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Invest in Republic of the Congo
Invest in Congo

Country overview: Republic of Congo also known as Congo-Brazzaville is located in Central Africa bordering the Atlantic Ocean. It shares borders with Angola to the south, Cameroon to the northwest, Gabon to the west, DRC to the south east and Central Africa Republic to the northeast. It gained its independence from France on 15 August 1960. Its constitutional capital is Brazzaville with 12 provinces which serve as administrative divisions. It is a presidential republic with President sitting as the Head of state and Prime Minister as Head of government. It runs bicameral legislative system consisting of Senate and National Assembly. French is the official language while French Lingala and Monokutuba is the lingua franca trade language. It is a predominantly Christian country. It practices a mixed legal system of French civil law and customary law. It has an area size of 0.342 million sq km.

Demographic Information: Republic of Congo has an estimated population of 5.29 million comprising mostly of younger population (less than 25 years) which makes up about 58.7% of the population, those in the age bracket of 25-64 years makes up about 38.1% of the population and above 65 years age group makes up about 3.2% of the population. Average population density is estimated at 16 inhabitants/km2. In terms of human development indicators, it has a life expectancy of 62.7 years (Women) and 59.9 years (Men). It achieved universal primary education with an 106.6% Primary enrolment rate in 2012 and overall literacy level of 80.3% as at 2018.

Broad Economic Overview: Oil has replaced forestry as the mainstay of the Republic of Congo economy. It has abundant natural resources (oil, iron ore, lead, zinc, potash, copper, uranium, diamonds, phosphates, magnesium, natural gas and hydropower) and agricultural potential. Most of the country’s mineral wealth remains untapped. Natural gas is increasingly being converted to electricity rather than being flared, greatly improving energy prospects. Oil sector accounts for 55% of GDP and 85% of exports and 80% of budget revenue making the economy vulnerable to crude oil price shock. Agriculture accounts for 7.1% of GDP and employ about 22% of the labour force. Congo is endowed with fertile lands of which only a minor part is cultivated (less than 10%) and agriculture is still largely practiced on a subsistence basis. To increase land utilization for farming, Congolese government signed an agreement in 2009 to lease 200,000 hectares of land to South African farmers to reduce its dependence on imports. The main crops are cassava, plantains, bananas, peanuts, and palm oil. Lack of diversification has constrained economy growth as economy continue to record consistent negative growth from -3.6% GDP growth in 2015 to -0.6% growth in 2019. Congo is a member of the Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC) and shares a common currency – the Central African Franc – with five other member states in the region. Main exports include crude oil, timber, diamonds, coffee, cocoa, sugar, plywood etc. Major imports include foodstuffs and consumer goods, mining equipment and machinery etc.

Investment Opportunities: The oil sector will continue to provide investment opportunities. Hydrocarbon reserves are estimated to be 1.6 billion barrels of oil reserves and 90 billion cubic meters of natural gas. The government recently issued a new call for tenders for exploration licenses on 18 new blocks to attract new investment in the sector. The mining industry is also beginning to develop, mainly around iron mining. Construction of a railway line between Mayoko and the port of Pointe-Noire is scheduled to start in 2020 with a view to facilitating iron ore exports. Republic of Congo is in the middle of implementation of the National Development Plan 2018–22 and reforms under the IMF’s Extended Credit Facility which should help the State attract new investors thus enhancing the economic recovery. Government has laid out ambitious plans to diversify the economy and attract foreign investors to develop key sectors such as forestry, agriculture, construction, ecotourism, transport, mining, and information technology service. Congo has much arable land which is not being leveraged, providing potential for mechanized agriculture and associated food processing endeavours.

NameJob TitleCompany NameBusiness service ProvidedContact
Allan WoodGlobal Head of Business DevelopmentJersey FinanceNGO
Bhavna Seth RanjanHead-Market Facilitation ServicesConfederation of Indian Industry (CII)Business Intelligence
Bridget ShooRegional Director (Southern Africa)Enterprise SingaporeTrade and Investment Promotion Agency
David SmithChief ExecutiveBritish African Business Alliance LtdChamber of Commerce
Duncan HarrisPresidentAustralia Africa Chamber of CommerceChamber of Commerce
Elise DonovanChief Executive OfficerBVI FinanceFinancial Services
Frazer LangCEOScottish Africa Business AssociationTrade Association
Ivy Ziqian WangOperations ManagerAustralia Africa Chamber of CommerceNA
John PatersonChairmanScottish Africa Business AssociationRegional Trade Organisation
Luis De MeloChairmanGlobal Chamber of Commerce for Portuguese Speaking CountriesChamber of Commerce
Maham SaqibICCIANA
May YuenAnalystAfrica South East Asia Chamber of CommerceChamber of Commerce
McKenzie PentonDirector of Events & Business DevelopmentInvest in the USATrade Association
Michael MillsClimate Finance AdviserUK Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS)Government Official
Nara PiresCommunication DirectorAFroChamberChamber of Commerce
Rupi NandraCommercial Benefits SpecialistFCDONA

List of Companies in Republic of the Congo

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NameJob TitleCompany NameBusiness service ProvidedContact
Bedel Batiaka NzomonoMarketing managerDrtt pathologyTrade and Investment Promotion Agency;Stockbroker;Agriculturalist/Farmer;Mining and Mining Services;Import/Export;Health Services
Charden DIVIN-ROIRaising fundDIVAGRIAgriculturalist/Farmer
Flory BatantuConsulterBole BantuAgriculturalist/Farmer
Fred MABIALACeoEroda entertainNA
Loic MackossoManaging PartnerARIES InvestissementsCorporate Advisory
Rufin Staël Okiss-KelouomyOkiss AgricAgriculturalist/Farmer
Van MokokoCEOINFINITE CAPITALInvestor - Personal;Dealmaker;Economist;Project Management;Management;Entrepreneur

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