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Growing US-Africa Trade in conjunction with Prosper Africa a US Government Initiative connecting US and African trade opportunities

Congratulations ! In support of Prosper Africa’s goals of increasing two-way trade and investment between the United States and Africa, Africa Events Limited (that’s us!) has been engaged to assist substantially boosting US-Africa trade. Prosper Africa is a whole-of government initiative that leverages the services and resources of 17 US Government Agencies. As such Africa Events Limited is fully aligned with your objectives and focused on assisting you grow your US – Africa trade.

Below we explain how we can help you research US-Africa trade, discover US-Africa trade opportunities and how to grow your Africa network and business FREE. Before doing so please do Subscribe so we can keep you updated with new trade opportunities matched to your own business requirements.



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Take these Next Steps to Benefit:

We run a number of digital platforms which are FREE to use, and where information is open-to-all and not hidden behind paywalls. These platforms are entirely focused on matching business, trade and investment opportunities across all 54 African countries. The most relevant for you is our Africa Business Opportunities Dashboard

Our digital platforms won the 2022 Global Salesforce Innovation Awards for Financial Services. A massive achievement as Salesforce is the #1 CRM globally, and the 60th largest stock exchange listed company in the world. However rest assured we are not resting on our laurels, we plan multiple rounds of enhancements in coming years including a focus on the UX/UI design, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, all aiming at making it easier for you to find the right business counterparts to substantially grow US-Africa trade.

Step 1: JOIN the Africa Business Community. We work across all 54 African countries. Our digital platforms attract tens of thousands of new users annually, a number which is likely to scale considerably in coming years. Our platform is FREE to join and we do not ask for credit card details.  We call our users “Africa Business Community” members. When joining our members tell us which business sectors and African countries they are interested in. Some choose all countries and business sectors (a company offering insurance at a continental level or a technology services provider, for instance, may be agnostic on country and business sector), while others may have a much narrower focus, for instance a company selling agricultural products will only select Agriculture as a business sector, and could select up to 54 African countries in which to sell their product. By joining our Africa Business Community we can filter the business opportunities we send you to match your own business parameters, this helps you receive only relevant business opportunities.

Step 2: When you join our Africa Business Community you get access to the core functionality of our Africa Business Opportunities Dashboard which focuses on matching “business opportunities”. you can add one or more “Calls for Business” onto the Dashboard FREE. We will then promote these to our Africa Business Community members who have matched business preferences. These “Calls for Business” could be you looking to buy/sell products in Africa, searching for a business partner in specific countries, looking to invest in Africa, or even assist you raising finance – quite simply they could be any kind of business where you are looking externally for a counterpart. You can, of course, review the business opportunities that have been added by our other Africa Business Community members, noting that these will be filtered according to your own business criteria.

Special Boost for USA Members

As part of our engagement with Prosper Africa we are boosting the scoring of all our USA members, and any related “Calls for Business” that our USA members make. As a result, all things being equal, your own profile and business opportunities will rank higher in our scoring algorithm than they otherwise would if you were not a USA member, allowing you to get more visibility for any business transactions you want to do in Africa.

US – Africa Trade Contacts

You are encouraged to reach out to US Trade contacts who are focused on ensuring that US – Africa trade links grow rapidly in coming years.

US – Chamber of Commerce Contacts

You are encouraged to reach out to US Chambers of Commerce to explore how they can assist you grow your business. We have provided a list below: