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Investment in Sudan
Investment in Sudan

Country overview: Sudan is located in north east Africa bordering the Red Sea. It shares borders with Ethiopia to the southeast, Eritrea to the east, Egypt to the north, Chad to the west, Libya to the northwest, South Sudan to the south and Central Africa Republic to the south west. It gained independence from Egypt and the UK on 1st January 1956. Its capital is Khartoum with 18 regional states which serves as administrative division. It is a Presidential Republic but currently being govern by an alliance between civilian opposition and military council. Sudan is undergoing democratic transition process, which has been welcomed by the international community. It has a transition legislative council that currently replaces National legislature until a proper election is conducted in 2022. Its official languages are English and Arabic. It is predominantly moslem with minority Christianity. It has a mixed legal system based on Islamic (sharia) law and English Common law. It has an area size of 1.86 million sq km.

Demographic Information: Sudan has an estimated population of 45.56 million comprising mostly of younger population (less than 25 years) which makes up about 63.0% of the population, those in the age bracket of 25-64 years makes up about 34.0% of the population and above 65 years age group makes up about 3.0% of the population. Average population density is estimated at 25 inhabitants/km2. In terms of human development indicators, it has a life expectancy of 68.8 years (Women) and 64.3 years (Men). It achieved universal primary education with a 76.82% Primary enrolment rate in 2017 and overall literacy level of 60.7% as at 2018.

Broad Economic Overview: Sudan’s economy was driven by the oil sector but the secession of South Sudan cost Sudan two-thirds of its oil revenue. South Sudan hosts 80% of Sudan’s Oilfields. Sudan has struggled to stabilize its economy and make up for the loss of foreign exchange earnings. Sudan is attempting to develop non-oil sources of revenues, such as gold mining and agriculture. Sudan is Africa’s third largest gold producer after South Africa and Ghana, and gold production is expected to support the mining sector despite its low productivity, with artisanal mining accounting for 80% of production. It is the world’s largest exporter of gum Arabic, Sudan produces 75-80% of the world’s total output. Agriculture continues to employ 80% of the work force as about 63% of Sudan’s land is agricultural, and only 15–20% of it is under cultivation. Real GDP contracted further in 2019 by an estimated 2.4% from 2.3% contraction in 2018. A weak business environment due to political uncertainty continues to discourage private investment and dampen confidence and productivity. Sudan currency is Sudanese pound which was introduced after the secession of South Sudan in 2011.

Investment Opportunities: Sudan’s lack of integration into international trade, political instability and a weak business environment continues to deter private investment. However, investment opportunities abound in the agriculture, mining, energy and industrial sectors. Sudan has extensive arable land of which about 85% remains uncultivated. Sudan is very rich in wildlife and there are investment opportunities for modern livestock farming. It has vast mineral deposits that have not been exploited; mineral deposits which have been discovered in different parts of the country awaiting investors include gold, silver, iron ore, chromate, mica, silica, gypsum, granite, marble, chinaclay, manganese, asbestos, trauna (costic soda), talc and lime stone, copper, zink, lead, cement, small quantities of mica, chromate, asbestos and marble. Sudan has abundant potential renewable energy sources even though the country has shortage of energy, especially electricity. Sudan can boast of the River Nile with many cataracts and waterfalls, strong winds, sun, all these sources provide excellent opportunities for renewable energy investments.

NameJob TitleCompany NameBusiness service ProvidedContact
Allan WoodGlobal Head of Business DevelopmentJersey FinanceNGO
Bhavna Seth RanjanHead-Market Facilitation ServicesConfederation of Indian Industry (CII)Business Intelligence
Bridget ShooRegional Director (Southern Africa)Enterprise SingaporeTrade and Investment Promotion Agency
David SmithChief ExecutiveBritish African Business Alliance LtdChamber of Commerce
Duncan HarrisPresidentAustralia Africa Chamber of CommerceChamber of Commerce
Elise DonovanChief Executive OfficerBVI FinanceFinancial Services
Frazer LangCEOScottish Africa Business AssociationTrade Association
Ivy Ziqian WangOperations ManagerAustralia Africa Chamber of CommerceNA
John PatersonChairmanScottish Africa Business AssociationRegional Trade Organisation
Luis De MeloChairmanGlobal Chamber of Commerce for Portuguese Speaking CountriesChamber of Commerce
Maham SaqibICCIANA
May YuenAnalystAfrica South East Asia Chamber of CommerceChamber of Commerce
McKenzie PentonDirector of Events & Business DevelopmentInvest in the USATrade Association
Michael MillsClimate Finance AdviserUK Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS)Government Official
Nara PiresCommunication DirectorAFroChamberChamber of Commerce
Rupi NandraCommercial Benefits SpecialistFCDONA

List of Companies – Investment in Sudan

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NameJob TitleCompany NameBusiness service ProvidedContact
Abdalla mohamedbusiness development manageraewNA
Abdelhafiez IsmaielCEOGeoRock For MiningMining and Mining Services
Ahmed SulimanG managerSudanese factory for the production of solar panelsInvestor - Personal
Ala'eldin Hunud Abia KadoufResearch, Strategy and Market Development OfficerAfricorp International Co. LtdTrade and Investment Promotion Agency;Agriculturalist/Farmer;Import/Export
Almonzir MustafaDirector generalBlooming for Advanced Business LimitedAgriculturalist/Farmer
Alsiddiq A. OmerCEOSuda GreenRev Company LtdInvestor - Corporate
Andruga Mike FrancisCEOMike Macro Company LimitedFinancial Services
Ashraf SaeedFounderJANA Crops TradingNA
Awadalla MatarConsultant Laparoscopic SurgeonAl-Ain Al-Electroniya company Ltd.NA
Aymen AyedGeneral ManagerEnviron EngineeringInvestor - Personal
Azzam Mohammede-healthMawid TabebkOther
Badreldin eldawiMDWeGrow for Consultancy and Training Co.LTDConsultant - General
Eltayeb Abdallah Eltayeb KhalafallahCEOAgribusiness Sudan CoOther
Eyad KhalidProject ManagerAlneelain Technology Engineering CompanyProject Management
Fawaz AteemCEOAlara Hydrogen Industries Group LimitedConsultant - General
Fayez TayseerCEOJinnTechFounder
Filippo TalienteProject developmentNubland EnergyNA
Hassan SanhoriManger, Senior ConsultantU M ConsultancyMarketing Services;Consultant - General;Investor - Personal;Investor - Institutional;Investor - Corporate;Agriculturalist/Farmer
Hisham AllamHead Of Corporate BankingBlue Nile Mashreg BankInvestor - Corporate
Ibrahim Al MansouryGMEltigani AgribusinessNA
Jaser Osmondops manageruuk2NA
kuku AngeloRefugeeSt. PeterAgriculturalist/Farmer
Lozi baeClothing companyAventmorInvestor - Personal
Malaz NoorMIMDEDMarketing Services;Business Intelligence;Analytics;Economist;Business Accelerator or Incubator
Mina Hani Bushra George GeorgeDeputy Manager- Hydro power enegineerAl Ashbal Engineering Voith Hydro SudanNA
Mina Hani Bushra George GeorgeDeputy ManagerAl Ashbal Engineering co.ltdOffshore Trust and Corporate Services
Mina Hani GeorgeDeputy Manager-- family businessAl Ashbal Engineering co.ltdBusiness Intelligence
Mohamed Faisal IbrahimFounder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)TONGEL INTERNATIONAL FOR ADVANCED BUSINESS CO. LTD.Marketing Services;Human Resources Services;Marketing and Public Relations Services;Corporate Advisory;Banking Services;Financial Services;Trade and Investment Promotion Agency;Development Bank;Consultant - General;Consultant - ESG;Government Official;Offshore Trust and Corporate Services;Public Relations or Investment Relations or Communications;Investor - Personal;Investor - Institutional;Investor - Corporate;Dealmaker;Trade Finance;Human Resources - Training;Mining and Mining Services;Project Management;Management;Company Executive;Import/Export;Security Services;Sales
Mohamed IbrahimFreelancer IT ConsultantFreelancer IT ConsultantNA
Mohammed IbrahimBusinessMohammedNA
Mohammed MahgoubFounding partnerMohammed Fawzi Audit and Accounting servicesAccountant
Mohammed OmerBrokerMohdNA
Mohanad elfadilCEOscoipionHuman Resources - Training
Mr Tarig Y Ahmed Mr Tarig Y AhmedEngineerHybrid Energy SolutionsNA
Muddathir RabieinvestormuddathirNA
Nasser BisharaCEOMiddle east printingTrade Finance
Nilesh Narendrakumar Bhogilal MehtaManagerAl Rabee Carton FactoryInvestor - Personal
Sabir HashimManaging directorAl-Bilal trading & InvestmentTrade and Investment Promotion Agency;Investor - Corporate
saif aldaien krambostudentdalNA
Samir AbdelateifGeneral ManagerEnviron EngineeringEngineer
Sayed HendawyInvestment ExpertArab Bank for Economic Development in Africa BADEANA
Tamir FadulCEO.Agrovine EngineeringNA
wadah elfadilGeneral managerAssociated african companies ltdAgriculturalist/Farmer
Yousif Awadelsid Ahmed MohamedCEOOsprey Agricultural Investment & Livestock Investment Co. Ltd.NA
yousif badrmanaging directorArmor Trading Co.LtdTrade and Investment Promotion Agency

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