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Invest Somalia
Invest Somalia

Country overview: Somalia is located in east Africa bordering the Indian ocean and Gulf of Aden. It shares borders with Ethiopia to the west, Djibouti to the north west, and Kenya to the south west. It gained independence through a merger of British Somaliland, which became independent from the UK on 26 June 1960, and Italian Somaliland, which became independent from the Italian-administered UN trusteeship on 1 July 1960 to form the Somali Republic. Its capital is Mogadishu with 18 regional states which serve as administrative divisions. It is a federal Parliamentary Republic with the President sitting as the Head of State and Prime Minister as Head of Government. It runs a bicameral legislative system of government. Somalia has diverse official languages that include Somali, Arabic, English, and Italian language. It is predominantly a moslem country. It has a mixed legal system based on civil law, Islamic (sharia) law, and customary law. It has an area size of 0.638 million sq km.

Demographic Information: Somalia  has an estimated population of 11.76 million comprising mostly of younger population (less than 25 years) which makes up about 62.2% of the population, those in the age bracket of 25-64 years makes up  about 35.5% of the population and above 65 years age group makes up about 2.3% of the population.  Average population density is estimated at 25 inhabitants/km2. In terms of human development indicators, it has a life expectancy of 56.2 years (Women) and 51.8 years (Men).

Broad Economic Overview:  Somalia’s formal economy has experienced a near total collapse. Its economy is made up of informal sectors which is made up of Agriculture as well as remittances from abroad. Agriculture accounts for about 65% of the GDP and employs 65% of the workforce. Livestock contributes about 40% to GDP. Remittances from abroad accounts for about 20% of GDP. According to AFDB, Somalia economy grew by an estimated 2.9% in 2019, up from 2.8% in 2018. Somalia is dependent on international aid as political situation remains fragile and insecurity linked to incursions by Al-Shabaab and ISIS insurgents continue to hider effective governance.  Somalia currency is  Somali Shillings but there is widespread use of US Dollars.

Investment Opportunities: Somalia is still recovering from civil war and is rebuilding the legal framework to attract investments. It’s formalized economic system is yet to expand outside of Mogadishu and a few regional capitals, and within the city as security concerns continue to dominate business. The country’s business environment is one of the most challenging in the world. Access to capital is constrained, electricity supplies are limited, protection of minority investors could be problematic and international investments are few.

NameJob TitleCompany NameBusiness service ProvidedContact

List of Companies in Somalia

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NameJob TitleCompany NameBusiness service ProvidedContact
Abdinafa Dahir YusufCEOMaal microfinance L.T.DInvestor - Personal
Abdinasir AhmedcoffeteriaHAPPYEATMarketing Services
Abdirahman AhmedManagerWake up caféNA
Abdulahi AbdulleWadani DrinksHuman Resources Services;Banking Services;Accountant;Analytics
Abdusalam Omar AbdiManaging DirectorFIGTrade and Investment Promotion Agency;Consultant - General;Dealmaker
ABSHIR HassanManagerMilano general trading companyNA
ADNAAN AHMED ADNAAN AHMEDManaging DirectorCaawiye CompanyNA
ahmed ali ahmedmanagerasal consulting and business servicesConsultant - General;Software or Technology Services;Import/Export;Health Services
Ali Ali BareinvestmentSoolNA
Batrudin Mohamed YassinDirectorSSEONGO;Analytics;Educationalist
Deka GilaoBusinessdg ConstrutionNA
HASSEN ISSE HASSEN ISSECOEXayat Furniture Trading .tdOffshore Trust and Corporate Services;Investor - Personal
Mohamed AdenLogistics specialist & outsourcing Agent- SomaliaHorn pro LogisticsLegal Services;Marketing Services;Human Resources Services;Marketing and Public Relations Services;Investment Banking;Corporate Advisory;Other;Banking Services;Insurance Products;NGO;Financial Services;Trade and Investment Promotion Agency;Development Bank;Consultant - General;Consultant - ESG;Regulator;Stock Exchange;Offshore Trust and Corporate Services;Accountant;Business Intelligence;Chamber of Commerce;Regional Trade Organisation;Custodian and Securities Services;Trade Association;Professional Body with Members;Public Relations or Investment Relations or Communications;Software or Technology Services;Government Minister;Investor - Personal;Investor - Institutional;Investor - Corporate;Stockbroker;Research Analyst;Dealmaker;Development Finance Institution;Trade Finance;Fund Administration;Translation Services;Analytics;Human Resources - Training;Economist;Business Accelerator or Incubator;Real Estate Services;Veterinarian;Agriculturalist/Farmer;Mining and Mining Services;Project Management;Musician;Artist;Management;Company Executive;Import/Export;Health Services;Entrepreneur;Engineer;Educationalist;Founder;Journalist;Security Services;Sales
Mohamed AliM.D.Adeegsan CompanyMarketing and Public Relations Services
Mohamed kadar ali MohamedOwner & managerHobyo fishing companyOther
Mohamed Said FarahManagerNugal Agricultural and Pastoral CenterConsultant - General;Business Intelligence;Chamber of Commerce;Dealmaker;Business Accelerator or Incubator;Agriculturalist/Farmer;Company Executive
Mohammed AliChief Executive OfficerIlinvenioOther
Mowlid Jama JamaCEOGalool ResourcesOther
Nimo Ilyas OsmanCEOJey powerEntrepreneur;Engineer
Omar SaeedCertified dental assistantOmar holdingNA
Osman UlusowManaging DirectorPortsimex LogisticsLegal Services;Marketing Services;Trade and Investment Promotion Agency
SACAD CABDILLAAHI YUUSUFTechnologyAsli TechnologyBusiness Intelligence
samira Khalifpublic relation officerMAAL MICROFINANCE LTDInvestor - Institutional;Agriculturalist/Farmer
Sayid Yasin MohamedCOOTacablineNA

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