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Congratulations, you have reached one of Africa’s most important business and investment networks, and we want you to join our network today FREE ! We can help you invest or do business in Africa. We can also help you apply for funding or promote your company and your products, goods and services either within your country, in Africa, or globally – best of all you can do this for FREE! Over many decades we have built up one of the most important Africa Business Communities. Here we can help you raise capital or funding for a company, project or idea in Africa. Or invest into Africa. Join our Africa Business Community for FREE! Or search our members to find relevant partners who can assist your business development. We will provide you with free promotion across our business network, and you can post your Business Opportunities for FREE! We have a very strong track record in promoting Africa’s leading business and investment opportunities and if you want to supercharge your business or investment opportunity join our team at our AFSIC – Investing in Africa Conference and Expo perhaps Africa’s most important investment event.

Who Are We?

Our team has enormous experience in Africa’s business and investment world. Between us we have managed an African stock exchange, run the largest global pan-African equity fund (a fund that invests across multiple African stock exchanges e.g. Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, Nigeria etc), established and invested in many different companies in Africa, run investor missions across the continent bringing many of Africa’s leading investors and business leaders, and founded AFSIC – Investing in Africa, perhaps Africa’s leading investment event. We combine our dominant digital business with running many of Africa’s most important business, trade and investment events, including AFSIC – Investing in Africa, perhaps Africa’s most important investment event.

What Do We Do?

We help individuals and businesses do business, trade and investment in Africa. And the best thing about us…..most of our services are FREE ! The key to our success has been the extensive network of business leaders, dealmakers, and investors that we have built up over many decades. And we want you to JOIN our network FREE today.

Our Digital Presence Driving Investment and Business in Africa

In addition to the companies that we manage, we run 3 digital platforms which incorporate portals designed to assist the growth of business and investment across Africa:




These platforms allow individuals and businesses to:

  • Get Investment & Business Opportunities from across your chosen countries, regions and business sectors in Africa FREE;
  • Add your own Business Opportunities onto our African Business Opportunities Dashboard. Want to find buyers for your products, goods or services? Buying or selling Real Estate? Looking for Information? Want to Buy or Sell a Business …. this is the place to be, and it is FREE;
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  • Get FREE publicity of your own business, click the Promote button on the homepage and add yourself and your business into our network;
  • Meet many of Africa’s most important business leaders and investors at AFSIC – Investing in Africa, perhaps Africa’s leading business and investment event, and a significant conduit of investment into Africa PAYMENT REQUIRED;

If you are interested in business, trade or investment in Africa then you should join our network for FREE ! Simply visit our Homepage, click on Promote and add details as to where you do business or want to invest in Africa, and what business sectors are of interest. Once you have joined our network you can add and get business opportunities in your countries and business sectors of interest in Africa FREE.