at a remarkable speed of 300 milliseconds per vehicle with an accuracy and repeatability rate exceeding 90%. Click-Ins offers mobile and application APIs that seamlessly integrate into the platforms of its partner companies, facilitating easy implementation and integration into existing systems. Find Business Partner AIDB-017660 AI platform that automates vehicle inspections and creates digital solutions Botswana;Ivory Coast;Gambia;Ghana;Kenya;Lesotho;Mozambique;N...
1337 The project company, AfriFiber SAS, was incorporated in May 2019 in Djibouti. The company is licensed to build, own and operate a fiber optic network throughout the territory of Djibouti to provide internet services to businesses as well as consumers. A market study was conducted in 2020 by JS Partners, market consultants specialising in telecommunications, based in Portugal. The study examined economic conditions in Djibouti, the competitive situation in the telecommunications sector and assessed the domestic market for fiber-optic services, to enable estimates of revenue potential from 23 zones in Djibouti city. It also assessed strategic options and provided input on AfriFiber’s value proposition. Construction of the AfriFiber network began in 2020 and the first phase of the network, serving central Djibouti, was completed in late 2022. For this phase, AfriFiber engaged telecommunications consultants Proef and Acuity (South Africa) for technical assistance, including development of detailed designs and definition of construction methodologies. These were reviewed by local authorities and formed the basis for award of permits for network implementation in public areas. Network implementation in central Djibouti was successfully concluded in December 2022. Service delivery on a trial basis began in January 2023 with a number of selected businesses, who have all expressed satisfaction and a desire to contract the service from AfriFiber. Launch of full commercial operation is planned in April 2023. AfriFiber has also been approached by the US Embassy seeking a range of network services. We believe AfriFiber’s all-Western telecommunications equipment is a significant attraction for the Embassy, over and above its quality of service and lower pricing compared to the only other provider, state-owned Djibouti Telecom. A proposal for the Embassy is currently in preparation. However, US Embassy sites in Djibouti are outside the central zone of the city and the planned expansion of the network is thus a prerequisite in order to serve the Embassy. After years of stagnation under a state-owned monopoly, the telecoms sector in Djibouti is being liberalised. In this vein, the first private sector license to build and operate a fiber optic network in the country was awarded to AfriFiber in 2019. Djibouti benefits from vast international connectivity via 9 operational submarine cables. However, internet services available to businesses and consumers in the country are known to be unreliable, expensive and lacking in geographic coverage. The scenario gives rise to an attractive opportunity for AfriFiber, which will offer a state-of-the-art network with high reliability, security and lower service pricing. Moreover, the relatively modest size of the Djibouti domestic market means that a third market entrant for internet services is highly unlikely. In these circumstances, we believe AfriFiber is positioned to become a dominant player in the market. The company started commercial operations in April 2023, to be attended by senior government officials and local business leaders. A vigorous marketing and sales campaign is being rolled out. The company has established industry-leading systems to support the customer journey and is providing training and incentives towards establishing a highly motivated and competent sales team. The project has vast developmental potential in the form of improving the operational efficiency of local businesses through access to modern ICT infrastructure and cloud services; promoting education and training through improved connectivity and access to online resources; promoting social inclusion and providing access to online jobs in the international market for the local workforce, thus enabling country to leapfrog in its developments; and positioning Djibouti as an ICT hub by improving international connectivity in the East African region through Djiboutian capacity. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-015529 AfriFiber a new fiber optic network for Djibouti. Djibouti;Ethiopia
1330 We are consultants working with a consortium of investors who are interested in investing in mining projects worth over R400 million. Finding Investment Opportunities AIDB-010262 Investment opportunities for mining projects, particularly gold and chrome projects South Africa
1330 We are an online marketplace connecting our customers with consumer goods from their local towns and offering instant delivery. We are seeking $182,000 in investor money(Pre-seed) to hire an expert team, market and dominate one region(Mombasa), and eventually start exploring other towns within 18 months Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-016358 We are an e-commerce marketplace for small towns in our country Kenya. Kenya
1320 Deka foods envisions to become a leader in the aggregation and distribution of fresh foods in Tanzania and across the East Africa region. The company seeks an investor double down its end-to-end supply chain model Finding Investment Opportunities AIDB-011566 Deka foods produces, aggregates, adds value and distributes over 60 fresh fruits and vegetables, Tanzania
1320 — The company manufactures spray-dried instant coffee and roasted coffee, and selling across the country, and export, with turnover of close to $3m, looking for financing partners to rejuvenate the business with installation of modern technology machinery Finding Investment Opportunities AIDB-011568 The leading coffee roasting and processing company in Tanzania with 40+ years of expereience Tanzania
1319 We are thrilled to extend this exclusive invitation to you to join us in revolutionizing the mining and materials processing industry. Labcorp Ltd. is poised to redefine the landscape of contract mining and materials processing, and we are seeking visionary partners like you to embark on this exciting journey with us. About Labcorp Ltd.: Labcorp Ltd. is not just another mining company; we are innovators, disruptors, and pioneers in the field. Our company specializes in providing comprehensive contract mining services and cutting-edge materials processing solutions. With a focus on sustainability, efficiency, and technological advancement, we aim to set new standards for excellence in our industry. Why Invest in Labcorp Ltd.: 1. Expertise: Our team comprises seasoned professionals with years of experience in mining, engineering, and materials science. We have the knowledge, skills, and dedication to drive Labcorp Ltd. to unparalleled success. 2. Innovation: At Labcorp Ltd., innovation is at the core of everything we do. We leverage the latest technologies and methodologies to optimize mining operations, minimize environmental impact, and maximize returns for our investors. 3. Market Opportunity: The global demand for raw materials continues to rise, presenting a significant opportunity for companies like Labcorp Ltd.. By tapping into this growing market, we are poised for substantial growth and profitability. 4. Sustainability: We are committed to conducting our operations in an environmentally responsible manner. From employing eco-friendly mining practices to investing in renewable energy solutions, sustainability is a fundamental principle that guides our business. How to Invest: If you share our vision for the future of mining and materials processing, we invite you to become a part of the Labcorp Ltd. journey. By investing in Labcorp Ltd., you will not only have the opportunity to earn attractive returns but also contribute to positive change in the industry. To learn more about this exciting investment opportunity, please contact us at or visit our website at Join us as we embark on a mission to reshape the mining industry and build a sustainable future for generations to come. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017532 Invest in the Future of Contract Mining and Materials Processing with Labcorp Ltd! China;South Africa;United States
1312 Oakwood Green Advisory (OGA) is acting as financial advisor to Electrochem Ghana Limited, owners & operators of Africa's largest salt mining operation to raise capital to fund the expansion, refurbishment and automation of its Salt mine located along the east coast of Ghana. - The company currently operates a 17 year (41,000 acre) renewable salt mining concession with 15 years to expiry. - Prior to takeover, the mine was operating below capacity with limited output. Since take over production has grown exponentially as significant investments has been made by the promoter to refurbish existing salt pans(basins), develop additional pans, automate salt harvesting, as well as establish a slat refinery to produce the highest quality industrial grade salt (99.9% purity) - Promoter has injected over $80m from takeover of concession in Jan 2021 till date - Offtakers are available for export to neighbouring countries including Nigeria with annual salt demand of over 1 million MT Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-015462 41,000 acre Commercial Salt Production Concession looking to ramp up production to 2mio MT by 2025 Ghana
1299 Minnie Marketing presents a compelling investment opportunity in the rapidly expanding digital marketing sector. Specialising in a suite of services from digital to physical marketing, branding, printing, and web design, our company is poised for growth and seeking partners to join us on this exciting journey. Founded on the principle of delivering comprehensive marketing solutions, Minnie Marketing has a proven track record of success, elevating brands like Salmander Restaurants, The Beach Bar & Grill, Them Stones, Security Shack, and Critter Chronicles to new heights. Our integrated approach combines creative flair with analytical precision, providing our clients with marketing strategies that not only captivate but convert. In the digital marketing space, we excel in creating engaging content, managing robust social media campaigns, and designing interactive websites that stand out in a crowded digital landscape. Our physical marketing complements these digital efforts, creating a seamless brand experience that extends from online to offline. As for branding and printing, our bespoke services ensure that every client's brand identity is not just seen but felt. This tactile dimension of marketing is where our creativity truly shines, from eye-catching business cards to expansive outdoor advertising. Investing in Minnie Marketing means investing in a company that's not just keeping pace with marketing trends but setting them. We're at the forefront of utilising data analytics and AI to inform strategies, targeting, and content creation, resulting in marketing that's not only creative but smart. The marketing industry is set for a paradigm shift as businesses seek more integrated and measurable ways to connect with their audiences. Minnie Marketing is perfectly positioned to lead this change. We are seeking investment to scale our operations, expand our service offerings, and enhance our technological capabilities. This will allow us to tap into new markets, foster innovation, and continue providing top-tier marketing services. Your investment will fuel the next stage of our journey, enabling strategic hires, technological advancements, and expanded operations. We invite you to join us in this venture that promises not only financial returns but the opportunity to shape the future of marketing. Join Minnie Marketing – where creativity meets strategy, and innovation drives results. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017003 Grow with Us: Strategic Marketing & Media Innovations South Africa
1293 We are a fast growing non bank financial institution offering loans, trade finance and insurance to micro small and medium enterprises. We have 13 branches in 5 counties. We have been operational for the last five years and we have a sound management and corporate governance in place. We are looking for capital to scale our business. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-016392 A fast growing non bank financial institution in Kenya looking for investors for both debt and Equit Kenya
1289 We are a High Tech Company who develop software for chronic disease people. We are looking for clients or partners to finance the conception and go to market of software and apps to help chronic disease people. Our software fight against the development of comorbidities, the good observance of treatment and prepare the patient for consultations. Find Business Partner AIDB-017168 We are looking for partners to finance the development of softwares for chronic disease people. Algeria;Ivory Coast;Madagascar;Morocco;Senegal;Tunisia
1283 Securall commenced operations in October 2019 as a fledgling enterprise with a clear mission. Our primary goal has been to develop a comprehensive platform designed to enhance visibility and sales for security firms while empowering consumers to make informed and prudent decisions regarding their security needs. Through our platform, clients gain access to a curated selection of reputable security companies, fostering a seamless connection between consumers and industry-leading security providers. Our overarching objective is to facilitate a safer environment by aiding consumers in selecting the most suitable security solutions for their individual requirements. Highlights ·We are pleased to announce significant enhancements to our website, specifically aimed at enhancing user experience, particularly on mobile devices, and expediting the quote generation process. Users can now obtain a quote in under one minute through our streamlined 'Get a Quote' feature. ·The positive reception from key figures within the security industry underscores the value of our efforts. We have garnered interest and commitment from multiple security companies across South Africa, with numerous partnerships in the pipeline. Notably, we have solidified collaborations with four reputable businesses, further bolstering our network and service offerings. ·Our meticulously crafted marketing strategies are yielding promising outcomes, marked by improved lead generation and timelier conversions. Moreover, our presence across various social media platforms is experiencing rapid growth, fostering greater engagement and outreach within our target audience. The Business Model The platform is meticulously crafted to empower consumers in making well informed decisions regarding their choice of security provider. By featuring leading security providers on our platform, consumers gain invaluable insights to discern and weigh their options effectively. Our aim is to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the diverse offerings available, enabling consumers to select the most suitable security provider that aligns with their specific needs and preferences. The Market The private security industry in South Africa stands as one of the largest globally, reflecting the nation's ongoing growth and the imperative response to escalating crime rates. While traditionally dominated by businesses, the demand for security services among individual users is steadily rising. This trend underscores the remarkable expansion of South Africa's private security sector, serving as a testament to its importance in addressing prevailing security challenges. Against a backdrop of increasing crime rates, private security solutions have emerged as a trusted recourse for customers seeking enhanced protection. The industry's significance is underscored by the presence of over 15,000 registered PSIRA companies, reflecting the scale and breadth of security provision across the nation. This dynamic landscape underscores the critical role that private security plays in safeguarding communities and businesses amidst evolving security threats. Our Progress Our investment of R 2 710 000 encompasses crucial elements such as start-up expenses, marketing initiatives, and ongoing platform development, ensuring the viability of our business model. While our platform currently functions effectively, its conceptual framework evolves in tandem with our business expansion. Now, at a pivotal juncture, we aim to elevate our brand recognition and exposure. With the appointment of a seasoned marketing manager, we witnessed exponential growth on our platform, a transformative milestone for Securall. Our in-house marketing campaigns, spearheaded by the marketing manager, have yielded notable success. We have meticulously crafted a comprehensive 6-month marketing plan that holds great promise for our trajectory. As we aspire to propel our brand to new heights, targeting two distinct sectors across South Africa without geographic constraints, we recognise the necessity of additional funding to execute our forthcoming advertising endeavours effectively. The Future For SecurAll Securall was established with the visionary goal of revolutionising the security industry. Our mission is centered on providing consumers with an effortless platform to obtain accurate security quotations from trustworthy and reliable security companies. As we chart a promising trajectory, our future aspirations involve forging strategic partnerships with insurance companies, real estate agencies, and banks. This strategic collaboration will enable us to elevate our service offerings, providing consumers with comprehensive assistance on a broader scale. Beyond our business objectives, we are committed to contributing to job creation in South Africa. Additionally, we are dedicated to championing the cause of women empowerment, aligning our values with a commitment to fostering inclusivity and diversity. Our journey forward encompasses a holistic approach, ensuring positive impact across various facets of the security industry and society at large. The Deal We extend an opportunity for investment into SecurAll, where we allocate 8%-17% equity stakes in exchange for an investment ranging from R3,000,000 to R5,000,000. The investment infusion will be earmarked to bolster our existing budget dedicated to marketing and sales initiatives, thereby catalysing the expansion of our enterprise. By offering additional shares at a discounted rate, we aim to unlock avenues for deploying capital into strategic opportunities that promise to amplify the trajectory of our business's success. SecurAll is actively seeking funding or investment, offering an equity share in our dynamic enterprise. This infusion of capital is integral to fuelling our growth strategies, with a primary focus on targeted marketing initiatives. The allocated funds will serve as a catalyst in enhancing brand awareness, broadening market exposure, and driving substantial sales through meticulously crafted campaigns across diverse channels. Our approach involves leveraging prominent platforms including Google, YouTube, SEO, Meta, LinkedIn, TikTok, and other impactful channels to maximize reach and engagement. By aligning with us, investors are not merely backing a company; they are investing in a visionary enterprise poised to redefine industry standards. We invite you to embark on this exhilarating journey with us, where your investment stands to become a cornerstone in SecurAll's remarkable success narrative. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017279 Seeking investment to revolutionize the security industry with our unique online platform. South Africa
1281 Our client is looking for partners in Nigeria that have engineering (EPC) competence in the oil and gas, mining, plastics, energy and similar sectors to work with to supply their world-class solutions into the Nigerian market. The products are Electrical Heat Trace, Steam Trace, Emission Control, and Industrial heaters used in these sectors. Partners should have their own fabrication and service facilities and preferably be well inotrduced in the oil and gas and industrial sectors in Nigeria. Find Business Partner AIDB-016949 To represent a supplier of Electrical Heat Trace, Steam Trace, Emission Control, and Industrial heat Nigeria
1273 The annual national demand for garri, for instance, is estimated at about 1,000,000 tonnes while the national supply estimate is about 250,000. In recent times due to the other products (Cassava Starch and Flour) that can be gotten from cassava tubers, the production of garri in Nigeria has witnessed a reduction in volume thereby prompting a shift in the demand-supply equilibrium in favour of garri producers. Cassava processing is a notable agribusiness in Nigeria. The present economic situation in the country has discouraged importation of HQCF and Starch thereby stimulating increased demand for the products which are produced in Nigeria. This has also led to increase in the prices of the products, thus making Cassava processing more profitable. Agro Preciso Ltd is a privately owned indigenous company incorporated on 10th August, 2020 as a limited liability company under the Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990 with registration number RC1695344. The company was established to engage in all forms of agribusinesses with primary focus on primary production with particular attention to cassava production and processing. The implementation of this cassava production and processing project commenced with the acquisition over 560 hectares of land in Anyigba, Kogi state to commence operations. The company intends to continue its farming activities by engaging in large scale cassava farming and believes that with the introduction of processing plant, economies of scale shall be achieved since Kogi is a major hub for production and supply of raw cassava. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017596 Innovative Cassava Pre-Processing Facility- A Prime Investment Opportunity Nigeria
1271 Looking for partners in African countries to provide mining training who already have established relationships with mines Find Business Partner AIDB-009857 Looking for partners in African countries to provide mining training Ivory Coast;Democratic Republic of the Congo;Equatorial Guin...
1270 We are currently in the business of recycling used engine oil into base oils. We want to add more value to our base oils and grow our business. Find Business Partner AIDB-009784 We want a technical and financial partner to set up and market lubricants and grease across Africa. Nigeria
1265 STAFFING SOLUTIONS THAT WORK FOR YOU We have amassed a growing footprint of service providers across South Africa and Africa. The companies within this group provide leading services which extend beyond simple staffing and outsourcing. Solutions include: Temporary employment services Permanent recruitment Executive search Short-and long-term hires Payroll management HR and IR consulting services Disability solutions Turnkey staffing solutions Find Business Partner AIDB-014774 Looking for partners in the United States to partner with to bring Workforce Staffing to the USA United States
1263 30Thirty Capital was established by an engaged team of business builders and entrepreneurs with over 60 years of combined experience in structured finance, asset management, accounting, management, and legal practice. We are driven by the ever-present social and environmental needs of communities across the African continent. We see that these social and environmental needs are not experienced by some countries only, but that we share these burdens in varying degrees all across the continent. It is our firm belief that we, as global citizens, can make a real and positive difference by simply changing our mindset and approach to the idea of what businesses should be and what they should strive to achieve. By building financially sound and sustainable growth businesses, 30Thirty is taking a deep dive into the world of impact investing, focusing on innovative entrepreneurs and companies that literally make it their business to make a difference in their communities. Finding Investment Opportunities AIDB-016787 We look to a future of inclusive businesses where the rural communities are supported. Zambia
1258 Fortree Management Services Limited, is a management company, which is licensed by the Financial Services Commission and authorised to provide Captive Insurance solutions as well as a full suite of financial services to meet clients’ business needs. Our offerings include company set up (Global Business Licence & Authorised Companies), secretarial & administration services, trust establishment & management, tax & finance advisory, family office, accounting & payroll outsourcing, relocation to Mauritius, insurance broker & captive insurance. We are a one-stop shop with our panoply of services. Selling Professional Service AIDB-017774 Advisory, Structuring, Administration, Secretarial, and Captive Insurance Services Botswana;Cameroon;Ivory Coast;Democratic Republic of the Con...
1254 We generate clean, non polluting electricity through high efficiency ground mounted solar farms in Africa. Large parcels of land have been secured in Namibia and Botswana. EMP, EIA, Feasibility Studies and all other approvals completed. PPA negotiated with offtakers. Water and Power Supply Namibia Pty Ltd has the capabiltiy to provide domestic renewabl power generation as well as export to neighbouring countries including South Africa. We have a dedicated team located in Namibia who are driving the business. Allied to clean power generation is the capability of producing Green Hydrogen, Oxygen and Ammonia for export to Europe. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017249 100MW Solar Plant with approvals, land and offtakers, ultra high margins, seeking equity investment Botswana;Namibia;South Africa;Zambia
1253 This company is a specialist distributor of personal protective equipment (PPE), supplies and equipment, serving a loyal customer base of local public and private companies. Through an affiliated company, this company manufactures its own brand of hairnets predominantly used in the food industry, which forms a key part of the company’s current markets. The company has long-standing relationships with key suppliers of branded PPE shoes, clothing and equipment, and is ideally positioned to cater to clients in a variety of industries. Selling a Business AIDB-015285 Distributors of high-quality personal protective equipment, and manufacturers of hairnets. South Africa
1253 The company is a specialised lubricant warehousing and distribution company based in Johannesburg, serving major oil manufacturers in South Africa. It is a well-established lubricant warehousing and distribution company with a strong emphasis on customer service, compliance, and operational efficiency. With strategic partnerships, a dedicated workforce, and growth initiatives in place, the company is poised to continue its success in the market. Selling a Business AIDB-015284 Specialised lubricant distributor based in Johannesburg. South Africa
1253 This company specialises in the import and distribution of premium products for the Electric Power Generation (EPG) sector. Our client is an exclusive distributor and partner to several International EPG brands into Africa, providing a complete range of products and full-service solutions to clients across the region. In addition to importing, distribution and field service support, the company has the ability to manufacture and assemble certain products at its factory premises. Load shedding in South Africa has resulted in explosive growth for the company and this trend will undoubtedly continue for years to come The shareholders are negotiable regarding the shareholding available and seek a driven investor who can leverage the company’s good standing while expediting potential growth. Revenue: R287m EBITDA: R21.2m Selling a Business AIDB-015305 Well-established supplier of products to the Electric Power Generation industries in Southern Africa South Africa
1253 The company specialises in manufacturing and supplying rags, hard hats, safety footwear, safety equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE) to a loyal customer base across South Africa. Established more than 28 years ago to supply cleaning rags to local industries, the company has since evolved and now stocks a variety of branded products. Among the products the company stocks is a proprietary, registered brand of workwear, hardhats and work-boots, which are manufactured at its Johannesburg headquarters and distributed to various retail stores across the country. Selling a Business AIDB-015292 A specialist manufacturer and supplier of rags, hard hats and safety supplies South Africa
1250 Opportunity to invest in a renewable energy sector with a leading player. Project already de-risked. Operational for motre than 3yrs Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009623 Green Bond with a 7yr tenor. Listed after closing in BRVM stock-exchange Ivory Coast;Senegal
1244 Central Electricals International Limited, SOLAR DIVISION, specializes in cutting-edge solar installations, providing sustainable and energy-efficient solutions for businesses like yours. With a commitment to quality and reliability, CEIL has established itself as a leader in the solar energy sector. Here are some key highlights of what CEIL can offer: Customized Solar Solutions: CEIL takes a personalized approach to understand the unique energy needs of businesses. Their team of experts will work closely with you to design a solar installation that maximizes efficiency and cost-effectiveness. State-of-the-Art Technology: CEIL utilizes the latest solar technologies to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Their installations are designed to harness the abundant solar energy available, providing a consistent and sustainable power source. Cost Savings: By incorporating solar energy into your operations, you can significantly reduce your reliance on traditional power sources, resulting in long-term cost savings. CEIL's solutions are designed to deliver a strong return on investment over time. Environmental Sustainability: Embracing solar energy aligns with environmental sustainability goals. CEIL's solutions contribute to a reduction in carbon footprint, making your business more environmentally responsible. Looking to partner with a company that does the same in Congo so as to establish business opportunities for partnership & collaboration. Find Business Partner AIDB-016177 Looking to partner with EPC/Fully established Renewable Energy Company in Congo Democratic Republic of the Congo
1243 Our client is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of pneumatic equipment and engineered products for the mining and industrial industries as well as products for the catering industry. The extensive product range, including chainsaws, cutters, grinders, and various engineered solutions, are designed and manufactured in-house by a dedicated R&D team. The Company has carved out a niche in the market for its products and enjoys limited competition, signing long-term contracts with major mining companies. Cheetah is seeking an investor or acquirer, with the goal of leveraging the expertise and resources of a strategic partner to reach the Company’s full growth potential. Selling a Business AIDB-016547 Original Equipment Manufacturer of an extensive range of pneumatic and engineered solutions South Africa
1243 Our client has conceptualised, designed, produced and delivered business-focused solutions for globally recognised brands across the world. Areas of practice include information-, environmental- and digital design; stakeholder communication and integrated reporting; internal brand engagement; advertising, public relations and events, and digital brand management. Current markets include financial and professional services, mining and resources, manufacturing, hospitality and leisure, education, healthcare, transport and petroleum, telecommunications and IT, FMCG, and utilities. The shareholders recognise that the next stage of growth is imminent and would best be delivered under the guidance of a strategic acquirer. The shareholders are open to remaining part of the business indefinitely, considering the requirements of the acquirer. Selling a Business AIDB-016546 Strategic brand and communication design consultancy South Africa
1243 Our client is a leading Regtech (Regulatory Technology) consultancy firm, specializing in Anti-Money Laundering (AML), fraud detection, and advanced AI model development for the financial services industry. The proprietary data gathering and search engine sets them apart in the industry. Innovative AI solutions, including adverse media monitoring and Watchlist Matching, provide clients with unmatched risk assessment capabilities. The shareholder is looking for an investor to purchase a subscription of shares to secure capital for investment into the Company’s technological capabilities, particularly in the field of AI. The shareholder also sees the transaction as an opportunity for market expansion and diversification. Selling a Business AIDB-016548 A leading Regtech consultancy, offering advanced AI solutions South Africa
1241 Alba Capital Limited is a microfinance institution dedicated to providing short-term loans to individuals and businesses. Our primary mission is to enhance financial access for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), enabling them to scale and thrive in their respective industries. Current Services: • Short-term Loans: We offer flexible and accessible loan options tailored to the needs of individuals and SMEs, helping them manage cash flow, invest in growth opportunities, and achieve their business goals. Market Opportunity: • Increasing Demand for SME Financing: SMEs play a crucial role in economic development, yet they often face significant barriers to accessing traditional financing. There is a growing demand for microfinance services that can provide quick, reliable, and affordable credit solutions. • Rising Interest in Renewable Energy: With the global push towards sustainable development, there is a substantial opportunity in financing renewable energy solutions for households and businesses. This market is driven by increasing energy costs, environmental concerns, and supportive government policies. Expansion Strategy: 1. Enhanced SME Financing: Strengthening our current loan offerings to better serve the diverse needs of SMEs, including working capital loans, equipment financing, and business expansion loans. 2. Renewable Energy Financing: Introducing a new product line dedicated to financing the installation of renewable energy solutions, such as solar panels, wind turbines, and energy-efficient appliances. This initiative will target both households and businesses, promoting sustainable energy usage and reducing carbon footprints. Impact: • Economic Growth: By providing crucial financial support to SMEs, Alba Capital will stimulate local economies, create jobs, and foster entrepreneurial growth. • Environmental Sustainability: Our renewable energy financing initiative will contribute to environmental conservation efforts, reduce reliance on non-renewable energy sources, and support the global transition to a sustainable energy future. Financial Projections: • Revenue Growth: Diversifying our product offerings and tapping into the renewable energy market is projected to increase our revenue by 20-30% annually over the next five years. • Loan Portfolio Expansion: With the introduction of renewable energy financing, we anticipate a 40% growth in our loan portfolio, driven by increased demand from both new and existing customers. Conclusion: Alba Capital Limited is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the dual opportunities of enhancing SME financing and promoting renewable energy solutions. By expanding our service offerings, we aim to drive significant social, economic, and environmental impact, solidifying our reputation as a leader in the microfinance sector. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017758 Alba Capital: Empowering Growth through Microfinance Kenya
1239 This company imports and distributes a range of industrial piping, valves and fitting products in Southern Africa. The company’s core customer segments include the fire protection, air conditioning, mining and engineering industries, with fire sprinkler piping presenting a significant opportunity for growth. Having been in operation for over three decades, the company has secured a long-term customer and supplier network, with several relationships spanning more than 20 years, bearing testimony to the company’s reputation in the industry and ability to provide consistent, quality service. Believing it to be the opportune time for a strategic acquirer to unlock current market opportunities and enable the company’s next period of growth, the three shareholders are seeking a strategic acquirer interested in a majority stake. Selling a Business AIDB-016523 Specialist importer and distributor of pump and valve systems South Africa
1239 Our client imports and distributes an array of premium domestic, commercial, and industrial juicing equipment and consumer products sourced from around the world to a wide network of retailers, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, and manufacturers. The Company holds exclusive distribution agreements with leading international manufacturers, and supplies most of its commercial and industrial equipment directly to businesses. The business is independently operated with minimal involvement from the shareholders. Key operational areas are staffed by experienced staff that have been with the Company for many years. Selling a Business AIDB-016522 Importer and distributor of domestic, commercial and industrial juicing and related products & equip South Africa
1239 This specialized Company, founded by experienced water chemists and engineers, focuses on comprehensive industrial water management, addressing its impact on various industrial processes. Services encompass preventing issues like deposits, corrosion, and micro biofouling in production facilities. The Company also manages wastewater, drinking water, and industrial-grade water quality. This full-service approach includes supplying specialty chemicals, dosing equipment, qualified engineers, and more. The Company positions itself as a trusted water consultant, responding to clients' needs alongside technical support from major industry partners. Selling a Business AIDB-016524 Specialised water treatment supplier with expertise in industrial water management and consulting South Africa
1238 Partnering opportunity for companies to connect and close sales of World Health Organisation pre-qualified HIV -1 / HIV-2 self-test kits within in-country African markets Selling Physical Goods or Products AIDB-015811 Country Partner opportunity for the distribution and sale of HIV-1 / HIV-2 self-test kits Algeria;Angola;Benin;Botswana;Burkina Faso;Burundi;Cameroon;...
1237 The project is being developed via an SPV established by consortium of specialized IOCs that will provide full suite of services from well head to end user across the Upstream, Midstream & Down Stream. Seeks to develop a 5000 bpd modular oil refinery (using Crude Distilation Unit equipment, CDU) in a dedicated industrial park (Owaza Industrial Park). The project is state backed. Feedstock (crude) shall be procured from nearby fields. Spark Oil Oza L2.6 & Imo river (OML-11), OML-17 Strong team of O&G professionals with multi-decade experience across multiple jurisdictions in the Niger Delta, Gulf of Guinea, Russia, Berkine Basin, Indus Basin, Trinidad & Tobago, Africa etc.. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-015464 Company is building a (state supported) 5000 bpd modular oil refinery Ghana
1217 We are one of the leading manufacturers of fiber optic components-passive & active and have been associated with the supply of complete optical fiber solutions for various verticals like Telecom/mobility/data centres/FTTX/Power Transmission/Defense/CCTV/Net Working etc.& would like to associate ourselves with your organization. Please go through our website and let me know if your company can help us export our products to African market. Thanking you, Chaitalii Lunkad Find Business Partner AIDB-016943 Telecom fiber optic accessories manufacturer looking for business partner to export our products. American Samoa;Andorra;Angola;Antigua and Barbuda;Argentina;...
1215 We are a Small Mining company registered in Australia with a Large Mining Lease in Zambia . We have extensive exploration & historical mining information regarding the Gold & Copper resources. We are seeking Equity Investors to invest as a start up to help our company get started with Mining the Gold with a Gravity Separation Processing plant . We are planning on a 2-3 year production of this ore ,whilst we explore & drill out the Copper & Lithium resource . Our company is well resourced with management & our engineers is well experienced in the local area of the mining site . Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-015500 Gold , Copper , Cobalt & Lithium Mining Opportunity in Zambia Africa Zambia
1214 MinsMoc SA is a mining company based in Mozambique, that owns 100% of licence 8758C, inside the Chibuto Heavy Sand Corridor, one of the richest area in the world for titanium, rare earths and zircon-bearing heavy mineral sands with an estimated life of more than 100 years. - Licence 8758C is active and mining could start immediately. We also have agreement with all the local community officially approved by the government - Minsmoc explored an area of 450 hectares (2% of the concession), that in the first 10 meters from the surface contains 1.8 million tonnes (1/3 measured and 2/3 indicated) of valuable heavy minerals (using a 2% cut-off grade). That means that we have, in a small fraction of the license near 1 Billion USD of valuable heavy minerals in the first 10 meters. - The heavy minerals concentration range from 2 to 3.3% and inside this fraction the valuable heavy minarals are: Ilmenite 43,43% (Titanium), Monazite (rare earths: Lanthanum, Cerium, Praseodimio, Neodymium, Samarium, Gadolinium, Yttrium) 0,56%, Andalusite Al2SiO5 18,05% (Refractory), Rutile TiO2 3,08% (Titanium), Zircon ZrSiO4 1,12% (Refractory), Magnetite FeO 7,58% (Iron). - Mineralization is already on surface, no need to crush rocks, just move earth, lagoon with fresh water is near the deposit and electric supply is available. - Mining licensed area is served by a road, well-connected and 15 km away from EN1 (the backbone road of Mozambique) - The surrounding area is under a strong development to facilitate mining production we have a new international airport in Xai Xai and a new port 30 km away from the license Selling a Business AIDB-017609 Mining license valid 25 years for Heavy sands and rare earths in Mozambique 30 km from new port Australia;Belgium;Brazil;France;Germany;India;Ireland;Italy;...
1214 The company is a promising pharmaceutical start-up with a vision to revolutionize the way people access their medication. The company has built a pharmacy for drug distribution to clients, and they have also created an e-commerce platform that supplies medication to people all around the world. The company has been successful in identifying a gap in the market and creating a solution that meets the needs of customers. With its innovative business model, the company has already captured a significant share of the market, and they are poised for further growth. However, to continue its rapid expansion and scale up its business, It is in need of investment. The investment will be used to increase the company's production capacity, hire additional staff, expand its reach into new markets, and invest in research and development. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-015128 Country Medical & Pharmacy is working to operate the largest ecommerce pharmacy in Africa. Ghana
1210 Verdant Frontiers is a US based venture capital firm specializing in start-up and early stage investments. They are passionate about creating sustainable, profitable business in places where they can be a force for good. Their significant portfolio includes Verdant Ventures, which is a Pan-African real estate development and management company whose mission is to provide high quality real estate projects across the continent. Having already established a track record of delivery in East Africa, and with African property investor stalwart Tim Redman at the helm as CEO, they are setting up a $280m development company which will roll into a fund with the aim of meeting diplomatic and international development & investment standards, creating satisfied customers, empowered workers, and attractive returns. Already enjoying established interest from 3 separate investors, they are looking to appoint a full time CIO. This is a key board-level role, responsible for developing the investment strategy for the company and managing the corporate and project-level capital raising per project. This position will oversee and have responsibility for managing and monitoring investment activity, performance, working with in-house analysts, and maintaining good investor relations. In the short term, sourcing and arranging project-level equity and debt as well as establishing and maintaining strategic offshore banking relationships will also be key responsibilities. The incumbent will also manage the current committed capital raise through the exiting investor pool as well as sourcing additional investors. The CIO will also assist in the development of short and long term investment policies. Key Responsibilities Design and implement investment strategies that are best for company goals Establish and maintain strategic investor and offshore banking relations Source equity and senior debt from non-US investors and strategic US-based investors Manage all relations with Brokers and other financial advisors engaged to raise capital for VV Contribute to the JV and strategic alliance agreements with business partners to facilitate growth Uphold the fiscal security of the investments Manage Verdant Ventures’ exit from individual project investments ie: asset sales Maximize shareholder profits and investment returns Evaluate potential new investment opportunities Requirements and Qualifications In-depth understanding of financial markets, the investor landscape and African property markets An established network of developers, investors, JV partners and banking contacts on the continent Strong knowledge of return generation strategies & investment products Experience in Real Estate financing and investments within various African states 10 years’ experience in similar role Preferred operating base is the Verdant Ventures head office in Mauritius but candidates operating from major financial centres in Africa. Middle East and the UK will be accepted Package Market related cost to company gross base salary Commission structure on capital deployment Profit share vesting over time with conversion option to share in Y5 Offering Employment AIDB-009401 Chief Investment Officer sought by Pan-African Real Estate fund with a successful track record Kenya;Mauritius;South Africa;United Arab Emirates;United Kin...
1200 Our project is following a similar scope of Segilola Gold by Thor Explorations and we aim to produce 44,000oz-50,000oz of gold annually. We already possess a 13sqkm highly mineralized area in Nigeria while also having a first mover advantage on another 10sqkm area in the same vicinity. Other opportunities with first mover advantages numbering 3 and totaling 80sqkm both in Nigeria and in neighboring African countries are abound on our master plan. We aim to develop these opportunities for maximum profitability and value extraction while also being wary of our ESG & CSR goals n the communities we operate in. Overall, maximum profitability of our business endeavors and shareholders is paramount on our agenda. Find Business Partner AIDB-016983 Building a 13sqkm highly mineralized gold mine aiming to produce 44,000oz-50,000oz of gold annually Benin;Canada;Ghana;Kenya;Mali;Nigeria;Rwanda;Senegal;United ...
1200 The Sauce Queen’s Smokey BBQ Sauce is the first product in the sauce market and is quickly becoming the favoured Smokey BBQ Sauce in Cape Town. It is Spicy, smokey, smooth, spoonable, pourable, dunkable, brushable and bastable; this barbecue sauce is everything a great barbecue sauce should be. High Quality Ingredients – The ingredients and the right balance between flavourants and spices make The Sauce Queen exceptionally unique. For years the family has used only the best selection of raw materials. Selling Physical Goods or Products AIDB-013619 One of the first majority black female sauce manufacturers in SA. Level 1 BBBEE accredited United Kingdom
1200 A niche, business-optimisation solutions provider that facilitates sustainable business improvement for their clients. The Group offers integrated solutions that align people, processes and technology with business strategy and change drivers. Specific implementation skills include process improvement based on industrial engineering solutions, IT development and services, enterprise content management and work-flow systems, and recruitment services. Clients are typically involved in cash management, banking, transport, mining, local government, NGO, and agricultural sectors. Selling a Business AIDB-011641 BM007596 - Acquire a niche business-optimisation solutions provider group of companies South Africa
1200 Bie Agri Farms is to be based in the outskirt of the Kuito Municipality in the Bie Province, Angola. We have played a crucial part in doing our detailed market research and feasibility studies and we are in a process of finalising the acquiring of at least 25 000 hectares of prime agriculture land in partnership with our Angolan partner, with an option to acquire further land in due course and in the same area in the immediate vicinity of the core project. Our commercial farming is a going to be a standard commercial farm, hence will be involved in vegetable production, commercial seedling hydroponics, crop cultivation, fish farming and of course with a focus on animal farming. We will be involved in both organic commercial farming and non – organic commercial farming and in due course meat and vegetable processing as well. In the nearest future, hopefully within the first year of officially running Bie Agri Farms in Angola, we will commence our food processing plant and also start exporting our agriculture produce to other parts of the world if need be. There is a vast and growing market in neighbouring countries for inter alia fresh and canned food. This is why aside from the fact that we’ve secured the sourcing of the required farming land and most of the farming equipment and machines; we have also recruited some key employees, already trained so as to be able to fit into the ideal picture of the 21st century commercial farm workforce that we want to build. We are in the agro – allied business because we want to leverage on the vast opportunities available in the industry, to contribute our quota in growing the Angolan economy, in national food production, raw materials production for industries, to export agriculture produce from Angola to other countries (SADEC and beyond as the DRC) and over and above to make profit. Bie Agri Farms is well positioned to become one of the leading commercial farms in Angola, which is why we have been able to source for the best hands, machines and breeding material to run the company with. We have put process and strategies in place that will help us employ best practices when it comes to commercial farming processes and food processing as required by the regulating bodies not only in Angola but globally. Bie Agri will be a private registered agro – allied company that is owned by a new company to be formed. Bie Agri Farms will be a project built around a highly successful group of businessmen and the development and training of skilled and semi-skilled staff in the meat and other segments. The project aim is to carry out intensive and high turnover production, off a small area, while providing work and leadership experience for local people, mainly women. The company is a combination of cutting edge, high quality, efficient food technology and production. It is committed to the improvement of taste in vegetables and meat and excellent quality and nutritional value. The company will provide education, experience and research. It has the experience and extensive knowledge of well-known consultants. This project will be Angola-based, and will supply meat and vegetables etcetera for the national and in due course the international markets. The objective of this project is to establish an intensive farm operation, producing high-quality produce for both the national and international market year round strengthened by appropriate agric industry. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010683 Seeking financier for agricultural project in Angola Angola
1195 We are into Healthcare; manufacturing. We have advanced plans for the establishment of an Infusion Manufacturing Plant, and currently, seeking Investment into an IV Infusion Manufacturing Project. This can be in form of Share. Equity, Bridge-Loan, Term Loan or outright Grant There Is a wide gap between the demand and the supply of these basic health tool. Consequently, we have an irrevocable purchase MOU with a renowned Pharmaceuticals Supply company, as the major Offtaker of our products. Future expansion of production capacity, already provided for in the planning. will enable us supply the neighboring West African States, that essentially get most of their supply from Nigeria. The sponsors are Medical professional with decades of experience in Clinical & Healthcare Management services. The Project will be executed under a Turnkey Agreement contract with a world renowned, European, Pharmaceutical Technology company; A Team of highly skilled Technical staff will manage the factory daily production These are supported by Finance, Risk Management & Accounting personnel, The Admin & Human Resources Staff, will provide the needed smooth day to day operations of the factory. Our Legal, Sales & Marketing Team, and other ancillary staff. will complete the manpower needed for efficient running of the Plant This is a Start up Project, by experienced serial entrepreneurs. There is an irrevocable purchase MOU. The minimal ROI of up to 30% per annum. Business Executive Summary and Cash flow Projection are available, for interested Investors. We are seeking investment of betweeen US$1m to US$10m. This can be in form of Debt, Equity, Investment or an outright Grant. The investment can be with or without an "Exit" period. However, there is the guarantee of high annual ROI yield. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009667 We are seeking funding of a self-sustainable, high yield, Intravenous Infusion Manufacturing Plant. Nigeria
1181 We built an eCommerce payment gateway, fully serverless in AWS, with a core focus on, and links and acquiring facilities in, Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria. We have enabled bitcoin acceptance at the checkout, and are providing remittances via crypto and fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat conversions for merchants. We are three very payments-experienced, equal partners. Up till now we are self funded. We have decided to source external capital to fund regulatory compliance and to ramp up sales and revenues. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-016481 Invest in Expansion of our African Payment Gateway - fiat and crypto Kenya;Nigeria;South Africa
1180 we are in the process of constructing a camping and resort facility along side the C4 road, near the town of Okongo. We have so far invested about N$500,000 for set up and we are at advanced stage to obtain all approvals and license. We require additional funding to do staff housing, swimming pool, manager house, water borehole and grid electricity, kitchen stock and working capital. Our estimated funding need is USD$66,000 Namibia serves as one of the top tourist destination in the world The team is made up of a development finance specialist, a tour guide and operator Seeking $60-70k as equity Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009738 Camping and resorts Namibia
1180 CartRun is an application-enabled e-Commerce company that offers a fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) delivery service to customers, from the floor of leading FMCG retailers in the Western Cape, South Africa. The FMCG items are predominantly grocery items and range from fresh produce, toiletries and butchery and deli products to alcohol and over-the-counter medicine. As a result, CartRun offers the convenience of shopping for its customers without them being required to be in the store physically, pushing a trolley and standing in a queue waiting to pay for the everyday requirements of a modern household while being pressed for time to attend to other commitments. The strategic intent was to grow the customer base as quickly as possible so that CartRun can move to instant delivery and become a dominant player in the industry through service excellence and customer partnership. CartRun is operating within the business-to-consumer (B2C) segment, throughout Cape Town and the surrounding areas. Economy experts expect that more online dark stores will open across the UK in the coming years. Aside from that, they are likely to expand across North America, Europe and other markets as online grocery retailing takes off. This form of online business will give retailers the capability to launch operations in new regions and markets where they do not have existing physical operations. This is not a concept familiar to the South African e-Grocery environment yet. The term dark store refers to a retail distribution centre or outlet that caters exclusively to online shopping, and as a result, is not accessible to the public. It is generally a large warehouse used for fulfilling online orders. A prime example in South Africa, although not e-Groceries, of such a model is that of Takealot. Regarding dark stores servicing the e-Grocery segment, the stores are strategically located to support an ultra-fast delivery service. Orders within a radius of 5km are serviced to achieve a delivery time of around 15 minutes. What is the purpose of incorporating dark stores on the CartRun delivery model? The dark stores will be incorporated as an additional retailer on the application, where customers will have a greater variety of retailers from which to choose to enjoy their e-Grocery experience. Selling Physical Goods or Products AIDB-012244 Application enabled e-Grocery instore shopper and last mile delivery South Africa
1177 Linea Capital is raising $30m in funding to provide revenue-based finance to small and growing businesses in Southern Africa. Backed by USAID and the Dutch Good Growth Fund, Linea's goal is to provide growth capital to the critical SME sector, while preserving equity in the hands of founders. Linea has concluded 7 deals with 5 exits and has impact at its core, including gender lens, climate, education and healthtech. We have built a proprietary technology platform to facilitate deal onboarding and post investment support to mobilise impact capital at scale. Off the back of the accelerating venture debt and revenue-based finance industry in developed markets, Linea is an investment company based in South Africa raising debt, mezzanine finance and equity for the Southern African investment opportunity. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-014557 $30m revenue-based finance opportunity for high impact businesses in Southern Africa South Africa
1176 MiKashBoks is an app that brings informal savings groups online. This is a huge market - $500bn flows a year through these groups, and it's almost all offline. This means that it's unreliable and unsafe for the group members, and they remain invisible to the financial system. By bringing this well established practice online, MiKashBoks makes saving and lending easier and safer, and enables our users to build up a financial profile so they can get access to better financial services. MiKashBoks has an experienced team bringing together expertise in technology, business strategy, logistics and consumer marketing. We are looking for funding to help us scale up in our initial target markets, Nigeria and Sierra Leone, where we already have around 15,000 users, and to start addressing new markets where we have strong partnership opportunities. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-015521 MiKashBoks - bringing a massive informal financial market online Nigeria;Sierra Leone
1176 . Exclusive Distribution Agreement . MOQ required . Sales & Technical Training . International & National Fairs promotion & support Note: we only attend Healthcare Companies. Selling Physical Goods or Products AIDB-017382 Spanish based Manufacturer of Medical Devices is looking for DISTRIBUTION of ICU Ventilators Algeria;Benin;Botswana;Burkina Faso;Burundi;Cameroon;Cape Ve...
1173 Executive Summary: Destiny Canopies presents a groundbreaking business opportunity in the automotive accessory market. Our venture is positioned to revolutionise the canopy sector for light-duty vehicles (LDVs), bakkies and Overlanding Vehicles. A market witnessing the sale of over 8,000 units monthly. Our unique selling proposition lies in our innovative canopies, designed for both overland and urban use, catering to a diverse range of vehicle models including Toyota, Ford, Isuzu, Amarok, Nissan, and Mahindra, covering Single cab, Extended cabs, and Double cabs. Unlike traditional canopies, Destiny Canopies are manufactured using advanced infused composite techniques, resulting in a product that is remarkably lighter—estimated at only 35 kg—while offering unparalleled adaptability for accessories. This design innovation not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but significantly improves vehicle performance due to the reduced weight. Our canopies are poised to set a new standard in the industry for their ease of use, durability, and versatility. Market Positioning and Strategy: Destiny Canopies will be marketed as a premium product, targeting medium to high-end LSMs (Living Standards Measure). This strategic positioning will enable us to tap into the segment of the market that values quality, innovation, and style. Our marketing efforts will focus on highlighting the unique benefits of our canopies, such as their lightweight nature, adaptability, and suitability for a wide range of vehicles and purposes. Business Model and Revenue Streams: Our revenue model is built on direct sales and dealership partnerships. We aim to establish strong relationships with automotive dealers and accessory retailers to maximize our market reach. Additionally, we plan to develop an online presence for direct consumer sales, offering customization options to cater to individual preferences. Our pricing strategy will be competitive yet reflective of the premium quality and unique features of our canopies. Growth and Expansion Plans: Once established in the South African market, our goal is to expand into international markets. We recognize the potential for global demand, especially in regions with a strong culture of LDV use for both leisure and work purposes. Our initial focus on popular vehicle models positions us well for this expansion. Current Status and Future Milestones: The first moulds for Destiny Canopies are completed and poised for launch in February 2024. This marks a significant milestone in our journey and serves as the foundation for our market entry. Our immediate goals include ramping up production, finalizing dealership agreements, and initiating our marketing campaign. Investment Opportunity: We invite investors to join us in this exciting venture. Your investment will support the initial production run, marketing efforts, and further product development. As an investor, you will be part of a company poised to make a significant impact in the LDV accessory market, with a strong potential for high returns as we expand nationally and internationally. Destiny Canopies is not just a business; it’s a vision to redefine the standards of automotive canopies. With your support, we can turn this vision into a reality, creating a brand synonymous with quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction in the automotive industry. Join us in driving the future of automotive canopies and share in the success of this promising venture. Trade Finance AIDB-016393 "Introducing Destiny Canopies: Revolutionising the Automotive Canopy Market" South Africa
1173 Sales Partner Proposal: Welcome to an exciting opportunity with Destiny Canopies, where we are redefining the landscape of the automotive canopy sector for light-duty vehicles (LDVs). Our vision is set to transform a market that sees the sale of over 8,000 LDVs annually, by introducing a product line that is innovative and highly adaptable, catering to a wide range of popular vehicle models including Toyota, Ford, Isuzu, Amarok, Nissan, and Mahindra, and accommodating Single cab, Extended cabs, and Double cabs. Unique Selling Proposition: Our canopies stand out in the market for their groundbreaking design and manufacturing. Weighing an estimated 35 kg, they are significantly lighter than traditional models, offering ease of use and improved vehicle performance. Their adaptability to various accessories and their enhanced durability and versatility will set a new industry standard. Market Positioning and Strategy: Destiny Canopies is positioned as a premium product, targeting medium to high-end LSMs. This aligns with our commitment to quality, innovation, and style. We aim to attract a segment of the market that prioritizes these values. Our marketing strategy will emphasize the unique characteristics of our canopies, focusing on their lightweight, adaptable nature, and suitability for diverse vehicles and lifestyles. Business Model and Revenue Streams: Our business model is centered around fostering robust partnerships with automotive dealers and accessory retailers. We believe that strong dealership networks are key to maximizing market reach and establishing a solid footprint in the industry. Alongside direct sales, we aim to create a dynamic online platform for direct consumer sales, offering customization options to meet individual needs and preferences. Growth and Expansion Plans: With our initial focus on the South African market, we have ambitious plans to extend our reach to international markets, recognizing the global demand for high-quality automotive canopies. Our expansion strategy is backed by our initial focus on popular vehicle models, paving the way for a successful entry into new markets. Current Status and Future Milestones: Our journey has already begun with the completion of the first moulds, setting the stage for our market launch in February 2024. Our immediate objectives include increasing production capacity, securing dealership agreements, and launching a targeted marketing campaign. Partnership Opportunity: We invite you to join us in this pioneering venture. As our sales partner, your network and expertise will be instrumental in introducing Destiny Canopies to the market. Your role in this partnership will be pivotal in achieving our shared goals of market penetration and customer satisfaction. By partnering with us, you will be aligning with a brand that stands for quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction in the automotive industry. This is an opportunity to be part of a company that is not just selling a product but is leading a movement in the automotive accessory space. Together, let's drive the future of automotive canopies and share in the success of this promising venture. Join Destiny Canopies, where your partnership will be key to redefining the standards and expectations in the automotive canopy industry. Selling Physical Goods or Products AIDB-016394 Introducing Destiny Canopies: Revolutionizing the Automotive Canopy Market and overlanding South Africa
1170 ▪ The target is a Kenyan manufacturer of paints, thinners, varnishes and other finishing products established in 1997 owned 90% by the founding family and 10% by management. ▪ The company focuses on manufacturing coating products and solutions to the lower and middle tier of the market, however the company is gradually diversifying into middle market segments with premium products that are priced at a discount to the tier 1 products. ▪ The company’s products can be classified broadly as paints (emulsion and gloss), wood finishes, solvents and other products Selling a Business AIDB-010644 Opportunity to Invest up to $10Mn in a Paint Manufacturing Firm Kenya
1170 Zamare Minerals Plc is a private copper/cobalt explorer focused on the Zambian side of the Central African Copperbelt, the world’s largest and highest grade copper/cobalt province, where Zamare has 100% of four licences in highly prospective areas of the country. All licences either near major mines or significant exploration targets. Our strategy is to find and de-risk a portfolio of highly prospective exploration acreage in Zambia, to locate the next generation of copper/cobalt mines. Zamare’s assets span the Copperbelt and are all 100% owned: Ntambu 205 km² Dongwe 781 km² Kalene Hills 402km² Murundi 135 km² First licence is ontiguous with First Quantum’s Sentinel copper and Enterprise nickel mine and close to Arc Minerals’ licences. Technical Cooperation Agreement with First Quantum, under which FQM provided a comprehensive geological data package. Historic drilling on the licence includes 0.7% copper over 1m and 0.2% nickel over 3m. Geophysics in 2021 & 2022 leading to identification of drill targets The second is a large licence with multiple copper targets identified by geochemistry undertaken by company. Small artisanal mine on licence where ore assayed 15.8% copper and 0.57g/t gold. Second pit nearby but off licence ore assayed 18.3 g/t gold and 4.87% copper. The third is a highly prospective licence acquired in 2022 on Western Foreland trend, but in Zambia, which hosts the giant Kamoa-Kakula mine. Zamare has a strong technical team and is well connected to African shareholders with excellent local contacts. We will apply new geological models and techniques that have led to recent regional discoveries, including remote sensing, given access to specialist expertise. Zamare exercises tight capital discipline to maximise shareholder returns. The company will have low costs through the ‘growth’ stage. Financing is currently planned to fund licence renewal and field exploration. IPO documentation completed and company is ready to list in a short time frame when market conditions improve. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-013211 Zamare Minerals Plc is a private copper/cobalt explorer focused on Zambia Zambia
1170 The Investment Opportunity An existing fish farm in Nigeria with 6 operational aquaculture cages wishes to expand to 200 cages - phase 1. The timing is excellent now the profitability is shown including the recently obtained approval from the Government to use 54 hectares of land and 50 hectares of water surface for expansion purposes. All licenses and approvals are in place. Phase 2 will consist of the deployment of additional 24 circular cages with a total production capacity to 4,000 tonnes of fish per annum. The cages will be deployed with a feed production mill, modern hatchery, fish processing plant and a hydroponic greenhouse over the period of 24 months. Goal of the expansion phase The population of Nigeria is growing fast and consumes over 3 mln tonnes of fish while Nigeria is only producing 1.2 mln tonnes. Due to overexploitation the local demand cannot be fulfilled even now proteins play are larger role in daily life. Next to the fact that we have to fulfill local demand our goal will also be to impact the current fish import market as well. We will substitute the imported iced fish with locally produced and fresh processed fish. This is benefitting the local community including the smaller fish farmers and catalysing the local economy with impact on several SDG’s like: good health, no hunger, responsible consumption, employment, education, life below water. Target Market The fish farm is in the centre of Nigeria (Kaduna) and within driving distance and good rail system to Abuja. The immediate market is the Abuja, Kaduna and Middle belt axis. The target market is Nigeria as a whole, and with replicable successes across several regions. Marketing Marketing, advertisements, and digitalisation will form part of the company’s future distribution strategy. The local demand is so high that the company doesn’t need any efforts to sell or require long term contracts in place due to the volumes they are producing. Once their fish is ready for harvest they are sold within hours. In a later phase during scaling up, the current good relations with current partners, wholesalers and distributors will require long term off take contracts for servicing the markets around the Abuja metropolis. The company will leverage several marketing vehicles to position the company as a premium brand to reflect our world class quality. Note: At the moment the company is working on a school feeding program to offtake smoked fish for kids, one meal a day. Digitalisation The company will also utilize centralized scheduling, online registration, on-demand and multi-media access systems. The boom in cell-phone usage in Nigeria will improve access, convenience and reduction of costs for the customers using the companies smart phone application. Local employment & education The company aims to become the employer of choice through rewards, education and recognition programmes that is based on employee work excellence. The system will be run by world-class operators to ensure the attainment and maintenance of world-class standards including streamline data collection to reduce errors, improve outcomes and enhance confidentiality. License All required licenses are in place including the lease of land and water in close cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Water resources in the Nigerian, Kaduna State area. In addition, quality improvement and Quality Assurance programming will be built into the very fabric of our operations complying with Global Agriculture Best Practices (GAP) as well as the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) protocols. Fish species The current production is catfish but due to change in demand and change in fish feed prices the company want to focus their expansion on especially Tilapia and some other species. To be flexible and independent on feed price fluctuations for different fish the company’s preference is to have their own feed production mill. The company has expertise in breathing Tilapia already and the local demand for this healthy and scalable product is high and most important affordable for the people. The remainder of the fish species, driven by local demand, will be/stay heterotis, brama, catfish and other locally found fish. Required Capex The total amount for the project, to be delivered in five (5) different phases will be N2.9 billion. Details highlighted below and for ease of analyses converted into Euro All above mentioned phases will have milestones and total investment amounts indicative Eur 6,5 mln. Most of the capex will be operational assets with around 10% working capital. The management is flexible, depending on your preferred investment strategy, to accept equity, convertible or senior debt structures. Financing is required in several tranches over time and detailed capex specification per phase is available. 5 phases - extensive analyses pro phase is available Phase 1: expansion to 200 cages For the total 200 cages the amount includes the purchase of other ancillary equipment like boats, pumps, security cctv lighting and inverter systems, commercial water testing apparatus, extra tanks onshore, grading machines, office and storage containers for running of the business Phase 2 – Build out of Hatchery and Feed Mill At forecasted capacity the company needs to develop a feed mill and a hatchery providing sufficient fingerling as input for the production. The hatchery will be deployed in close cooperation with an experienced third party. Phase 3 – Deployment of Circular Cages The deployment of circular cages has the potential to increase fish production from 400 tonnes after the implementation of phase 1 to over 4,000 tonnes on deployment of the circular cages. Capex specification is available. Phase 4 – Build the Processing Plant The objective is to get the harvested fish soon into a stable form to prevent spoilage and ensure durability while marketing. Fish processing is a value adding operation and the benefits lie in the reduction of waste / spoilage next to the hygienic service it will provide. The processing plant has, due to the increased profit margin, a payback time of 2 year already, if debt financing should be required. Phase 5 – Hydroponic Green Houses Hydroponics run by Irrigation systems by which the root crops are fed by a balanced nutrient solution dissolved in water with all the mineral requirements for the growth of plants. Effectively, crops are grown without having to be planted in the soil. The company has already entered strategic alliances. The proceeds from all the other sectors of the park will stimulate the early take off of phase 5. Forecasted financials As can be seen the operational EBIT(DA) levels in Euro are solid already in the first year for sufficient debt service based on the assumption of 90% debt financing. If we change the model to 100% equity, the 10 yrs DCF method on profit after tax with ROE of 25% for the investors the model indicates a value o Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009611 Expansion capital for Nigerian Fish Farm from 6 to 24 cages, all licenses in place Nigeria
1170 The target is a licensed microfinance bank launched in 2004 currently serving over 10000 active clients. The bank is engaged in provision of credit to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises USD 14Mn Equity. No expected cashout. Existing shareholders to be diluted The company is managed by a well experienced team USD 3Mn Equity Financing Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009719 Opportunity to provide USD 3Mn equity in a fast-growing depost taking licensed MFB Kenya
1170 As one of the leading micro-finance companies operating in Tanzania serving both rural and urban customers. The company serves more 1000 farmers , with more than TZS 3bn portfolio. The company is raising $1m to grow its portfolio Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-011558 Victoria finance is a 20-year+ micro-finance company operating in Tanzania Tanzania
1170 The bank provides retail and corporate banking with focus on SMEs in manufacturing, renewable energy, private healthcare, wholesale business services and agriculture. Kenya's banking sector is served by 39 banks of which the top tier 5 banks control approx. 51.3% of the market share. The banking sector reported USD USD 1.13Bn in profitablity in FY20 despite a tough operating environment due to impact of COVID-19. The bank has well exprecienced management team that have met Central Bank of Kenya's good and proper appraisal. USD 14Mn Equity. No expected cashout. Existing shareholders to be diluted Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009716 Opportunity to acquire up to 24.9% in a regulated Kenyan Mid-tier Bank for USD 14Mn Kenya
1170 Pivotech is a diversified technology company covering maintenance, network installation, civil works and building, and hardware retail. The company generated a total of $15.8m, and expected to generate close to $20m by 2026. One of the company's shareholders is exiting and selling his 25% Selling a Business AIDB-011555 An engineering and electrical contractor is selling part of the business to buy out an exiting share Tanzania
1170 The target is a mid-tier private hospital in Kenya, mainly catering for corporate clients. The hospital recorded a Y/Y growth in sales of 26% in FY20 to Kes 260Mn and an EBITDA of Kes 73Mn. Between FY17 and FY20, the business recorded 571% CAGR in retained earnings with a dividend pay-out averaging Kes 23Mn annually. It is a cash rich business with no loans The hospital is strategically located in a fast growing town, 3km from the CBD. It is served by a network of good roads to and from major estates in town. The location is secure and serene which assists in recuperation of patients. The hospital employs 88 highly qualified and experienced staff in different fields. It has 72 beds in twin bed sharing rooms comprising of general, surgical, maternity, paediatric and special care wards which ensure patients receive better and personalized care. There are 7 private wards The Hospital is owned by four shareholders who have equal shareholding and serve on the Board of Directors of the company. The shareholders are open to consider a selling a majority stake and controll. This is due to their advanced age. USD 6Mn Equity Financing Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009712 Opportunity to acquire majority stake in a well-established 72 bed profitable private hospital Kenya
1170 The client is a commercial farming operation located in Chisamba West in the Central Province of Zambia some 70 km from Lusaka. The client has been in business since 1978 . The company operates over 2,750 hectares of mixed farming comprising roll cropping of both ommercial grains and seed varieties ( maize/maize seed, soya bean/soya seed , popcorn with wheat as a winter ) under 610 hectares of irrigation. In addition, there 110 hectares of dry land for summer cropping. The Farm has a full complement of staff from managers and supervisors through to foremen and workers .A macadamia project was initiated in 2018 with the focus to establish 140 hectares under a microjet/fertigation system. Funding Requirement US$4.5 million = US$ 4.0 million in term loan being refinancing of a ZMW term loan the equivalent of US$ 2.9 million plus US$ 1.1 million in new borrowings to increase the macadamia orchard by 50 hectares to 140 hectares and to maximise water resources by way of boreholes and irrigation layout to increase hectarage under wheat from 460 hectares to 600 hectares, plus a seasonal overdraft type facility of US$ 500k). Equity: Kembe would consider offering equity to meet 40%-50% of the funding requirement. Repayment = principal repayment over 5 years after 12 months grace. The farm has been valued across two title deeds at around US$ 10 million by recognised professional independent valuers Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010933 The client is a commercial farming operation located in Zambia who is seeking financing Zambia
1170 The company is listed on the local Tanzanian Stock Exchange SME’S acceleration programme which isdesigned to facilitate the enhancement visibility and profile of SMEs. The Ask” Request for Funding of UP TO around TZS 10.0 billion (Say USD 4 million-USD 5 million). Client expectation on rate TZS anything below 15% , USD 5% below . The company is seeking initial funding of up to TZS 10.0 billion to support an expanding loan book and operational upgrades. While preference would be for loan capital to represent around ZS 6.5 billion ( USD 2.8 million –USD 3 million) with tenor 5-7 years to be secured by company debenture or specific charge on loan book, and equity capital to come in at TZS 3.5 million (USD 1.5 million) to represent 60% of current issue, the overall financial and capital position allows for a considerable degree of flexibility. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010228 The Ask” Request for Funding of up to around TZS 10.0 billion (Say USD 4 million-USD 5 million). Tanzania
1170 The key commercial activity for GCI is to Produce, Treat and Sell Fish (Tilapia). GCI is a commercial shareholder company in DR Congo with 53 shareholders including 1 200 000 shares to the cost of 3,64 US$ per share. The capital for the company has been asquired from its owns shareholders since May 2013. The key resources is a trained none-corrupt administration and team that has worked together for many years. Another key resource is the team of local experts that has trained for many years in direct fishfarming of Tilapia in Lake KIVU. Two times this team have performed a test production using more or less homemade equipment. Both times the Tilapia were sold to local customers. The value of GCI is related to the license provided by the highest government in DR Congo to establish fishfarms at any elected site in East DR Congo. GCI has already selected a number of sites in Lake KIVU that is planned to be used for large scale production with at least 12 cages per site. GCI has already made an agreement with Skretting Tilapia feed in Rwanda for continuous supply of feed to Tilapia fingerlings and more mature fish. GCI is also directly connected to the Hauge Aqua group in Norway. GCI has already established agreements with different distributors and local sellers in order to secure further distribution in East DR Congo, in Rwanda and Burundi and into other neighbor countries. GCI has established agreements with a number of restaurants, large size kitchen facilities and food factories in order to further refine the produced fish. However, the main marked is in the east DR Congo covering more than 40 million people. The production sites is first of all Lake Kivu, but the company has the plan to rapidly increase the production also to other validated rivers and lakes in eastern DRC. A combined team of dedicated Tilapia Fishfarmers in East DR Congo supervised by an expert team from Norway. The key commercial activity for GCI is to Produce, Treat and Sell Fish (Tilapia). GCI is a commercial shareholder company in DR Congo with 53 shareholders including 1 200 000 shares to the cost of 3,64 US$ per share. The capital for the company has been asquired from its owns shareholders since May 2013. The key resources is a trained none-corrupt administration and team that has worked together for many years. Another key resource is the team of local experts that has trained for many years in direct fishfarming of Tilapia in Lake KIVU. Looking for the $ 1,813,445 equity to the company for establish large Tilapia production facilities in the lakes and rivers of DR Congo You can in the beginning contact me: Professor Frank Karlsen from the University of South-Eastern Norway: E-mail: Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009628 Aquaculture business opportunity including a license for the whole DR Congo Democratic Republic of the Congo
1170 LMS Holding is proposing to provide, install and manage the following strategic project components: Expand the DRC Fibre backbone in the Eastern DRC. Extend the national backbone from Bukavu to Kasindi via Goma, Butembo, and Beni. Improve the country's existing fiber optic backbone link between the WACS landing station in Muanda and Kinshasa. Deploy the FTTx networks in the six major cities along the new route. Deploy related commercial services to businesses and mobile operators and the provision of new Triple-Play type services across the country. Rehabilitate certain points of presence of the SCPT . The Fiber expansion will allow the provision of bandwidth connectivity to the 4 major MNOs in the city of Goma for their redundancy to the Western connectivity on WACS. The expansion will also allow the provision of FTTH and all associated services to businesses and residents in cities of Beni, Butembo, Goma, and Bukavu.Commercial Viability LMS Holding will be offering point-to-point connectivity in the form of Long Haul, Aggregation Layer and Access Layer services, as well as Colocation Services to clients who are located near the planned fiber routes and metro rings. These clients include MNOs, ISPs and larger corporate clients in the form of banks, mines, embassies and universities. Most of the current clients make use of expensive, low capacity satellite services, as there are currently no Fiber Fixed Line services available in the supplied areas This contract has been signed on a ten year renewable basis. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010190 Fibre Infrastructure project to expand the national backbone and deliver enhanced communication Democratic Republic of the Congo
1170 Overview of the Company Company X – a registered indigenous upstream oil & gas company in Nigeria, was awarded majority participating interest in one of the most prolific gas-rich shallow offshore Oil & Gas asset with substantial 2P reserves. The Company has secured its participating interest in the Asset by making relevant Signature Bonus payments to the regulator. Also, in line with regulatory requirement, the company and its co-awardee have incorporated a Special Purpose Vehicle for the operation of the Asset. Further to the above and in accordance with the terms of the Joint Operatorship Agreement, Company X seeks to raise capital via debt or equity, or a mix of both as may be optimal, to finance the 5-year Field Development Plan & Work Program of the Asset (“The Transaction”) Key Investment Highlights: 1. Significant 2P Reserves 2. Strategically located in proximity to previously identified high hydrocarbon-bearing zones 3. Robust Oil & Gas Monetization Strategy with Advanced Offtake Discussions 4. Very Sound Field Development and Product Evacuation Plan 5. Very Attractive return profile 6. Valuable Sponsor Experience and In-house Technical Proficiencies The Management Team The executives of the project sponsor have extensive years of experience in providing a wide range of services for Onshore/Offshore projects in the Oil & Gas industry including but not limited to: 1) subsea construction and installation services 2)Field development planning 3)Operation, modification, repair and maintenance services. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-011425 Investment Opportunity to Finance one of the most Prolific Marginal Oil and Gas Fields in Nigeria Nigeria
1170 Mwamba is a Tanzanian Mining company specialized in the acquisition, development, and operation of late-stage gold resource properties in Tanzania. Mwamba partners with local license holders to develop proven reserves, supplying the financial support and expertise needed to bring their projects into production. Mwamba has access to 35 Primary Mining Licenses representing 2 mines, Kadidi and Masabi, with an aggregate 655,264oz Au in fully drilled JORC compliant resources. Mwamba has secured a 75% and 80% interest in both projects respectively with the JV and both mines are ready for immediate development. We are currently raising funds to develop these two projects and bring them into production. All funds will be used solely to establish operations, source equipment and construct needed infrastructure. With further exploration near our mines and additional JV’s within 50Km of our projects will bring the development a longer more profitable mine life. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009008 Unprecedented Opportunity to INVEST in 650,000 oz Production-Ready GOLD mine Projects in Tanzania. Tanzania
1170 African Microfinance Ltd was started in 2010, today, the total of $3m+ portfolio, ROE of 9.3%, and serving hundreds of small and medium-sized enterprises Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-011565 A 10-year+ SME micro lender looking for investment partners grow the portfolio Tanzania
1167 INVESTMENT: USD $9,500,000.00 generates a 32% internal rate of return (IRR). Market based, commercial cultivation, milling, packaging, bulk sales, and distribution. Projected investor payback period within 2.5 full operational years. 35% shareholding offer. Two years feasibility study invested with United Kingdom, and Belgium agronomists. BUSINESS SUMMARY: ‘First to market’, maize and soybean cultivation, milling, and distribution from Kolwezi, DRC vs. regional and global imports. Market dominance competitive position, local price setter, ability to create barriers to market entry. MANAGEMENT: Investment management, SADC commercial farm operations team with more than 50 years combined cultivation and milling operations experience. MARKET GAPS: 95% of commercial maize & soybean purchases in Lualaba, DRC are high-cost imports. No major commercial milling within Lualaba Province. PRODUCTS & SERVICES: Maize seed, super maize flour, and distribution throughout Lualaba Province, DRC. Second mill operational by 2026. MARKET SEGMENTS: Bulk wholesale, mining, NGO-development aid, government, regional provinces, SADC exports. SALES & MARKETING STRATEGY: High value added, competitively priced maize and beans, value added distributors, exports to Angola via rail line. BUSINESS MODEL: Large scale maize outgrower cultivation model, grain storage, and high value-added flour milling. Roll-out to value added agroprocessing by end of FY2027. COMPETITORS: Negligible competition within Lualaba Province. Indirect competitors in Katanga Province, DRC, and Republic of Zambia. KolAgri creates strong barriers to entry for competitors. VALUE PROPOSITION: Ownership of fully integrated full agribusiness value chain. High-quality maize seed cultivation, outgrower model production. Value added maize flour milling, packaging, sales & distribution. CAPITAL USE: Funds underwrite supplier invoice CAPEX payments including Bühler AG 7-ton per hour milling system, AGI-FRAME grain silo storage system, and maize seed working capital. Kolwezi office secured. MILESTONES: Confirmed equipment order July, 2024, delivery of initial grain-silo storage system by November, 2024. Milling operation to commence in Q1-2025. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-016908 30K metric tonne grain elevator and storage system startup. Daily maize milling output of 168 tons. Democratic Republic of the Congo;Netherlands;South Africa;Un...
1162 Online Marketplace Project Funding Selling Physical Goods or Products AIDB-017670 Online Marketplace Project Funding Nigeria;United States
1160 Renovaite Realty Ltd is seeking $7M Investment for its two Apartments Development: ARIA & SEVENTY 7 CRESENT, both in Accra, Ghana. The projects are multifamily, high-rise development in the heart of Accra. The development presents the rare opportunity for investors to participate in the growing lucrative real estate development in Ghana, projecting a net to investor @ ROI of 41% over a 5 year hold period. Total aggregated project returns are USD 2,859,723 Selling Real Estate AIDB-010217 65 Units Luxury Apartment Complexes in the Heart of Accra, Ghana. Ghana
1160 A Bank Holding Company, Oakwood Africa Investments Limited (OAIL) incorporated in Mauritius to develop a financial services platform for harnessing, distributing and deploying of capital across Africa. The Group has expanded its franchise across 3 countries including, Gambia, Sierra Leone & Liberia and is looking to raise additional capital expand current market share through further acquisitions in these jurisdictions as well as acquire & capitalise new banking assets in Cameroun, Ghana & Nigeria Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-012500 Pan-African Bank Group looking raise funding of up to USD90m to fund growth and expansion plans Cameroon;Gambia;Ghana;Nigeria;Sierra Leone
1157 Invest in a Beach hotel (Unique concept) that is one of its kind.7 magnificent towers fronting a beautiful beach in Kenya's lucrative tourist destination, Mombasa. Your investment (14 million dollars) Selling Physical Goods or Products AIDB-011985 Dubai in Kenya-7 towers on a magnificent beach in Mombasa Australia;Austria;Belgium;British Indian Ocean Territory;Bri...
1156 A charitable institution working with terminally ill patients in Nairobi is looking for an investor to help it put up a business park in the heart of Nairobi on a build-operate transfer basis. The land is in a commercial and a location that is in high demand. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-011990 RELIEF FOR THE TERMINALLY SICK IN KENYA Australia;Austria;Ecuador;Finland;France;Germany;Greece;Hong...
1154 Addosser Investments Limited is a solution based service provider that elevate business operations and helps them achieve their goals. Addosser Investments Limited provides the following services to its sister companies: capital raising, corporate services, and technical services. These sister companies include Addosser Microfinance Bank, Addosser Investments, and Addosser Insurance Brokers Limited. Ayodeji Sobulo is the founder of the Addosser Group and he oversees the entities. He is currently the Group Managing Director of Addosser Investments Limited. ABOUT THE ENTITIES Addosser Microfinance Bank Addosser Microfinance Bank is a leading state microfinance bank in Nigeria with a branch network of 22 branches spread across Lagos state. With over 15 years of experience, Addosser MFB has a customer base of over 155, 000, and an active loan clients of over 60% of its customer base. Addosser MFB has supported over 182, 000 MSMEs, disbursed cumulative loans of over N75bn, it has also disbursed over 52billion loans to women in business, trained 3,500 female entrepreneurs and has an assets size in excess of 20bn. Addosser MFB was recently ranked top 5 Microfinance Bank in Nigeria by Business Day. Addosser Finance Limited Addosser Finance Limited is a non-bank financial institution that provides loans, leases and investments products to its customers which are majorly SMEs and low to middle income individuals. It commenced operations in 2020 and has disbursed cumulative loans in excess of 27billion to over 11,000 cumulative clients. Addosser Insurance Brokers Addosser Insurance Brokers is a licensed insurance brokerage institution that provides brokerage insurance services tailored to suit the needs of everyday people. We help people shop for the best combination of cover, tailored to meet their interests at competitive rates. Addosser Insurance Brokers Limited goal is to help improve insurance penetrate Nigeria currently at 2% of total population. Finding Investment Opportunities AIDB-015444 Addosser Investments offers unparalleled technical and corporate services to help businesses succeed Belgium;China;Denmark;France;Mauritius;Morocco;Netherlands;N...
1150 Edge is seeking early, stage, locally founded ventures in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and Egypt to back with its $75m pan-African venture fund. Edge Growth is South Africa’s leading small & medium enterprise (SME) development specialist supporting previously disadvantaged (underrepresented) founders. We have raised c. $120M across 7 SME investment funds and deployed $76M+ across the capital spectrum (debt, equity & mezzanine) into 130 South African SMEs. Finding Investment Opportunities AIDB-012130 A pan-African fund backing early stage ventures founded by exceptional, local, diverse, teams Egypt;Kenya;Nigeria;South Africa
1150 Seeking JV Partner and/or loan to assist our bio-diesel manufacturing , blending and Petro-diesel 50ppm wholesaling project reach new heights. The project is based in South Africa which consist of favorable bio-diesel manufacturing and legislative laws. The project hold export potential and has a projected sales of R138 143 280 during our first financial year with a net profit (pre- dividends)/sales of 25.78%. We need a 10% project contribution of R2 745 392. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010515 Opportunity investment for Bio-diesel Manufacturing, Blending & Petro-diesel Wholesaling South Africa
1150 Coastal Game Farm Development Project Duinefontein Game Reserve situated 10 Km from Gansbaai and 2 km from the ocean. General Information The farm Duinefontein is situated within one of the Southern Cape’s tourist Mecca i.e.: Gansbaai, Franskraal, Pearly Beach, Hermanus and surroundings. Because of Whale Watching, Shark Cage diving and other activities in this part of the Western Cape as well as a Malaria free area, this region is very well visited by tourists from all over the world. Duinefontein Game Farm is the only game farm in the area and has the potential to attract a huge part of the tourist market (Domestic and International) in this part of the Western Cape. Although most of the Domestic Tourism is seasonal, International Tourism is through-out the year. Duinefontein Game Farm The location of the farm is ideally situated to attract a huge section of the tourism in this region, and it is suggested that farm operations be geared towards Eco-Tourism. The farm is divided by the Boesmans River that flows through the farm. During the rainy season and when the dam up-stream releases water, the river is in flood and causes a huge flood plain. Included in Purchase prize the following: · Duinefontein Game Reserve (1272 Hectares) · 2 x Guest Houses (Fully Furnished) · Fully Equipped Workshop · 1 x Managers House · 3 x Workers Houses · Electricity and Water Reticulation · Butchery with Cold Room · Out Buildings · Fully Game Fenced and Electrified · Farming equipment – 3 x Tractors, Front – end Loader, 2 x Brush Cutters, 1 x Tipper Trailer, 1 x Land Cruiser, 1 x Hilux Bakkie, 1 x Trailer, 1 x Diesel Trailer, 1 x Quad Bike · Wildlife Stock – 90 x Eland, 40 x Kudu, 18 x Zebra, 21 x Black Wildebeest, 6 x Gemsbuck, 25 x Water Buck, 50 x Impala, 40 x Fallow Deer, 6 x Bush Buck Development Bush Clearing (Doubling Purchase Value) Introduction of Giraffe, Buffalo etc. Building of 5* Lodge and other accommodation, Wedding Venue Game Breeding and Sales Hunting Horse Back Safaris Game Drives. Note: Farm already been Re-Zoned (Consent Use) International School of Education Development of an International College for the Education of International students in the following subjects: 1. Nature Conservation, 2. Game Farm Management 3. Anti-Poaching 4. Marine Biology 5. Professional Hunting 6. Lodge Management 7. Tourist Guiding The College will be Developed on an existing, working Game Reserve in the Western Cape, South Africa. Funds will go towards the following: 1. Purchase of Game Reserve and additional land for the building of a 5* Lodge 2. Further Development of Game Reserve i.e.: Bush Clearing, Up-grading of Infrastructure, etc 3. Building of Educational Facilities as well as Accommodation Facilities, 4. Re-Zoning and Registration with Relevant Authorities, For the last 4 years the Game Reserve already Facilitates the practical experience for Students studying at the Centurion Wildlife College. Estimated amount required: 7.5 million USD Duinefontein Game Reserve is a running business from 2007 until current and with its limited development currently it generates about 150 000-00 ZAR per month. Once it has been developed and a Lodge has been built it has the potential to generate about 3.5 M ZAR per month at full capacity (Gross Income) It will take approximately 2 years from start of project until finishing of development when the project will be fully operational. The Wildlife College has the potential of generating approximately 5 million ZAR per year (Gross Income) Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010238 Investor for Coastal Game Farm Development Project South Africa
1150 The company intend to develop a hotel in Morocco and run it. The project has a total cost of Euro 21.6m and out of which Euro 9.5 has already been invested. There is a need of another Euro 12m to completed the project. With the world opening up again for tourism, this project will be really beneficial for the country and for the investors as well and refund the loan by 2026. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009259 Construction of a hotel in Morocco which will consist of 125 rooms, 3 restaurants, disco, spa, etc Morocco
1150 We seeking for an investment (repayable over an agreed period time) of between $3-5 million to fund the project To fund the creation of: 1. multi farmer enterprise and primary processing hub 2. a building materials manufacturing plant to manufacture turnkey hemp buildings 3. and a food/livestock processing plant for 2000 acre per annum hemp venture in a 15,000 regenerated agricultural area in Ghana Already secured off-takers who use the hemp produce for medicinal products in the United Kingdom Executive Team Mr. Wikus Venter - an experience agricultural entrepreneur with extensive knowledge in Africa Ms Tania Deyzel - excellent (with proven track record) of managing he commercial agricultural ventures in Africa Dr. Albert Barnes - experience with track record in strategic management Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010383 Develop Hemp Housing & Super livestock/food production Hub Ghana
1148 Significantly cotton yield increase and fiber quality improvement through: - Introduction of modern agro-technology and agricultural practices - Agronomic guidance and support - Crop monitoring - IPM - Applied agricultural R&D - Cotton breeding - Production of high-quality seeds Selling Professional Service AIDB-017096 Boost cotton profitability through increased productivity and improved quality Angola;Benin;Burkina Faso;Central African Republic;Chad;Ivor...
1148 Introduction: Hello, investors. My name is Stirling Nel, and I am the founding director of United Forces Health Care. With a background in human movement sciences and biokinetics, I've spent years in the healthcare field, honing my skills and passion for improving people's lives. Today, I'm excited to share with you our vision for revolutionizing the frail care nursing home industry in South Africa. Market Opportunity: We've identified a significant opportunity in the Western Cape for frail care nursing homes that prioritize physical and mental well-being through objective systems. Market research indicates a growing demand for high-quality care facilities, yet there's a lack of options. Business Model: At United Forces Health Care, we're not just building nursing homes; we're creating a generational brand that will redefine the industry. Our approach is centred around four key components of healthcare: regular exercise, nutrition, mental acuity, and social health. These pillars form the foundation of our care model, allowing us to not only manage but improve our patients' activities of daily living and enhance their quality of life. Strategy: Our strategy involves acquiring care homes/assisted living homes, then improve and expand while using the business to acquire real estate in South Africa. We've assembled a team of experienced professionals, including legal and financial experts, to ensure our operations are legally sound and financially sustainable. Our marketing and sales manager is poised to elevate our brand's reach and establish trust within the community. Differentiation: What sets us apart is our emphasis on efficient leadership with structured and modern systems to combat caregiver burnout and ensure consistent, high-quality care. Our staff are not just caregivers; they're compassionate individuals who provide "efficient love" to our patients, knowing that our management team provides them with security and support. Execution Plan: We've already begun to scout care homes around the Western Cape that would be a suitable fit for our business model. With a clear roadmap outlined in our comprehensive business plan, we're confident in our ability to execute our vision and achieve our goal of owning multiple care homes across South Africa. Conclusion: In summary, United Forces Health Care is poised to revolutionize the frail care nursing home industry, starting in the Western Cape, and expanding nationwide. With a strong foundation in healthcare expertise, a dedicated team, and a commitment to holistic well-being, we invite you to join us on this journey to transform lives and build a legacy that lasts for generations. Thank you for considering our investment opportunity. We're excited to partner with you to make a meaningful difference in the lives of frail care patients and their families. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017151 Transforming Frail Care Nursing Homes with United Forces Health Care's Holistic Approach Namibia;South Africa
1142 Melville Douglas International, a boutique investment house (part of Standard Bank Group - Africa's largest bank), seeks appropriate investors for its fully Shari’ah Compliant Offshore Investment Solution. Please note the minimum investment for this portfolio account is $400k+ and the portfolio currency available in USD. There are 4 global investment strategies available; Conservative, Balanced, Growth and Equity and a comprehensive suitability evaluation will be conducted for those expressing interest and wishing to take forward. Please connect with this opportunity to get more details. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-015016 Melville Douglas (Part of Standard Bank Group) Shari’ah Compliant Investment Portfolio Solution Algeria;Andorra;Angola;Australia;Bahamas;Bahrain;Barbados;Be...
1140 The details for the property and business are as follows: • Farm Location: Thika, Kenya • Size: 496 Acres (236 Acres under Coffee). • Description: This is a coffee farm that primarily focuses on Coffee farming with a production of 130 — 150 tons annually. The property has a proximity to abundant water sources of Chania River, with electricity, operating coffee factory and offices on site The asking price is Ksh 9 million per Acre. Selling Real Estate AIDB-012542 Coffee farm and factory sale in Kenya Kenya
1137 AcuFin Corporate Limited provides corporate structuring options to clients who are looking to use Mauritius as an IFC Trade Finance AIDB-016650 Looking for structuring options from Mauritius? Connect with AcuFin Corporate Limited Ghana;Kenya;Madagascar;Nigeria;South Africa
1135 Want to Subscribe to The Africa Brief? The Africa Brief is a weekly newsletter produced by Joshua Nott in his personal capacity. Nott works for Schmidt Futures - a philanthropic initiative of Eric and Wendy Schmidt. The newsletter provides a rundown on major news events from the continent — these events are chosen for their relevance to those trends shaping the continent’s future, including but not limited to: business and the transition to the green economy, US-China relations, healthcare, tech and society, and peace and security. The Brief is essential reading for Africa watchers and for those who want to learn more about the world’s most youthful and opportunity-rich continent. Subscribe here Selling Professional Service AIDB-014924 The Africa Brief: A One Stop Shop For News Shaping Africa's Present & Future Algeria;Angola;Argentina;Australia;Austria;Bahamas;Benin;Bot...
1133 We operate an e-commerce marketplace for wine, spirits, non-alcoholic and other related products. In 2016, we identified the huge gaps and opportunity in the sales of authentic beverage brands. Due to this, saw the need to plug these gaps by providing direct access between product owners and the consumers. Equity Funding will give us the opportunity to scale and expand our coverage competitively plus strategically creating and developing a community of platform users from B2B to B2C consumers. Finding Investment Opportunities AIDB-012534 An opportunity to invest in a fast-growing e-commerce store specialized in the sales of wine, spirit Ethiopia;Ghana;Kenya;Namibia;Nigeria;Rwanda;South Africa;Uni...
1133 RisCura stands at the forefront of independent valuations in Africa and emerging markets. While many private capital funds handle valuations in-house, intricate investments, particular LP demands, and specific co-invest prerequisites often call for an impartial assessment. Tapping into an extensive database of African valuations, RisCura proudly conducts over 350 independent valuations on the continent annually. This extensive experience has enabled RisCura to amass the most expansive database of unlisted valuation metrics in Africa. Recognizing our expertise, industry stalwarts like SAVCA and AVCA have chosen us as their preferred data partners. Our dedication to excellence was celebrated with the Africa Global Funds Africa Service Providers awards in 2020 and 2022, under the category of Research and Data provider for private equity. Managing over $170 billion in AUM worldwide, RisCura’s research and advisory teams are unparalleled leaders in emerging markets. Their profound insights are integrated into our valuation process, creating a distinct edge over competitors. Furthermore, as a trusted third-party entity in valuations, we offer investors the confidence to finalize transactions, particularly when selling assets. Our expansive networks in emerging markets often bridge fund managers with the ideal placement agents, ensuring smooth and beneficial transactions. Selling Professional Service AIDB-014891 Get a Professional Valuation done of your Business to assist Raising Capital from Investors Algeria;Angola;Botswana;Burkina Faso;Burundi;Cameroon;Canada...
1131 Accuvise Administrators proudly provides its clients with an assortment of turnkey financial solutions and customized wealth management services. Headquartered in the Island of Mauritus, Accuvise has purposefully positioned itself, both physically and strategically, in one of the most business friendly destinations on the globe. The Accuvise team is comprised of some of the most impactful, successful, and innovative financial growth and wealth management professionals in the industry, and as a team, represent several decades of combined experience and knowledge. With a commitment to compliance and the best practices of corporate governances, Accuvise is able to offer an array of attractive corporate, accounting, fiduciary, tax, private equity, and investment services that deliver exceptional results. Selling Professional Service AIDB-017075 Formation and Administration Services of offshore structures Argentina;Australia;Azerbaijan;Bahrain;Belgium;Bermuda;Botsw...
1130 NMFP has been requested do deliver a starting produce selection of 10,000 lettuce heads and 4 tons of strawberries per week on an open-ended and no-seasonal basis, not limited to these produce types. NMFP has built relationships with state entities in the Agri field, and relationships with the two largest produce aggregators in-country. A market is assured due to current legislation forcing souurcing 46% of all produce from local growers before imports can be considered. The grow environment is based in a warehouse for environmental controls. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009050 Capital needed for high-density hydroponics to fulfil a request for produce in Namibia Namibia
1130 Maphaha Mining Pty Ltd is a small scale open cast gold mine situated in South Africa looking for Investor or Partner for Extension. It employ 120 local member to improve socio-economic development in the area. Grade is 1g/t to 23 g/t gold and 2g/t to 57 g/t silver. By product is sand and aggregate for road and building construction Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010207 Gold/Silver Project with Aggregate South Africa
1130 Re Dira Tsona Poultry Farm is an excellent poultry Farm Company with strong bias for rearing broiler and layer chickens. Our poultry farm will be based in Bosplaas West, Hammanskraal – North of Pretoria. We have done our detailed market research and feasibility studies and we were able to secure 4,9 hectares of land to start our poultry farm, and chicken meat and egg production business. Our poultry farm is going to be a standard commercial poultry farm and will be involved in: • Raising, processing and marketing broiler chicken meat on a commercial level, we will distribute live broiler chickens, and processed and packaged chicken meat to all other parts of South Africa. • Raising layers for egg production on a commercial level, we will distribute live layer chickens and eggs, to all other parts of the world. We are in the commercial poultry farming, chicken meat and egg production line of business because we want to leverage on the vast opportunities available in the agriculture industry, to contribute our quota in growing the S.A. economy. Re Dira Tsona poultry farm, is well positioned to become one of the leading commercial chicken farms in the South Africa, which is why we have been able to source for the best hands and machines to run the company with. We have put process and strategies in place that will help us employ best practices when it comes to commercial poultry farming, chicken meat processing and egg production, and packaging as required by the regulating bodies in the South Africa. At Re Dira Tsona Poultry Farm, our customer’s best interest will always come first, and everything we do will be guided by our values and professional ethics. We will ensure that we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards by meeting our client’s needs precisely and completely. We will cultivate a working environment that provides a human, sustainable approach to earning a living. Re Dira Tsona, is a privately registered company, chicken meat processing and egg production, and packaging company that is owned by Mr. Alfred Morulane. Success Factors Re Dira Tsona Poultry Farm is uniquely qualified to succeed due to the following reasons: • Products : Our Products are superior to our competitors because of experience quality advisor. • Human Resources: Our management team has unique experience in the industry. • Operational Systems: We have developed systems that enable us to provide high quality products at a lower cost. • Customers: We are already serving key customers which our competitors are not. These customers include • Marketing: We have unique marketing skill sets that enable us to attract new customers at a low cost. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010476 Re Dira Tsona Poultry Farm is an excellent poultry Farm Company with strong bias for rearing broiler South Africa
1126 Research Beeline runs digital platforms that update researchers and the academia in Africa with funding information from grant makers across the globe, or our platforms are designed with Africa in mind and foe Africa. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008946 Connecting researchers in Africa with global funding Algeria;Angola;Benin;Botswana;Burkina Faso;Burundi;Cameroon;...
1121 Nansteel Manufacturing Co.,Ltd, today an ISO - 9001:2008, certified Company. are a prominent Manufacturer, Stockist and Exporter of carbon steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, structural section, fittings and OCTG in various materials including Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel. In standard size and as per our customers’ requirements and drawings. Products from Nansteel are used widely in Nuclear Power Plants, Thermal Power Stations, Atomic Power Plants, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Fertilizers, and Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals.Together with the know-how which technical power and the many years and spontaneity service, we supply the product of good quality with economies of scale to the customer. Moreover, it had become the company compared is equipping the best role of competitive power improvement with the customer. We grew as the novelty one enterprise grows the partner relationship which goes out it pursues to be strong, continuity. Nansteel is a growth-oriented company, providing exceptional quality and service with competitive pricing on all of our products. We take pride in our employees, products and service, all of which have contributed to years of growth. This philosophy has earned us a solid reputation for excellence within our industry.For more,visit: Selling Physical Goods or Products AIDB-016607 Seamless Steel Pipe | Welded Steel Pipe | Stainless Steel | Nansteel Manufacturing Co.,Ltd Colombia;Czech Republic;Greenland;India;Indonesia;Israel
1120 The company has up to date an asset of USD 7.128 Million following the investment of 40% shareholding in REGEN Terem SHHP. The GPSL investment in Terem shall eventually be USD 20.6 Million when the bank debt is paid . This initial investment of USD 1.1 Million is now capitalized to 7.128M into a share capital of 10,000 shares to be allocated . At this point each share shall be valued USD 712. In order to undertake further projects, it is proposed to sell some of this investment capital as shares. To this end we would ask a prospective share holders to provide the Company the amount of share holding one wishes to hold in the Company but limited to tranches of 100 shares and a maximum of 1,000 per individual shareholder. This shall be reflected in the share holding agreement (SHA) , hence CR12 Certificate issued by the Registrar of Companies. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009430 To invest 30% shareholding in a hydroelectric power plant in Western Kenya valued at USD 5.5M Kenya
1120 The company has up to date an asset of USD 1.1 Million following the investment of 40% shareholding in REGEN Terem SHHP. The GPSL investment in Terem shall eventually be USD 5.6 Million when the bank debt is paid . This initial investment of USD 1.1 Million is now capitalized to 7.128M into a share capital of 10,000 shares to be allocated . At this point each share shall be valued USD 712. In order to undertake further projects, it is proposed to sell some of this investment capital as shares. To this end we would ask a prospective share holders to provide the Company the amount of share holding one wishes to hold in the Company but limited to tranches of 100 shares and a maximum of 1,000 per individual shareholder. This shall be reflected in the share holding agreement (SHA) , hence CR12 Certificate issued by the Registrar of Companies. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009426 To invest in 30% shareholding of a Leading Hydro power Plant in Western Kenya Kenya
1120 La Carrière de gravier de Loum- chantier est situé dans le village de Loum à 70 km de la ville de Douala mais dans le département de Konsamba au Cameroun. La production annuelle est estimée a 120000tonnes compte tenu de la saison de pluie . Le chiffre d'affaire annuel previssionnel est de 1 200 000000fcfa. Le besoin de gravier en matière de construction de la ville de Douala est intense dont une grosse opportunité. Le montant sollicité pour l'acquisition des machines et équipement est de 10 000 000€ pour 120 mois de durée de remboursement. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010373 Développement de la carrière de gravier à Loum- chantier au Cameroun pour une production annuelle. Cameroon
1120 Ethical Agro Allied Farms is a integrated agriculture company. Established in 2017. We have operation(s) in Nigeria and Sierra Leone. We are currently implementing a 3 ton per hour oil palm processing factory in Sierra Leone. This will be commissioned by end of June 2021. We are looking for investors to inject capital for procuring seedlings on 1000 hectares of land. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008594 Investment opportunity in an Oil Palm Plantation (a lucrative sector in agriculture)! Nigeria;Sierra Leone
1120 Looking for USD2.250 million 36 months debt or equity to buy, subdivide and sell 150+ 400m2 prime residential plots in Nyanga Zimbabwe at USD35,000.00 each to repay the debt quarterly on a reducing balance basis. All in interest of 10% per annum or slightly higher. Trade Finance AIDB-010330 Receivabled backed and secured USD2.250 million 36 months real estate funding request. Zimbabwe
1120 We are a capital markets advisory firm mandated to structure and source investment capital for a local real estate developer in Ghana to part fund the development of a 50-unit residential apartment block in a prime area in Accra. The development will consist of 1-bed, 2-bed & 3-bed units on a half-acre site. Amenities include gym, swimming pool, parking and 24/7 security. Project will take 24 months to complete, with investment hold period of 48 months. Exit Strategy is sale with 10% pre-sales already achieved. Yield-on-Cost expected is 24%. To date, land has been acquired and building permit application has been submitted Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-011806 Ghanaian Real Estate seeking equity or debt investment for 50-unit prime residential development Ghana
1120 We are looking for the investors to the project of setting up last-mile delivery network with fully automated parcel terminals, starting from Nigeria, Lagos. Currently all ecommerce companies are literally struggling with extremely poor last mile delivery services in Nigeria. Bad package handling is causing a lot of claims and returns that is literally affecting every merchant’s business success in the negative way. While Instagram and WhatsApp sellings are booming these days there is actually no standardized delivery service available that every initiative entrepreneur could use on the way as you go without hassle and stressful prearrangement. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, people are more cautious than ever about meeting with the strangers like the most of the delivery men for example. So, there is ultimate need for contactless delivery service. To reduce this pain and to take last mile delivery service and also ecommerce to the next level in Nigeria we are setting up a well working standardized logistics network that is open for all sellers and even individuals. We know that seamless delivery service takes online marketing fully to the next level: • First, consumers can start focusing on real values of shopping, like products themselves, prices, quality, after-service etc. • Secondly, every initiative individual can start her own business without thinking of stressful delivery operations. Our service's main focus is on the end user which means we prioritize security and service flexibility from the end user perspective. Once we become the first choice for the customer then we are definitely the first joice for traders as well. To ensure sustainability we are collaborating with the biggest e-commerce players in Nigeria. We start from Lagos and expand to other cities immediately once operational. Product line • Main product is a parcel delivery service using specially designed fully automated security pickup stations. • Value adding products (Upsells) as payment handling, customer pickup, express delivery etc. Go To Market Strategy We are selecting our self-service parcel terminals locations on the basis of actual online orders. This way we are ensuring a certain volume for the start and are collecting early adopters. Why now? Big e-commerce companies have paved the way to online business in Nigeria during the last 9 years. Their work has been fruitful and online shopping turnovers have been increasing rapidly. The market is ready for different approaches. Covid-19 has increased the demand for contactless delivery service. We are not inventing the bicycle here. Parcel terminal delivery solution has proven it's effectiveness and it's popularity is growing all over the world . The fact that the solution has not reached to Africa rather shows that sooner or later the challenge will be taken anyway. So, why not be the ones setting it all up and take the first player’s benefits. We have know how, we have the tools and we have experience - why not use it. Project Status Currently we are test-running the hardware in Lagos. So, we are still in pre-revenue phase and looking for an investor/partner who could help us to kick off the project; we have partners both for hardware and for first setup of software solution; we have prepared terminal locations according to the real demand and have a fully ready kick off plan for setting up and running the operations with minimum extent of services in Lagos. As soon as we are up and running we are going to the next round of fund raising to set up all operations in the full extent. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009537 Contactless automated parcel delivery network in Nigeria. The service is open for everybody. Nigeria
1120 We are a capital markets advisory firm mandated to structure and source investment capital for a local real estate developer in Ghana towards financing the development of a 36,000 sqm mixed-use development situated on 6 acres of prime land in Accra, located close to 2 major highways and the airport. The development will consist of 15,800 sqm office space, 11,000 sqm retail and 9,200 sqm parking (400 spaces) and a gas station. Our client hopes to capitalise on the demand for well-designed, quality and sustainable office space in Ghana and hopes to open up the DIY retail market in Ghana. Construction Period: 36 months Investment Hold period: 10 years. Business Model: Development and Long-Let Project Cost: $42.3m Stabilised NOI: $4.1m p.a. Stabilised Yield-on-Cost: 11% Equity Multiple: 2.5x; IRR: 25.6% Debt Requirements: 50% LTV, 10 years, c. 7% interest Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-011812 Ghanaian Real Estate Developer seeking equity or debt investment for 36,000 sqm mixed-use developmen Ghana
1120 HighTable is a hospitality marketplace that connects users to prime hospitality businesses across Africa. We solve the problem of finding where to eat, stay, and what to do when you're exploring the best of African food and hospitality. We also empower these businesses with digital tools, marketing and payment solutions to ease how they are discovered by customers and aid seamless transactions with these customers across the globe. We are the future of the hospitality industry: a new-age B2M software development organization with the goal of revolutionizing the hospitality industry using AI and Business Intelligence. Our SaaS business model is designed to make businesses more profitable, reduce customer dissatisfaction, and ensure that business management is intuitive and seamless for all sectors of the hospitality industry, e.g., restaurants, accommodations, and events. We have registered over 100 businesses and have established a record of being one of the foremost hospitality solutions through our competitive analysis and restaurant survey taken in 2021 (feel free to juxtapose our solution with anyone in Africa). For about a year now, our user growth has increased by 20% MoM. We've met with several business owners who can't wait to adopt our solution, and we haven't even gone live in the market yet. If you want to explore this journey with us, send a mail to We are eager to speak further about this opportunity and we hope that you grasp it quickly. Finding Investment Opportunities AIDB-012107 Investing in the future- Book your seat on HighTable - 5x ROI Nigeria
1120 SmartWage is a WhatsApp-based HR and Communications platform for deskless employees. We plug into employers existing payroll systems to help employers digitize their HR processes, streamline communication and give employees access to on-demand pay. We've raised over $2m to date, are growing 30% Month on Month and are looking for strategic partners to join us as we scale! Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-011169 Fast growing HR Tech / FinTech looking for $1m+ in funding South Africa;United Kingdom
1119 AzamPay is a digital commerce and fulfilment company in Africa that has graduated from within Africa and financed exclusively by African from pre-seed to a Series A stage. It operates SARAFU, an eCommerce platform that seeks to resolve price inefficiencies for manufacturers/ suppliers, and solve frictions around procurement of inventories to some 15,000 small and medium-size shops within the city of dar es salaam, of which 9,000 operates on a 1 week to 4 week inventory purchase cycles with SARAFU. Learning from the pain points of consumer payments in the digital commerce space, it conceived and built a proprietary payment processing infrastructure 4 years ago which guarantee 99.9999% of uptime, and full 24/7 in-house local customer support. Its revenue mix is 60% from digital retail trade though SARAFU, and 40% from payment processing. Its digital commerce and fulfilment segment witnessed compounded growth at a rate of 37%, and expected to reach USD 40M GMV for Financial Year 2023 and USD 110M annual GMV by 2025. It's payment service segment demonstrated compounded growth of 40%, and now aggregates more than USD 120 M of consumer payments annually from various payment channels for various third party merchants (businesses) in Tanzania and Rwanda. It expects to sustained this growth trajectory in the next 5-7 years. The Company seeks to now raise USD 10M to expand beyond dar es salaam and enable small and medium-size shops with no network to have access to a robust and reliable supply chain distribution mechanism, and frictionless procurement and delivery service, while at the same time leaving a digital footprint that will help them unlock inventory financing opportunities. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-015630 Looking to raise capital $10M to build payment infrastructure and last mile ecommerce infrastructure Rwanda;Tanzania
1115 Azo Africa Ltd is established mining company with a primary focus on extracting graphite, tanzanite, and chrome-tourmaline. Headquartered in a strategic location Arusha, Tanzania that seeks investors. Mining Operations: @) Graphite Extraction: Azo Africa Ltd owns graphite deposit ( 498.95 hectares) at Arusha-Mererani, Tanzania known for their high-quality graphite reserves. b) Tanzanite Mining: Azo Africa Ltd owns Tanzanite deposit ( 2.11 hectares) at Arusha-Mererani, Tanzania known for their high-quality Tanzanite reserves. c) Chrome-Tourmaline Extraction: Azo Africa Ltd chrome-tourmaline deposit ( 9.86 hectares) at Arusha-Landanai, Tanzania known for their high-quality chrome-tourmaline reserves. Reasons for Seeking Investors, @) Capital Investment: b) Technology and Equipment Acquisition: c) Market Penetration and Expansion: d) Environmental and Social Responsibility: In summary, Azo Africa Limited is a mining company poised to capitalize on the lucrative opportunities presented by the extraction of graphite, tanzanite, and chrome-tourmaline. By investing in Azo mining, you will not only gain access to a valuable mineral resource but also benefit from our company’s strong foundation in the mining industry. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-016867 Graphite, Tanzanite, Chrome-tourmaline deposits in Tanzania with Azo Africa ltd seeking investors Australia;Brazil;Canada;China;France;Germany;Hong Kong;India...
1113 We seek a $40 million Capital Investment to unlock:  USD 3.9 Billion in Kenya for electrification over 10 years  USD 200 Million+ in Revenues  USD 8 million+ EBTIDA  129% ROI at 5 Year Exit  400% ROI at 10 Year Exit Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-016722 LIM VC intends to become the premier African investor in the e-mobility space in Africa. Kenya;Rwanda;Tanzania;Uganda
1112 CardinalStone Partners Limited (“CardinalStone”) is pleased to inform you of an opportunity to acquire a leading manufacturer of personal care products in Nigeria (“Flash” or “the Company”). The Company produces a wide variety of consumer soaps, detergents and haircare products across Nigeria and has established brands which are market leaders in their respective product segments. Flash has also carved a niche in other home-based cleaning market categories such as dishwashing and handwashing liquids. The Company commenced operations in 2011 and is led by a team of experienced and proven managers who have a deep understanding of the personal care industry in Nigeria with a clear growth and diversification strategy as evidenced by its wide assortment of products and rapid growth into a market leader in the sector. Flash recently installed new machinery with more than double its previous production capacity in a bid to quadruple annual output to meet up with the expected increase on household spending on personal care products, estimated to reach N2.7 trillion by 2025. The founding shareholder in Flash is currently considering a divestment of up 100% of its equity stake in the Company. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010921 Unique Opportunity to Acquire up to 100% equity stake in a Personal Care Manufacturer in Nigeria Angola;Australia;Benin;Canada;China;Denmark;France;Germany;G...
1111 If you are looking for investment into conservation, hospitality, agriculture or renewable energy, give me a call and lets discuss how I can be of assistance Selling Professional Service AIDB-016755 Bespoke Deal Maker services for individuals wishing to invest in Sub Sahara Africa Angola;Botswana;Cameroon;Democratic Republic of the Congo;Ga...
1110 Africa's largest bank seeks customers who are looking for finance to buy a UK property. Minimum loan amount is GBP1m, maximum term 3-5 years. Maximum loan to value = 65% of the purchase price or a professional valuation of the property (whichever is lower). Finance is available on residential buy to let only. Interested customers to contact us Selling Professional Service AIDB-014219 Africa's Largest Bank by assets seeks African clients based within the continent or the diaspora who are seeking to purchase or refinance existing "Buy to Let" UK Property Algeria;Angola;Benin;Botswana;Burkina Faso;Burundi;Cameroon;...
1110 The business model, how and why our products will succeed in becoming a household name in South Africa. Our products will be available from Franchised / Licensed Owners Operators, purchasing ONE or MULTIPLE fully stocked Kiosks. Their to be recruited and trained sales staff attend to the sales at the permanent Kiosks in the promotional area or walkways of the major plus minus 450 shopping centers throughout South Africa. We use the latest POS, card & other payment methods, and backend system technology to see live minute by minute where sales are recorded. Card payments are paid directly into the Master SA-Licensee company ’s bank account via Yoco and cash payment also deposited daily by the sales staff. Thus, we can ensure timely delivery of replacement stock of sold items, as well as delivery of the online and WhatsApp orders requested by the customers to be collected from their nearest Kiosks at their favourite shopping center. Resulting in little admin to be done by the Franchised / Licensed Owners Operators. The commissions payable to the Franchised / Licensed Owners Operators are calculated from a monthly sales report generated by this system, which will also be emailed to the relevant parties. We will run powerful Social Media Marketing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms specifically targeted at the catchment area of all these Kiosks. Later as budget grows, we add radio and/or printed media advertising, these campaigns will ensure to get the customers to visit and purchase our products from the permanent Kiosks plus from ordering online or via our WhatsApp platform requested to be collected from their nearest Kiosks at their favourite shopping center. Customers can also order and pay online and have their order delivered to their home or specified address. As we grow, more investment will be needed to expand, which can be obtained via a loan or investment against equity without diluting the investor’s shareholding. An excellent team to be recruited to run the Master SA-Licensee company, licensed by Just Branding (Pty) Ltd to operate the business model in South Africa. Find Business Partner AIDB-017605 With R1milion seed investment during +-18-month tests now ready to scale nationally South Africa
1107 Is your business overwhelmed by ESG data reporting requirements? Are you seeking international trade partners, or investment capital? Or you may simply be looking at improving your business operations from a sustainability perspective ESG is so critical to all types of African businesses. Increased regulations will make ESG disclosure mandatory within the next 18-24 months, including the entire supply chain ecosystem Turnkey is a cutting edge, user friendly and affordable ESG data reporting software and advisory business. Their SaaS platform captures ESG data in real time enabling businesses to drive operational efficiencies, profits, and significantly reduce the ever-increasing burden of ESG reporting Companies that report quality ESG data on a regular basis will enjoy superior access to international trade partners and over time preferential lending terms and an enhanced business valuation Turnkey is the solution to remove the ESG reporting pain points and has products to suit any size of business and is here to help businesses capitalise on the green finance boom Selling Professional Service AIDB-014370 Introducing Turnkey, the ESG data software solution that transforms your business, whatever the size Algeria;Angola;Argentina;Australia;Austria;Bahrain;Belgium;B...
1107 Immotify is revolutionizing the new housing industry with a tech-forward approach. Harnessing the power of AI, VR, and data analytics, we provide an immersive and efficient property discovery experience for potential homeowners. Our platform caters to the evolving needs of both buyers and developers by offering curated recommendations, in-depth market insights, and virtual property tours. With a vision to democratize housing access, Immotify bridges developers, buyers, and financial institutions, ensuring transparent and streamlined property transactions. Whether you're an aspiring homeowner or a developer, Immotify is your trusted partner in the new housing journey. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-015911 immotify is a proptech startup that democratizes access to affordable housing in Algeria by connecti Algeria
1103 Our client has conceptualised, designed, produced and delivered business-focused solutions for globally recognised brands across the world. Areas of practice include information-, environmental- and digital design; stakeholder communication and integrated reporting; internal brand engagement; advertising, public relations and events, and digital brand management. Selling a Business AIDB-015294 Invest in a lauded strategic brand and communication design consultancy South Africa
1100 The sponsors of the project are looking for an Equity Partner to construct and run a Lodge and Campsite at Mumbotuta Falls in Milenge District of Luapula Province in Zambia. This is in the Northern Tourism Circuit. The falls are on Luapula River on the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The Falls are south of Chembe border post and just north of Kapalala, another border post. The sponsors have Eight (8) hectares of land fronting the waterfalls. Additional land is available depending on the need. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010557 To construct and run a Lodge and Campsite at Mumbotuta Falls, Northern Zambia Others and Unknown
1100 K.A Store is a company registered within the United republic of Tanzania. it is under the management of Mr. Kasmery Yonathan Mgwabati ( (Tanzanian Male) K.A store aims to start growing the African Bird Eye Chillies after a comprehensive study and trend of the market. It has two different farms located in Dar es salaam and Coastal are summing up 25 acres of very fertile soil with plent of water supply for irrigation. At the moment, the company is looking for interested investors who will provide the fund and operate in joint venture and seek to produce more marketable products based on investor recommendation. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009073 Comprehensive Production of African Bird Eye Chillies (ABE) and other garden products Tanzania
1100 Nextwel farms currently owns 400 Acres of farmland in Osun State with a plan to further expand to 200 Acres over the next 3-5 years. We have cultivated 120 Acres of plantain, with Cocoa on 30 Acres. Due to the gestation period, we seek investments to help bridge funding gap during the gestation period and also help expansion to 300 Acres. need . In the subsequent phases of our vision, we intend to build value addition capacity for Palm Oil refining, Cocoa Processing and Plantain flour, to meet consumer and industrial and export requirements Current Status (By end of 2021) - 120 Acres Cultivated - 54,000 Stems of plantain - 10,000 Cocoa seedlings PLANS for 2022 SEASON -Plant 88,000 Stems of Plantain -Plant 2,900 Oil Palm (Supergene variety) - Plant 26,400 Cocoa WHAT WE NEED $45,000 Financing to enable operations during the gestation period of the plantain Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010191 Expansion of farm to 300 Acres of Plantain in Osun State, Nigeria Nigeria
1100 We seek US$30m to build storage infrastructure to be able to support this great export. Airstream Aviation Services Limited (AASL) has plans to partner with SAHCO Aviation Handling Company Plc. Sahco is a big player in the Cargo Handling Business. They have storage facilities in the major airports in the country. They are present in 20 airports in Nigeria. 11 are among those designated for cargo perishable. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009391 The market for air freight exceeds N250 Billion annually. Main market for the export is EU Switzerland
1100 We are seeking for an investor to partner with us on our already active Gold Mine in Agaata Village, Buteba Sub County, Busia District Uganda. We need a mining excavator, 2 Dump trucks, a Bull Dossier and one self loader truck We are on the same vein less that 10 km; with the recently announced Gold reserves (over 12.8 Million Tons of Gold reserves) . We are ready to offer an attractive percentage, and yet upon acquisition of such machinery, dividends are expected in less than a year. Please contact me through: Tel: +256 77 2 451 952 (Whats App, Telegram, Text, Direct calls Zoom) Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-011097 Seeking for Gold Mining Investor Uganda
1100 Our company, is a dynamic paint Producing Company; employing the state of the art facilities for production and sale of high qualities Architectural paint and coatings for private and industrial users. The commercial manufacture of paints is simply the mixing of paint constituents in a quality controlled ratio that meets standard and can be faithfully produced in commercial quantities. Its constituents are (I) Dispersion medium- water (ii) Binder- resins. (iii) pigment-colorants. (iv) fillers- calcium and kaolin. (v) Antifungal agents. (vi) Marble dust (texture coats). The plant is expected to commence production with 300 drums daily and expend to 700drums within the next 3yrs. OUR PRODUCT- We hope to start our paint making business with about 6 product brands that caters for different coating needs/market segment. These brands will be fully registered trade names: • V-Nice Acrylic Emulsion. • V-Nice Premium Matt Emulsion • V-Nice Premium Silk Emulsion • V-Nice Texcoat. • V-Nice Gloss. • V-Nice Premium Putty. Others will also include; Protective wood sheen, Epoxy, Flex, industrial coat, and Anti-corrosion system for metals and plastics. Needs or problems • PRODUCT BENEFITS- buildings just constructed might be structurally complete but they would still be termed incomplete without coating. Paints major functions are: (i) to beautify (ii) to protect buildings from natural elements. (iii) To add or increase the value of buildings. • GAPS WE WISH TO FILL- we will provide coatings of high/luxury quality at affordable prices; making our paints a product of choice for middle class customers. This would be achieved by adopting a clearly defined market positioning. • EMPLOYMENT- at full funding, our business would employ about 15-20 Nigerians who will be empowered with adequate salaries and skill. They would include MD, factory/logistics manager, production manager, production supervisor, lab attendant, factory hands, store clerk, accountant, marketers, cleaners, security, and driver. Innovation statement • PACKAGING- Our containers will not just have a digital graphic print but also an embossment. We would include a 10litre bucket to the customary 20litre and 4liter. Products will be sealed in crested plastic bags before plastic containers. • PAINT APPLICATION- we have created some artistic applicator paint designs, measured in square meters that can be applied by our trained painters only. Examples are (i) multi-flek series- multi colour paint spraying using air compressor machines. (ii) Pearl series- multicolor luminous spray painting with embedded crystals and comb rakes. • WEBSITE- will have the best interactive and content based website than any paint maker in Nigeria. All our products and effects will be fully described with pictures. We will have a page dedicated to teaching do-it-yourselfers how to apply our paints and get professional results. This page will also route them to a YouTube video of a demonstration. BUSINESS OBJECTIVES • In 3-5yrs time, V-Nice premium paints will become a household name in the Nigerian coating industry and readily chosen over competitors wherever builders think of quality coating at right pricing, artistic coating innovations, customer/environmentally friendly operations. We would achieve all this by adopting: (i) an effective and well defined growth strategies. (ii) Superb market positioning policy.(iii) efficient marketing and distribution strategy. (iv)Great quality controlled production. (v) The best customer, employee, distributor, supplier motivational incentive programs in the industry. • To generate reasonable turnover with manufacturing and sale capacity of over 7 million liters of paints annually. This will enable us to become sustainable, create more jobs and expand our operations. We achieve this by selling to diverse markets, ensuring customers’ loyalty and optimal use of our facilities. • Customer satisfaction. We shall go extra mile to ensure that all our customers are happy. We intend to do this by taking time to understand their needs and assisting them to make better decision. Effective listening, empathy and rapt attention to customers shall be our watchword. VISION To establish a leading indigenous paint industry in South Sudan that will be environmentally friendly and compete favorably with other leading paint industries in the world through techno managerial excellence. MISSION Bringing technology to the surface by surpassing the needs of our customers through the production of quality paint products and provision of services unrivalled in the paint industry. KEY TO SUCCESS • INNOVATION- one must develop innovative ways to produce and sell. They must be ahead in technology, quality, design and packaging. • MARKET ESPIONAGE- to outcompete, one must have inside information of a competitor operations, his products, prices, and marketing strategy. This helps one react adequately. • HIGH/EFFECTIVE DISTRIBUTOR BASE- ones products should have a wide geographical spread through effective distributors. A company must be able to convey their vision and mission with passion to their distributors. • CUSTOMERS- one must invest in developing a strong brand name and strategies to induce strong brand loyalty. • HIGH PRODUCTION CAPACITY- one must have a production capacity that is commercially feasible. Being bigger means better access to materials, credit and producing at lower costs due to economy of scale. • SKILLED HUMAN RESOURCES- must hire qualified personnel for crucial positions. Must also have a good employee development plan. Market Analysis. WHO: V- Nice premium paints will have the following market :( I) people or organizations erecting new buildings. (ii) People or organizations repainting existing buildings. (iii) People or corporations protecting the surfaces of wood and metal fabrications, My customers are building contractors, general contractors, concrete subcontractors, builders association, housing consultant, development agencies, construction workers, civil engineers, architect, land lords and individuals. Individuals building houses, Building material markets in my state and south east, Construction firms in the state handling building sites, Marketers of paints in Juba city, Central Equatorial State, South Sudan and its environs, Household/industrial consumers, Cooperate bodies, agencies, MDAs and estate managers. WHERE: At maturity, we will have a vast distributor network that covers most major cities in South Sudan. So the geographical market is national. SIZE: Checking with the 20million size of existing buildings in Nigeria which statistics shows that about 50% will have need and ability to pay for a fresh coat of at least 200 liters of paints in every 5-10 years at an average price of N150/litre. Our market size come to (10million buildings x 200litresx N150) divided by (10yrs). This comes to an annual yearly consumption of about 200 million litres and about 30billion naira annual sales. Selling Physical Goods or Products AIDB-010874 The commercial manufacture of paints is simply the mixing of paint constituents in a quality control South Sudan
1100 Day Crystal Hospital is located at No 6 Makera road,opposite Kaduna South Local Government Secretariat, Kakuri, Kaduna State,Nigeria. It is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, Nigeria is a limited liability company. We are seeking for investor(s) that would be interested in investing in medical facility with us to accelerate Sustainable Development Goal 3 for all. Our team will be glad having a zoom meet up with you for clarification if this offer interest you please. We are open. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010434 We are leading provider of quality and timely health care services to the people in Kaduna, Nigeria Nigeria
1100 We are a group of investors who have acquired a ship, converted to dredge on a major river location in Sierra Leone, approx. 17 KM in proven high yield diamonds. We have no debts, we have invested over $18 million so far, we require a final investment of approx. Euro 1 million (can come in $250 k tranches) the ship can be pledged as asset security and the ROI we will discuss - either a loan or profit share - 15% share on monthly diamond yield or 20% P.A. interest paid. We have secured all relevant permissions and ship is in final stage of fit out, we have excavators and smaller vessels. Our ship is one of the largest the largest inshore mining vessels in Africa measuring over 70 meters in length and 11.8 meters beam. The draft of the vessel is only 1.5 meters and it is flat-bottomed. Serious enquirers only, we will need proof of your ability, sorry, we have had a lot of time waster Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010948 Dredging diamond mining - ready to start in high yield location Sierra Leone
1100 MAZOTECH ENGINEERING WORKS (PVT) LTD MINING PROJECT FUNDING GOLD COMMERCIAL PROJECT CONTENTS Excutive summary of the mines Recruitment of Senior staff Equipment and Machinery – acquisition/hire Transport, Logistics & Paper work(licenses, permits,etc) Operational commencement EXCUTIVE SUMMARY Dunraven Falls Mine (Shurugwi) 1) 60 hectares 2). Flooded up to first level i.e 20metres 3). First level 47g/t estimated resource as at 1985 is: 1400t= 65.8kgs of expected gold. Second level at 78g/t estimated resource as at 1985 is: 1600t = 124.8kgs of expected gold Third level @ 109g/t estimated resource as at 1985 is: 2000t = 218kgs of expected gold PLEASE NOTE GOLD VALUES INCREASES WITH DEPTH AND IT WAS MINED UP TO THE UP TO THE 12th LEVEL. The mine has 3 shafts and an adit. In summary the mine begun operations from 1904, 1931 -1934 and was temporarily shut due to funding of operation and change of ownership. It opened again from 1940 -1944 as a syndicate approved by the Rhodesian government and is temporarily closed and was soon to open from 1950 -1955 due to flooding it was closed again and only begun operations from 1978 - 1985. TOTAL TONNES MINED DURING THIS PERIOD = 98000t GOLD RECOVERED = 2,786kg @ AVERAGE OF 35.14g/t The mining was disturbed by a number of factors from finance, admin and water levels that it hampered it to reach to full capacity. There is a huge potential of alluvial gold mineralization though not quantified but recent reports as in the late 2014 the area was flocked by artisanal miners with the use of gold detectors flooded the area and word of mouth has it that they pocketed 30kgs from the same terrain. Further down about 2km from the mine down Boterekwa there is a place called Musasa area where in the early 2000 artisanal miners came from all walks of life to participate in the gold boom that had happened in the area and it is strongly believed it was alluvial. In addition at the mine there was erected a stump mill and the milled ore accumulated a very huge dump that at the time of writing this document it had not been quantified. However substantial evidence from the info gathered from the mines indicated about 700t might have been leached between 1979 -1982 at an average of 4g/t meaning 2.8kgs of gold has been recovered. Future prospects are mandatory as there might be a possibility of close to the surface gold deposit and also previous work indicate availability of lead, copper and platinum. NB: LEVEL 12 IS LOCATED AT 240M DEEP, AT THIS DEPTH THE GRADES PER TONNE WILL BE INCREASINGLY HIGH Makuti Mine (Chinhoyi) The mine is on 50ha block, mine has 4 German shafts which are anchored by one entrance of the main tunnel. Shafts collapsed dues lack of proper mining operations, each shaft had reached level 6, each producing an average tonnage of 7-20g/t of gold. In addition at the mine there is electricity source available & stump mill and the milled ore accumulated a very huge dump that at the time of writing this document it was quantified to 30000t at average of 1g/t of gold. The mine is currently functioning, but at a lower scale as a result of less resources available( lack of financing). This requires a capital injection that will be channeled in the resuscitation of the sunk shafts. The gold deposits on site are very eratic with a general association of pyrite which is the dominant ore mineral. However gold concentrates are in the tremolite dykes. RECRUITMENT OF SENIOR STAFF Due diligence or mine feasibility studies is carried out by skilled labour force. To achieve a good milestone the following key staff will be needed: Mine engineer Mine geologist Processing engineer Mine administrator Mine Manager Projected Budget Key Staff Cost (US$) Mine Engineer 12000 Mine geologist 7500 Processing engineer 8500 Mine Administrator 5900 Mine Manager 5000 TOTAL 38,900 NB: THESE FIGURES ONLY APPLY TO MINE FEASIBILITY STAGE ONLY EQUIPMENT & MACHINERY This is a very critical stage but it depends on the result from the first stage (Mine feasibility/Due diligence). Equipment selection at a mine is determined by factors to do with a particular deposit. In relation to this particular mine, machinery and equipment under listed will be required to achieve a strong goal profit. Mine equipment is classified into the following: Exploration & Geology Mining Technical Services Milling & Mineral processing Office & Administration EXPLORATION & GEOLOGY EQUIPMENT FUNCTION/USE COST (US$) Vehicle(SUV/Twin Cab) Traveling during due processes & mining operations 75000 Drilling, Compressors & accessories Drilling & blasting 1000000 Assay bags Samples 500 PPE Protective clothing 3000 Explosives Blasting 3000 Total 1,081,500 MINING EQUIPMENT QUANTITY FUNCTION/USE COST (US$) Compressors & drilling accessories(jack/water/ electrical hammers) 5 Drilling purposes 60000 Transformers & cables 3 Power supply 390000 Generators 5 Power/back up 60000 Pumps 10 Pumping water 20000 Hoist & winch 5 Hoisting ores 50000 Hoist frames 5 Part of hoist 30000 Drill steels 40 Drilling 3000 Drill bits 200 Drilling 2500 Avid loaders 5 Charging 5000 Excavators (45 tonne) 30 Ore extraction 3000000 Front end loader 20 Loading purposes 2000000 Tipper trucks 15 Ore transportation 1425000 Dump trucks 9 Ore transportation 765000 Bulldozer 5 Open cast operations 500000 Wheel dozer 4 Open cast operations 350000 Motor graders 5 Open cast purposes 500000 UD trucks 10 Transportation of mine goods, labour, & other errands 250000 Armoured cable 100m Electrical cable 15000 Magazine house` 1 Storage of Explosives’ boxes 30000 Magazine box 10 Storage of Explosives 15000 Explosives Blasting 50000 Cabins double 30 Employees’ shelter 30000 Welding machine 5 Welding purposes 5000 Grinder 5 Grinding steel 800 Tool boxes 5 Maintenance & all tools are used at a mine 1500 First aid boxes 5 First aid purposes 5000 PPE 100 Safety clothing 30000 Fire extinguishers 30 Fire emergency 600 Offices double blocks 5 For mine administration 30000 Vehicles(all terrain) 10 Senior Staff 315000 Office Furniture 20000 Computers/Desktops 10 Storage of Information 5000 Printers 10 Printing 5000 Laptops 10 Storage of information 10000 Hard drives & flash discs Storage of information 2000 Communication devices Site radio communication 20000 Total 10,000,400 NB: GIVEN THAT HIGHLIGHTED MACHINEREY CANNOT BE AQUIRED IN TIME, IT CAN BE RENTED LOCALLY AS WELL. PRICES QUOTED ARE FROM LOCAL SUPPLIERS TECHNICAL SERVICES ITEM QUANTITY COST(US$) Vehicle 3 30000 Total stationary 5 5000 GPS 5 2500 Laptops 5 5,000 Cline rulers 10 500 Offices 5 3000 Office furniture 3000 PPE 25 19000 Total 68,000 MILLING & MINERAL PROCESSING ITEM QUANTITY COST(US$) Vehicle 5 75000 Ball mills & Milling plant(complete) 5 2,500,000 PPE 50 25000 First aid 500 Offices 3000 Laptops 5 2500 Computers(desktops) 3 3000 Total 2,609,000 OFFICES & ADMINISTR Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010671 Active Gold mines in Zimbabwe. Calling for investors!! Equity guaranteed!! Lithium deposits 800 hect Zimbabwe
1100 Lithium (an essential mineral used in batteries) is now under very high demand as there is a shortage of supply of Lithium globally due to the rapid increase and demand for batteries needed for Electric Vehicles (EV's), Renewable Energy Storage and Portable Consumer Electronic Devices. Petro Brothers Corporation (Zimbabwe) has identified a perfect investment opportunity for Lithium Mining in Zimbabwe Zimbabwe has the largest Lithium Reserves in Africa and the 5th largest Lithium Reserves in the World yet the mineral remains largely untapped due to lack of investment. We have carried out extensive research and gathered physical data on the ground (mining reports, locations, etc) and we have identified a few Lithium mines ready for purchase and commercial production/mining of Lithium Ore. We currently need an investor who would be interested to partner with a passionate and tireless hard-working team, to invest (approximately USD $4 Million) into purchasing cheap Lithium Mines full of unmined Lithium Resources (1000+ Hectares), Mining Equipment and Working Capital. In return the investor can expect Equity/Royalties as we will monetize by exporting the Lithium Mineral. The Investors can expect to see a return on capital and net profit gains within the first 13 months from the beginning of mining operations expecting (approximately USD $17 Million in Revenue within the first 13 months period) (NOTE: Due to the surge in demand for Lithium the current price for Lithium is expected to rise by 4 to 10 times in 2022 hence the business opportunity and investment in Lithium Mining is a guaranteed success) Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010131 Zimbabwe Has The Largest Lithium Reserves in Africa & 5th In the World, A Reason Why You Must Invest Zimbabwe
1100 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY WESTGATE Microfinance Limited, currently a Microfinance Institution, is transforming to a fully licensed AGRICULTURAL FINANCE BANK, a Commercial Bank in Uganda. The Bank will be a leading financial services company focused primarily in agricultural banking and will be the leading agricultural lender in Uganda, which hitherto received less than 12% of net bank lending, to drive financial inclusion in the country’s agricultural sector. The bank will offer a wide range of finance, investment and risk management solutions across the entire agricultural value chain, ranging from primary production, agro processing, distribution and marketing. The total capital outlay of US$20,000,000 is needed to finance the cost of the investment. From the projections: The Bank’s total income is comprised of interest income, noninterest income and trading income. Total income goes up by USD 2.3 million in year 2 (Year 1: 1.9 million), representing a growth of 19.0%. In the subsequent year. Westgate Microfinance Ltd started with small capital $5000 but it has been building fast and that is why we are looking to raise finance to fullfill the business targets. The financial forecast is very good with good return in investment. We can provide you with details Business plan and financial models. STATEMENT OF COMPREHENSIVE INCOME The Bank’s total income is comprised of interest income, noninterest income and trading income. Total income goes up by USD 2.3 million in year 2 (Year 1: 1.9 million), representing a growth of 19.0%. In the subsequent years, the total income grows by USD 2.7 million (year 3), USD 3.4 million (year 4) and USD 4.5 million (year 5), representing an average growth of 26%. The projected year-on-year growth is mainly attributed to the growth in business that results in a higher growth in interest income.  Net interest income, which is the margin between interest income and interest expense, remains the main source of income for the Bank. PROBLEM/OPPORTUNITY STATEMENT Uganda is a fast-growing economy in East Africa, with a population reaching nearly 47 million. Agriculture is Uganda’s most important sector and the largest source of export earnings, averaging 53% per annum and employing 72% of Uganda’s population. The sector contributes more than 32% of the country’s GDP and remains largely dependent on approximately 500,000 smallholder farmers of which 90% of the farmers hold farms between 0.5-2.5 hectares. Central to poverty reduction in Uganda is increasing productivity in the agricultural sector to increase the revenues of smallholder farmers. Approximately two thirds (72%) of Uganda’s population is engaged, directly or indirectly, in agriculture. Yet, less than 12% of net bank lending goes to agriculture. Smallholder farmers, the majority of farmers in the country (89%) – delivering up to 80% of the annual total agricultural output, are particularly underserved. MANAGEMENT TEAM Our team is made up of experts having more than 30 year of experience combined in the Banking and Finance Industry. 5.2.1 CHARLES OLANYA Charles Olanya is a qualified Cyber Security Analyst with a Master Degree in Business Information Systems (MSc-BIS), Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE), CCNA, Certified Scrum Master (CSM), Cyber security Lead Auditor and Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT), with over 5 years’ management experience at Senior Management in both public and private sector. 5.2.2 RICHARD NYEKO Richard Nyeko is a Professional Certified Accountant with extensive experience in Accounting and Finance. He holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Monitoring & Evaluation (Uganda Technology and Management University (UTAMU)), CPA (Member)–Uganda (ICPAU), Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management (Uganda Management Institute (UMI)) and a Bachelor of Business Administration (Gulu University). The total capital outlay of US$20,000,000 is needed to finance the cost of the investment. Tis can be through Equity or Debt finance. We are open to discussion. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009507 FINANCING FOR AGRICULTURAL SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISES (ASMES) WESTGATE MICROFINANCE LTD Uganda
1098 The European Investment Bank is the lending arm of the European Union. We are one of the biggest multilateral financial institutions in the world and one of the largest providers of climate finance. We are looking for partners in regions around the world, including Africa, to promote sustainable development, peace and stability. Finding Investment Opportunities AIDB-017616 Looking to provide finance for impactful projects across Africa. Benin;Botswana;Burkina Faso;Burundi;Cameroon;Cape Verde;Cent...
1095 We extend a cordial invitation to you and your organization to participate in discussions regarding the development of international freight forwarding and logistics trade lanes between India and Africa in association with us at Exim Transtrade! The trade relationship between India and Africa presents significant opportunities for collaboration and growth. By optimizing transportation routes and enhancing logistical infrastructure, we aim to facilitate smoother and more efficient movement of goods between these two vibrant regions. We believe that your expertise and insights would be invaluable in shaping the strategies and partnerships necessary to realize this vision. Your organization's involvement could contribute greatly to the success of this endeavor. We are planning to host a meetings to explore potential collaboration opportunities, discuss market insights, address challenges, and forge partnerships to drive this initiative forward. If you are interested in participating or would like further details, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We look forward to the possibility of collaborating with you to advance international trade and logistics between India and Africa. We are EXIM Transtrade! Since our establishment in 1994, EXIM Transtrade has emerged as a leading 3PL Logistics company, holding prestigious IS/ISO & AEO certifications and memberships in renowned organizations such as FIATA, FFFAI, BCBA, MTO (DGFT), JITO, and more. Additionally, we are proud members of WCA World & WCA Interglobal, and registered with the US FMC (Federal Maritime Commission) as an NVOCC. Our Diverse Services: We specialize in providing comprehensive and tailored logistics solutions globally, including: • Supply Chain & Logistics Solutions • Door-to-Door Logistics • Freight Forwarding • Custom Broking for Export-Import • EX-IM Consulting • Special Cargo Movement (Haz/Non Haz/Reefer) Our Vision: With a vision to be a renowned name synonymous with international logistics, we strive to be the preferred choice for every stakeholder. Our goal is to ensure complete customer convenience, and our business policies and processes are aligned with this commitment. Global Network: EXIM Transtrade's extensive network connects major gateway ports worldwide. As a global logistics company, we have established strategic relationships with leading Shipping Lines & NVOCCs, operating in all major trade lanes. We excel in managing various commodities, including general cargo, special cargo, dangerous goods, projects, and temperature-sensitive shipments. Quality and Expertise: Our organization has implemented effective quality procedures supported by robust technologically-enabled infrastructure. Proficient in managing international trade cycles, we cover freight forwarding, export-import, customs broking, shipping, consolidation, door-to-door logistics, 3PL, supply chain, and fulfilment solutions. Our reach extends through Air, Land, and Ocean, with offices and associates strategically positioned across India and the world. Committed Team: At the heart of EXIM Transtrade is a team of experienced and qualified professionals dedicated to realizing our organizational vision and business objectives. Your Trusted Logistics Partner: Count on us for all your logistical needs. We are here to help you globalize with cutting-edge capabilities and a commitment to customer care. Find Business Partner AIDB-017307 International Freight Forwarding & Logistics Trade Lane Development Cameroon;Central African Republic;Djibouti;Ethiopia;Ghana;Ke...
1094 Geo Wind Power Tanzania Limited presents a compelling investment opportunity in the burgeoning field of renewable energy, specifically focusing on wind power. As a specialized Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), Geo Wind is strategically positioned to lead a transformative wind energy project in Tanzania. Our primary objective is to contribute to the national energy grid by developing and operating a wind farm with a capacity of 50MW initially, expandable to 300MW, all backed by a robust 20-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with TANESCO (Tanzania Electric Supply Company). Key Aspects of the Investment Opportunity: 1. Project Overview: • Geo Wind is dedicated to harnessing clean, sustainable energy through wind power generation boasting 9.2m/s wind speeds. • The project site spans approximately 1114 hectares, with 216 hectares titled, situated in the prime Singida region. • A 2014 preliminary feasibility study for 50MW has already laid the groundwork for the project’s viability. 2. Endorsements and Regulatory Approvals: • The project holds critical endorsements, including a 2014 feasibility study for 50MW (to be updated). • Geo Wind has secured a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with TANESCO, ensuring a steady revenue stream. • Regulatory approvals, such as an Environmental Impact Assessment certificate from NEMC and an incentive certificate from TIC, underscore our commitment to environmental responsibility and compliance. 3. Strategic Importance: • The Ministry of Energy has recognized Geo Wind’s project as crucial in achieving Tanzania’s goal of 1500MW of renewable energy. • Wind energy presents a sustainable solution to address Tanzania’s energy challenges, aligning with global efforts to reduce carbon emissions. • Contribute to sustainable energy practices, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change and strategically positioning for collaboration within the East African Power Pool. 4. Investment Scope: • Geo Wind is seeking investors to secure a minority or significant stake in the company, contributing essential resources to drive growth. • The investment will be utilized to update compliance documents, conduct a corporate cleanup, and hire consultants for the development phase, project development and construction. • Additionally, funds will support the construction of a site office, land valuation, human resources, and consultancy services during the project’s crucial initial stages. Keywords: Renewable energy investment, Wind power project, Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), TANESCO, Sustainability, Environmental impact, Tanzania energy sector, Clean energy investment, Greenfield project. Investing in Geo Wind’s project not only aligns with the global shift toward sustainable energy practices but also positions investors at the forefront of Tanzania’s renewable energy revolution. This opportunity offers a chance to contribute to environmental stewardship, achieve financial growth, and be a part of a pivotal project that addresses the growing energy needs of Tanzania. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-016381 Geo Wind: Wind Energy Investment – 20 year PPA in Tanzania Tanzania
1092 Fireweed are revolutionizing the nature-based carbon credit market: bringing together a full stack solution that is reliable, efficient and transparent. We also help create sustainable solutions for the communities who we work with, creating livelihoods alongside preserving indigenous forest, which acts as a precious carbon sink for GHGs. We are looking for seed investors who are focused in Africa to participate in our seed round. Your contributions will be in exchange for equity, which we plan to deploy in our first carbon offset projects which will be based in Uganda. We are also in conversations with landowners across other African jurisdictions and plan to expand the business across Sub-Saharan Africa first, but eventually would like to have carbon offset projects running across the continent. We are looking for people who are seed investors/angels and keen on helping to reverse climate change in Africa, while also helping to create sustainable livelihoods for the people we support. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-016526 Fireweed are revolutionizing the nature-based carbon credit market. Botswana;Kenya;Nigeria;South Africa;Tanzania;Uganda;United K...
1090 Ghana and the entire African continent is developing fast its opportunities by building a robust entrepreneurial economy. The Ghanaian government, like many other governments on the continent have been implementing policies and programs through various agencies to give the vibrant youth the confidence and opportunity to venture into innovation that can create jobs and position the countries to compete. Tentmaker Hub has been part of the foundation of this emerging strategy in Ghana and on the continent. We are currently working on the next phase of our growth strategy which is to invest in the working space for the rising community of entrepreneurs. We are looking for partners and investors to execute this strategy. Our operation in the past seven years has gained traction in Ghana, on the African continent and indeed across the world and a strategic partner will tap into our rich experience and great opportunity. Interested investors in this multimillion dollar project should email Find Business Partner AIDB-013480 Co-working space Investment opportunity in Ghana. Ghana;Rwanda;Zimbabwe
1090 This wholesaler is one of the largest distributors of imported fabrics to the clothing and allied industries in South Africa and the SADC region. The company, which has long-standing relationships with suppliers, has built a strong foundation and a reputation for high quality. Customers include large chain stores and SME manufacturers. Revenue: R177m | EBITDA: R36m Selling a Business AIDB-015434 Leading wholesaler of a full range of fabrics South Africa
1085 We have manufacturers in Zambia and Zimbabwe that require high quality soya. We are looking to source Grade 1 and Grade 2 in the region at minimum purchase volumes of 1,000 MT. Please Buying Physical Goods or Products AIDB-013758 We are looking to source quality soya in Zambia and the region on a regular basis. Malawi;Mozambique;Zambia;Zimbabwe
1080 Manufacturing Africa is a UK government funded programme designed to contribute to economic transformation in Africa by providing manufacturing companies and investors with investor readiness support to attract foreign direct investment. If you are a manufacturing company in Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda and Senegal and seeking access to capital of about $2 million or more, please get in touch with us for advisory support on investor engagement and technical assistance (we do not provide funding but provide support to help reach funding). We also invite investors looking for new investment opportunities in the manufacturing sector in Africa to engage us and we will connect you with a range of attractive investments with reduced risk. For more information about the Manufacturing Africa Programme please visit or email us on Finding Investment Opportunities AIDB-010367 Supporting the sustainable growth of the manufacturing sector in Africa Ethiopia;Kenya;Nigeria;Rwanda;Senegal
1078 EPCA provides world-class electrification solutions in Western Australia with a multi-disciplinary team of expert engineers and tradespeople. We take existing diesel-powered mining vehicles and convert them into Battery Electric Trucks (BETs). By converting existing mining vehicles into fully electric systems, clients can expect significant annual savings with a vast reduction in maintenance costs and the eliminated requirement to burn through thousands of litres of expensive diesel fuel. On average, clients could expect savings of approximately $703k p.a. in combined OpEx / CapEx / maintenance costs per vehicle. For a fleet size of 650 vehicles, this would equate to a reduction of AUD$0.5 billion in costs with a carbon emissions reduction of 1.1mil tonnes! Selling Physical Goods or Products AIDB-017273 EPCA operate on the bleeding edge of new technologies to provide complete Battery Electric Truck. Australia;Central African Republic;South Africa;United State...
1077 I am looking for Solar energy opportunities in Angola. Finding Investment Opportunities AIDB-017372 Solar Energy Opportunities Angola
1075 We provides detailed information about our capabilities and experience in the following areas: - Green Transportation & Infrastructure - Transportation Planning & Traffic Studies - Highway & Traffic Signal Design - Infrastructure Design - Bridge & Tunnel Design - Project Management - Shop Drawings - Site Supervision - Design Verification - Value Engineering - BIM Management Find Business Partner AIDB-017560 Civil Engineering, Roadway Design, Bridges, TIS & Infrastructure (Wet Utilities & Dry Utilities) Algeria;Angola;Bahrain;Benin;Botswana;Cameroon;Chad;Egypt;Ga...
1070 Africa Seed Fund “ASF” is a new Africa-focused fund to be headquartered in Cairo with direct links to North and Sub-Saharan Africa. It is targeting a total funding of US$85M, which will provide seed funding to 160-170 startup companies in North, East and West Africa over 5 years. The Seed Program will help create the pipeline and the value-add support to 90+ early stage African startups and will also invest directly into 70+ seed and early-stage startups outside the program. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-015725 Africa Seed Fund will provide seed funding to over 160 startups in North, East and West Africa. Ivory Coast;Egypt;Ghana;Morocco;Nigeria;Senegal;Tunisia
1057 Seeking visionary investors for a large-scale, mechanized farming venture spanning 20,000 hectares dedicated to the cultivation of soybeans and maize. Exciting opportunity for significant returns and sustainable agricultural impact. Selling Physical Goods or Products AIDB-017736 Seeking Investors in Large scale mechanized farming of 20,000 hectars for soya beans and Maize China;Kuwait;Netherlands;Qatar;Saudi Arabia;United Arab Emir...
1056 The required investment will drive our business model built on the end to end chili value chain to ensure there is less than 5% product waste via the intense focus on chili drying as an anchor product. This investment will yield a 35% - 45% annual rate of return due to the perennial nature of crop as well as the perfect semi arid location of the farm in Kitui, kenya where the average temprature is 35 degrees centigrade. By keeping our costs low, we ensure that our product pricing is globally competitive. We will secure our investors through crop insurance. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017809 Looking to raise 1$M for a Chili Export Farm in the Global fresh and dry chili market. Kenya;United Arab Emirates;United Kingdom;United States
1055 Somalia’s economy is growing and needs affordable energy to continue developing. The National energy deficit in the country is considerable proving an opportunity for potential investment. As a priority enabling sector, investments to offer competitive energy prices and alternatives to current energy sources (generators, charcoal) will prove profitable for both investors and government. According to AfDB’s assessment, the energy mix is dominated by charcoal and firewood; meeting nearly 80 to 90% of the energy needs of the whole country and undermining manufacturing and forest sustainability. Renewable energy sources are a viable and immediate way to increase affordable energy for Somalis. Investments in renewable energy are multiplying in Africa as the costs of renewable technologies decrease. Somalia has one of the highest potentials for onshore wind power in Africa and one of the highest rates of daily total solar radiation in the world. The cost of renewable energy options are decreasing and are now often less expensive than diesel options. Overall, the total installed and operational generating capacity in Somalia is estimated to be 80 to 85 MW and an estimated 250,000 connections. Drops in voltage are frequent and supply is limited to 5 to 6 hours per day. The low tension (480/220 V) over sometimes long distances leads to tension and technical losses with most small generators reporting 40% to 50% power loss. Renewable energy potential is abundant. The solar energy potential ranges from 5 to 7 kWh/m2/day with over 310 sunny days in a year or 3,000 hours of sunshine per annum. Somalia is also characterized by strong wind regimes with annual average speeds of 1.5 to 11.4 m/s with potential for small hydro power (around 100 to120 MW) along the Shebelle and Juba rivers. A number of Public Private Partnership (PPP) agreements are in place, using Power Purchase Agreements (PPA). There is huge investment demand in electricity generation, transmission and distribution across major cities and towns in Somalia so that manufacturing can once again thrive and cost of doing business generally gets lowered. Grid-scale renewable energy projects, as well as off grid and microgrid installations using renewable energy sources such as solar PV and Solar Home Systems are becoming increasingly prominent in Somalia markets. The cost of technology has come down substantially. Other AIDB-015893 Somalia has one of the highest potentials for onshore wind power in Africa Canada;China;India;Japan;Norway;Saudi Arabia;Sweden;United A...
1054 Dive into 'Molecule Lake' ™ a cutting-edge generative AI platform empowering scientists in biotech, pharmaceuticals, and academia to navigate molecular data and the entire body of scientific literature for advanced drug development. Proven with a global non-profit foundation focused on drug repurposing in the global south, our solution invites partners in pharma/biotech/universities to advance scientific exploration and innovation collaboratively, meeting evolving needs and enhancing productivity. For more details and a product video see: Find Business Partner AIDB-017100 Revolutionize Drug Development with Generative AI: Join the Exploration at Molecule Lake ™ Denmark;Finland;Germany;Kenya;Morocco;Norway;Qatar;Saudi Ara...
1050 Feelgood Health is a leading woman founded and run natural health company in South Africa, with an online retail and a wholesale division (Natural Wholesalers). We have made good inroads in expanding our footprint in South Africa and received our first round of venture capital from Enygma Ventures LLC in 2021. We are now looking for investors to take the opportunity to join us in our quest to expand into the USA, with our unique range of more than 500 natural and organic, plant based and cruelty free health and lifestyle products. Finding Investment Opportunities AIDB-012274 Feelgood Health is looking for investors wanting the opportunity to be part of our growth expansion South Africa;United States
1050 Local Brands Hub Manufacture & retail Discover and Shop South African brands online. Or visit our stores! Tag us #LocalBrandsHub • Fast Shipping in South Africa straight to your doorstep LOCAL BRANDS HUB is the local street wear University. This is where the real learning of the business begins, for South Africa's excelling emerging clothing brands that target ages between 16-45 in RSA, to retail in their communities then later globally. Unlike the others, here we take simple loved clothing brands and convert them into real functioning brands that can retail at high quality & quantities standards as international brands we see in malls or online. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010819 "New Textile clothing manufacturer and retailer in South Africa with resouces seeking Investors "! South Africa
1050 We are established company here in Accra, Ghana. We want to expand our Burglar Proof and Glazing product (Curtin Wall, Aluminium Door & Windows etc.) in the Nigerian Market. We want someone in a similar industry to partner as agent. All you will need to do is to find markets and all product will be produced in Ghana and sent to Nigeria. The Agents will be trained on the installation of the products, will be supported with marketing materials as well. Pricing will product will be discussed with agent so that we will be competitive in the Market. We will offer product at cost, so that Agent can add his margins. This business has potential of making $5,000,000.00 in revenue per annum. Hope to hear from interested ones. Find Business Partner AIDB-011445 Expanding our Burglar Proof & Glazing industry in Nigeria Nigeria
1050 Using existing infrastructure and technology, we are able to build in the South African Townships, and manage the entire process from building to rental listings to payment collections to contracts being managed. This is the biggest and fastest growing segment in the market with very few market players. Demand is far outweighing supply and we have positioned ourselves as the market leaders in this field. We are looking for funds to build at scale and keep the units to rent out. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009253 Tech-Enabled Property Developer seeking investment to build at scale in SA Townships. South Africa
1050 Africa Eats is a unique investment company (not a fund), investing in and supporting dozens of fast-growing SMEs, building the food-ag supply chain in 10+ countries across Africa. $36+ million in aggregate portfolio revenues growing at a compounded 50% growth rate. Reducing post-harvest losses, increasing the incomes of 100,000+ smallholder farmers, all with profitable, for-profit business models. The opportunity is to own a piece of this portfolio which aims to be a publicly listed company in the next few years. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010687 Investing in for-profit solutions to hunger and poverty across Africa Botswana;Ethiopia;Ghana;Kenya;Malawi;Nigeria;Rwanda;Tanzania...
1050 We are looking for suppliers and distributors of around 200,000 tree seedlings of endemic species and distribute them to various locations in the south, central, east and west of the country. This could either be through production in a central nursery, with extremely careful distribution to each location, or (preferably) through production in various nurseries and transportation over shorter (<50km) distances. Supply is for 2022/2023 crop year. Further details on ideal nursery locations, tree types and purposes and timeframe available on request. Buying Physical Goods or Products AIDB-010800 Supplier and distributor of 200,000 multipurpose trees. Ivory Coast
1049 Fibrx stands at the forefront of a transformative journey in Uganda's telecommunications landscape. Our pioneering initiative, AnyConnect, is designed to significantly enhance digital inclusivity and provide robust commercial stability across the region. By integrating state-of-the-art Fibre technology with an expansive public WiFi network, we aim to create a seamless connectivity solution that addresses the unique challenges faced by Ugandan communities. Vision and Opportunity In Uganda, a pressing need for reliable and affordable internet access presents a compelling opportunity. As digital technologies become increasingly integral to economic, social, and educational development, the absence of adequate infrastructure hinders progress. Fibrx is committed to bridging this digital divide. Our strategic approach leverages the latest in telecommunication technology to ensure widespread access and foster a digitally inclusive society. Innovative Solutions Our flagship product, AnyConnect, consists of two key components: AnyConnect Fixed: This innovative FTTP (Fiber to the Premises) solution utilizes a leased last-mile connectivity model, obviating the need for new infrastructure investments while maximising the use of existing networks. This approach not only speeds up deployment but also reduces environmental impact and costs. AnyConnect Mobility: Set to launch with 1000 access points across Kampala, this mobility product focuses on enhancing wireless internet access in urban and suburban areas, facilitating greater mobility and constant connectivity for users on the go. Commercial Stability and Growth Fibrx is not just committed to technological innovation but also to creating a sustainable and profitable business model that supports our long-term vision. Our strategy includes substantial investment in IP transit capabilities dedicated exclusively to serving the Ugandan market. This will significantly reduce internet costs, thereby stimulating greater usage and increasing the overall market penetration. Investment Appeal Investing in Fibrx offers a unique opportunity to partake in a venture that promises not only financial returns but also a lasting socio-economic impact. Our project aligns with several key investment criteria: High Growth Potential: The increasing demand for reliable internet in Uganda coupled with Fibrx’s innovative approach positions the company for rapid growth and expansion. Sustainability and Responsibility: By prioritizing the use of existing infrastructure and focusing on affordable services, Fibrx supports sustainable development goals and promotes social equity. Strong Market Position: With a pioneering service offering and first-mover advantage in several key areas, Fibrx is poised to establish a leading position in Uganda’s telecom sector. Call to Action We invite you to join us on this exciting journey to transform Uganda’s digital landscape. Your investment will not only fuel the growth of Fibrx but also contribute to building a more connected and inclusive future for all Ugandans. Together, we can unlock the vast potential of digital technologies to drive progress and prosperity in Uganda and beyond. Fibrx is more than just a telecom company; we are a catalyst for change, committed to unlocking the power of connectivity to empower communities and catalyze growth throughout Uganda. Join us in making digital inclusivity a reality. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017408 Fibrx: Redefining Digital Connectivity in Uganda Kenya;Tanzania;Uganda
1049 According to the National Development Plan, Livestock is the main repository of household and national wealth, and the export-oriented pastoralist production system provides an important investment opportunity. In the early 2010s, the livestock sector accounted for around 78 percent of total exports though these have been occasionally interrupted by droughts and international export bans in the last three decades. Somalia’s livestock products for consumption and export are Camel, Cattle, Sheep, Goat, and Fish. Livestock provides a source of income, while home consumption of meat and other animal products represents an important source of food security. According to FAO, the livestock sector continues to offer significant growth potential, boosted by continued domestic consumption and export-focused supply with good prices and growing markets in the Middle East region.According to the Directorate of National Statistics (DNS) at the Ministry of Planning, Investment Economic Development (MOPIED), exports in current prices amounted to 806 million US Dollars in 2016. Livestock continues to account for 60.7% of GDP and over 70% of exports. Despite being a considerable livestock producer, Somalia still has a huge potential to attract investments in the production and supply of fresh milk in many major cities, and very little domestic processing capability exists including canning, packaging, branding, and marketing. Going forward, a diversification of livestock export is critical including the development of meat processing capacity in Somalia. With increased investment, smart regulation, infrastructure development, sector coordination, and improved branding, Somalia has ample opportunities to capitalize on the growth of the livestock sector in the Middle East and other regions of the world, while supporting the growing local demand. Other AIDB-015881 Livestock is the most dependable sector of Somalia’s productive sectors. China;Egypt;India;Japan;Malaysia;Saudi Arabia;Thailand;Unite...
1046 Industrial Salt Project in Ghana seeks a U.S. technical partner. A vetted Ghanaian buyer seeks a U.S. supplier of Zero Liquid Discharge Technology and Services for Salt Production. This trade lead is being supported by the Commercial Section at the U.S. Embassy in Accra, Ghana. Please contact for more information on this opportunity. Buying Physical Goods or Products AIDB-012956 Seeking U.S. supplier of Zero Liquid Discharge Technology for industrial salt project in Ghana Ghana
1046 The Aquaculture and Livestock Multiplication Project (ALMP), a key initiative of the Agriculture and Industrial Development Program (AIDP), seeks to transform the agricultural landscape and elevate socio-economic conditions in Liberia. With a focus on empowering communities through skills development, ALMP presents a strategic and impactful three-year blueprint for advancing Liberia's largely untapped agricultural potential, despite its abundant natural resources. Liberia's agricultural sector holds considerable potential that is yet to be fully realized, owing to a number of existing challenges. These include food insecurity, high unemployment rates, limited infrastructure, and a substantial dependence on imported food. In response to these challenges, the ALMP aims to provide training to 10,500 leader farmers, equipping them with modern farming practices. The training program will cover various areas including livestock management, aquaculture, vegetable farming, along with the usage and upkeep of modern farming equipment. Our training programs will be deployed across carefully selected regions in Liberia, which have been identified due to their substantial agricultural growth potential and the urgent need for community skill development. These regions, represent the breadth and depth of Liberia's agricultural landscape, and our interventions aim to build self-sustaining farming communities within them. The training program is comprehensive and built on the principle of lifelong learning. It covers a vast range of agricultural topics, from the basics of livestock rearing and vegetable cultivation to more advanced techniques in aquaculture management. It also stresses the importance of using and maintaining modern farm machinery, sustainable pest control, and efficient irrigation methods. In line with the 'Train the Trainer' model, the program also empowers leader farmers to share their knowledge and skills with their communities, ensuring the longevity and wider dissemination of the skills acquired. One of the distinct features of ALMP is its focus on empowering often marginalized segments of the population - female-managed households and the youth. The project seeks to bolster 2,000 of these households and youth, furnishing them with upgraded farming skills, and thereby triggering not just individual growth but a wider community transformation. This facet of the project is born out of our conviction that truly sustainable development is achieved when it is both inclusive and transformative. Collaboration and engagement are central to the success of the ALMP. We maintain a close alliance with local governments and communities, engaging in regular dialogues with local government officials and community leaders. This ensures that our project aligns seamlessly with regional development plans, secures necessary administrative and logistical support, and is tailored to the unique needs and preferences of each community. This community-driven approach is a cornerstone of our project, ensuring the interventions are not just accepted but are sustainable in the long run. International collaboration is an integral component of the ALMP, particularly with Israeli institutions and businesses that have significant expertise in agricultural technology. Israel's contributions to innovative farming practices - including advancements in irrigation systems, pest and disease control, and farm management - are well-regarded globally. Our goal is to draw on these areas of expertise to catalyze growth and improvement in Liberia's agricultural sector. As this initiative is spearheaded by I2A3, we are already in meaningful discussions with leading experts across diverse agricultural disciplines. This includes specialists in precision agriculture and AgTech, experts in aquaculture, leaders in irrigation technology, authorities in livestock management, scholars in crop sciences, pioneers in post-harvest technologies, and specialists in agricultural finance. We are also engaged with notable educational institutions for training and capacity building in these areas. Through these collaborations, we aim to foster a robust and sustainable agricultural sector in Liberia, reflecting our steadfast commitment to the country's development. The anticipated economic impact of the ALMP extends well beyond the immediate beneficiaries. By enhancing local farming practices, we foresee a tangible reduction in Liberia's food import dependency, a surge in local job creation, and a stimulation of local economies through increased agricultural activities. Our focus on value chain development could spur new opportunities for local businesses, ranging from farm input suppliers to food processors and retailers, thereby promoting wider economic development. The ALMP, backed by the Catholic Diocese of Gbarnga, American entrepreneur Mr. Jones N. Williams along side with the Israeli Interest and Awareness in Africa Association (I2A3), and with a budget of US$ 7,165,250, represents a transformative investment opportunity in Liberia. We are set to improve food security for approximately 500,000 individuals, enhance livelihoods of 10,500 leader farmers and 2,000 female-managed households, and contribute to a more stable socio-economic environment in Liberia. For a deeper insight into our mission and operations, we invite you to visit our website at The ALMP, with its unique blend of international collaborations, focus on empowering marginalized segments, and application of cutting-edge farming techniques, represents a watershed initiative for agricultural and socio-economic development in Liberia. We invite potential investors and partners to join us on this transformative journey towards reshaping Liberia's agricultural sector and building a sustainable and prosperous future for the nation. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-014899 Transforming Liberian Agriculture: An Investment Opportunity in Sustainable Farming Practices Liberia
1045 The shareholders own one of the largest Dairy business in Africa. They are now venturing into related Agriculture Projects and seeking partners for the same. Other Opportunities around the eco-system are in a startup for Fintech and Agritech. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-012228 Investment Opportunities in East Africa for Agritech, Fintech and an Agriculture Project Kenya;Uganda
1045 Eight Orbit Urban Farms' mission is to use cutting-edge innovative engineering technologies for year-round plant and crop production, using a combination of solar and renewable energy to power greenhouses, and ensure zero greenhouse gas emissions across Africa. We are on a mission to develop the largest CEA company in Africa with year-round vegetable, fruit, and staple food production, to meet the daily nutritional needs of the African population, eliminating the dire and growing challenges of famine, food insecurity, food and waterborne diseases, and poverty in the continent with solutions for importation and distribution. Our primary focus is to build a reliable, resilient, sustainable, innovative, and dynamic vertical farming industry in Africa to meet the needs of its rapidly growing population. Our goal is to leverage advances in the agriculture industry and continue to advance control environment agriculture (CEA) with innovative and cutting-edge technologies, and to develop the African economy through local and intercontinental crop production, sustainable agriculture practices, and safe processing and distribution of produce to regions in Africa, as well as creation of thousands of jobs to attain a healthier and wealthier continent. Our startup company is seeking pre-seed funds for the building and operation of our first high-tech innovative indoor farm on 539,000 square feet (approximately 5.3 hectares) of land in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja in Nigeria. Our innovative indoor data-driven farm will use hydroponic and aeroponic farming systems, managed, and operated using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, nutrient float technologies (NFTs), low-cost energy sources (i.e., sunlight, renewable energy), 95% less water, limited resources, zero herbicides and pesticides, and ensure little to zero carbon emission. Eight Orbit Urban Farms will produce fresh, organic, better-tasting, and nutritious crops using dynamic, high-tech, and AI-engineered hydroponic and aeroponic farming systems to achieve year-round production, processing, sales, and distribution of fresh produce for easy access to local communities, general African markets, as well as exports to countries around the world. We are on a mission to feed Africa, and investors from around the world are welcome to be a part of this revolution . Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-015246 An Innovative Indoor-AgTech Greenhouse Startup in Nigeria Seeking Funding China;Nigeria;United Arab Emirates;United Kingdom;United Sta...
1045 THE PROBLEM: There are over 12 million bike taxi riders across Africa. They have daily income but can not access traditional credit because they don’t keep records and don’t have security. OUR SOLUTION: A mobile-app for bike-taxi riders to receive and pay for loans using mobile money. Loans are paid in small daily instalments since the riders earn daily. Loans are endorsed by the local leadership who also enforce collection. BUSINESS MODEL: We charge 20% interest on each loan. Loan duration is 30 days. Other AIDB-016105 Mobile App for Loans to Bike-Taxi Riders across Africa. Loans are paid in Daily Instalments. Ghana;Kenya;Nigeria;Tanzania;Uganda
1044 This project is aimed at providing rapid infrastructure for hydrogen production at the point of requirement. Providing ready availability of hydrogen will support its adoption as a viable alternative marine fuel and contribute to the reduction of the sectors’ emissions. It also looks at the feasibility of integrating already available renewable energy sources nearby to ports, to facilitate the acceleration of maritime’s energy transition,” says Dean Goves, Managing Director of Longitude for Marine Vessel Design. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-016018 Winner of UK Innovation Award, Recognised at COP 26 for its Innovation South Africa
1043 Sierra Global is your complete supply solution of provision and store in South Africa. FMCG Exporters seeking a partner, distributor. Find Business Partner AIDB-011154 Looking for a Partner/Distributor in Mauritius for high quality South African FMCG products Mauritius
1040 Off Market deal: 3 Star Business Hotel & SPA, Guinea Bissau, in "Old Bissau" located 300metters from the doc of the seaport. Hotel occupancy rate: 86% 42 Rooms Business Hotel: 17 Rooms 16 Suites 3 Special Suites 6 Brand new Suites Annual Income summary: €2.029.000,00 Hotel income from daily room: €1.279.000,00 Annual revenue of the Auditorium: €392.000,00 Annual income of the Restaurant: €358.000,00 Net Profit / EBITDA: €1.641.000,00 > Global business valuation: €8.200.000,00 - The same Company that owns the Hotel also explore 2 other lucrative businesses in same location, that are part of the whole business and included in the sale. Overall valuation of the total business (Summary): Hotel: €8.200.000,00 Shops: €2.600.000,00 Stock of goods: €900.000,00 Total invetory: €300.000,00 Property value: €29.000.000,00 Summary: Properties + Hotel Business + Stores Business Asking Price (Negotiable) > €41.000.000,00 Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-016375 Businesss Hotel - Profitable Company manage a 3 Star Business Hotel and Two Commercial Shops Guinea-Bissau
1040 HYDROGEN POWERED PLANT (EMMERGENCY POWER SOLUTION) GREEN HYDROGEN POWERED ELECTRICITY GENERATION Our country Zambia is running short of the required electricity by an estimated 750MW. In this regard we would like to purchase emergency hydrogen modular (if possible) power generation units for our Country in like less than three months to supply the much needed power. We are looking at unit modular hydrogen power generation units producing sizeable power say 400MW of electricity as an example. Looking forward to hearing from you Thanking You Yonas Tadese Email: Buying Physical Goods or Products AIDB-017659 GREEN HYDROGEN POWERED ELECTRICITY GENERATION Zambia
1038 The asset is a state-of-the-art water bottling facility on the outskirts of Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. It rests on an area of 20,000sqm and sources water from 3 bore wells (2 are located onsite and the other is 1.5km from the facility). The facility is also well suited for industrial manufacturing of other food and beverage products. The bottling plant lies on a 1,339sqm space and has the capacity to produce up to 5,400 liters/hour. The facility has 1,700sqm of warehousing space for raw materials and finished products. The facility also offers ample space for expansion projects (3,000sqm of space available for further development). Selling Real Estate AIDB-016095 Acquisition of a water bottling facility in Ethiopia suitable for food and beverage production Ethiopia;Kenya;Saudi Arabia;United Arab Emirates
1037 Oakwood Green Advisory (OGA) is acting as financial advisor to the company which is into the production of a variety of beverages including juices, cider, malt & carbonated soft drinks and bottled water. The company is looking to expand its operations by introducing a new canning line (for canned drinks) and expand capacity of current bottling line. Products will be sold locally (utilizing its existing & extensive distribution network developed by its sister trading company) and exported to Europe. The company has agreements in place to can & bottle products using its facility on behalf of some major European based beverage companies/suppliers who supply products to West Africa. The company has received a 10 year duty free & tax free concession from its government which has been ratified by parliament. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-015468 Integrated Beverage Production Company (Fruit Concentrates, Juices, Soft Drinks & water) Guinea;Guinea-Bissau;Liberia;Sierra Leone
1037 Central Electricals International Limited, SOLAR DIVISION, specializes in cutting-edge solar installations, providing sustainable and energy-efficient solutions for businesses like yours. With a commitment to quality and reliability, CEIL has established itself as a leader in the solar energy sector. Here are some key highlights of what CEIL can offer: Customized Solar Solutions: CEIL takes a personalized approach to understand the unique energy needs of businesses. Their team of experts will work closely with you to design a solar installation that maximizes efficiency and cost-effectiveness. State-of-the-Art Technology: CEIL utilizes the latest solar technologies to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Their installations are designed to harness the abundant solar energy available, providing a consistent and sustainable power source. Cost Savings: By incorporating solar energy into your operations, you can significantly reduce your reliance on traditional power sources, resulting in long-term cost savings. CEIL's solutions are designed to deliver a strong return on investment over time. Environmental Sustainability: Embracing solar energy aligns with environmental sustainability goals. CEIL's solutions contribute to a reduction in carbon footprint, making your business more environmentally responsible Selling Professional Service AIDB-016178 We are an EPC Company looking to sell our services to C& I Market Chad;Democratic Republic of the Congo;Kenya;Republic of the ...
1031 Malcel is a recently licensed mobile network operator that intends on serving customers across Malawi. The Malcel management team are an experienced combination of individuals with both technical and financial expertise that have been working on the the African continent for the last 20+ years. Malcel will deploy a digital network across the entire country including 5G in the cities with an initial focus on the 4 major cities within the first year of deployment. In addition, Malcel will also deploy a 4G network across Malawi’s populated areas outside of the major cities while only tackling rural coverage in subsequent years. Country Population: 20.66 Million Mobile Phone Penetration: 57.2% or 11.8m subscribers Internet Penetration: 24.4% or 5.04 million Median fixed internet connection speed: 8.77 Mbps Social Media Users (18 and above): 757 thousand While the mobile phone penetration looks high for this market, the reality is that many people have multiple sim cards and therefore the true penetration is closer to 42%. Increased market share: By differentiating yourself from the competition, offering affordable pricing, and building a strong brand, you can attract new customers and increase your market share in a market dominated by only 2 mobile operators. This can help you establish a foothold in the market and create long-term sustainable growth. Improved customer loyalty: By prioritizing customer service and satisfaction, offering educational resources, offering Agritech as Malawi is an Agricultural country and integrating mobile money services, you can improve customer loyalty and retention. This can help to reduce customer churn and encourage customers to stay with your business for the long-term, which can help to increase profitability. Positive brand reputation: By prioritizing partnerships with local organizations and building a strong brand identity that resonates with your target audience, you can establish a positive brand reputation in the market. This can help to increase brand awareness and recognition, which can in turn attract new customers and generate positive word-of-mouth recommendations. Mobile Number Portability: Malawi is introducing Mobile number Portability in 2023 in a drive to enhance competition, this will assist new players who offer superior service to capture high end customers who have an affinity to their number as they can now move to other networks without losing their original number. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-015772 A brand new operator ready to rollout in Malawi, looking for partners and investors. Malawi
1030 Balke and Partners is operating the largest mine and quarry portal in the world offering opportunities to invest into natural resources, quarries and mines. This is a marketplace for quarry owners to meet investors on the international and worldwide level. We established this portal 10 years ago and since then we served over 500 owner owners and investors successfully with opportunities. Buying a Business AIDB-010836 Quarries For Sale in Africa Angola;South Africa;Tanzania;Zambia;Zimbabwe
1030 Our client's project involves the development of a 47-unit green real estate community on 5.5 acres of land in Aburi, Ghana. The aim is to redefine luxury living by integrating sustainability and eco-friendliness into every aspect of its design and construction. The Project is organized as a special purpose vehicle (SPV) under a limited liability company (the “Company”) which is registered in Ghana. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017802 Investment opportunity in a green real estate project in Ghana Ghana
1025 With the land secured, an opportunity exists to share/co-own Baobab Ranch - a 246 000 ha conservation concession in northern Mozambique. Great potential to generate an income through a carbon offset project, as well as high-end tourism & hunting. One of the few remaining areas of true wilderness with the exquisite african fauna & flora. Find Business Partner AIDB-010479 Opportunity exists to partner on 383 000 ha game farm/hunting concession. Mozambique
1025 The Fund leverages its first-mover advantage, deep knowledge, and presence in East Africa to find undervalued ventures and provide hands-on support to unlock their value. With a team in Addis Ababa, Washington, and Silicon Valley, we provide investors access to disproportionate returns and impact while fulfilling our mission: to drive innovation in Africa. Geography: Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania (East Africa) & selective opportunities across Africa Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017123 African Renaissance Partners backs seed-stage tech ventures in high-growth East Africa Ethiopia;Rwanda;Tanzania;Uganda
1024 A boutique hotel with spa and conference room located at Thokaza Village (KZN) in Zululand District Municipality. A hotel has 20 rooms for commercial use, Spa, Front desk/reception, Restaurant and Café, Conference / Event venue, Pool Bar and Lounge, Swimming pool. Thokoza area which is the hotel site is located and accessible through provincial routes R66(Zululand Heritage Route). The Boutique hotel is in the area of many attractions that attracts many tourists like The KZN Cultural Museum, which is less than 5km in proximity. Finding Investment Opportunities AIDB-014562 A boutique hotel that aims to provide service excellent that exceeds guest expectations. Australia;Brazil;Cameroon;Canada;Caribbean;China;Costa Rica;...
1022 The company is a social impact technology company that provides sustainable & innovative e-health & m-health technology solutions for CPD (Continuing Professional Development) & CME (Continuing Medical Education) programs to health care professionals. This is achieved by partnering with NGOs, local & international providers. Stakeholders include Health Ministries, Regulatory bodies, Associations, Health Facilities & training colleges in Africa, Asia & the Middle East. WCEA is looking to raise £2m at pre-money valuation of £22m. Raising £2m will enable the WCEA to scale up staffing to accelerate growth by leveraging the substantial global connections and relationships & monetize the proven underlying technology & all platform data. Between 2020 & 2022, WCEA’s focus has been network growth, with monetisation beginning in 2023. During the Q1 of 2023, WCEA’s revenue was £490K, against a FYE of £2m Monetization through 1. Subscription plans2. Advertising3. Surveys4. NGO Projects5. Recruitment - 750,000 Verified healthcare professionals-7.8m courses read till date- 28 operating countries- £6.4m invested so far by promoters Projects with Big Pharma (Sanofi, J&J), NGOs(UNFPA) Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-015467 Innovative CPD platform for healthcare professionals Angola;Botswana;Cameroon;Cape Verde;Comoros;Egypt;Equatorial...
1021 The establishment of a Surgical Training Centre in Cape Town, South Africa, aims to address the growing demand for high-quality surgical education and training in the region. This centre will leverage Cape Town's strategic location, robust healthcare infrastructure, and strong academic institutions to provide world-class surgical training. The centre will cater to medical professionals from across Africa as well as internationally, promoting medical excellence and ultimately improving healthcare outcomes. We are seeking an investment of between $500,000 and $1,000,000 which can be split between several stakeholders for the renovation and medical equipment for the facility. Discussions can take place to establish the commercial terms in the form of sponsorship, marketing, training hours, facility hire and device placement. The team has been involved in surgical training for 20 years. They have operated in more than 40 countries worldwide and trained thousands of surgeons. The facility is scheduled to open in October 2024 and has training programmes booked for medical device companies. No revenue has been generated yet, as facility has not been opened yet. The establishment of a Surgical Training Centre in Cape Town, South Africa, aims to address the growing demand for high-quality surgical education and training in the region. This centre will leverage Cape Town's strategic location, robust healthcare infrastructure, and strong academic institutions to provide world-class surgical training. The centre will cater to medical professionals from across Africa as well as internationally, promoting medical excellence and ultimately improving healthcare outcomes. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017546 SLATE is a new surgical training facility located in Cape Town, South Africa. The facility will provide hands-on training to medical students, residents, and practicing surgeons in a wide range of surgical procedures. South Africa
1020 Euro American International Energy (EAIE) is a pioneer company in the Oil and Gas industry since the 1984 with global presence and local registered offices in the Africa regions and the corporate head office is based in Dubai, UAE. In each country we have our own facilities and well trained & experienced Team. EAIE prides itself in being associated with the internationally reputed manufacturers, buyer and sellers. Our services of timely performance, quality control and logistics management have met up to their global standards and ensured consistent relationship. EAIE is actively involved in supplies of Crude and Fuel Oil, Gas Oil, Gasoline, Naptha and Jet Fuel since 2019 to different countries Sudan, Limbe Cameroon, Djibouti, Turkey, Pakistan, In view of this we are connecting the world and expanding our business opportunities in 2023 for the supplies of petroleum products and trying to hit the west African countries especially Equatorial Guinea and Ghana. In view of this I would like to know about the companies' focal persons who are interested and actively involved in Imports of petroleum products for company's demands. Selling Physical Goods or Products AIDB-013093 Import/Exports of Petroleum Products (Gas Oil, Gasoline, Fuel Oil) Equatorial Guinea;Ghana
1020 Extreme New Urban Developers Ltd is a Kenyan Company leading in Real Estate industry. We offer a wide range of real estate services in the residential, commercial and new development projects which covers sales, letting and property management. Our solutions extend to offer advocate property transactions from letter of offer to the final transfer at the lands and deeds registry. We also partner with a team of experts and consultants to offer survey and valuation services. I am seeking funds to scale up the business in offering affordable world class housing for the rising middle class in Africa. I will use funds to construct affordable housing units of 2 bedroom and three bedroom apartments opposite Tatu City. The future business growth plan is to elevate my community around us to good living standards and enable families live together in friendly environment. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009126 Extreme Affordable Housing in Kenya Kenya
1020 A & L Quarry and Concrete Products Limited is a Private Limited company set up to provide the following major service: quarry mining and concrete products. The company owns an 25.277 acres (10.230 Ha) quarry concession at in the Awutu Senya West of the Central Region, Ghana. A & L is a company standard Stone Quarry company’s office is located at Millennium City, Kasoa with Digital Address No. CG-1836-9241. The company is a profit-oriented company that compete favorably with the leaders in the industry by way of putting in place a competent team that ensures that our products are of highest standard. The marketing strategy of the business is a combination of advertisement in print and electronic media. The rock bed on all the concessions consists of massive medium grained porphyritic biotite micoline-orthodase granite. The production practice and process are in complains with the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulation as well as that of the Mineral Commission. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009210 The mine will have an important and positive impact on the community as well as on the government. Ghana
1020 Our client a regulated MFI in Tanzania is seeking TZS 1 billion/ US$ 400k with equal regular repayments over three years. The borrowing requirement is to improve its access to and control over the supply chain, through direct purchase of tractors and other implements/equipment leading to significantly higher operational margins. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010665 A local r MFI is looking for debt finance to procure agricultural tractors to onlend to farmers Tanzania
1020 We have all come across online platforms that promise you the moon but then exploit your sales by taking a cut from your earnings. Introducing AirDuka, a platform that seeks to add value to vendors by not charging any commissions, rather charging affordable subscriptions while the vendors focus on selling their products and services at competitive rates so that both they and the buyers can benefit from non-exorbitant prices, thereby benefiting the economy at large. Selling Professional Service AIDB-011377 Register With AirDuka To Increase Your Online Presence With Value! Kenya
1020 Alyfe empowers both Nigerian healthcare providers and patients. Our HMS is engineered for seamless practitioner workflows and includes a state-of-the-art, web-based patient portal. This provides patients unprecedented access to their own health data, fostering transparency and informed participation in their care. Built on FHIR standards, Alyfe prioritizes data security, ease of use, and reliability – crucial strengths that set us apart from existing competitors. Designed with extensive input from medical advisors, our UI caters to the unique needs of Nigerian clinics and busy healthcare professionals. Nigeria's growing population demands healthcare infrastructure that scales effectively. Alyfe delivers robust solutions. Our platform supports streamlined administrative processes, accurate record-keeping, and informed clinical decision-making. We aim to enhance the capabilities of healthcare workers, not replace them. The Alyfe team blends medical domain knowledge with technical prowess. Strategic seed funding of $50-100k will power continued development of our core HMS, the patient portal, and security advancements. This funding opportunity offers early investors a substantial stake (5-10%) in a platform poised to transform patient care and optimize clinic operations nationwide. Join us in shaping the future of secure, patient-centric healthcare in Nigeria with Alyfe. Selling Professional Service AIDB-016736 Alyfe | AI-Powered HMS Disrupting Nigerian Healthcare | $50k-$100k unlocks 5%-10% Mauritius;Nigeria
1020 We have investors with an appetite for Oil and Gas Financing - Acquisition and Development. Reach out here if you are interested: At Broad Capital Advisory (BCA), we connect founders and project owners to the resources they need to execute and grow. Finding Investment Opportunities AIDB-012737 Oil and Gas Financing - Acquisition and Development Ghana;Nigeria
1020 Founded in 1989 and based in Algeria , the company is among the main players in the Algerian market of building turnkey micro and mini (2 MW to 100 MW) power stations using conventional and renewable energies. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010278 Reputed energy operator opening up its capital to international investors Algeria
1020 Purple Real Estate Income Limited (PREIL) is a member of the Purple Group (Purple), a specialist investment group with businesses in financial services and real estate. The Company is looking to amass blocks of investment grade real estate assets in a small format across densely populated areas, starting in Lagos, Nigeria. Issue Size- Up to $3.3 million (N1.353 billion) Share price- $0.010 per share (N4.30) Offer- 314,816,520 ordinary shares Use of Proceeds- To optimize its capital structure by deleveraging its balance sheet and strengthening its capacity to pursue its planned expansion program in line with its long-term strategy Method of Issue- Private Placement to New Shareholders Minimum Subscription- $12,500 (N5.16m) for 1,200,000 ordinary shares in PREIL (Exchange rate - N413/$1) Closing Date- Nov 5, 2021 Status- The shares being offered rank pari-passu in all respects with the other existing issued ordinary shares in the Company Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009842 Purple Real Estate Income Limited Private Placement Offer (of up to $3.3m) Nigeria
1016 8B Education Investments is on a mission to enable African brilliance to have a global impact. We have built the first platform that connects high-potential African students with world-class colleges and universities and the tools they need to level up their applications, the financing options they need to enroll and the career support they need to realize their highest potential. The impact of 8B's work is in providing global universities and employers a gateway to the world's youngest and fastest growing pool of diverse talent, while creating a critical mass of African innovators equipped to participate, compete and thrive in the knowledge economy of the 21st century. We have raised $30m in senior debt from a US bank. We are now raising an additional $15m in junior debt and guarantees in order to provide affordable loans to African students going to STEM programs in the US and Canada. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-012272 8B Education Investments - $15m junior debt for for African students in leading global universities Algeria;Angola;Benin;Botswana;Burkina Faso;Burundi;Cameroon;...
1010 • Importing & Supplying Safety Equipment, fittings and apparels likes of Head to toe-PPE solutions, safety installations fit for buildings, Spill containment kits, biosafety cabinets, fume hoods and other laboratory safety fittings such as fire extinguishers etc. • Importing and Supplying SHEQ Measuring & Monitoring devices, fittings and related accessories like sound meters, dust-meters, air quality devices, hygrometers, breathalyzers, windsocks, Lab Rapid Testing kits, etc • Design bespoke SHEQ management systems though documentation and trainings as well as aiding institutions to acquire ISO certifications on SHEQ systems and related systems’ gap analysis consultancies. • We offer workplace SHEQ trainings such as first aid training, fire safety, Committee trainings ,chemical handling and storage etc. OUR BRANDS PORTWEST (UK), DRAGER (Germany), SINGER SAFETY ( France), MOLDEX (Germany), 3M (USA) and few Asian Giant Manufacturers SAFETY JOGGER and BIOBASE. We also offer Local products’ as per Clients request ( Safety shoes, work overalls , dustcoats, masks, ear plugs, ear plugs, work eye wash stations, gumboots gloves, Safety goggles/ spectacles and many more . Selling Physical Goods or Products AIDB-017557 Providing certified SHEQ solutions , PPES, measuring $ monitoring devices across East Africa region Kenya;Tanzania;Uganda
1010 Available Plots of Land ready for development. Exclusively nestled on top of the Aburi Mountains, with fantastic view and great comunities near West Africa's oldest Botanical Gardens, Presidential Peduase Lodge, Lansdown Resort, Ashyase University, and many more. Land is going fast. 34 plots available now! Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010218 Looking for Joint Development of 8.26 Acres Master Planned Gated Community at Aburi Ghana Ghana
1005 The project is based in South Africa and is estimated to produce Net Cash Flow over 27 years = R 1 881 082 272 ($101m). 113m tons of coal will be produced over 27 years life of mine. The mining area has three identifiable coal seams namely Top-, Middle- and Bottom Seam. With FGX Dry Processing technology, RB2 exportable coal will be produced. A gasification plant will be built on site to convert coal, coal wastes, biomass, biomass-coal blends, and other low cost feedstocks into higher value energy and chemical products. Local coal will be used as the main feedstock for a coal gasification plant to provide hydrogen to local refineries for crude oil upgrading. The proposed complex would convert coal to syngas which would then be shifted and cleaned to meet refinery hydrogen specifications. We are looking to raise an initial R55,000,000 (R255,000,000 total capital required) to acquire a stake in the project and finance 50% of the Initial CAPEX and OPEX of the project. The seed injection will be structured as a hybrid of debt and equity with the investor exiting once they have realised 27% ROI. My name is Keketso Koloko and my company, Sibankol Holdings (Pty) Ltd, is a company focused on the energy and fossil fuel sectors. We aim to contribute to the innovation and diversity in these industries and promote sustainable business practices. We are new to the industry and hope to start our journey with bang should this project be realised. We have partnered with terra Mineral Solutions, a geological and mining service company made up of industry experts to provide the technical and operational knowledge required for a project of this scale. Terra Mineral Solutions was formed in 2020 and is a South African based consulting firm with involvement in the minerals and mining sectors . They provide various entities and individuals with services that enable them to extract maximum value from their mineral and mining projects . The founders have an extensive background in geology and mining operations, having been involved with all departments and the entire value chain on working mines for more than 10 years . Through Terra and our subsidiaries, we are able to render integrated services across various scientific, technical, operational, environmental, financial and commercial disciplines with a view on total project synergy and risk mitigation to facilitate maximum value realisation. Sibankol Holdings has not began trading as yet. Terra Mineral Solutions has been in business for 4 years and have been involved with projects in the Northern Cape, Limpopo, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique. It is planned to supply Lethabo Power Station (situated near the project site) on a long term contract as a domestic customer. The export coal will be sold in Australia and/or Japan (offtake yet to be agreed). The gasification byproducts will be sold to industrial users and gas-powered energy plants in the country. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017580 I am looking for an investor to lend my company R55m ($2,93m) that will be used to acquire a 25% stake and provide the initial CAPEX and OPEX for a brownfield Coal mining and hydrogen project valued at R900m ($49m). South Africa
1005 Africa’s third generation of fintech startups is optimally positioned to generate substantial gains for investors. Equitable Ventures provides a distinct diversification opportunity for its investors to access the most promising early-stage fintech startups in Africa, yielding both investment returns and impact. The high-caliber global entrepreneurs we invest in are solving real world problems at scale; capitalizing on conducive macro trends, established digital infrastructure, and the attention of global VCs and acquirers. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-015959 Invest in Equitable Ventures F-1. Unlock gains with Africa’s vibrant, early-stage fintech innovators Ivory Coast;Kenya;Nigeria;Rwanda;South Africa
1004 AFRICA GLOBAL NETWORK SOLUTIONS is a South African based general trading company trading in goods such as petroleum and petrochemicals products, pharmaceuticals, consumer appliances, and infrastructure equipment within and between South Africa and other African countries. The company has identified over $500 billion in total addressable market opportunities across Africa, with particular focus on Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia, DRC, Ghana and South Africa which represent over 50% of consumer spending. Key target customer segments include government agencies, healthcare facilities, retailers, construction firms, and more. The sales strategy involves direct outreach to purchasing managers at major corporations and government organizations that have high import volumes. The value proposition centers on providing a reliable network of verified international suppliers, facilitating documentation and licensing, and leveraging in-country relationships to enable smooth cross-border deliveries. The goal is to sign 5 major buyers and $10 million in sales in year one, with projections to grow that to $20 million in year two as product lines and geographic coverage expands. Margins average 15% over supplier costs but are expected to rise with higher volumes. Key metrics will track monthly sales by customer and country, new deals signed, order values, and profit margins. Around $1,500,000 in startup funding will be allocated towards procuring essential warehouse equipment, testing tools for quality control, and office technology to enable efficient operations and inventory processing capacity as sales scale up. The company's strategic location, understanding of African consumer preferences, and strong focus leveraging modern digital platforms to optimize procurement, logistics, and delivery processes should provide a competitive advantage in the market. The vision is to facilitate over $50 million in trade within Africa in the first three years. Selling Physical Goods or Products AIDB-017704 Sells South African produced pharmaceuticals, medical devices, petrochemicals, consumer appliances. Angola;Botswana;Democratic Republic of the Congo;Ethiopia;Gh...
1003 Who We Are Blackview is a thriving technology brand that originally specialized in rugged outdoor phones to support rugged lifestyles and survive tough and challenging environmyents. After 10 years of development, the product category has taken in mainstream phones, smartwatches, earphones, tablets, and laptop. 0547657199 Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-016234 Am looking for investor or Partner for mobile phones distributions Ghana;Malawi
1001 Factory located in Nkok Special Economic zone with production specialty in processing of wood into Veneer. The factory sits on a 2Ha land with a Shed area of 1Ha. The processing capacity of the factory is 2,000 CBM logs per month with annualized capacity of 24,000 CBM. Investor Benefits: • Constant Log supply from log park to the factory • O&M services (Water, Electricity, Internet, Estate Management) Selling a Business AIDB-017664 Ready to use Veneer Factory for sale or lease in Gabon China;India;Nepal;United Arab Emirates;United Kingdom;United...
1001 Eniware is a paradigm-shifting eco-friendly company dedicated to making safe essential surgery possible anywhere in the world by providing safe portable surgical instrument sterilization without electricity, heat, or water that is safe, represents an advantageous investment for healthcare systems, and can increase access to vital surgical procedures worldwide. Market Opportunity The Lancet Commission on Global Surgery estimates that over 150 million surgical procedures are not presently being done in low and middle-income countries. In addition, there is a large demand from disaster and humanitarian relief organizations, missionary groups, NGOs, and militaries. Eniware has estimated the total addressable market for its sterilizer to be over $ 3.5 billion. The rapidly expanding population and increase in non-communicable diseases that require surgery are strong drivers for these markets. The Eniware Solution The EPS uses no electricity and two landfill-safe consumables for each cycle (a gas generation cartridge and a scrubber cartridge). There is an outer Pelican-type case with an inner sterilization chamber. The chamber is sized to hold a variety of surgical instrument trays sufficient to hold a wide variety of instrument sets. The EPS also serves as a storage container if the instruments are not used immediately. Key characteristics of the EPS V2.0 include: ● Portable: ~35 pounds with two full-sized surgical trays ● Exterior dimensions: 28.9” × 16.8” × 9.1” ● The cycle will be about two hours from start to finish ● Room temperature ● Uses NO ELECTRICITY OR WATER ● Uses two landfill-safe consumables ● Uses nitrogen dioxide gas (NO2) as the sterilant ● Sterilizes to a PNSU 10-6 ● Software controls use 3 C batteries ● Easily learned, easy to use ● Interlocks ensure safety ● Environmental boundary conditions 100 C to 400 C Competitive Advantages • The EPS is inexpensive and cost-effective, with an NPV for acquisition and use that far exceeds its cost. • It can be used with a broad range of materials compared to an autoclave. • It is simple to use and easy to learn. • It requires little maintenance. • It is eco-friendly, using no electricity. Note: the average cost of a single tabletop autoclave is $35,000 per year in electricity costs. • Its use can be easily scaled to meet the demands of a healthcare provider by adding units inexpensively. Go To Market Strategy Our plans for market entry include: ● An early adopter program with carefully selected collaborators with data collection and publications ● Collaboration and development with the US Military (ongoing) ● Maintain an active communications and PR program ● Identifying local distributors ● Careful expansion from initial efforts in SSA to Asia and Latin America Sales channels The company will sell through a variety of channels. The basic sales message is simple: “Eniware is the only sterilizer that does not need electricity, heat, or water.” If that is the customer’s need, we meet it. Concomitant features of safety, material compatibility, and ease of use reinforce the sale. Pricing strategies and models will be tailored by experience and by market segment. Initial margins may be lower to facilitate technology by acceptance and market penetration. Differential and tiered pricing models will be developed and tested. Channels include: • Wholesale through local in-country distributors. Experience has shown that local knowledge and networks are critical to product acceptance and market growth. • NGOs such as Jhpiego • Disaster relief organizations such as Samaritans Purse • Mission trips • Customers where the company has not yet established local distribution • Military contracts After-sale services will include: • Training provided by Eniware to its distribution partners, after which they will be responsible. • Maintenance • Warranty: The company will replace malfunctioning EPS V2.0 during the The Business Model The company’s business model is based on the sale of the EPS unit and then repeated sales of consumables, one set per sterilization cycle. Current price estimates based on manufacturing cost estimates are: The EPS: $11,000 A single Sterilnox Kit: $24.00 This model has strong operating leverage and leads to rapid revenue growth as EPS units are sold since each EPS will continue to generate annual revenue. Eniware projects revenue of over $200 million by five years after closing this round with an estimated EBITDA of 30%. What is Needed Eniware has completed a third-party verified and validated prototype and has received detailed evaluations from end-users in the military and LMICs. The company has completed an alpha EPS v 2.0 based on these findings. The next steps include carrying out the detailed design for manufacturability activities prior to new product introduction handovers to selected contract manufacturers, regulatory submission (FDA 510(k), CE), IP filings, and launch of Early Adopter programs. Eniware will complete these activities within 70 weeks of closing (estimated). The Offering Eniware seeks to raise up to $ US 5 million in a Series A preferred equity. Summary Eniware is poised to transform safe essential surgery and provide excellent returns to investors. The EPS is eco-friendly, safe, easy to use and will make surgery possible where there is intermittent or no electricity. Eniware welcomes the opportunity to discuss our business with any interested party that shares our goals. Selling Physical Goods or Products AIDB-015910 Eniware provides portable surgical instrument sterilizer using no electricty, heat or water. Afghanistan;Angola;Argentina;Australia;Austria;Bangladesh;Be...
1000 Cool Ice is a Juice Sachet business that produces and sells Juice Sachets in Frozen form to Wholesalers and Retailers who then sell our product to Tuckshop owners and Hawkers who finally sell to the end customer. We have been in existence for just over 15 months and so far we have managed to list our product in reputable Wholesale stores in Gaborone one of whom has asked us to supply our product to all their stores countrywide. We are looking for an investor to be able to acquire more equipment (specifically blast freezers and juice mixers) to be able to produce and sell more product countrywide to even more clients. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-013111 Juice Sachet Business in Botswana with existing clientele seeking investor to go national Botswana
1000 MMO has managed first class office space in various locations of Maputo city. Our offices are fully serviced and furnished, offering a turn-key solution to companies coming into Mozambique or looking for project space. With us, you could start to work immediately, without any delays. We have a varied client base of which the majority are extractive industry related. We have executive office suites available for immediate occupation ranging in size, with office conversions for between 1– 22 people. Flexible contract terms support operational changes and gradual increase of personnel. We offer bespoke services and recognize the importance of discretion and confidentiality. Selling Real Estate AIDB-010433 Fully furnished and serviced offices available in Maputo Mozambique
1000 ForaCare Suisse AG is looking for distributors for its innovative products and services. Our products and services are designed to improve the quality of self-care for diabetes and hypertension patients. If you are interested in joining us on our mission to improve self-care for these patients, please contact us. Find Business Partner AIDB-011490 ForaCare: International Distributors Wanted Algeria;Belgium;Ethiopia;Luxembourg;Netherlands;Nigeria;Qata...
1000 Every Cent Counts is a South African original - an online financial services quote comparison platform. Think about all the online quotes platforms you have used; you can say we are like them… just on steroids. Our specialty is to do business differently by bringing a tailor-made design in this fast-paced world. The aim is not to sweat. We make it our business to make sure that our platform is seamless, easy to use, and accessible to everyone. We are offering comparisons from something as simple as cell phone insurance right through to getting an entire personal insurance portfolio for the niche market. We want to make certain that we bring you business that will last and remove the stigma of service providers being listed as spam, caused by the conventional call centre agents who allegedly warmed the lead or even the notorious comparison sites that send a client’s phone number & thier phone starts ringing like they are in some shady dealings, yet they were only looking for insurance. WE ARE A SOUTH AFRICAN ORIGINAL - AN ONL INE FINANCIAL SERVICES QUOTE COMPARISON PLATFORM. We offer clients access to source out quote comparisons via our platform, its a convenient tool that lets them compare quotes without being hounded by 30 calls in an hour. We source out the quote on behalf of the client from the appropriate service providers and provide feedback to the client. We give the client a holistic view of all the quotes received for them to make an informed decision. The client chooses who they want to do business with and only then do we connect the client with the service provider. Not only does the platform guarantee time-savings for the client but also guaranteed business for the service provider. It is a known fact that clients have companies they choose not to do business with, and this is based on many factors that might have transpired in the past or other. Why should you as a service provider spend money on a lead that will result in the client bluntly telling you they were looking for a particular company or is not willing to do business with you for whatever reason? Our platforms give clients the opportunity to choose who they want to spend their money on. When the quoting is done the next interaction is a guaranteed sale, only then will you the service provider and the client be linked together to finalize. As a company we want to be more then just an online quote comparison platform be we believe we can bring more business innovations in the insurance and financial industry . Everything will be possible once we become a licensed insurance broker. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010349 An opportunity to invest in an Insurance Broker South Africa
1000 CATALYZE EduFinance is an inclusive finance project, that aims to combine a blended finance instrument with outcomes-based incentives to both improve access to capital in the education sector in Africa but also incentivize improved education outcomes in Affordable (non-state) Learning Providers (ALPs). The project aims provide blended finance for expansion and quality improvement of ALPs who are not currently well-served by commercial lenders. To this effect Kaizenvest is raising a combination of local and international private capital as well as philanthropic capital to fulfil the objectives and deploy will deploy through commercial loans to selected organizations that offer both impact and returns and fit the CATALYZE EduFinance mandate. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010853 CATALYZE EduFinance - Blended Finance for Education Rwanda;South Africa
996 Factory located in Nkok Special Economic zone. The factory sits on 2.5 Ha and a Shed of 1.2Ha. The factory has a plywood production capacity of 3,000 CBM per month with an annualized capacity of 36,000 CBM plywood. Hot press and Sawing machines installed and in working condition. Investor Benefits: • Constant Log supply from log park to the factory • O&M services (Water, Electricity, Internet, Estate Management) Selling a Business AIDB-017663 Ready to use Plywood Factory for sale or lease in Gabon China;India;Nepal;Qatar;Russian Federation;Sri Lanka;Turkey;...
996 Madini Moyoni Ltd (Swahili for Minerals of the Heart) is a recently incorporated UK company that is developing an opportunity to mechanise and upscale an artisanal copper mining business in Mbesa, Tanzania. This opportunity is exciting because: Our detailed business plan shows high growth, profitability and return on investment A renewable, government licence has been granted to mine for seven years We are working exclusively with an experienced local, family-run mining company Customer supply contracts, locally and internationally, have been signed Our supply chain has been proven by delivering a trial order successfully Our teams are in place and are ready to start mining There are many opportunities to grow the scope, scale and impact of the operation.  With investors’ support, we will: Establish and grow a professional, safe and profitable, modern mining business Connect the artisanal mining community to the international copper market Bring significant social and economic benefits to the local area, by re-investing profits in the business and local infrastructure. We have been granted the licence to mine at our primary site, which we know contains hundreds of thousands of tonnes of high-purity copper ore through our inspection, testing and other geological data. The site covers 220 acres and is positioned above the world-famous African copper belt. In the global drive to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, copper is the only base metal that is required across all low-carbon technologies, so demand will increase as never before and there are many customers who are keen today to buy the volumes that our mine will produce. We have realistic, detailed plans, a team ready to go and a greater demand than we can supply. All we need is limited finance to set up the mine. We can start immediately and within a few months we will be profitable, growing and self-sustaining, making a huge impact on he lives of our workers, their families and the communities around the mine. We need to raise £150,000 GBP for mining machinery, equipment and operational expenses to allow us to make an immediate start. We have raised £30,000 GBP and we are looking for angel/seed funding for the remaining £120,000 GBP. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017582 Invest in socially responsible upscaling of artisanal copper mine in Tanzania, great ROI + SEIS Tanzania
995 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Deforestation threatens the livelihoods of about 40 million people in Africa annually. Restoring ecosystems would improve biodiversity, clean up polluted rivers and contaminated soils, and secure people’s livelihoods across the African continent. The next generation’s future depends on measurable, sustainable solutions to fight climate change whilst promoting sustainability and protecting biodiversity. Climate change and global warming are major concerns around the world, and Africa will have one of the highest rates of deforestation in the next 20 years making Africa one of the most vulnerable continents to the effects of climate change in all climate scenarios. AFFORESTATION AFRICA is an organisation with a mandate to restore Africa’s vast devastated forest to pre-deforestation eras by planting 250 million trees by 2027 and 1 billion trees by 2032. Our goal is to drive sustainability by planting trees, agroforestry and educating communities on the benefits of planting trees as well as prevent soil erosion, stabilize the climate, reverse global warming and improve the quality of air through our forests, the African continent and our world. OUR MISSION To continuously plant and grow trees at a rate that outpaces the rate of deforestation occurrence in Africa. OUR VISION To significantly contribute to Africa’s quota of redressing the climate change issues through Afforestation and Education. OUR STATEGY Afforestation Africa offers a great partnership opportunity for you and your organisation to show its commitment to addressing Sustainability, Climate Change and Global Warming in line with the Paris Agreement. Our teams have extensive expertise in reforestation preserve, restore wild zones and re wild all around the world. AFFORESTATION AFRICA will continue to leverage our strategic partnerships with internationally recognized organisations to determine the optimum way to plant trees in order to conserve biodiversity, tackle climate change and ensure food security.  Introduce Forest preservation through healthy practices  Tack negative environmental impact through our app and provide intervention  Organise educational campaigns that teaches communities sustainable practices  Creating over 100,000 jobs per year in the value chain  Plant 250 million trees by 2027 across Africa’s 10 worst deforested countries  Contribute to food security by producing 500 million tons of annual cash crops that contributes to the local communities and their economy. Accept our invitation to partner with us at AFFORESTATION AFRICA Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010243 PLANTING 250 MILLION TREES IN 5 YEARS AND 1 BILLION TRESS IN 10 YEARS Democratic Republic of the Congo;Ghana;Nigeria;Togo
990 IDFL is the global leader in auditing and testing for filled textiles. Founded in 1978 in Salt Lake City, IDFL is the largest filled-textile laboratory in the world. IDFL has offices in Salt Lake City, Switzerland, China, Taipei, Vietnam, Turkey, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. IDFL is committed to guaranteeing the quality of filled textile products and their raw material components. We also guarantee the integrity, transparency, and sustainability of the related supply chains. Why Test With IDFL Guaranteed quality is essential for providing consistent, reliable products. IDFL helps consumers, brands, and suppliers know exactly what they are getting and avoid product failure and recall. IDFL is the most trusted quality assurance partner for the following reasons: Experience: IDFL has been operating for over 40 years and employs staff with several decades of experience. Accuracy: All samples submitted to IDFL are tested by at least two different analysts to guarantee accurate results. Accessibility: IDFL has offices around the world, each with friendly and knowledgeable staff who are available 24 hours a day. Efficiency: IDFL can expedite testing to have results within hours and audits to have results within days or weeks. Selling Professional Service AIDB-010973 Global leader in TE & GOTS certifications and textile testing Egypt;Morocco;Tunisia
990 South and southern Africa present companies with high returns on capital that can trade at large discounts to their intrinsic value. Our fund is a long term investor in select opportunities in our markets and has delivered significant returns to investors since inception in 2011. Other AIDB-013466 Long term, long only value investment fund in public and private southern African investments Botswana;Namibia;South Africa
989 Nubians Rising hold 30Ha of gold mining claims in Ntabazinduna which is 40km from the Bulawayo airport Exploration is completed Area allows for many opportunities as it is under explored Miners in place Geosurvey and IP results show that the gold belts are no far below surface, less than 10m Multiple belts located Equipment already purchased by the company and three shafts already sunk at below 10m Cabin already set up on the land Owners of the claims here quite a joint venture or investor to partner with or a sale of the claims including reports and equipment due to financial pressures in other businesses Nubians is seeking either a Outright sale Joint venture partner Investment partner Due to our knowledge of the area we would be happy to be the working partners with an investment partner if the opportunity arose We also understand that some investors would prefer an outright sale and due to our shortage of funds we would have to consider that at this stage Mini hung claims are up to date, license only due for renewal in 2025 Julius Findo is based in Zimbabwe and a founder who has managed the miners and mine since we started Genevieve Couve spent 180 days in Zimbabwe ensuring claim certification came out, setting up the operation on the ground including interviewing miners Kelly Our head miner has lived on the claims for one year - since we commenced exploration He is able to track belts, manage local miners, manage controlled explosives for shafts, repairs equipment. Start up as we have completed the exploration stage of gold mining including vital reports which include Geosurvey followed up by Induced Polarisation plus trenching and sampling Gold is a commodity which has hit record highs in 2024 Zimbabwe is open for business It has become a very flexible a country to trade in with investors being treated with utmost respect and welcome arms Gold is the easiest commodity to mine when being to compared to other minerals and with the correct equipment the process is less than a week Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017656 Geosurvey and IP completed Trenches in 5 locations 3 shafts Breakaway tested in June @ 3,5gr/tonne Tracer located @2,7gr/tonne Ready to commence mining as exploration is concluded Equipment, cabin and miners included Zimbabwe
989 Nous disposons un gisement des gites aurifères très potentiels sur une superficie de 35km2 dans la région de Kayes au Mali. Nous cherchons des partenaires financiers agissants pour nous accompagner dans le processusafin des opérations d'exploration et d'exploitation et commercialisation. Finding Investment Opportunities AIDB-010623 Recherche de partenaires d'investisseurs pour l'exploration et l'exploitation d'une mine d'or au Mal Australia;Brazil;British Indian Ocean Territory;Canada;Germa...
988 An opportunity to expand Calcium Carbonate and Quick Lime production plant. Large local markets available which are growing at a significant rate per year. Large exclusive, licenced deposits of raw materials. The investment will be used solely to acquire new processing equipment. All investments are asset backed and imported from the world's best suppliers. All assets acquired are properly vented and suppliers have been used previously (reliable with minimum risk). We have a team of dedicated professionals in mining, industrial minerals processing and finance. Graduates from world leading universities such as the London school of economics and Cornell University. We have seen significant growth in revenue. A grown of over 25% per year in revenue. With new equipment the companys turnover will increase by 300% or more. The company has large deposits, but it currently unable to exploit thebvast resources due to a lack of processing equipment. The company has a unique source of licenced white limestone which is particularly applicable for the Paints and coating industry. We have a unique large deposit of high calcium limestone which is suitable for lime and agricultural applications. The market for industrial minerals is growing locally at a rate of over 30% per year. Many specialists minerals are currently imported from Egypt. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017524 Opportunity to invest in Kenya's Industrial Minerals market. Calcium carbonate is arguably the world's most useful industrial mineral. Kenya
987 On behalf of a major US retail company we are looking to identify Africa based clothing manufacturing companies who can produce at significant scale (millions of units) Polo Shirts, Leggings, T shirts, Synthetic Fleece Tops, Denim Jeans, Chino Pants. Substantial existing manufacturing companies in all African countries will be considered. Buying Physical Goods or Products AIDB-014850 Major US Retailer Looking for Large Scale African Clothing Manufacturers Algeria;Angola;Benin;Botswana;Burkina Faso;Burundi;Cameroon;...
985 Tenders for the allocation of mining and extraction rights for 32 oil and gas blocs in Democratic Republic of Congo will be launched on July 28, 2022. Investors or investment firms interested in investing in government projects in Africa can contact us for full details. Serious inquiries only. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-011477 Oil and gas blocs investment opportunity in DRC Democratic Republic of the Congo
985 ELITIS CAMEROON is an Insurance Brokerage Firm with headquarters located in Douala - Cameroon. Our services include advices and commercialization of general and life insurance products. Ethics and Excellence are our core values. Among our customes, we have national and international customers. Looking to partnering with insurance companies , insurance brokerage firms, investors, international companies, etc... in order to ensure that: - we can expand our business network and grow internationally; - we can provide useful contact details to our customers when they are looking for coverage out of Cameroon; - we can handle insurance needs of international companies creating offices in Cameroon and new companies in which investors have provided financial assistance. We are also seeking consultancy opportunities. Find Business Partner AIDB-008638 Looking for partners in Insurance Algeria;Angola;Belgium;Benin;Botswana;Brazil;Bulgaria;Burkin...
985 Edge is seeking investment for a $75m pan-African fund backing early stage ventures founded by exceptional, local, diverse, teams. Edge Growth is South Africa’s leading small & medium enterprise (SME) development specialist supporting previously disadvantaged (underrepresented) founders. Since 2007, we have designed, developed and executed multiple SME development and acceleration funds and programs together with corporate partners & DFIs, providing funding to SMEs & creating >10,000 jobs in the process. We have raised c. $120M across 7 SME investment funds and deployed $76M+ across the capital spectrum (debt, equity & mezzanine) into 130 South African SMEs. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-012129 A pan-African fund backing early stage ventures founded by exceptional, local, diverse, teams Egypt;Kenya;Nigeria;South Africa
982 Zimbabwe has the second largest gold reserves per square kilometer in the whole world, with 13 million tonnes of proven reserves of which only 580 tonnes have been exploited since 1980. Under exploitation of these reserves is due to common use of primitive artisanal mining methods which produce very little output as the country overall lacks enough resources to effectively extract them. Our organization is a vertically integrated mining and exploration company headquartered in Harare Zimbabwe with a core focus on the exploration, development, and extraction of precious and base metals, including Gold, Cobalt, Chrome, Nickel and Lithium, among others throughout Zimbabwe. Leveraging our extensive industry expertise, and strategic partnerships, we aim to become a leading player in the global mining market while contributing to the socio-economic development of Zimbabwe. We engaged in extensive gold exploration projects in the past years, and we managed to source over 150ha of economically viable gold claims across Zimbabwe, some of which include 30ha which are located in Norton, 20ha located in Chiweshe, and a 100ha in Mazowe. This proves to be a highly profitable investment as on average industrialized gold mines in Zimbabwe produce 40kg of gold per month, meaning a gold company could be generating up to 2 million USD a month. This also means 250ha gold claims would potentially make 50 million USD a month and about 600 million USD a year. INVESTMENT AMOUNT $3,500,000 USD (Three million, Five Hundred Thousand Dollars, and Zero Cents) EQUITY STAKE. Negotiable (Max. Target: 29%) INVESTMENT STRUCTURE • Fully funded by investor(s) in exchange for agreed share in equity ownership in our mining and exploration projects. Initial investment amount to be repaid in full upon agreed terms and conditions. • Investor to relinquish share in equity ownership once the initial investment amount is fully repaid with interest as per agreed terms and conditions. • The above terms are currently open for negotiation. USE OF FUNDS Exploration, development, and expansion of mining projects; acquisition of advanced equipment and technology; working capital and operational expenses. Founder and CEO: Monica Urshly Chenjerai Relevant experience: is the visionary founder and CEO of an emerging mining and exploration conglomerate established in 2021. With three years of dedicated leadership, Ms Chenjerai has driven the company’s growth and success through a unique blend of innovative thinking, strategic acumen, and an unwavering commitment to sustainability and community engagement. Under her guidance, the organization has rapidly expanded its exploration activities, discovering significant potential natural resources and forging strong partnerships with industry leaders. Known for a hands-on approach and a keen eye for opportunity, she has built a dynamic team and fostered a culture of excellence and integrity. Our advisory board comprises individuals who offer invaluable mentoring and non-binding advice. They provide us with their current knowledge, critical thinking, and analytical insights to enhance our decision-making processes and shape our strategies within the technical field of mining in Zimbabwe. It's important to note that these advisory board members have no equity or shareholding ties to the organization. Name: Chris Chitambra Relevant Experience: Former Chairman of the Board at Zimbabwe German Graphite Mines (Dec 2014 - May 2018). Additionally, Mr. Chitambra has served as a Director at the Mineral Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe (MMCZ), overseeing the effective management of national mineral resources and monitoring strategies in alignment with corporate policies and control systems. He brings a wealth of knowledge in financial and corporate systems related to the mining sector in Zimbabwe. Name: Mr. Mekani Relevant Experience: Mr. Mekani serves as the Group Metallurgical Manager at Metallon Gold Zimbabwe, a leading gold producer, developer, and explorer in Southern Africa listed on the London Stock Exchange. His expertise will be invaluable in guiding us toward the successful establishment of an international corporation with subsidiaries capable of fierce competition in the global market. Name: Mr. T Nyambirai Relevant Experience: Mr. Nyambirai is a distinguished businessman and lawyer renowned for his involvement with TN Holdings and other prominent figures like Strive Masiyiwa. He possesses extensive experience in building empires and forging strategic partnerships. His influence was further elevated through his business alliance with the international telecoms operator Econet Wireless Group. He is also a senior partner at Mtetwa and Nyambirai Legal Practitioners. We remain open to collaborating with international advisory team members or board of directors who can assist us in navigating the international market. Our organization is pre- revenue stage The global demand for precious and base metals continues to rise, driven by increasing industrialization, urbanization, and infrastructure development worldwide. Our projects are strategically positioned to capitalize on this growing demand, providing investors with exposure to high-growth markets and lucrative investment opportunities. Precious metals, particularly gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, are integral to the global economy. These metals are highly valued not only for their rarity and aesthetic appeal but also for their industrial applications and as investment assets. Gold Market Size and Demand: Investment Demand: Gold is widely regarded as a safe-haven asset. Global economic uncertainties, inflation concerns, and geopolitical tensions have driven substantial investment demand. Central banks, institutional investors, and individuals continue to purchase gold as a hedge against economic instability. Jewelry Demand: India and China dominate the global gold jewelry market, accounting for over 50% of total demand. Cultural affinity and rising disposable incomes in these countries fuel ongoing growth. Technological Demand: Gold’s excellent conductivity and resistance to corrosion make it essential in electronics, medical devices, and aerospace industries. Supply: Mining Production: Major gold-producing countries include China, Australia, Russia, and the United States. While gold production has remained relatively stable, new discoveries are becoming rarer, potentially limiting future supply growth. Recycling: Recycled gold, from old jewelry and electronic waste, accounts for a significant portion of the market supply. Price Trends: Historical Performance: Gold prices have shown a long-term uptrend, especially during periods of economic uncertainty. For instance, gold prices surged during the 2008 financial crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic. The global market for gold and other precious metals is complex and influenced by a myriad of factors including economic conditions, technological advancements, geopolitical events, and regulatory changes. While gold remains a cornerstone of safe-haven investment, other precious metals like silver, platinum, and palladium play crucial roles in industrial applications. Understanding these dynamics is essential for making informed decisions in the precious metals market. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017812 Welcome to Enerty and Elfigeo Corporation, a mining and exploration company focused on unlocking the vast potential of Zimbabwe's mineral resources. With a strategic approach to exploration, and a commitment to sustainable development. Zimbabwe
982 We are filing in the gap of failed inter commercial terms between buyers and sellers of Gold. By trade financing we create an opportunity to for interested private equity financers to earn in a more reliable industry We are looking for $5,520,000 for100 kilos of gold to ship it to the buyers refinery in dubai. We can still work with a 10% to pay local taxes freight charges and other associated costs. Once the gold is at buyers refinery, tested and meets purity levels as suggested. Payment is made for the delivery. The whole process takes 14 days. Payback is less than a day if we're to calculate. Which means investors gets back their money shortly. A monthly delivery contract will be signed for the first one year. On every trunch the investor still earns comission. Rest is profit Team is comprised comprised of CEO with 11years in the industry of mineral exploration, Derrick is a market analyst with 9 years in negotiations and persuasion, new markets and strategic planning, Katwongele Hood is an experienced tester key in counterfeit detecting in minerals especially hard Company is looking to expand in the area of gold trade. No projections except for cash flows upon successful delivery of consignment Market is compromised of buyers, sellers and intermediaries. Biggest buyers to work with are Saudis especially Dubai. Security and favourable terms of trade are conducive eliminate any risks We are only looking at end buyers not end users for they are not of our interest. Prices are determined by LMBA how ever we are selling below it creating opportunities for intermediaries Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017815 We are seeking investors to finance a minimal of 100 kilos gold @ 55,000 USD with comission of $2,000. The investors lot is not just paid back at first trunch but he earns comission on every trunch delivered for next one year every month Uganda
980 Broll Auctions is a premier auctions trading platform in South Africa. If you have a property or a portfolio of properties that you are considering to sell, & would like to discuss strategy & value in confidence, Luanda is available to give you guidance through the process. We specialize in sectors such as Shopping Centres, Township Retail, Petrol Stations, Industrial, Student Accommodation, Apartment Blocks, Development Opportunities, and Hospitality. Our bespoke platform converges the real and digital worlds through artificial intelligence matching Buyers & Sellers; advanced CRM systems, social media marketing, to live-streamed virtual auctions with online bidding capabilities. We have partnered with banks and other financial services partners that have financing solutions for commercial properties. Should you be looking to invest in commercial property get in touch for guidance on the strategy. We are very keen to assist in searching for any type of commercial property you might be in the market to acquire. Selling Real Estate AIDB-010129 BROLL Auctions and Sales resilience and drive have lead to a record commercial property sales United Arab Emirates
980 We are a junior mining company producing sand and aggregate. The mining site is located in South Africa between the boarder of Gauteng and North West and its closest to one of the fastest growing townships in South Africa, Soshanguvhe. Given the rapid development happening around the mine (+/-40 km radius), including a mall, few shopping centers and fast-growing townships, the mine is well positioned as a supplier of primary construction materials. We are looking for a strategic partner with capital and good network in the construction sector to work with us in opening bigger opportunities for this project. This project will require around R10m for mining assets. We are ready to share more details about this project with potential investors. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010579 Sand and Aggregate Mine Opportunity South Africa
980 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY MARKET With this project we will be addressing a major gap in the local market with regards to fishing. Currently Namibia mainly contracts South African vessels for Tuna season. This will be the first and only purpose-built vessel in Namibia that will be able to supply to local and international demand. We will also hire all local previously disadvantaged people and train them in this aspect for development of our local economy. VALUE The estimated value of the quota that we have received is between 150 to 200 million NAD in the operational contractual period. Based on the current pricing agreement that we have for selling the fish that we catch (GBP3.00 per kg). The new quota gives us 7 to 10 years of operations. ISSUE Currently we have most of the issues addressed, such as the quota and the buyers. Our only issue is the shortage of capital to start the venture. We plan on addressing this by finding investors to partake In our venture. The total capital needed is NAD 70 000 000.00. MARKET FOCUS Our main focus will be supplying locally and to Spain, with eventually exporting to other countries. We currently have a buyer that has agreed to purchase all long fin Tuna caught for €3.00. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: We have a captain that is experienced in tuna polling. He has over 25 years of experience in the fishing industry. OWNERSHIP This company is solely owned and operated by Namibians. We are Inviting investors to partake in this venture with us for very lucrative Returns on investment and possible partnership options. INVESTMENT For your investment of NAD 70 Million we will repay your initial investment plus return on investment in 7-10 years, depending on agreed upon terms and conditions. INVESTMENT OVERVIEW Your NAD 70 Million includes: (a)Purchasing of 3 purpose build vessels; (b)All logistical expenses acquiring vessels, (c)Harbor and vessel expenses to Walvis bay; (d)Readying vessels for maiden voyage. NOTE: Currancy is in Namibian Dollar (1 US$ = 16.28 NAD) NAD 70 000 000.00 = US$ 4 300 000.00 Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-011370 Tuna fishing and agri-farm speaks for itself. Very lucrative and in constant demand worldwide. Namibia;Spain
980 Sanergy manufactures high-quality agriculture and energy inputs from urban organic waste. In Nairobi, we can safely collect and remove 70,000 tons per year of sanitation, commercial, industrial, and agricultural wastes, which otherwise pollute the city, and transform them at our factory into insect-protein for animal feeds, organic fertilizers for farmers, and biomass fuel for industries. Having proven its business model in Nairobi, Sanergy is looking for $100m in equity and debt financing to replicate its success across further cities in Kenya and Africa. In Kenya, as in many other countries in the developing world, food security is at risk as intensity of agriculture increases and yields and soil fertility decline. Demand for livestock is also increasing, but availability of quality protein for animal feed is decreasing. At the same time fast growing cities globally are producing more than 2Bn tons/year of organic and sanitation waste that is decomposing in open dumps and landfills, causing damage to the environment, people’s health and economies. Sanergy, a 250-person company founded in 2011 by a team from MIT, has developed an innovative, impactful and profitable circular economy manufacturing approach to create value out of the waste generated by growing cities like Nairobi, Kenya, whereby otherwise polluting organic and sanitation waste streams are collected and converted into valuable agricultural and industrial inputs that increase economic growth and promote sustainable agriculture. Sanergy safely collects and treats organic waste (sanitation, municipal, industrial and agricultural) to convert it into high-value products: (i) insect-based proteins, derived from black soldier flies, which replace fishmeal in animal feed, (ii) organic fertilizer, which restores soil quality and structure, and (iii) biomass fuel briquettes, which is a green substitute for fuel at factories. As a result Sanergy creates impact across a wide range of Sustainable Development Goals, including increasing agricultural productivity (SDG 2) and improving livelihoods and creating jobs (SDG 8). At the same time, the technology developed in-house uses robust proven equipment to extract multiple products from each ton of waste, generating up to $40 of gross profit per ton of waste treated and net margins of 23-35%. For its work, Sanergy has recently been recognized as one the first ever Earthshot Prize finalists, and last year won the Food Planet Prize. Sanergy is currently operating the largest organics recycling factory in East Africa, treating 72,000 tonnes of waste per year. Sanergy’s goal for the next five years is to reach 1m tonnes of waste processed per year, generating revenues of around $64m and EBITDA of $25m by 2025. To achieve this Sanergy is looking to replicate its successful model throughout Kenya and into cities experiencing similar waste management issues across Africa and Asia. The goal now is to replicate this success by building similar waste-treatment facilities in around 10 further cities in Kenya and elsewhere in Africa. The expansion of capacity to 1,000,000 tonnes of waste per year by 2026 will produce 33,000 tonnes of insect-based protein, 35,000 tonnes of organic fertiliser and 75,000 tonnes of biomass briquettes annually, generating revenues of $60m and EBITDA of $22m by 2025. This expansion will require funding of nearly $100m over 5 years, of which 90% will go to the building of the new factories. Sanergy plans to raise 20% as equity and the remaining 80% as debt, and is looking for investors who share their goals and passion. If this could be you, please contact Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009671 Circular economy investment opportunity: Sanergy is expanding across Africa Kenya;Nigeria;Rwanda;South Africa;Uganda
980 The abundant dumps around Rustenburg, South Africa have FeCr2 concentrations of 6-9% still available via gravitational and magnetic separation. These dumps are large and mostly not being processed further by the FeCr2 mines. These dumps are declassified, non hazardous and our "waste" used for road building and aggregators. We have expertise in this specific extraction process, finance, project management and commodities. We have supply of feedstock. We have buyers of our product. We have a plan to execute by early 2022. We have a realistic payback on debt within 24 months. We offer 40% equity for a R10 million loan, payback conservatively at 24 months, profits conservatively at R10 mio per year for the 40% equity. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009781 Ferro Chrome Ultra Fines Recovery Plant. South Africa
980 We are a broker specializing in Rehabilitation Guarantees and Mining Assets Insurance. We also provide insurance solutions to small scale miners. Selling Professional Service AIDB-010606 Insurance for Rehabilitation Guarantees and Mining Assets South Africa
980 Launch of an Africa focussed debt fund principally to derive attractive yields on African bonds. We are teamed up with a Singapore based fund manager who already has proven credentials as managers of emerging market credit funds and their systems and processes are approved and tested. They are also MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore) approved managers. There will be leverage at a fund level with no recourse to investors for any additional collateral. Target return is above 7% (post fees) principally built around a core hold to maturity strategy and duration under 5 years. The managers are investing 10% of the corpus with initial target raise of USD 10 million. Rahil Taneja Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008630 Africa focussed debt fund investing in select Sovereign and Quasi- Sovereign debt instruments Angola;Botswana;Cameroon;Ivory Coast;Democratic Republic of ...
980 Aluminium Extrusion Services Africa (Pty) Ltd ALEXSA” is built around the vision that Aluminium Extrusion is the future of green metal with the focus of supplying the market in the Eastern, Southern, and Western Cape with the best quality products in the shortest delivery time possible. The aim for this marketing plan is to allow the ALEXSA board of directors to identify the market need and derive a successful and sustainable solution to all stakeholders for the future ahead. Our first phase strategic market approach will be the automotive, renewable energy, and architectural market in the ever-growing demand along the Cape, but not limited to supplying the rest of our South African market. During our second phase, we will focus on the possibilities of export, heavy engineering profiles, and a more niche market approach. ALEXSA plans to commission the first press middle of 2024 with the second press in 2027. As part of the value addition to our product, we also envisage to start-up a powder coating line together with product development by partnering with our clients. The 17 000 ton per annum state-of-the-art aluminium extrusion project will be developed in Coega Special economic Zone (SEZ), City of Gqeberha, Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, South Africa and will have a significant and positive socio-economic impact in both Gqeberha and the Eastern Cape as a whole. The estimated financial cost of the project is R251 928 719 ($14 819 336), (Inclusive of Working Capital and Finance Costs), and will create approximately 160 permanent jobs in steady state and stimulate the local economy tremendously by creating even more industrial and services industries. The location is ideally suited to enable ALEXSA to utilize the excellent incentives offered by the Coega SEZ. The financial implication, among others, of the incentive can be summarised in the Capital Investment of R147 000 000 for the infrastructure that will be rented on an ongoing basis. In addition to the above the Tax incentive, the first 6 years could be approximately R 156 000 000 as stated in the financial model. The location is also advantageous to enter the local market in Southern Africa as the other aluminium extrusion manufacturing Companies in South Africa are all situated in either Gauteng or KZN. With Coega situated in the Port of Ngqura, it makes it ideal for economic importing and exporting to Sub Saharan Africa. It is also ideally located to exploit the current market trend whereby coastal regions rather prefer aluminium frames than the traditional wooden frames. The plant will utilize ESKOM power from the same Infrastructure line as the Port. The Port is Identified as a National Key Point by the South African Government and would therefore be granted power preference going forward. Raw aluminium in ingot form is melted and mixed with various combinations of metallic elements (and, sometimes, silicon) to form aluminium alloys. Each alloy has specific characteristics matching application needs. The alloyed material, in molten form, is then carefully casted into logs. These logs are later cut, to extruder specification, into a form known as billet. ALEXSA process will not include any smelting but will start with logs as raw material input to the Extrusion Plant. Heating the aluminium for the extrusion process is accomplished by using a gas-fired oven. Once the aluminium has reached a specified temperature, generally ranging from 750 to 900 degrees Fahrenheit (approximately 400 to 480 degrees Centigrade), it is loaded into the container of the extrusion press. Hydraulic force is applied by a ram, pushing the billet up against the die, and bringing it into full contact with the container wall. Once full contact is established, the pressure increases, and the heated metal is pushed through the die opening to emerge on the other side as a fully shaped profile. The amount of time it takes a press to go through one cycle is related to alloy, billet size, number of holes in the die, and the shape of the extrusion. ALEXSA will also install a powder coating Plant. Powder coating is used for the coating of aluminium and steel to achieve a decorative finish that also prevents oxidation (rusting). The powder coating process is a dry painting rather than a wet spray process. Powder is sprayed by applying electrostatically charged particles of pigment and resin onto an electrically grounded piece of metal. Heat is then used to melt the powder, causing it to flow, form a thin film, and eventually cure to a hard, scratch resistant shell. Historically, the local industry was dependent on BHP Billiton (now known as South 32) for locally produced aluminium billets. Since the closure of the BHP Billiton Bayside cast house in Richards Bay in 2009, the local aluminium industry has been deprived of locally sourced billets. Even though the local industry, to some extent, has the capacity to cast its own billet from scrap aluminium, it is not enough to meet its billet requirements. As a result, the domestic industry relies on imported billet. ALEXSA investigated numerous options and locations from where the imported billets can be sourced. The best option identified is from Clear Sky Consulting (Pty) Ltd in collaboration with Biois UK Ltd Their proposal is that Aluminium Billets supply will be sourced from the Middle East. The price we are aiming to achieve will be a fixed price for the quarter (Hedging). Currently this is aluminium LME price plus $300 per Metric Ton (MT). In addition, there would be freight charges which currently stand at approx. US$ 3 500 per Full Container Load (FCL). Freight would be charged on an ‘at cost’ basis. The containers loaded with 25 tons will be used as base case. We use this amount of aluminium LME price plus $300 in the financial model, however, the freight cost used in the financial model is US$ 4 500 per container due to the current uncertainty of the Global Oil Price. Our market study and market intelligence show a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5.8% in aluminium extrusion globally. In our assessment, we followed a conservative approach by only using 50% of the global CAGR to determent the future demand for aluminium extruded products. The import into South Africa increases annually, irrespective of the Custom duties of 15% payable. This a clear indication that there is inadequate production capacity locally. The price of the extruded profiles delivered to customer or retailer is directly coupled to the input aluminium as no physical or chemical characteristics are changed on the aluminium. The fluctuation in LME input price and exchange rate can be mitigated with a three-month hedging program. The current average price of extrusions delivered to the retailers is R105/kg. ALEXSA will be able to produce at a production cost of R64/kg. The current import price of Extruded Profiles is R74/kg. ALEXSA therefor set the basis selling price in the financial model at R90/kg to ...... Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-011841 Funding required for a new Aluminium Extrusion Plant In South Africa. South Africa
978 The Municipality appoints a panel of Service Providers & Revenue Generation Partners to render a range of Revenue services, this will be at no cost whatsoever to the Municipality. The Service Provider to be appointed at RISK to source funding for projects to be approved by the Municipality i.e. Revenue enhancement projects. The Municipality appoints the service provider through a tender, Council Resolution and all supply chain and national treasury legislation will be adhered to. The terms and conditions of the agreement ensures the transfer of all assets to the Municipality at the end of the contract. With effect from the Effective Date the Service Providers will supply, deliver, install, commission, maintain and manage a range of solutions within the Municipal area of jurisdiction in accordance with the terms and conditions of this SLA. The special purpose vehicle (SPV) is a subsidiary company that is formed to undertake a specific business purpose or activity. SPVs are commonly utilized in certain structured finance applications, such as asset securitization, joint ventures, property deals, or to isolate parent company assets, operations, or risks. The SPV will be managed by the Service Provider with a representative from the Municipality on the board of the SPV The SPV is a Non Profit Company (NPC) At the end of the contract, the SPV is transferred to the Municipality, and the Service Providers exits Key aspects SPVs, which have led to their popularity, are the ease with which joint/multiparty funding can be handled, longevity, embeddedness and legitimacy, absorptive capacity, value for money, flexibility and other valuable characteristics. The joint/ multiparty funding advantage was perhaps the driver of SPV’s as, historically, the state has found it difficult to co–fund projects and to fund projects with different partners. SPV’s make this task easier, with all parties able to fund the same registered not-forprofit entity – and to do this without a much more streamlined/faster tender process – with associated timing and cost advantages. The second key advantage, is that a well-structured, experience staffed and well-positioned SPV can play a medium to longer term more influential role than what time limited development projects, initiated and operated within government, are able to do (KPMG: 2017: 5). The following steps are required in practise and in terms of the legislation: Council Resolution Letter of Appointment based on council resolution Service level agreement Advertisement Creation of SPV / NPC Creation of the NPC Bank Account DPP application for camera sites Enactment of by laws Enactment of tariff schedules Public participation Site establishment Detailed feasibility studies and project implementation plans Staff training and fitting out Equipment orders and delivery Commencement of operation The Service Provider will follow a phased approach for the implementation of the service proposed. An implementation team, including management representation and operational staff from the Municipality and the Service Provider will convene as often as required to discuss implementation actions and measure progress, as per the updated PIP. Each Municipality has unique requirements also each ward within the municipal area is also somewhat unique. Therefore detailed project plans must be created at the ward level. It is therefore essential to create or improve the pathways whereby private funds can be attracted to invest in programs of public works or services within a framework of suitable contractual arrangements. It common cause that in South Africa most three tiers of government failed dismally in creating effective avenues for catalytic infrastructure conceptualisation and implementation. If an effective structure is put in place, competent staff hired and good relationships are maintained between the shareholder and the SPV Board it can be put to very good use in infrastructure delivery in South Africa, particularly at local and provincial government level. It is proposed for the Municipality appoints the Service Provide through a council resolution OR Unsolicited Bid OR tender. The Service Provider will be appointed at RISK to source funding for the Municipality. There is NO COST to the Municipality Find Business Partner AIDB-016815 CBSMS has signed up a number of local and district municipalities for REVENUE GENERATION projects. South Africa
977 K-Square Kraft is a kraft paper packaging supplier that focuses on branded carry paper bags for use as an alternative to plastic. We currently source our paper packaging stock from China and brand it in-house for the local clients we have. We have had challenges growing the number of clients and improving sales due to the price of the our products - amongst other things. Potential customers are reluctant to make the switch from plastic to paper packaging. To overcome these challenges we intent to start manufacturing the packaging locally to alleviate the cost of sale burden and thus allow for a price reduction. We would also be able to diversify further to improve market share, expand our marketing efforts to reach the surrounding countries and bolster sales across all products. To that end, we are looking for investment for procuring the machinery required for this expansion preferably from an investor with experience in the paper/paper-packaging industry. Partnering with an investor with expertise would be a surefire way to insulate against common issues incurred at the beginning of this kind of project thus ensuring the an efficient and expediant implementation timeline. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-016900 Kraft Paper Packaging supplier in Botswana seeking investment into manufacturing expansion. Australia;Denmark;Estonia;Finland;Germany;Iceland;Madagascar...
976 Since 1895, Richmond Dental and Medical has been manufacturing a wide range of quality, cotton disposables for the dental and medical industry. We sell to distributors globally and we seek new distributors across Africa. Richmond’s nonsterile, Class 1 medical devices are FDA registered and CE Marked. Please contact us for a new dealer application. Selling Physical Goods or Products AIDB-013586 Selling Medical-grade Supplies for the Dental, Medical and Veterinary Industries Algeria;Angola;Benin;Botswana;Burkina Faso;Burundi;Cameroon;...
976 Introduction: We are excited to present a compelling investment opportunity to launch a Medical Device in South Africa. The Medical Device is a revolutionary technology designed to significantly improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs. With South Africa's growing healthcare market and increasing demand for innovative medical solutions, this venture offers a unique chance to be part of a game-changing healthcare transformation. The Opportunity: South Africa faces numerous challenges in its healthcare sector, including a high burden of disease and rising healthcare expenses. This Medical Device addresses these issues by providing an accessible, cost-effective, and efficient solution for patients and healthcare providers. Our device improves patient care, streamlines processes, and reduces healthcare expenditures. Market Potential: The South African healthcare market is vast and poised for growth. Factors such as a population of 60 million representing a substantial and diverse community, increased healthcare awareness, and government initiatives to enhance healthcare infrastructure make it an attractive market for medical device investments. Our Medical Device has the potential to capture a significant market share by addressing unmet needs and creating value in the healthcare ecosystem. Key Advantages of the Medical Device: Enhanced Patient Care: Our Medical Device offers improved accuracy, enhanced safety features and treatment effectiveness, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes. Cost Efficiency: By reducing the need for repetitive diagnostic procedures and minimizing treatment errors, our Medical Device helps lower healthcare costs for patients and providers. Accessibility: Our technology can be deployed in various healthcare settings, including remote and underserved areas, increasing access to quality care across South Africa. Competitive Edge: Our Medical Device holds a significant competitive advantage due to its innovative technology and comprehensive support services. Business Model: We plan to launch the Medical Device in South Africa through strategic partnerships with healthcare institutions, government bodies, and private healthcare providers. Revenue will be generated through device sales, service contracts, and licensing agreements. Our scalable business model ensures sustainable growth and profitability. Financial Projections: Based on conservative market estimates and adoption rates, we anticipate rapid revenue growth, with profitability expected within the first three years. Detailed financial projections are available upon request, outlining the return on investment for potential investors. Investment Requirement: We seek a total investment of US$3.5 million to fund product development, market entry, regulatory approvals, and initial marketing efforts in South Africa. Your investment will play a pivotal role in realizing the full potential of this opportunity. Conclusion: Investing in the launch of the Medical Device in South Africa is a sound financial decision and an opportunity to make a lasting impact on the healthcare landscape. This first-to-market Medical Device is poised to become a leader in South Africa's healthcare industry by improving patient care, reducing healthcare costs, and addressing unmet needs. Contact Information: To discuss this investment opportunity further and explore the detailed seed presentation, please get in touch with Daminda at Join us in revolutionizing healthcare in South Africa while achieving attractive financial returns. Together, we can create a healthier future for all. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-015441 African Medtech Company: >92%YOY Growth - SEED Stage looking for investors Belgium;Botswana;Germany;Israel;Kenya;Malawi;Mauritius;Namib...
976 The global and South African leafy green market is undergoing a significant change due to: • climate change (extreme weather events), • water scarcity, food security, and • land conservation, moving the industry toward more sustainable cultivation methods. According to the World Bank, “already volatile food prices—and the price spikes that can result—are the new normal”. HydroOrganic is establishing a 10-hectare hydroponic deep-water-culture fully controlled environment agriculture system, as well as a solar-driven cold storage facility, post-harvest and packaging facility, water treatment plant, training centre, staff facilities and children’s nursery. 1. HydroOrganic’s farm is situated by Atlantis, one of the poorest areas in the Western Cape in South Africa with high unemployment. 2. It uses no harmful pesticides or herbicides. 3. It provides for year-round cultivation without seasonal gluts and famines. 4. It uses 10% of the water of open field agriculture while producing 4 – 20 times the yield, depending on produce variety, leading to exponential water savings. 5. It reduces the risk of crop contamination, through disease and pests, and it protects from the elements and extreme weather events caused by climate change. 6. It uses IoT software and sensors to automate, monitor and control the growing environments for optimal conditions, efficiency, and risk mitigation. 7. It will have a strong gender and job creation focus with a majority of women employed, as well as 51% black female ownership. 8. It has strong expertise with a multidisciplinary team to ensure successful delivery and operation of the farm. 9. It has offtake agreements in place for the full production. 10. Project costs of USD 33m, capital structure of 70% debt and 30% equity, with an equity IRR of ~30%. 11. It is highly replicable and scalable. HOH is seeking the last USD 9.9m in equity to complete the development of this HydroOrganic farm. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-015683 HydroOrganic - The Future of Sustainable Agriculture South Africa
974 TIBA is a well know long history with extensive background in the fertilizer industry we supply egypt origin fertilizers to more than 14 countries world wide Find Business Partner AIDB-011959 We are seeking expanding in the african continent by cooperating with reliable distributors Ivory Coast;Georgia;Germany;Ghana;Greece;Guatemala;Guyana;Hu...
970 Our customer is a large and profitable Algerian manufacturer of industrial packaging with sky-rocketting growth opening up its capital for equity financing. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-013076 Industrial packaging operator raising € 25 M in Algeria Algeria
970 Balm is a global solution for mental healthcare, helping founders and professionals manage stress, burnout, anxiety, and other mental health-related situations. We also empower business experts, coaches, therapists and behavioral experts monetize their knowledge and their time while helping founders have peace of mind and become more productive.   Balm is helping founders have a more integrated and comprehensive approach that places mental health and well-being at the center of a founder’s life. “Digital mental health is a rapidly growing billion-dollar market. The global behavioural health market is expected to reach a value of around US$ 242 billion by 2027 from an estimated US$ 140.01 billion in 2019”. - HelloBetter I have an unprecedented understanding and knowledge of global innovation. I am a sociologist with several years of experience in behavioral counseling. I am one of today’s leading experts in Corporate Innovation, Product development, and Tech Startup development. I am passionate about youth development, leadership, capacity building, entrepreneurship on a mission to bring happiness to the world and has supported professionals and tertiary university students to become more productive by providing on-demand, personalized, private mental healthcare and therapy through global expert advisors, and licensed psychologists on the platform Seeking $500,000 equity - see presentation at Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010674 Democratizing access to mental healthcare for founders Nigeria;United States
970 One half of the people in the country cannot turn on a fan when temperatures go up, can't keep food cool, or simply turn lights on.This energy access crisis must be addressed urgently. Productive use of renewable energy can be employed at various levels such as by powering machines ,mechanical workshops, refrigeration of food, mobile charging, IT supply for business, processing and storage industries. Gibeon is seeking for a business partner in the distribution of PAYGO solar Powered appliances to address SDG7 and improve the lifestyle of the communities through renewable energy products. We have a distribution channel of 30 outlets in 10 provinces of the country, which makes us the most effective last mile distributor in areas that are not connected to the national grid. Find Business Partner AIDB-010299 Distribution of PayGo solar solution for productive use of energy Malawi;Zimbabwe
970 Health care e-procurement company with solid client base is seeking growth capital to expand its sales and operation. It offers an innovative holistic approach to B2B e-procurement of primarily pharmaceuticals. It's client base include many global brands. To expand its footprint it is seeking investment. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009217 Established client in health care e-procurement is seeking growth capital to expand its operation. Nigeria
970 Clara Farms Nigeria Limited is a limited liability company incorporated in 2021 with RC#1795352. Clara Farms has a vision to become the first integrated mixed farm in West Africa with an objective of being 100 percent self-sustainable and energy independent. It will be the first of its kind in West Africa, a world class model farm where animals, plants and nature will share the same ecosystem in a symbiotic relationship. We have a goal to set up multiple technological projects on our farm ranging from a world class ultra-modern fishery, livestock animal rearing, feed mill processing plant, bio-gas production site, an agro-voltaics farm, a palm kernel processing factory, as well as a modern agricultural training and research facility to help empower the youth and steer them towards Agriculture. We have recently acquired 30 hectares of land in the southeastern part of Nigeria for the farm’s primary location and currently developing a substantial portion of this land to implement the kickoff of the first phase of the farm’s project. Currently we are kickstarting the first phase of our farm’s project with the building of a 40 TPD [Tons Per Day] Palm Kernel Oil Processing Factory. We are currently seeking true aggrotech investors who are willing to contribute (equity, equity funding, loans and grants) to this project. We can go over our compensation package in detail (including a huge ROI backed with proven market financial data) with any interested investor who would like to invest in this first round of seed funding. The setup of this Palm Kernel Processing Factory Project has an estimated cost of 193 million Naira ($333,000 USD). The first round of funding will enable us to execute the factory build out and machinery installation of the Palm Kernel Processing Plant. Subsequently, we would need funding to setup a power plant powered by bio-mass and biogas (two of the by products from the processing). We have already invested personal funds in the excess of N103 million Naira towards this project, for the land acquisition, site clearing and development, building of the factory site till date (October 1, 2022). The sum of N90 million Naira ($130,000 USD) is still required for the purchase of equipment, machinery, and raw materials needed for the kickstart of the production plant and to help provide working capital for the first 30 days of the business operations. Our cash flow projection assumptions are based on conservative yet realistic estimates. Using the current market data the financial projection indicates that, the Company can generate an estimated revenue of over N4 Billion Naira ($6.8 million USD) annually of which N1.2 Billion Naira ($1.8 million USD) would be an estimated net profit per annum, if there are no expansions to the current operations. Any serious investor who wishes to be part of this glorious project is encouraged to direct further inquiries by responding here on this platform or by sending us an email directly to Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-012402 Nigerian based Aggro-Business seeks an Investor to help launch its operations. Nigeria
970 In terms of the Loan Transaction, this investment will take the form of various loan facilities secured by assets of 45% LTV being made available to the farm for the purposes of growth and the refinancing of existing loan facilities. CCR exceeds 130% - Thus ensuring that the loan value never exceeds 70% of the asset value. DSCR exceeds 1.1 Debt/Equity is less than 1.6 EBITDA/Cash Interest exceeds 4.5 Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010346 Debt & Equity Transaction, Strategic Investors are to acquire equity stake South Africa
970 Clara Farms Nigeria Limited is a limited liability company incorporated in 2021 with RC#1795352. Clara Farms has a vision to become the first integrated mixed farm in West Africa with an objective of being 100 percent self-sustainable and energy independent. It will be the first of its kind in West Africa, a world class model farm where animals, plants and nature will share the same ecosystem in a symbiotic relationship. We are proposing to set up multiple technological projects on our farm ranging from a world class ultra-modern fishery, livestock animal rearing, feed mill processing plant, bio-gas production site, an agro-voltaics farm, palm kernel processing factory, as well as a modern agricultural training and research facility. We have recently acquired 30 hectares of land in Imo State, southeastern part of Nigeria for the farm’s primary location and currently developing a substantial portion of this land to implement the kickoff of the first phase of the farm’s project. Currently we are kickstarting the first phase of our farm’s project with the building of a 40TPD [Tons Per Day] Palm Kernel Processing Factory. We are currently seeking true aggrotech investors who are willing to contribute (equity, equity funding, loans and grants) to this project. We can go over our compensation package in detail (including a huge ROI backed with proven market financial data) with any interested investor who would like to invest in this first round of seed funding. The setup of this Palm Kernel Processing Factory Project has an estimated cost of 193 million Naira ($333,000 USD). The first round of funding will enable us to execute the factory build out and machinery installation of the Palm Kernel Processing Plant. This will also include a power plant powered by biodiesel and biogas (two of the by products from the processing). We have already invested personal funds in the excess of N85 million Naira for the land acquisition, site clearing and development of the land till date (October 1, 2022). The sum of N90 million Naira ($130,000 USD) is still required for the purchase of equipment, machinery, and raw materials needed for the kickstart of the production plant and to help provide working capital for the first 30 days of the business operations. Our cash flow projection assumptions are based on conservative yet realistic estimates. Using the current market data the financial projection indicates that, the Company can generate an estimated revenue of over N4 Billion Naira ($6.8 million USD) annually of which N1.2 Billion Naira ($1.8 million USD) would be an estimated net profit per annum, if there are no expansions to the current operations. Any serious investor who wishes to be part of this glorious project is encouraged to direct further inquiries by responding here on this platform or by sending us an email to Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010610 Seeking TRUE AGROTECH INVESTOR to invest in one of Africa's model farm. Nigeria
970 Our company Campus Abroad Mauritius Ltd. is the sole distributor in Africa for a wide range of online education programs for working professionals offered by leading universities from USA, UK and Australia . The courses offered are in the areas of Business, Cybersecurity , Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science. Levels are at the Masters and Doctoral level. We seek distributors for these courses in several African countries. Excellent rewards are offered. Selling Professional Service AIDB-015648 Online Education Botswana;Ethiopia;Kenya;Madagascar;Malawi;Namibia;Rwanda;Sou...
970 Already established onshore is the Senegal Gas Production Base, gas pipeline network, drilling rig in-place, 95% Senegalese full-time (local content) employees for all technical plus administrative functions, exploration PSA, exploitation permit, multiple drilling prospects backed by vertical layers of geotechnical hard data and interpretations, installed local industrial and IPP public power markets for gas, refinery for oils, all oriented to increase delivery to Senegalese domestic GAS and oil markets to reduce imports of fuel into Senegal, to reduce national external fuels dependency, reduce pollution from use of oil products for power production, not seeking export markets. Fortesa HQ is in NGOR, Dakar Senegal Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-013209 Accedited Investors into Fortesa to fund additional new onshore drilling for domestic O&G production Senegal
969 We are an Engineering Consultancy Firm (Architectural, Structural, MEP, Interior Design, Landscape, Masterplan....etc) looking for partnership with investors/developers/consultants in any country to expand globally, we have been working since 1958 and specialized in Hospitals and Medical facilities design, we have been working in all sectors and have the capabilities to design any project for our clients within budget and time, we also provide construction management (if applicable/needed) Selling Professional Service AIDB-015166 Engineering Consultancy Firm with more than 65 years of experience Algeria;Angola;Argentina;Armenia;Australia;Austria;Azerbaija...
968 The Sonesta Hotel, Tower, and Casino in Cairo, is for sale now. It’s an international, luxurious five-star hotel on a land area of 7,000 square meters in Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt. The hotel is only 10 km from International Cairo Airport. The hotel contains 410 hotel rooms and suites with a five-star rating that satisfy all tastes and are suitable for all nationalities. The hotel building was opened in 1981, and it's been running successfully since that date, with an average occupancy rate of 85% to 95% throughout the year. The hotel has many features that make it better than its five-star counterparts, as it provides indoor and outdoor pools, a spa and fitness center to take care of guests healthy lifestyles, and it also provides many halls for events, meetings, and others for weddings, in addition to all types of oriental, Lebanese, Italian, French, and Japanese food that guests will find in the hotel through its various restaurants. The asking price is USD 140 million. For more information, please contact me on WhatsApp at +201025728941 Selling Real Estate AIDB-016972 An Excellent Chance to Invest in Egypt's Growing Hospitality Sector! Canada;Denmark;Egypt;France;Germany;Qatar;Saudi Arabia;Spain...
968 We are administering Intravenous drips to our clients Private capital lending for about $25000 - $30000 I am a registered Nurse who is a director and an administering Nurse of the drips and the manager in the shop I am currently applying for Not yet operational but there is high demand in that business industry currently I have worked in one of the shops that does the same business and yes the market is open and it’s still in demand Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017521 We administer IV drips which revitalise energy to our clients South Africa
968 Company overview Zimi Charges enables fleets to charge their vehicles sustainably, anywhere in South Africa. We are building the infrastructure for a greener future by connecting fleets with charging stations and renewable energy sources. The problem There is a fast-growing market for electric vehicle deliveries in South Africa. Many fleets are transitioning to electric, but they are taking >8H to charge their vehicles. They also have limited operational range due to lack of stations where they deliver. The existing energy supply for chargers are also reliant on fossil fuel, negating the potential positive impact of e-mobility for them and their customers. The solution Zimi Charge offers a Charge-as-a-service and Roaming network that enables you to charge your vehicles 10X faster. We install fast charging stations for free and work with you to expand your delivery network at various retail and business locations. The Zimi Charge app connects fleet managers, their cars and drivers to the charging stations on the network. We work with energy trading partners to procure renewable energy for each of the stations ensuring you charge sustainably. What makes us different Fast - Charge your fleet 10X faster. Sustainable - Charge with 100% renewable energy at any charging station on our network. Cost effective - Expand your delivery network at no upfront cost. We are creating a sustainable charging revolution. Electric vehicles produce 60% less CO2 over their entire lifecycle than conventional vehicles. Drivers save 10 tons of CO2 emissions every year driving an EV. Business model We have two main revenue streams: C-a-a-S, at a R1999/station/mo service fee for charging at your base. Roaming, at R3.99/kWh at every station on our network. We install the chargers for free, but recoup the investment via the energy sales and service fee. Investment We are looking for R10 M ($600K) to primariliy expand our network in South Africa. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-012175 Zimi Charge - Electric fleet charging, looking for seed round investors. South Africa
967 IP and Geosurvey done Trenches done Samples on surface range from 1g/to 4gr/tonne Equipment plus a cabin on land Claims up to date Exploration on claims currently 2 shafts 45km from Bulawayo One can put a gold processing plant on the claims as there is no one doing it plus mine the claims Looking for 400000 US$ Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017507 30Ha Gold Claims for sale IP and Geosurvey done Trenches done Samples on surface range from 1g/to Zimbabwe
966 Sterk offers end-to-end telecom tower network solutions, including site acquisition, engineering, civil works, tower erection, node installation, drive tests, and power setup. Headquartered in Singapore, our operations span Myanmar, Ethiopia, and upcoming expansions in Bangladesh (Solar) and Kenya (Telecom) as Nokia's regional and global partner. Our clientele comprises Fortune 500 companies, ensuring scalability based on performance and financial capabilities. With limited competition, the business has a promising future, projecting revenues up to 5X investments with 40% EBITDA. This traditional B2B model offers low risk and strong potential for growth. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-016981 investment opportunity to capitalize on Ethiopia’s Telecom Network Development Ethiopia;Kenya;Rwanda;Uganda
963 This Company seeks to provide internet connection to the rural areas, where network providers has not been able to go, we want to provide internet coverage for commercial purposes, where we sell data to the people. Our proposals to investors includes providing logistics and financial support for the establishment of the business, we also other support to aid smooth and faster operation. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017817 THE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION! We in an era of digitization and technology, everything is changing very fast, this change requires everyone to be carried along. It's sad to still see people cut out from this dawn of a new day. INTERNET! Ghana
963 CardinalStone Partners Limited (“CardinalStone”) is pleased to share with you the opportunity to invest in a rapidly growing mid-sized bank in Ghana (“Banku” or “the Bank”). Banku is a fast growing, universal bank with over 25 years’ experience in Ghana. The Bank’s main activities are retail banking, commercial banking, corporate banking, private banking and asset management. The Bank is led by a team of professionals who have a deep understanding of the banking industry in Ghana with a clear growth strategy evidenced from the rapid growth experienced by the Bank to date. Operating out of over 25 branches, the Bank has been able to grow its Customer Deposits, Loan Book and Total Assets by CAGR of c.26% ,c.27% and c.24% respectively over the last five years. One of the key financial investors in the Bank, with a total equity interest of 26.29% (majority stake available for sale, if preferred), is currently considering the divestment of its equity stake in the Bank in line with its investment holding period policy. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010925 Opportunity to own a stake in a rapidly growing mid-sized Bank in Ghana Australia;Benin;Burkina Faso;Canada;Cape Verde;China;Ivory C...
963 In Uganda and Africa at large, farmers have always found it hard to finance production on their farms despite huge chunks of fertile lands available. The financial intuitions such as banks and money lenders are a threat to the progress of these farmers due to their policies since their focus is on making profits not empowerment to the farmers and creating sustainability. Him we serve intends to invest in these farmers by providing all the technical and financial support to the farmers and recover the invested amounts at the end of every season. This will not only empower the farmers but will also provide ready markets for them. To the investors, we have designed a plan to ensure 100% return on investment every season, first from the recovered funds and also from the exports of the farm products. We will have a direct collaboration with the farmers and the markets. The government insurance schemes will provide a safe investment opportunity against climatic changes too. This project will entirely change the lives of farmers, increase the exports and produce of the country of operations and also ensure profitability to the company and investors. We want to raise 1m usd for this project. This can be disbursed in phases to allow assessment and growth of the project. All capital will be invested in research, agro machinery, improved seeds, office management and other related activities as per the project design We are still building the team and hopefully once we have affirmation to the funding possibilities, we will create a strong team together with the investors. This will ensure security on both sides of the company and the investors We have not implemented any projects yet. This project has however been well designed, assessed and proven beyond doubt. It's commencement will be a good start to the greatness of our financial standings China has opened 20million tons of produce for Ugandan market. Currently Uganda exports 180,000 tons of produce which is way too small for the opened market inChina. We intend ti cover this gap in the next 5 years Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017679 AN INNOVATIVE APPROACH TO AGROBUSINESS ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT . Uganda
960 The African Fund for Industrialization will work closely with investors and project sponsors to enable them increase trade and investment in local and regional markets, ensuring that projects are able to secure adequate and appropriate finance, using the guarantee facility and the powerful network of the Diaspora. We offer: 1- Powerful Network of the Diaspora 2- Extensive Skills in Project Preparation 3- Great Knowledge of local environment 4- Access to Community of investors Over the last decade, and despite impressive growth rates in most of the continent, Africa’s industrialization needs remain huge with annual financing gap between US$ 130 and US$ 170 billion annually. Also, Africa will be home to 50% of the youth in this planet: that can be an opportunity but also a threat if they are not provided However, Afcfta is a great opportunity for potential investors Ms. Edwige Djoukam has over 19 years of experience in Finance and Business Development in U.S.A. and Africa. She is Co Founder of Shekina Invest (Investment Advisory) and SCI Bethesda (Specializing in manufacturing of construction materials (tiles, Concrete); Beforehand, Ms. Edwige Djoukam built on her expertise with Exxon Mobil in Houston as Finance Associate and at the World Bank / IFC as Program Manager. At IFC, she facilitated financing for businesswomen. She had an excellent track record managing a “Guarantee and Technical Assistance fund” of several millions USD, promoting financing and capacity building for hundreds of businesswomen. Prior to joining the World Bank, Edwige had worked as a consultant to various international and development organizations such as USAID, U.S. EXIM BANK. She was in charge of evaluating investment opportunities and business plans that led to $ millions Investment in various projects in Africa. Seeking $50 millions Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-012485 The Guarantee Fund for Industrialization in support of Afcfta Cameroon
960 Mango Limited started production in Nairobi in August 1988 with a single employee. We have expanded over the years and now employ 95 workers. The factory is divided into three sections: 1. Woodwork 2. Metalwork 3. Upholstery It is a mechanized factory with some 30 machine tools of all sorts. Consequently, it can deal with large orders quickly and efficiently. Because we aim at international standards, the methods of management and production are different from other companies. Production relies on machines and is more rationalized. Workers have been trained to use these methods. All new designs are initiated with drawings; all key workers have been trained to understand and work from drawings. Selling Physical Goods or Products AIDB-013918 Seeking Opportunity to Export Furniture up to $200,000 a monthly Belgium;France;Germany;United Arab Emirates;United Kingdom;U...
959 Guestsnhost is designed to bridge the gap between guests and hosts, offering a seamless experience for discovering and booking a wide range of services. Our platform enables guests to find and book event tickets, service apartments, car rentals, and event venues, all while providing hosts with the tools they need to manage their events efficiently. Safe Myself, Rebecca Adedire: Founder and CEO, I hold a first-class degree in Petroleum Engineering and an MBA in Project Management, I am also a self-taught frontend developer. I bring experience in business development, project management, and product management. Adeyemi Adeshina: CTO, a seasoned developer with expertise in building scalable web solutions. Mary Akomolafe: Business developer, with a proven track record in digital marketing and brand development. Timothy Edibo: Frontend Engineer. We are currently generating revenue and we want to reach a large audience The Nigerian Event and travel industry is projected at $2.9 billion and the market is expected to grow annually at a rate of 3.96% with 68% of the total revenue in the Travel & Tourism market in Nigeria will be generated through online sales. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017655 Transforming Events and Travel . Your next big investment with Guestsnhost Nigeria
958 A start-up Fund working with Sub-Sahara Africa Chamber of Trade, providing pro-bono business development and capacity-building services to Agri-business S.M.Es in Sub-Sahara Africa, now fundraising to be able to provide tailor-made financing and insurance solutions to microfinance institutions in the region. The fund is also looking for grants for capacity building in the region. Selling Physical Goods or Products AIDB-011988 Fundraising for disruptive capital ltd. S.M.E impact lending Australia;Austria;Belgium;Brazil;British Indian Ocean Territ...
958 ABEBBA GmbH is a German private company that aims to specialize in producing high-quality edible oils. The company’s vision is to build a leading edible oil manufacturing factory in Ethiopia that revolutionizes the African edible oil markets. ABEBBA’s headquarter office is located in Nußloch near Heidelberg Germany, and the manufacturing factory will be situated in Kafa, in the southern part of Ethiopia that is known as the birthplace of coffee. Ethiopia`s edible oil market size is growing proportionally to population growth rate and socio-economic development. This is a growing market that adds potential customers to the edible oil market every year. In response to the growing market that cause the increase of edible oil demand, the level of edible oil import grows. According to the Ethiopian Statistical Agency, edible oil import has been growing with CAGR of 20% over the last 5-10 years. According to 2021 statistics. the total market value of Ethiopian edible oil market is over $2.553 billion with a CAGR of 2.5% per year. Our edible oil market feasibility study in Ethiopia has identified three findings. First, edible oil is a non-cyclical product that sells both in an economic downturn and boom. Second, there is a chronic shortage in the quality and quantity of edible oil supply in Ethiopia while selling at an unfairly high price, third, the demand of edible oil is growing that requires investment to promote domestic production. Despite the growth in imports and an increase in the local production of edible oil, the current supply covers not more than half of the market demand. There is potential investment opportunity to enter this growing edible oil market. Over 90% of the market is dependent on imported edible oils, whereas domestic production covers only less than 7%. Palm oil accounts for more than 90% of the total import and supply of edible oil in the market. Customers are looking for alternative good quality edible oil products because the existing products are poor in quality including unfairly priced. Customers expect quality edible oil at a competitive market price. That is the reason why ABEBBA believes there is a business opportunity and decided to enter the market to explore significant investment opportunities. We are targeting Ethiopian edible oil market and gradually to expand to Eastern and Western African markets including Asian and European market in the long-term. We designed an integrated high-performing business model for a sustainable business solution that stretches from edible oil processing to edible oilseeds farming. To do so, we have agreed with potential agricultural associations and cooperatives in the Kafa and BenchMaji zones of Ethiopia who mobilize more than 45,000 farmers that operate over 30,000 hectares of cumulative farm land size. Moreover, the BenchMaji zone has offered additional 40,000 hectares of land available for extensive farming and access to the green hydroelectric power and water supply from Gelgel Gibe II. Given ABEBBA's geographical location, we expect significant contribution to the socioeconomic development of the region. To become the leading an edible oil brand, we set strategic framework with execution plans that align resources and activities efficiently. ABEBBA’s framework has three components; 1. Develop customer relationships and strategic partnerships with key stakeholders such as customers, farmers, cooperatives, local communities and government, 2. Perform continuous market research and studies to understand better the dynamism of market and customer behaviour and 3. Establish leadership in core products and business operations, utilize technology and leveraging information and skills. We associate our brand with health and well-being that accelerates perception between quality edible oil consumption and quality of life. The standard of our production process complies with the European food production regulations and standards that will enable us to produce globally compliant products. We are integrating product innovation and development into our business execution plan in order to build and strengthen customer value continuously and consistently. We expect customer perception of our brand will grow with time. That is why we aim to promote quality and trustworthy edible oil brand in African, Asian and European markets. We operate with accountability and responsibility that define our ethical values. Furthermore, we possess a high-tech processing and packaging system that meets standards that assure the quality of our products and to deliver expected customer values. We designed and developed cost leadership financial model to calculate and predict revenue and profit while managing value driver factors at cost efficient production system. Our goal is to acquire more than 20% of Ethiopia's total edible oil market share within 8 to 10 years, with expected net sales turnover that exceed $700 million. We expect to increase annual average sales by 27% from 2024-2026. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-014794 domestic and international market with affordable, high-quality vegetable oil sourced sustainably. Ethiopia
957 FreshProFood is an innovative online marketplace transforming the fresh produce industry by connecting consumers with high-quality, sustainably sourced products from small-scale farmers. We cater to a diverse customer base, including busy individuals, health-conscious consumers, and businesses, by offering a seamless shopping experience through our user-friendly platform. Key features include flexible delivery options, subscription services, rigorous quality assurance, and a strong commitment to sustainability. Our revenue streams comprise transaction fees, commission fees, delivery fees, and subscription plans. By prioritizing personalized service, customer support, and sustainable practices, FreshProFood aims to support local agriculture, promote eco-friendly farming, and deliver fresh, nutritious produce to our customers. FreshProFood, an innovative online marketplace revolutionizing the fresh produce industry, is seeking venture capital investment to fuel our next phase of growth. We are seeking $250,000 in funding to expand our operations and enhance our infrastructure, specifically to establish a dedicated warehouse facility for storage, packaging, and quality checks. Investment Purpose: The investment will be utilized to secure a warehouse facility that will serve as our central hub for storing, packaging, and conducting quality checks on our fresh produce. This facility will enable us to streamline our operations, improve efficiency, and maintain the highest standards of quality assurance for our customers. Additionally, it will provide us with the capacity to scale our business and meet the growing demand for our services. Key Investment Areas: Warehouse Acquisition: Funds will be allocated towards securing a suitable warehouse facility that meets our operational requirements, including size, location, and infrastructure. Warehouse Setup: Investment will cover the costs associated with setting up the warehouse, including renovation, equipment procurement, and installation of quality control systems. Operational Expenses: Funds will also be used to cover initial operational expenses, such as staffing, utilities, and maintenance costs, during the establishment phase. Technology Integration: A portion of the investment will be allocated towards integrating technology solutions to optimize warehouse management, inventory tracking, and quality control processes. Investment Benefits: Operational Efficiency: Establishing a dedicated warehouse facility will streamline our operations, reduce lead times, and enhance overall efficiency. Quality Assurance: The facility will enable us to implement stringent quality control measures, ensuring that only the freshest and highest-quality produce reaches our customers. Scalability: With expanded storage and packaging capabilities, we will be well-positioned to scale our business and meet the growing demand for our services. Customer Satisfaction: By investing in quality infrastructure, we will enhance the customer experience, driving customer satisfaction and loyalty. Investment Proposal: FreshProFood invites venture capital investors to partner with us and Join our first partner Sasol in our mission to revolutionize the fresh produce industry. With a proven business model, a strong market presence, and a commitment to quality and sustainability, we are poised for rapid growth and success. Join us in fueling our expansion and shaping the future of fresh produce distribution. Thank you for considering this investment opportunity with FreshProFood. We look forward to discussing further details and potential collaboration. Founder & CEO: Rolivhuwa Thangavhuelo As the visionary founder and CEO of FreshProFood, [Your Name] leads the company with a strategic vision to revolutionize the fresh produce market. With a background in business management and a passion for sustainable agriculture, [Your Name] oversees all major aspects of the business, including product development, operations, marketing, and finance. Their leadership ensures FreshProFood's commitment to quality, convenience, sustainability, and transparency, driving the company's growth and success. Small-Scale Farmers: Our network of small-scale farmers forms the backbone of FreshProFood. These dedicated growers use sustainable farming practices to produce high-quality, fresh, and organic produce. By partnering with local farmers, FreshProFood supports local economies, reduces the carbon footprint, and ensures that customers receive the freshest produce possible. The farmers benefit from a reliable sales platform, fair pricing, and increased market access, enabling them to focus on what they do best—growing exceptional produce. Delivery Fulfillment Team: The delivery fulfillment team is crucial in ensuring that FreshProFood's customers receive their orders promptly and in perfect condition. This team manages logistics, from packing fresh produce to coordinating timely deliveries. Their efficiency and attention to detail guarantee that every customer has a seamless and satisfactory shopping experience. The team's commitment to reliable and flexible delivery options, including same-day and next-day services, enhances FreshProFood's reputation for convenience and customer satisfaction. Together, this dynamic team drives FreshProFood's mission to provide high-quality, sustainably sourced produce, delivering a superior shopping experience to our customers while supporting local farmers and promoting sustainable practices. FreshProFood has demonstrated remarkable financial performance since its inception, driven by the strong demand for fresh produce and a commitment to quality. From the outset, the company has been profitable, leveraging the high demand for fresh produce to generate revenue and sustain growth. Our revenue has consistently grown, starting from humble beginnings of selling avocados from our yard to expanding our product offerings and customer base. Key Highlights: Profitability from the Start: FreshProFood's business model has been inherently profitable from the start, allowing us to generate positive cash flow without the need for external funding. This financial stability has enabled us to reinvest profits back into the business, fueling further growth and expansion. Driven by Demand for Fresh Produce: The increasing consumer demand for fresh, high-quality produce has been a primary driver of our financial success. By focusing on meeting this demand and delivering exceptional products and services, we have been able to capture a significant share of the market and drive revenue growth. Continuous Revenue Growth: Our revenue has experienced steady growth trajectory, reflecting the increasing popularity of our platform and the expanding customer base. Starting from selling avocados from our yard, we have diversified our product offerings and expanded our reach, resulting in consistent revenue growth over time. Bootstrapped Growth: FreshProFood's growth has been primarily fueled by organic means, without relying on external funding or investment. This bootstrapped approach has allowed us to maintain control over our business operations and focus on sustainable growth strategies. Quality-Driven Approach: Our commitment to quality assurance and customer satisfaction has been instrumental in driving financial performance. By prioritizing the sourcing of fresh, high-quality produce and delivering exceptional customer service, we have built a loyal customer base and fostered repeat business. Overall, FreshProFood's financial performance reflects our success in meeting the needs of consumers for fresh produce while maintaining a profitable and sustainable business model. As we continue to expand and innovate, we remain committed to delivering value to our customers and driving continued financial success. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017590 Empowering Small-Scale Farmers: FreshProFood's Innovative Platform Revolutionizes Fresh Produce with Quality, Convenience, and Sustainability. South Africa
953 Few children in Africa perform at their expected grade level and it is practically impossible for school teachers to handle the widely varying levels of ability. As a result, low-performing students are permanently left behind (and possibly drop out) as they do not receive the academic support they need. Education is the most powerful tool to improve and shape the lives of young people, but education systems face huge problems - from vastly unequal access to the growing costs of modernisation or stalling social mobility. Technology - designed, used, and implemented effectively - is providing an increasingly sophisticated set of tools to help us address them. We would like to apprise you about the work that we are doing in this area for the past 22 years in collaboration with various foundations, CSR, and International organizations across the globe. Educational Initiatives: Educational Initiatives (Ei) was founded in 2001 and focused on educational research, assessments, and personalised learning tools, working towards improving the quality of education in schools, for students, and government systems at scale. Ei, has worked on various education-related projects in Asia, the Middle East, South East Asia, and Africa. Over the past two decades, EI has undertaken over 80+ projects with 50+ government and civil society partners (16+ languages, 40+ detailed studies published), for more than 12 million students across different grades. EI has offices/team presence in India, USA, UAE, South Africa, Ghana, Oman, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Ei has a team of 360+ full-time members specializing on different aspects of assessments, technology, training and project management. We started projects in South Africa Earlier this year with our regional associates, and we are starting to see the impact on the learning outcomes in some of the private and public schools in the region. We're hoping to connect with you to explore the opportunity of collaborating in the countries in Africa where any support is appreciated. Please can you share a suitable time to connect online to introduce and discuss the opportunities. If you've any queries or if any supportive further information if required, please do not hesitate to connect back. Best, Kumar Karan Gupta Regional Manager International M: +91-9182806118 E: | W: Find Business Partner AIDB-013470 Opportunity for collaboration - Introduction to Educational Initiatives (Ei) Algeria;Australia;Austria;Bangladesh;Belgium;Benin;Bhutan;Bo...
953 We've developed a more cost effective system to extract lithium from hard rock deposits that replaces acid roasting. We can extract lithium from alpha spodumene. Our process does not use toxic chemicals. It also uses less energy. We are looking for a mine for a pilot program. We can fund the project. Selling Physical Goods or Products AIDB-011438 Cheaper. Better. Less Energy. And no toxic chemicals. Ivory Coast;Ghana;Mozambique;Nigeria;South Africa;Zambia;Zim...
953 We are a Fintech who specialise in fund repatriation and cross border settlements, we can deal in most local currencies on the continent with the ability also setlle USD/GBP/EUR globally also with same day or next day settlement in most cases. We have the ability to handle millions of dollars in volume daily and also have the ability to provide rate discounts on longer term relationships and agreements with new customers. We also have the capacity to provide liquidity provision needed for other fintechs as necessary. Selling Professional Service AIDB-017203 We are specialists in Fx, fund repatriation and cross border settlements Cameroon;Democratic Republic of the Congo;Kenya;Mali;Nigeria...
952 CLS Engineering (Pty) Ltd The Company operates from its Workshop premises situated in Alrode South, east of Johannesburg, South Africa. The Company has been in operation for more than 9 years. Our objective is to build long term relationships with our customers, clients and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology Services we offer include the following: - Industrial Gearboxes Repairs, Installations Maintenance and Services - Production Plant Machinery Maintenance (Condition Based, Preventive and Breakdowns (including call outs) - Pumps Repairs, Installations, Maintenance and supplies. - Compressors Repairs and Services. - Fabrication and Welding including Stainless Steel and Cast Iron welding - Structural Steel Works. - Pipe Fitting and new and or old installations - Hydraulics and Pneumatics and - General Engineering We provide services to mines, industrial companies, manufacturers, sewer plants, water infrastructure, oil and gas sector and general industry. Selling Professional Service AIDB-017530 Engineering equipment maintenance, installations and repair services. Angola;Botswana;Burundi;Democratic Republic of the Congo;Eth...
950 Avani Agro-processing Company Limited (herein referred to as “Avani” or “the Company”) is currently undertaking the construction and set up of an integrated processing project (herein referred to as “the Project”) that will entail: • On boarding farmers to an outgrower scheme. At the onset, the Company is purchasing potatoes from the small holder farmers but progressively, Avani is looking at providing them with an annual rotational plan guaranteeing them a market for their produce all year round; • Establish a fresh food department to supply fresh produce sourced from out-growers. Avani is focusing on potatoes for now but will venture into supply of other rotational fresh produce sourced from outgrowers; • Secure a potato seed multiplication and merchant license to multiply certified seeds. The certified seeds will be sold to farmers at a significant discount. We are looking at multiplying two local varieties and one identified Dutch variety. • Large scale cultivation of potatoes on rotation with other crops. The large scale farms will act as training centers to disseminate knowledge and expertise to out-growers on best practice in climate smart conservation agriculture. The farms will also stabilize supply in the market as we will look to invest in irrigation at the farms ensuring that there is supply even during offseason. The cost efficiencies generated at our farms will be shared by our out-growers in terms of higher purchase prices; • Establishing a large processing plant to produce fresh and frozen French fries to process potatoes and other processed vegetables from our farms and out-growers. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010489 Opportunity to invest in a fast growing agriculture and agro-processing company in Kenya Kenya
950 Relibridge Inc. is looking for mining companies with genuine licenses and permits operating in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia that are interested in raising equity capital from Toronto Stock Exchange Venture (TSX-V) or Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE). Focus would be on gold, diamond, copper and lithium projects. Capital raise ranges from $5 million to $100 million CAD. We have the right finance and accounting expertise and strong relationships with security lawyers, investment banks and other capital market players to enable you raise the right amount that you need for your mining projects. At this time we are only going to work with 3 mining companies, so we apologize in advance if your company doesn't get selected. We would be running this program on an annual basis, so feel free to contact us for future consideration. We also invest in small-scale gold and diamond mining and trading in Botswana, Namibia and South Africa for a maximum of $500,000 CAD. Please send us your proposal. Selling Professional Service AIDB-011543 Our goal at Relibridge Inc is to fund and help small and mid-sized companies raise funds for project Botswana;Namibia;South Africa
950 This project of Reseau Commercial et Agricole, named RCA - SOSONELI, is a concept that will translate into a poultry production activity with a horizontal and vertical integration model that will include a chicks production section (Hatchery), broiler production section (Meat), and a by-products marketing section. The present project focusses essentially on the hatchery activities. In Phase I, 5000 fertilized eggs of the high-quality Ross 308 chicken hybrid will be hatched weekly for distribution in areas of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) easy to reach by road, starting from the Lubumbashi base. The fertilized eggs will be supplied in an exclusive agreement by Country Birds Holding (CBH). This phase will begin with the building of a modular hatchery, on our 4Ha premises along the Kipushi road (see aerial satellite picture in Section 4.3), with the capacity to hatch 5000 chicks weekly. All operations and processes will be undertaken with the technical assistance of CBH. RCA chicken meat production is a going concern that is producing 1200 chicken monthly for the Lubumbashi market. Considering our experience in the production of chicken, the Hatchery will be linked up to ensure the uninterrupted supply of chicks to our production facilities and fill the supply gap the market faces. As our products get known through an organized awareness campaign, more chicks will be produced. The target of 17500 fertilized eggs hatched weekly should follow the growth of the market in a projected timeline of 36 months after the start. Mindful of the logistical challenges of covering the DRC national territory with a viable distribution network, the project will endeavor to constantly monitor the environment and make use of the earliest viable opening to spread our network further. The integration will in the future, Phase II, include the establishment of Parent Stock Breed in Lubumbashi. Although the meat production business will be referred to frequently, this business plan (BP) aims to direct the reader to the potential in chicks production and commercialization, which will be run as a stand-alone business, independent from the meat production activities of SOSONELI. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010173 Pioneer investment opportunity in the chicken hatchery for a 100 million market size Democratic Republic of the Congo
950 Montgolfier is a Kenyan based financial service (non deposit taking microfinance) provider that offers clients in business related sectors only, including agriculture, import and export, LPO ,public transport and SMEs financing to run their businesses, in addition we also offer financial and business management training. Our main key advantage in the Kenyan market, is the fact that we are specialized and our products are tailor made to fit our client's business needs.Montgolfier specializes in business related loans only, to solve the two main problem most SMEs in Kenya go through, capital and liquidity. Research has shown that out of the 20 million Kenyans that own 7.41 million businesses directly or indirectly, 14.4 million of them access loans to sustain businesses but unfortunately ,high interest rates and short repayment periods are the norm. Well, Montgolfier offers the opposite in addition to financial training and good customer relations to avoid debt harassment, which is rampant . We offer business development, Import& export ,business property, agribusiness, and public transport vehicle Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-011327 microfinance company in Kenya, open for angel investors . Kenya
950 We have developed an effective educational model through the use of STEM and STEAM curriculum to bridge the gap for the fourth industrial revolution. One of the ways technology has benefited basic education is the emergence of virtual laboratories (Labs). Virtual labs give students the unique opportunity to perform practical tasks using internet enabled devices, wherever they are, even in the absence physical laboratories. As such, teachers can easily share links of recommended readings of practical sessions with the students in advance, along with the necessary tutorials and instructions using either email or some learning management system (LMS) such as Moodle, Canvas, Google Classroom, etc.  Assessment of tasks is designed in such a way that the teacher can ensure that learning takes place. This is done using classroom activities, involving quizzes or discussions. Virtual laboratories could be accessed by educators and students from any location. The implementation of the virtual laboratory for online classes provides freedom of learners to make use of technology to learn at their own pace and convenience. Implementation of virtual laboratories in our educational institutions provides a global platform that educators and students alike can learn and explore various options. For example, if a student, due to some reason, is absent in a real session, he can perform a laboratory practice at his convenience. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-013034 Have developed an effective educational model through the use of virtual labs for the underserved Nigeria
950 In order to achieve the objective of 60% renewable energy in Mauritius, the Mauritian company Evaterra Ltee, in partnership with the Hong-Kong company GMS TRADING AND DEVELOPMENT LTD., both specializing in project management firm, wish to take part of the objective of new renewable energy roadmap. To achieve this goal, we have been working with one of China's largest PV system manufacturers, a research and industry expert in the field of solar energy and floating systems for 23 years. You can enable Mauritius to reach that goal with our help to installing: (PV inverters, central inverter, turnkey inverter, with or without storage system, charger, and floating pv system DC & AC Ev, and panels). This project could benefit from total or partial funding by our financial partner. Evaterra Ltee and GMS TRADING AND DEVELOPMENT LTD will make every effort to help Mauritius reduce its vulnerability to the effects of climate change and its reliance on fossil fuels. We will provide solutions to the state and the population to reach the migration and energy security to make Mauritius a predominantly green island. Other AIDB-011104 New renewable energy roadmap in Mauritius Mauritius
950 We outsource grains for other companies, grains like Corn, Soyabeans etc and also work in partnership with a milling company for our rice production in Nigeria Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010594 Opportunity to invest in our 3 years experience in grain business with regard to Nigeria economy. Nigeria
950 Urban Coach Transport Company is a startup bus company that will be located in Juba-South Sudan and we plan to also cover cities like Kampala and Arua in Uganda, we choose to operate in these cities because we know that our bus services will be in high demand due to the growing number of groups and business people traveling between these cities. Urban Coach Transport Company will provide intercity, rural and other long – distance transport services on regular routes and schedules based on current demand, We will also contract out our buses on an as-needed basis to corporate organizations and individual customers. We are set to service a wide range of clientele base in the locations where we choose to operate. Our overall business goal is to position Urban Coach Transport Company to become one of the leading bus companies in South Sudan. Currently, there is a high demand for transport services and the existing bus companies get overwhelmed by clients which is one of the reasons why Urban Coach Transport Company is established. One major fact is that, flight companies have become too expensive to use between Juba and Kampala yet most individuals have their families established in Uganda to access education services for their children, the only option is to use bus transportation services which is a bit cheaper than using flights. For this reason, the bus transportation companies are projected to benefit from the urban population growth and the governments continued attempt to promote alternative modes of transport. Urban Coach Transport Company is owned by Awate Rose who is the founder and the chief executive officer. Awate Rose got an academic background on Business Administration and Management and Development Studies, she has worked for a number of international non-governmental organizations in the capacities of management, she is passionate about empowerment and economic development and creating employment opportunities for individuals. The company will solicit qualified employees to support in running the business successfully. We have already developed a business plan and currently at the registration process to acquire all the legal operational documents. Urban Coach Transport Company has raised an amount of $20,000 from savings of the business owner and is now seeking for a loan amount of $60,000 as a startup cost which will cater for the purchase of business buses and other equipment which will be payable based on agreed interest rates in a period of 4 years after a 6 month grace period from the time of the start of operations, or for lease of 2 buses with the capacities of 53 and above passengers payable upon agreed period and rates. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010391 Empowering women to invest in economic development opportunities South Sudan
950 We have finalised the Planning, Design and Approvals for the Construction of Infrastructure Works and Services at Extension 18/Matutura Proper, Swakopmund, Namibia. We have to service the land and then construct and sell 143 free standing affordable housing units. The land clearing and preparation works has commenced in 2022 and we are looking for an investment of USD4,9 million in traches to execute the works. We are proposing a Return on Investment in addition to Profit share split of 50/50. Projected total income before tax is USD8,6 million. The project has commenced and there will be no delay to the investment and in fact it will speed up the project. Completion of the project and ROI is earmarked for 24 months from drawdown, Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-011698 Looking for an investor for a new medium income housing development in Swakopmund, Namibia Africa. Namibia
950 Mogopa mining is in a search for an interested investor to fund the diamond in Lesotho which has now been granted 10 years of a mining license. Prospecting was conducted by MSA for 2 years and the results were outstanding. However, core drilling and feasibility study to determine the grade and reserve of the mine are still unknown. Nonetheless, the certainty of diamonds was assured by MSA by recovering 12 micro diamonds from the top soil sampling. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-012667 Thaba Kholo Mine has been granted a diamond mining lease to for 10 years. Lesotho;South Africa
950 Allied Genesis Limited has been invited to Uganda to develop a 100MW Natural Gas-To-Power Plant. Currently, Uganda generates insufficient energy from hydro and thermal sources. We have proposed a simple and effective project to take advantage of that potential energy supply by generating 100MW of electricity. In addition to addressing both the shortfall of power supply and its reliability, this project will take advantage of a transitional fuel to reduce dependence on and use by the country of other less efficient liquid fuel alternatives. This project not only allows Uganda the opportunity to improve the reliability of its power grid, but also the opportunity to lower its carbon emissions. The plans for this project have been well received and initial development is underway. We are now raising the seed/development capital required to take the project to financial close. Initial commitments of project funding have been made. The project is not considered to be a one-off and has the potential to be a long-term opportunity with an excellent return. Upon request, the project has also been designed for easy expansion. More information may be made available upon request. About Allied Genesis Limited: Allied Genesis Limited (“AGL”) is a privately-owned project development and management group functioning in the areas of power generation operations, engineering, and construction. The AGL Executives have, together, amassed over 80 years of collective technical and commercial experience in Power Generation, across a multitude of projects ranging in capacity of 2.0MW to over 1000MW across 5 different continents. The AGL Team’s depth and experience is derived through direct, in many cases, "hands on”, involvement in projects where its team members have performed roles in Project Development, Developer & Owners of Independent Power Producer (IPP) projects, Project Financing, Project Construction management, Operational management, Power Plant Maintenance Planning and Implementation, Human Resource Development and Training. With over 25 years of experience in Asia and ancillary experience in Africa, AGL intends to expand operational impact in the development of national infrastructure facilities in those multiple disciplines across Africa. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-013237 Seeking USD$2.5M for Development of Uganda's 100MW Natural Gas Power Plant. Uganda
950 We are invested in beverage manufacturing in Ghana. We have acquired Krones equipment for operations and currently in the process of building a facility for production. We have a license to produce a brand (non alcoholic) which has about 4 flavors. This beverage is a global brand and also with our tasting events sampled shows great potential. We also working on a free zones license to enable us to import equipment and raw materials with tax breaks. Our facility will be able to produce both water and beverage. Capacity is 36,000 bottle (500ml) per hour. With AFCTA and Free Zone in place, we intend to export to other West Africa and African countries. Exporting this brand across the african continent has very great potential and with our capacity can handle container loads to these countries seamlessly. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-011549 Invest in a Beverage Manufacturing Company in Ghana with capacity of 36,000 bottles per hour. Ghana
949 Idaho Foods LLC offer a wide variety of conventional and organic fruits. We are determined in delivering frozen fruit to our customers that is hand-picked at the peak of ripeness and bursting with flavor. Immediately after harvest, fruit is delivered to our strategically located processing plants in Idaho and also Chile. Idaho Food is a producer of high quality IQF frozen fruits and vegetables. Selling Physical Goods or Products AIDB-014920 Idaho Foods offer a wide variety of conventional and organic fruits frozen fruits and vegetable Angola;Benin;Botswana;Burkina Faso;Burundi;Cameroon;Cape Ver...
949 Vaal Real Estate is a pre-eminent real estate developer with over 15 years of international experience, serving buyers of luxury property in Africa. We currently have a presence in Nairobi-Kenya, Accra-Ghana, Istanbul-Turkey, and now in Kampala-Uganda. Our reputation is built on providing impeccable quality and service, professional advice and timely delivery. Vaal Real Estate aims to be Africa's No. 1 gateway to real estate and we are excited to announce our flagship project in Kampala-Uganda. Don't miss out on the opportunity. Selling Real Estate AIDB-017782 Invest in real estate and create worthwhile opportunities in Uganda, Kenya or Ghana. Australia;Canada;Democratic Republic of the Congo;Eritrea;Et...
949 Uganda is emerging as a long-haul destination, especially for specialty tours. The country is increasingly seen as an up-scale tourist destination with a mix of ecological flavor and limited adventure. This is an area where future growth is expected, and the site of Murchison falls and Jinja Adventure capital of Uganda alone receives hundreds of thousands of tourists who demand services like accommodation, campfires and other leisure activities. This has forced some residents around the area to use their homes as motels and hotels like (Masindi home stay) yet they can’t meet the standards of international tourists. The raising number of tourists in the area has driven the need to build state-of-the-art safari lodges to provide first and excellent accommodation and tour services to the raising number of tourists in this area. It is proposed that construction of 2 midrange lodges will be around the Albert Nile (Murchison falls northern banker on the albert Nile and Jinja Adventure capital of Uganda). Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017604 Building a Sustainable Future: Eco-Lodges for Uganda's Tourism Landscape Uganda
948 The business strive to develop potential Agricultural land to it’s fullest and to secure food security in Africa. This company will he farming on the developed land to earn profits for the investors and to supply food accross Africa. Crops that are grown is; Onions, Watermelons, Pumpkins, Wheat, Corn. Soybeans and Cotton. I see this business as a very profitable business, since I have 15years of experence in growing this crops and get high yields in all of them. Buying the land will be the first step, then to develop the property to it’s fullest potential, build the soil up to get high yields and high profits. To get there we will need equipment with precicion farming, so that technology can help us achieve our goals. Investment will be used for; Property, Equipment (Implements and Tractors) The amount that is needed for this opportunity to take place is between R50 million and R70 million. The turnover on this project according to the projected cashflow will he R40-60million per annum. Profit on the projected cashflow shows between R25-35million per annum. The managing team is 2 brothers in the Company. Me the Managing Director of the company, has 15years of experence and strive to grow in the sector. 2nd Director is farming currently in America and also sees potential that side of the world with 3years of experence. It is a new company at this stage as young farmers. As said in the previous answer. With the high potential projected cashflow that shows every movement, R40-60+million turnover per annum. Profits run anything from R25-35+million per annum. This will also grow with an 8-15% per annum due to enlarging of property and potentials. We deliver all our products under commidities with a fixed price and our other products run to the big groceries stores. We will also be a supplier of one of the largest onion distrubuters in South Africa. Where we distrubute 7 000 tons of onions per annum. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017526 Buying land, developing it and raise profit thru agricultural practises. South Africa
946 The advantage of this fertilizer is that it can be produced locally.(with an easy fabrication method) , This fertilizer is 100% BIO & Organic **Developing a fertilizer distribution network in Africa: a profitable and sustainable business opportunity** Africa is a continent rich in arable land, but with low agricultural productivity. One of the main factors limiting the growth of yields is the low use of fertilizers. In fact, the average fertilizer consumption in sub-Saharan Africa is estimated at 17 kg of nutrients per hectare of cultivated land, which is well below the global average of 135 kg/ha¹. To reverse this trend, there is a strong demand for fertilizers adapted to the soils and crops of Africa, as well as for efficient and accessible distribution systems. This is why we offer you to participate in an innovative project that aims to: - Establish a network of local distributors and retailers of quality fertilizers, supported by a robust supply chain and logistics system. - Provide training and extension services to farmers on the best practices of fertilizer use, soil fertility management, and crop nutrition. - Promote the adoption of blended and customized fertilizers that match the specific needs of different agro-ecological zones and cropping systems. - Leverage the potential of digital technologies and data analytics to optimize fertilizer recommendations, traceability, and market intelligence. By joining this project, you will benefit from: - A large and growing market opportunity, as the demand for fertilizers in Africa is expected to increase by 4.8% annually until 2030². - A competitive advantage, as you will offer high-quality products and services that meet the needs and preferences of African farmers. - A positive social and environmental impact, as you will contribute to enhancing food security, income generation, and natural resource management in Africa. If you are interested in this business opportunity, please contact us for more details. We look forward to hearing from you soon. 🌱 ¹: [AfricaFertilizer – IFDC](^1^) ²: [Africa Fertilizer Map 2020 – AF-AP Partnership](^2^) Source : (1) AfricaFertilizer – IFDC. (2) Africa Fertilizer Map 2020 – AF-AP Partnership. (3) Assessment of Fertilizer Distribution Systems and Opportunities for .... (4) AfricaFertilizer – IFDC. (5) Africa Fertilizer Map 2020 – AF-AP Partnership. (6) Assessment of Fertilizer Distribution Systems and Opportunities for .... Selling Physical Goods or Products AIDB-016717 We are looking for partnership to developp our distribution network in Africa Belize;Benin;Botswana;Burkina Faso;Burundi;Cameroon;Central ...
945 4G Capital, through our product KUZA, work with International Partners, and their distributor network, to provide credit to end retailers. We focus on sustainable, affordable growth paired with business training, to ensure the MSME African market has a partner to help them achieve their business goals. We are looking to be introduced to Partners in the alcohol, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and agriculture industries that would be interested in growing their revenues with zero credit risk. Key markets of operation are Kenya & Uganda, with a view to entering Nigeria and Ghana later this year. Selling Professional Service AIDB-010848 Helping unbanked retailers grow through capital and knowledge. Ghana;Kenya;Nigeria;Uganda
945 1.0: The investment opportunity The opportunity is to invest in an organic waste recycling plant located in the biggest agricultural cooperative area of South Africa and one of the densest growing regions. With the help of insect larvae and proven biotechnology the company will manufacture valuable and sustainable end-products by collecting, treating and recycling biomass, organic waste, and (human) wastewater. The input is free of charge and received from the local wastewater treatment plant ( The output is already sold to the farmer cooperatives and exists of the following sustainable end-products: 1: Organic soil fertilizer for agriculture purposes. 2: Clean potable water with access for the poor and the farmer cooperatives. 3: Protein riche insect meal for animal feed. 4: Insect oil as CO2 neutral basis for biofuels a.o. farm tractors. 5: CO2 neutral biogas for the plants' own electricity production (later stage). The business case is highly profitable, both from a financial- and SDG return perspective. The most important goal will be to get affordable food & water on the table while increasing the provision of sanitation services for the poor for healthcare reasons. In addition, creating local employment next to several other SDG’s described in this investment proposal. 2.0: Sustainable (already sold) end-products 2.1: organic soil / bio-fertilizer: This end-product reduces CO2 & other polluting greenhouse gasses while speeding up food-crop growth up to 100% per harvest compared to the existing situation. It also deters the process of deforestation when living trees are used for charcoal production as fertilizer and for cooking purposes. (supporting SDG: 13,2,15) 2.2: distilled & potable water: Freshwater is reclaimed from the wastewater to establish water storage facilities around farm cooperatives for food-crop growth and animals drinking places. Finally, water storage for the metropolitan municipalities themselves, serving the needy people to avoid extreme water shortages due to climate changes. (Supporting SDG: 3,2,6) 2.3 biofuel/gas: In smaller quantities reducing CO2 pollution by having EU-standard biofuel produced for the agri-tractors (transportation) and in later stage CO2 neutral electricity production for the recycling plant. (Supporting SDG: 13,7,9) 3.0: Risks & mitigants 3.1 Guaranteed profitability: both financial- & social return The core business is highly profitable as the feedstock/input is free of charge and the off take/output products are already 100% sold based on LOI's with the local farmer cooperatives. 3.1.1. Feedstock/free of charge The company cooperates with local municipalities by recycling their organic waste materials. The feedstock is contractual secured for the next 30 years due to the cooperation with the regional sanitation management company, Erwat ( The Metropolitan cities are 1: Ekuhuleni, 2: Tshwane, and 3: Johannesburg. These cities have the most dense and growing population (3,4 mln residents in Ekurhuleni and 7 million in Johannesburg in 2030), which are poor and unemployed with limited access to food and water and under-capacitated sanitation in an arid & hot environment. Note 1: Due to these unfortunate circumstances it locks the municipalities into utilizing our services long term. In addition, our model avoids dumping excess waste in landfills, sealed by plastic and creating pollution and intoxication of the groundwater due to the decaying process inside the landfill with escape of methane and other greenhouse gasses out of the ground. 3.1.2.Guaranteed revenue – already sold off-take/output. The off-take products are already sold based on LOI's as a package to several farming cooperatives serving the local communities. The economic advantage for the farmers is that the water, fertilizer, and tractor biodiesel prices are highly reduced. However, they are obliged to make part of their harvest available at highly reduced prices to the local consumers directly and to the consumer Cooperatives. This results in affordable food for the poor, avoiding several intermediary commissioning parties (price increases) throughout the vertical retail food chain. 3.2 Guaranteed EPC process: The company sourced the services of Resonant Engineering (, the EPC provider with an extensive track record and the leading provider of state-of-the-art technology in South Africa. The company will use the following proven technology: 3.2.1: Proven BSFL technology (bio-conversion) The biotechnology is based on breeding larvae of the black soldier fly as they play a similar role as redworms as decomposers in breaking down (solid) organic waste substrates and returning nutrients to the soil. The output products are bio-fertilizer and bio-oil as the devitalized larvae finally will be processed into bio-oil while their exoskeleton gives rise to an insect meal fertilizer. The latter is comparable to fishmeal. All support the goal of increased crop yields for the poor in cooperation with the farmer cooperatives. The overcapacity of living larvae (before fly stage) is used as life animal feed for poultry or in aquaponics. Note 1: The company uses the same technology on an industrial scale as existing biotechnology companies such as Agri Protein and Protix from the Netherlands. The equipment providers will be the German CHRISTOF INDUSTRIES. 4. The management team and shareholders The 2 female founders are Dr. Amanda Hart (CEO) and Ms. Linet Bester (CFO) supported by a management team with Dutch- and South African executives. Ms Hart has a background being a trained physician (surgery) and experienced in several different community development projects. Ms. Bester is certified in accountancy. The corporate management from the Netherlands consist of Mr. Jimmy Cox (CIO and investment relations) and Mr. Hendrik-Jan van Duijn (CLO-corporate legal officer). The local management team consists of Mr. Themba Hlongwane (process engineering and design) and Mr. Eugene Dagume (project management and qualified process engineer). The Management team is working with a board of directors (POLC Council) consisting of 11 professionals, all required for the operations with expertise in technology, law, accounting, finance, human resources, health, and safety. In addition, the management team works with seven external consultants in the relevant fields. The company also has good working relations with the University NWU, specialist in biofuels, clean alternative fuels, hydrogen energy, thermal fluid-systems and energy management. Note: own personal investment by the founders up to July 2021 amounts around Eur 1 mln existing of project designs, trials, feasibility studies, test facilities, license applications, financial verifications. 5.0 The Organisation structure The complete operation is divided amongst 4 Business Entities (BE), each specialized in its own area. BE 1 Ukuqala Okush Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009610 Recycling of public organic waste (water) into fertilizer, biofuel South Africa
945 Our busines opportunity is to start up a sustainable agriculture and livestock project in Egypt under the theory of shifting from linear model to circular model in the economy system, where the project will be based mainly on the use of renewable solar energy and renewable underground water for the cultivation and irrigation of organic forage crops to feed and rear cattle herds. Hence, to produce fresh beef, forage crops and natural manures for the growing local market needs. The current linear economy is leaking value throughout the value chain, while plugging this value leakage and moving forward to value creation and subsequent value capture is central to the transition to the circular economy. Moving towards a more circular economy could deliver benefits such as reducing pressure on the environment, improving the security of the supply of raw materials, increasing competitiveness, stimulating innovation, boosting economic growth and creating new jobs. Consumers will also be provided with more durable and innovative products that will increase the quality of life and save them money in the long term. Moving towards a more circular economy could deliver benefits such as reducing pressure on the environment, improving the security of the supply of raw materials, increasing competitiveness, stimulating innovation, boosting economic growth (an additional 0.5% of gross domestic product) and creating more jobs In circular economy, food is produced regeneratively. This improves the overall health of the local ecosystem, promoting good human health and protecting natural habitats. It can improve access to nutritious food. A circular economy for food could reduce the sector’s greenhouse gas emissions by 49% or 5.6 billion tones of CO2 by 2050. In circular economy, it's completely transforming how we produce, transport, and consume energy is imperative to reduce global carbon dioxide emissions to net zero by 2050 We have already extensive proposals created for this project on several investment budgets as shown below: 1. A sustainable agriculture and livestock project on a 250-acre reclaimed and cultivated land property to rear 1000 cattle heads every six-month repeated round, with an average initial cost of investment (ICI) 3.8-Million USD, and an annual return on investment (ROI) 20-25% 2. A sustainable agriculture and livestock project on a 500-acre reclaimed and cultivated land property to rear 2000 cattle heads every six-month repeated round, with an average initial cost of investment (ICI) 7.1-Million USD, and an annual return on investment (ROI) 20-25% 3. A sustainable agriculture and livestock project on a 750-acre reclaimed and cultivated land property to rear 3000 cattle heads every six-month repeated round, with an average initial cost of investment (ICI) 10.5-Million USD, and an annual return on investment (ROI) 25-30% 4. A sustainable agriculture and livestock project on a 1000-acre reclaimed and cultivated land property to rear 4000 cattle heads every six-month repeated round, with an average initial cost of investment (ICI) 13.7-Million USD, and an annual return on investment (ROI) 25-30% The company's management aims to raise the full project funds through venture capitals, direct investments, joint venture, equity financing or partnership agreement. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-011472 Initial cost of investment (ICI) 3.8-13.7 million USD, and annual return on investment (ROI) 20-30% Egypt
945 We are seeking investors to scale-up our installation works and distribution of off-grid solar solutions and DRE technologies as well as improve our fish farm infrastructure (RAS) and crop production to support the agricultural ecosystem and its value chains. This opportunity will increase gross revenues to about 51% and generate profits of about 21-28% for a sustained period. We are wiling to share information of other potential equity investors in the venture. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009326 Kawaida is a provider of climate-smart solutions to the agriculture sector seeking equity investors Zambia
943 Our patented Soft BiteBlock® helps protect the airway device (Endotracheal Tube or Laryngeal Mask Airway), teeth, and tongue during emergence from general anesthesia. The Soft BiteBlock’s dense cylindrical shape allows for consistent compression performance when placed between a patient’s molars. Co-designed by a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, Richmond Soft BiteBlock® meets Joint Commission guidelines for individually wrapped medical supplies. Richmond Dental and Medical’s 127-year-old commitment to manufacturing quality, safe, made in the USA disposables is evident with our individually packaged Soft BiteBlock® offering. When patient protection and infection control are so vital, trust an FDA registered manufacturing company, rather than DIY, hand-rolling and taping gauze. Selling Physical Goods or Products AIDB-013748 Protect your patients' airway device, teeth, and tongue as they emerge from general anesthesia Algeria;Botswana;Egypt;Libya;Mauritius;Morocco;Namibia;South...
943 Richmond Dental & Medical is committed to manufacturing sustainable, natural, and biodegradable cotton products. From cotton pellets, dental rolls, medical balls, and nonwoven sponges to cotton tipped applicators, we have FDA registered medical devices for distributors around the globe. Since 1895, our quality products have been known for their superior performance. Selling Physical Goods or Products AIDB-013749 Bringing the Best to Dentistry since 1895 Algeria;Botswana;Egypt;Libya;Mauritius;Morocco;Namibia;South...
942 Unlocking Agricultural Prosperity: CartAGRO Business Opportunity In an era of rapid technological advancement, the agricultural industry is poised for a transformation that promises to revolutionize the way farmers, buyers, and sellers operate. CartAGRO, an innovative digital hub for the agriculture sector, stands at the forefront of this transformation, offering a unique business opportunity for partners and investors to join forces in reshaping the future of agribusiness. What is CartAGRO? CartAGRO is a visionary digital platform designed to bridge the gap between agricultural buyers and sellers, simplifying and streamlining trade processes for enhanced efficiency and profitability. With a mission to empower agriculture globally through seamless digital solutions, CartAGRO provides a comprehensive suite of tools and services tailored to meet the unique needs of agribusiness stakeholders. The CartAGRO Project At its core, CartAGRO serves as a digital marketplace and collaboration hub for all things agriculture. It functions as a catalyst for change in the industry by addressing some of its most pressing challenges: Connectivity: CartAGRO fosters connections by bringing together farmers, sellers, and buyers from around the world. Its user-friendly interface facilitates easy sign-up and profile creation, allowing farmers to list their crops effortlessly. Transparency: Transparency is crucial in any trade, and CartAGRO recognizes this. The platform provides real-time pricing information, enabling buyers to make informed decisions and ensuring fair deals for all parties involved. Efficiency: With streamlined processes, CartAGRO simplifies agricultural trade, reducing the complexities of traditional transactions. Buyers can connect with sellers directly, and farmers can optimize their logistics for efficient operations. Security: CartAGRO prioritizes the security of transactions with robust encryption and stringent privacy standards. Users can trust the platform for secure, confidential agricultural transactions. Logistics: In addition to trading, CartAGRO revolutionizes agricultural logistics. It offers features for seamless coordination, route optimization, and supply chain enhancement, further boosting efficiency. Why CartAGRO is Seeking Partners and Investors CartAGRO recognizes that achieving its ambitious goals requires collaborative efforts and substantial resources. Here's why the platform is actively seeking partners and investors: Scaling Impact: The agricultural industry is vast and multifaceted, and CartAGRO aims to have a global reach. Partnering with like-minded organizations and securing investments will enable CartAGRO to expand its services and impact more farmers and businesses worldwide. Technology Advancements: To remain at the forefront of agricultural innovation, CartAGRO continually invests in research and development. Partnerships and investments will support the development of cutting-edge technologies and features to enhance the platform's functionality. Market Penetration: The agriculture sector is diverse, with numerous sub-sectors and niches. Partnering with experts and investors who have deep industry knowledge can help CartAGRO penetrate different markets effectively. Sustainability: CartAGRO is committed to fostering sustainability in agriculture. Collaborating with partners and investors who share this vision can help fund initiatives and projects aimed at promoting sustainable farming practices and reducing the industry's environmental footprint. User Experience: CartAGRO places great importance on user experience and customer satisfaction. By seeking partners and investors, the platform can invest in user-centric enhancements, ensuring that its users have an exceptional and hassle-free experience. Keyword Searches: Agricultural digital platform Agribusiness transformation Agriculture trade solutions Farm-to-market connectivity Agricultural logistics optimization Sustainable farming initiatives Agtech investment opportunities Agricultural marketplace Transparent agricultural trade Secure agribusiness transactions Finding Investment Opportunities AIDB-016272 Grow Your Agribusiness with CartAGRO's Lucrative Opportunity: Join Us Today! Argentina;Australia;Austria;Azerbaijan;Botswana;Bouvet Islan...
941 We provide planning and consulting service required for the development of new agriculture - livestock - aquaculture projects and upgrading of existing ones. - Current situation analysis and suggest alternatives - Agricultural design - Feasibility study - Business plan development - Agronomic support - Training and capacity building Selling Professional Service AIDB-017095 Know-how, planning & consulting service for development of new agricultural projects Angola;Benin;Botswana;Burkina Faso;Central African Republic;...
940 EMTC, a global trade association for e-commerce selling and sourcing invites you to join us in our export training & certification program. Learn how to effectively sell or source goods in a global market. You can be certified as a trusted trader with access to the best partners and resources and to a toolkit to help you with your strategy Selling Professional Service AIDB-011091 Join the EMTC Export Training Program Egypt;Ghana;Kenya;Nigeria;Republic of the Congo;Rwanda;South...
940 Start Up Loan Required: USD 900,000.00 Nevjen Investments has 23 hectares of land that it intends to fully develop. In the interim, the company plans to develop 11 hectares into cluster housing to meet some of the need for accommodation in Gweru, Midlands. Once acquired the loan will go towards land development of 11ha. The loan will be utilized towards material acquisition, labour and ground-up development. The land that Nevjen Investments owns is bare land that requires developing from ground. The company intends putting up a buildings that are well secured with sewer lines and proper road network. The land which is currently valued at US$1.4m has approved sub-division, approved engineering documents, EMA certificate, survey approval and approved title deed dispensation certificate. The actual sewer and road networks will cost over USD560, 000.00 and about USD300, 000.00 to build the cluster units. We believe the loan will be repaid within 3 years or less. Our market will be the diaspora markett, young and medium aged buys looking at building accommodation for retirement as well as investment. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017326 Opportunity to develop upmarket accommodation in the heart of the gold rich Midlands Zimbabwe
940 Swiss Africa consists of a team of professionals each an expert in his/her own right and our professionals have more than 50 years of combined experience in Botswana. We established a portal, where our professionals will give you access to all of the best in Botswana whether it is services or whether you need a property or simple advice on a certain matter, such as where the schools are in Phakalane. We at Swiss Africa take pride of the fact that, if we cannot find you a specific service or person or property, such service or person or property is simply not available in Botswana, as Swiss Africa has contacts and connections in every corner of Botswana and in fact in Southern Africa. So, whether you want to move your factory to Botswana's Innovation Hub or SPEDU to enjoy tax breaks or buy a farm in Kaka or you simply want to open a bank account in Botswana or you are looking for finance or venture capital, we at Swiss Africa are ready to assist you. We do what we do, because we like what we do! We take pride in making use of Batswana (Botswana nationals) consultants to assist us in every step of the way Fiduciary Services Opening of bank accounts Escrow-services Estate Planning International investments for your trust Work- and Residence-permits Sale of property in Botswana License renewals in Botswana Selling Professional Service AIDB-015143 Family Trusts & Companies in Botswana Botswana
940 Our client is a well established microfinance institution, providing short term and long term consumer loans to individuals with permanent employment, primarily in the public sector. The company has a broad footprint of branches and sales units across Zambia, underpinned by robust lending procedures and active sales and marketing. Selling a Business AIDB-011663 BN000032439 A licensed credit provider, well established in Zambia, seeking a strategic investor Botswana;Namibia;South Africa;Tanzania;Zambia
939 Specializing for nearly 30 years in the design of management software packages for stores and distribution businesses, ProGmag equips numerous clients with its POS solution, including independent retailers, franchisees, store chains and purchasing centers. Fully configurable and very rich in features that a merchant may need, our solution Point De Vente allows you to manage the entire commercial chain, from the front office to the back office. It is a complete checkout and store management solution with an intuitive interface to simplify checkout and manage the life of an item and a customer through: • Cash management • Stock and inventory management • Replenishment • Interfacing • Logistics and transport management • Synchronization and consolidation of information • Store animation and loyalty card management • Ecommerce We are looking for resellers / integrators / franchisees. Our partner program is motivating and will bring you recurring income. Being a partner, it means being supported by an experienced editor capable of assisting you in your implementation strategy with retail businesses, giving you a real expertise in the market and the software package. It is also the assurance of having relevant and adapted responses to your customers' requests and the possibility of offering your customers the best. Find Business Partner AIDB-016580 Research resellers / integrators / franchisees in Retail Algeria;Benin;Ivory Coast;Democratic Republic of the Congo;G...
938 VADER Industries (Pty) Ltd was established in 2011 as a Software & ITC Solutions Company. We are a South African based Business Software, Systems & ITC Solutions provider specializing in the management and supply of end-to-end technology-based services and the management of associated software solutions. By combining a wealth of skills ranging from Business Process Mapping, Microsoft SQL Implementations and the development of specialized software to network infrastructure support and a wide range of ICT Services, VADER Industries (Pty) Ltd provide fully integrated ICT and business solutions to its clients. With more than 40 year’s combined experience in the industry, VADER Industries (Pty) Ltd recognize that many clients prefer not to have the responsibility of managing different service providers in regards to their business systems and ICT support. VADER Industries (Pty) Ltd have developed a complete range of in-house business systems and ICT solutions for our clients. VADER Industries (Pty) Ltd.’s goal is to provide its clients with an ICT & Software solutions specifically developed for the individual needs for each client. To allow the clients to focus on what they do best while VADER Industries do what we do best, managing & maintaining our solutions provided. Selling Professional Service AIDB-009441 Bespoke Cloud solutions backed by state of the art EDR , Network Security and Disaster recovery South Africa
938 We export a range of wheat flour products directly from the mill in Cape Town South Africa. All wheat products are Non GMO made from locally produces wheat. Selling Physical Goods or Products AIDB-013596 We have a full range of wheat flour products HS Code 1101. Pre Mix also available Lesotho;Madagascar;Mauritius;Rwanda;Saint Helena;Seychelles;...
937 The Project is to build a 175-key upper midscale hotel in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, one of Africa’s top largest economies. The Hotel will be positioned on 2.2 hectares along a major highway which is both visible and accessible to the four million inhabitants of the metropolis. Its central position within a capital city experiencing breath taking infrastructural growth through both government and foreign direct investment points to an opportunity where demand far outstrips supply. Only three hotels can be considered of international standard and hotel operator groups are eager to take advantage of Africa’s largest market place. With the market recovery from the Covid 19 pandemic and a new presidency with business growth incentives and initiatives, this economic powerhouse of 200 million people plus, proves to have vital growth in its telecommunications, manufacturing, agricultural, e commerce and its film and media sectors. The hotel industry in Nigeria is expected to reach transaction levels of $1.52 billion in the hotel sector by the close of 2024. This is expected to rise to $1.8 billion by 2028. Abuja will see phenomenal growth in this intake as a major urban capital centre of the continents most populous nation. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017310 Early investment opportunity. Dynamic branded upper midscale 150 keys green Hotel in Abuja FCT. Nigeria
937 Mango Limited started production in Nairobi in August 1988 with a single employee. We have expanded over the years and now employ 95 workers. The factory is divided into three sections: 1. Woodwork 2. Metalwork 3. Upholstery It is a mechanized factory with some 30 machine tools of all sorts. Consequently, it can deal with large orders quickly and efficiently. Because we aim at international standards, the methods of management and production are different from other companies. Production relies on machines and is more rationalized. Workers have been trained to use these methods. All new designs are initiated with drawings; all key workers have been trained to understand and work from drawings. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-011583 We are looking for an equity investor of $ 500,000 to help scale the business. Australia;Belgium;China;Finland;France;Germany;Qatar;Saudi A...
937 Attractive Investment Opportunity for Pension Funds, CRE Funds, REITs, other Investment Funds, Family Offices, and also Private Equity investors. Commercial Real Estate, existing retail complex, available for acquisition. Asset includes a small retail complex (±4,650 sqm), and the land (±7,500 sqm). ±24 Shops available in the complex, and parking spaces for ±100 cars. Strategically located in sought-after retail street, on the corner of the local high street, and main access roads to the largest populated urban areas. Anchor tenants include the following: [a] International financial services branches, [b] International insurance services branch, [c] Regional wholesale grocery business brand (international group with ±2,400 stores in Southern Africa), and other brands. This grocery store is focusing on the following: [a] Value & affordability, [b] Neighbourhood, and rural, [c] Essential groceries, and general merchandise, [d] Fresh produce, baked goods, meat, and ready-to-eat products. The retail complex is also ideally configured to facilitate the retail space needs of local Micro-, Small-, Medium-sized Enterprises. Variable size retail spaces available for MSMEs from the local community, who are providing services to the local community. Consumers are choosing local, convenient and community-based stores. NDA will be needed for further details. Available at the AFSIC conference in London on 11 Oct & 12 Oct for discussions. Selling Real Estate AIDB-009662 Investors for existing Commercial Real Estate Asset Austria;Botswana;Canada;Denmark;Germany;Italy;Mauritius;Nami...
935 Investment proposal for an Abidjan-based company specializing in agriculture investments and connecting Ivorian farms to local and global markets. The company is actively seeking a financing partner to secure USD 1,000,000 on a revolving basis to meet the local and export demand from OLAM and Singaporean buyers. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017127 Trade transaction in rubber that requires financing support in form of pre-shipment finance Ivory Coast
934 N/A Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017627 Imagine building the biggest goat farm in Africa Uganda
930 Veneka Power (Pvt) Ltd is a young, diversified company with interconnected startup ventures in digital solutions namely ecommerce and IoT, renewable energy and agribusiness. We are intent on making great impact in our chosen fields. Under our Ryelands Agriculture business unit, we trade in agricultural equipment for various sized operations. Zimbabwe is an agro based economy and Veneka Power (Pvt) Ltd has identified an opportunity to procure new and good quality used tractors and harvesters and new attachment equipment for soil preparation, planting, crop maintence and harvesting for onward resell and leasing on a Pay-As-You-Go model to farmers across Zimbabwe. To capitalize on this opportunity, Veneka Power seeks to establish a credit line of USD2,500,000.00 repayable in 24 months or equity of USD2,500,000.00 with an option to exit after 5 years. Farming is the backbone of the Zimbabwean economy and has seen the redistribution of land to thousands black indigenous farmers over the last 20 years. However, most of these farmers still do not have adequate levels of mechanisation to support their agricultural endeavours vis-à-vis the available land on their plots. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, out of the 4.3 million hectares of agricultural land in use in Zimbabwe, only 0.5 million hectares are mechanised, 1 million hectares are under animal power and 2.8 million hectares need mechanisation. The Ministry projects that 40,000 tractors and 600 harvesters are needed to fully mechanise Zimbabwe’s farming operations and the aforementioned hectarage. Most of these resettled farmers that own or are leasing the aforementioned hectarages of land do not have the financial muscle to buy brand new equipment from the local distributors neither do they have the creditworthiness to be able to borrow such huge sums of money. To exacerbate the situation, the used equipment that is locally available is mostly not fit for use due to neglect and age and very few in comparison to the need at hand. This has left too many a farmer with the only option of renting tractors and other equipment. Needless to say, this has resulted in a majority of the land still lying idle 20 years after the land redistribution exercise and inhibited productivity due to the high cost structures involved with renting equipment. This rental equipment is in short supply and renting also has challenges that this mechanical power is not available for other operations like spraying and ferrying fertilisers from GMB depots for example, and other farm activities like carrying this fertiliser to the fields etc unless one forks out more money, resulting in a quagmire of spiraling costs such that for many, farming has not been a pleasurable and profitable venture. We have identified the following needs that Zimbabwean farmers have that our proposal intends to address; • Need #1: access to reasonably priced, good quality new and used and appropriately sized tractors, tillage, planting and harvesting equipment • Need #2: manage the risk associated with advance payments for high value equipment. Our objectives are as follows; • to make our contribution to revolutionising the agriculture sector through mechanisation • to provide a long term solution for farmers and thus contribute to the national goal of fully mechanising 3.8 million hectares. Our goal is to assist at least 1500 farmers to procure reasonably priced good quality new and used appropriate size tractors and accessory equipment like ploughs and disc harrows over the next 5 years. Products and Services i. Tractors ii. Ploughs iii. Disc harrows iv. Cultivators v. Weeders vi. Harvesters vii. Fertiliser spreader viii. Feed formulators ix. Milking machines Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-011412 Opportunity To Invest In The High Growth Potential Agriculture Sector In Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
930 Established recycling business called Eco waste subcontracted Lelapa recycling to assist with diverting waste going to landfill sites and buying of recyclable material. The company started with Steel cans in December 2021 and grew to paper and all types of plastics. The company's client base grew very fast and have allot of requests to support waste pickers. The aim of the company is to create job employment and help clean the environment by bringing recycling to allot of schools who has not yet been approached or enlisted in a program. Learning the young ones from early age how to help clean the environment and and assisting in school generating funds for necessary maintenance and funds to be used hoe they see fit. Funding is needed to expand the company by purchasing a crane truck and trailer, bailing machine , granulator and a forklift. There will also be funds needed to purchase bulk stock and keeping it until sufficient weight is collected and bailed to be sold. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-012851 Bulk recycling materials from schools, landfill sites and waste pickers South Africa
930 Our mission is to deliver accessible, affordable, healthcare to millions of people in underserved emerging markets, via the digital mobile network, generating a beneficial social impact in their communities. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-013920 We are seeking business partners and investment of $2 million to role out our first market. Democratic Republic of the Congo;Egypt;Ethiopia;Mozambique;T...
930 African Mining Resources(AMR) is a mining services company which provides support services to the mining industry in Lesotho. Services include drilling and blasting, valves, lubrications and welding gas and welding equipment and subcontracting services to optimize production to mining operations. Find Business Partner AIDB-011039 Provision of mining and mining services Algeria;Botswana;China;Ivory Coast;Democratic Republic of th...
928 We have recognized the growing need for efficient, reliable public transport services. Our vision is to offer a service that not only catered to the daily commuter but also provide a comfortable and affordable option for travellers. We aim to provide private transport services passengers travelling between Lagos and Abuja. Starting with 3 Toyota Hiace buses that can comfortably fit 18 Passengers a light commercial vehicle produced by the Japanese automobile manufacturer Toyota. First launched in October 1967, the petrol engine versatility of Toyota seems to know no bounds. Toyota HiAce hit the Nigerian market with force and drawn a lot of appreciation from its buyers. The buses are eco-friendly and will be operated in line with our core values of: • Maintain fairness and equity in all our operations. • Strive for quality and affordable transport for all. • Stimulate innovation in the transport sector. • Ensure transparency, accountability, accessibility, and • Upholding of the customer-focused principles. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017243 Public Transport enabler for the community between Lagos and Abuja Nigeria
928 We are the fastest selling Rough Diamonds company in Antwerp . We sell all qualities of diamonds from Industrial to Gem quality . We sell your diamonds for highest price on Tender . We have clients from global market specialized in Rough Diamonds . We also do cutting and polishing service and certification . We Hold Auctions for cut and polished diamonds globally . We also produce Jewelry for International Market with Natural diamonds above 1 Carat . We are the ideal Partners to bring best returns to your mining business . Find Business Partner AIDB-010120 We are fully licensed Rough Diamond tender house in Belgium . We looking for Miners Small or Big . Angola;Armenia;Botswana;Brazil;Burkina Faso;China;Democratic...
927 Mining Companies with gold recovery and further prospects of between an average grade of 6g/t to 7 g/t. Life span of Mines are between 15 to 20 years. Mining Licences cover areas of 2,6 to 3 hectares for further exploration. Documents and Independent Technical Reports available as per serious Investors requests and signage of an NDA Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-011390 Gold Mining Companies requiring Investors Australia;Canada;China;Germany;Lithuania;Russian Federation;...
927 We export PARBOILED RICE NON BASMATI QUALITY Specifications: - Standard Moisture 13-14% - Broken 4-5% - Foreign matter Nil Chalky 3-4% - Admixture 0.2-0.6% - Length 5.5-5.8mm - Whiteness 38-39 Country of Origin: India Selling Physical Goods or Products AIDB-017150 Looking for Importers/Buyers of Rice Australia;Austria;Belgium;Brazil;Canada;China;France;Greece;...
925 Looking for buyers of 3 Tonnes of baobab powder. Selling Physical Goods or Products AIDB-016598 3 tonnes of processed superfood baobab powder available for export - DM if interested. Germany;Netherlands;United Kingdom;United States
924 3.4M nature-based carbon removal VCUs from the vintages from 2026 to 2032 are currently available for purchase as forward credits. Insurance against delivery risk for forward-purchased carbon credits is available. The credits are generated from nature-based carbon removal project in Uganda, which restores 10,000 hectares of degraded lands, where the native ecosystem was cleared over a decade before the project's commencement. The project is a grouped project in the sectoral scope of Agriculture, Forestry, and Other Land Use (AFOLU). It falls under the Afforestation, Reforestation, and Revegetation (ARR) project category and meets the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) definition of revegetation. It follows the VCS's newest ARR methodology, VM0047. This high-quality, high-integrity project goes beyond mere carbon sequestration, offering a multitude of co-benefits from ecosystem services to job creation and community empowerment. The project directly addresses 8 Sustainable Development Goals. The project's focus is on planting and maintenance of native or naturalised bamboo species across Uganda. Bamboo, with its remarkable properties, offers a sustainable solution for carbon sequestratio as the fastest-growing woody plant on on land, surpassing average trees in oxygen production by 35% and CO2 absorption by 40%. The project prioritises biodiversity enrichment through a comprehensive Biodiversity Management Plan, reflecting a holistic and innovative approach to conservation, restoration, and sustainable land management. The planting on the 400-ha pilot site in Nwoya, Northern Uganda, started in September 2023. We aim to complete the whole 10,000 ha project by 2027. Other AIDB-017674 High-Impact Nature-Based Carbon Removal Forwards For Sale (vintage 2027-2032, Verra VM0047) Australia;Austria;Belgium;Brazil;Canada;China;Denmark;Finlan...
924 At Cultifar, we are on a mission to enhancing an efficient local production of Agro-allied raw materials & strengthening the supply chain of Industrial production in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. We are focusing on Cassava for a start, with 60million tonnes produced annually, Nigeria is the largest producer of Cassava in the world, yet only 5% of Cassava yield are processed into derivatives for Manufacturing industry while majority of the Cassava are lost to waste due to lack of immediate processing. We want to change that by industrializing processing of Cassava to strengthen the supply chain of Industrial production, thereby helping farmers reduce wastage. We are currently seeking funding in form of equity or debt to setup our state of the art processing line with capacity of 400tonnes per day, close to Cassava Farmers to ensure Prompt processing of their produce, combined with our web-based Supply Chain technology to distribute the final product to manufacturers locally and globally. Cassava derivatives market is a $400million market in Nigeria and a $20billion market with annual growth of 6% on the global scene, the major demand comes from industries in food processing, pharmaceutical, livestock, paper, textile, biogas etc. With about 30% of the national annual yield being promptly processed into derivatives, Nigeria can become a major player in the global Cassava derivatives market. We are seeking private equity or venture capital investors who are looking to consistently grow their capital investment over the next 5 years, join us to add value and industrialize agro-processing in Nigeria. Contact us for more details. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-014691 We are seeking funding of $5m -$10m to industrialize Cassava processing in Nigeria Nigeria
924 We are looking for both Equity investors and Debt financiers to invest in our tech startup that provides virtual internet services that offers colleges and students fast, limitless internet access at a lower cost.​ here in Nigeria especially in the rural areas where most universities and institutions are located, students have the most horrible experiences with bad and poor internet connection at high subscription rate, our startup purchases fast and unlimited internet connection from (ISP) company and resells it at a lower yet effective rate, we in need of investors because we are currently not capabale of raising the capital for the business, we currntly have a team of researchers, frontend and backend developers, UI/UX Designers & Content Creators all ready and available to put their skills to work with the right funding. We hope you understand that we are all a group of entrepreneurs trying to make money while solving a problem, hope to hear from you soon. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017579 Finding investors for a tech startup that provides Virtual Internet Services to colleges & students Nigeria
921 The company is a vibrant biotechnology that will target an unmet market concerning the Central Nervous System (Alzheimer's Disease). The company has been accepted into the Federal Drug Administration's (FDA) combined Phase II & III Fast Track Program for its' promising drug Memtin (Leptin). The company have a fully approved issued patent on the drug, which is a hormone replacement therapy that is relatively de-risked multi-functional, preventative, and therapeutic approach for cognitive decline due to Alzheimer's disease and optimally for early stage (prodromal AD) hyporleptinemic including other dementias. Alzheimer's disease affects more than fifty (50) million worldwide and is the 6th leading cause of death in the world, that can not be prevented, cured, or even slowed. The company, offers its unparalleled top notch talent and capabilities to transform Alzheimer's disease by offering a very promising solution to a critical unmet medical need. The company's primary drug is called Memtin (Leptin) and is a replacement therapy. The role of Leptin in neuroprotection, cognitive enhancement, and decreasing levels of phospho-tau/tau, decreasing beta amyloid and is associated with lower risk for dementia in the elderly. The business plan is available upon request and if you require additional information, please feel at liberty to email me. The drug will be available for the world. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-011112 Immediate Capital Requirement: $ 50,000,000 Target Market: Central Nervous System Ivory Coast;Egypt;Ethiopia;France;Gambia;Germany;Greece;Hong...
920 Blue Emerald Holding (BEH) is seeking US$ 2 million in seed capital to establish and set up a 200 MT (200,000Kg) per annum Bio-Intensive Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) plant / factory for the production and processing of table size (1Kg – 1.2 Kg) African catfish (Clarias garieppinus) for the local Kenyan market as well as for export to the East African Community (EAC) and the asian & European Markets, in Kenya. The project involves the construction and operation of a nursery / hatchery system, a mini laboratory, a grow-out system, a processing and packaging plant, a refrigerating system as well as the required office blocks on the 20,232.5 sq. meter (5 Acre) property, and the purchase of new industrial machinery for the proposed factory to be used in the plant / factory, geared towards creating an operational capacity / market for the final / finished products and enhancing the service delivery of the company to its clients within Kenya, East African and international markets. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009129 Catfish processing using the RAS of production for the local & international markets Kenya
920 KURUTI ISLAND (MKURANGA, PWANI) Fully Owned by @kusinigateway -Small and beautiful island facing Indian Ocean -The island cover some historical heritage of Africans natives and Islamic history as one of attractions -The island also surrounded by other historical island like Koma Island, Kwale Island and Mafia Island. -White sand with fresh water for swimming 24 hrs -Surrounded by mangroves at the back with large river flows it's water forming natural ground for marine sports like Waterskiing, JetSkiing, Rowing, Fishing, Sailing, Surfing, Canoeing, Kayaking and many more. -Has been recently recommended by the government through ministry of be a special economic zote for tourist (SEZ) -Ready for the development of tourist hotels and other activities -Recommended for any convenience project Our Industrial Site (MKIU, MKURANGA) -Over 2,000 Surveyed Acres Available for industrial development -Flat land surface by the main road (Kilwa Road) -Gas Supply Available *Gas Line running through the Land & Easy Accessibility* -Water Supply Available -Electricity Supply Available -13 kilometres from the beach and 90 kilometres to Dar es salaam port -Already established tiles factory @goodwillceramics_tz #Mkuranga #kusinigateway #KGIP #industrialplotsforsale #tanzania Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010437 Our Industrial Site (MKIU, MKURANGA) -Over 2,000 Surveyed Acres Available for industrial developmen Tanzania
920 The client is an edible ethanol manufacturing company. The continued demand for ethanol in Nigeria is guaranteed. This implies confirmed and sustainable income generation by the client. There is market for cassava value chain products in Nigeria and international markets. The cassava value chain product can be exported to earn FX.They produce edible ethanol and animal feed from cassava.They need the sum of $5m to enable them expand their production capacity from 1.5m litres to 7.5litres annually. They intend to cultivate bulk of the cassava they will need for their production via mechanized farming . It will guarantee adequate returns on investments and contribute to the development of the rural host community through increasing economic activities They are open to debt finance or equity investment. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-012350 CAPACITY EXPANSION Nigeria
920 We have done our market research and feasibility study and we will be able with our partner investors to secure 500 acres of arable virgin land to be reclaimed and prepared to start-up our fodder crop cultivation project. We are into the fodder-crop cultivating business because we want to leverage the vast opportunities available in the growing livestock farming industry, to contribute our quota to growing the Egyptian economy and definitely to make good profits. In response to Egypt's growing needs for the strategic fodder crops required for local livestock rearing and also the high demand for exporting these fodder crops to many countries in the Middle East, a sustainable agricultural investment project will potentially be established on 500 acres in one of the virgin areas that have been assigned by the Egyptian government where arable land and underground water are available. The irrigation system will be implemented by drilling four 350-meter depth underground water wells with a 120-Kw solar clean energy system each, to operate four 120-Kw submersible pumping units to feed four central pivot sprinkler systems, each one for irrigating 120 acres. Hence, to prepare for planting a total area of 480 acres out of the 500 acres acquired property. The 480 acres will be reclaimed and cultivated with one or more of the strategic crops, such as alfalfa, panicum, maize, soybeans, barley and wheat for their richness in protein, energy, minerals, hay, straw and fibers. The remaining 20 acres will be used for inner roads, infrastructure, warehouses and other project facilities. The project will be in two phases, and will take 12 months' execution time to start the first harvesting activities. Hence, the project revenues from selling the harvested fodder crops will start gradually after 12 months from the project launching date. • The project is under the theory of shifting from a linear model to a circular model in the economic system, that can be expanded or replicated. • The project has a positive impact on the environment and mitigates climate change as it is a sustainable circular economy system project where clean energy will be used and all agricultural waste will be collected, utilized and reused as natural fertilizers. Hence, achieving zero emissions and zero waste. • The project has a direct economical impact on reducing water-food consumption by using smart irrigation systems, reducing energy-food consumption by using clean energy solar systems and the commercial produce of the project will surely help in solving the shortage problems of strategic fodder crops. • The project has a direct social impact on poverty reduction, gender equality and affording more job opportunities. • The project is in line with Egypt's Vision 2030 that reflects the three dimensions of sustainable development; the economy, the society and the environment. • The project is in line with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Start-up expenditure and Initial Cost of Investment (ICI) required for proceeding with the project and completing its two-phase activities in 12 months' time period is $ 3,115,700 USD Al Barq Co. aims to raise the full project budget under any of the following direct investment agreements:- • Venture Capital • Joint-Venture • Equity Financing Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-014149 Initial Cost of Investment (ICI) 3,115,700 USD, and Average Annual Return on Investment (ROI) 27.35% Egypt
920 The Cement factory is located at Nigeria and they have acquired a Cement factory located at southern Nigeria. They plan to modernize their Cement factory and establish additional two or three new factories to help them meet up with the demands of their customers . Their product is widely accepted in Nigeria and their major competitor is Dangote Cement factory Nigeria Ltd. Companies that are into construction and concrete work prefer the company Cement to any other cement products. The company have large reserved quantity of best limestone yet tobe touched. The acceptability of their products and high level of demand for same will make investor recoup its investment in short time. The project can be in tranches if the required fund is huge. We seek $850m Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-012001 CONSTRUCTION OF NEW CEMENT FACTORIES AND TWO FIFTY MEGAWATTS POWER PLANT TOSUPPLY ELECTRICITY Nigeria
920 The Client is into mining and they have permit to mine bauxite, gold and explore oil. They need a credit of facility about 15 million dollars. Their Board of Directors are open to equity investors or funders. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-012348 MINING Nigeria
920 We have a platform that allows businesses to trade their invoices (receivables) for working capital purposes. Our solution is the first of its kind and allows for competitive auction of invoices, which ensures our users get the best possible rate for their transaction at every point in time. Our solution basically unlock liquidity for businesses and create a new asset class for portfolio/fund managers to invest in. We have piloted the solution with Stanbic-IBTC (biggest bank out of Africa), Olam Group, Ab-InBev etc and process over $15 million dollars worth of invoices, $50m+ in payment processed and over $200k in revenue. Having tested the solution, we are seeking to raise a Seed fund of $3m to scale the solution in Nigeria and selected countries in Africa and other emerging economies. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-012427 The future of alternative finance for Emerging economies Nigeria
920 ABOUT US:Esaiga Africa is a real estate company with over a decade of real estate experience in Nairobi Kenya. Our services include; Construction of fast moving, high demand affordable houses, House sales and marketing, Property Consultation. Proposed use of funds: We identify prime area and land for real estate investment, we then use the funds to purchase the identified land, we undertake the design, approval and construction of the house and lastly we do aggressive marketing and selling of the units and handove to clients. We finally repay the investor with the agreed profit margin. Future business growth plans: to diversify our housing portfolio and start building agrihood estates, one of its kind in kenya where we intergrate self sustainable housing and farming gated communities. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009256 PREMIER PROPERTY SOLUTIONS: INVESTMENT IN KENYAN REAL ESTATE BY CONSTRUCTING AFFORDABLE HOUSING UNIT Kenya
920 The promoter want to set up an international standard secondary school Academia, primary, kindergarten and daycare center for infants in Enugu Nigeria. They need an investor that will help them to provide the needed infrastructure to make their dream a reality. This involves construction and equipping the new proposed schools. They have two functional higher institution ( University and college of education). Seeking $10m Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-012003 EXPANSION TO COVER ALL LEVEL OF EDUCATION Nigeria
920 For sale in Victoria Falls is a lodge with 16 bedrooms a worth investment in this tourist resort in Zimbabwe. Investing in this lodge will not only give you great ROI but a chance to own a property in one of the best 7 tourist destinations of Africa. Selling Real Estate AIDB-010326 A life time investment to own a Lodge in the Majestic Victoria Falls South Africa;United Kingdom;Zimbabwe
920 The company will produce Aluminium from melting of Billets or Aluminium Scraps from molten form to Solid Aluminium of which in turn produces Flat Sheets, Sheets in Coils, Circles, Roofing Sheets, and Plain coils of which the factories that corrugates roofing Sheets. They will equally produce Kitchen Utensils ,car body and accessories. Seeking $5m Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-012011 ALUMINIIUM PRODUCTION Nigeria
920 They are into real estate and Information technology. They are open to equity investors ..The fund is for the provision of infrastructure and houses. The needed documents will be provided on request. They represent Oracle and other international Information technology companies in Nigeria. The investment will be guaranteed by there sister information technology company. Seeking $8m Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-012010 REAL ESTATE Nigeria
920 Our client has two higher institutions (University and college of education) and want to establish college academy, primary, kindergarten and daycare to cover all levels of education. The proceeds from the college of education was used to build the university .They have acquired 115 hectares of land where the college will be built.The sum of $4m will be used to build and equip the college academy while the sum of $6m will be used to upgrade the university ,build the primary,kindergatenand daycare projects. The projects can be handled in phases, if the investment will come in tranches. The proceeds from the college transactions can be used to upgrade the University. The involves building new faculty buildings for the new professional courses. The University currently run 41 courses. .The primary, kindergarten and day care school will come later. The primary school will act as feeder to the college. In Nigeria , college runs for 6 years. primary 6 years, kindergarten 3 years, day car Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-012343 EXPANSION TO COVER ALL LEVEL OF EDUCATION Nigeria
920 A Primary Mortgage Institution into financing of real estate development. The company is a member of the Mortgage Banking Association of Nigeria (MBAN). As a PMB, the principal business is the provision of mortgage lending, real estate construction finance, drawing from the mortgage funds (e.g. National Housing Fund Facility) for on-lending, acceptance of savings, term deposits,mortgage focused demand deposits and financial advisory services. From inception, the Bank focused on serving all segments of society as it committed “To be the preferred Primary Mortgage Institution with a commanding presence nation-wide".They have done a lot in real estate projects in the past in various states of Nigeria. They want equity investors to raise USD 15 M. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-012009 REAL ESTATE Nigeria
920 They need a project finance facility for the construction ( completion and furnishing )of a hotel. The company has spent more than $60m in the project. Seeking $20m Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-012005 COMPLETION AND FURNISHING OF A RATED HOTEL Nigeria
920 Somango Company Limited (SCL) is arguably the biggest Mango farmer in Tanzania with 400 acres of environmental friendly farm located in Ruvuma region. The farm has access to critical inputs such as land, water and good climatic conditions which favors offseason production and good quality. SCL started its operations in 2015 and has consistently produced audited financial statements each year. All mangoes harvested, so far, (April 2020 & 2021) from 130 acres currently in use (10,000 mango trees) were sold to the local wholesalers & food processors at premium prices and orders for all 2022 expected outputs have already been received. The project has multitude of social & environmental benefits including: Improving community health (Mangos have 8+ nutritional benefits), Increase social investment, Employment creation (+260 staff by 2030), Increase tax contribution, 33% water saving through drip method, Carbon reduction, Improvement of soil health & Promoting gender equality. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-008990 Accelerating a sustainable agri-business with significant financial, environmental & social benefits Tanzania
920 The promoter want a project finance to enable them fund their exploration operations in Africa. They have permit to mine gold, bauxite and explore oil in Africa. They have a jetty in southern part of Nigeria which can serve as security, in addition to domiciliation of proceeds of their businesses. They are open to funders or equity investors. $15m Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-012006 MINING Nigeria
920 The promoter is into dredging business in Nigeria . They need to buy two dredging machines to enable them execute the contract they have in Lagos Nigeria. They intend to buy the dredging machines from Europe. Seeking $19m Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-012007 PURCHASE OF TWO DREDGING MACHINES Nigeria
920 Kenya Ranches seeks to establish a $10M Large Scale Goat & Sheep Ranch in Kenya, together with an experienced International rancher with a weekly Goat and Sheep offtake in GCC Markets. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010786 Seeking $10M Debt/Equity, to set up a Large Scale Goat & Sheep Ranch in Kenya , with a 28% IRR. Kenya
920 They want to set up starch production factory in Nigeria. The raw material will be cassava commonly grown in Nigeria. They need debt finance facility of $5m for the project. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-012360 STARCH PRODUCTION Nigeria
920 We are offering you the exclusive opportunity to join us on this innovative infrastructural revolution, and be among the few that will be investing in the Zumera Tower Project – the first-of-its-kind in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria and earn up to 50% ROI in 2 years. Zumera Tower will offer the highest possible standard and an innovative solution with the vision to build an inspired and sustainable future for African community starting with Nigeria. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-016939 Our On-going Project called The Zumera Tower, is a 7-in-1 Masterpiece- an epic luxurious destination Australia;Austria;Canada;China;Croatia;Cyprus;Czech Republic...
920 They have a paper mill manufacturing company and need a debt finance facility of $10m. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-012359 PAPER MILL PRODUCTION Nigeria
920 They are into production of Baby diapers. They want to expand their current production capacity via $30m credit facility. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-012357 DIAPER PRODUCTION Nigeria
920 •The Zungeru project is estimated to generate 2.64 billion kWh of electricity a year, which will meet close to 10% of Nigeria’s total domestic energy needs. •It will provide flood control, irrigation, as well as water supply and fish breeding facilities. •The project was expected to provide employment opportunities to more than 2,000 people during the peak construction period Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-012645 REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATION FOR CONCESSION OF 700MW HYDRO POWER Canada;China;Germany;United Arab Emirates;United Kingdom;Uni...
920 Transaction Highlights ▪ This opportunity is structured in partnership with CTA Finance Ltd (“CTA”), a highly experienced team with an extensive banking background (ING, BCP, BCV..) and over a billion worth of transactional facilities under their belts. ▪ Export Finance consists in the financing of pre-sold goods while they’re in transit to creditinsured (Altradius, Euler Hermes and/or Coface) or Letter of Credit backed customers. ▪ The underlying facilities are transactional (max 90 days), uncommitted, self-liquidating and offer a full-recourse both to the underlying transaction (LTV<80%) as well as to the borrowers’ balance sheet. ▪ Borrowers are well-capitalised (Equity USD 10-80m) and the financings granted are always complementary to larger banking facilities with longer maturities. ▪ According to the 2019 ICC trade register report, trade finance remains a low risk asset class with 3-25 bps av. default rates with transactional finance being the safest approach. ▪ A fully secured note available in EUR (4.5% p.a.) or USD (6% p.a.) and offering a quarterly liquidity Trade Finance AIDB-008729 Uncommitted short term facilities (20-90 days) Algeria;Democratic Republic of the Congo;Morocco;Nigeria;Sen...
920 Conservest Africa is an investment company optimized to support fast-growing, mission-driven, for-profit African conservation projects by investing in land, land development, community economies, renewable energy and income generating services. The fund is unique in that it gives investors access the lucrative conservation sector: In a low-risk manner, To earn exceptional returns in the conservation sector (8%-10%) To invest in accordance with ESG principles. By investing, investors support the United Nations Social Development Goals and the South African National Development Plan, 2030. The Fund’s strategy is: 1.To acquire controlling stakes in a variety of conservation projects, including existing and profitable game reserves (which are already vertically integrated into the upstream and down stream supply chain) and related business (fencing companies, anti poaching units, renewable energy, lodge operators, technology, etc) 2.To centralize administrative, accounting, marketing, human resources, procurement, information technology and other shared services, in order to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and increase the homogenous operation of the fund as complete unit rather than to just hold separate, underlying portfolio companies and businesses. 3.To consolidate debt in the underlying portfolio companies, refinance debt, raise additional debt, senior as well as mezzanine at portfolio company level to increase the overall return profile of the portfolio companies for the benefit of investors. 4.To incorporate and incentivize the key personal and key management of the portfolio company as beneficiaries (either through shareholding or performance participation, as the case my be) at the portfolio holding company level, which facilitates the ability to list the portfolio of companies on the JSE. 5.To list the fund’s portfolio companies with a significant free float (to ensure liquidity and to minimize trading at any discount to NAV.) 6.The diversity of the underlying portfolio companies (only around 16% of total exposure is to primary agriculture), means that the business will list as a business in the manufacturing, food producers or industrial sectors, as may be best suited, further minimizing the risk of the business trading at a discount to NAV. Investment Requirement: First Close USD60k (loan) seed funding will be used for startup: Establishment of the fund and related materials Due diligence on investment opportunities Marketing for further fundraising Once Angel funding is secured loan will be repaid in full Seed funder will receive a 5% share in Conservest Africa Management Co. Second Close Angel funding will be used for the development of a proof of concept by investing U$D2.7m in a conservation project and tracking progress as an investor. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-014159 Conservest Africa is an investment company fucussed on conservation projects in Africa. Angola;Botswana;Democratic Republic of the Congo;Kenya;Lesot...
920 A Primary Mortgage Institution into real estate development, the fund is for the construction of various new estates. The company is a member of the Mortgage Banking Association of Nigeria (MBAN). As a PMB, the principal business of our client is the provision of mortgage lending, real estate construction finance, drawing from the mortgage funds (e.g. National Housing Fund Facility) for on-lending, acceptance of savings, term deposits, mortgage focused demand deposits and financial advisory services. From inception, the Bank focused on serving all segments of society as it committed “To be the preferred Primary Mortgage Institution with a commanding presence nation-wide". They have done a lot in real estate projects in the past in various states of Nigeria. • They have bought a large portion of land measuring in hectares for the project. They have off takers for the proposed houses. • They want a project finance facility of $15m Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-012355 REAL ESTATE / MORTGAGE BANK Nigeria
920 Green Sprout Food Company Ltd is for profit, and supports small holder fruit, vegetables, herbs and livestock keepers in sustainable production in Kenya. The company is also involved in harvesting, post-harvest management and marketing of small holder farm produce, locally and to international markets in Europe and Middle East and with over 40% profit margin. Green Sprout Food Company Ltd is looking for funding to maximize our client base , reload our inventories, expand and grow our business. Within this interdependent chain ,lack of funding threatens our ability to meet future obligations. Sufficient funding will be a key aspect to our financial health, thus enabling us to fulfil our growth and ambitions. Oprah Winfrey once said" Luck is preparation meeting opportunity." Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010133 An export trading company exporting meat, avocado and apple mangoes to Europe and Middle East. Kenya
920 The company will produce Aluminium from melting of Billets or Aluminium Scraps from molten form to Solid Aluminium of which in turn produces Flat Sheets, Sheets in Coils, Circles, Roofing Sheets, and Plain coils of which the factories that corrugates roofing Sheets. They will equally produce Kitchen Utensils ,car body and accessories. They have finished building and equipping the factory and need working capital. They want either equity investors or credit facility of $5m. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-012352 ALUMINIUM PRODUCTION Nigeria
917 Introduction: Lake Victoria, the largest freshwater lake in Africa, faces environmental challenges including deforestation, degradation of wetlands, and loss of biodiversity. To address these issues and mitigate climate change, there is an opportunity to establish carbon sinks in the Lake Victoria ecosystem. Carbon sinks, such as reforestation projects and wetland restoration, can sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, creating a valuable asset in the form of carbon credits. this the intervention Limafrica and agrisolutions limited is undertaking Market Opportunity: The global carbon market is growing rapidly, driven by regulatory frameworks, corporate sustainability goals, and investor demand for carbon offsets. By creating carbon sinks in the Lake Victoria ecosystem, there is an opportunity to tap into this market and generate revenue through the sale of carbon credits. Environmental Benefits: Establishing carbon sinks in the Lake Victoria ecosystem offers numerous environmental benefits, including: Carbon Sequestration: Reforestation and wetland restoration activities can sequester significant amounts of carbon dioxide, helping to mitigate climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Biodiversity Conservation: Restoring natural habitats and protecting biodiversity hotspots within the Lake Victoria basin can enhance ecosystem resilience and support the survival of endangered species. Water Quality Improvement: Reforestation along riverbanks and riparian zones can improve water quality by reducing sedimentation, erosion, and nutrient runoff into Lake Victoria, benefiting aquatic ecosystems and local communities. Business Model: Our business model involves: Identifying Suitable Sites: Conducting feasibility studies and environmental assessments to identify priority areas for carbon sink projects, considering factors such as land availability, ecosystem health, and community engagement. Project Development: Implementing reforestation, afforestation, and wetland restoration projects in collaboration with local communities, government agencies, and conservation organizations. Carbon Credit Generation: Monitoring and quantifying carbon sequestration activities using scientific methods and standards approved by international carbon certification bodies on over 10,000 hectares' of land for 1million metric tones of carbon per year. Carbon Credit Sales: Marketing and selling carbon credits to buyers in the voluntary and compliance carbon markets, including corporations, governments, and carbon offset brokers for over 1million metric tones per year. Community Engagement: Engaging local communities in project planning, implementation, and benefits-sharing to ensure social inclusion, equity, and long-term sustainability. Conclusion: Creating carbon sinks for carbon credits in the Lake Victoria ecosystem presents a compelling business opportunity with significant environmental, social, and economic benefits. By leveraging nature-based solutions to address climate change, we can restore ecosystems, conserve biodiversity, and support the livelihoods of communities in the Lake Victoria basin while contributing to global efforts to combat climate change. Join us in unlocking the potential of carbon markets to create a more sustainable future for Lake Victoria and beyond. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-016985 carbon sinks for carbon credits averts climate change impacts despite offsetting it, be our partner. Kenya
917 SAIN is representing a client with the following opportunity: Acquiring a steel mill located in Botswana A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) would like to raise capital to the tune of P314mil in order to fund a turnaround strategy of a steel mill awarded through a legal open tender process in Botswana. The amount is in exchange of approximately 25% equity to a strategic investment partner, based on an Enterprise Value (EV) of P1.2bil, an internal rate of return (IRR) of approximately 18%, and a payback period of less than 5 years. Here are some key details about the opportunity: Capital Raise: The SPV aims to raise capital in the amount of P314 million (approximately US$32 million) to support the turnaround strategy of the steel mill. Equity Offering: In exchange for the capital investment, the SPV is offering approximately 25% equity to a strategic investment partner. This offering is based on an Enterprise Value (EV) of P1.2 billion, an internal rate of return (IRR) of approximately 18%, and a payback period of less than 5 years. Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Benefits: The steel mill is located within a Special Economic Zone, which provides various government incentives. Notably, a government off-take agreement guarantees a cash flow with a commitment to purchase 30% of the mill's end products. Renewable Energy and Synfuels: The new business model includes the production of renewable energy, with surplus electricity being sold to the government power utility (BPC) under a power purchase agreement (PPA). Additionally, Syncrude oil is refined into synfuels for both local and export markets, creating additional revenue streams beyond the current valuation and representing growth opportunities and sustainability. Low Operational Risk: The steel mill is classified as a brownfield project currently under the care and maintenance of liquidators. Consequently, the operational risk is minimal, and the recommissioning period is expected to be approximately six months. Job Creation and Community Revitalization: As the only steel mill in Botswana, the project aims to create approximately 2,500 jobs once the mill reaches a steady state. This initiative seeks to restore the town of Selebi Phikwe to its former glory days prior to the liquidation of the BCL mine nearly five years ago. Additional Breakdown: The total investment required for the acquisition of Pula Steel Casting and Manufacturing (PSCM) amounts to P314 million (or US$32 million). This includes the breakdown of investment capital and working capital, as follows: Investment Capital (IC): P222 million Liquidator: P21.5 million Expansionary: P155 million Professional Fees: P45 million Working Capital (WC): P92 million To facilitate the transaction, a Botswana SPV will be established. The equity offering of up to 49% is currently held under Moseki Consulting/RSA-SPV, with the remaining 51% reserved for MOSD Trust as a local partner in the Botswana SPV. Additionally, several government incentives are available, including: Government off-take for up to 30% of production in the Spedu region Self-power generation of up to 10MWe Writing off historical liabilities of up to P100 million for Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) This is the only steel mill in Botswana Thank you for your attention to this matter. We look forward to the possibility of collaborating with your firm and finding a suitable investment partner for the acquisition of the steel mill in Botswana. Selling a Business AIDB-014396 Aquisition a Steel Mill in Botswana Australia;Botswana;Egypt;France;Ghana;Isle of Man;Mauritius;...
917 Invest in Afrinet Carbon: Profits, Purpose, and Planet with Nature-Based Solutions Embrace a Transformative Opportunity: Investors, here's your chance to revolutionize the world of profit, purpose, and planetary well-being with Afrinet Carbon. We specialize in nature-based solutions, such as biochar, regenerative agriculture, and agroforestry, and we invite you to join us in making a lasting impact. 🌱 Nature-Based Solutions: Our primary focus lies in nature-based solutions. We commit to producing 100,000 tons of biochar annually, a carbon-negative wonder; and aggregating 25,000 hectares of new forest cover through regenerative agriculture and agroforestry, formidable climate allies. By investing in these solutions, you're investing in the future of our planet. 💰 Monetizing Carbon Credits: Afrinet Carbon excels at aggregating smallholder farmers and grassroots projects into the global carbon market. Your investment directly translates into financial returns through the development and trading of high-value carbon credits generated from these nature-based solutions. 🌍 Growing African Carbon Market: The African carbon market is poised for explosive growth, projected to be worth billions by 2030. This is where the money is – and it's waiting for you. Invest now to tap into this untapped wealth. 🤝 Empowering Communities: Our model creates sustainable income opportunities for marginalized communities. Your investment directly contributes to SDGs like Zero Hunger (SDG 2) and Gender Equality (SDG 5), fostering economic empowerment and reducing poverty. 📈 Strategic Growth: With visionary leadership and cutting-edge technology, Afrinet Carbon is positioned for exponential growth. Your investment becomes the catalyst for climate action, fueling our expansion and global impact. Join the Sustainable Movement: Invest with Afrinet Carbon today and be part of a high-value, high-impact venture that aligns profit with purpose. By focusing on nature-based solutions, we pioneer environmental leadership and secure a better, sustainable future for Africa and our planet. Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to invest in the solutions that can transform our world. Invest in Afrinet Carbon: Profits, Purpose, and Planet with Nature-Based Solutions Finding Investment Opportunities AIDB-015908 Afrinet Carbon: Transforming African Farming for Climate! Australia;Finland;Italy;Portugal;Sweden;United Kingdom
916 The Trans-Kalahari Railway Project Management Office (TKR-PMO) is established in terms of a Bilateral Agreement between the Governments of the Republic of Namibia and Republic of Botswana (herein referred to as Member States) and is hosted in Windhoek, Namibia. The mandate of the TKR-PMO is to execute the TKR Project on behalf of the Member States. Interested parties are invited to respond to the advert below; EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI) FOR FUNDING THE FEASIBILITY STUDY AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE PROPOSED NEW RAILWAY CORRIDOR UNDERPINNED BY THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE NEW AND/OR THE UPGRADE OF EXISTING RAILWAY LINE BETWEEN BOTSWANA AND NAMIBIA I.E. TRANS KALAHARI RAILWAY LINE. With this EOI, Trans Kalahari Railway - Project Management Office (TKR -PMO) is inviting potential investors that are interested in the design, build, finance, operate, maintain, and transfer the project to Member States. TKR-PMO is interested in Potential Investors with demonstrated experience in delivering projects of a similar nature and magnitude. Potential Investors are invited to provide responses to this request on a non-binding basis. The Expression of Interest (EOI) document can be downloaded from the TKR-PMO website at Enquiries to the issuance of these documents may be forwarded to The closing date and time for this EOI is 08 November 2023 at 10:00 Hours (GMT+2) Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-015371 EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI) FOR FUNDING THE FEASIBILITY STUDY AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE PROJECT China;Germany;Japan;United Kingdom;South Korea
916 Kanzu Banking is a mobile and web application that enables Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies (SACCOS) and to manage their portfolios easily and securely. This software meticulously takes care of all the record-keeping and allows these institutions to focus on growing their money. It offers a range of features including customer management, loan management, savings management, accounting, reporting, and much more. Kanzu Banking will empower your SACCO with the tools needed to efficiently manage member transactions, monitor financial performance, and enhance decision-making processes. Kanzu Banking’s key features include:Member Management: Efficiently manage member information, accounts, and transactions, ensuring accurate and up-to-date records. Deposits and Withdrawals: Facilitate seamless deposit and withdrawal transactions, allowing members to easily access their funds. Loans and Interest Calculation: Streamline the loan management process, including loan origination, disbursement, repayment, and interest calculation. Financial Reporting: Generate comprehensive reports on member accounts, loan portfolios, financial statements, and many more, providing insights for decision-making and regulatory compliance. All reports are self-customized by the SACCO according to how the SACCO needs them. Integration Capabilities: Seamlessly integrate with third-party systems such as payment gateways, other banking platforms, and credit reference bureaus, enhancing operational efficiency. Share Management: A share is an indivisible unit of capital, expressing the ownership relationship between the company and the shareholder. With this Module you can manage; Share purchase, share transfer, share liquidation, Share revaluation, and share dividends. Loan Management: Ability to track loan process from application to disbursement and capture all processes for loan recoveries Robust Accounting: Configure a chart of accounts along with corresponding general ledger codes. Ability to record debits/credits against appropriate general ledger codes and also, define funding sources. Group management: Oversee smaller sub-groups within the larger organization to enhance accountability, facilitate effective communication, and encourage mutual support among members SACCO members will have access to Account Access: Check account balances, view transaction history, and statements, and track savings and loan accounts. Transact: Make savings deposits, loan repayments, and initiate withdraws Loan Applications: Apply for loans, check loan eligibility, and receive notifications on loan approvals and disbursements. Notifications and Alerts: Receive real-time notifications and alerts regarding account activities, loan repayments, deposits, withdraws, loan due reminders, and any other upcoming events. Self On-boarding: Members can self-join the SACCO without necessarily coming to the SACCO Member Management: Efficiently manage member information, accounts, and transactions, ensuring accurate and up-to-date records. Deposits and Withdrawals: Facilitate seamless deposit and withdrawal transactions, allowing members to easily access their funds. Loans and Interest Calculation: Streamline the loan management process, including loan origination, disbursement, repayment, and interest calculation. Financial Reporting: Generate comprehensive reports on member accounts, loan portfolios, financial statements, and many more, providing insights for decision-making and regulatory compliance. All reports are self-customized by the SACCO according to how the SACCO needs them. Integration Capabilities: Seamlessly integrate with third-party systems such as payment gateways, other banking platforms, and credit reference bureaus, enhancing operational efficiency. Share Management: A share is an indivisible unit of capital, expressing the ownership relationship between the company and the shareholder. With this Module you can manage; Share purchase, share transfer, share liquidation, Share revaluation, and share dividends. Loan Management: Ability to track loan process from application to disbursement and capture all processes for loan recoveries Robust Accounting: Configure a chart of accounts along with corresponding general ledger codes. Ability to record debits/credits against appropriate general ledger codes and also, define funding sources. Group management: Oversee smaller sub-groups within the larger organization to enhance accountability, facilitate effective communication, and encourage mutual support among members SACCO members will have access to Account Access: Check account balances, view transaction history, and statements, and track savings and loan accounts. Transact: Make savings deposits, loan repayments, and initiate withdraws Loan Applications: Apply for loans, check loan eligibility, and receive notifications on loan approvals and disbursements. Notifications and Alerts: Receive real-time notifications and alerts regarding account activities, loan repayments, deposits, withdraws, loan due reminders, and any other upcoming events. Self On-boarding: Members can self-join the SACCO without necessarily coming to the SACCO Selling Professional Service AIDB-017276 Ditch the Spreadsheets! Cloud-Based Banking for Microfinance, SACCOS & Investment Groups . Botswana;Burundi;Cameroon;Central African Republic;Chad;Ivor...
916 Looking for distributors in South Africa and other African countries for the world's only fresh Spirulina biomass and fresh Spirulina based products. We are the world's first, and currently the only commercial producer of fresh Spirulina biomass and fresh Spirulina based products - measured in scale, quality, consistency and food safety (ISO 9001/2015, HACCP and BRC certified). Among our clients are leading brands in the retail, service and food production industry - both local and international. Please message me for further details. Selling Physical Goods or Products AIDB-014835 Seeking distributors for he world's only fresh Spirulina biomass and fresh Spirulina based products Botswana;Comoros;Ghana;Kenya;Morocco;Nigeria;South Africa
915 As a Silicon Valley-based investment platform, whose select executive team members are born/raised in Africa, we have a keen understanding of what it takes for VC investors, syndicate investors and funds to consider your opportunity, when seeking to fund startups from the PreSeed, Seed and Series A stage. After successfully funding startups in the US and globally, we support founders & CEOs in de-risking their company through their MVP, product/market fit, legal jurisdictions, financial metrics, KPIs, Go-To-Market, AI applications, markets, cap table, term sheets, business models, churn, traction, unit economics and much more. Find out if you are a fit. Selling Professional Service AIDB-017305 Investor Readiness Australia;Bahamas;Brazil;British Indian Ocean Territory;Cana...
915 Rlye is an African owned rideshare business that seeks to launch and operate in Africa. Our application if completely developed and full functional. We are seeking investment funds for launching, marketing and promotions, and operational runway. Our business model is developed around the need for riders to feel both safe and inclusive, hence why we have taken the fare negotiations from our corporate offices, and place them in the driver and passengers decision-making. both parties with algorithmic guidances from our application, have the autonomy of deciding a fare that is convenient for them while using our platform. With such a model, we expect to see confidence from both the drivers and the riders from using our platform. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-016283 A rideshare company that allows for transparent rider and driver negotiations. Cameroon;Kenya;Nigeria;South Africa;Tanzania
914 Solar generator company delivering sustainable power for the 1.5 billion people globally who don’t have access to reliable electricity. Today, the only affordable backup power option is to use dirty fossil fuel generators. Amped has the first solar solution to compete with fuel generators on both price and performance. Every Amped solar generator saves over 5 tons of CO2 emissions each year. It’s heat-proof, dust-proof, and rugged, perfect for powering economies. Amped has already sold over 150K smaller solar products (television and lighting kits) in Africa and Southeast Asia. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-012064 Invest $2-10m in fast-growing cleantech opp (>$11m rev, 150K customers), 1kW solar generators Benin;Burkina Faso;Burundi;Cameroon;Democratic Republic of t...
912 OMC Group specializes in the provision of corporate, fiduciary, and administrative services from recognized jurisdictions around the world. Since 1955 we have been servicing HNWI, entrepreneurs and leading financial institutions with a commitment to developing longstanding relationships. With offices located in Dubai, Geneva, Hong Kong, Panama and Uruguay you can obtain access in your own time zone. OMC is licensed to act as a registered agent in the jurisdictions of Anguilla, Bahamas, Belize, BVI, Hong Kong, Nevis and Seychelles. Additionally, it has, five wholly owned fiduciary licenses in BVI, Costa Rica, Nevis, and New Zealand. Selling Professional Service AIDB-014625 Company Formation & Registration | Corporate Services Anguilla;Bahamas;Belize;British Virgin Islands;Caribbean;Cay...
911 Affordable RPATs for LMICs: Curbing AMR & Saving Lives (998 characters) Challenge: Overdiagnosed penicillin allergies in LMICs lead to unnecessary broad-spectrum antibiotics, fueling the global threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Solution: Our Tier-2 RPAT utilizes cost-effective Poly(pyrrole) for enhanced sensitivity in penicillin allergy diagnosis. Electrochemical detection minimizes additional equipment needs. Impact: Accurate diagnoses promote safe penicillin use, reduce broad-spectrum antibiotics, and combat AMR. This affordable, easy-to-use RPAT integrates seamlessly into LMIC community pharmacies, a vital healthcare access point. Market: The large and growing LMIC market presents a significant opportunity to improve diagnostics and combat AMR. Partnerships with local governments and healthcare organizations can ensure widespread adoption. Investment: We seek funding to finalize R&D, establish LMIC-tailored manufacturing/distribution, and train pharmacists for RPAT implementation. Team: Our team of scientists, engineers, and healthcare professionals brings expertise in RPAT development, LMIC healthcare systems, and AMR control. Join Us: Invest in a solution with social impact (improved patient care, reduced unnecessary antibiotics, combating AMR) and strong financial return potential. Help us revolutionize penicillin allergy diagnosis in LMICs! LMIC RPAT Seed Round: $3M+ Affordable Penicillin Testing Executive Team: Powerhouse for LMIC-Focused RPAT Solution This team brings together a unique blend of expertise ideally suited to develop and implement our affordable RPAT technology for LMICs: Kingsley Essel Arthur, Pharmacist & Data Analyst: Leads research on medication information accuracy and safety for RPAT development, leveraging his pharmacy background and data analysis skills. Develops data-driven strategies for RPAT interpretation and personalized patient education, crucial for LMIC settings. Analyzes user data to measure the impact of RPATs and inform continuous improvement – essential for optimizing healthcare delivery in LMICs. ISPOR membership strengthens his research credibility, particularly relevant to medication adherence challenges faced by LMIC populations. Dr. Modesta Karikari, Pharmacist & Project Management Expert: Oversees the efficient implementation of RPATs in LMIC community pharmacies, ensuring seamless integration into existing workflows. Manages customer experience initiatives specific to LMIC needs, ensuring user adoption and maximizing the impact of RPATs. Coordinates user feedback, gathering valuable insights from LMIC healthcare professionals and patients for product refinement. Experience with the Zipline program provides her with strong communication and user experience design skills, vital for successful RPAT adoption in LMICs. Christabel Martey, Chemical Engineer & Business Development Lead: Drives the development of the LMIC-focused RPAT technology, utilizing her chemical engineering expertise to optimize cost-effectiveness and functionality. Manages product development and market expansion strategies, ensuring the RPAT solution caters to the specific needs and resources of LMIC healthcare systems. Leads efforts to secure partnerships and funding opportunities with LMIC governments and healthcare organizations, crucial for widespread adoption. Business development experience combined with her engineering background positions her to ensure the financial sustainability and marketability of the RPAT solution. Market Overview: LMIC-Focused Penicillin Allergy RPATs Problem: Overdiagnosed penicillin allergies in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs) due to limited access to advanced diagnostics. This leads to unnecessary use of broad-spectrum antibiotics, a major driver of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), a global health threat. Market Need: There is a significant unmet need for affordable and reliable point-of-care tests (POCTs) for penicillin allergy diagnosis in LMICs. Current diagnostic methods are often expensive, time-consuming, or unavailable in resource-limited settings. Accurate penicillin allergy diagnosis can improve patient care, reduce unnecessary antibiotic use, and combat AMR. Target Market: Public and private healthcare facilities in LMICs, particularly community pharmacies due to their accessibility. Government agencies and international organizations focused on global health and AMR control. Market Size and Growth: The global POCT market is expected to reach $53.4 billion by 2027, with a significant portion driven by the growing demand in LMICs. The increasing focus on antimicrobial stewardship and AMR control programs is further expected to fuel the demand for LMIC-specific RPATs. Competition: Existing allergy diagnostic tests might be available but are likely expensive or not optimized for LMIC settings. Limited competition in the space of affordable, LMIC-focused penicillin allergy RPATs creates a first-mover advantage. Market Entry Strategy: Partner with LMIC governments and healthcare organizations to facilitate market access and adoption. Focus on affordability, ease of use, and training for healthcare workers, especially pharmacists. Leverage existing healthcare infrastructure in LMICs for distribution and implementation. Competitive Advantage: Cost-effective and user-friendly RPAT technology specifically designed for LMICs. Strong team with expertise in RPAT development, LMIC healthcare systems, and AMR control. Focus on social impact alongside financial sustainability. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017463 Invest in the Future of Antibiotics: Affordable Rapid Penicillin Tests for Smarter Antimicrobial Stewardship. Ghana
910 This is a low overhead business we will run, from home hence the fact no rental, no electricity and only 3 staff members. After spending 23 years in the fuel station convenience store industry, I identified 300 toplines (fast sellers) that we want to run out to 200 convenience stores in the Eastern Cape from Port Elizabeth to East London. This is a R60 000 000.00 a month industry and we intend to take R8000 0000 to R12 000 000.00 a month from that Your biggest hurdle as a shop owner is to get your stock in what you ordered 20% will we wrongly send and 10%will not be send to you hence the fact that you will sit with stock shortages We intend to get panel vans load them with stock go from convenience store to convenience take your order and you receive your stock immediately no waiting for stock no wrong orders and the customer pay immediately before we go Why will the customers buy from us and not giants like Makro, Keens, Finrose (Massmart) After Lock Down the whole world is suffering why will you pay R24 for a 2l of coke if you can pay R13 for Twissa/Kinsley When we were involved with the OK Foods, we saw that the consumer behaver patens is shifting to cheaper products and that is the product lines we are concentrating on We sourced our product directly from the importers and suppliers is South Africa If your shop owner is making money and he is happy so, will you then be making money Back to the Question why they will buy from as 1 We have the product there in our vans and bakkies you get it immediately 2 We run a markup of 12% which make it cheaper for them to buy from us 3 We are small low overhead business, and we can give them the service they need 4 We know the industry been trading it for 23 years we know what they need 5 we will be running weakly specials and we will be on call over weekend if the need any thing Product lines 1 counter medicine Bioplus ,Compra,l med-lemon ,grandpa ,condoms, male enhancers and 60 more lines these are fast sellers 2 Batteries our product is sourced from the suppliers direct and they will get it 60% cheaper 3 cell Phone accessories we are sitting with the 30-bestselling product list in South Africa, and it will be 50% cheaper 4 Chips here we went with Thats and Crunch chips with is R5.00 a a packet cheaper and its a great product 5 Energy drinks Dragon and Twissa again it is 200% cheaper than Red bull and a stunning product Cooldrinks: Twissa and Kinsley 100% cheaper and a great product 6 Non branded clothes Pants safety shoes rain clothes and overhauls for the car washes at a extremely good prize 7 Aeon has the market in car airfreshner we intend to go with shield with is halve the price and a good product 9 Oils and injector cleaner Wynns has the market, and we intend to go with Shield again half the price and a good product 10 Sweets and novelty Toys Here we went with cheaper line which will sell in the shops Last this is a family business together we have 50 years’ experience in the field We have sourced the vehicles, the product lines. we own the property it will be run from all we need is money for stock Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-012886 300 product lines to 200 retail outlets. Get your stock immediately no wrong deliveries! South Africa
910 Empayits mobile payments platform offers any kind of merchant a payment solution where their clients can use any kind of mobile phone (smart or non smart phones) to pay for goods and services with either USSD or smartphone app (parking fee, transport and event tickets, in store or restaurant payments) and a unique method for verifying tickets and receipts delivered over sms contactless (scanning of a 2D security token in sms receipt) with only a smartphone or a dedicated validator if required (turnstile, onboard bus, automated gates). Empayit provides a turnkey solution on clients premises and can deploy anywhere with remote access to servers. We are looking for distributers on per country basis or investment partners. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-016909 Empayit have successfully delivered a POC in Rwanda, proving its capable platform for mobile payment Benin;Cameroon;Nigeria;South Africa;Zambia
910 MOEBA is a company dedicated to developing value adding partnerships between strong international investors and operators and local corporates and state companies in the energy, mining, real estate, and construction sectors with a proven track record of attracting capital and developing successful projects between international and local actors in Mozambique over 18 years. BRIEF INTRODUCTION This proposal outlines the scope and set up of a Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant (NGCCPP) having an installed power of 276 MW by MOEBA in island mode exclusively serving Electricity of Mozambique (EDM) within the Beluluane Industrial Park (BIP), Beluluane, Boane District, Maputo Province, Mozambique. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009081 Unique opportunity to join us on our 276MW gas fired power plant in Mozambique. China;Germany;Singapore;United Kingdom;United States
908 We are interested in mainly coper, lead and tin ores and concentrates. We buy in large quantities on a monthly basis. Supplier should be able to deliver to a warehouse. Only serious suppliers should connect. Buying Physical Goods or Products AIDB-010345 We are a mining company in South Africa and are interested in buy ores from mines in Africa Algeria;Botswana;Burkina Faso;Burundi;Cameroon;Central Afric...
908 My company is advising a client on the sale of large scale gold mining concession and they are open to establishing an alliance relationship and the gold concession is located in Ghana. All documents covering the mining concession are available for your review and cross-checking on-Site Plan, Land Title Deeds, Indentures, Permits and relevant Certificates from Ghana Natural Resources and Minerals Commission and site visit by the investor is the most important aspect of the gold mining concession in Ghana. 1. UMCL- BANSO CONCESSION. Alluvial Gold Concession, situated at Banso in the Eastern Region of Ghana that covers an area of approximately 51.67 km/2. Results obtained from the pitting programme established proven ORE reserves totaling 1, 650,000m/3 and averaging 0.53g of gold/m3 of gravel material yielding approximately 28,000 ounces of gold. 2. GCDGL- APINAMANG CONCESSION, The Apinaman alluvial and alluvial gold concession, situated in the Eastern Region of Ghana is wholly Ghanaian Company and covers an area of approximately 97.61sq km. The extensive pitting delineated high anomaly values of gold between 0.35– 0.50g/m3. Systematic alluvial pitting was also undertaken and resulted in the establishment of proven reserves totaling 6,170,400m3 of gravel, yielding 0.43g/m3 of gravel grade. The establishment of the proven reserves has been based on a total pit section cut – off grade of 0.43g/m3. 3. The Akwatia Diamond Mining , the subjects under review has produce over 100 million carat of diamond in its 80 plus years of operations. The annual production on the Mining peaked at 2.5 Million Carat during the 70's but dwindled to about 0.125 Million Karats in the 90's. The declined in production was attributed to lack of capital injection and deterioration of machinery and equipment and not depletion of resources. The Government of Ghana will grant to the company a 30 year diamond mining lease covering 347 km2 and a 2 years renewable prospecting license for gold cover 123 km3 of 3. ERCL-New Obuasi Concession, The proposed concession is located within the Upper Dankyira West Direct with its Capital, Diaso in the Central Region. It covers an area of 121 km2 (about 576 blocks) and falls within Ghana Survey (topographic) Sheet 0603D4. The proposed concession is about 144km from Kumasi, the Ashanti Regional capital via the Bibiani-Diaso Road. The concession lies within the Kumasi Basin. The geology of the area forms part of the Birimian Supergroup that consists of the assemblage of Sedimentary and Volcanic faces rocks and is intruded by the belt and basin type granitoids. The rocks have been dated 2.2 billion years. (Kesse, 1985) 4. KGC- Kolak Gold Concession, The Kolak Gold Concession, situated approximately 75 km NW of Accra, Ghana, has a long-term concession to explore for and exploit gold, diamonds and ilmenite over an area of 8.44 square kilometers in the Supon River Valley. In using a conservative average gold grade of 0.5 g/m3, the previous and more recently stated resource of 5,700,000 m3 reported can be used with confidence in the Indicated Resource category. Any interested investor should send below information; 1. Letter of Intent 2. Profile of Company 3. Proposal of the projects (such as technology, Labour force, Capital injections and Social responsibilities) Selling a Business AIDB-012033 Registered Gold Mining Concession For Sale/JV Australia;Azerbaijan;Bahamas;Bahrain;Ukraine;United Arab Emi...
906 DJA Aviation (Pty) Ltd, part of the i capital Group of Companies, is the largest specialist aviation insurance broker in South Africa. DJA was originally formed in 1969 and became dedicated to aviation insurance in 1976. With a team of highly experienced aviation insurance specialists, it’s the greatest concentration of aviation insurance knowledge, expertise and experience available on the African continent. DJA provides insurance portfolios for its customers, which are balanced between cost, coverage, service and security. DJA currently partners with local insurance brokers and local insurance companies to place their respective clients aviation insurance risks into the international wholesale aviation insurance market, either on a direct basis or on a facultative reinsurance basis. DJA is available to partner with both brokers and insurance companies to assist in the placement of cover for all aviation related insurance. Selling Professional Service AIDB-013398 Partner with the largest specialist aviation insurance broker in Africa. Afghanistan;Algeria;Angola;Benin;Botswana;Burkina Faso;Burun...
905 The mines are both at a stand still as the previous owners have left the country. They both valued at ZAR 2 billion however we have an offer in place which we will acquire it for ZAR 300 million. The mines need to be refurbished as it is at a standstill. The refurbished costs will be ZAR150 Million. The mine is expected to produce a great ZAR 4.7 billion in a 2-3 years period. It will take 6 months to commence the mines and all mine licenses will be passed over to us. We do have a great board of industry experts who know what to do and how to get the mine to its exponential stage we just seeking capital. It mine produces 250,000 tons per month. I do have the whole business proposal just email me and I will forward it to you. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010666 Great lucrative investment opportunity of a Gold /uranium mine in south Africa. South Africa;United Arab Emirates;United Kingdom;United Stat...
905 Looking for investment or a partner in almond and Pecan nut farm in the Small Karoo South africa. J F (Freddie) Cronjé: (B.Comm LLB): Responsible for strategic direction, long- and short term planning and design of the business. Prinspoort Boerdery CC, is situated in the Prinsriviervallei at the foothills of the Swartberg Mountains in the Klein Karoo, some 44 km from Ladismith in the Western Cape. The farm consists of three portions, Kruitfontein no 22 (603 hectares); portion 1 of the farm Mierenfonteinoutspan 135 (74 hectares) and portion 8, portion of portion 2 of Mierenfontein no 25 (21 hectares) and boasts 89 hectares arable land of which 52 hectares are currently under irrigation. The total project as anticipated, will derive its water from five strong boreholes and will be entitled to a water quota for 70,4 listed hectares from the Prinsrivier Water Scheme. He decided in 2013 to transfer his focus on the production of pecan nuts and in subsequent years established 1717 pecan nut trees on 14 hectares including on portion 8 of Mierenfontein no 25 which was bought in 2014. A decision was also taken in 2017 to enter into a contract agreement with Unlimited Nuts, a division of the Unlimited Group of Companies to establish almond trees for the export market on a minimum of 35 hectares on the farm. PRODUCTS Current: • Pecan Nuts - 1717trees on 14hectares varying in age from six to eight years • Almonds - 13240 trees on 23,6 hectares, ranging from one year to four years old • 12 hectares of lucerne (sheep) WATER Prinspoort Boerdery CC is part of the Prinsrivier Water Scheme and entitled to a water quota from the Prinsrivier Dam. - Kruitfontein is entitled to 56,4 listed hectares. - Portion 8, portion of portion 2 of Mierenfontein no 25 is entitled to 13,8 listed hectares. Water is distributed via a canal to participants in the scheme. In addition to the scheme water, Prinsrivier Boerdery CC gets its water supply from six strong boreholes currently in use. The water will be conveyed through a comprehensive water management system which entails inter alia, the building of dams. The Future for Prinspoort Boerdery Optimizing water usage by sealing of 3 earth dams at a cost of approximately $40 000 Installing 2 x 5KVA booster pumps with filter system to pump water from earth dams into irrigation system Expanding almond orchards by 50 hectares to 70 hectares Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010472 investment opportunity or a partner in almond and Pecan nut farm in South africa Finland;France;Germany;Kenya;Netherlands;Norway;Qatar;South ...
905 We have a 10+ year track in Sub-Saharan Africa, developing workshops & seminars for commercial financial institutions and development finance institutions. We also offer individual coaching and strategic consulting. Examples of services include a 3-day seminar in agricultural finance sponsored by a professional association in a West African country, 9 2-day workshops on financial leasing for a State-owned development bank, advisory services on leasing for an East African country, capacity building and improving access to capital for a state-owned agricultural finance company, advising commercial banks on loan product development, drafting regulatory policies and legislation covering commercial finance for a national bank, Team Leader and Co-authorship (along with the Co-Founder of Aperio Associates) of the IFC Global Leasing Toolkit, covering all the important considerations for extending leasing credit and running a leasing company, plus specialty toolkits covering leasing of agricultural equipment, leasing of energy saving equipment, regulatory & supervisory matters and Islamic Leasing ("Ijarah"). Selling Professional Service AIDB-009725 Aperio Associates develops and delivers workshops and seminars for commercial finance intitutions. Angola;Benin;Botswana;Burkina Faso;Burundi;Cameroon;Central ...
905 A unique opportunity for an exceptional mixed-used city development zone that will include small scale retail such as; bars, restaurants, coffee shops, bakery, confectionary, various other shops, office buildings, and residential apartment buildings, all linked with pedestrian friendly ground floor areas. A commercial anchor tenant will purchase approximately 18% (1.15 hectares) which has already been allocated via a M.O.U. for new office building developments. 6 Hectares vacant land with mixed-use development master plan to include numerous offices, retail, dining and residential apartment spaces. The land is currently zoned as business with a bulk of 1.0, application to rezone to the land to business with a bulk of 2.0 is ongoing. Subsequently, the allowable development bulk would increase to approximately 128,000 sqm. The city council is amenable to the densification requests due to a severe lack of development land in the capital city area. Strategically located in CBD area of the capital city, Highly sought-after area due to the various adjacent arterial roads - easily accessible, Adjacent to domestic airport, Adjacent to existing large conference hotel complex (operated by Accor, a large international hotel chain), Lack of vacant development land for commercial real estate in this particular area – last remaining portion of land available in this location. Option 1 = Acquire 100% of the assets (60,500 sqm vacant land) - will consider serious offers Option 2 = Make Equity Investment, and then share profits from the sale of 13 mixed-use land portions ±64,500 sqm Vacant land available for development. Currently 13 individual land portions, size starting from ±3,000 sqm, up to ±8,200 sqm. Zoning for office buildings, residential apartment buildings, and for retail purposes (e.g.; restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and small shops). Selling Real Estate AIDB-009677 Investors or Capital Investments invited for a 6 hectares Strategically Located Prime Real Estate Namibia;Nigeria;South Africa;United Kingdom;Zambia
903 UK2DRC Investment Business Group is a young and vibrant UK registered consulting firm specialising in business & project development in the DRC-Africa. We works close with the DRC government to promote business opportunities. We are looking for genuine investors and finance. Selling Professional Service AIDB-010546 Looking for genuine investors and Finance. Democratic Republic of the Congo
902 We are an Oil Marketing company based in Zambia. The business focusses on importation and distribution of petroleum products i.e. Unleaded Petrol and Diesel. We are an Oil Marketing company based in Zambia and with a keen interest in the retail sector and we would wish to have our company expand through having a strategic investor or Investors for this matter that will see injection of capital for purchase and distribution of product across the Zambian market. We are seeking $1,500,000.00 in form of Equity for a 30% stake in the business. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017020 We aim to become a leading supplier of petroleum products in the retail sector. Zambia
902 We sell reliable light and heavy duty plastic pallets for use in warehousing and logistics. Our pallets come both reinforced and non - reinforced depending on the weight to be placed on them. The reinforced pallets have steel bars running through them and can take upto 5 tons of weight. Selling Physical Goods or Products AIDB-017251 Solid Plastic pallets for use in warehousing and logistics Botswana;Burundi;Democratic Republic of the Congo;Ethiopia;M...
902 The Dordabis Iron Ore project iintends to become a green steel producer in Africa’s most investor friendly and stable jurisdictions. The project is 100% privately funded, and all technical work has been done to investment grade stock listing standards as well reviewed and endorsed by Anglo American Marketing Limited. The second step to producing green finished Steel products is to refine the molten iron using only renewable energy sources in an Electric Arc Furnace. This valuable product would be for export to the EU & USMCA where decarbonisation of heavy industry is a long term and critical criteria for fighting climate change. The first step to decarbonising steel production, which emits 7% of all CO2 globally, is removing the oxygen from the iron oxide mineral to produce iron only. Direct reduction ores are rare and highly sought after as they can be reduced to molten iron, the precursor for steel, using green hydrogen at economic scales. Step 1: Lodestone has progressed two offtake agreements for ultra high-grade magnetite in the petrochemical catalyst industry 1. SASOL for Coal to Liquids Production. 2. Haldor-Topsoe for Haber-Bosch Catalysts (Ammonia Production). Step 2: Next steps require us to invest USD 2 Million in a pilot plant to produce sufficient bulk samples for testing at both facilities (Secunda in RSA & Haldor Topsoe in Denmark) Step 3: Offtakes are fixed niche price (250-300 Euro per ton no market exposure) and long term (5 – 10 years) USD 15 Million investment. USD 8-10 mission) EBITDA Backed by a comprehensive BFS & successfully delivery and testing at Sasol of 1 ton of Ultra Pure Sample (2020) During May-22, Deloitte Technical Mining Advisory (DTMA) prepared an Independent Mineral Asset Valuation on Lodestone’s iron ore asset. The valuation is largely informed by the Mineral Resource (88m tons) and Reserve (77m tons). The exploration potential is considered using the cost approach and only USD11.4 million was allocated to the upside potential. The valuation results are summarized below, the preferred value is USD125 million. Based on the geophysical magnetic survey data, the Resource and Reserve potential is 522.6 million tons – once declared this will yield an estimated valuation of USD[400 – 500] million. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-015270 Iron Ore project intends to produce finished green steel products for exports Australia;China;Japan;United Kingdom;United States;South Kor...
900 A retail store that offers a one-stop destination for high-quality consumer electronics brands with video game hardware and accessories being the core brand specialty footprint. Products we retail, in-store and digital experiences, and customer service are all designed with the goal of providing a consistently great experience and adding value to customers, in-order to build trust and loyalty of our customers, but also a solid reputation. We seek investment to increase inventory levels and inventory variation. This will ensure ready stock availability of goods for the customers in sufficient quantities and availability of a wide variety of choices of products for the customers by keeping different varieties at various prices and also different brands as well. Future business growth increase digital product lines, develop digital loyalty rewards programme, curate uncontested marketing content, adapt a franchise model, acquire channel partner status with brands. Video game retail (software, hardware and accessories) is significantly larger than that of music and movies combined. With a growth rate of over 12.4% 2007-2020, the industry is constantly innovating and reinventing itself and poised to continue growing. The launch of next generation PlayStation 5, XBOX Series and Switch OLED give the market an additional 7 year cycle. Our customers are the millennial with the desire for interactive on-screen entertainment. Our direct competitors is a similar retail store, GameTroniq, situated in malls, where as we are situated in the hub of retail trade within the CBD of Nairobi. Competitive advantages: extensive product catalogue, vast payment modes, in-house delivery system, customer service, warranty and instore/online shopping. Business segment is Retail Special Lines with a Business Valuation as follows: * DCF Model - USD 3,300,000 * Comparable Multiples Model - USD 320,000 * Economic Profits Model - USD 4,400,000 EBITDA Margin is currently at 18% EV/EBITDA Special Lines we are currently rated at 9.72. An EV/EBITDA value below 10 is commonly interpreted as healthy and above average. Business has a revenue productivity rate of USD 2 (Average) for every USD 1 of retained earnings invested into the business. Productivity Rate = Incremental Sales / Retained Earnings + New Debt Documents Available: Capital Raising Financial Model analyzed by a Financial Analyst. Contains: * Debt Borrowing Scenario Analysis * Financial Statement Model * Loan Amortization * Cash Flow Projections * Valuation Models * Management Projection * Return on Investment Capital * Weighted Average Cost of Capital * Damodaran EBITA Multiples * Equity Risk Premia * Unlevered Beta Investment Capital: USD 450,000 Equity: 36% shareholding Tenure Maturity: 60 Months (5 Years) - Monthly Invested Capital To Be Re-Paid by Investee: USD 7,500 monthly until maturity - Monthly Return on Invested Capital earned by Investor: 0.25% per month (On Reducing Balance after deducting USD 7,500 Re-Paid) monthly until maturity - Monthly Dividend Return To Be Earned By Investor: Either 36% of Net Profits Above USD 9,000 Per Month or Flat Fee of USD 2,250 Per Month, until maturity. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009771 High demand meets Low Supply. Kenya
900 Few children in Africa perform at their expected grade level and it is practically impossible for school teachers to handle the widely varying levels of ability. As a result, low-performing students are permanently left behind (and possibly drop out) as they do not receive the academic support they need. Education is the most powerful tool to improve and shape the lives of young people, but education systems face huge problems - from vastly unequal access to the growing costs of modernization or stalling social mobility. Technology - designed, used, and implemented effectively - is providing an increasingly sophisticated set of tools to help us address them. We would like to apprise you about the work that we are doing in this area for the past 22 years in collaboration with various foundations, CSR, and International organizations across the globe. Educational Initiatives: Educational Initiatives (Ei) was founded in 2001 and focused on educational research, assessments, and personalised learning tools, working towards improving the quality of education in schools, for students, and government systems at scale. Ei, has worked on various education-related projects in Asia, the Middle East, South East Asia, and Africa. Over the past two decades, EI has undertaken over 80+ projects with 50+ government and civil society partners (16+ languages, 40+ detailed studies published), for more than 15 million students across different grades. EI has offices/team presence in India, USA, UAE, South Africa, Ghana, Oman, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Ei has a team of 360+ full-time members specializing on different aspects of assessments, technology, training and project management. We started projects in South Africa Earlier this year with our regional associates, and we are starting to see the impact on the learning outcomes in some of the private and public schools in the region. We're hoping to connect with you to explore the opportunity of collaborating in the countries in Africa Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-014644 We are looking for funding organisations who want to invest in K12 education space Brazil;Ghana;Kenya;Morocco;Rwanda;Zimbabwe
900 Filiom is a platform that will connect African users, their friends, family and the wider community, directly to local producers and manufacturers. The producers will get more value for their product and consumers will save more, together. We are tapping into Africa's group buying culture and history, where low income households combine their savings and buy daily essentials in bulk in order to get a better price, each week. We are bringing this behavior online, where users can share products with their friends and family (or anyone else on the platform) to form online groups and save. Our 'produce to use' model will connect local producers and manufacturers directly to the user, our demand analytics and vertically integrated supply chain will drive efficiencies which can be passed on to both the user and the producer. We are also building this platform for Tier 2 and 3 cities in Africa, where all users are not internet literate and where there are few opportunities for young people to build their life. We plan to have a 'community champion' model through which young entrepreneurs can register as local community agents, and order products for their community in bulk. The community members can then pick up the products from their champion's home. This will ensure we reach the African hinterland, provide an opportunity for people to make a living and give them access to affordable products they need. We are currently building out our app POC and will soon be ready to go to market, we are looking to raise a pre seed round to hire our initial teams and set up the supply chain for Filiom in Egypt & Kenya. Expansion to Nigeria, South Africa, Morocco and Algeria is planned in the next 3 years. If everything goes well, this should be a $1bn+ opportunity. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010459 Online group buying platform, allowing consumers to connect with producers, and save more, together! Algeria;Egypt;Kenya;Morocco;Nigeria;South Africa
900 GLORIOUS KING INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is requesting funding support for our educational initiatives. I am reaching out to potential donors who share our commitment to providing quality education and empowering the next generation. GLORIOUS KING INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is dedicated to fostering a nurturing and inclusive learning environment for our students. With a focus on holistic development, we aim to equip our students with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to thrive in an ever-changing world. The requested funding of $500,000 will be instrumental in supporting the following key areas: 1. Infrastructure Development: We plan to enhance our school facilities to create a more conducive and modern learning environment for our students. This includes the construction of new classrooms, science laboratories, and library facilities. 2. Technology Integration: We seek to invest in educational technology resources to facilitate interactive and innovative learning experiences for our students. This includes the acquisition of computers, tablets, and educational software. 3. Scholarships and Financial Aid: A portion of the funding will be allocated to providing scholarships and financial aid to deserving students who may otherwise be unable to afford quality education. 4. Professional Development: We are committed to investing in the continuous training and development of our teaching staff to ensure that they are equipped with the latest pedagogical techniques and best practices. We believe that by investing in these areas, we can significantly enhance the educational experience of our students and better prepare them for future success. We are committed to transparency and accountability in the use of funds, and we would be happy to provide detailed reports on the impact of your contribution. Your support would not only benefit the current students of GLORIOUS KING INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL but also contribute to the broader community by nurturing future leaders, innovators, and responsible citizens.We would be honored to discuss this funding request further and provide any additional information you may require. Your generosity and partnership in our mission to provide quality education are greatly appreciated. Thank you for considering our request. We look forward to the possibility of collaborating with you to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our students. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017260 Funding Request for GLORIOUS KING INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Dear sir, I am writing to you on behalf of GLORIOUS KING INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL to request funding support for our educational initiatives. I am reaching out to potential donors who available Nigeria
900 The Group's 50MW RENEWABLE ENERGY PROJECT SUMMARY The Group’s 50MW Alaska Solar PV Plant is located at Puri farm on privately owned land. The Group has a 25 year lease with the owner in Alaska, Chinhoyi in Mashonaland West district of Zimbabwe. It is situate on Latitude - 17.3959 and Latitude 29.9831 The Group was incorporated in Zimbabwe as a special purpose vehicle ostensibly for the development and operation of the Alaska Solar PV power plant. Licenced to generate power by ZERA ( Zimbabwe Regulatory Authority in February 2019), the project will feed into the national grid controlled and operated by ZETDC (Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company). The licencing of the Alaska solar PV project was a culmination of fulfilment of the necessary regualtory approvals namely: 1. Land use permit from the Ministry of Lands and Agricutural Resettlement 2. Grid Impact asssesment by the offtaker ZETDC 3. An Environmental Impact Assessment Prospectus and 4. A PVsyst simulation by Soventix (Feasibility study) To date The Group has signed a Transmission Connection Agreement with Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) which entity is also the off taker of all power generated from the solar PV plant. The Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) was approved by the regulator on 23rd April 2021 at a tariff of USc8.97/kWh. The project which has a generating capacity of 50MW seeks funding to the tune of US$50,000,000 (Fifty million United States Dollars) for Capital and Operation expenditure. The project is ready to build subject to a detailed Environmental Impact Assessment. The project has also qualified for Government Implementation Agreement (GIA) that covers Project Development Support Agreement, Power Purchase Agreement and Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Undertaking for foreign currency convertibility and transfer. Below is a summary of useful metrics: 1. Payback Period is 6.4 Years 2. Pretax WACC is 11.8% 3. IRR is 23.21% Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-013236 50 Mw Solar Pv Project in Zimbabwe seeking Financial and EPC Partner Zimbabwe
900 The business opportunity is to invest USD 30 million in the company in return for a controlling stake in the gold mine, the investor is allowed to take their samples before making the investment opportunity. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010508 A Zimbabwean Mine with a huge gold belt is looking for investors to recapacitate its mining . Australia;British Virgin Islands;US Virgin Islands
900 ChironGen has successfully applied emerging technologies to manual therapy. We are advancing our innovation as the world's first FDA medical device with U.S. national health insurance coverage to improve spinal manipulative treatment training while providing the therapist extra income through our international patents, partnership with the U.S. manufacturing leader in biomimetic nanotechnology, and our validated reimbursement pathway. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-013809 The world's first hand and spine augmentation for chiropractors and physical therapy. South Africa;United States
900 About BYL Diamonds Group Since opening our doors, we have cemented our reputation as one of South Africa’s leading diamond and jewellery manufacturer and wholesale supplier.Through associates with mines in South Africa and state of the art polishing factories abroad, we have secured access to some of the world’s most impressive loose cut diamonds and gemstones, in a galaxy of shapes, sizes, colours and clarities. Our diamond collection includes a wide range of loose diamonds, mostly certified by the respected Gemmological Institute of America (GIA), calibrated round and fancy shape diamonds as well as investment stones.In addition to being a leading supplier of loose diamonds and gems stones, we are renowned for the quality of our ever-changing jewellery range, with each piece made up using the finest diamonds and gemstones carefully chosen for each individual item. Our portfolio offers eye-catching pieces, set in a range of metals including platinum, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. Our jewellery collection consists of Designer diamond jewellery, Certified gemstone jewellery, Platinum diamond jewellery as well as our BYL Collection which offers clients uniquely designed diamond jewellery at very competitive prices.Loyal customers are an essential part of our business’ success, we believe that exceptional businesses need exceptional partners, and that is why we constantly strive to innovate and move forward, together with our valued clients. Our main goal is to provide our clients with the best quality products at the most competitive prices. We view our clients as long-term partners and consider their success ours. Selling Physical Goods or Products AIDB-013373 Buy diamonds directly from the source - diamond manufacturer from South Africa. South Africa;United States
900 We are looking to build an ultra modern layer poultry farm with a capacity of 100000 birds. The project is scheduled to cover a total surface area of over 10 hectares already available at Nkoteng, a small village near the nations capital - Yaounde. The project shall be supervised by agents from the Cameroon Ministry of livestock and animal husbandry and competent veterinarians are available to work with us. We are requesting funding in the amount of 1million USD to cover the total project cost. Arrangements have already been made with Agrotop, a leading company in the construction and maintenance of poultry farms. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010639 Ultra modern value chain layer poultry farm to be constructed in Nkoteng, Centre Region, Cameroon. United Arab Emirates;United Kingdom;United States
900 Vion is a building material retailer in Livingstone Zambia , the tourism hub , home to the Victoria Waterfalls Vion is a franchise of the Handymans Paradise group , with the store in Livingstone operating since 2006 and taken over as a franchise in April 2019. Vion supplies building materials to home owners , lodges and hotels , farmers , contractors , local governments and other government departments. The funds sought is to be invested into the existing store to increase the current range as well as to open another branch in Kazangula town. With the opening of the new Kazangula bridge and border post , this area is already showing a major development , and more to come. With no formal building material store in the region this is a great opportunity to get started before any other company. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009338 Zambia Vision 2030 is to be a middle income country by 2030. Housing development being a major part Zambia
898 A real opportunity to own a hotel apartment in the Marriott Residences Heliopolis project in the heart of Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt!! With the advantage of obtaining Egyptian residency for foreigners, foreign owners of the hotel apartments will have the opportunity to obtain real estate residency in Egypt. The project is located in the heart of Heliopolis, on Al-Thawra Street, directly in front of Dar Al-Ishara and near Tivoli Heliopolis, City Stars, and City Center Almaza. Marriott Residences Heliopolis is a luxury residential and hotel project managed by Marriott International and implemented by A-Capital Developments. The project offers different types of hotel units, such as studios, one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments. Areas start from 65 sq. m up to 200 sq. m, at an approximate price of EGP100,000 to EGP150,000 per square meter, depending on the area, view, and degree of excellence. Payment method: 10% in advance and the rest in equal installments over a period of 6 years. Delivery Date: In December 2027, hotel apartments will be fully finished as per Marriott international standards, air-conditioned, and complete with smart electric and lighting systems. After receiving your fully finished and centrally air-conditioned hotel apartment unit, you can stay in it and enjoy the full 5-star lifestyle, or rent it through Marriott International with a great return on investment of up to 30% annually. The remaining units are limited, so take advantage of the opportunity and hurry to book your hotel apartment now!!! Remax I-Build, as a trusted real estate marketing company, will provide you with free consultations and friendly assistance to help you select your appropriate hotel apartment. For more details, please contact me on WhatsApp at +201025728941. Selling Real Estate AIDB-017646 Own a hotel apartment in Marriott Residences in Cairo, and get your real estate residency in Egypt Algeria;Australia;Austria;Belgium;Canada;Czech Republic;Denm...
896 Corporate Farms Pty Ltd. (CF) seeks to establish an integrated poultry production and processing business in the Umgeni Local Municipality, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, aligning with South Africa's Industrial Policy Action Plan (2018-2021). This venture anticipates capitalizing on the expansive potential embedded within the agro-processing industry, fostering inclusive growth by reducing the country's import dependency on fresh and processed poultry products, in turn creating employment opportunities, improved livelihoods, promoting rural growth, and stimulating value-added production in the local poultry market to enhance affordable access to animal protein food sources. To foster growth within the poultry industry and boost its economic significance within South Africa, this project will transcend traditional industry practices and is committed to addressing key challenges by incorporating innovative production and processing methodologies. A core aspect of the strategy is to increase domestic chicken production to decrease reliance on imports and, by doing so, to satisfy the domestic demand for poultry protein, strengthen the local economy, and create more jobs. Our focus includes efficient resource utilization, waste management, and environmental stewardship. In order to help small-scale farmers and suppliers through training, technical support, and market access and to integrate the stakeholders into the Value Chain Development (VCD) process, strategic alliances with local and international stakeholders will be established. Also, by setting industry standards in environmentally responsible poultry production, we will create a model for sustainable agriculture in the poultry industry. With that, we envision a self-sustaining, economically viable, and globally competitive poultry industry in South Africa. From an environmental standpoint, we prioritize sustainable farming practices, compliance with national and international environmental policies and strategies (including GAP), management strategies, and responsible resource utilization. Our commitment to sustainability aligns us with investors and partners who prioritize environmental considerations alongside profitability. In pursuing innovation, we plan to implement value-added strategies by introducing novel processing techniques, diversifying products, and enhancing packaging and branding. Technological innovation: The project will use innovative poultry production, processing, and value-addition technologies. This could include advancements in housing systems, automation, product development, packaging, cold chain, and quality control measures with support from an Israeli-based company. Market innovation: The project will introduce innovation to the poultry market by introducing value-added products and addressing market gaps. It will use new product approaches, such as packaging and branding strategies, to cater to evolving consumer preferences through small and medium outlets. Social innovation: The project's emphasis on community, local government, and provincial legislation through collaboration and local engagement aims to increase job creation and socially responsible innovation. It seeks to involve local communities, integrate small-scale leaders’ farmers, extension through push and pull approaches and contribute to secure social and economic development. Through this approach, we plan to unlock the potential of the poultry industry and position South African poultry products on a global scale. We plan to engage with global research institutions, universities, and government bodies to glean insights, acquire technological advancements, and implement research findings. We are currently looking for collaborations with potential Israeli entities known for their advanced agricultural technology and innovative practices in poultry farming. Drawing on Israel's expertise in precision farming, water management, and sustainable agricultural practices will enhance our project's execution and outcomes. Such partnerships could offer access to innovative production techniques, efficient processing methods, and advanced marketing strategies. These collaborations could fuel our efforts toward creating a vibrant, competitive, and self-reliant poultry industry in South Africa. In line with the Industrial Policy Action Plan, our project is designed to create a significant number of direct and indirect job opportunities. We intend to stimulate regional economic growth and reenergize related industries, thereby fostering inclusive growth and driving the development of South Africa's industrial and agricultural sectors. The project is set to commence within the next year and reach full operational capacity within the next five years and is based on several foundational principles: demand-driven integration, job creation, value addition, competitiveness, and stakeholder collaboration. Our strategic blueprint aims to fulfill local poultry demand, create extensive employment opportunities, enhance product competitiveness, and strengthen cooperative networks with local farmers and suppliers. By partnering with us, investors will contribute to a robust and sustainable domestic poultry industry that aligns profitability with socio-economic development, food security, and environmental sustainability. To actualize our vision, we seek strategic partnerships and investments. The initial financial projections estimate a total budget over the first five years between US$ 3,40 M and US$ 5,44 M. We project a steady income stream ranging from US$1,00 M to US $5,00 M annually, promising a substantial return on investment. With this multidimensional and integrative approach, Corporate Farms Pty Ltd aims to create a ripple effect of positive change. Our project could transform the economy, the agro-processing sector, and the lives of those involved in the industry. Through our envisioned poultry project, we aim to pave the path for a thriving poultry sector in South Africa, creating a model of sustainable, inclusive, and profitable agri-business. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-014901 Advanced Poultry Production Israel;South Africa
895 Seeking $8M Equity Investment, in a 13,000 Acre Rice & Maize Plantation in Tanzania, with a 25% IRR. Backed by a $20M pa Maize Seeds Offtake in the USA. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010788 Seeking $8M Equity Investment, in a 13,000 Acre Rice & Maize Plantation in Tanzania, with a 25% IRR Kenya
895 The Franzys is a Foodtech/Ecommerce B2B/B2C marketplace platform where clients and consumers can sit at the comfort of their homes and make online purchases through our website, Mobile App as well as on Offline-operating text and call specifically for premium customers and the goods bought are delivered to them at their door steps. The Platform is meant to sell 'Made in Africa goods", specifically groceries and other non-consumable items. Payments are done in cash, Mobile Money, POS Debit cards and checks etc. We seek investment for expanding activities throughout Central African Sub-region with countries including Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya with startup phase in Cameroon. The Investment is needed for logistic purposes, warehousing, delivery vans, external shipping, and pre purchase of some goods, salaries, publicity and working capital. With this investment future business growths will increase sales revenue from $7M to $66M in 5 years, increase net profit projections from $2.5M to $17M in 5 years. Value added is quality, reliability and delivery. We are already on a $8000 monthly sales at this initial point and having 45 corporate clients and more than 250 users on our platform monthly. We wish to increase market share to over 2000 users in the next 6 months to 1 years and increase revenue to $50000 monthly. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009067 An online marketplace for selling and buying of African made FMCGs when one needs quality. Cameroon
893 Juakali offers a Cloud solution helping financial institutions (banks and microfinance institutions) better collect their data and automate their business processes. Started in 2019, we currently work across a dozen countries, mostly in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our technology boosts the productivity (up to 50%) and lowers the risk of financial service providers, slashing their cost of operation and increasing their outreach. The platform we develop and implement is based on a low-code technology that enables fast delivery and a flexible set of use cases (digital field application, agency banking, marketing campaigns, delinquency management and others). We're seeking investment to fund our growth across the continent and start exploring digital transformation opportunities for other verticals. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010445 Juakali digitizes the operations of financial institutions across Africa Ivory Coast;Democratic Republic of the Congo;Ghana;Kenya;Lib...
893 Since 2016, Benin has started to become a Regional Agricultural Power thanks to the new Government in place which has put in place several measures to increase agricultural productivity. In that perspective the government partnered with the group ARISE to put in place an industrial FREE trade zone dedicated to the processing of domestic raw materials including Soybeans. Soybeans being products that we intend to trade we are therefore making a strategic shift to take advantage of this new opportunity provided by the Government. The opportunity is to create a Joint-Venture which will emerge as a key player in the Soybean business while promoting gender equality and youth employment and indirectly increase profitability and livelihood to Benin’s Agri-commodities farmers. With the implementation of the project, we are looking to deliver the following objectives: 1. Set up in the GDIZ a Soybean factory with an annual processing capacity of 30 000 MT by 1st January 2024. 2. Create up to 51 new jobs by 31st December 2024. 3. Provide 48 soybean farmers’ associations (410 farmers in total) from Ouesse, Glazoue, Dassa, Savalou and Bante with prefinancing and training on soybean production by 31st December 2024. 4. Reach a cumulative total sale of USD 78 million by 31st December 2028. 5. Generate a USD 4.5 Million Financial Net Present Value and a 37% Financial Internal Rate of Return. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-012027 30 000 MT/Year Soybean processing (into Oil and Meal) Venture in Benin seeking Investors/Financiers Benin;Canada;China;France;Germany;India;Netherlands;Nigeria;...
893 Looking for the next career step? Top international MBA programmes are ready to help you secure your future profession. Join fellow business professionals for a in person MBA event on 4 September at Sofitel Casablanca Tour Blanche. Discover the best in business education. Here’s what you get at each event: • Individual one-to-one meetings with MBA representatives from ESSEC Business School, HEC Paris, Hult International Business School, IE Business School and more • Personal consultation for your business studies • Expert insights on financing and scholarships by Fulbright Morocco • Admission exams support and sources • Draw for a EUR 1,000 scholarship Save your spot today! Register here: Selling Professional Service AIDB-011609 Next career step? It's MBA. Morocco
893 We are a Canadian firm that finances the tertiary education of bright and needy students in Africa. These students would otherwise not be able to pursue their education beyond secondary school to earn a living because of poverty. As a social investor committed to the United Nations SDG, our investment achieves the following SDG: Access to education, Gender Inequality, Alleviate poverty. We are currently operational in Ghana since 2015 and quite recently in Uganda. We also run a quota system where we allot a percentage of our applications to women and encourage them to pursue courses in male dominated fields as our way to achieve gender parity. Currently we support 436 students in Ghana and we would like to double that number for the next academic year which begins in November 2021. Our facility is not a loan so our students repay with a percentage of their salary when they start working. Currently have a 0% default rate which proves that our model is sustainable and robust. As you might be aware, Africa is the continent with the largest youthful population and this presents a huge market to invest especially in relation to education. As an impact and social investor, we would be delighted to discuss investing in our company to scale up our operations in Africa. In return we assure you of a good ROI on your investment and the certainty that your investment will make a difference in the lives of many. I would also be glad to send you a brochure of our work in Ghana and arrange a call with you at your convenience. Thank you and I look forward to speaking with you soon. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009340 Invest in the education of bright and needy students in Africa Canada;Denmark;Finland;France;Germany;Ghana;Netherlands;Norw...
891 Fantastic retail shopping centre for sale in Lusaka, Zambia. Over 5,500 sqm with national tenants & roughly 70% of monthly income is US Dollar based. For full info pack, please contact Norman Christoforos on +27825556668 or Retail shopping centre in Lusaka, Zambia for sale. British Indian Ocean Territory;Canada;Caribbean;Cayman Islan...
891 DPZ Capital is actively seeking global technical/investment partners to engage in SLAs based synergy in large scale cultivation/harvesting dynamic seasonal venture in the northern and middle belt agricultural regions of Nigeria. Opportunity is primarily private sector driven with segments of government participation. Critical need assets are but not limited to tractors, harvesters and combined harvesters amongst others. Deal size is optimally captured to tens of thousands of hectares of commercial scale captured farming suppressed by dire gaps in serviceable equipments to drive optimal output/yield. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-016359 A Potential SLA based synergy to partner with both Public and private (commercial) farming Albania;Austria;Azerbaijan;Belarus;Belgium;Bulgaria;Croatia;...
890 ffgf Buying Physical Goods or Products AIDB-014286 Genesis Energy Top 30 Andorra;South Africa
890 This 120-acre of which approximately 50 acres are under cultivation growing flowers is available for sale @ 8.5 million USD. The farm has 16 greenhouses. Twelve (12) greenhouses occupy approximately 2.65 Acres each and Three (3) greenhouses occupy 2.57 Acres while One (1) greenhouse occupies 1.42 Acres. Part of the land can be developed as a retirement community for both locals and Africans returning home for retirement. A section of the development can be vacation homes that can also be utilized as Airbnb. These are ideas the current owner has for future development but they have other businesses they run so not able to pursue these ideas at this time. The farm is in Kajiado County, Kenya an area known for its wildlife tourism attractions and is adjacent to Nairobi County. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-012988 120 Acre Farm and Flower Farming Business for Sale China;Kenya;South Africa;United Arab Emirates;United Kingdom...
888 We are happy to share with you our fundraising opportunity to invest in Ennovate Venture Fund Are you looking for opportunities to put your money to work while creating long lasting social and economic impact across Africa? Then you might be interested to hear that we have an opportunity for you to own a stake at Ennovate Ventures, and see your investment grow 5X - 10X and more within the next 2 years. With our experience investing and building fast growing portfolio startups across East Africa, we are happy to open up our doors to external investors to own a stake at Ennovate Ventures. Owning a stake at Ennovate Ventures means owning financial stakes in our current 10 startup portfolios valued at over 2 million dollars. Also our startup portfolio is set to jump up to 20 startups before the close of 2022, with a new portfolio value at over 25 million dollars. If this sounds interesting to you, then we are available to discuss with you on how you can invest and own a stake at Ennovate Ventures and how you can manage your investment through our deal room. You are able to invest from $10,000 and above into Ennovate Venture Fund and join one of the fastest growing venture building funds in Africa. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010632 Are you interested in backing venture building fund that's investing in underserved Africa startups? Belgium;Canada;China;Egypt;Japan;Kenya;Netherlands;Nigeria;R...
888 Eshcol Ventures Limited represents a Renewable Energy Investor who is seeking Renewable Energy projects to invest in. Areas of interest include utility scale solar, wind and Hydro with a PPA in place and C&I Projects. Project promoters and mandate holders are welcome to contact us. Ticket size: US$1M - US$700M Financial close in 45days from the date the project documents are submitted. Finding Investment Opportunities AIDB-010528 A Renewable Energy Investor seeking Renewable Energy Investments in Sub-Saharan Africa. Angola;Botswana;Burundi;Cameroon;Democratic Republic of the ...
887 Our mission is two-fold: to establish a thriving and sustainable eco-tourism lodge in a Big 5 Game Reserve that delivers exceptional luxury safari experiences to travellers, and to drive tangible, positive change (impact) to impoverished rural communities through the Nourish Eco Village project, to educate, upskill and empower people to live flourishing lives and protect wildlife. The plan is to purchase, open and operate a 5-star safari villa in a Big 5 Reserve in the Hoedspruit Region of Limpopo, South Africa which will offer a high-end bush experience, and integrate sustainability, community and impact into its offering, with profits from the villa providing financial returns both to the investor (based on 10-20% returns annually) as well as Nourish. Funds going to Nourish will enable community education and skills building projects and programs through the Nourish Eco Village Non-Profit Organization (NPO) thus making this firmly an Impact Investment through Eco Tourism. Our Safari Villa investment targets international travellers, leveraging South Africa's accessibility and developed infrastructure making it competitive relative to other African Safari destinations. Exclusive use lodges, a post-Covid trend, provide personalized experiences, with our Villa accommodating 8-10 guests. Embracing sustainability, it features rainwater harvesting, solar power, and carbon offset initiatives like planting spekboom trees. We seamlessly combine 5-star luxury with genuine sustainability, funding impactful community projects from the start. This showcases the Triple Bottom Line, offering transformative safari experiences while making a positive impact. The Global Luxury Safari Tourism Market is expected to generate $ 1973.25 million by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 8.0% during 2019-2025 (Grandviewresearch). This is an opportunity to tap into that. CEO: Born in Timbavati Game Reserve, Sarah Bergs' upbringing in a luxury lodge ignited her passion for wildlife and conservation. Her journey led to hospitality and community development. Holding Lodge Management certificate, and persuing MBA. Reservations: Angie Savage, a hospitality veteran since 2007, specializes in reservations. With diverse experience in luxury safari tourism over 15 years including Kateka and Tanda Tula. Passionate about helping others, she's adept in reservations systems and processes. Management Team: Pride Muguti, a versatile hospitality professional, served as Relief Manager at Saseka Tented Camp. With a rich background spanning Thornybush and various roles, including barista and gym trainer, he's also a Level 2 Wine Sommelier. Zanele Muguti, a seasoned hospitality employee excels in administration and bookkeeping. With expertise in tourism, hospitality, and business management, she's pursuing a degree in Supply Chain Operations Management. We are seeking 25 million rand to purchase a Big 5 property in Parsons Game Reserve located in the Greater Kruger National Park to turn into an operational 5-Star exclusive use Luxury Safari Villa. Equity financing. Full investment: 100% of the investment required (R 25 000 000) will be an investment into the tourism company Ubuntu Tourism (Pty.) Ltd., which will comprise 40% shareholding in the company. The investors rate of return is based on the entire 25 million Rand. Returns: The profits from the tourism lodge deliver the investors financial return whilst the donation will fuel Nourish Eco Village's community development initiatives, through lodge ownership and income from their shares. Business Plan and Financial Forecast is available. Profit share: 40% Investor/ 60% Nourish Under this model, 40% of the monthly net profit would accrue to the investor as per the stipulated profit share agreement with annual payouts to mitigate against seasonal fluctuations. The specifics of this arrangement will be collectively determined and agreed upon. Annual Dividents (financial returns) based on occupancy and nightly RACK rate: Return on investment margins 8.6 % - 14.4 % 14.2% – 22.2% per annum (This brings our forecasted returns to an investor to between 2.2 Million ZAR - 5 Million ZAR annually) For further information on Nourish (the Impact side of the investment) go to Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-016658 Eco Tourism Impact Investment: Opportunity to get 10-20% ROI through luxury safari tourism lodge South Africa
887 As a certified French-to-English translator specializing in finance and corporate communications, I help English-speaking investors understand, evaluate, and monitor their investments in French-speaking African countries (e.g. translation of due diligence materials, annual reports, financial statements, corporate communications, etc.). Selling Professional Service AIDB-008538 French-to-English translator specialized in African investments and project finance Algeria;Benin;Burkina Faso;Burundi;Cameroon;Central African ...
886 Since 2016, Benin has started to become a Regional Agricultural Power thanks to the new Government in place which has put in place several measures to increase agricultural productivity. In that perspective the government partnered with the group ARISE to put in place an industrial FREE trade zone dedicated to the processing of domestic raw materials including Sheanuts. Sheanuts and Sheabutter being products that we intend to trade we are therefore making a strategic shift to take advantage of this new opportunity provided by the Government. The opportunity is to create a Joint-Venture which will emerge as a key player in the shea butter business while promoting gender equality and youth employment and indirectly increase profitability and livelihood to Benin’s Agri-commodities farmers. With the implementation of the project, we are looking to deliver the following objectives: 1. Set up in the GDIZ a Sheanuts factory with an annual processing capacity of 15 000 MT by 1st September 2023. 2. Create up to 37 new jobs by 31st December 2023. 3. Provide +17 000 women shea nut collectors from Atacora-Donga, Alibori-Borgou with prefinancing and training on shea nut collection by 31st December 2024. 4. Reach a cumulative total sale of USD 95 million by 31st December 2028 5. Generate a USD 6.5 Million Financial Net Present Value and a 64% Financial Internal Rate of Return Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-012026 15 000 MT/Year Sheanut processing (into Shea butter) Venture in Benin seeking Investors/Financiers Benin;Burkina Faso;Canada;France;Ghana;India;Kenya;Mali;Neth...
884 Since 2016, Benin has started to become a Regional Agricultural Power thanks to the new Government in place which has put in place several measures to increase agricultural productivity, especially for cashew which has become the 2nd agricultural priority sector in the country after cotton. In that perspective the government partnered with the group ARISE to put in place an industrial FREE trade zone dedicated to the processing of domestic raw materials including cashew. As a result, starting on 1st January 2024, the export of raw cashew nuts from Benin will be completely banned and instead the export of processed cashew will be encouraged with considerable incentives. Cashew being our core business we are therefore making a strategic shift to take advantage of this new opportunity provided by the Government within the GDIZ. The opportunity is to create a Joint-Venture which will emerge as a domestic key player in the cashew processing business while promoting gender equality and youth employment and indirectly increase profitability and livelihood to Benin’s Agri-commodities farmers. With the implementation of the project, we are looking to deliver the following objectives: 1. Set up in the GDIZ a cashew factory with an annual processing capacity of 15 000 MT by 30 April 2023 2. Create up to 544 new jobs by 31st December 2024 3. Reach a cumulative total sale of 120 million Euro by 31st December 2027 Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-011603 15 000 MT/Year Cashew processing Venture in Benin seeking Investors and Financiers Benin;Brazil;Canada;France;India;Kuwait;Morocco;Netherlands;...
884 MEDVIDA, specialized manufacturer of Medical Devices, located in Angola. Certified by ISO 13485 and CE Marking. Produces sterile and non-sterile compresses and bandages in gauze and TNT fabric. Laboratory for physicochemical and microbiological tests, steam sterilization. We are looking for partners in African countries interested in selling our products. Find Business Partner AIDB-015339 Algeria;Benin;Botswana;Burkina Faso;Cape Verde;Ivory Coast;D...
883 We are a start-up company developing unique, South African manufactured electric motorcycles. There are three basic models: a custom designed and built delivery bike, a commuter bike with substantial on-road performance and a top performance dual-sport motorcycle for the leisure market. Our vision is to create a world-class motorcycle company that drives the transition to clean energy, which embraces employee ownership, and invests in the upliftment of local communities. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-013087 Invest in green energy transport development in South Africa South Africa
883 Kayboah has been in the industry for three years, our team has more than 20 years' experience combined, and we pride ourselves on agricultural services, Transport and equipment rentals and services. Our mission is to create a long-term Agriculture project, Farming and processing of livestock and fresh produce vegetables with sustainable income and support to local farmers. We have taken the time to understand Department of Agriculture Ghana and believe that there is a great synergy between our services/products and your company’s goals, especially in the area of farming. We are particularly impressed by the Department of Agriculture to interact and support farmers, and we see a fantastic opportunity for our company to develop a sustainable farm and processing facility not just for our self's but for the support to buy or proses the local farmers produce. To give you a better idea of how our collaboration could be mutually beneficial, I would like to highlight a few of our key services/products: Greate Management team: Project Manager, data analyst, HR support, Production service: Service technician, Land preparation, equipment maintenance, processing plant assembly and training. Local support: introducing local farmers to new producing and processing technology. We are keen on discussing how we can work together. Our Kayboah Grain producing project are looking for $ 1million USD to expand and create and extraordinary grain producing and processing system for our farm and also inviting local small farmers to bring their grain production to process, and interact with the irrigation, processing and harvesting equipment and technology. grain production starts off with four center pivot irrigation system, 50acre each rotating maize and soybeans. Grain silos and grain drying equipment to process 2000ton of grain per harvest. goal is to produce 3 harvest per year and expand to 5000-acre crop farming producing at least 100,000 ton of grain per year. Maise and soybean seeds will be imported which is a hybrid seed for the climate and environmentally friendly. Funds will mainly be used for equipment and operating cost, where the most will be in assets. Land and leases one month land preparing and seeding with irrigation 2 to 3 month and start seeding on each pivot as the they are being assembled. First harvest after seeding 4 months 3months growing and mature and drying 1month. First harvest will be low to average yield and will gradually improve. Each crop will be rotated after harvest. Maize-soybean-maize etc. After harvest market bag and sell or storage, producing livestock feed and export. Kwame Adjei-Yeboah Owner and founder of Kayboah Enterprise Farmer and Landowner Ghana Ashanti region Kobus Pretorius Project Manager Farmer South Africa Data Analyst. Production and processing plant assembler 25 years' experience Carel Pretorius Project Manager Agricultural developer Technician, maintenance and manufacturer. Diesel mechanic. Irrigation specialist. Farmer South Africa 9 years' Experience. One year of Grain farming researching around the country and local farmer introduction for possible land, training, markets, labor, and market research. Equipment and spare part availability with seed, fertilizer, herbicide, insecticide. Maize and soybean are on high demand not only for human consumption but for livestock feed as well, the majority of feed is imported and the cost to small farmer is becoming extremely high. Producing and selling of grain is one of the lowest risks in the market you will always be able to sell your products. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017281 Expanding grain farming to the next level with a dedicated and competent team, motivated to reach the set goals in the producing and processing of grain in Ghana. We have carefully researched the market and production of grain in the country. Ghana
883 We, Kind Plast Limited is now seeking for investment by loan debt or equity injection for the business expansion. In case of equity financing option, we investigated its profitability as Equity-IRR of 20-30% with the share ratio of 45% of total cash flow, which shall be negotiable with the investors. Investment fund raising for PVC pipe manufacturing business expansion in Nigeria now operating with 2.7 MUSD profit and furthermore we seek investment funding for further expansion. We completed deck for fund raising. regarding how many MUSD of investment funding in loan debt option and equity offer option .As a result, we concluded 8 MUSD as loan debt. and 9 MUSD as equity injection. from 2020 to now, gross profit ranged around 1- 2.7 MUSD annually. it is profitable now and we seriously seek for investment for business expansion in the next 21 years. We need 8 MUSD as loan debt finance and 9 MUSD as equity injection option on our PVC pipe manufacturing business in Nigeria. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017105 Profitable PVC pipe manufacturer to expand their business, we need fund raising of 8-9 MUSD in project finance loan or equity. Japan
882 We are looking for investors to help our African OTA to grow. At the moment we have already build the platform and it is working properly. Our concept is different as we really build this OTA to push Africa and to help African tourism. We want to offer an African rate to everyone from African traveling inside the continent. This will help to push african tourist. Also, we have the project to build a Safari metasearch inside of the platform to give the opportunity to our customers to choose the right one among thousands of Safaris. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009111 New African OTA looking for investors Botswana;Cameroon;Comoros;Ivory Coast;Democratic Republic of...
881 To make the most out of investments in African and other developing countries, as an investor, you need to back your investment decisions with proper market research, analysis, and consideration of the overall market context. Dataking Research Lab of Dataking Consulting has been conducting research on the capital market, financial services firms and private companies over the past years. Currently, the company supports global companies entering African markets and small scale companies that aim to expand their operations to operate at a global scale. Our current projects cover climate and environmental impact, due diligence assessment, corporate governance reviews, and others. Our approach involves the use of evidence based and experimental analysis combined with investment techniques to provide various scenarios under which investments can work. Reach out to us today, whether you are new to the African investment climate or an African business aiming to make a high capital decision. We have teams of technical experts that have worked in investment companies, global development organizations, and leading research universities in the world. Selling Professional Service AIDB-017402 Our economic and market analysis will place your business or investment on path of success Algeria;Angola;Australia;Belgium;Benin;Botswana;Brazil;Burki...
881 The only private company producing basal and urea fertilizer in Zambia at an industrial of 300,000 tonnes per annum. “To construct an ultra-modern mega factory that will make the company the market leader in the manufacture and supply of affordable agriculture inputs in the region Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-015783 Basal and urea fertilizer in Zambia at an industrial scale Zambia
881 We introduce ourselves as an established Lube Brand from India and are known under the trademark "SHIELD LUBRICANTS®". We are known for affordable Pricing with adherence to international quality standards in the lube industry. In 1968, we started our Lube Journey with Multi Lube Trading House “Bharat Oil Stores” Under the able guidance of our mentor Mr. ANIL BANSAL (Visionary Founder Chairman). At first, we developed expertise in Supply Chain/Retail Distributor Chain Management. After Gaining Thirty years of Immense Experience in the Lube industry, we entered into the production of Automotive and Industrial lubricants. "SHIELD LUBRICANTS®" is carrying a legacy of five decades of trading to manufacturing and established the latest blending Technology-based lubricant manufacturing plant near JNPT PORT, Nhava Sheva, Mumbai, India. Manufacturing Blending Plant is for the full range of Automotive, Industrial, Marine, and Specialty Lubricants serving reputed lubricants brands under Private label for Construction, Mining, Quarry, and Sugar industries. Amid vulnerable volatile international Base oil Pricing, we had Pumped More Credit inflow with Pre-contract signed for annual supply of Raw material and increased our Storage Capacity for Base Oil & Ready stock Finished Lube, it is only to serve Our Valuable Private label clientele and absorb the maximum ill effect of Pricing and Giving Maximum Margin for Distributors in South East Asia. We are rigorously working daily on a Core supply chain with a Presence in the open Market and supplying affordable lubricants to B2B Private Labels and Retail Distributors chains in India. Other AIDB-010494 "Shield Lubricant & Specialities Pvt. Ltd is an independent lubricants manufacturer. Algeria;American Samoa;Austria;Bangladesh;Belgium;Belize;Bra...
880 Seeking $12.5M to set up a Large Scale Fruit Plantation in Kenya by a US Multinational, with a 17.5% IRR. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010785 $12.5M Funding for New Fruit Plantation in Kenya Kenya
880 Ohospital is a digital platform with over 2000 users. We are looking for partner, investors, etc. to scale it and later expand to other countries. We are looking for organization and individual who are interested in healthcare, fintech and insurtech. We are raising $100k to enhance the wallet and the product and to promote the product. Ohospital is registered in Kenya and later it will be registered at Delaware. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-011637 Ohospital is an AI based marketing connecting underserved market with healthcare specialists. Kenya
880 Qikcharge Power bank sharing and rental station is a tech solution developed to solve commonly experienced battery draining problems that occurs from frequently usage of mobile devices in everyday life. Providing battery charging solutions with extremely low costs and an abundance of usage benefits; Qikcharge brings you efficiency with ease of charging and convenience. Qikcharge simplifies the process of power bank rental with a Qikcharge station dock that dispenses and charges up these rental battery packs. To unlock one, download the Qikcharge mobile app, scan the QR code on the machine and it automatically selects a charged battery pack for use. • Opportunity: Qikcharge present an easy, efficient and convenient Smart wireless mobile charging solution to battery depleting problems commonly experienced by frequent usage of Smart mobile devices with extremely low costs. • Vision: To Invent and create smart AI technology solution to improve our world. • Our Mission: Our mission is to create a quick and reliable smart wireless mobile charging solution that help keep mobile device users online with the flexibility of ease to use and providing a means of effectively dealing with battery depleting problems commonly experienced as a result of frequent usage. • Our Solution: Qikcharge developed an effective smart wireless mobile quick charging solution to frequent battery depleting problems commonly experienced by mobile device users. Users are able to rent a smart wireless power bank any day and anytime no matter the type of smart phone. • Our Market focus: Our market are high footfall locations like Airports, Malls, Cinemas, Institution, worship centers, offices, event centers and other 24/7 location, Bet shops, POS vendors, local charging locations close to you. • Our Competitive advantage: Currently, there are only five major manufacturers in the world and are located in China. In Nigeria the only major competitor is out of operation and our technology is better and we have the opportunity to take over the African Market with this volume of investment. • Ownership: Qikcharge is own by Timothy Tonwuru. • Expected Investment: $100,000,000.00 USD. • Minimum Expected Returns: Expected ROI $250,000,000.00 USD is between 3 – 5 years Months. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-011291 Shared Wireless Power Bank Rental Station Egypt;Ghana;Kenya;Nigeria;South Africa
880 Seeking a $1.5M Equity Investment, in a Chicken Processing Facility & Franchising System. 25% IRR. Existing Offtake Contracts for the Chicken Parts from Local Wholesale Buyers. Currently setting up Franchise Outlets and the Retail App to Supply Retail Buyers. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010789 Seeking $1.5M Equity Investment, in a Chicken Processing Facility & Franchising System. 25% IRR. Kenya
880 o Africa is the 2nd fastest-growing banking market in the world and the 2nd most profitable region with an ROE at 14.6% (vs. 6% in developed markets). o SouthBridge and New African Capital Partners (NACP) have created a JV SBNA to manage a Euro 250Mn permanent capital vehicle. With this new vehicle, SBNA is aiming at building a leading financial services platform focused on Africa. SBNA will mainly partake in buyouts or majority investments. The company will be structured and governed based on a permanent capital structure. We have no investment period constraints, and all investments are for the long-term. o Our vision is to build an integrated financial services ecosystem to support financial inclusion through digitization o Geography: West, East and Central Africa, multi-country opportunities as priority or single country with opportunity to expand geographically o Investment objective: Permanent capital vehicle with the objective to build a major financial services platform o Investment position: Mainly majority acquisitions, Minority investment if pathway to majority within 5 – 7 years or if ability to drive value creation through strong position Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010435 A fully dedicated EUR 200-250m investment vehicle for financial services in West, East and Central A Cameroon;Ivory Coast;Democratic Republic of the Congo;Gabon;...
880 Seeking $8M Debt/Equity Investment, to set up a Milk and Milk Powder Processing Plant in Kenya , with a 30% IRR. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010787 $8M Debt/Equity Investment Opportunity in a Milk Processing Plant in Kenya . Kenya
879 EPL 7327 is classified as “greenfields”. Historic airborne radiometric surveys conducted over the area (including EPL 7327) confirm the presence of radioactive anomalies (On request – Geotechnical Appraisal Report, 2024) hosted within known uranium-bearing strata, with various indicative uranium mineral grades ranging from 0.2 to 10%. To develop this tenement to its full potential equity shares to the maximum value of 70% are earmarked for sale to an external entity capable of financially and technically contributing to the development of EPL 7327. The ESTIMATED sale value of the 70% equity stake is negotiable and will be based on the recent market value of similar tenements sold in proximity and any other contributing factors deemed relevant to the aforementioned. The JV will then retain 30% equity and remain involved in the management of the tenement as and when required. The sale value of the 70% equity will be announced and open for negotiation once a tangible interest in the acquisition of the tenement is displayed. Find Business Partner AIDB-017697 70% equity share available within EPL 7327 (uranium mineralisation), located in Namibia. Australia;Belgium;Botswana;Canada;Chile;China;Japan;Namibia;...
878 Boost your AgriSME lending at less risk and cost - Within four to six weeks you can have our digital applications up and running, fully integrated with your CBS and App ecosystems. Available to download on your customers' mobile phones for lending to start. We all know lending to SMEs is limited by poor SME financial management skills and business performance information coupled with high bank operational costs, and credit risks. The MPEX mobile Application provides a real time communication bridge for business performance information sharing between banks and customers to address these limiting factors. In App auto-generated seasonal loans, chat and networking tools all drive down risks and operational costs. The SG Digiwave platform provides an administrative platform and secure data integration with Core Banking Systems for account opening and loan approval and disbursement. Further technical support can help banks build their capacity to re-imagine credit products, and management processes for Agriculture SMEs. Our five year financial forecast of the bank shows that a credit facility of $20 million loaned out to 8,800 customers with an average loan size of $8,800 at a 60% credit utilization rate can generate a total revenue for the bank of $4.68 million over five years. For an investment of just over half a million by the bank could achieve a net revenue of $4.01 million giving a return on investment of nearly 600%. Larger credit facilites of $30 million and higher utilization (80%) can deliver higher ROI's (900%). These returns, however, can only be realized if the bank fully exploits the unique features of our app to offer significantly large numbers of customers (20,000) short term seasonal loans as generated by the app. The rapid turnover of small seasonal loans to large numbers of customers is made possible by the risk management and labour saving features of the app as follows: • In App generated cash-flow based loans detect inconsistencies in historical and projected business data entered by the customer. Warning flags help customers and focus the bank staff to improve accuracy of data. • In App chat between customer and loan officer as well as social networking functions improve customer estimates of their business data. • In App real time monitoring of SME businesss cash flow data helps banks and customers stay ahead of potential loan repayment problems reducing potential for NPLs. • In App loan plan cross check by the loan officer with comparable business performance data to spot outliers and inconsistencies further mitigates risk. Growing performance data provides ever improved market intelligence making loan approval safer over time. The combination of auto-generated cash-flow based loans alongside chat and networking tools, as well as the accumulation of business performance data, enables the growth of lending at lower costs and reduced risk to banks and customers. Talk to us if you think your bank would benefit from using our technology to boost your lending to AgriSME's at less risk and cost. Selling Physical Goods or Products AIDB-011815 Boost your AgriSME lending at less risk and cost - try MPEX/SoftwareGroup Digital Applications Algeria;Angola;Benin;Botswana;Burkina Faso;Burundi;Cameroon;...
878 Find Wine Solutions specializes in providing guidance and sound solutions to establish and consolidate a successful, sustainable wine business. We can help you define and solve your business challenges. With experience ranging from small wine estates to multinational liquor companies, and underpinned by an acute commercial sense of the full value chain. Our focus is to optimally position businesses and brands to maximize sales and profitability. Selling Physical Goods or Products AIDB-016550 Find Wine Wine Solutions is SME that focuses on selling wines, juices and FMCG products globally. Angola;Australia;Botswana;Canada;Central African Republic;Ch...
877 We are contracted to mine for government (granite aggregates for roads development). The project is running. We are looking for investor to expand. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017591 Mining Investment for Running Project South Africa
877 We handle all development projects for Ugandans and non-ugandans living and working from abraod. We design and construct development projects including commercial and residencial buildings, busineeses, building renovations and expansions, assets aquisition and legalization, geomaping and servying, and construction services and have our clients Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017726 INVESTING FOR HIGH RETURNS IN BUILDING FOR PEOPLE LIVING ABROAD Argentina;Australia;Austria;Belgium;Botswana;Burundi;Canada;...
877 A leading healthcare service provider in Rwanda, intending to extend its reach throughout East Africa, and ultimately achieve preeminence across the African continent.We are seeking a total funding of $10 million USD, to be allocated in one phase with a minimum maturity period of 10 years Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017067 Mordern Ultra Health facility in the heart of Kigali rwanda is seeking to raise USD 10,000,000 Rwanda
876 I have various clients in Nigeria and Ghana (currently, other countries may be added to this list!) seeking equity partners for new hotel projects in key cities such as Lagos, Abuja and Accra. Project details are available to serious enquirers. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009229 Hotel developments in West Africa seeking equity investment partners Australia;Austria;Bahrain;Belgium;Brazil;Brunei Darussalam;C...
876 Corvus Health is a US-based global health workforce firm that helps and public health facilities maximize their health workers. Corvus Health improves access to qualified, motivated, and supported health workers through a variety of scalable services, including team design/optimization, improving quality of care, recruitment, training, outsourced HR management, health professional school scaling platform and group purchasing, research, and advisory services. Our innovative model of sustainable international recruitment of health workers was honored as a finalist in the IOE Migration Challenge Start-up Competition, 2021. Corvus Health’s founder and CEO, Dr. Kate Tulenko serves on President Biden’s President’s Advisory Council on Doing Business in Africa. Corvus Health's clients include some of the largest hospital systems in emerging markets, GE, Tata Trusts, the largest private health system in Ireland, private equity firms, national and subnational governments, the largest university system in Africa, the World Bank, the US Agency for International Development. Projects have included redesigning a health system’s cancer care team, training health workers in the latest clinical advances in their fields, designing facility health workforce plan,s assisting companies to improve their pharmaceutical health workforce, recruiting health workers for hospitals, evaluating the implementation of company health workforce strategies, and improving the output of health professional schools. Corvus Health’s unique business model of expertise throughout the life cycle of the health worker, including regulation, planning, recruitment, performance, and retention enables us to offer world-class end-to-end health workforce services. Selling Professional Service AIDB-013248 Global health workforce firm offering team optimization, training, recruitment, & retention in Afric Algeria;Angola;Benin;Botswana;Burkina Faso;Burundi;Cameroon;...
875 The funds will go towards putting up farming and irrigation infrastructure with annual yields of over 20,000 metric tonnes of Maize, soya beans and wheat. These raw materials will be harvested and stored partly for direct sale and the other part to support a 520 metric ton capacity Milling plant. Maize meal and cooking oil are daily household requirements with a huge deficit at the current capacity that the country has. We have projected annual sales revenues of over $2.3 million and net profits of about 30% of the sales revenue. Agriculture and FMCG are an ever growing industry that is untapped by the local population with the government moving in that direction away from mining as a means of diversifying the economy. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009247 270 Hector farm which will house grain farming, processing, storage and production of finished good. Zambia
875 Graceland Mining was started in 2019 as a family business which is passionate about creating a sustainable mining operation and investing in the local community. The company is fully incorporated and licensed to undertake mining operations for gold, copper, platinum etc. and covers approx 350 hectares and has a track record of trading with Fidelity (Zimbabwean government agency). The mining details currently being undertaken are: - 4 shafts in operation 24/7 - 80 workers on site - Manager and Assistant Manager (combined experienced of over 35 years in mining industry) - Electricity supply fully installed - 4 Hammermills on site - Pumping system on site - Small generator and 2 compressors on site - 3 diesel pump-pumps on site - Mine is fully enclosed by security fence with internal/external guards on site 24/7 supported by CCTV system on site - Admin office and guards accommodation on site It is Graceland Mining Company's intention to undertake large scale mining operations on its claims which will see jobs created for the local population. The company will also invest and build a community infrastructure to include schools, retail outlets, doctor’s surgery, a hospital, a place of worship and affordable residential properties. There will also be investment and improvement in the local road network, transport links and power and water supplies which will serve the new community. The company, it’s directors and business partners are committed to fulfilling the above obligations and improving the lives, health and prosperity of people in the local community. The company wishes to undertake large scale mining and is seeking investors to partner with so as to continue with its expansion plans. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009942 Investors sought for established family mining business Botswana;Tanzania;Zambia;Zimbabwe
875 Graceland Mining was started in 2019 as a family business which is passionate about creating a sustainable mining operation and investing in the local community. The company is fully incorporated and licensed to undertake mining operations for gold, copper, platinum etc. and covers approx 350 hectares and has a track record of trading with Fidelity (Zimbabwean government agency). The mining details currently being undertaken are: - 4 shafts in operation 24/7 - 80 workers on site - Manager and Assistant Manager (combined experienced of over 35 years in mining industry) - Electricity supply fully installed - 4 Hammermills on site - Pumping system on site - Small generator and 2 compressors on site - 3 diesel pump-pumps on site - Mine is fully enclosed by security fence with internal/external guards on site 24/7 supported by CCTV system on site - Admin office and guards accommodation on site It is Graceland Mining Company's intention to undertake large scale mining operations on its claims which will see jobs created for the local population. The company will also invest and build a community infrastructure to include schools, retail outlets, doctor’s surgery, a hospital, a place of worship and affordable residential properties. There will also be investment and improvement in the local road network, transport links and power and water supplies which will serve the new community. The company, it’s directors and business partners are committed to fulfilling the above obligations and improving the lives, health and prosperity of people in the local community. The company wishes to undertake large scale mining and is seeking investors to partner with so as to continue with its expansion plans. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009905 Investors sought for established gold mining company Botswana;Tanzania;Zambia;Zimbabwe
875 CO22Clean mission is to reduce the CO2 in the atmosphere while producing valuable and lifesaving products in an environmentally sustainable and economically beneficial fashion. CO22Clean knows that carbon capture can't become a reality if it can't pay for itself. CO22Clean will capture carbon from the ocean to be sequestered as graphite and diamonds while producing drinking water allowing CO22Clean to both economically and ecologically sustain 3 Gigatons (Gt) of CO2 capture from the atmosphere annually. Our focus on producing valuable resources out of the captured carbon and the large amount of seawater we will be handling allows us to move beyond reducing the effects of global warming to addressing their immediate effects on individuals. CO22Clean is a startup company looking to raise the initial startup cost of $12M. We are seeking investors to invest into this company to make it operational. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010755 The main aim of the company is to sequester carbon dioxide and convert it to diamond and graphite. Kenya
874 The proposed executive structure of this business is that of 1 Business partners 2 Chief Executive Officer 3. Chief Financial Officer: This officer handles all financial department and all accounts of the business 4. Chief Operations officer This officer handles the marketing, public relations and others 5 . Legal adviser Each player of the team holds a crucial role in the success of the organization. It is however aimed at making the organization succeed with the CEO at the top which gives report to the prospective partners. Each officer is to hold their offices for a stipulated time and upon review by the partners can keep holding their offices or lose them if they aren't able to meet up to the quarters objectives given to them at the start of each quarter of the year. We're proposing to be team players and treat each other with respect and as family but not forgetting the reasons why we are family. Our project involves getting a good location to run a day and boarding institution for secondary school while for nursery/ primary would just be day pupils. The school would have the following structures. 1. A proposed five story building for secondary school 2. A proposed five story building for nursery school and 3. A proposed five story building for primary school 4. An office complex 5. A school hall 6. A basket ball field 7. A volley ball field 8 A football field 9. Hostel for boarders 10. Refectory for boarders Currently, the institution is not yet established. Having done market analysis on the long run, I can say Schools generate good revenue but it depends on how developed the school environment is located. If located in a developed place, it would take two years plus to start generating adequate revenue but take at least five years to get back the money put in the business after which the profit would be gotten and increasing às the day goes by We are operating Basic and Secondary Education in due time we can expand to tertiary education Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017209 Making money while contributing significantly to the lives of millions of Nigerians Nigeria
874 Weelo is a B2B Enterprise solution that manages operations of multiple sales channels from warehouse to cash collection. Weelo, although being relatively new, has already signed a number of high-profile clients and is widely regarded as having the potential to be a significant solution to several issues Egyptian merchants of FMCG confront, such as a lack of stock, data, transparency, and other issues. Here are some highlights of our success: -Launch July 2021 -Total GMV to date: $16 million (290 million EGP). -22 Enterprise accounts -Monthly revenue: $25k -200k orders -Noteworthy clients: Nivea, SC Johnson, Monginis, Clorox We have currently raised $800k to date and are in the process of raising our next round of $2M at a $14M valuation. Please take your time to investigate this opportunity and kindly let me know if you would like to learn more. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-012914 Funding round for operational, commercial cloud-based B2B SaaS supply chain management platform Egypt
873 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY J&J Institute of Robotics - is an international Private Tertiary Technology institution that will be located in the heart of Central Senatorial District of Cross River State Nigeria. Our dream has been to run a 21st Century Tertiary Technology centric institution focusing on digital creative skills acquisition, with broad based practical approach to training and learning, that will mold, transform, reshape, refocus and redirect scholars mentality towards self-reliance - the only way to rebuild the ugly collapse of our society through reduction in unemployment rate, and a corresponding increase in commercial and economic activities in their respective industries. It will be a standard private institution that will be committed to rendering qualitative and objective educational services, and will be predominantly sustained through tuition fees and levies from the students/scholars, as well as revenue generation from other affiliate sources, and donations. OBJECTIVES J&J IR’s long-term objective is to become a leading higher education establishment and digital research Center within Cross River State and Nigeria, attaining regional and international standards. J&J IR is authorized to provide high-quality undergraduate, post-graduate and doctoral education, especially training programs in which Technology Transfer and Practical Work Skills acquisition has an advantage, which are adapted to the needs of Cross Rivers State and Nigeria’s socio-economic growth and sustenance. The institution’s primary focus would be to conduct research in scientific sectors of priority for the socio-economic development of Cross River State, Nigeria and West Africa. The institution is the first of its kind in the Nigerian education sector and would strive to be ranked between the years 2030 and 2040 among the 10 best technology centric research establishments within and around continental region of Africa. Subsequently it continues its efforts to achieve a still higher ranking. PROJECT COST Projected Total Budget for the Completion and Commencement of operations of the J&J Institute of Robotics project is put at $10 million US dollars. List of Structures and Infrastructures for the proposed project - Class Room Structures/ Lecturers Offices - State of the Art Modern Hostel Accommodation with Modern Facilities and Amenities - State of the Art Modern Staff Quarters - Digital Library Complex/Robotics Research and Production Centre - Modern Laboratory Complex - Administrative Vehicles - Vocational/Entrepreneurial/Modern Technology Acquisition and Transfer Centre Complex - Ultra-Modern Health Care/Medical Centre Complex - Ultra-Modern ICT Centre - Solar Energy Street Lights for School Access Way and Campus streets - Power Supply/Gas to Power Generating Plant - Sustainable Water Borehole Facilities PROJECTED REVENUE FOR THE 1ST FIVE YEARS OF OPERATION Operating Period Yr. 1 USD$ Yr. 2 USD$ Yr. 3 USD$ Yr. 4 USD$ Yr. 5 USD$ Number of Students/Research Participants 500 700 900 1500 1800 Tuition Fees 1,000,000 1,400,000 1,800,000 3,000,000 3,600,000 Research Fees 345,000 448,000 179,200 280,000 476,000 Hostel Accommodation Fees 500,000 650,500 845,650 1,535,000 1,825,000 Income from Affiliate Revenue Generation via Consultancy and other ventures 125,500 435,400 566,020 806,976 1,208,076 Income from Sponsorship and Donations 58,500 73,550 159,400 294,200 736,750 Total 2,028,500 3,007,450 3,550,270 5,916,176 7,845,826 Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017204 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY J&J Institute of Robotics - is an international Private Tertiary Technology institution that will be located in the heart of Central Senatorial District of Cross River State Nigeria. To run a 21st Century Tertiary Technology Trainin Nigeria
873 Coal Mining in South Africa has increased by 80% in the past 3 months. According to forecasts this industry will keep on increasing for the next 12-16 months period. We at VBI Construction have more than 40 years experience in this industry and we have a new project that needs start up capital. The Project: This is a project that has 1 million tons of mineable coal. Confirmation drill holes have been done as well as the Geological reports and all the criteria that needs to match the department of mineral rights to get you’re mining license executed. The mining license is all in order and the mine can start activities right away The forecast is to mine a minimum of 40 000 tons monthly. The life of mine will then be 25 months. The mining cost per ton of coal will be R300 per ton and the selling value will be R400 per ton. This leaves the company with R100 per ton profit after all costs. We seek an investment of R6 000 000 and in return you will earn R15 per ton of saleable coal towards capital investment for the duration of 10 months and a further ROI of R10 per ton for the duration of 12 months. Capital repayment R15 x 40000 ton x 10 months = R6 000 000 ROI R10 x 40000 ton x 12 months = R4 800 000 For the duration of 10 months the mining contract will be seeded towards the investor. Please note the investor will receive 2 payments per month. One payment will be towards the capital invested and the 2nd payment will be towards the ROI. Please note we are open for discussion on smaller investments as-well. We look forward doing business with you! Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-010574 Coal Mine Investment Opportunity Botswana;Namibia;Qatar;Sao Tome and Principe;South Africa;Un...
873 The Kasoma Mining Project is first of Kind in the area being pioneered by Zambian locals in the Mining and mining related activities Seeks to invite potential partners to help build a team. We seek to take advantage of the abundant natural resources. to promote diversification. So far there is a team of three Board of Directors. We need a starter capital to help us walk through the process of exploration and later conclude the mining agenda. The finances shall be used to meet costs for hiring skilled and non skilled lab our as well as laboratory tests and related works. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017202 Currently holding a four year mining exploration offer 2023-2027.To explore Copper, Colbalt. Maganese, Lithium ,Irone ore and Gold in the Kalombo Area of North Western Zambia Zambia
873 A Great Opportunity for International Hotel Buyers and Global Beach Resort Investors. For sale now is the amazing 5-star Sheraton Soma Bay Resort, located in Safaga, Red Sea, Egypt. Sheraton Soma Bay Resort, inspired by Luxor’s Karnak Temple, breathes life into Egypt’s era of monumental history. Bringing friends and family together, this 5-star resort is the perfect setting for building new traditions and cherished bonds that will last a lifetime. The resort compound has 326 guest rooms and suites, designed for a refreshing and relaxing recharge throughout the guest stay. With 800 meters of beautiful Red Sea beachfront, the Sheraton Soma Bay provides entertainment for the whole family, where guests can discover a whole new world beneath the surface of the sea or try a new sport like windsurfing. The asking price is $75 million. For more details, contact me on WhatsApp at +201025728941 Selling Real Estate AIDB-016990 A Great Opportunity for International Hotel Buyers and Global Beach Resort Investors. Australia;Austria;Bahrain;Belgium;Egypt;France;Germany;Italy...
872 Brace Loans Services is a pioneering solidarity micro-finance institution committed to empowering women entrepreneurs in Zambia through innovative financial solutions, targeted interventions, and advocacy efforts. We strive to create a more inclusive and prosperous society where every woman has the opportunity to thrive as an entrepreneur. Our existence is anchored on the belief that every woman deserves a chance to unveil their potential. Women entrepreneurs are essential to economic and family development, as such we dedicate ourselves to helping them access the finance needed to start, grow, and sustain their businesses through our model of lending called solidarity lending. Our business model enables women to access finance without collateral, accompanied by basic financial literacy training and networking opportunities to foster a supportive community of entrepreneurs. Brace loans has a team of highly qualified proffessionals with a vast experience in the finace industry. Our Chief Executive officer Mr Daka holds a bachelor of arts in banking finance from cavendish university in Zambia. He has interacted with a few players in the banking and microfinance sector having served under retail banking department of Zambia National Commercial Bank Plc. Besides working for the bank, he brings wealth of experience from his other previous roles in the micro-finance sector aswel as NGO sector. Our operations manager Grace Tembo is dedicated young woman with great interpersonal skills and a vast experience in handing relationships ahving served as a teacher in the education sector of Zambia and as our operations key person. Grace Hold a diploma in education from malcom moffat college of eduction which gives her great insights in handling interpersonal and operation procedures for this business. Esther Miselo is our credit manager responsible for overseeing the credit granting process for the company. Her job is to optimize company sales and reduce bad debt losses by maintaining the credit policy. She does this by assessing the creditworthiness of potential customers and conducting periodic reviews of existing customers. She hold BA in Economics from Mulungushi University. We are looking to raise $1M for purposes of start-up activies and as loanable funds to be able to carter for wider range of women entreprenuers running small businesses around the country. We are proposing 20% equity in the company for this transaction. The comampany currently has a loanbook size of ZMW 800,000 with over 140 registered borrowers. Our portfolio yield is sitting at 38% signaling that the business is profitable. Our total default rate is currently at 8% but expected to reduce due to the developed lending policy we have put in place. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017185 Brace Loans Services is a microfinace company offering solidarity lending solutions to women entrepreneurs running small businesses in Zambia without requesting collateral enphasizing mutal support and networking among borrowers. Zambia
872 Damomarg & Co Nigeria Limited is a licensed mining and exploration company located in Nigeria. Incorporated on the 4th of September 2020, the company specializes in the extraction and exploration of mineral resources within the country. Damomarg & Co is currently seeking investment for a specific project focused on mining lithium ore at their mining titles in Nasarawa State and Abuja. With a vision for growth and development, Damomarg & Co aims to capitalize on the abundant mineral resources present in Nigeria. The company's investment proposal focuses on the mining of lithium ore, a valuable resource used in various industries such as energy storage, electronics, and electric vehicles. Damomarg & Co recognizes the growing global demand for lithium and seeks to tap into this market opportunity. The proposed project requires funding of $15,000 to $20,000, which will be utilized for infrastructure development, equipment acquisition, operational expenses, and other necessary resources. Damomarg & Co has conducted thorough feasibility studies and geological assessments to ensure the viability and profitability of the project. Investors can expect a 40% return on investment (ROI) from the lithium mining project. Damomarg & Co has developed a robust business model that takes into account market dynamics, pricing trends, and operational efficiencies to maximize returns. The company is confident in its ability to deliver sustainable and profitable outcomes for its investors. Damomarg & Co operates within the legal framework established by the Nigerian government and adheres to all relevant regulations and guidelines. The company places a strong emphasis on responsible mining practices, environmental preservation, and community engagement. Damomarg & Co recognizes the importance of creating positive social and economic impacts in the regions where it operates. By investing in Damomarg & Co's mining project, investors will have the opportunity to participate in Nigeria's growing mining industry and contribute to the country's economic development. With a focus on sustainable practices and a commitment to delivering value, Damomarg & Co aims to become a leading player in the Nigerian mining sector. Damomarg & Co's experienced team of professionals brings extensive knowledge and expertise to the project. The company's management is dedicated to maintaining transparency, accountability, and operational excellence throughout all stages of the mining operation.Investors can be assured that their funds will be managed efficiently and effectively to achieve the expected returns. In summary, Damomarg & Co Nigeria Limited is a licensed mining and exploration company seeking funding for a lithium mining project in Nasarawa State and Abuja Nigeria. Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-017193 Damomarg & Co Nigeria Limited is a licensed mining and exploration company, the company specializes in the extraction and exploration of mineral resources within the country. The company is seeking for investors to fund her mining project. Nigeria
871 Hover Mode Ltd offers a transformative business opportunity in the burgeoning field of drone technology, providing comprehensive solutions for industries such as agriculture, surveying, construction, and environmental monitoring. With a focus on precision and innovation, Hover Mode Ltd's services include precision agrispraying, multispectral crop monitoring, surveying and mapping, infrastructure inspection, and environmental conservation. Leveraging cutting-edge drone technology, Hover Mode Ltd empowers businesses to optimize operations, enhance productivity, and achieve sustainable growth. This business opportunity presents a compelling investment proposition for individuals and organizations seeking to capitalize on the transformative potential of drone technology across diverse sectors. Selling Professional Service AIDB-016677 Elevating Industries: Transform Your Operations with Hover Mode Ltd's Comprehensive Drone Solutions Kenya;Rwanda;Tanzania;Uganda
870 Dharmattan Gas & Power Products Limited (DGPP), an emerging lead player in the marketing and distribution of LPG in Nigeria with a successful track record, seeks to expand its business from a regional footprint of retail plants to a national spread and develop a coastal depot that will ensure product availability and international participation in LPG supply, distribution and marketing. The project will include: Construction of 10 additional LPG inland distribution plants in different parts of Nigeria, to increase the total operated by DGPP to 15 Construction of 6,000 MT coastal LPG storage depot and jetty Purchase of shallow draft LPG vessel for bulk transportation Purchase additional gas transportation trucks for gas distribution Project Economics: Discount Rate: 15% Total Investment: $42M NPV:$44 P. I.: 2.04 IRR: 34% Discounted Payback Period: 4.5 yrs Finding Investors for a Business AIDB-009659 LPG Storage, Distribution and Transport Infrastructure in Nigeria Canada;Cape Verde;France;Germany;Ghana;Netherlands;Nigeria;N...
870 Transaction Highlights ▪ This opportunity is structured in partnership with TLG Capital (“TLG”), a private investment firm with over 10 years of investment experience in small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) across sub Saharan Africa. ▪ Thanks to high-quality proprietary relationships with banks across the continent, this first note will provide liquidity to two high-quality financial institutions while providing investors with a strong risk-adjusted return. ▪ Term deposits rank very high up in a bank capital structure giving them a high level of seniority in the unlikely event of a bankruptcy and also benefit from Deposit Protection Schemes. ▪ Funds will be used to encourage high-impact on-lending to SMEs with a focus on education and healthcare. ▪ A note backed by 180-day term deposits at two listed banks in Nigeria and Ghana offering a net yield of 3.75% p.a with monthly coupons Selling Physical Goods or Products AIDB-008728 Provide liquidity to quality financial institutions in U$ for on-lending to high-impact entrepreneur Ghana;Nigeria
870 Introduction Kedougou Gold Limited (KGL) was founded in 2017 by Kevin Macintyre-Stewart and Andrew Sweeney as a private limited company incorporated in the UK to provide contract mining services in Senegal to small and artisanal gold mining companies and co-operatives, (the “Project”). The purpose of this fund raising to further develop the Project, following a shut down during the Covid pandemic, while showcasing the activities that have already taken place and the expected financial returns and operational methodology over the next three years. This is a shovel ready opportunity to semi-mechanize existing gold extraction and to process and sell the gold to the open market from artisanal mining concessions within the Kedougou region of the Republic of Senegal. KGL has already invested a significant amount of time and cash in acquiring the relevant equipment and setting up and carrying out operations in the region. The project has a strong social component and aims to work with the local artisanal miners to substantially increase their production thereby enabling the return of women to agricultural roles, children to schools and out of the labour intensive artisanal mines and to ensure that mining is carried out in a safe manner. In addition our methods allow for the removal of the use of mercury to process gold of which approximately 5.2 tons is used every year in Senegal to process gold. Senegal is an important gold producing country in West Africa. Per the World Gold Council Senegal produced 20.7 ton of gold in 2021, up from 6.1 tons in 2012. In 2018 artisanal miners produced 4.2 tons of gold and employed 32,500 people. Senegal offers a stable economy with a progressive Government looking to encourage investment in this sector. We have a close relationship with the Association of Gold Miners helping secure links between the Ministry of Energy and Mining and the artisanal miners Capital costs at USD180k are low with a rapid payback: Kedougou Gold represents a unique opportunity to access near immediate gold production with the ability to scale up operations in a short period of time for minimal capital. Gold Mining The Company has entered into joint venture agreements to exploit mining concessions on properties known to have gold deposits and which are already producing small quantities of gold by artisanal means. This is