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Invest in Liberia
Invest in Liberia

Country overview: Liberia is located in West Africa bordering the Atlantic Ocean to the West and surrounded by the Ivory Coast to the east, Guinea to the north and Sierra Leone to the northwest.  It gained its independence from the United Kingdom on 26 July 1847. Its constitutional capital is Monrovia with 15 Administrative counties. It is a multiparty Presidential Republic with the President sitting as both the Head of State and government. It runs a bicameral national assembly consisting of the Senate and House of Representatives, and its official language is English. Christianity is the predominant religion with a minor proportion of the population practicing Islam. It has a mixed legal system based on Anglo-American common law and customary law. It has an area size of 111,369 million sq km. Liberia is the first country in Africa to attain independence and is the continent’s first modern Republic. It retained its independence during the scramble for Africa.

Demographic Information: Liberia has an estimated population of 5.07 million comprising mostly of younger population (less than 25 years) which makes up about 63.7% of the population, those in the age bracket of 25-64 years makes up of  about 33.5% of the population and above 65 years age group makes up of about 2.8% of the population. The average population density is estimated at 53 inhabitants/km2. In terms of human development indicators, it has a life expectancy of 67 years (Women) and 62.5 years (Men). It achieved universal primary education with an 85.01%. The primary enrolment rate in 2016 and overall literacy level of 48.3% as at 2017.

Broad Economic Overview: Liberia has diverse natural resources (rubber, iron, gold, diamonds, oil) and a climate favourable to agriculture. It relies on forestry (rubber and timber) and mining (gold, diamonds, and iron ore) as major sources of income. Agriculture employs an estimated 43% of the population and contributes 39.1% of GDP. The agricultural sector potential remains untapped for crop diversification, improved market linkages, and private sector–led agriculture value chains. Its economy is still on the road to recovery from recession caused by Ebola virus between 2014 and 2016 which caused revenue losses estimated at 12% GDP. Real GDP declined by 2.5% in 2019 having recorded 0.6% compounded annual GDP growth in the past 5 years. In 2019, IMF approved a four-year Extended Credit Facility (ECF) arrangement worth about USD 213.6 million to help the country restore macroeconomic stability. To revitalize its’ economy, the country will have to diversify its economic, increase investment and trade, sustain foreign aid and remittances, develop infrastructure and institutions, and maintain political stability. Liberia’s currency is Liberian Dollars, though the United States Dollar is a legal tender in the country and is used along side the Liberian dollar. Main export includes Coffee, Cocoa, Rubber, Timber, Iron ore, Diamond etc. Major imports include refined petroleum product, foodstuffs, transport equipment, chemicals, machinery, manufactured goods etc.

Investment Opportunities:

Liberia government is undertaking various structural reforms toward accelerated, inclusive, and sustainable development. Top priorities of the government include expansion and improvement of road network, including a plan to pave at least 650 kilometres of primary roads in the next 5 years. Plan to increase access to affordable energy and water and sanitation is also at the top of the agenda. Its medium-term agenda focuses on regional integration, private investment, and trade in the Mano River Union countries (Côte D’Ivoire, Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone). Liberia receives preferential treatment under the EU’s Everything But Arms initiative (EBA) which grants duty-free, and in most cases quota-free, access to the EU market. Likewise, it receives preferential treatment under the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act, which offers the most preferential access to the U.S. market available outside the free trade agreements. Investment opportunities are available in the following sectors: mining, energy, infrastructure, education, tourism, agriculture, waste management, health and manufacturing.

NameJob TitleCompany NameBusiness service ProvidedContact

List of Companies in Liberia

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NameJob TitleCompany NameBusiness service ProvidedContact
Adolphus Boimah-PorteCEOTonboi Innovative GroupConsultant - General
ALEX KOKULORisk, Ethics & Compliance ManagerLonestar Cell MTNOther
Anish RautHoll sellarSai sagarInvestor - Personal;Investor - Corporate
Bedell SandiTiangay Agricultural CorporationNA
Bleejay InnisPartner & Managing DirectorTri Buchanan Development CorporationNA
Damond KapetFounder/CEOK.I.N.G Industries Inc.Other
Dan SaryeeCEOCreative Investment Group - AfricaTrade and Investment Promotion Agency
David KatiahCEOGebamu Inc.Other;Chamber of Commerce
Garrith BrokenshaHydroponic FarmerN/AOther
Haresh KaramchandaniHead Of OperationsNew Africa Technology CoConsultant - General;Investor - Corporate
Isaac TaggartVice PresidentPASINGO
Jeremiah TellewoyanManaging PartnerOptimus LogisticsOther;Translation Services
JW Harris Memorial SchoolHead MasterJW Harris Memorial SchoolOther
Moh BilityFounderCiTEDDNA
Peter SumoNot workingDont have any at the momentOther
Quoquoi Zugalaku GAYFLORCEOKuzumakpalagar & Sons Incorporated (KSI)NA

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    Invest Liberia
    Invest Liberia



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