The list below is a comprehensive list of issues that our Users have experienced when logging into our system. If you are unable to resolve your problem after reviewing this page please contact us on advising what the problem is as well as which internet browser you are using.

One Time Password is Not Arriving

When you enter your Email Address a One Time Password (OTP) is sent to your Email Address allowing us to confirm that you are indeed the person adding or editing your profile. There are 2 known issues that may affect your user experience:

  1. The password is often filtered by email providers into your JUNK or CLUTTER box. Please check these boxes as often the OTP will be in one or other.
  2. The password can take up to 4 minutes to arrive. Do NOT push Login or Submit again while you are waiting for the OTP or you will be sent a new OTP and may enter the old OTP by mistake.
  3. In some cases the OTP does not arrive. It is not in the Junk or Clutter box. The reason for this is being investigated but may relate to individual servers blocking emails from unknown email addresses. You can seek immediate assistance by contacting our team on

One Time Password is Not Working

You have received a One Time Password (OTP) but it does not work when you enter it to confirm your email address. There is 1 known issue that may affect your user experience:

  1. The OTP may take between 1-4 minutes to arrive. It often gets filtered into your Junk/Clutter box. While you are waiting for the OTP users often click Submit or Login a second time thinking that the OTP is not coming from the first click. This triggers a second OTP to be sent. Shortly afterwards the user receives the FIRST OTP and enters this into the login box. However this FIRST OTP has now been superceded by the SECOND OTP and is not recognised.

To resolve this issue enter your email address, click Submit/Login and ensure that you wait an adequate amount of time to ensure that the OTP you have received is now the current OTP. You can enter this OTP and you should be able to Add/Edit your Profile to be displayed Online.

Your Email Address is not Accepted

Please ensure that there are no "blank spaces" before or after your email address in the Login box.

Business Sector or African Countries Fields Required

These are required fields because they allow users to identify whether you operate in the country or sector that they are interested in.

To select a business sector or country from the picklist, either tick All, or select those countries or sectors in which you operate then click the right facing arrow so that your selection moves into the right hand box. If you do not do this then the countries or sectors will not be saved.

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